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Aston of Forfar, Walter Aston, Baron, 1584-1639. / [1619?] El illustrissimo Señor Don Gualter Aston Cauallero de la Noble Orden del Balneo, y Varoneto, Gentilhombre de Camara en ordinario al Serenissimo Iacobo Rey Primero desse nombre de la Gran Bretaña ...
Geree, John, 1601?-1649. / [1642] Irelands advocate: or, a sermon preached at a publike fast held by authorie, July the 27. in behalfe of bleeding Ireland. By John Geree, pastour of Tewkesbury, in Glocester-Shire. Published by authoritie.
[Printed in the yeare. 1647] The elders dreame. With the armies message or declaration to both Houses of Parliament.
Westfield, Thomas, 1573-1644. / [1655] Eleaven choice sermons as they were delivered by that late reverend divine, Thomas Westfield ...
Sophocles. / [MDCXLIX. 1649] Electra of Sophocles: presented to Her Highnesse the Lady Elizabeth; with an epilogue, shewing the parallell in two poems, the return, and the restauration. By C.W.
[1700] An Elegaick essay upon the decrease of the groom-porter and the lotteries
[1685] Elegant apothegms in the speech of Lewis IV King of France to his revolted subjects
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1634] The elegant combat or, the mutuall entertainement between the two learned and famous Frenchmen Monseiur [sic] Du Moulin and Monseiur [sic] De Balzac Extracted out of the originall, by Robert Codrington master of arts. And dedicated to the truely ennobled Master Anthony Mildemay.
Echlin, David. / [1629] Elegia Dauidis Echlini Medici Reginæ. In funere charissimæ castissimæq[ue] coniugis Philibertæ Loubatæ, quæ nata Roanæ ad Ligerim obijt Londini, anno ætatos siæ 40. Domini 1629. die 8. Ianuarii. Ad Carolum Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ regem. Nunquid est dolor sicut dolor meus?.
[Printed in the Yeare of our Lord, 1643] An elegiacall commemoration of the pious life, and most lamented death, and funerals, of Mr. Josiah Shute, rector of the parish, of St. Mary Woolnoth in Lombard-Street. Who left us on the 13 of June. 1643.
M. B. (M. Browne) / [1699] An elegiack essay humbly offered to the pious memory of Mr. Matthew Mead minister of the gospel of Stepney, who departed this life Octob. 16. 1699 by M.B.
J. M., philo-musus. / [1700] An elegiack essay upon the death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Gouge who deceased Jan. 8 1699/1700 [i.e. 1700] / by J.M. philo-musus.
Tompson, Edward, 1665-1705. / [1686] An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New-England: who was discharged from his work and office, to be admitted into heaven, April 20th, 1886.
Walter, Nehemiah, 1663-1750. / [1687] An elegiack verse on the death of the pious and profound grammarian and rhetorician Mr. Elijah Corlet, schoolmaster of Cambridge who deceased anno aetatis 77, Feb. 24, 1687.
Johnstoun, Arthur, 1587-1641. / [1628] Elegiae duae vna ad episcopum Abredonensem, de fratris obitu, altera de pace rupta inter Scotos & Gallos / autore Arturo Ionstono, medico regio.
[1661] An elegie and epitaph on that glorious saint, and blessed martyr, King Charles I.: The best of kings since Christ, but murther'd by the worst of men since the creation. Written a day or two after his martyrdom ... Now published to shew the world the unparallel'd patience and piety of the dead murther'd King; and the matchlesse impudence and impiety of his past and present living murtherers. For the suspition of which, and many other things, the author lay almost two years in the gate-house, defying all the insolent and illagal usurpation, and power at Westminster and White-Hall. Saying alwayes ... God bless King Charles the Second.
Holland, Samuel, gent. / [Printed for the author, MDCLXXX. 1680] An elegie humbly offered to the memory of that matchless wit, and unparallel'd example of sincere penitency, the right honorable John Earl of Rochester, who most piously exchanged earthly honour for never-fading glory the 26th day of July, 1680.
Stirling, William Alexander, Earl of, 1567 or 8-1640. / [1613] An elegie on the death of Prince Henrie. By Sr William Alexander of Menstrie, gentleman of his Priuie Chamber:
[1663?] An elegie on the death of that learned and pious divine Mr. John Gibbon, late minister of St. Anne Black-Friers, London
J. S. / [1674] An elegie on the death of that worthy divine Mr. James Janeway who departed this life March the 16th 1673/4.
Lluelyn, Martin, 1616-1682. / [1660] An elegie on the death of the most illustrious prince, Henry Duke of Glocester.: By Martin LLuelyn Dr in Ph. sworn phy: to His Majesty: principall of S. M. Hall Oxon. and fellow of the Coll. of Phy. Lond.
Harrison, George, gent. / [1657] An elegie on the death of the Right Honourable Robert Blake, Esq.: One of the generals at sea, who departed the 7. of August 1657. on board the George near Plymouth Sound.
[1673] An elegie on the famous and renowned lady, for eloquence and wit, Madam Mary Carlton, otherwise styled, the German Princess.
[1649] An Elegie on the meekest of men, the most glorious of princes, the most constant of martyrs, Charles the I. &c.:
[1656] An Elegie on the miraculously learned, and much lamented Bishop of Armagh. Licensed and entred according to Order.
Quarles, John, 1624-1665. / [1656] An elegie on the most reverend & learned James Vsher L. Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of Ireland;: who departed this life March 21. 1655. / Written by John Quarles.
[Printed, 1644 i.e. 1645] An elegie on the most reverend father in God VVilliam lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury;: attatched [sic] the 18. of Decemb. 1640. Beheaded the 10. of Ianuary 1644.
Spicer, Alexander, b. 1574 or 5. / [1625.] An elegie on the much lamented death of the Right Honorable Sir Arthur Chichester Knight, Lo. Baron of Belfast, Lo. high Treasurer of Ireland, one of the lords of His Maiesties most Honorable Priuie Counsell, and of the Counsell of Warre. By Alex Spicer..
[Anno Dom. 1684] An elegie on the never to be forgotten Sir Thomas Armstrong Knight; executed for conspiring the death of his most sacred Majesty, and royal brother, June 20. 1684. With some satyrical reflections on the whole faction.
Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681. / [1677] An elegie upon the death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Shepard, late teacher of the church at Charlstown in New-England: / By a great admirer of his worth, and true mourner for his death.
J. R. / [1653] An elegie upon the death of the thrice noble generall, Richard Dean, who departed this life the 2d. of June, 1653.:
Shields, Alexander, 1660?-1700. / [Printed in the year. 1688] An elegie, upon the death, of that famous and faithfull minister and martyr, Mr. James Renwick. Composed immediately after his execution at Edinburgh, 17. Feb. 1688.
C. G. / [1646] An elegie upon the most lamented death of the Right Honourable and truly valiant, Robert Earle of Essex, &c.:
Crouch, John, fl. 1660-1681. / [1664] An elegie upon the much lamented death of that noble and valiant commander the Right Honourable the Earl of Tiveot, governour of Tangiers, slain by the Moors
Crouch, John, fl. 1660-1681. / [1680] An elegie upon the right honourable the late Earl of Ossory
[1631.] An elegie vpon the death of that worthy house-keeper, VVilliam Smith, of Crissing-Temple in the county of Essex, esquire, who dyed the eleventh day of February, 1630. aged 74. yeeres.
Lane, John, 16th/17th cent. / [1603] An elegie vpon the death of the high and renowned princesse, our late Soueraigne Elizabeth. By I.L.
[Printed in the year, 1648] An elegie, on the most barbarous, vnparallel'd, vnsouldiery, murder, committed at Colchester, upon the persons of the two most incomparable, Sir Charles Lucas, and Sir George Lisle.
[1642] Elegies celebrating the happy memory of Sr. Horatio Veere Baron of Tilbury, Collonell Generall of the English, in the United Provinces, and Mr. of the ordnance in England, &c.
Tate, Nahum, 1652-1715. / [1699] Elegies on I. Her Late Majesty of blessed memory, II. Late Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, III. Illustrious Duke of Ormond and Earl of Ossory, IV. Countess of Dorset, V. Consolatory poem, &c. together with A poem on the promotion of several eminent persons, &c. / by N. Tate ...
[October 16, 1643] Elegies on the death of that worthy and accomplish't gentleman Colonell John Hampden, Esquire. Entred into the Hall book according to order.
[1659] Elegies on the much lamented death of the honourable and worthy patriot, Francis Pierepont, Esq., third son of the Right Honourable Robert, Earl of Kingston, who dyed at Nottingham the 30th day of January, 1657/8
Jones, John. / [1661] Elegies on the much lamented death of the Right Honorable the Earl of Mountrath
[1673] An Elegy, an acrostick, and also an anagram, on the death of that faithful and worthy minister and servant of God, Mr. Joseph Caryl
[M DC LXXI. 1671] An elegy and funeral oration, on the death of the Reverend Richard Lingard, D.D.
[1685] An Elegy on James Scot, late Duke of Monmouth
J. S. / [1684] An elegy on that faithful and laborious minister of Christ, Mr Francis Bampfield, who died in Newgate on the Sabbath day, vulg. Februar. 16th. 1683/4. Being in the 70th. year of his age.
S. W. / [1673] An elegy on that grand example of loyalty, valour, and conduct, Sir Edward Spragg unfortunately drowned (after incomparable proof of heroick gallantry) in the late engagement with the Dutch, August the 11th, 1673.
Smith, Thomas, 1638-1710. / [1660] [An elegy on the death of Henry, duke of Gloucester]:
J. L. R., of S. / [1695] An elegy on the death of Her Late Sacred Majesty Mary the Second, Queen of England, &c. who dyed December 28th, 1694 / by J. L. R. of S.
Palmer, Edward, 1646 or 7-1670. / [1667] An elegy on the death of Mr. James Bristow, late fellow of All-souls
Ames, Richard, d. 1693. / [MDXCCII i.e. 1692] An elegy on the death of that brave sea-commander, Reer-Admiral Carter, who was unfortunately kill'd in the famous ingagement with the French fleet, on the 20th of May, 1692.
W. W., 17th cent. / [1677] An elegy on the death of that painful minister of the Gospel Mr. James Fitton who fell asleep in the Lord, the 12th of this instant June, 1677 / by W.W.
Young Gentleman. / [1695] An elegy on the death of the author of the Characters, &c. Of the ladies invention, who dyed on the 13th of this instant May at the Rose spunging-house in Woodstreet, under an arrest. / written by a Young Gentleman whom he had abus'd in his Characters.
Morgan, Matthew, 1652-1703. / [M DC XCII 1692] An elegy on the death of the honourable Mr. Robert Boyle
Howard, Thomas, 17th/18th cent. / [1660] [An elegy on the death of the most illustrious] Prince Henry Duke of [Gloucester], [third brother to] our most gracious soveraigne [King] Charles the Second, who deceased [this present] life the 13th. of September 1660.
[1699] An Elegy on the death of the old East India Company who died of a wound she receiv'd from a patent, value two millions.
[1681] An elegy on the death of the plot
[1676] An elegy on the death of the reverend and pious Mr. Thomas Wadsworth, sometime preacher of the Gospel in Newington-Butts, and late of London, who departed this life the 29th. of Octoben [sic], 1676.
Barnes, Joshua, 1654-1712. / [1689] An elegy on the death of the Reverend Doctor John Goad late master of Merchant-taylors-school, London, who departed this life the 28th. of October, 1689 / by Joshua Barnes, B.D.
[1643] An elegy on the death of the Right Honourable Spencer, Earle of Northampton, who died a conquerour at the battaile of Hopton-heath.
Rich, Jeremiah, fl. 1664. / [1664] An elegy on the death of the worthily honoured the Lord Charles Rich
Relation of the deceased. / [Printed in the year 1698] An elegy on the death of trade: by a relation of the deceased.
Tate, Nahum, 1652-1715. / [1695] An elegy on the His Grace John Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. A pindaric.
[1684] An elegy on the much lamented death of the Right Honourable Sr. Hugh Windham, Kt. one of His Majesties justices of the Court of Common-Pleas Westminster, who departed this life upon his circuit at the assizes in the city of Norwich, July, 1684.
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [anno Christi 1685] An elegy on the much-to-be-deplored death of that never-to-be-forgotten person, the Reverend Mr. Nathanael Collins who after he had been many years a faithful pastor to the Church at Middletown of Connecticut in New-England, about the forty third year of his age expired on 28th 10 moneth 1684.
[1690] An elegy on the unfortunate, though glorious deaths, of that most noble Prince and famous general Frederick Duke of Schomberg, and the reverend and truly valiant Dr. George Walker, who were both unhappily slain at the battle of Duleek, near Dublin in Ireland, which was fought on the first of this instant July.
[1698] An elegy on White-Hall
Hext, Francis, 1666-1729. / [1690] An elegy, sacred to the memory of the high-born prince, Henry D. of Grafton, who dyed of his wounds at Cork, October 9th, 1690 in Pindarick verse / by Franc. Hext.
True lover of his vertues. / [1680] An elegy to the memory of the Right Houorable [sic] Thomas Earl of Ossory, who depated [sic] this life, July the 30th. 1680.
Godschalck, James. / [1650] An elegy upon his honoured friend Mr. James Herewyn, unfortunately slain by a fall from his horse
[1683] An Elegy upon that great minister of state Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury
Ames, Richard, d. 1693. / [MDCXCI. 1691] An elegy upon the death of that learned, pious, and laborious minister of Jesus Christ Mr. Richard Baxter, who departed this mortal life on the 8th day of December, 1691.
[Printed Anno Dom. 1650 i.e. 1651] An elegy upon the decease of the most incomparable pious Lady, the Princesse Elizabeth, VVho dyed in Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight, Septemb. 8. 1650.
Twiss, Thomas. / [1646] An elegy vpon the unhappy losse of the noble Earle of Essex:
[1683] An elegy, on the death of the reverend, learned. and pious William Bell, D.D. vicar of S. Sepulchres; who died July the 19th, 1683.
Warner, John, junior. / [Printed in the yeer. 1648] An elegy, on the timely death of John Warner: Late Lord Maior of the Citie of London.
C. B. / [1673] An elegy, upon that incomparable comedian, Mr. Edward Angell / written by C. B.
Wurstisen, Christian, 1544-1588. / [1596] The elements of arithmeticke most methodically deliuered. Written in Latine by C. Vrstitius professor of the mathematickes in the Vniuersitie of Basill. And translated by Thomas Hood, Doctor in Physicke, and well-willer of them which delight in the mathematicall sciences
Dechales, Claude-François Milliet, 1621-1678. / [1685] The elements of Euclid, explained and demonstrated in a new and most easie method with the uses of each proposition in all the parts of the mathematicks / by Claude Francois Milliet D'Chales, a Jesuit ; done out of French, corrected and augmented, and illustrated with nine copper plates, and the effigies of Euclid, by Reeve Williams ...
Howell, William, 1631 or 2-1683. / [1700] The elements of history. From the creation of the world, to the reign of Constantin the Great Containing the history of the monarchies in a new order and method. Together with a view of the contemporary kingdoms and commonwealths. And a brief account of their magistracies and politick constitutions. Done for the use of young students. By William Howel, LL.D. Translated from the latin.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1624] The elements of logick by Peter Du Moulin. Translated out of the French copie by Nathanael De-lavvne, Bachelour of Arts in Cambridge. With the authors approbation
Holder, William, 1616-1698. / [1669] Elements of speech an essay of inquiry into the natural production of letters : with an Appendix concerning persons deaf & dumb / by William Holder.
[1619] The elements of the beginning of the oracles of God Containing the whole grounds of Christian religion, in a short catechisme for yong children, and a larger method of catechising.
T. G. / [1698 i.e. 1697] Eleosriabos: being England's triumphs in an hearty remembrance of that wonderfull providence which hath all along waited on the sacred person of our Augustus His Majesty William III. Until he arriv'd safe in the joyfull haven of peace. A pindarick. By T. G. Physician in Essex.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1677] Eleothriambos, or, The triumph of mercy in the chariot of praise a treatise of preventing secret and unexpected mercies with some mixt reflexions.
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1698] Eleutheria, or, An idea of the Reformation in England and a history of non-conformity in and since that Reformation : with predictions of a more glorious reformation and revolution at hand ... / mostly compiled and maintain'd from unexceptionable writings of conformable divines in the Church of England ; to which is added, The conformists reasons for joining with the nonconformists in divine worship, by another hand.
Clagett, William, 1646-1688. / [1699] Eleven sermons preached upon several occasions and a paraphrase and notes upon the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth chapters of St. John : with a discourse of church-unity ... / by William Clagett.
[1689] Eleventh collection of papers relating to the present juncture of affairs in England and Scotland
Case, Thomas, 1598-1682. / [1658] Eliah's abatement: or, Corruption in the saints. Discovered and distinguished in a sermon, preached at Chatham in Kent, at the Funeral of that faithful minister of the Gospel, Mr. Gaulter Roswell, M.a. late preacher there. / By Tho. Case, M.A. and rector of Giles in the Fields.
[1661] Eliana a new romance / formed by an English hand.
Riland, John, 1619?-1673. / [1662] Elias the Second his coming to restore all things, or, God's way of reforming by restoring ; and, Moses the peace-maker his offers to make one of two contending brethren in two sermons : the former preacht in Warwick at the Generall Assize there held August 19, 1661 : the other in Coventry at the annuall solemnity of the maior's feast on All-Saints Day following : both publisht at the importunity of divers of the auditors being eminent persons of quality in that country / by John Riland ...
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the Year 1650] Elija the Tishbite's supplication when presented the likeness of hand, &c. (Kings 18.)
Bradley, Thomas, 1597-1670. / [1670] Elijah's epitaph and the motto of all mortalls in the other reason in the text, perswading him into a willingness to dye, in these words, I am no better then [sic] my fathers, I Kin. 19, 4 / by Thomas Bradley, D.D. one of His Late Majesties chaplains and præbendary of York, and preach't in the minster there, and in his rectory of Ackworth, 1669, Ætatis suæ, 72.
Tillinghast, John, 1604-1655. / [1658] Elijah's mantle: or, The remaines of that late worthy and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Tillinghast.: Viz. I. The conformity of a saint to the will of God. On Act. 21.14. II. The will of God and Christ concerning sinners. On Gal. 1.4. III. No condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus. On Rom. 8.1. IV. Christs love to his owne. On Joh. 13.1. V. True gospel humiliation. On Zach. 12.10. VI. The most effectual means to kill and subdue sin. On 1 Joh. 2.2 VII. The advocateship of Jesus Christ, a great ground of saints comfort and support under sins and infirmities. On 1 Joh. 2.2. VIII. The only way for saints to be delivered from the errors and evils of the times. On 1 Tim. 6.11. IX. Of the Old Covenant, from Gal. 4.30. being so farre as the author had proceeded, in a treatise of the two covenants, before his death. Published by his owne notes.
Bradley, Thomas, 1597-1670. / [1669] Elijah's nunc dimittis, or, The authors own funerall sermons in his meditations upon I Kings 19:4 ... / by Thomas Bradley ...
Elias, John, fl. 1659. / [1659] Elijahs fiery-chariot, or Glowing-coals taken from Gods altar being excellent prayers and meditations, fitted for all persons in all conditions. Composed by divers learned Fathers and martyrs in the Church of God. The like never before extant.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1655] Elise, or, Innocencie guilty a new romance / translated into English by Jo. Jennings ...
Fitz-Geffry, Charles, 1575?-1638. / [1622] Elisha his lamentation, for his owne, and all Israels losse, in Elijah The subiect of a sermon, preached at the funeralls of the Right Worshipfull Sir Anthony Rous, late of Halton in Cornwall, Knight. By Charles Fitz-Geffry.
Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658. / [1654] Elisha his lamentation, upon the suddain translation of Elijah.: Opened in a sermon at the funeral of Mr. VVilliam Strong, that eminently faithful servant and minister of Christ. By Obadiah Sedgwick, B.D. and preacher of the Gospel in Covent Garden.
Wyne, Robert. / [1672] Elisij Campi. A paradise of delights: or an Elixier of comforts Offered to believers, in two short discourses of I. The confirmation of the Covenant from Heb. 6. 17. 18. II. The donation of Christ from Romans. 8. 32. By R.W. minister of the Gospel and sometime preacher at Tamerton-Foliot, in the county of Devon.
[1670-1680] Elixir magnum vitæ: or, the great elixir of life, being the most admirable cordial-drink, and its singular virtues, never before made publick; is now exposed to sale, as the most excellent preservative of humane bodies, for the general good of all persons:
Witherden, Thomas. / [Printed in the year, 1679] Elixir salutis; or the great preservative of health called by some, the never-failing cordial of the world. : Being most pleasant and safe for all ages, sexes, and constitutions ... / Prepared by me, Tho. Witherden ...
Le Medde, Theod. / [1665] Elixyrlogia, or, A compendious discourse wherein the eminent and effectual virtues and properties of the universal elixyr are set forth not only for the particular use of them that would prevent the contagion of the plague ... but for the general cure, remedying, and certain prevention of most acute diseases incident to mankind ... : with the manner of taking it ... and a rational accompt how it may certainly conduce to the prolonging of life if medically administred in a little quantity every morning to an empty stomach / by Theod. Le Medde, M.D.
[1652] Eliza's babes or, the virgins-offering. Being divine poems, and meditations. Written by a lady, who onely desires to advance the glory of God, and not her own.
Lady, who onely desires to advance the glory of God, and not her own. / [1652] Eliza's babes, or, The virgins-offering being divine poems and meditations / written by a lady, who onely desires to advance the glory of God and not her own.
[1597] Eliza triumphans.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) / [1591] Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England Fraunce and Ireland defender of the faith &c., to all and singuler archbishops bishops archdeacons deanes and their officials ... whereas wee are credably certefied aswell by the pittifull supplication and petition of our poore & true subiect Hugh Euance of the borough of Thetforde in our counties of Suffolke and Norffolke ... where his maulting house ... and also most of his dwelling howses with goodes ... is by sodaine misfortune vtterly burnt waisted and consumed with fire hapned the xvii day of April last past ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) / [1596] Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England, France, and Ireland ... to all and singuler archbishops, bishops, archdecons, deanes and their officials ... know ye, that whereas the prisoners in the custodye of the marshall of the Marshalsey ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) / [1573] Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England, Fraunce and Ireland, defendour of the fayth, &c. to all and singular archbyshops, byshops, deanes, archdeacons, & other officials persäos ...
England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) / [1598] Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queene of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faithe, [et]c. To all to whom these presents shall come greeting. Know ye that aswell in consideration of the good, faithfull and acceptable seruice to vs heretofore done ...
[1659] Elizabeth Fools warning: being a true and most perfect relation of all that has happened to her since her marriage. Being a caveat for all young women to marry with old men. / By Elizabeth With of Woodbridge.
Rone, Elizabeth. / [in the year 1687] Elizabeth Rone's short ansvver to Ellinor James's long preamble, or vindication of the new test, &c.
Winter, Robert, of Elmston, Kent. / [1657] Elmston the 9. of the 11. month, 1656.: For Thomas Munnings, John Durance, and the rest of the Commissioners sometimes sitting at Canterbury about tythes. The plea and protest of Robert Winter of Elmston in the county of Kent, for his non-payment of tythes.
F. H. / [Printed in the yeare, 1649] An elogie, and epitaph, consecrated to the ever sacred memory of that most illustrious, and incomparable monarch, Charles, by the grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, late King, &c.: Together with an elogy and epitaph upon the truely lamented death of that excellent patterne of perfect magnanimity, virtue, valour, and loyalty, Arthur Lord Capell. With some streames of remembrance issued from the bloods of his noble fellow-sufferers, Duke Hamilton, and Henry Earle of Holland. / By F.H. Philomusus.
C. G. (Charles Gerbier) / [1651] Elogium heroinum, or, The praise of worthy women written by C.G., Gent.
[1681] An Elogy against occasion requires upon the Earl of Shaftsbury calculated for the meridion of eighty one.
Howe, Obadiah, 1615 or 16-1683. / [1663] [Eloheem], or, God and the magtistrate as it was delivered in a sermon before the honorable Baron Atkin and Justice Tirril, two of His Majestie's judges of assize, in the cathedral church of Lincoln, and in the shrievalty of the honorable Sir Edward Dymockek, and champion to His Scared Majestie / by Obadiah Howe ...
Jones, Thomas, 1622?-1682. / [1682] Elymas the sorcerer, or, A memorial towards the discovery of the bottom of this Popish-Plot and how far his R. Highness's directors have been faithful to his honour and interest, or the peace of the nation : publish'd upon occasion of a passage in the late Dutchess of York's declaration for changing her religion / by Tho. Jones ...