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[1670?] The gelding of the devil. Or, The prettiest jest that e're was known, how the bakers wife her skill hath shown, then listen a while, and I the news will tell, betwixt the baker and the devil of hell. To a dainty new tune called, The gelding of the devil: or, The card players.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1676] Gell's remaines, or, Several select scriptures of the New Testament opened and explained wherein Jesus Christ, as yesterday, to day, and the same for ever, is illustrated, in sundry pious and learned notes and observations thereupon, in two volumes / by the learned and judicious Dr. Robert Gell ; collected and set in order by R. Bacon.
Andrews, Edward, M.D. / [1690?] Gemelli Pulmonales. The two greatest remedies extant, for the restauration and preservation of the lungs, breast and organs of respiration, (viz.) ...
Gleane, Peter, Sir, 1672 or 3-1735? / [1693] Gemitus & triumphus. A dream. Upon the much lamented death of William late Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. / By Peter Gleane, gent.
Langley, John, d. 1657. / [1644] Gemitus columbæ: the mournfull note of the dove. A sermon preached at Margarets Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, at their solemn fast, Decemb. 25. 1644. By John Langley, minister of West-Tuderly in the county of Southampton, and a member of the Assembly of Divines.
[1684] Gemitus de carcere Nantes, or, Prison-sighs and supports being a few broken scraps and crumbs of comfort lately fallen from the great kings table, the Holy Scriptures, into the prisoners basket : who being satisfied, let fall (through the grate) a few leavings for the hungry souls abroad, till God send more plenty.
[1654] Gemitus ecclesiae Cambro-Britannicae, or, The candlesticks removed by the ejectment of the ministers of Wales under the power of the late act for the propagation of the Gospell there being a declaration to all Christian people and more especially the reverend ministers of England, expressing the sad condition of the severall parishes 2nd ejected ministers in that countrey.
Raie, C. / [1656] Gemitus plebis: or A mournful complaint and supplication in behalf of the more weak and ignorant of the people of this nation.: Drawn up for them by a friend, whose deep sense of his own ignorance and weakness, hath taught him to be compassionate towards all that labour under the same infirmities. / By C. Raie.
Sandford, Francis, 1630-1694. / [1677] A genealogical history of the kings of England, and monarchs of Great Britain, &c. from the conquest, anno 1066 to the year, 1677 in seven parts or books, containing a discourse of their several lives, marriages, and issues, times of birth, death, places of burial, and monumental inscriptions : with their effigies, seals, tombs, cenotaphs, devises, arms, quarterings, crests, and supporters : all engraven in copper plates / furnished with several remarques and annotations by Francis Sanford, Esq. ...
Sainte-Marthe, Scévole de, 1571-1650. / [1662] A genealogical history of the kings of Portugal, and of all those illustrious houses that in masculine line are branched from that royal family containing a discourse of their several lives, marriages, and issues, times of birth, death and places of burial, with their armes and emblazons aaccording to their several alterations, as also their symboles and mottoes : all engraven in copper plates / written in French by Scevole and Lovis de Saincte-Marthe, brethren, and advocates in the Court of Parliament of Paris, unto the year MDCXXIII ; rendered into English, and continued unto this present year, MDCLXII by Francis Sandford ...
Hildebrandt, Andreas, d. 1637. / [1632] The genealogie and pedigree of the most illustrious and most mighty kings in Sueden. Collected out of sundry writers of histories from the yeare 1250, vnto this present time, produced and published. By Andrevv Hildebrandt, Doctor in Physicke, and physitian for the body to the Duke of Pomeren. First, printed in Stettin, in High-Dutch, by Nicholas Barthold, anno, 1631. And translated into English, by Sr. S.L. Knight.
Feake, Christopher, fl. 1645-1660. / [1650] The genealogie of Christianity and of Christians. Declared in a sermon at Mercers Chappel before the Right Honourable the Lord Maior of the City of London, April 28. 1650 and now thus published for the undeceiving of those, who say they are Christians, and are not, but do lie; and for the establishment and encouragement of those, who having named the name of Christ, do indeed depart (even in this hour of apostacy) from all iniquity, by C.F. one of the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministery of the new Testament.
[Anmo sic Dom. 1699] The genealogy of the Lairds of Ednem and Duntreth, from the year of God 1063, to the year 1699 and more particularly of Duntreth, and the families that married with Duntreth, during the said time.
[1684] A General and compleat list military of every commission-officer of horse and foot now commanding His Majesties land-forces of England (excepting the un-regimented companies) as also the proper distinctions of their cloathings, badges of honour, and colours of each troop and regiment : the names of the chief officers of the ordinance, and other officers belonging to the army : with a list of the royal band of gentlemen-pentioners and yeomen of the King's guard of his body : of the governours, lt. governours, and deputy-governours, throughout the kingdom : as establish't at the time of the revew upon Putney-Heath, the first of October, 1684 : as also an account of the said revew, &c.
[1687] A general and true memorial of what has been done in the city and principality of Orange, by the express order of the most Christian king, since the Peace of Nimeguen, in the year 1678 where may be seen not only the breach of treaties, but also the violences and outrages of the souldiers, which have utterly ruined this principality.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [1667] The general assembly, or, The necessity of receiving the communion in our publick congregations evinced from the nature of the church, the Word of God, and presbyterian principles, in a sermon / lately preached in the Cathedral Church of Exeter by Francis Fullwood.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1693?] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 13. of December, 1692. To the 19. of December, 1693. According to the report made to the King and Queen their Most Excellent Majesties: / by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1692?] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 15. of December, 1691. To the 13. of December, 1692. According to the report made to the King and Queen their Most Excellent Majesties. / By the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1685] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 16. of December, 1684. to the 15. of December, 1685. According to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty: by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.:
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1691?] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 16. of December, 1690. To the 15. of December, 1691. According to the report made to the King and Queen their Most Excellent Majesties: / by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1684] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 18. of December, 1683 to the 16. of December, 1684 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1683] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 19. of December, 1682 to the 18. of December, 1683 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, by the Company of Parish- Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1682] A general bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 20. of December, 1681 to the 19. of December, 1682 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
Griffith, Matthew, 1599?-1665. / [1646] A general bill of mortality, of the Clergie of London, which have beene defunct by reason of the contagious breath of the sectaries of that city, from the yeere 1641. to this present yeere 1647. with the several casualties of the same.: Or, A briefe martyrologie and catalogue of the learned, grave, religious and painfull ministers of the city of London, who have been imprisoned, plundered, barbarously used, and deprived of all livelyhood for themselves and their families in these last yeeres: for their constancie in the Protestant religion establisht in this kingdome,and their loyalty to their soveraigne.
[1680] General catalogue of all the stitch'd books and single sheets &c. printed the two last years, commencing from the first discovery of the Popish Plot (September, 1678) and continued to Michaelmas term, 1680.
[1552-53] A general confession set furth for all men and saruauntes to say euery morninge before they go to their worke or other busines also graces before dynner [and] supper.
Metford, James. / [1682] A general discourse of simony by Ja. Metford.
Dary, Michael. / [1664] The general doctrine of equation reduced into brief precepts.: In III chapters. derived from the works of the best modern analysts. / By Michael Dary, Philomath.
Fox, George, d. 1661. / [1660] A general epistle and a tender greeting, sent unto the flock of Christ; who meet together, to worship the Father and the Son in the spirit of truth; to be read in the fear and wisdom of God, amongst them.
Carleton, Thomas, 1636?-1684. / [1676] A general epistle containing wholsom admonition & advice to friends in Ireland and elsewhere
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1653] A general epistle from the Holy Spirit unto all prophets, ministers, or speakers in the world ... [by] John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the two last spiritual witnesses and alone true prophets of the Holy Spirit by commission from the true God... London, 1653 in the second year of our commission by voice from Heaven.
[1686] A general epistle given forth by the people of the Lord, called, Quakers that all may know, we own none to be of our fellowship, or to be reckoned or numbred with us, but such as fear the Lord and keep faithfully to his heavenly power, that with a holy conversation they may adorn that truth they profess, otherwise, what experience soever they have had of the truth, and are fallen from it, we account them as so many Judasses or Demasses, and own such no more than the primitive Christians owned them; but we testifie against them, and say, such go into perdition through transgression, and fall under darkness into a state of damnation, twice dead, pluckt up by the roots, reserv'd in everlasting chains, until the judgment of the great day, except it be possible they yet can find a place of repentance through God's great unlimitted mercy. Read the general epistle of Jude.
Gibson, William, 1629-1684. / [1682] A general epistle given forth in obedience to the God of peace. [part 1] for the preservation and increase of charity and unity amongst the professors of Christ Jesus, and the teachings of his divine light within / by ... William Gibson.
Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705. / [1698] A general epistle of universal love and good will to all the families of the earth, who are seeking the Lord, and enquiring after the knowledge of him, whom to know is eternal life, whether they be in forms of worship, or without, or suppose they have got above all forms, &c. With directions, how, and by what means, the saving knowledge of God is again restored, and where he may be found; and how, from the least to the greatest, all may attain to the knowledge of Him, according to his promise, by the apostle.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1664] A general epistle to all Friends.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1691] A general epistle to all Friends everywhere, scattered up and down in the world that they all may faithfully keep and walk in the truth of God, as they have received it, thereby to eschew evil and do good in their day and generations / written by a servant of God ... James Park.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1662] A general epistle to all Friends who are called and gathered of God, called Quakers.
Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. / [1680] A general epistle to all Friends who are convinced of the truth.: With a word of exhortation to Friends, to be diligent in keeping their mens & womens meetings, for the service of truth; with a testimony to the same. : Also, an invitation to all that come to our meetings to hear the truth declared, no to rest in hearing, but to come into obedience thereunto, that so their souls may be saved. / By Samuel Cater.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1676] A general epistle to all the called and chosen of God with all such as make a profession of the blessed truth as it is in Jesus every where : wherein is comfort to the feeble-minded, suport to the weak, and reproof to the unruly and disorderly walkers : with several who[l]som exhortations and admonitions, according to the conditions, states & growths of such as profess the truth of God, for the rooting out of that which is bad, and the stirring up of the pure mind in all, that God may be glorified over all / written in the movings of the spirit of life and love from God in me, who am resolved by the power of his might, with you that abide faithful, to follow the Lord fully, James Parke.
Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. / [1682] A general epistle to be read amongst friends in all their meetings
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1670] A general epistle to Freinds [sic] by G.F. 1670.
Fox, George, 1624-1691. / [1667] A general epistle to Friends and all people to read over and consider in the fear of God ... / by G.F.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1682] A general epistle to friends every where. Written in obedience to the requirings of the spirit of life from God.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1687] A general epistle to friends everywhere who have received, believe and know the truth of God as it is in Jesus.
Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707. / [1665] A general epistle to friends of truth and righteousness in England and Holland or elsewhere with a testimony against that spirit that speaks much of holiness and peace but leads back into the world and its pollutions where the cross of Christ is denyed / by Humphry Wollrich, written in the IIth moneth, anno 1665.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1678] A general epistle to friends who are convinced of God's eternal truth, and have received the testimony of it that all may be kept faithful in their testimony to the truth, life and power of God, which is unchangeable, and be preserved unto God by his power (out of and over) all that which is changeable, and such a [sic] as are subject to change their wayes / by James Parke.
Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705. / [1693] A general epistle to the people of God, in scorn called Quakres, in England, and elsewhere.
Plunket, Thomas, b. 1625. / [1689] The general exercise ordered by His Highness the Prince of Orange, to be punctually observed of all the infantry in service of the States General of the United Provinces being a most worthy compendium, very useful for all persons concerned in that noble exercise of arms.
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1694] The general history of earthquakes being an account of the most remarkable and tremendous earthquakes that have happened in divers parts of the world, from the creation to this time, as they are recorded by sacred and common authors, and perticularly those lately in Naples, Smyrna, Jamaica and Sicily : with a description of the famous burning mount, Ætna, in that island, and relation of the several dreadful conflagrations and fiery irruptions thereof for many ages : likewise the natural and material causes of earthquakes, with the usual signs and prognosticks of their approach, and the consequents and effects that have followed several of them / by R.B.
Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. / [1700] A general idea of the Epitomy of the works of Robert Boyle, Esq. to which are added general heads for the natural history of a country / by R. Boulton ...
Beverley, Thomas. / [1670] The general inefficacy and insincerity of a late or death-bed repentance with earnestest disswasives from committing our eternal condition, to that infinite hazard, and a full resolution of the case, how far a death-bed repentance is possible, to be sincere and effectual.
Massachusetts. / [1672] The general laws and liberties of the Massachusets colony
T. W. / [1690] A general mistake co[r]rected, or, The vindiction of the right honourable the Countess Dowager of Essex and the bishop of Salisbury in the gazette of the 31st of July last : no argument against, but for the truth of the murder of that great patriot Arthur, late, Earl of Essex : in a letter to a friend, August the 2d, 1690.
[1659] General Moncks resolvtion to make good his declaration VVith the loss of his blood In a letter from New-Castle November twenty nine, 1659. To a worthy person in London.
[September 23, 1669] A general note of the price of binding all sorts of books agreed on by the book-binders whose names are under-written. As it was presented to the master, wardens, and assistants of the Worshipful Company of Stationers, August the 2d, 1669.
[1646] A general note of the prises for binding all sortes of bookes.:
[1570?] The general pardon geuen longe agone, and sythe newly confyrmed, by our almightie Father, with many large priuileges, grauntes, and bulles graunted for euer, as it is to be seen hereafter: drawne out of Frenche, into English. By VVyllyam Hayvvard.
Wirsung, Christof, 1500 or 1505-1571. / [1605] The general practise of physicke conteyning all inward and outward parts of the body, with all the accidents and infirmities that are incident vnto them, euen from the crowne of the head to the sole of the foote: also by what meanes (with the help of God) they may be remedied: very meete and profitable, not only for all phisitions, chirurgions, apothecaries, and midwiues, but for all other estates whatsoeuer; the like whereof as yet in english hath not beene published. Compiled and written by the most famous and learned doctour Christopher VVirtzung, in the Germane tongue, and now translated into English, in diuers places corrected, and with many additions illustrated and augmented, by Iacob Mosan Germane, Doctor in the same facultie.
Ley, John, 1583-1662. / [1655] General reasons, grounded on piety, charity, justice and equitie, against the defaulcation of a fift part of the ministers maintenance who beareth the whole burthen of the ministerial function to any parish or people whereto are added particular reasons upon the like grounds against the payment of a fifth part to Dr. E.H. out of the rectory of Br. in Berks. : together with an answer to a letter of the said Dr. E.H. occasioned by the late insurrection at Salisbury / written by John Ley ...
[1642] The general resolution of the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, concerning, His Royall Majesty, the prince, and the evill incendiaries which are now about them. As it was concluded on by the Lords and Councell of both kingdomes. Also His Majesties oath and protestation at Yorke, together with the Lords also, Iune 19. Likewise three propositions concerning the militia, declaring the reasons why it doth belong to the Parliament for the ordering of the same. With the votes and resolution of both Houses of Parliament, concerning His Majesties last writ. Together with the severall reasons to prove that every man is bound to uphold the Parliament against all opposers whatsoever. Ordered by the Lords and Commons that these particulars aforementioned be printed and published throughout the kingdome. Iohn Brown Cler. parl. H. Elsing Cler. parl.
Sommerland, Richard, d. 1730. / [1678] A general testimony to and for the everlasting truth of God partly intended for my relations and neighbours, that have known me from my childhood in Wishaw & Sutton : wherein there is a short relation of my manner of convincement : and also, some few of the sufferings which were inflicted upon me by some of the said inhabitants, for my faithful testimony, which I have born for God and his blessed truth.
[Printed in the year, 1659] A general, or, No general over the present army of the Common-vvealth: in twenty two queries briefly handled.
Cox, John. / [1683] A general-epistle to the Christian churches.: To be spread abroad amongst all professing Christianity; for a vvarning to same, and an incouragement to others.
[1692] The general-excise consider'd
Speed, Adolphus, fl. 1652-1659. / [1650] Generall accomodations by addresse.
[1642] A generall advertisement for the better observing and keeping of our monthly fast, commanded by His Majesty and both Houses of Parlimeut [sic]. And for the better ordering of innes, tavernes, ale-houses, and all manner victualling houses, and the like. That thereby this fast being kept from all manner of disorder, wee may happily attaine to true peace and quietnesse, and the grace of God, for which it was instituted.
Eglises réformées de France. Synode national (1644-1645 : Charenton-le-Pont) / [1646] The generall and particular acts and articles of the late national synod of the reformed Churches of France, assembled by the permission of the King at Charenton neare Paris, beginning the 26th of December, 1644. Where by the present estate of those churches, as also their doctrine and discipline may be knowne. With divers other remarkable passages, and letters from the King and Q. Regent of France, to the said synod, and of the synod to their Majesties, and other great personages. Never before printed either in French or English, and now faithfully translated out of a written French copy. Whereunto is added a formulary of baptisme for those who from paganisme, Judaisme, and Mahumetisme, are converted to the Christian faith; as also of those Anabaptists who have not bin baptised before, composed in the nationall synod set forth at Charenton in the yeare 1645. and now faithfully Englished.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1625] The generall bil for this whole vveek, of all the burials and christnings as well within the Citie of London and the liberties therof, as in the nine out-parishes adioyning to the Citie, with the pest-house belonging to the same: from Thursday the 4. of August, 1625. to Thursday the 11. of the same. According to the report made to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by the Company of Parish Clarkes of London.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1603] A generall bill for 8 vveeks shewing all the burials and christninges within the city of London and the liberties thereof, and all the burials in other parishes in the skirts of the city and out of the freedome and other places neare vnto the citty : that is to say, from the 14 of Iuly 1603 to the 8 of September 1603, as here vnder by the partculars [sic] appeareth.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1666] A generall bill for this present year, ending the 19 of December 1665. according to the report made to the Kings most excellent Majesty: By the Company of Parish Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1629] A generall bill for this present yeere ending the 17 of December 1629 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Ma[ies]tie / by the Company of Parish Clearks of London, &c.
[1630] A Generall bill for this present yeere, ending the 16 of December 1630 according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Ma[jes]tie by the Company of the Parish Clerks of London, &c.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1688/1689] A generall bill of all the christnings and burials, from the 13. of December, 1687. to the 11 of December, 1688. According to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty: by the Company of Parish-Clerks of London, &c.
[printed against St. Bartholomew day, 1662] A generall bill of the mortality of the clergy of London; or, a brief martyrology and catalogue of the learned, grave, religious, and painfull ministers of the City of London who have been imprisoned, plundered, and barbarousl[y] used, and deprived of all livelihood for themselve[s] and their families, in the late rebellion, for their constancy in the Protestant religion, established in this kingdom[,] and their loyalty to their King, under that great persecution by the Presbyterians.
[1554?] A generall confessyon of sinnes to be sayde euerye mornynge
[Printed in the year, 1648] A generall cry: for the king to come sit with his Parliament in his former splendor, honour, and royall Majesty; or the kingdom is undon, &c.
[Re-printed in the year,] The generall exercise ordered by his highness the Prince of Orange, to be punctually observed of all the infantry in service of the states general of the United Provinces: Being a most vvorthy compendium, very useful for all persons concerned in that noble exercise of arms.
[1542?] A generall free pardon or Charter of heuyn blys very necessary for all true christe[n] people, wherin standeth clene remission of all our synnes, to all penytent [and] faythfull hertes. Not gyuen by any popysh collusyon, but by Iesu Christ, son of the lyuyng God. Compyled in our old Englyssh tong, in the yere of our lorde God. M. iiii. C. nether addyng to nor dymynysshyng fro, saue only some old wordes, turned into our new maner and accostomed spekyng. God save the Kyng.
Mayerne, Louis Turquet de, d. 1618. / [anno Dom. 1612] The generall historie of Spaine containing all the memorable things that haue past in the realmes of Castille, Leon, Nauarre, Arragon, Portugall, Granado, &c. and by what meanes they were vnited, and so continue vnder Philip the third, King of Spaine, now raigning; written in French by Levvis de Mayerne Turquet, vnto the yeare 1583: translated into English, and continued vnto these times by Edvvard Grimeston, Esquire.
Newark, David Leslie, Baron, d. 1682. / [1641] Generall Lesleys speech in the Parliament of Scotland the 25 of October, 1641.: In defence of himselfe upon certaine slanders which are reported of him. Wherein he expresseth his affection to the king and kingdome of England. Also concerning the traytors of Scotland which did lay a plot to take away his life.
Newark, David Leslie, Baron, d. 1682. / [1642] Generall Lessley's direction and order for the exercising of horse and foot.: Being a most exact, compendeous, and necessary direction for all such as are studiously devoted to the due exercise of armes, and principally intended for the young sort of the militia.
[Printed in the yeare, 1647] Generall Masseys Bartholomew-Fairings for Collonell Poyntz, and the London reformadoes.
[1619] A Generall note of the prises for binding of all sorts of books
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1625] A generall or great bill for this yeere of the whole number of burials which haue beene buried of all diseases, and also of the plague in euerie seuerall parish within the citie of London and the liberties thereof : as also in the nine out parishes adioyning to the said citie, with the pest-house belonging to the same, from Thursday the 16 day of December 1624 to Thursday the 15 day of December 1625 : according to the report made to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie / made by the Companie of Parish Clarkes of London.
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks. / [1625] A generall or great bill for this yeere: of the whole number of burials, which haue beene buried of all diseases, and also of the plague in the citie of Westminster, Lambeth, Newington, Stepney, Hackney and Islington: from Thursday the 30. of December, 1624. to Thursday the 22. of December, 1625. According to the report made by the parish clarkes of the said parishes.
O'Neill, Owen Roe, 1590?-1649. / [1649] Generall Ovven Oneales letter to Collonell Monck: with the propositions of Owen Oneale, the Lords, gentry, and commons of the Confederate Catholiques of Ulster: to the most honourable, and potent, the Parliament of England. Together vvith Coll. Monck his answer. And Collonell Moncks propositions to Owen Oneale, and the rest of the Confederate Catholiques of Ulster.
[1692?] Generall sailing-orders according to which masters as have a mind to saile are to ruled by.
[1625?] The generall signes and fore-runners of Christs comming to iudgment Soundly and sincerely collected out of Holy Scripture, and seruing as well to awaken the drowsie and careless worldling, as to comfort and reuiue the godly and afflicted Christian.
Stoughton, Thomas. / [1598] A generall treatise against poperie and in defence of the religion by publike authoritie professed in England and other churches reformed. VVherein they that either want leisure to read, or that haue not iudgement to conceiue, or that are not able to buie the learned treatises of other concerning particular points of religion, may yet euidently see poperie not to be of God, and our religion to be acceptable in his sight. Very necessarie for these times, for the confirmation and strengthening of men in our religion, that neither by Iesuits, nor by any other, they may be drawne to poperie, or any other heresie or sect: and likewise for the winning of Papists and atheists to an vnfained liking and true profession of our religion. By Thomas Stoughton minister of the word.
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1653] The generall-good to all people: or, The Lords free love running forth freely to his own people in these latter days, according to his promises made to his people, which he is now fulfilling.: With something in answer to the petition put up to the Parliament, by many of the city and county of York, even they of the priests party. / By Richard Farnworth.
[Printed in the yeere, 1647] The Generals dinner at the Lady Crispes, with his lady, and officers of the Armie how his excellency was invited by a cook. The manner of the dinner, their great danger of being all poysoned; and remedies used to preserve them. And the cooke who was the chiefe actor, committed.
Oldfield, John, 1627?-1682. / [1671] The generation of seekers, or, The right manner of the saints addresses to the throne of grace in two treatises : the first being a sober vindication of the spirit of prayer, with the resolution of diverse practical cases related thereunto : the second a plain exposition of the Lord's prayer, with notes and application, mainly intended as a directory to those who desire to attain the gift of prayer.
Tillinghast, John, 1604-1655. / [1655] Generation-work, or, A brief and seasonable word offered to the view and consideration of the saints and people of God in this generation, relating to the work of the present age, or generation we live in wherein is shewed, I. What generation-work is, and how it differs from other works, II. That saints in the several generations they have lived in, have had the proper and peculiar works of their generations, III. That it is a thing of very great concernment for a saint to attend to and be industrious in, the work of his generation, IV. Wherein doth the work of the present generation lye, V. How each one in particular may find out that part or parcel of it, that is properly his work in his generation, VI. How generation-work may be so carried on, as that God may be served in the generation / by John Tillinghast ...
Gould, William, d. 1686. / [1676] The generosity of Christian love with some reflexions upon that sordid self-love that now governs the world and is the great incendiary in the Church and Commonwealth : delivered at the request of some cordially devoted to the preset establishment : with some additions in the applicatory part thereof / by William Gould, a son of the Church of England.
Manning, Mr. (Francis), fl. 1688-1716. / [1700] The generous choice a comedy / written by Mr. Manning.
[1641] The Generovs vsvrer Mr. Nevell in Thomas-street who alloweth his maid usually a black pudding to dinner : who once bought a pullet for his wife when she was sicke, but he would goe to market himselfe, because he would not be cosened by the messenger, and brought the feathers home in his hat when it was pulled, because he would not loose them, and how he was troubled therewith when the Lord Major seeing him called to speak with him : and how he made lamentable moane to his neighbours, that his maid had robd him, because shee gave her sweet-hart a piece of bread and cheese.
Salter, Humphrey. / [1683] The genteel companion being exact directions for the recorder : with a collection of the best and newest tunes and grounds extant / carefully composed and gathered by Humphry Salter.
[1693] The Genteel house-keepers pastime, or, The mode of carving at the table represented in a pack of playing cards by which together with the instructions in this book any ordinary capacity may easily learn how to cut up or carve in mode all the most usual dishes of flesh, fish, fowl, and baked meats, and how to make the several services of the same at the table, with the several sawces and garnishes proper to each dish of meat / set forth by the best masters in the faculty of carving and published for publick use.
Whitney, John. / [1700] The genteel recreation, or, The pleasure of angling a poem : with a dialogue between Piscator and Corydon / by John Whitney ...
Westup, William. / [1650 i.e. 1651] Gentil-congregations no tithe-payers. Or, certain reasons wherein is clearly shewed, what just ground there is for gentiles conscientiously to make question of the lawfulness of their paying tithes as they were presented unto the right worshipful John Brandlin, and Thomas Edgar esquires, justices of the peace for the worshipful committee, then sitting at the Grey-hound in Ipswich, By William Westup and Thomas Puckle.
Deloney, Thomas, 1543?-1600. / [1639] The gentile craft. The second part Being a most merrie and pleasant historie, not altogether vnprofitable nor any way hurtfull: verie fit to passe away the tediousnesse of the long winter evenings. By T.D.
A. S. / [1697] The gentleman's compleat jockey with the perfect horseman, and experienc'd farrier. Containing, I. The nature of horses; their breeding, feeding and management in all paces, to fit them for war, racing, travel, hunting, or other recreations and advantages. II. The true method, with proper rules and directions to order, diet and physick the running-horse, to bring him to any match, or race, with success. III. The methods to buy horses, and prevent being cheated; noting the particular marks of the good and bad horses, in all their circumstances. IV. How to make blazes, stars and snips: to fatten a horse with little charge, and to make him lively and lovely. V. The whole art of a farrier, in curing all diseases, griefs and sorrances incident to horses; with their symptoms and causes. VI. The methods of shooing, blooding, roweling, purging, and prevention of diseases, and many other things, from long experience and approved practice. by A. S. gent.
[1687] The Gentleman's new jockey, or, Farrier's approved guide containing the exactest rules and methods for breeding and managing horses, &c. ... especially what relates to racing or running, coursing, travel, war, &c., with directions for heats, dieting, dressing ... ; to which is added a second part, containing many rare and new secrets, never before made publick ... ; illustrated with sundry curious and necessary cutts.
Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. / [1698] A gentleman's religion in three parts : the 1st contains the principles of natural religion, the 2d. and 3d. the doctrins of Christianity both as to faith and practice : with an appendix wherein it is proved that nothing contrary to our reason can possibly be the object of our belief, but that it is no just exception against some of the doctrins of Christianity that they are above our reason.
Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. / [1672] The gentlemans companion, or, A character of true nobility and gentility microform : in the way of essay / by a person of quality ...
[ca. 1698] The gentlemen wool merchants and serge-buyers case
[1690?] The gentlewoman that lived in Red-Lyon-Court, is removed to Racket Court, near Fleet-bridge, the third door on the right-hand. Who hath a most excellent wash to beautifie the face, as many of the greatest quality can testify: its virtue is to take out all manner of wrinckles, freckles, pimples, redness, morphew, sun-burn, yellowness, or any other accident, caused too often by mercurial poysonous washes: ...
[1690?] The gentlewoman's delight in cookery containing the newest art of dressing all sorts of flesh, fowl, or fish, either roasted, boiled, baked, stewed, fryed, broyled, hasht or frigaced. Together with the true way of raising paste, and making pyes, pasties, tarts, cakes, custards, &c. Also how to make all sorts of broths, caudles, syrups, jellies; and the exact way of making divers sorts of pickles, &c. Likewise directions for garnishing, serving up, and setting out a table; ... To which is added, the art of preserving, conserving, and candying all sorts of fruits, flowers, buds, roots, herbs, &c. With a most excellent receipt for making beautifying water to clear the face, neck, hands, & whiten the skin. Very beneficial for all young gentlewomen and servant-maids. Licensed according to order.
[1675] The gentlewomans cabinet unlocked wherein is contained many excellent receipts for neat dressing of divers sorts of meats, both flesh and fish, with their proper sauces. Also directions for the best way of making pancakes, fritters, tansies, puddings, custards, cheesecakes ; and such like fine knacks, and other delicate dishes, which are most frequently used in gentlemens houses.
Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691. / [1693] The genuine remains of that learned prelate Dr. Thomas Barlow, late Lord Bishop of Lincoln containing divers discourses theological, philosophical, historical, &c., in letters to several persons of honour and quality : to which is added the resolution of many abstruse points published from Dr. Barlow's original papers.
Love, John, fl. 1688. / [1688] Geodæsia, or, The art of surveying and measuring of land made easie by plain and practical rules, how to survey, protract, cast up, reduce or divide any piece of land whatsoever : with new tables for the ease of the surveyor in reducing the measures of land : moreover, a more facile and sure way of surveying by the chain, than has hitherto been taught : as also, how to lay-out new lands in America, or elsewhere : and how to make a perfect map of a river's mouth or harbour : with several other things never yet publish'd in our language / by John Love ...
Duval, P. (Pierre), 1619-1682. / [1685] Geographia universalis: the present state of the whole world: giving an account of the several religions, customs, and riches of each people; the strength and government of each polity and state; the curious and most remarkable things in every region; with other particulars necessary to the understanding history and the interests of princes. Written originally by the Sieur Duval, Geographer in Ordinary to the French King; and made English, and enlarged by Ferrand Spence.
[1675 i.e. 1676] Geographical cards made and sold for Henry Brome at ye Gun in St. Pauls Church-yard. London 1676
Paterson, James, mathematician, fl. 1685. / [1685] A geographical description of Scotland. With the faires largely insert; as also, an exact table of tides, and a table of the latitude and longitude of the most remarkable places in Scotland; with other useful notes, fit for every man to know either on sea or land. Exactly calculated and formed, for the use of all travellers, mariners, and others, who have any affairs, or merchandizing in this kingdom of Scotland. / By James Paterson, mathematician.
Meriton, George, 1634-1711. / [1671] A geographical description of the world with a brief account of the several empires, dominions, and parts thereof : as also the natures of the people, the customs, manners, and commodities of the several countreys : with a description of the principal cities in each dominion : together with a short direction for travellers.
Stafford, Robert, 1588-1618. / [1607] A geographicall and anthologicall description of all the empires and kingdomes, both of continent and ilands in this terrestriall globe Relating their scituations, manners, customes, prouinces, and gouernements.
Morden, Robert, d. 1703. / [MDCLXXXVIII 1688] Geography rectified, or, A description of the world in all its kingdoms, provinces, countries, islands, cities, towns, seas, rivers, bayes, capes, ports : their ancient and present names, inhabitants, situations, histories, customs, governments, &c. : as also their commodities, coins, weights, and measures, compared with those at London : illustrated with seventy six maps : the whole work performed according to the more accurate observations and discoveries of modern authors / by Robert Morden.
Phillippes, Henry, d. 1677? / [1652] The geometrical sea-man: or, the art of navigation performed by geometry. Shewing how all the three kinds of sayling, viz. by the plain chart, by Mercators chart, by a great circle. may be easily and exactly performed by a plain ruler and a pair of compasses, without arithmeticall calculation. / By Henry Phillippes.
[1690] The Geometry of landskips and paintings made familiar and easie useful to limners in drawing, and gentlemen in choosing pictures, and beneficial to architects and carvers in proportioning the graces and statues of their buildings to the due distance of sight, and to country gentlemen in the more convenient framing of their platforms for seats and prospects / in a letter to a friend.
Elys, Edmund, ca. 1634-ca. 1707. / [1697] George Keith his saying, that the light within is not sufficient to salvation without something else: prov'd to be contrary to the foundation of the Christian religion. By Edmund Elys:
[1621] George Morgan plaintife [brace] William Megges, Richard Bowdler, William Turner, Thomas Ihones, Sir Iohn Bourcher, William Essington, and Robert Barlow ... defendants
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1660?] George Starkey's pill vindicated from the unlearned alchymist and all other pretenders with a brief account of other excellent, specifick remedies of extraordinary virtue for the honour and vindication of pyrotechny.
Barnes, Joshua, 1654-1712. / [1675] Gerania a new discovery of a little sort of people, anciently discoursed of, called pygmies : with a lively description of their stature, habit, manners, buildings, knowledge, and government being very delightful and profitable / by Joshua Barnes.
Rawson, James. / [1658] Gerizim and Ebal (Election and reprobation), or, The absolute good pleasure of Gods most holy will to all the sons of Adam, specificated viz. to vessels of mercy in their eternal election, and to vessels of wrath in their eternal reprobation : being an answer to a spurious pamphlet lately crept into the world, which was fathered by Thomas Tazwell : wherein the texts of Scripture by him are perverted and vindicated, his corrupt glosses brought to light and purged, his shuffling and ambiguous dealing discovered, and the truth in all fully cleared / by James Rawson ...
N. C. / [1634] The German history continued. The seventh part. Wherein is conteyned the principall passages of the last summer. ... With the siege and taking of Regenspurg, as also the siege and battell of Norlingen, with an exact mappe thereof. Lastly is added certaine misselanies of stories of most parts of Christendome. All which is done not by the former, but another author.
[1684] The German princess revived, or, The London jilt being a true account of the life and death of Jenney Voss, who, after she had been transported for being concerned with Sadler about eight years past stealing my Lord Chancellors mace, published from her own confession.
[1691] The Germane spie truly discovering the deplorable condition of the kingdom and subjects of the French king : being an abstract of the several years observations of a gentleman who made that the peculiar business of his travels : with a continuation of Christianismus Christianandus.
[ca. 1510] Gesta romanorum
Ashwell, George, 1612-1695. / [1663] Gestus Eucharisticvs, or, A discourse concerning the gesture at the receiving of the Holy Eucharist or Sacrament of the Lords Supper by George Ashwell ...