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Mubashshir ibn Fātik, Abū al-Wafāʼ, 11th cent. / [in the yere our lorde M.CCCCC.xxviii. 1528] The dyctes and the sayenges of the philosophers other wyse called Dicta philosophorum
[anno domini. M.CCCCC.vii. 1507] [The dyenge creature]
[1600.] A dyet for the Christian soule, constantly to be obserued euery day, that it may alwaies reioyce in the Lord..
[The yere of our lorde. M.CCCCC. and xx. Of Nouembre the .xx. daye. 1520] The dyetary of ghostly helthe
F. S. / [1660] A dying fathers living legacy, to his loving son or, lively rules from the rule of life, to bee lived by every mothers childe. / By F.S. Gent.
Acton, Samuel, d. 1740? / [1699] Dying infants sav'd by grace proved and the blessd man with his blessedness described in a sermon preached near Namptwich in Cheshire at the burial of a deceased infant, July 25, 1695 / by S.A.
[1687] The dying ladies last farewell to the world: shewing the vanity of things below and the excellency of those above, &c. To the tune of, Sighs and groans.
[1696] The dying lamentation of Thomas Randal, who was executed at Stone-Bridge, on VVednesday the 29th of January for the barbarous murder committed on Roger Leavens, ironmonger who is hang'd in chains near Stone-Bridge. To the tune of, Johnsons farewell.
[1697] The Dying man's assistant, or, Short instructions for those who are concern'd in the preparing of sick persons for death being also no less worthy the consideration of all good Christians in time of health, as shewing the importance of an early preparation for their latter end, with regard as well to their temporal, as eternal state ...
F. G. / [1685] The dying man's last legacy, or, Pious and affectionate exhortations to a holy life as it was left by a dying man to his wife, children, and servants, for their improvement after his death, and for the advantage of every true Christian.
Nicholets, Charles. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] The dying mans destiny, and the living mans duty, opened. And applyed in a sermon preached on board the Loyal-Eagle, upon the coast of Cormodell in the East-Indies. At the solemn obsequies of Mr. Richarde Bernard, Chyrurgeon, who, at the conclusion of it, was (with universal sorrow) thrown into the sea, Feb. 1. 1680. Together, with an elegy on his death. By C.N. Minister of the same ship.
Jones, Andrew, M.A. / [1665] The dying mans last sermon. Or, The fathers last blessing. Left, and bequeathed as a legacy unto his children, immediately before his death. Being comfortable meditations and preparations for the day of death; which for the worth of them are more worthy to be written in letters of gold, then with ink and paper. The twelfth edition with additions, by Andrew Jones, a servant of Jesus Christ.
[between 1678-1681] The dying tears of a true lover forsaken, made on his death-bed; the hour before his death. To the tune of, Come live with me.
[1547?] The dysclosi[n]g of the canon of the popysh masse wyth a sermon annexed vnto it, of the famous clerke, of worthye memorye. D. Marten Luther.
[1548?] The dysclosyng of the canon of ye popysh masse with a sermon annexed vnto it of ye famous clerke of worthy memorye. D Marten Luther.
[1510] The dystruccyon of Iherusalem by Vaspazian and Tytus
[1532?] A dyurnall: for deuoute soules to ordre them selfe therafter.