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Erlam, John. / [1659] Glad tidings of the everlasting Gospel, and doctrine of eternal life With many things profitable for edification to them that fear God; but chiefly exhortations to all that thirst after the waters of life, to prepare and make ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ, and wait for his coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory, according to his word. Let no one despise the day of small things, for the Lord hath hid from the wise and prudent, and revealed to babes and sucklings; he hath chosen the base and contemptible things of the world to confound the things that are high and mighty, and calleth those things which are not, as though they were. Ye saints of the most high God, lift up your heads, for the time of your redemption is nigh, even come, for the signe of the Son of man hath already appeared in the clouds of heaven, which is an infallible token of Sions deliverance. Published and declared (in love to them that mourn in Sion) by an unworthy servant of Jesus Christ, to whom it is revealed to be the least of all saints, John Erlam.
J. B., Astro. / [Printed in the first yeare of Jubilee, 1643] Glad tydings of ioy, or A prognostication of peace. Wherein is contained, memorable accidents [brace] past, present, and to come. [brace] proved produced and manifested [brace] by [brace] Scripture, time, and Englands experience. / Collected by J. B. Astro.
Crook, John, 1617-1699. / [1662] Glad-tydings proclaimed to the upright in heart who walk in the light of life and judgment pronounced against Bablyon and her merchants whose reward must be according to her deserts.
Hascard, Gregory. / [1668] Gladius justitiae, a sermon preached at the assizes held at Lincoln, March 9, 1667/8 William Welby, esq. being Sheriff of the County / by G.H. M.A.
[1690] A Glance on the Ecclesiastical Commission being a discourse concerning the power of making and altering ecclesiastical laws, and the settling religion, whether it belongs to our kings alone, and a convocation, or whether it must not be asserted rather no medling with law-making or law-mending, (whether ecclesiastical or temporal), but by authority of Parliament.
Scotland. Privy Council. / [1662] Glasgow, the first day of October, 1662. The Lords of His Majesties Privie Councill, taking to consideration, that notwithstanding that it is statute and ordained by an act of the last session of this current Parliament, ...
S. G. (Samuel Groome), d. 1683. / [1676] A glass for the people of New England, in which they may see themselves and spirits, and if not too late, repent and turn from their abominable ways and cursed contrivances that so the Lord God may turn away his wrath, which he will bring upon them, it they repent not, for their blasphemies against himself, and for all the murders and cruelties done to his tender people, ever since they usurped authority to banish, hang, whip, and cut off ears, and spoil the goods of dissenters from them in religious matters, while themselves disown infallibility in those things / by S. G.
Allen, William, d. 1686. / [1658] A glass of justification, or The vvork of faith with povver. Wherein the apostles doctrine touching justification without the deeds of the law, is opened; and the sence in which gospel-obedience, as well as faith, is necessary to justification, is stated. Wherein also the nature of that dead faith is detected, by which multitudes that hope for salvation are (as is to be feared) deceived; and the true nature and distinguishing properties of the faith of Gods elect, is handled. Finally, the doctrine of the imputation of faith for righteousness is herein also briefly discussed; and the great wisdom and folly of men about the proof of their faith, touched ... By William Allen, a poor servant to the Lord Jesus.
Voile, William. / [1668] A glasse and salve for professors held to them.: By William Voile minister of the Gospel.
T. W. (Thomas Wilcox), 1549?-1608. / [1581] A glasse for gamesters and namelie for suche as delight in cards & dise: wherein thei maie see not onely the vanitie, but also the vilenesse of those plaies plainly discouered and ouerthrowen by the word of God. Written by T.W.
[1542] A glasse for housholders wherin thei maye se, bothe howe to rule theim selfes [and] ordre their housholde verye godly and fruytfull.
Wolcomb, Robert, b. 1567 or 8. / [An. Dom; 1612] A glasse for the godly Contayning many comfortable treatises to perswade men from the loue of this world, to the loue of the world to come, and exhorting them with cherefulnes to passe through the crosses and afflictions of this life. Full of spirituall comfort for all such as hope to be saued by Iesus Christ. The first [-second] part. By R:W: minister of Gods word.
T. C. / [1648] A glasse for the times by which according to the Scriptures, you may clearly behold the true ministers of Christ,: how farre differing from false teachers. With a briefe collection of the errors of our times, and their authors names. Drawn from their own writings. Also proofes of Scripture by way of confutation of them, by sundry able ministers. / Collected by T.C. a friend to truth.
Seaman, Lazarus, d. 1675. / [1650] A glasse for the times:: wherein is represented the malady and remedy of divisions. / In a sermon preached at Mercers Chappel, April the 7th 1650. By La. Seaman D.D. pastor at Alhallowes-Breadstreet. London.
One That Hath Taken, and Desires to Keep His Covenant. / [Iune 19. 1646] A glasse for vveak ey'd citizens: or a vindication of the pious, prudent and peaceable petition (to the Honorable the Lord Mayor, aldermen and commons in Common-Councel assembled) now in agitation,: from the false aspersions and calumniations of a seditious pamphlet, intituled, A dialogue, &c. By one that hath taken, and desires to keep his covenant. Very usefull for all that have subscribed the petition. Published according to order.
B. H., fl. 1595. / [1615] The glasse of mans folly and meanes to amendment, for the health and wealth of soule and body. This glasse of mans folly, is that we may know, the cause of the cruelty, which dayly doth flow. ...
Peyton, Thomas, 1595-1626. / [1620] The glasse of time, in the two first ages. Diuinely handled, by Thomas Peyton, of Lincolnes Inne, Gent.
[1585] The glasse of vaine-glorie: faithfully translated (out of S. Augustine his booke, intituled, Speculum peccatoris) into English, by W.P. Doctor of the Lawes.
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. / [1593] [The glasse of vaine-glorie] [translated out of S. Augustine by W.P. ...].
Ramsden, Henry, d. 1638. / [1639] A gleaning in Gods harvest. Foure choyce handfuls; the gate to happinesse. Wounded saviour. Epicures caution. Generation of seekers. By the late judicious divine, Henry Ramsden, sometime preacher in London.
Lawson, John, fl. 1644-1646. / [1646] Gleanings and expositions of some, and but some of the more difficult places of scriptures:: perhaps, but the first-fruits unto a more plentifull harvest / by John Lavvson.
Peretto, Francesco. / [M.D.C.XVI 1616] Gli occhi, oda all illustrissima & eccellentissima signora contessa Lucia Bedforde : con altri vari componimenti heroici regij / Di Francesco Peretto gentilhomo dottore Italiano.
A. C. (Abraham Caley) / [1679] A glimpse of eternity very useful to awaken sinners and to comfort saints : profitable to be read in families / by A.C.
Caley, Abraham, d. 1672. / [1683] A glimpse of eternity Very useful to awaken sinners, and to comfort saints. Profitable to be read in families, and given at funerals. By Abr. Caley.
Byrdall, Thomas, 1607 or 8-1662? / [1665] A glimpse of God, or, A treatise proving that there is a God discovering the grounds of atheism, with arguments of divers sorts against atheists : shewing also, the unity of the Godhead, and the trinity of the persons ... / by ... Mr. Thomas Byrdall ...
Hodges, Thomas, 1599 or 1600-1672. / [1642] A glimpse of Gods glory: as it vvas presented in a sermon preached in St. Margarets Westminster, before the honorable House of Commons at the late solemne fast, September 28. 1642. By Tho: Hodges Rector of the Church at Kensington neere London. Published by order of that House.
Royle, Thomas. / [1648] A glimpse of some truths to be made known in these last times in three particulars / by Thomas Royle.
Holland, R. (Richard), 1596-1677. / [1678] Globe notes. By R. Holland.
Hopkins, John, fl. 1700. / [1700] Gloria¨ A poem, in honour of pious majesty, occasioned by the safe, happy, and much-wish'd for return of our dread soveraign lord King William. By, Mr. Hopkins.
[1661] Gloria Britanica [sic] or, A panegyrick, on his sacred Majesties passage thorow the City of London, to his coronation, on the 23 of April, 1661. Likewise another on S. Georges Day.
Raban, Edward, d. 1658. / [June 6, 1638] The glorie of man consisting in the excellencie and perfection of woman. Gathered out of Holie Scriptures, and most renowned wryters; as well ancient, as moderne; ecclesiaticall, as morall. Wherevnto is annexed The duetie of husbands.
[1654] The glorie of the Lord arising, shaking terribly the earth, and overturning all, until righteousness be set up. Being an encounter with the ministers of the world touching their maintenance; wherein they are beaten with their own weapons, confuted by their own scriptures and arguments. Also, a testimony from the Lord against swearing. With a word to the heads of the nation, and to the judges of life and death. By those whom the world calls Quakers.
Heath, James, 1629-1664. / [1662] The glories and magnificent triumphs of the blessed restitution of His Sacred Majesty K. Charles II from his arrival in Holland 1659/60 till this present, comprizing all the honours and grandeurs done to, and conferred by, Him ... / by James Heath ...
[M DC XC VIII. 1698] Glorifying of God the just tribute of a thankfull people, discovered and press'd in a sermon preach'd December 2. 1697. Being the day of thanksgiving for the peace.
Kett, Francis, d. 1589. / [1585] The glorious and beautifull garland of mans glorification. Containing the godlye misterie of heauenly Ierusalem, the helmet of our saluation. The comming of Christ in the fleshe for our glorie, and his glorious com[m]ing in the end of the world to crowne men with crownes of eternall glorie. Beeing an heauenly adamant to drawe thee to Christ and a spirituall rod to mortifie thy life. Made and set foorth by Frauncis Kett, Doctor of Phisick.
[December 8. 1642] A glorious and happy victory obtained by the volluntiers of Buckingham, Bedford, Hartford, Cambridge, Huntington, and Northamptonshire, being almost seven thousand able souldiers against the Lord Wentworth, sonne to the Earle of Strafford, with 8000. horse and foot, nere Alesbury and Wickham, in Buckinghamshire, December 6. 1642. Declaring the manner of the bataile, which lasted five houres, and the number that was slain on both sides, being the greatest victory that hath beene obtained since the beginning of these warres.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1678] The glorious Epiphany, with the devout Christians love to it by Symon Patrick, ...
M. G. / [1645] The glorious excellencie of the spirit of adoption;: or, Of the spirit of the sonne of God, derived to the sonnes of God. Wherein are many precious truths held forth, which are presented to all the children of truth, who are and shall be sanctified through the truth. / By M.G. minister of the Gospell.
J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? / [1663] Glorious glimmerings of the life of love, unity, and pure joy vvritten in Rome prison of madmen in the year 1660, but conserved as in obscurity until my arrival at Barbados in the year 1662, from whence it is sent the second time to the Lord's lambs / by J.P.
W. S. / [Printed in the year 1693] The glorious kingdom of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ on earth, rightly timed: proving it not to be till His second coming: In answer to two treatises; the one, intituled, Theopolis; or, The city of God. By a nameless author. The other, A treatise of the new-heavens and new-earth. By T.M. By W.S. a servant of Christ.
Hunt, James, 17th cent. / [1645] [Glorious light]:
Chorlton, John, 1666-1705. / [1696] The glorious reward of faithful ministers declared and improved in a sermon upon the occasion of the funeral of that excellent minister of Jesus Christ Henry Newcome ... / by John Chorlton.
Levitt, William. / [1653. i.e. 1652] The glorious truth of redemption by Jesus Christ, rescued out of the hand or unrighteousnes. Or the doctrine of redemption rightly stated:: wherein, 1. All Arminian and Pelagian glosses and absurdities are refuted. 2. All carnal allegations and reasonings silenc'd. 3. All concern'd scriptures seemingly discording, reconcil'd. 4. The doctrine of redemption clearly held forth, according to the harmony of scripture, and analogie of faith. By W.L.
[1645] A glorious victory obtained by Sr. Thomas Fairfax, June, the 14. 1645. Shewing, how he routed the Kings army, and took the ordnance, cariages, bag, and baggage; the Kings standard, and divers colours; with many horse, armes, officers and common souldiers: between Naseby, and Clipston, in the county of Northampton. Also, the manner of the fight. Collonel Cromwels pursuing the victory; and which vvay those that escaped were fled. How Major Generall Skippon was unfortunately hurt: and on what grounds it is thought Prince Rupert is taken.
[1641 i.e. 1642] A glorious victory obtained by the Scots against the rebels in Ireland Shewing in a very true, and warrantable relation how the Scots to the number of two thousand five hundred and fifty went voluntarily into Ireland vnder the command of Colonell Hayse to relieve the poore distressed Protestants there. the last day of Decem. 1641. With the number of those rebels that they slew, and the names of some townes where they pillaged the same, wherein the rebels inhabited, and had first taken from the Protestants. With many credible, memorable, and remarkeable passages herein.
[1642] A glorious victory, obtained by S. Henry Tichbourne, and Captaine Marroe over the rebels, at a place called Dundalke neere Dublin; with the number of men slaine and taken prisoners in that skirmish. Amongst the rest Sir Philome O Neale, narrowly escaping fled to Newry, whither Sir Henry with a new supply of 600. soldiers is now gone. Also how the Lord MacGuere was examined, and three of his footmen hanged. With many other very remarkable passages, brought over by the last post. With an order of the House of Commons, concerning the free offer of 6000. li. of the county of Buckingham, towards the reliefe of Ireland. Ordered forthwith to be printed. H. Elsinge, Cleric Parli. Com.
[1644] The gloriovs and miracvlvos [sic] battell at York
Hickes, Gaspar, 1605-1677. / [1644] The glory and beauty of Gods portion:: set forth in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at the publique fast, Iune 26. 1644. / By Gaspar Hickes, Pastour of Lanracke in Cornwall, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Ranew, Nathanael, 1602?-1678. / [1694] The glory and happiness of the saints in heaven:, or, A discourse concerning the blessed state of the righteous after death by Nathanael Ranew.
Allen, Thomas, 1608-1673. / [1683] The glory of Christ set forth in several sermons from John III.34, 35, 36 and V.25 : and The necessity of faith in order to pleasing God, from Hebrews XI.6 / by Mr. Thomas Allen, late pastor of a church in the city of Norwich.
[1672] The glory of dying in war: with a particular application to the death of the late Earl of Sandwich.
Lobb, Stephen, d. 1699. / [1680] The glory of free grace display'd: or, The transcendant excellency of the love of God in Christ, unto believing, repenting sinners, in some measure describ'd. Wherein, 1. The doctrine about election, and the covenant of reconciliation is explained. 2. The error of the antinomians, who assert, that the filth of sin was laid on Christ, and that the holiness as well as the righteousness of Christ is made the elects while in the womb, &c. With their abuse of free-grace particularly detected and confuted. 3. In what sense our sins were laid on Christ, and Christ's righteousness made the believers, according to the sacred scriptures, evinced. 4. The glory of irresistible-grace, as exerted in the conversion of a sinner in opposition to the Arminian, cleared. 5. A modest defence of the sober dominican, about physical predetermination.
Łęczycki, Mikołaj, 1574-1652.  / [Printed MDC. XXXII. 1632 i.e. 1633 ] The glory of the B. Father S. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Iesus.
[1689] The glory of the English nation: being the manner of the crowning of King William the III. and Queen Mary the II. in Westminster-Abby, on Thursday the 11th of April : also what passed in the Banqueting-House at White-Hall on the 11th day of May 1689. At the delivery of the crown in Scotland.
[1672] The glory of the Sun-Tavern behind the exchange.
May, Thomas, 1595-1650. / [1643] The glory of this kingdome: or A discourse by way of conference and arguments, of the happinesse and successe of former Parliaments.: With some observations upon the proceedings of this present Parliament.
Higgenson, Thomas. / [1653] Glory sometimes afar off, now stepping in; or, The great gospel-mysterie of spirit, or Divine nature in saints:: not in that philosophical and humane sense, by effects and habits of grace, but after a more evangelical, divine, and mysterious manner of in-being. Opened, affirmed and cleared, and gloriously breaking forth through a cloud of subtil pervertings, carnal objections, and dreadful condemnings cast upon it; and closed up with an account of some principles, practises and wayes which have sealed up this mysterie, and thereby held down the saints in weakness, and shut up the world in darkness for so long a time.
Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. / [1659?] Glory to God Almighty who ruleth in the heavens, and in whose hands are all the kingdoms of the earth
[ca. 1523] A gloryous medytacyon of Ihesus crystes passyon
[1660] Gloucester's triumph at the solemn proclamation of King Charles the Second; on Tuesday the 15th. day of May 1660.
[1648] The Gloucester-shire ministers testimony to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to the Solemne League and Covenant; as also, against the errours, heresies, and blasphemies of these times, and the toleration of them. Sent to the ministers within the province of London, subscribers of the former testimony. Together with a letter annexed, from a faithfull minister, to a friend of his in London.
[1700?] The Gloucester-shire tragedy: or, the lovers down-fall. Shewing how an old miser of a vast estate, would have married his daughter to a covetous, rich knight, whom she could not love; after which, he con[s]ented to a young gentleman to court her; but assoon [sic] as they were engaged to each other, he kept her from him, whereupon she denied him marriage without her father's consent: how he poisoned himself, and afterwards his ghost appear'd to her with a burning torch: how she was poison'd, which caused her father to stab himself, &c. To the tune of, The palatine lovers.
Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. / [1653] A glympse of that jevvel, judicial, just, preserving libertie. By Jo. Streater, a member of the Army of the Commonwealth of England serving in Ireland.