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[printed in the year 1699] Erasmus redivivus Wherein divers of the most remarkable occurrences of the present age, are compendiously represented in several select colloques.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1660] Erastus Junior. Or, A fatal blovv to the clergies pretensions to divine right.: In a solid demonstration, by principles, forms of ordination, canon-laws, acts and ordinances of Parliament, and other publique acts, instruments, records, and proceedings, owned by themselves, that no bishop, nor minister, (prelatical, or Presbyterian) nor presbytery (classical, or national) hath any right or authority to preach, ... in this nation, from Christ, but onely from the Parliament. In two parts: the one demonstrating it to an episcopal, the other to a Presbyterian minister. By Josiah Web, Gent. a serious detester of the dregs of the Antichristian hierarchy yet remaining among us.
[1684] Erastus, or, The Roman prince being a more full acount of that famous history of the seven wise masters : with many pleasant additions of excellent, and divertive discourses, and songs, not unsuitable to the design of the story.
Lewgar, John, 1602-1665. / [1662] Erastus Senior scholastically demonstrating this conclusion that (admitting their Lambeth records for true) those called bishops here in England are no bishops, either in order or jurisdiction, or so much as legal : wherein is answered to all that hath been said in vindication of them by Mr. Mason in his Vindiciæ ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, Doctor Heylin in his Ecclesiæ restaurata, or Doctor Bramhall ... in his last book intituled, The consecration and succession of Protestant bishops justified : with an appendix containing extracts out of ancient rituals, Greek and Latine, for the form of ordaining bishops, and copies of the acts of Parliament quoted in the third part.
Wodenote, Theophilus, d. 1662. / [1654] Eremicus theologus, or, A sequestred divine his aphorisms, or, breviats of speculations, in two centuries / by Theophilus Wodenote ...
Smalwood, George, 1604-1679. / [1661] Ergon pseudous kai misthos alåetheias, or, The wicked mans sad disappointment and the righteous mans sure recompence being a sermon preached the 17th day of October, 1661, at the solemn funerals of the Right Worshipful Sir Abraham Raynardson, Knight, late alderman of London / by George Smalwood.
Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682. / [1675] Les erreurs de l'Eglise Romaine refutees en un sermon préché le 5 de Juiller, 1674 ... traduit en Francois par un ame de l'autheur par Andre Sall.
[Printed in the Year, 1661] Errors appearing in the proceeding in the House of Peers in Parliament in the first and second years of the reign of King Charles the First, in the case betwixt Robert De Vere Earl of Oxford, and the Lord Willoughby of Eresby, concerning the office of Great Chamberlain of England.:
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [1645] Of errors ioynd vvith Gods word by the Lady Eleanor.
Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662. / [1645] Errours and induration, are the great sins and the great judgements of the time. Preached in a sermon before the Right Honourable House of Peers, in the Abbey-Church at Westminster, July 30. 1645. the day of the monethly fast: / by Robert Baylie, minister at Glasgow.