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[Printed in the yeare, 1648] Ecce the new testament of our Lords and Saviours,: the House of Commons at Wesminster [sic], and the Supreame Councell at Windsor. Newly translated out of their owne heathenish Greek ordinances, with their former proceeding; diligently compared and revised, and appointed to be read in all conventicles. Cum privilegio.
Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. / [MDCL. 1650] An eccho from the great deep:: containing further inward openings, concerning divers other things, upon some whereof the principles and practises of the mad folks do much depend. As also the life, hope, safety and happiness of the seed of God, is pointed at; which through many dark, dismall, untrodden paths and passages (as particularly through an unthought of death and captivity) they shall at length be led unto. / Through Isaac Pennington (junior) Esq;.
L'Estrange, Roger, Sir, 1616-1704. / [1660] An eccho to the plea for limited monarchy &c.: Written and presented to his Excellency, the Lord Generall Monck. In January last, and now re-asserted, by the same author.
Evans, Arise, b. 1607. / [1652] An eccho to the voice from heaven, or, A narration of the life, and manner of the special calling, and visions of Arise Evans by him published, in discharge of his duty to God, and for the satisfaction of all those that doubt.
[1698] Ecclesia & reformatio a dialogue betwixt St. Paul's Church and Salters Hall.
Darton, Nicholas, 1603-1649? / [1649] Ecclesia Anglicana, or, Dartons cleare & Protestant manifesto as an evangelicall key sent to the governour of Oxford for the opening of the church dores there, that are shut up without prayers or preaching.
Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712. / [1684] Ecclesia enucleata: The temple opened: Or, A clear demonstration of the true gospel-church in its nature and consitution, according to the true doctrine and practice of Christ and his apostles. By I.C.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691. / [1677] Ecclesia Gemens, or, Two discourses on the mournful state of the Church, with a prospect of her dawning glory exhibited in a view of two Scriptures, representing her as a myrtle-grove in a deep bottom, and as a knot of lillies among thorns.
[1677] Ecclesia restaurata a votive poem to the rebuilding of St. Paul's Cathetral.
Mayer, John, 1583-1664. / [1627] Ecclesiastica interpretatio: or The expositions vpon the difficult and doubtful passages of the seuen Epistles called catholike, and the Reuelation. Collected out of the best esteemed, both old and new writers, together with the authors examinations, determinations, and short annotations. The texts in the seuen Epistles of Iames, Peter, Iohn and Iude are six and forty. The expositions vpon the Reuelation are set forth by way of question and answer. Here is also a briefe commentary vpon euery verse of each chapter, setting forth the coherence and sense, and the authors, and time of writing euery of these bookes. Hereunto is also annexed an antidot against popery. By Iohn Mayer, B. of D. and pastor of the Church of Little Wratting in Suffolke.
J. S. (John Shirley), fl. 1680-1702. / [1682] Ecclesiastical history epitomized containing a faithful account of ye birth life & doctrine, crucifixion & ascension of ye holy Iesus : with the lives of ye apostles evangelists & primitive fathers & other famous men in ye Christian Church both antient & modern who have couragiously confessed & suffered glorious martyrdomes & persecutions under several tyrannical governours both heathenish and Romish : faithfully continued to ye reformation and since deduced to this present age / carefully collected by J.S. ... ; in two parts.
Broughton, Richard. / [with licence. 1624] An ecclesiastical Protestant historie of the high pastoral and fatherly chardge and care of the Popes of Rome, ouer the church of Britanie, from the first planting of the christia[n] faith there, by S. Peter the Apostle, and his disciples: continued in euery age, and hundred of yeares, by holy bishops, and cleargie men, sent hither and consecrated by them, his successors in the See Apostolicke. Euidently deduced and proued by historicall narration, from the published and priuiledged writings (to appeaseal protestants) of the most learned & allowed English protestant pretended bishops, doctors, antiquaries, & others of that religion.
[1642] The Ecclesiasticall discipline of the reformed churches in France, or, The order whereby they are governed faithfully transcribed into English out of a French copy.
Broughton, Richard. / [M.DC.XXXIII. 1633] The ecclesiasticall historie of Great Britaine deduced by ages, or centenaries from the natiuitie of our Sauiour, vnto the happie conuersion of the Saxons, in the seuenth hundred yeare; whereby is manifestly declared a continuall succession of the true Catholike religion, which at this day is professed & taught in, and by the Roman Church. Written. by Richard Broughton. The first tome containing the fower hundred first yeares. To which are annected for the greater benefite of the reader ample indexes ...
Cave, William, 1637-1713. / [1683] Ecclesiastici, or, The history of the lives, acts, death & writings, of the most eminent fathers of the church, that flourisht in the fourth century wherein among other things an account is given of the rise, growth, and progress of Arianism, and all other sects of that age descending from it : together with an introduction, containing an historical account of the state of paganism under the first Christian emperours / by William Cave ...
Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712. / [1690] Ecclesiasticum, or, A plain and familiar Christian conference concerning gospel churches, and order for the information and benefit of those who shall seek the Lord their God and ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward ...
E. F. (Edward Ford), fl. 1630?-1660. / [1644] An echo, or, The trumpeters triumph shewing the originall of a trumpet, from the alpha of Genesis to the omega of the Revelation very necessary and fit to be perused in these sad and mournfull times of all that wish wel to the peace of Ierusalem / written by E.F.
Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713. / [M. DC. LXXXVII 1687] Eclaircissemens sur les scandales injustement pris d'un livre intitule' L'ouverture de l'epitre aux Romains, par l'explication du vers. 27 du chap. 3
[1700] Eclectical chiliasm, or, A discourse concerning the state of things from the beginning of the Millennium to the end of the world
Panke, John. / [1612] Eclogarius, or briefe summe of the truth of that title of Supreame Governour given to his Maiestie in causes spirituall, and ecclesiasticall, from the Kings of Israel, in the old Testament; the Christian emperours in the Primitive Church; confirmed by 40. epistles of Leo the Bishop of Rome, vnto the Emperours, Theodosius, Martianus, and Leo. Not published before. By Iohn Panke.
I. D. B., fl. 1627. / [M.DC.XXVII. 1627] Eclogue, ou Chant pastoral sur les nopces des Serenissimes Princes Charles Roy de la Grand' Bretagne, France & Irlande, & de Henriette Marie fille de Henry le Grand, Roy de France, & de Nauarre.