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Brueys, 1640-1723. / [MDCC. 1700] Gabinie. Tragedie chrêtienne. / Suivant la copie à Paris.
Cockburne, James. / [An. Dom. MDCV 1605.] Gabriels salutation to Marie. Made by Iames Cockburne..
Walker, Henry, Ironmonger. / [1641] A gad of steele,: wrought and tempered for the heart to defend it from being battred by Sathans temptation, and to give it a sharpe and lasting edge in heavenly consolation. Shevving that Deus est optima possessio, God is the best possession. / By Hen. Walker, SS. Theolog.
Willington, George. / [1655] The gadding tribe reproved by the light of the Scriptures. Wherin the true Protestants are encouraged to hold fast their Christian profession, maugre the Beast (i.e.) the pope; or the image of the Beast (i.e.) the Quakers, and their followers: to whom is given a mouth to speak great things. / By George Willington, schoolmaster in the city of Bristoll.
J. H. / [August 25. 1651] A gagg to Love's advocate: or, An assertion of the justice of the Parlament in the execution of Mr Love. By J.H. Esq.
[1624] A gagge for the Pope, and the Iesuits: or The arraignement, and execution of Antichrist Shevving plainely, that Antichrist shall be discouered, and punished in this vvorld: to the amasement of all obstinate papists.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1682] The gain of Godliness being a consideration of I Tim. 4. 8. / by Charles Phelpes.
Wilkinson, Henry, 1610-1675. / [1644] The gainefull cost. As it was delivered in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords, in the Abbey Church of Westminster, on VVednesday the 27. of November, being the day appointed for solemn and publike humiliation. By Henry Wilkinson, B.D. Pastor of Faiths under Pauls.
Styles, Christopher. / [1620] The gaines of seeking God. In two sermons, preached in the parish church of VVestminster: by Christopher Styles.
Allen, Richard. / [1700] A gainful death the end of a truly Christian life a sermon at the funeral of Mr. John Griffith, late minister of the Gospel, who departed this life May 16, in the 79th year of his age / preached May the 20th, 1700 by Richard Allen.
Thache, Thomas, b. 1616 or 17. / [1649] Gainsayer convinced: or, An answer to a certain scandalous paper, subscribed and sent by certain seduced and seditious people to a minister in the countrey:: in which the calling of the ministry of the Church of England, the nature of a visible church, the power of the magistrate under the gospel, the right of tithes, with many other points now in controversie, are briefly, fully and plainly cleared, to the satisfaction of those that are wavering; also much of the spirit and many of the errours of the Anabaptists of these daies (who call themselves saints) discovered and confuted. / By T.T. Preacher of the word at Kemble in Wiltshire.
Gouge, Thomas, 1609-1681. / [yn y flwyddyn 1676] Gair i bechaduriaid, a gair i sainct. Y cyntaf yn tueddu i ddeffrãoi cydwybodau pechaduriaid diofal, i wãir deimlad ac ysturiaeth o'r cyflwr erchyll y maent ynddo, tra fyddont yn byw yn eu cyflwr naturiol heb yr ail-enedigaeth. Yr ail, yn tueddu i gyfarwyddo ac i berswadio y duwiol, a'r rhai a ail-anwyd i amryw ddledswyddau enedkigol. Gan Tho, Gouge gweinidog yr efengyl. Ac a gyfieithwyd yn gymraec gan W. Jones gweinidog yr egengyl.
Poisson, Raymond, d. 1690. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] The galants, or, The reciprocal confidents a novel / translated out of the French by a person of quality.
Froysell, Thomas, d. ca. 1672. / [1652] The gale of opportunity. Or, A sermon preached (at Lidbury-North) at the funerall of the worshipfull Humphrey Walcot, of Walcot, Esq. June 8, 1650 and now published, by Thomas Froysell, Minister of the Gospell at Clunne in Shropshire.
Jones, John, physician. / [1574] Galens bookes of elementes, as they be in the epitome (whiche may very aptly, in my iudgement, be entituled, for the better vnderstanding of the readers, the originall of all thinges naturall in the vvhole vvorlde confuting, as well the errours of all them that went before time, as that hath, or shal folowe hereafter of the Paracelcians : marueilous pleasaunt, and most acceptable for all sharpe wittes, desirous of wisedome) / published foorth of Latine into English, by John Jones ...
Barnes, Thomas, Minister of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London. / [1622] The gales of grace; or, the spirituall vvinde wherein the mysterie of sanctification is opened and handled. By Thomas Barnes ...
Chavigny de La Bretonnière, François de. / [1687] The gallant hermaphrodite an amorous novel / translated from the French of the sieur de Chavigny.
[1691?] The gallant history of the life and death of that most noble knight, Sir Bevis of Southampton Wherein is contained much variety of pleasant and delightful reading.
Poisson, Raymond, 1633-1690. / [1685] The gallant ladies, or, The mutual confidence. The first part a novel / translated out of the French.
Poisson, Raymond, 1633-1690. / [1685] The gallant ladies, or, The mutual confidence. The second part a novel / translated out of the French.
Brémond, Gabriel de. / [MDCLXXXI 1681] Gallant memoirs, or, The adventures of a person of quality written in French by Monsieur S. Bremond ; and translated into English by P. Belon.
[1647] Gallant nevves for London. From His Majesties royall court at Holmby; wherein is set forth, three remarkable passages, to be presented to the citizens of London, viz. The [brace] 1. Conceerning (sic) the kingdome of Ireland. 2. Concerning General Fairfax. 3. Concerning the kingdome of England.
[1649] Gallant newes from the seas. Being a relation of certaine speeches made by Prince Charles, the Duke of Yorke, the Lord Montrosse, sea-men and land-men, with their resolutions: / gathered together by a sea-man lately come from sea, and framed into a song by him; whose name is Tom Smith. To the tune of, The fleat at sea,.
[1660] Gallant news of late I bring, tidings of chusing now a King, whereby true subjects may rejoice in chusing them so sweet a choyce that love and peace may so agree, to end the days of misery, To the tune of, Royal news, royal news.
[1692] The gallant sea-fight.
[no before 1682] The gallant seaman's resolution; whose full intent was, to try his fortune at sea, and at his return marry his lanlady [sic] if Heaven be pleas'd to bless him with his life, none but his lanlady shall be his wife: she being a widow, and tis understood, of carriage and behaviour very good. To the tune, Think on the loving lanlady, &c.
Sanders, William, fl. 1647. / [Anno 1647] A gallant speech spoken by His Highnesse James Duke of Yorke to Englands renowned generall, His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, at the Kings Majesties royall conrt [sic] at Causam.: Together, with His Excellencies answer to the said speech, concerning the Kings Majesty, and his royall posterity. Also the chiefe heads of the armies new declaration concerning the King, Parliament, and kingdome. With a message from the generall to the citizens of London.
[1647] A gallant victory obtained by the Lord Inchiqueen against the rebels; at Capogh-Queen in Ireland.: Which garison is taken from the rebels, that was kept by 120 officers and souldiers; 4 peece of ordnance taken, 150 armes, 3 barrels of powder, 50 horse, and good store of ammunition and provisions. Also, sad newes from Dublin: where the rebels with Preston, have taken the strong castle of Caterlagh, 3 peece of ordnance, 100 arms, and 160 officers and souldiers; men, women, and children, forced to Dublin for relief. With the votes of the rebels at their councell of warre, concerning their further designes against Dublin.
Maisonneufve, Estienne de. / [Anno Domini, 1578] The gallant, delectable and pleasaunt hystorie of Gerileon of Englande containyng the haughtie feates of armes, and knightlie provvesse of the same Gerileon, with his loues and other memorable aduentures. Composed in the Frenche tongue, by Steuen De Maison Neufue Bordelois. And now newly translated into English.
[1674] Gallantry a-la-mode a satyrical, in III parts, representing the vanities of several humours of this present age.
[between 1674 and 1679] Gallantry all-a-mode: or, The bully to the life. Here fops & boistrous bully-rocks are shown, they pass their golden hours away in pleasure, the gallant feats they practice in the town; detest those doting fools that live by measure. To a new play-house tune: viz. Let the traytors plot on.
[1690] Gallantry unmask'd, or, Women in their proper colours a novel.
Lanceter, R., 17th cent. / [1660] Gallicantvs, seu Præcursor Gallicinii primus.: Containing two addresses, the one to the King, the other to the Parliament. Tegether [sic] with a postscript about the affaires of religion, of most high concernment. By R. Lanceter, author of Gallicinivm, now in the presse.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] Gallienus redivivus, or, Murther will out, &c. being a true account of the de-witting of Glencoe, Gaffney, &c.
Perron, W. / [printed in the year 1696] Galliæ flagellum: or, The reduction of France made easie: with a scheme thereof: In a letter to a Member of Parliament.
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1659. ] Galwad ir annychweledig idroi a byw, Derbyn trugaredd tra byddo trugaredd iw chael fel y myn nynt gael trugaredd yn nydd eucyfyngder. Oddiwrth y Duw byw. / Trwy ey wâs ennheilwing Richard Baxter.
Fuller, John, b. 1640 or 41. / [1681] Gamaliel Palipsuchos, or, Seasonable advice in trying times delivered in a sermon preached at Little-Wakering in Essex, Wednesday the 22th of December, being the fast appointed for the farther discovery of the popish-plot, by John Fuller.
[Printed in the year 1659] The game is up: or, XXXI new quæries and orders; fitted for the present state of affairs, and recommended to the Councell of Officers. Together with an old prophesie, newly found out.
[An. Dom. 1640. ] Gamēlia on the happy marriage of the most accomplished paire, H.R. Esq. and the vertuous A.B.
Morton, Charles, 1627-1698. / [1684] The gaming-humor considered and reproved, or, The passion-pleasure and exposing money to hazard by play, lot or wager examined by a well-wisher to mankind.
Sunderland, Robert Spencer, Earl of, 1640-1702. / [1685] Gan fod y Ffurf Gweddi gyda Diolch ...
Maddocks, John. / [Printed in the yeare 1646] Gangrænachrestum, or A plaister to alay the tumor, and prevent the spreading of a pernitious vlcer, like to have grown upon, and putrified the good report of Jo. Maddocks, and Henry Pinnell.: Made up of a true relation (wherein the faults of the former impression by Master Edwards are revised, corrected, and amended) concerning some passages at Pool. / By the abused parties I.M. and H.P.
Reid, John, Gardener. / [1683] The gard'ners kalendar shewing the most seasonable times for performing his hortulan affairs monthly throughout the year, and a catalogue of such dishes and drinks as a compleat garden can afford in their seasons : published for the climate of Scotland / by John Reid.
Hobson, Paul. / [1647] A garden inclosed, and Wisdom justified only of her children. Being two exercises, discovering the glory, beauty and perfection of the love of God to saints that are so comprehended, and in such a glorious inclosure: and also the sweet reflections in, and from saints, in iustifying wisdom: which were delivered at New-port Pagnell, about a yeare and a half since: for declaration whereof, the authour was then imprisoned, and since accused, for delivering of blasphemie. by Paul Hobson.
Passe, Crispijn van de, d. 1670. / [1615] A garden of flovvers vvherein very liuely is contained a true and perfect discription of al the flovvers contained in these foure followinge bookes. As also the perfect true manner of colouringe the same vvith theire naturall coloures ... All vvhich to the great charges, and almost incredible laboure and paine, the diligent authore by foure yeares experience, hath very laboriously compiled, and most excellently performed, both in theire perfect lineaments in representing them in theire coper plates: as also after a most exquisite manner and methode in teachinge the practisioner te [sic] painte them even to the liffe. Faithfully and truely translated out of the Netherlandish originall into English for the comon benifite of those that vnderstand no other languages, and also for the benifite of others nevvly printed both in the Latine and French tongues all at the charges of the author.
Langham, William. / [1579 i.e. 1597] The garden of health conteyning the sundry rare and hidden vertues and properties of all kindes of simples and plants, together with the maner how they are to be vsed and applyed in medicine for the health of mans body, against diuers diseases and infirmities most common amongst men. Gathered by the long experience and industrie of William Langham, practitioner in phisicke.
Chambers, Sabine, 1560?-1633. / [M.DC.XIX. 1619] The garden of our B. Lady. Or A deuout manner, how to serue her in her rosary. Written by S.C. of the Society of Iesus
Mollet, André. / [1670] The garden of pleasure containing several draughts of gardens, both in embroyder'd-ground-works, knot-works of grass, as likewise in wildernesses, and others : with their cuts in copper / by Andrew Mollet.
Guicciardini, Lodovico, 1521-1589. / [Anno. 1573] The garden of pleasure contayninge most pleasante tales, worthy deeds and witty sayings of noble princes [et] learned philosophers, moralized. No lesse delectable, than profitable. Done out of Italian into English, by Iames Sanforde, Gent. Wherein are also set forth diuers verses and sentences in Italian, with the Englishe to the same, for the benefit of students in both tongs.
Boyd, Zacharie, 1585?-1653. / [1644] The garden of Zion wherein the life and death of godly and wicked men in scriptures are to be seene, from Adam unto the last of the Kings of Judah and Isreal, with the good uses of their life and death. ....
Turner, Richard, poet. / [1595?] The garland of a greene vvitte. Discouering the constancie of Calipolis. A precious spectacle for wanton wiues, fit to be read of all sorts, if oportunitie serue. Profitable to some, and pleasant to all saue the enuious. By R. Turnar.
Twyne, Thomas, 1543-1613. / [1574] The garlande of godly flowers bewtifully adorned as most freshly they flourish in the gardeins of right faithfull Christian writers. Yéeldyng foorth a very comfortable sauour to the afflicted soule, wherby hée is salfly [sic] transported vnto the mercifull throne of the most glorious God. Carefully collected, and diligently digested into ordre, by Tho. Twyne, Gentleman. 1574.
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the year 1646] The gatehouse salutation from the Lady Eleanor. Revelat. cap. 4. Serving for Westminsters Cathedral, their old service. And courts of Westminster, those elders sitting, &c. February, 1646
Warner, John, b. 1612 or 13. / [1645] The gayne of losse: or temporall losses spiritually improved in a centurye & one decad of meditations & resolves. By John Warner M.A. sometimes of Magd: Hall in Oxo: & one of the ministers of the London Brigade in the late western expedition 1644.
[1689] Gazophylacium anglicanum containing the derivation of English words, proper and common, each in an alphabet distinct : proving the Dutch and Saxon to be the prime fountains : and likewise giving the similar words in most European languages, whereby any of them may be indifferently well learned, and understood : fitted to the capacity of the English reader, that may be curious to know the original of his mother-tongue.