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Du Vair, Guillaume, 1556-1621. / [1622] A buckler against adversitie, or, A treatise of constancie written in French by the Right Honourable the Lord Du Vair ... ; and now done into English by Andreuu Court.
Lisola, François Paul, baron de, 1613-1674. / [1667] The buckler of state and justice against the design manifestly discovered of the universal monarchy, under the vain pretext of the Queen of France, her pretensions translated out of French.
Du Moulin, Pierre, 1568-1658. / [1620] The buckler of the faith: or, A defence of the confession of faith of the reformed churches in France, against the obiections of M. Arnoux the Iesuite Wherein all the principall controuersies betweene the reformed churches and the Church of Rome are decided. Written in French by Peter du Moulin minister of the word of God in Paris: and now translated into English.
Baptista, Mantuanus, 1448-1516. / [1656. i.e. 1655] The bucolicks of Baptist Mantuan: in ten eclogues. / Translated out of Latine into English, by Tho: Harvey Gent.
Willis, Thomas, 1651 or 2-1701. / [M DC XCVII. 1697] The building, beautifying, or repairing of Churches, an act of religion A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Helens, London, on Sunday, August 8. 1697. At the first opening of that Church after it had been repair'd. By Tho. Willis, M.A. vicar of St. Helens.
[1664] Bull-Feather Hall, or, The Antiquity and dignity of horns, amply shown as also a description of the manners, rites, customs, and revenues belonging to that ingenious and numerous Society of Bull-Feathers Hall : together with an exact relation of their manner of going to Highgate with trumpets and horn-musick, and their pioneers intended for the levying of the hill.
Alexander VIII, Pope, 1610-1691. / [1690 i.e. 1691] The bull of Pope Alexander VIII. Published two days before his death. Annulling all the proceedings of the French clergy, assembled at Paris, 1682 Published by authority.
Prime, H. / [1653] A bundle of myrrhe.: Or Several sweet truths spiritually unfolded under these following heads. 1. Mercy magnified. 2. Practical graces. 3. Christs humiliation. 4. Certainty of salvation. Published by H.P. minister of the Gospel.
Innes, William, fl. 1620. / [1620] A bundle of myrrhe: or Three meditations of teares. The first in the effect. pag.1. Last in the cause of Dauids teares. Psal. 42.3 pag. 270. The middle, and most intended, of religious teares in general. p. 96. The particulars whereof, are prefixed to each page, and principall section.
Brereley, Roger, 1586-1637. / [1677] A bundle of soul-convincing, directing, and comforting truths clearly deduced from diverse select texts of Holy Scripture, and practically improven, both for conviction and consolation : being a brief summary of several sermons preached at large / by ... M. Roger Breirly ...
Bishop, George, d. 1668. / [1661] The burden of Babylon and the triumph of Sion by George Bishope.
Claro-Vado, Ed. de. / [1646] The burden of England, Scotland, & Ireland: or, The watchmans alarum. In a plain declaration to the Kings most excellent Majesty, pointing out the chiefe sins, and causes of this civill war, and of all those judgements under which the three kingdomes now groane, plainely proved by Gods Word, and our practise. Also shewing the meanes, or remedies, (approved of by God) for the establishing a sound peace, and the removing of the said judgements out of the three aforesaid kingdomes, / according to the mean wisdome God hath given unto the author, Ed: de Claro Vado.
Mother Greg. / [1698] The burgess ticket of Buckhaven given to Alexander Bryson; within the college thereof, upon the 32 day of Julius Cæsar, 1698 years. Suits calld, and the court lawfully fenced, by Mother Greg.
Mother Greg. / [Printed in the year 1682. ] The burgess ticket of Buckhaven, given to Alexander Bryson within the college thereof, upon the 32, day of Julius Cæsar, 1698. years. Suites call'd, and the court lawfully fenc'd. / By Mother Greg.
Hammat, John, b. 1657 or 8. / [1685] A burning and a shining light a sermon preached at the funeral of the late reverend Mr. James Wrexham, minister at Haversham in the county of Bucks / by John Hammat.
[1673] The Burning of the whore of Babylon as it was acted with great applause, in the Poultrey, London, on Wednesday night, being the fifth of November last, at six of the clock : with a relation of their matchless, develish, Gun-powder-plot, and their oath of secrecy : also the priests and Jesuits prayer for the good success of this damnable plot.
Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. / [1662] The burning yet un-consumed bush, or, The holinesse of places discuss'd held forth in two farewel-sermons at Christ-Church London, August 17th, 1662 / by William Jenkins.
Nicholets, Charles. / [1700] A burning yet unconsumed bush, exemplified in the dolorous life and glorious death of ... Mrs. Mary Harrison, who departed this life June the 21st, in the 23d year of her age, or, A brief and faithful narrative of the effectualness of her conviction ... together with the author's speech to the inhabitants of Havant, at the close of her funeral sermon ... / by C. Nicholetts ...
Denton, William, 1605-1691. / [1675] The burnt child dreads the fire, or, An examination of the merits of the papists relating to England, mostly from their own pens in justification of the late act of Parliament for preventing dangers which may happen from popish recusants : and further shewing that whatsoever their merits have been, no thanks to their religion and, therefore, ought not to be gratified in their religion by toleration thereof by William Denton ...
Kilby, Richard, d. 1617. / [1608] The burthen of a loaden conscience: or the miserie of sinne set forth by the confession of a miserable sinner.
Maxwell, John, 1590?-1647. / [1646] The burthen of Jssachar, or, The tyrannical power and practices of the Presbyteriall government in Scotland in their [brace] I. Parochiall session, II. Presbyterie, III. Provinciall synods, IV. Generall assembly : with the articles of Presbyterian faith inconsistent with monarchie : whereby it is evident, that the Presbyteriall fingers are heavier than Episcopall loynes, these correcting with a rod, those with a scorpion : and therefore it is not the kingdome and government of Jesus Christ, whose yoake is easie, his burthen light, and his scepter a scepter of righteousnesse.
Holme, John. / [1592] The burthen of the ministerie Gathered out of the sixt chapiter of the Epistles of S. Paul to the Galathians, the first verse. Verie profitable to be read of euery faithfull subiect, and of all that desire to be taught in the waie of truth. By Iohn Holme.
Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. / [1642] The butchers blessing, or The bloody intentions of Romish cavaliers against the city of London above other places,: demonstrated by 5. arguments, to the Right Honourable the Lord Major, the sheriffes, and other the religious and worthy inhabitants of the said city. / Delivered by way of prologue before a sermon the last publique fast-day, by J: Goodwin.