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Loyall subject of his Majesties. / [Printed in the yeare, 1648] Verses in honour of the reverend and learned judge of the law, Iudge Ienkin;: the sole author of his soveraignes rights, Englands laws, and the peoples liberty. / Written by a loyall subject of his Majesties.
Mayhew, R. (Richard) / [1679] Eschatos echthros, or, The death of death in the death of Christ being a narrative of the first death as the mistress of mortals and empress of the universe : conflicting of various sections and directions (as appears by the index) in order to a holy living and happy dying / by R. Mayhew ...
Santos, Francisco, d. ca. 1700. / [1671] The Escurial, or, A description of that vvonder of the vvorld for architecture and magnificence of structure built by K. Phillip the IId of Spain and lately consumed by fire written in Spanish by Francisco de los Santos, a frier of the order of S. Hierome ; translated into English by a servant of the Earl of Sandwich in his extraordinary embassie thither.
Bond, John, 1612-1676. / [1648] Eshcol, or Grapes (among) thorns. As they were delivered in a Thanksgiving sermon, to the Honourable House of Commons. By John Bond, Mr. of the Savoy.
Angelus, Johannes, 1463-1512. / [1655] Esoptron Astrologikon. Astrological opticks. Wherein are represented the faces of every signe, with the images of each degree in the zodiack: thereby describing, 1. The nature and quality of every person, according to the degree ascending in the east at his nativity. 2. The virtue and signification of every planet through the 12. signes. 3. A most excellent description of the more hidden and abstruse influence of [symbol for Mercury] in his [symbol for conjunction] with all other the planets. 4. A clear explanation of the signification of the horoscope in any signe of the zodiack. / Compiled at Venice, by those famous mathematicians, Johann. Regiomontanus and Johannes Angelus.
Thorne, William, 1568 or 9-1630. / [1603] Esoptron basilikon. Or A kenning-glasse for a Christian king. Taken out of the 19. chapter of the gospell of Saint Iohn, the 5. verse, in the words 3 Behold the man. And treated on by William Thorne, Deane of Chichester, and his Maiesties Hebrew reader in the Vniuersity of Oxford.
[1625] Especiall obseruations, and approued physicall rules; which haue (heretofore) beene well tryed and experienced, in the last heauy and grieuous time of the pestilence And, vpon the good and benefit then ensuing by it: thought meete to bee now published, in this dangerous contagion of the plague. Seruing as soueraigne antidotes, for preseruation of all such as are not infected; as also for them that bee already visited.
Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. / [yn y flwyddyn, 1688. ] Esponiad ar gatechism yr eglwys, neu, Ymarfer o gariad dwyfol, a gymmonwyd er llefhad Esgobaeth Baddon. Ac a gyfieithiwyd o'r saefonaeg (yn ôl ei gyntaf ofodiad allan) / gan William Foulkes ...
D. T. (Daniel Tuvill), d. 1660. / [1608] Essaies politicke, and morall. By D.T. Gent
Sainct Sernin, Jonatan de. / [1626] Essais et obseruations sur les essais du Seigneur de Montaigne par le Sieur Jonatan de Sainst [sic] Sernin.
Jackson, Joseph, fl. 1695. / [1697] An essay concerning a vacuum. Wherein is endeavoured to be demonstrated, that a vacuum interspersum runs through the world, and is more or less in all bodies. By a lover of the corpuscular philosophy.
Philadept. / [1698] An essay concerning adepts, or, A resolution of this inquiry how it cometh to pass that adepts, if there are any in the world, are no more beneficial to mankind than they have been known hitherto to be, and whether there could be no way to encourage them to communicate themselves : with some resolutions concerning the principles of the adeptists and a model, practicable, and easy, of living in community : in two parts / by a Philadept ...
[1696] An Essay concerning friendly reproof explaining clearly the nature, excellency and usefulness of it : proving both from reason and revelation that it is an indespensable duty : and laying down very plain rules concerning the properest methods, both of giving and receiving it, &c.
Guide, Philippe, d. 1718. / [1699] An essay concerning nutrition in animals proving it analogical to that of plants, and discovering the like structure and use of the organs to be alike in both, with many observations towards the practise of physick : together by Philip Guide ...
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1700] An essay concerning the divine right of tythes by the author of The snake in the grass.
Petty, William, Sir, 1623-1687. / [1698] An essay concerning the multiplication of mankind: together with another essay in political arithmetick, concerning the growth of the city of London: with the measures, periods, causes, and consequences thereof. 1682. / By Sir William Petty ...
Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. / [1673] An essay concerning the Sabbath, or, The Sabbath-days rest from controversie wherein is asserted that our Christian Sabbath, Lords-day, or Sunday is the very same day of the week which was anciently observed by the Jews and Gentiles for the solemn day of their solemn weekly worship, before Israels coming out of Ægypt and after that by gentiles : prefaced, with an introduction thereunto touching the true meaning of Gen. 2 v, 2, 3 / by N. Homes.
Cox, Richard, Sir, 1650-1733. / [1698] An essay for the conversion of the Irish shewing that 'tis their duty and interest to become Protestants : in a letter to themselves.
[1696] An Essay for the lowering the gold and raising the silver coin
[MDCC 1700] An Essay for the raising a national fishery by the poor of England without tax or money that shall imploy and maintain all the poor, and growing poor of this nation for ever, and in less than five yers, totally ease the publick from that greivous burden / humbly address'd to the honourable House of Commons in behalf of the poor of England.
Lover of truth and the good of mankind. / [1673] An essay for the regvlation of the practice of physick upon which regulation are grounded the composure of all differences between physicians and apothecaries, and reasons for preferring the long accustomed way of practising by prescription : to which is added a brief discourse concerning arcanas of nostrums ... / by a lover of truth and the good of mankind.
[between 1696 and 1711?] An essay how to raise above six hundred thousand pounds per ann. by a equal and easy tax. Humbly submitted to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons.
Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. / [Printed in the year 1659] An essay in defence of the good old cause, or A discourse concerning the rise and extent of the power of the civil magistrate in reference to spiritual affairs.: With a præface concerning [brace] the name of the good old cause. An equal common-wealth. A co-ordinate synod. The holy common-wealth published lately by Mr. Richard Baxter. And a vindication of the honourable Sir Henry Vane from the false aspersions of Mr. Baxter. / By Henry Stubbe of Ch. Ch. in Oxon.
G. B. (George Bright), d. 1696. / [1682] An essay in morality written by G.B. to his friend H.P., Esquire ; in which the nature of virtue and vice is distinctly stated, their respective reasonableness and unreasonableness demonstrated, and several useful conclusions inferred.
[1695] An Essay of a new version of the Psalms of David consisting of the first twenty : fitted to the tunes used in churches.
Scott, William, 17th cent. / [1635] An essay of drapery: or, The compleate citizen. Trading iustly. Pleasingly. Profitably. By William Scott.
J. M. / [1677] An essay of moral rules observed in the use of medicinal remedies in order unto their success. Being a discourse of the causes of the decay of natural health, and brevity of humane life in this present age. By J. M.
[1700] An Essay of the form and constitution of a particular Christian church according to the model of the apostolick age, and as it is describ'd in the writings of the New Testament.
Stoddon, Samuel. / [1682] An essay on a question relating to divine worship viz. whether it be contrary to the apostolical laws of decency and reverence for a man to have his head covered in the time and place of Gods solemn publick worship? : aff. / by Samuel Stoddon ...
Turner, John, 1660-1720. / [1617 i.e. 1717?] An essay on ecclesiastical authority in which the pretence of an independent power in the church, to a divine right in the election of bishops; to the invalidity of lay deprivations; to the inseparable relation of a bishop to his see; to an obligation of continuing communion with the deprived bishops; and several other things relating to the nonjurors separation from our church, are particulary and impartially examined. By John Turner, D.D. Vicar of Greenwich, and chaplain to His Royal Highness the Prince.
R. W. / [An. Dom. 1695] An essay on grief: with the causes and remedies of it:
Curate of Souls. / [1683] An essay on hypocrasie and Pharisaism.: As it was set forth in a Sermon / by A curate of souls.
Praed, John. / [1695] An essay on the coin and commerce of the kingdom trade and treasure (which are twins) being the only supporters thereof next to religion and justice.
Nicholls, William, 1664-1712. / [1694] An essay on the contempt of the world by William Nicholls ...
Waller, William, Gent. / [1698] An essay on the value of the mines, late of Sir Carbery Price by William Waller, Gent ...
Dunton, John, 1659-1733. / [1698] An essay proving we shall know our friends in heaven writ by a disconsolate widower on the death of his wife, and dedicated to her dear memory ...
Eremnalēthēs. / [1674] An essay tending to issue the controversie about infant baptism from the parity, at least, of Scripture-light concerning infant-baptim [sic] with that of women's being admitted to the Lord's Supper, shewing that there is as good grounds out of Scripture for the one as for the other : occasioned by a tender made by H.D. in his late book against infant-baptism who is willing to put the whole controversie concerning it, upon this issue : together with an answer to the most material things in that book /
Wild, Robert, 1609-1679. / [1660] An essay to a continuation of Iter boreale;: attempting something upon the happy influence, which that seasonable and successefull march of the Lord Generall Monck out of the North, had upon the arts and sciences. By a lover of learning.
[printed in the year, 1663] An essay to a further discovery of terra firma: or A proposal to a more firm ascertaining of title in lands.
Lover of peace. / [1686] An essay to ecclesiastical reconciliation humbly offered to the consideration of all peaceable and good Christians / by a lover of peace.
Whitcombe, William. / [1689] An essay to promote virtue by example in a collection of excellent sayings (divine and moral) of devout & learned men, in all ages, from the apostles time, to this present year, 1689 / By William Whitcombe, gent.
Makin, Bathsua, fl. 1612-1673. / [1673] An essay to revive the antient education of gentlewomen in religion, manners, arts & tongues with an answer to the objections against this way of education.
G. B. (George Burghope) / [1695] An essay to revive the necessity of the ancient charity and piety wherein God's right in our estates and our obligations to maintain his service, religion, and charity is demonstrated and defended against the pretences of covetousness and appropriation : in two discourses written to a person of honour and vertue / by George Burghope.
Whiston, Joseph, d. 1690. / [1676] An essay to revive the primitive doctrine and practice of infant-baptism in the resolution of four questions I. What are the reasons of God's appointing the token of the covenant to be applyed to the infant-seed of his people? II. What is the good or benefit they receive thereby? III. What is the duty of parents towards their children as bearing the token of the covenant? IV. What is the improvement that children as grown up to years of maturity, may and ought to make of the token, as applyed to them in their infancy / by Joseph Whiston ...
Societies for the Reformation of Manners. / [1699] An essay to suppress prophaness [sic] and immortality pay the nations debts, support the government, and maintain the poor. Humbly submitted to the Lords spiritual, temporal, and Commons assembled in Parliament. With a short postscript relating to His Majesty's speech. By a Society for reformation of manners.
Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706. / [1672] An essay to the advancement of musick by casting away the perplexity of different cliffs, and uniting all sorts of musick, lute, viol, violin, organ, harpsechord, voice, &c. in one universal character / by Thomas Salmon ...
[1661] An Essay to the explaining of the Revelation wherein amongst other things of great moment, is proved, that by the beast is meant an universal monarch which shall hereafter arise out of the Roman empire : that there shall be a fifth kingdom upon the earth, (namely that of the saints) together with the manner thereof, and that the New Jerusalem is a city properly so called, which God hath reserved in heaven for the saints.
Trevers, Joseph. / [1677] An essay to the restoring of our decayed trade wherein is described the smugglers, lawyers, and officers frauds, &c. / by Joseph Trevers.
Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. / [1659] An essay toward the amendment of the last English-translation of the Bible, or, A proof, by many instances, that the last translation of the Bible into English may be improved the first part on the Pentateuch, or five books of Moses / by Robert Gell ...
[Printed in the year 1700] An essay toward the clearer discovering of the true beginnings, durations and endings, of each particular king in Judah and Israel and the two lines thereof, compared and adjusted, according to the scriptures referring thereunto; and, in order to understanding of the reference of those 390, and 40 dayes, mention'd Ezekiel 4th. v.5,6. (Beginning after Solomon.) Upon enquiry thereinto, and examination thereof, I premise 2 or 3 things. (1.) That Rehoboams and Jereboams reigns must begin much together; else the 18th of Jeroboam's could not be the first of Abijahs, and his 20th the beginning of Asa's, Kings of Judah. (2.) That there's a dispute with some, whether Jehoram, Jehosaphat's son, and King of Judah, did reign 8 years or 4? some say the latter, (and 4 more only with his father. But to clear, that there must be 8 to him alone (or 4 more to his father and him, which amounts to the same number of years.) ... and so at last, to the remainder of the kings of Judah ending in Zedekiah; when the kings of Israel had ceased in Hoshea before.
[1650] An Essay toward the composing of present differences in ecclesiasticks and consequently in civils as the effects, or rather consequences of those.
[M DC XCI. 1691] An essay towards a scheme or model for erecting a National East-India joynt-stock or company more generally diffused and enlarged for the restoring, establishing, and better carrying on that most important trade: fully discoursed in a letter to a Person of quality.
Turner, W. (William), fl. 1687-1701. / [1695?] An essay towards an history of all the remarkable providences which have happened in this present age. As also of what is curious in the works of nature and art. With parallel instances from former ages. By William Turner, M.A. and Vicar of Walberton in Sussex. To be publish'd by way of subscription.
Lodowyck, Francis. / [1686] An essay towards an universal alphabet.
Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. / [1697] An essay towards promoting all necessary and useful knowledge, both divine and human in all parts of His Majesty's dominions, both at home and abroad / by Thomas Bray.
D. C. / [1661] An essay towards the deciding of the so much and so long controverted case of usury in a problematical paradox discussed, whether it be lawful (and not rather sinful) for any man to borrow meerly to encrease his wealth : as also some animadversions upon the Resolution of the case of usury, by a reverend and very learned doctor / by D.C.
Divine in the Church of England. / [M DC XCVIII i.e. 1697] An essay towards the rendring the first thirty Psalms of David in metre (of the old version of Thomas Sternhold, and John Hopkins and others.) Less obnoxious to exceptions, than it hath been; by moderate alterations, and amendments. And published, as a specimen of the whole book, done after the same manner, now in the hands of the author, a Divine of the Church of England.
[1700?] An Essay upon excisi[n]g several branches that have hitherto escaped the duty of the brewing trade to make good the deficiency of the malt-tax, and other funds
Burthogge, Richard, 1638?-ca. 1700. / [1694] An essay upon reason, and the nature of spirits by Richard Burthogge ...
Le Faucheur, Michel, 1585-1657. / [1680?] An essay upon the action of an orator, as to his pronunciation & gesture useful both for divines and lawyers, and necessary for all young gentlemen, that study how to speak well in publick / done out of French.
Nalson, John, 1638?-1686. / [1681] An essay upon the change of manners being a second part of The true Protestants appeal to the city and country.
Burnaby, A. (Anthony) / [1696] An essay upon the excising of malt: as also, the present case of tallies consider'd. By A. Burnaby, of the Middle-Temple.
[1695?] An essay upon the necessity of raising the value of twenty millions of pounds at least in either bills, bonds, tickets, or tallies according to Dr. Chamberlain's method, in order to enable the King to carry on the war with France.
[MDCLXXXIX 1689] An Essay upon the original and designe of magistracie, or, A Modest vindication of the late proceedings in England by one who hates rebellion and tyranny.
T. R., Esquire. / [1671] An essay upon the third Punique War Lib. I and II : to which are added Theodosius's advice to his son and the phenix out of Claudian / by T.R., Esquire.
Turner, W. (William), fl. 1687-1701. / [1695] An essay upon the works of creation and providence being an introductory discourse to the history of remarkable providences now preparing for the press : to which is added a further specimen of the said work : as also Meditations upon the beauty of holiness / by William Turner ...
Virgil. / [1658] An essay upon two of Virgil's Eclogues and two books of his Æneis (if this be not enough) towards the translation of the whole / by James Harrington.
A. V. (A. Vickaris) / [MDCXCVI. 1696] An essay, for regulating of the coyn wherein is also set forth, I. How we have lost that import of plate and bullion we formerly had, II. What is become of the great quantities of money coyned in the reign of King Charles II and the preceeding reigns, III. The necessity there is at this time to rectifie the present coyn of the kingdom, IV. By what methods the charge of calling in the present mony, and bringing it to a designed standard, may be accomplished, V. Whether the method proposed for the advancing of our mony (and the bullion of which its made) be convenient or inconvenient for the trade of the nation..
[1693?] An essay, or, modest proposal of a way to encrease the number of people, and consequently the strength of this kingdom; to improve the woollen manufacture, and raise the values of land, of corn, cattle, and most other things of the product and growth of England; and raise a considerable sum of money to their Majesties, and that after such a manner as will be very much for the advantage of the kingdom: out of which might be settled a fund for the encouragement and maintenance of distressed and disabled mariners or sea-men, or what else should be thought more convenient. With all dutiful respect most humbly offered to the consideration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled.
Griffin, Lewis. / [1661] Essayes and characters written by L.G.
Donne, John, 1572-1631. / [1651] Essayes in divinity; by the late Dr Donne, Dean of St Paul's. Being several disquisitions, interwoven with meditations and prayers: before he entred into holy orders. Now made publick by his son J. D. Dr of the civil law.:
Beddevole, Dominique, d. ca. 1692. / [1691] Essayes of anatomy in which the construction of the organs and their mechanical operations are clearly explained according to the new hypotheses / by ******, Dr. in Medicine, written originally in French.
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. / [1625] The essayes or counsels, ciuill and morall, of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban
Cornwallis, William, Sir, d. 1631? / [1616] Essayes or rather, Encomions prayses of sadnesse: and of the emperour Iulian the Apostata. By Sir William Cornewallis, the younger knight.
Horn, John, 1614-1676. / [1685] Essays about general and special grace y way of distinction between; or distinct consideration of 1. The object of divine faith, or the truth to be preached to, and believed by men. And, 2. Gods purposes for dispensing. And, 3. His dispensations of the said truth, and the knowledge of it to men. And, 4. The operations of God with it in men in the dispensation of it. By Jo. Horne, late of Lin-Allhallows.
Nanfan, Bridgis. / [1680] Essays divine and moral by Bridgis Nanfan, Esquire.
[1673] Essays of love and marriage being letters written by two gentlemen, one dissuading from love, the other an answer thereunto : with some characters and other passages of wit.
Fouquet, Nicolas, 1615-1680. / [1694] Essays suppos'd to be written by Monsieur Fouquet being reflections upon such maxims of Solomon as are most proper to guide us to the felicity of both the present and the future life / translated out of French.
[1588] Essempio d'una lettera mandata d'Inghilterra a Don Bernardino Mendozza ambasciatore in Francia per lo re di Spagna: nella quale si dichiara, lo stato del reame d'Inghilterra, contrario all'espettatione di Don Bernardino, di tutti gli spagnuoli fuoi conforti, & d'altri anchora / traslatata di francese in italiano ad instanza di chi desidera, che gl'Italici huomini conoscano quanti i romori, della vittoria dell'Armata spagnuola, sparti dal Mendozza, sieno bugiardi & falsi.
Hudson, Samuel, 17th cent. / [1645] The essence and unitie of the Church Catholike visible,: and the prioritie thereof in regard of particular churches discussed. / By Samuel Hudson minister of the Gospell.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1654] The essence, quintessence, insence, innocence, lye-sence, & magnifisence of nonsence upon sence: or, Sence upon nonsence.: The third part, the fourth impression, the fifth edition, the sixth addition, upon condition, that (by tradition) the reader may laugh if he list. In longitude, latitude, crassitude, magnitude, and amplitude, lengthened, widened, enlarged, augmented, encreased, made wider and sider, by the addition of letters, syllables, words, lines, and farfetch'd sentences. And the lamentable death and buriall of a Scottish Gallaway nagge. Written upon white paper, in a brown study, betwixt Lammas day and Cambridge, in the yeare aforesayd. Beginning at the latter end, and written by John Taylor at the sign of the poor Poets Head, in Phœnix Alley, near the middle of Long Acre, or Coven Garden. Anno, millimo, quillimo, trillimo, daffadillimo, pulcher.
Winstanley, William, 1628?-1698. / [1690?] The Essex champion, or, The famous history of Sir Billy of Billerecay and his squire Ricardo
Braddon, Laurence, d. 1724. / [1690] Essex's innocency and honour vindicated, or, Murther, subornation, perjury, and oppression justly charg'd on the murtherers of that noble lord and true patriot, Arthur (late) Earl of Essex ... in a letter to a friend / written by Lawrence Braddon (of the Middle-Temple), Gent. ...
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Essex) / [1651] Essex ss. The particular rates of wages of all manner of artificers, labourers and servants, as well by the day, with meat and drink and without, as also by the whole year, and in gross, or by task; made and set forth at the Quarter-sessions of the Peace holden at Chelmesfordin the said county, April 8. 1651. by the justices of peace there assembled, according to a statute made 29 Eliz. having a special regard and consideration to the prizes at this time of all kind of victuals, and apparel, both linnen and woollen, and all other necessary charges wherewith artificers, labourers and servants have been more grievously charged with than in times past.
[1649] The Essex vvatchmen's vvatchword to the inhabitants of the said county respectively, dwelling under their several charges,: by way of apologetical account, of the true grounds of their first engagement with them in the cause of God, King and Parliament, for their vindication from unjust aspersions. Also by way of faithful premonition of the dangerous evil latent in a printed paper, entituled, The agreement of the people, intended to be tendred to them for subscription.
B. D. / [1684] The Essexian triumviri, or, A discourse btween three Colchester-gentlemen disguiz'd in masquerade and Titus Otes concerning the present government both ecclesiastical and civil, and the election of members to sit in the House of Commons whensoever it shall please His Majesty to call a Parliament.
[1589] Est natura hominum nouitatis auida The Scottish queens buriall at Peterborough, vpon Tuesday beeing Lammas day. 1587.
Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. / [MDCLXXXI 1681] The establish'd church, or, A subversion of all the Romanist's pleas for the Pope's supremacy in England together with a vindication of the present government of the Church of England, as allow'd by the laws of the land, against all fanatical exceptions, particularly of Mr. Hickeringill, in his scandalous pamphlet, stiled Naked truth, the 2d. part : in two books / by Fran. Fullwood ...
[1679] The Established test in order to the security of His Majesties sacred person, and government, and the Protestant religion against the malitious attempts and treasonable machinations of Rome.
Ireland. General Assembly at Kilkenny. / [in the yeare of our Lord 1647] The establishements made by the Generall Assemblie mett at the Cittie of Kilkenny the 12. day of November anno Domini 1647.
[1595] The estate of Christians, liuing vnder the subiection of the Turke And also the warres betweene the Christians and the Turke, beginning 1592. and continuing till the end of 1593.
Lewkenor, Lewis, Sir, d. 1626. / [1595] The estate of English fugitiues vnder the king of Spaine and his ministers. Containing, besides, a discourse of the sayd Kings manner of gouernment, and the iniustice of many late dishonorable practises by him contriued.
Dumay, Louis, d. 1681. / [1664] The estate of the Empire, or, An abridgement of the laws and government of Germany cast into dialogues for the greater conveniency of a young prince that was instructed therein / by Lewis Du-May ... ; translated into French by D'Alexis Esq. ... ; now faithfully rendered into English.
[An. Do. 1595] The estate of the Germaine empire, with the description of Germanie. 1. Declaring how the empire was translated from the Romaines to the Germaines: with diuers and sundrie memorable accidents following there-vpon. Written certaine yeeres past as the estate then stood. 2. Describing the scituation of euery countrie, prouince, dukedome, arch-bishoprick, bishoprick, earledome and cittie of Germanie: the princes and chief officers of the empire in their seuerall places ... Newly set foorth for the profite and pleasure of all gentlemen and others, that are delighted in trauaile or knowledge of countries.
Sowernam, Ester. / [1617] Ester hath hang'd Haman: or An ansvvere to a lewd pamphlet, entituled, The arraignment of women. With the arraignment of lewd, idle, froward, and vnconstant men, and husbands. Diuided into two parts. The first proueth the dignity and worthinesse of women, out of diuine testimonies. The second shewing the estimation of the fœminine sexe, in ancient and pagan times; all which is acknowledged by men themselues in their daily actions. VVritten by Ester Sowernam, neither maide, wife nor widdowe, yet really all, and therefore experienced to defend all.