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White, George, d. 1724. / [Anno Dom. 1700] D. D. An advertisement, anent the reading of the books of Antonia Borignion By George White minister at Mary-Culter near Aberdeen.
Holden, Samuel, fl. 1662-1676. / [1662] D.E. defeated, or, A reply to a late scurrilous pamphlet vented against the Lord Bishop of Worcester's letter whereby he vindicated himself from Mr. Baxter's misreports / by S.H.
J. L. / [1648] Good news from Scotland:: being a true relation of the present condition of the Army under the command of Lieut. Gen. Crumwel; and of the Marquesse of Arguile's taking a ship coming from Denmark laden with ten thousand arms: with the articles about the surrender of Barwick; and the disbanding of the forces under the Lord Lanerick and Monro: as it was sent in a letter from Lieut. General Crumwels quarters neer Berwick, to a friend in London.
Saravia, Adrien, 1530-1612. / [1591] D. Sarauia. 1. Of the diuerse degrees of the ministers of the gospell. 2. Of the honor vvhich is due vnto the priestes and prelates of the church. 3. Of sacrilege, and the punishment thereof. The particular contents of the afore saide Treatises to be seene in the next pages.