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Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1676] Euaggelion aionuon tes oukoumenes tes mellouses, or, The saints first revealed and covenanted mercies shortly approaching as being the main scope of revelation-prophesie : opened and resolved by Christ's divine key of prophesie ... / by W. Sherwin ...
G. L. / [Anno M. DC. LX. 1660] Eubulus. Or A free and loyal discourse To His Sacred Majesty, by one of His most faithfull subiects.
Corbin, William. / [1695] Eucharistia, or, A grateful acknowledgement of God's goodness in preserving our most gracious King William and for the success of his arms this last summer : deliver'd in a sermon to a country-auditory on the 22d of September 1695, being the day appointed by authority for a public thanksgiving / by William Corbin.
[ca. 1700?] Eucharisticon, or, An heroick poem upon the late thanksgiving day, which was the vigil or fast of St. Simon and St. Jude
Cudmore, Daniel, 17th cent. / [1655] Euchodia. Or, A prayer-song; being sacred poems on the history of the birth and passion of our blessed Saviour, and several other choice texts of Scripture. In two parts. / By Daniel Cudmore, Gent.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [ca. 1660 ] Euchologia, neu, Yr athrawiaeth i arferol weddio o waith y gwir anrhyddedus dad Joan Prideawx ... ; Rhodd a adawodd ef ar ei ddyddd diwedd iw ferched yn ddirgel, iw hyfforddi hwy ir cyfriw reidiol arferau, on Llyfr Gweddi gyffredin. : Ac a ddichou roi bodlonrwydd ym mhob achos heb edrych ar ol y goleuadàu newyddion ai parodbryd lewyrchoedd.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1655] Euchologia: or, The doctrine of practical praying.: By the Right Reverend Father in God, John Prideaux, late Bishop of Worcester. Being a legacy left to his daughters in private, directing them to such manifold uses of our Common Prayer Book. As may satisfie upon all occasions, without looking after new lights from extemporal flashes.
I. C. / [1619] The euer-burning lamps of pietie and deuotion. Kindled by many excellent and heauenly prayers, deuided into the seuerall dayes of the weeke, and other occasions: To auoide which weake man hath continuall cause to retire into himselfe, and humbly confer with Almightie God. By I.C.
[1609] Euerie vvoman in her humor
Morgan, Matthew, 1652-1703. / [1694] Eugenia, or, An elegy upon the death of the honourable Madam--
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605. / [Anno. 1578] An euident display of Popish practises, or patched Pelagianisme. Wherein is mightelie cleared the soueraigne truth of Gods eternall predestination, the stayd groundworke of oure most assured safetie by Christ. Written in Latin by that reuerend father, mayster Theodore Beza, and now lately Englished by VV.H. preacher of the Gospell.
Hemings, William, b. 1602? / [1687] The eunuch a tragedy, as it hath been acted with great applause / written by William Hemmings ...
Sonibancke, Charles, 1564-1638. / [1617] The eunuche's conuersion. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse, the second of February. 1617. By Charles Sonnibank, Doctor of Diuinitie, & Canon of Windsor.
Elborow, John. / [1637] Euodias and Syntyche, or, The female zelots [sic] of the church of Philippi mis-led, mis-guided, seduced by those of the concision, those evill workers of the said church : set forth in a sermon at Brent-wood, in Essex, Febru. 28, 1636, at the metropoliticall visitation of the most reverend Father in God, William, Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury / by Iohn Elborrovv, vicar of S. Pancras, alias, Kentish-towne by London.
Walker, Anthony, d. 1692. / [1678] Euråeka, Euråeka the virtuous woman found, her loss bewailed, and character examined in a sermon preached at Felsted in Essex, April 30, 1678, at the funeral of ... Mary, countess dowager of Warwick, the most illustrious pattern of a sincere piety, and solid goodness his age hath produced : with so large additions as may be stiled the life of that noble lady : to which are annexed some of her ladyships pious and useful meditations / by Anthony Walker.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [in the year 1653. But according to the mis-apprehension of the vulgar, 1654] The Euroclydon vvinde commanded to cease: or, A quenching of the fiery darts by Scripture-arguments, declarations, and visions. Being a moderate vindication of his Highness the Lord Protector, from the popular aspersions first accasioned [sic] against him by the malice of the Presbyterians, and now blown up by all parties. Also, something in behalfe of the desolate Church, and King Charles, which declares hopes of union between him and his Highness the Lord Protector, with an apology of the author concerning the year 1653. and many other things discovered. / By Arise Evans.
Ball, William. / [1650] Europa lachrymans poema heroicum / Guglielmi Ballæi.
[1692] Europe's chains broke, or, A sure and speedy project to rescue her from the present usurpations of the tyrant of France
Eccles, John, d. 1735. / [1697] Europes revels for the peace and His Majesties happy return a musical interlude : with a panegyrical poem spoken there on the same occasion / written by Mr. Motteux.
[1689] Europes transactions discovered in a dialogue betwixt Democritus an English-man, Ernestus a German, and Landerlu a French monsieur
[1666] Europæ modernæ speculum, or, A view of the empires, kingdoms, principalities, seignieuries [sic], and common-wealths of Europe in their present state, their government, policy, different interest and mutual aspect one towards another, from the treaty at Munster, anno 1648, to this present year.
Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. / [1657] Euschēmonos kai kata taxin, or, The grounds of uniformity from I Cor. 14:40 vindicated from Mr Jeanes's exceptions to one passage in the view of the directory / by H. Hammond ...
Lee, Joseph. / [1656] Eutaxia tōu agroū: or A vindication of a regulated inclosure Wherein is plainly proved, that inclosure of commons in general and the inclosure of Catthorp in the county of Leicester in particular, are both lawful and laudable. As also that those evils which do too usually accompany inclosure of commons, are not the faults of inclosure, but of some inclosers only. By Joseph Lee minister of the Gospel.