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[1671] Dad seiniad meibion y daran sef ail-printiad o lyfr Escob Juel a elwir deffyniad ffydd eglwys loegr : ac o epistol yr Escob Dafies at y Cembru = An eccho of the sons of thunder, being a second impression of Bishop Juel's Apologie, and of Bishop Davies his Epistle, in the British tongue.
Daffy, Anthony. / [1698] Daffy's original and famous Elixir salutis : the choice drink of health, or, health-bringing drink, being a famous cordial drink, found out by the providence of the almighty, and ... experiences by my self and other divers persons ... a most excellent preservative of mankind. A secret far beyond any medicament yet known ... the same being fitted unto all ages, sexes, complexions and constitutions ... / Never published by any but Anthony Daffy, and now by me Elias Daffy his son.
Lawson, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [Printed in the year 1679] Dagon's fall before the Ark, or, The smoak of the bottomless pit scoured away by the breath of the Lords mouth, and by the brightness of his coming written primarily, as a testimony for the Lord, his wisdom ... : secondarily, as testimony against the old serpent his wisdom, which is foolishness with God ... : wherein as in a glass, teachers in schools and colledges may see their concern, neither Christian nor warrantable / by Thomas Lawson.
[1681] Dagon's fall, or, The charm broke
[1680] Dagon's fall, or, The knight turn'd out of commission
Crab, Roger, 1621?-1680. / [Printed in the yeer, 1657] Dagon's-downfall; or The great idol digged up root and branch.
[1647] The dagonizing of Bartholomew Fayre, caused through the Lord Majors command, for the battering downe the vanities of the gentiles, comprehended in flag and pole, appertayning to puppet-play. The 23. of August being the day before the apostolicke fayre.
Ussher, James, 1581-1656. / [1648] The dailie examination, and arraignment of sins: gathered out of the most reverend the primate of Ireland's sermon at Lincolns Inn. Decemb. 3. 1648.
Hopton, Susanna, 1627-1709. / [1673] Daily devotions, consisting of thanksgivings, confessions, and prayers in two parts ... / by an humble penitent.
Murrell, John, 17th cent. / [1617] A daily exercise for ladies and gentlewomen. Whereby they may learne and practice the whole art of making pastes, preserues, marmalades, conserues, tartstuffes, gellies, breads, sucket candies, cordiall vvaters, conceits in sugar-vvorkes of seuerall kindes. As also to dry lemonds, orenges, or other fruits. Newly set forth, according to the now approued receipts, vsed both by honourable and vvorshipfull personages. By Iohn Murrell, professour thereof.
Gonnelieu, Jérôme de, 1640-1715. / [in the year 1689] The daily exercises of a Christian life or the interiour spirit with which we ought to animate our actions throughout the whole day: With an easy instruction for mentall prayer, translated out of French by I.W. of the Soc. of Jesus.
Pain, Philip, d. 1668? / [1668] Daily meditations, or, Quotidian preparations for and considerations of death and eternity begun July 19, 1666 / by Philip Pain.
Pain, Philip, d. 1668? / [1682] [Daily meditations]:
[1642] The daily proceedings of his Majesties fleet on the narrow seas, from the 17. of October to the 15. day of November, since the departure of the Earle of Warwick, lord admirall of the Navie, being now under the conduct of the vice-admirall captaine Battie. Wherein is declared the journall and passages of every particular day, what ships and ammunition they took, and what speciall places they coasted during the foresaid time, from the 17. of October to the 15. of November.
Henshaw, Joseph, 1603-1679. / [1651] Daily thoughts, or, A miscellany of meditations holy & humane by Jos. Henshaw.
[between 1670-1677] A dainty dialogue between Henry and Elizabeth. Being the good wives vindication, and the bad husbands reformation. This new composed gallant ditty, is to be sung in town and city. This ballad is both compriz'd and penn'd to teach bad husbands how their lives to mend: all you good wives, the which bad husbands have, for your own good, let me this favour crave, one penny on this ditty to bestow, and carry it to your husbands for to show; it may in time make you twice over glad, when as you see him good that was so bad. The tune is, The tyrant.
[1690?] A Dainty new ditty of a saylor and his love how one the others constancy did prove : wherein is shown the sea mans constant mind, though at first he seem'd to her unkind : to a pleasant sea-faring tune.
Souterius, Daniel. / [1629.] Dakrua basilika. That is, the princly teares of Elisabetha, Queen of Bohemia: ouer the death, of her eldest sonne, Fridericus Henricus: Count Palatijn: Duke of Bavaria. / Written by Daniel Souterius: minister of the word of God, at Haerlem.
[anno Dom. MDCXLIII. 1643] The dammee cavalliers vvarning piece, in a view on the prophecy of the prophet Obadiah: against the Idumean armies, that so cruelly insult over the Church and people of God.
West, Robert, b. ca. 1613. / [Printed 1672] Damnable heresie discovered and the head of Gods church uncovered, and the spirit of man from the true light distinguished, according to the scriptures of truth, and testimony of saints.
[1679] The Damnable principle of the Jesuites touching the murdering of Kings fully laid open in two eminent instances, de facto, by their own confession
[Anno Dom. 1641] A damnable treason, by a contagious plaster of a plague-sore wrapt up in a letter, and sent to Mr. Pym : wherein is discovered a divellish, and unchristian plot against the High Court of Parliament, Oct. 25. 1641.
Jegon, William, 1650-1710. / [1685] The damning nature of rebellion, or, The universal unlawfulness of resistance under pain of damnation, in the saddest sense asserted in a sermon preached at the cathedral of Norwich, May 29, 1685, being the anniversary-day of the birth of His late Majesty Charles II, and of the happy restauration both of him and of the government from the great rebellion / by William Jegon ...
J. G. / [1696] Damon a pastoral lamenting the death of that incomparable master of musick, Mr. Henry Purcell, late organist of His Majesty's Chapel and St. Peter's Westminster / by J.G.
[between 1678-1681] Damon and Celia, or, The languishing lover comforted. Of all new songs, the poet hopes that this will please you well, because he knows it is a very good one, you may find hereby, there's nothing lost by loving constantly. Which ought to be all honest lovers guide but as for such who no delays abide; let them love one, for half and hour no more, and when they've done go call their Mrs. whore. To a pleasant new play-house tune, called No, no tis in vain, &c.
[between 1685-1688] The damosels tragedy: or, True love in distress. Being an account of a young man, who slighting a young maiden who had fix'd her love upon him, did thereby cause her to end her days in dispair by a dreadful dose of poyson. To the tune of, Charon, &c. This may be printed, R.P.
Leigh, William, 1550-1639. / [1613] The dampe of death: beaten backe with the glorious light and life of Iesus Christ /: In a sermon preached at Lancaster assises in Lent last, to the condemned prisoners there, and before the honourable iudges, and worshipfull of that countie. By William Leigh, bachelor in diuinitie, and pastor at Standish
Playford, John, 1623-1686? / [1653] The dancing master, or, Plain and easie rules for the dancing of country dances with the tune to each dance to be playd on the treble violin.
Waddam, Henry, Sir. / [1642] The Danes plot discovered against this kingdome.: With the meeting of Van Trump Dutch admirall at sea with them, upon the English coast neer Hull: wherein is related their battell, flight, and apprehension of two of their ships at Plympton Maries, in the county of Devond. Which was sent to the Lord Burrowes, and divers other the peers now assembled in Parliament, by Sir Henry Waddam of the said county, and by him ordered to be printed. As also an order sent out by the Honourable Court of Parliament, for consummating of the state affairs. John Brovvn, Cler. Parliament.
[1685] The Danger and unreasonableness of a toleration in reference to some late papers which have passed concerning liberty of conscience.
Palmer, Charles, 1663?-1734. / [1693] The danger of a total and wilful neglect equal to the danger of an unworthy receiving of the Lords Supper by C.P. ...
Chishull, John. / [1657] The danger of being almost a Christian. Shewing, [brace] 1. How far men may go without grace. 2. Why some men go so far. 3. Why they go no farther. 4. The dangerous estate of such persons. / By John Chishull, minister of the Gospel.
Bury, Arthur, 1624-1713. / [1692] The danger of delaying repentance set forth in a sermon preached to the university at St. Mary's Church in Oxford on New-Years-Day, 1691/2 / by Ar. Bury ...
Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647. / [1641] The danger of desertion: or, A farvvell sermon of Mr. Thomas Hooker, sometimes minister of Gods Word at Chainsford in Essex; but now of New England. Preached immediately before his departure out of England. Together with ten particular rules to be practised every day by converted Christians.
Mariott, Thomas, d. 1708? / [1689] The danger of division, and necessity of unity opened in a sermon preached at St. Lawrence's Church, before the election of the Lord Mayor / by Tho. Mariott ...
Whittaker, Jeremiah, 1599-1654. / [1646] The danger of greatnesse: or Uzziah his exaltation and destruction: set forth in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, and the reverend Assembly of Divines, in the church of Martins in the Fields, the 14th day of January, 1645. being a speciall day of humiliation set apart to seek God, for his direction in the setling of the great worke of church-government. / By Jeremiah Whitaker, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Assheton, William, 1641-1711. / [1673] The danger of hypocrisie a sermon preached at Guild-Hall Chappel, August 3d, 1673 / by William Asheton ...
Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? / [1625] The danger of popery: or, A sermon preached at a visitation at Ashford in Kent vpon 2. Thess. 2.12. Wherein the marks of antichristianisme and signes of truth are opened and applied, and the question of the sauing and damning of thos. that follow Antichrist is explanted by the Scriptures. By Robert Abbott, preacher of the Word of God at Cranebrooke in Kent.
[1685] The Danger of pride and ambition, with the excellency of humility & obedience shewing the reasons why the former ought to be avoided, and the later chosen and imbraced : being a profitable discourse, occasionally published upon the funeral solemnity of a late unfortunate person.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1634-1689. / [1662] The danger of riches discovered in a sermon / preach'd at St. Pauls, Septemb. the 28th 1662 before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor by Thomas Cartwright ...
True son of the church. / [1690 i.e. 1698] The danger of the Church of England: from a general assembly of Covenanters in Scotland. Represented from their principles in oaths, and late acts of assemblies; compar'd with their practices in these last two years. Written in the year 1690. By a true son of the Church.
Powel, Edward, fl. 1661. / [1662] The danger of the errors of the rulers a sermon preached upon the tenth day of March 1661 at the Assizes for Staffordshire held at Wolver-Hampton / by Edward Powel.
Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. / [1644] The danger of treaties with popish-spirits, or, A seasonable caveat and premonition to our present most renowned Parliament touching the frail trust in the vowes and protestations of the popishly-affected princes for peace and reconcilement with their Protestant subjects.
Taylor, Francis, 1590-1656. / [1646] The danger of vowes neglected and the necessitie of reformation: or, A sermon preached before the Right Honorable House of Lords, at a late solemne fast in the Abbey Church at Westminster, May 27. 1646.: By Francis Taylor B. in D. pastor of Yalding in Kent, and a member of the Assembly of Divines. Published according to order.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1643] The danger vvherein the kingdome of England now standeth; and the remedy for the present safety thereof.: With the proposations drawne for sure defense of the same, and the annoying of all the wicked adversaries. Worthy to be read of all them that wish well to the prosperity of all true hearted English-men. But more specially for all merchants and sea-men whatsoever.
[1685] Dangerfields Dance giving an account of several notorious crimes by him committed, viz, he pretended to be a Duke, and feigned himself to be Monmouth, with several other pranks : for which he was sentenced stand in the pillory, to be vvhip'd at the carts arse, and to be sent back to prison.
[1652] A dangerous and bloudy fight upon the coast of Cornwal between the English and the Dutch, on Thursday last; with the full particulars thereof; the manner of their engagement; the great execution done on both sides; and 17 of the Hollanders ships brought into Plymouth. Sent to the high and honourale [sic] Councel of State, on Sunday last, October 24. Together with a narrative of the King of Denmarks proceedings against the English: the raising of a great army in France their resolution and design, and the landing of the Dutch near Yarmouth; the rising of the country with clubs, fowling pieces, and longpikes; a bloudy fight thereupon, and the pursuing of the Dutch to the sea-coast, and the number killed and taken prisoners.
[1648] A dangerous and bloudy plot discovered whereby should have been murthered and most barbourously massacred fourscore of the House of Commons, divers of the chiefe actors being revealed. Also a terrible fight between London and Saint Albones, betwixt a party of the Royalists and a party of the Parliaments forces. With a great and bloudy fight at sea, wherein was taken 1 ship 10 peice of ordnance, all their arms and great store of ammunition besides much rich marchandize. Likevvise a great overthrow given to the Scots, and the last intelligence from Newport touching the successfull proceedings between the Kings Majesty and the commissioners of Parliament.
Lilly, William, 1602-1681. / [1672] The dangerous condition of the United provinces prognosticated and plainly demonstrated, by Mr. William Lilly, in his observations of that comet which appeared in the year of our Lord, 1652. And published in his annual predictions in the year 1654, &c. Together with some hints, and touches, of the most inhumane and unparaleld crueltyes committed by the Dutch upon our English-men at Amboyna, Polaroone, and Lantore in the East-Indies. With several proofs of their insolencies, ambition, and avarice. Written for the satisfaction and incouragement of all such as have not already been convinst of their perfidious dealings. With allowance,
Kilburne, William. / [1659] Dangerous errors in several late printed Bibles to the great scandal, and corruption of sound and true religion / discovered by William Kilburne ...
[1648] A dangerous fight at Pembrooke Castle, betwixt the forces commanded by Lieutenant Gen. Cromwell, and the forces commanded by Major Gen. Langhorne, and Collonel Iohn Poyer. With the number that were slain and taken prisoners on both sides,and Poyers declaration to his souldiers, concerning Sir Marmaduke Langdale. Likewise, another fight near Pontefract castle in Yorkshire, between the Cavaliers commanded by Col. Bonevant, and the Parliaments forces, commanded by Col. Fairfax, and the successe thereof. Together, with the proceedings of the Lord Gen. Hamilton, concerning the bringing of his Army into England, and 3. acts of the Parliament of Scotland, touching the same. Proclaimed and read at the High-Cross in the city of Edenburg.
[1699] The Dangerous imposture of Quakerism represented in a letter to a friend.
Wotton, Anthony, 1561?-1626. / [1626] A dangerous plot discovered By a discourse, wherein is proved, that, Mr: Richard Mountague, in his two bookes; the one, called A new gagg; the other, A iust appeale: laboureth to bring in the faith of Rome, and Arminius: vnder the name and pretence of the doctrine and faith of the Church of England. A worke very necessary for all them which haue received the truth of God in loue, and desire to escape errour. The reader shall finde: 1. A catalogue of his erroneous poynts annexed to the epistle to the reader. 2. A demonstration of the danger of them. cap. 21. num. 7. &c. pag. 178. 3. A list of the heads of all the chapters contained in this booke.
Ladyman, Samuel, 1625-1684. / [1658] The dangerous rule, or, A sermon preached at Clonmel in the province of Munster in Ireland, upon Aug. 3, 1657 before the reverend judges for that circuit by S.L., Master in Arts, and lately fellow of C.C.C. in Oxon.
True Protestant, a loyall subject, a loving fellow member of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland and Ireland. / [1642] The dangers of new discipline to the state and church discovered fit to be considered by them who seeke, as they tearme it, the reformation of the Church of England composed by a Trve Protestant, a loyall subject, a loving fellow member of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland ...
Jay, Stephen, d. 1689. / [1682] Daniel in the den, or, The lord president's imprisonment, and miraculous deliverance represented in a discourse from Heb. XI V. 33 / by S. J., rector of Chinner ...
Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637. / [1694] Daniel Sennertus his meditations setting forth a plain method of living holily and dying happily / written originally in Latin, and now translated into English.
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599. / [1591] Daphnaèida. An elegie vpon the death of the noble and vertuous Douglas Howard, daughter and heire of Henry Lord Howard, Viscount Byndon, and wife of Arthure Gorges Esquier. Dedicated to the Right honorable the Lady Helena, Marquesse of Northampton. By Ed. Sp.
Loyal muse. / [1685] Daphne Coronalis a pindarique ode, to the most august monarch James the II of England, Scotland, France, & Ireland, King, Defender of the faith : crown'd at Westminster, April the 23d, 1685 / humbly dedicated by a Loyal muse.
Froud, John. / [1700] Daphnis: or, a pastoral elegy upon the unfortunate and much-lamented death of Mr. Thomas Creech.
Wither, George, 1588-1667. / [1653] The dark lantern containing a dim discoverie, in riddles, parables, and semi-riddles, intermixt with cautions, remembrances and predictions, as they were promiscuously and immethodically represented to their author, in his solitary musings, the third of November 1652. about midnight. Whereunto is annexed, a poem, concerning a perpetuall parliament. By Geo. Wither Esquire.
Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. / [1675] Darkness vanquished: or, Truth in it's primitive purity being an answer to a late book of Mr. Henry Danvers, intituled A treatise of laying on of hands. Wherein his mistakes and cloudy apprehensions about it, are in a faithful and friendly manner rectified, his grand obiections answered, and imposition of hands upon baptised believers, as such with prayer for the spirit of promise is proved, to be a holy and divine institution of Jesus Christ, and accordingly practiced by the apostles and primitive saints. Together with the testimony of many famous writers, both antient, and of later times concerning it. BY B. K.
[1689?] Das gewesenen Englischen gross-Lantzlers George Lord Jeffries. turk verfaster Lebens-Lauff, worin dessen gebuhrt, aufferziehung, seine vielfèaltig bediente Ehren-Aempter, sambt denen verübten Intriguen und Ihrannen, biss an sein unglüctliches Ende, turklich vor Augen gestellet wird.
Alport, Edward. / [1623] Dauid's catechisme. By E.A.
Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665. / [1616] Dauids blessed man: or, A short exposition vpon the first Psalme, directing a man to true happinesse. Wherein the estate and condition of all man-kinde is laid downe, both for this life, and that which is to come.
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1628] Dauids comfort at Ziklag. A plaine sermon made in time of dearth and scarcitie of corne and worke. By Robert Harris.
Day, John, 1566-1628. / [1612] Dauids desire to go to church as it was published in two sermons in St. Maries in Oxford. The one the fift day of Nouember in the afternoone to the Vniversity 1609 the other on Christmas day following to the parishioners of that place. By Iohn Day Bachelour of Divinity, and one of the fellowes of Oriell Colledge.
Leigh, William, 1550-1639. / [1615?] Dauids palme and cedar shewing the reward of the righteous. In a sermon preached at Eccleston church in Lancashire; Iuly, 25. 1614. being the day of dedication of Heskine Schoole: founded by Sir Iames Pemberton knight, late alderman and citizen of London. By William Leigh Bachelor ini Diuinity, and pastor at Standish.
Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665. / [1614] Dauids repentance, or, A plaine and familiar exposition of the 51 psalme first preached and now published for the benefite of Gods church : wherein euery faithfull Christian may see before his eyes the patterne of vnfeigned repentance, whereby we may take heed of the falling into sinne againe.
Buggs, Samuel. / [1622] Dauids strait A sermon preached at Pauls-Crosse, Iuly 8. 1621. By Samuel Buggs Bachelor of Diuinitie, sometime Fellow of Sidney-Sussex Colledge in Cambridge: and now minister of the word of God in Couentrie.
Davison, Francis, 1575?-1619? / [1621] Dauisons poems, or, A poeticall rapsodie. Deuided into sixe bookes. The first, contayning poems and deuises. The second, sonets and canzonets. The third, pastoralls and elegies. The fourth, madrigalls and odes. The fift, epigrams and epitaphs. The sixt, epistles, and epithalamions. For variety and pleasure, the like neuer published.
[1569] The daunce and song of death.
[between 1674-1700] David and Bersheba. To a pleasant new tune.
T. B., countrey minister of the Church of England. / [1696] David and Saul, or, His Majesty's case and his enemies preached on the occasion of the Association / by T.B.
Pelling, Edward, d. 1718. / [1683] David and the Amalekite upon the death of Saul a sermon preached on Jan. 30, 1682, being the anniversary of the martyrdom of King Charles I of blessed memory / by Edward Pelling ...
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1613] David his oath of allegeance to Ierusalem. The sermon preached on Act Sunday last in the morning, in St. Maries in Oxford. By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity.
Parry, Edward, d. 1650. / [anno recreationis M.DC.LX 1660] David restored. Or An antidote against the prosperity of the vvicked and the afflictions of the iust, shewing the different ends of both.: In a most seasonable discourse upon the seventy third Psalme, / by the right Reverend father in God Edward Parry late L. Bishop of Killaloe. Opus posthumum.
Nicholson, William, 1591-1672. / [1662] David's harp strung and tuned, or, An easie analysis of the whole book of Psalms cast into such a method, that the summe of every Psalm may quickly be collected and remembred : with a devout meditation or prayer at the end of each psalm, framed for the most part out of the words of the psalm, and fitted for several occasions / by the Reverend Father in God, William ... Lord Bishop of Gloucester.
Hudson, Samuel, 17th cent. / [1689] David's labour and rest, or, A discourse on Acts XIII, v. 36 preached at the funeral of Mr. Richard Shute, the late Most Reverend Pastor of the congregation of Stow-Market in Suffolk : together with some memorable remarques upon the deceased, for the benefit and use of that parish / by Samuel Hudson ...
Gregory, Francis, 1625?-1707. / [1660] David's returne from his banishment set forth in a thanks-giving sermon for the returne of His Sacred Majesty Charles the II, and preached at St. Maries in Oxon, May 27, 1660 / by Francis Gregory ...
Wedderburn, Alexander, d. 1678. / [1698] David's testament opened up in fourty sermons upon Samuel 23, 5 wherein the nature, properties, and effects of the covenant of grace are clearly held forth / by Alexander Wedderburn.
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [1698] David serving his generation, or, A sermon shewing what is to be done in order to our so serving our generation as that when we dy, we shall enter into a blessed rest wherein some account is given concerning many eminent ministers of Christ at London as well as in N.E. lately gone to their rest : occasioned by the death of the Reverend Mr. John Baily, who deceased at Boston in New-England, December 12th, 1697 / by Increase Mather ...
Sheldon, Gilbert, 1598-1677. / [1660] Davids deliverance and thanksgiving.: A sermon preached before the King at VVhitehall upon June 28. 1660. being the day of solemn thanksgiving for the happy return of His Majesty. By Gilbert Sheldon, D.D. and Dean of His Majesties Chappell Royall. Published by His Majesties speciall command.
Swetnam, Joseph, fl. 1617. / [1660] Davids devotions upon his deliverances:: set forth in a sermon at All-Saints in Derby, June 28, 1660. Being the day of publique thanksgiving for his Majesties happy restauration, by Joseph Swetnam preacher there.
Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. / [1643] Davids prayer for Solomon, containing the proper endowments and duty royall of a king, with the consequent blessings upon a kingdome. Delivered in a sermon at Christ-Church London, before the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the right worshipfull the aldermen his bretheren, together with the worshipfull companies of the said city, upon the 27th. of March, 1643. Being the commemoration of his Majesties inauguration. By Joseph Caryl, preacher to the Honourable Society of Lincolnes Inne. It is this present eight day of Aprill, anno Domini, 1643. Ordered by the Committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this sermon intituled (Davids Prayer for Solomon, containing, the proper endowments and duty royall of a King, &c.) be printed and published. John White.
Feltwell, Robert, 1610 or 11-1669. / [1660] Davids recognition, with a parallel betwixt his and our present soveraigns sufferings and deliverances; set forth in a sermon preached at Grymston in Norfolk, before the right worshipful Captain Roger Spelman and his foot company, there celebrating the 30. aniversary of his Majesites nativity, May 29, 1660. By R. Feltwell, Vicar of East Walton.
Herle, Charles, 1598-1659. / [1644/45 i.e. 1645] Davids reserve and rescue in a sermon preached before the honourable the House of Commons, on the fifth of November, 1644 / by Charles Herle ...
[1643 i.e. 1644] Davids three mighties: or Sovereignties three champions: being the three prime reformers of the Protestant religion, Luther, Calvin, Tindal. Faithfully cited, and affectionately presented to all the misled people of England, for their instruction and direction, how to deport themselves in the unhappy division betwixt the King and them. That yet at the last by the light of these three glorious professors of the Gospel, they may the better discern both their owne errors, and the impostures of their false teachers. Other renowned worthies since the Reformation have done honourably in the defence of sovereignty, howbeit they attained not unto the first three, 2 Sam. 23. v.18.23.
D. W. (Dorothy White) / [Printed in the year 1684] The day dawned both to Jews and Gentiles, and clear discoveries of light and righteousness; the bright and moning star appearing. Jacob wrestled with the angel until the break of the day, and would not let him go until he blessed him.
Gibbon, John, 1629-1718. / [1686] Day-fatality, or, Some observations of days lucky and unlucky penn'd and publish'ed whil'st His present Majesty, the most serenc king, James II was Duke of York, persecuted by the excluding party, and retir'd into the Low-Countries : presaging many great things, some whereof are wonderfully come to pass, and particularly made good, in his peaceable inthronization, and his speedy quashing two notable rebellions, headed by two persons, eminent for military conduct, one in England, the other in Scotland, and by whom greater things are yet to be done.
Watkins, Morgan, fl. 1653-1670. / [1660] The day manifesting the night, and the deeds of darkness reproved by the light that all may plainly see whose work they are doing ...
Vincent, Nathanael, 1639?-1697. / [1669] The day of grace in which the chief of sinners may be turn'd and healed / by Nathanael Vincent.
Roberts, Huw, b. 1558 or 9. / [1600] The day of hearing: or, six lectvres vpon the latter part of the thirde chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrewes of the time and meanes that God hath appointed for man to come to the knowledge of his truth, that they may be saved from his wrath. The summary pointes of every one of which lectures are set downe immediately after the Epistle dedicatory. Herevnto is adioyned a sermon against fleshly lusts, & against certaine mischevious May-games which are the fruit thereof. By H.R. Master of Artes, and now, minister of the word.
Douglas, Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [Printed in the yeare, 1646] The day of iudgments modell.: By the Lady Eleanor Douglas.
[1654] The Day of the Lord, or, Israel's retvrn with an humble presentation of the divine characters whereby this wonderfull day may seem very neer approaching.
Day, John, 1566-1628. / [1620] Day's descant on Dauids Psalmes: or A commentary vpon the Psalter, as it is vsually read throughout the yeere, at morning, and euening prayer And first, of the first eight Psalmes, appointed to be read, the first day of the moneth.
Day, John, 1566-1628. / [1614] Day's dyall, or, His twelve howres that is, twelve severall lectures by way of catechisme, as they were delivered by him in the chappel of Oriell Colledge in Oxford, in the yeeres of our Lord God 1612, and 1613.
Day, John, 1566-1628. / [1615] Day's festiuals or, twelve of his sermons deliuered by him at seueral times to the parishioners of St Maryes in Oxford, on the three chiefe festivals of the yeere, Christmas, Easter, and Whit-sontide. Three of vvhich sermons, are touching our Saviour; one, the Holy Ghost; two, the two sacraments; the other six, such severall duties, as belong to the severall sorts of all Christians.
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1693] The day, & the work of the day a brief discourse, on what fears, we may have at this time to quicken us; what hopes there are for us at this time to comfort us: and what prayers would be likely to turn our fears into hopes. With reflections upon time and state, now come upon the church of God, and collections of certain prophesies relating to the present circumstances of New-England. Uttered on a fast, kept in Boston, July 6th. 1693.
Collier, Thomas. / [1655] The day-dawning and the day-star arising to the dispersed of Judah & Israel wherein is briefly handled their call and Christs second coming, whose day is neer at hand / by Tho. Collier.
T. V. (Thomas Vincent), 1604-1681. / [Printed anno Dom. 1673] A dayly exercise of the devout Christian Containing several most pithy practices of piety; in order to live holily and dye happily. Published by T.V. Monk, of the holy order of St. Benedict.
Whitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555? / [Anno M.CCCCC. et xxxvii. 1537] A dayly exercyse and experyence of dethe, gathered and set forth, by a brother of Syon Rycharde Whytforde