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Folkingham, W. (William) / [1620] Brachigraphy, post-writ, or, The art of short-writing The summe whereof is couched into one table, plainely demonstrating the whole method of the inuention. By W. Folkingham his Maiesties post of Stamford.
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1663] Bracteola Aurea or, filings of gold drawn from the life and death of that lovely child, Mris. Joanna Reynell who died the 26. of January, 1662. Worthy of observation and imitation. By E.R. esquire.
[1660] Bradshaw's ghost, a poem, or, A dialogue between John Bradshaw, ferry-man Charon, Oliver Cromwel, Francis Ravilliack, and Ignatius Loyola, 1660
[printed in the year, 1660 i.e. 1659] Bradshaws ultimum vale,: being the last words that are ever intended to be spoke of him. As they were delivered in a sermon preach'd at his interrment. By J.O. D.D. time-server general of England.
Person of quality. / [1691] The bragadocio, or, The bawd turn'd Puritan a new comedy / by a person of quality.
[1570] The braineles blessing of the bull the hornes, the heads and all, light on their squint eyed skonses full that boweth their knees to ball.
W. L., a faithful petitioner and careful practitioner for the peace and welfare of the church and people of God. / [1643] The bramble berry: or, A briefe discourse touching participating in mixt assemblies at the Sacrament of the Lords Supper,: wherein is most full and cleare satisfaction given to every weak and doubting Christian, both by testimony out of Gods Word, and many invincible reasons and arguments for that purpose, grounded upon the same, wherein is first principally discussed and resolved these three maine questions following: I. Whether the Congregationall assemblies in England be true churches of Jesus Christ, yea or no? 2. Whether it be lawfull to participate at the Sacrament of the Lords Supper among carnall and prophane men? 3. Whether the admitting of ungodly men to the table of the Lord be sufficient warrant for ministers to desist the publike administration of the Sacrament, or for particular members to decline it, or separate themselves? Secondarily, briefe and satisfactory answers given to all the principall places of Scripture alleadged to maintaine a separation from our church assemblies, besides their arguments and allegations sufficiently resolved: set forth for the benefit of the tender conscience. By W. L. a faithfull petitioner and carefull practitioner for the peace and welfare of the church and people of God.
J. W. / [M.D.C.LII. 1652] Brandy-wine, in the Hollanders ingratitude.: Being a serious expostulation of an English souldier with the Dutch: wherein he debateth with them of former kindnesse received from England, and the cause of their base requitall now, being so effascinated with Machivels pollicies, that they are foolishly charm'd with the magicall spells of monarchy, to subvert their owne fundamentall principles, that engage in a warre against England, to the ruine of her owne liberties. / By J.W. musophilus & miles vertatis.
Blake, Nicholas, Preacher of the Gospel. / [1681] Bravch's work finished a sermon preached at the funeral of that painful labourer in the Lords vineyard, Mr. James Sharp, and now published at the earnest request of his friends / by Nicholas Blake ...
Hursey, Roger. / [1641 i.e. 1642] Brave newes from Ireland:: of a remarkable battle fought by the trained band of the citie of Dublin, against six regiments of the rebels, capta[i]n Hursey being chief commander, Feb. the 5, 1641. Which battle has caused many of the rebels to revolt to the Protestants. With, the description of a valiant battle, performed by Captain Maggay, on the sixth of Feb. against divers of the rebels in the harbor of Dublin, with many other remarkable passages, and renowned exploits by the English Protestatns [sic] the last two weeks. As it was taken out of a letter sent to the Lady Knevit dwelling in Lincolns-Inne fields. Feb. 7. 1641. Here also is related the great overthrow given to Captain Maggrave by the English, with the number of them that were slain. Brought over the last post, being the latest newes which came from Ireland. Whereunto is annexed, a petition which came from Ireland.
[Decemb. 30. 1642] Brave newes of the taking of the city of Chitchester [sic] by the Parliaments forces, under the command of Sir William Waller, upon Wednesday last, at 5. of the clock, halfe an hour before it began to raine; wherein the bishop, some lords, and about four-score commanders are taken prisoners. And of the maintaining of Bradford in Yorkshire by 40. musquetiers, against 1300. cavaliers; with the manner of the fight, and how our men were victors, to the praise of God.
[1626?] A brave vvarlike song: Containing a briefe rehearsall of the deeds of chivalry, performed by the nine vvorthies of the world, the seaven champions of Christendome, with many other remarkable warriours. To the tune of List lusty gallants.
R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1655] The brazen serpent lifted up on high, or truth cleared and above the deceit exalted, and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wildernesse: even so must the son of man be lifted up, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but have eternall life. Joh. 3. 14. 15.: Here is also laid down in this treatise something, concerning election and and [sic] predestination, which is so much spoken of, and how they may know their election, something concerning Christ being the way to the Father; and how, and concerning Christ, the mediatour of the new covenants, and the end of the old, and tythes are ended. ... Lastly, here is part of a dispute, held between two chief priests, and two men that came and met with them, and the people at Chadwitch in Worcestershire; ... to clear the truth form accusations, held forth by those men that the world scornfully calleth Quakers. Written in Worcestershire, the beginning of the first moneth called March. 1655.
Horn, John, 1614-1676. / [1673] The brazen serpent, or, God's grand design viz., Christ's exaltation for man's salvation, in believing on Him, or, The right way to regeneration ... / by J. Horn ...
Country minister. / [1648] Breach of covenant, a ruinating sinne. as it was preached at Clare in Suff. Novemb. 3. And now published for the good of adjoyning parts, especially those of Hinkford Hundred in Essex. / By a Country Minister.
Moore, Thomas, Junior. / [1659] Breach upon breach, or, An acknowledgement of judiciall breaches made upon us, procured by sinfull breaches found amongst us with instruction, admonition, and encouragement yet to turn to him that smites us : as the sum of it was delivered at the funerall of Mr. Jeremiah Colman, late preacher of the Gospell at Hetherset in Norfolk, February 18, 1658/9 / by Tho. Moore, Junior.
[1684] The breaches and contraventions of France, since the peace of Nimiguen betwixt His Most Catholick Majesty, and the Most Christian King, concluded January 15, 1682. Particularly relating to Luxembourgh, Namur, and Brabant.
R. D. (Richard Dunning) / [1698] Bread for the poor, or, A method shewing how the poor may be maintained and duly provided for in a far more plentiful and yet cheaper manner than now they are without waste or want.
Philo-Anglicus. / [1678] Bread for the poor, or, Observations upon certain proposals lately offered to the Kings Majesty and both Houses of Parliament with some additional considerations tending to inriching of the nation ... : whereby all poor people, women and children from five years old may be comfortably employ'd to get their own livings, beggars and vagrants restrain'd, the parish charges for the poor lightned, and consequently your lands improved, rents raised ... and tradesmen encouraged, and many hundred thousand pounds a year kept at home which now goes out of the kingdom to French and other forraign commodities / by Philo-Anglicus.
Fox, George, d. 1661. / [1660] The breathings of true love from the immortal seed in the prisoner for the Lord, unto his people.
Carleill, Christopher, 1551?-1593. / [1583?] A breef and sommarie discourse vpon the entended voyage to the hethermoste partes of America: Written by Captaine Carleill in Aprill 1583. for the better inducement to satisfie suche marchauntes of the Moscouian Companie and others, as in disburcyng their money towardes the furniture of the present charge: doe demaunde forthwith a present returne of gaine: albeit their saied perticuler disburcements are required but in verie slender sommes: The highest beeyng twentie and fiue pounde. The second at twelve pound ten shillynges. And y[e] lowest at sixe pound fiue shillinges.
[Staveley, Leonard]. / [1575?] A breef discour[s] wherin is declared, of y[e] trauailes an[d] miseries of this painful life, & that death is t[he] dissoluer of mans miserie. Gathered out of d[i]uers good writers, by Leonard Staueley. Wh[er]vnto is annexed the authors muse of this life, in English vearse and his prayse likewise of vertue, felicitie and true sentillitie.
Dariot, Claude, 1533-1594. / [1583?] A breefe and most easie introduction to the astrologicall iudgement of the starres VVhereby euerye man maye with finall labour giue aunswere to any question demaunded. Written by Claudius Dariot Phisition, and translated by Fabian Wither. Hereunto is annexed a most necessarye, ready, and breefe table, for the speedie finding out of the planetary and vnequall houres of euery daye thorow the yere, exactly calculated by the sayd Fabian Wither.
[1576] A breefe catechisme so necessarie and easie to be learned euen of the symple sort that whosoeuer can not or vvyll not attayne to the same, is not to be counted a good Christian, much lesse to be admitted to the Supper of the Lorde. It standeth of three partes. ...
[1582] A breefe catechisme so necessary and easie to be learned euen of the simple sort that whosoeuer can not or vvill not attaine to the same, is not to be counted a good Christian, much lesse to be admitted to the Supper of the Lorde. It standeth of three partes. 1. The first sheweth how miserable all men are of them selues. 2. The second, how happy they are that rightly beleeue in Christe. 3. The third, what duetyes they owe vnto God for his great mercy towards them in Christ Iesus.
[1603] A Breefe collection concerning the love of God tovvards mankinde, & hovv for diuers causes vve are iustlie bounde to loue & serue him with preparation to prayer, and certaine necessarie prayers and thankesgeuing to God for his benefites, daylie to be vsed : also a deuote meditation to procure contrition, and excite deuotion with other vertuous prayers.
[1589] A breefe coniecturall discourse, vpon the hierographicall letters & caracters fovnd upon fower fishes taken neere Marstrand in the kingdome of Denmarke, the 28. of Nouember 1587. Treating by considerations poligraphicall, theologicall, Thalmudicall & cabalisticall. Seene and allowed.
[(1602.)] A breefe declaration of that which is happened aswell within as without Oastend sithence the vij. of Ianuarie 1602 As also when the enemy did giue foure, fiue, or more assaults vpon the same towne. Also the names of the commaunders of those which haue made these assaults vpon the towne of Oastend, and the names of the said conductors which haue been slaine.
Farnese, Alexander, Duke of Parma, 1545-1592. / [1591] A breefe description of the battailes, victories and triumphes, atchiued by the D. of Parma, and the Spanish armye. Sent by the king of Spayne, vnder his conduct to the succour of the rebellious leaguers of France. / Faithfully translated out of French by E.A. according to the French coppie, printed at Paris..
[1584] A breefe discourse, declaring and approuing the necessarie and inuiolable maintenance of the laudable customes of London namely, of that one, whereby a reasonable partition of the goods of husbands among their wiues and children is prouided: with an answer to such obiections and pretensed reasons, as are by persons vnaduised or euil persuaded, vsed against the same.
Alonso, de Madrid. / [1605] A breefe methode or way teachinge all sortes of Christian people, how to serue God in a moste perfect manner written first in Spanishe, by a religious man, named Alphonso ; and reduced owte of Latin into English in manner of a dialogue for the easier vnderstanding and capacities of the simpler sorte, by I.M.
Waker, John. / [Imprinted Anno Dom. cIc. Ic. c.xxiiii] A breefe of scripture disproving the principall points of popery / gathered by J.W. for the use of the people of his owne charge.
[1651?] A breefe relation by the commoners in Lincolnshire of their legall interest, and that nothing of interest the vndertakers have in law.
Pythagoras. / [1560?] A brefe and pleasaunte worke, and sience, of the phelosopher, Pictagoras. wherin is declared the aunswer of questyo[n]s which therein be obtained after ye order of thys syence, both for syckens, [and] helth, with dyuers other pretye questions, verye pleasent to pase the tyme whith, taken and getherd out of ye sayd Pictagoras. worke.
[1540] A brefe apologye or answere to a certen craftye cloynar, or popyshe parasyte, called Thomas smythe [sic].
Manwood, John, d. 1610. / [1592?] A brefe collection of the lawes of the forest collected and gathered together, aswell out of the statutes & common lawes of this realme, as also out of sundrie auncient presidents and records, concerning matters of the forest : with an abridgement of all the principall cases, iudgements, & entres, contained in the assises of the forestes of Pickering and Lancaster / by Iohn Manwood ...
Chartier, Alain, 15th cent. / [1549] A brefe declaration of the great, and innumerable myseries [and] wretchednesses vsed i[n] courte tyall, made by a lettre, whych mayster Alayn Charatre wrote to hys brother, which desyred to come dwel in the court, for to aduyse, [and] counsell hym not to enter into it, lest he after repe[n]t, newly augme[n]ted, amplified, [and] inrytched, by Francis Segar.
Bush, Paul, 1490-1558. / [1556] A brefe exhortation set fourthe by the vnprofitable seruant of Iesu christ, Paule Bushe late bishop of Brystowe, to one Margarete Burges wyfe to Ihon Burges, clotheare of kyngeswode in the Countie of Wilshere.
Churchson, John. / [Anno Dom. 1556] A brefe treatyse declaryng what and where the churche is, that it is knowen, and whereby it is tryed and knowen. Made by Iohn Churchson
Davidson, John, ca. 1549-1603. / [Anno. 1573] Ane breif commendatioun of vprichtnes in respect of the surenes of the same, to all that walk in it, amplify it cheifly be that notabill document of Goddis michtie protectioun, in preseruing his maist vpricht seruand, and feruent messinger of Christis Euangell, Iohne Knox. Set furth in Inglis meter be M. Iohne Dauidsone, regent in S. Leonards College. Quhairunto is addit in the end ane schort discurs of the estaitis quha hes cause to deploir the deith of this excellent seruand of God.
Alle, Thomas. / [1646] A breif narration of the truth of some particulars in Mr. Thomas Edwards his book called Gangræna.: Concerning one Nichols an Anabaptist, some opinions he maintained to Master Greenhill, and a discourse that passed between Master Greenhill and Master Burroughs upon occasion of those opinions. / By the author Thomas Alle.
[1683] A Breif [sic] account of many memorable passages of the life & death of the Earle of Shaftsbury ... who departed this life the 21st day of December, 1683 ...
Trevor, Edward. / [16--?] A breif [sic] account of the severe usage of Sir John Trevor to his eldest son.:
Hill, Samuel, 1648-1716. / [1699] A breif [sic] enquiry into the ground, authority, and rights, of ecclesiastical synods; upon the principles of Scripture and right reason occasion'd by a late book, intitul'd, Municipium ecclesiasticum: &c.
[1660] A Breife description or character of the religion and manners of the phanatiques in generall. Scil. [brace] Anabaptists, Independents, Brovvnists, Enthusiasts, Levellers, Quakers, Seekers, Fift-Monarchy-Men, & Dippers. Shewing and refuting theur absurdities by due application, reflecting much also on Sir Iohn Præcisian and other novelists. Non seria semper.
Horn, John, 1614-1676. / [1659] A breife discovery of the people called Quakers and a warning to all people to beware of them, and of the their dangerous principles : being a true narrative of the sum and substance of two disputes with them at two severall meetings, that is to say, with John Whitehead at Gedney in Lincoln-shire, Sept. 2, and with George Whitehead and George Fox at Lin in Norfolk, Sept. 15, 1659 / by John Horne and Thomas Moore, Junior ...
[1651] A Breife exposition of the XI, XII, and XIII chapters of the Revelation wherein most of the greatest mysteries conteined in the whole book are unfolded.
Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607. / [ca. 1600] Breife meditations of the Most Holy Sacrament and of preparation, for receuing the same. And of some other thinges apertaining to the greatnes and deuotion of so worthy a misterie. Composed in Italian by the rev. father Luca Pinelli of the Societie of Iesus.
I. M., fl. 1548. / [1548] A breife recantacion of maystres Missa and howe she accuseth the slouthfulnesse of her chapleyns, with her lamentable departyng vnto her father the Pope. 1.5 4.8.
Pressick, George. / [1660] A breife relation, of some of the most remarkable pasages of the Anabaptists in high and low Germany in the year, 1521. &c.: Gathered out of the writings of Sleyden, Antonius, Servanus, Lambertus, John Gastio, and others who write of their practises. And Bullinger, Luther, Melancthon, Calvin, Vrsinus, and others who write against their heresies. By George Pressick, of Dublin in Ireland.
[1690] Brethren in iniquity, or, The confederacy of Papists with sectaries, for the destroying of the true religion, as by law establish'd, plainly detected wherein is shewed a farther account of the Romish snares and intrigues for the destroying the true reformed religion, as professed in the Church of England, and established by law, and for the introducing of popery or atheism among us : clearly shewing from very authentick writers and testimonies, that the principal ways and methods whereby the papists have sought the ruine of our religion and church, from the beginning of our Reformation, to the present times, and by which they are still in hopes of compassing it, are by promoting of toleration, or pretended liberty of conscience, and that for above these sixscore years the papists have so craftily influenced our dissenters, as to make them the unhappy instruments of effecting their most pernicious designs, which they contrived for, the subverting our church and state.
[in the year 1660] Brethren in iniquity: Or, A beardless pair: held forth in a diaglogue betwixt Titchburn and Ireton, prisoners in the Tower of London.
[M. DC. LXXXIII. 1683] The brethrens answer in London to Mr. Ferguson's letter
Boorde, Andrew, 1490?-1549. / [1587] The breuiarie of health vvherin doth folow, remedies, for all maner of sicknesses & diseases, the which may be in man or woman. Expressing the obscure termes of Greke, Araby, Latin, Barbary, and English, concerning phisick and chirurgerie. Compyled by Andrew Boord, Doctor of phisicke: an English-man.
[1552] A breuiat cronicle contaynynge all the kinges from Brute to this daye and manye notable actes gathered oute of diuers cronicles fro[m] Willyam Conquerour vnto the yere of Christ a. M.d.c.lii.
Catholic Church. / [ca. 1475?] [Breviarium ad usum Sarum].
Strauch, Aegidius, 1632-1682. / [1699] Breviarium chronologicum being a treatise describing the terms and most celebrated characters, periods and epocha's us'd in chronology, by which that useful science may easily be attained to / writ in Latin by Gyles Strauchius ... ; and now done into English from the third edition, with additions.
Philalethes, Eirenaeus. / [1678] A breviary of alchemy, or, A commentary upon Sir George Ripley's recapitulation being a paraphrastical epitome of his twelve gates / written by Æyrenæus Philalethes ...
Darker, John. / [1692] A breviary of military discipline, compos'd and published for the use of the militia containing explanations how to perform the postures of pikes and musquets, and also the several facings, distances, doublings, wheelings, and the uses thereof, the manner of drawing up and forming battalions, the posts of the officers in line, and march, with directions for orders of battle, and various ways of firing on divers forms, also directions for passing bridges, or defiles with other useful observations : whereunto is added the excercise of the horse / by Captain Lieutenant John Darker.
Young, Robert, fl. 1674. / [1674] A breviary of the later persecutions of the professors of the gospel of Christ Jesus, under the Romish and antichristian prelats through Christendome, from the time of John VVickliff in the year of God 1371. to the raign of Queen Elizabeth of England, and the reformation of religion in Scotland: and of the cruell persecutions of the Christians under the Turkish emperors, with some memorable occurrences that fell out in these times through diverse realmes & countreys; collected out of the ecclesisticall history and book of martyrs, by Mr. Robert Young.
Person of honour. / [1688/9] A breviate for the bishops in vindication of the proceedings of the House of Commons, for the settlement of the throne to which is annex'd, a Protestant president, (exact parellel [sic] with the case of England) in the reasons that moved the convention of Sweden, to declare the forfeiture and exclusion of Sigismond the Third / by a person of honour.
[1689?] A breviate for the members of the Convention:
[Printed anno Dom. 1644] A breviate of a sentence given against Jerome Alexander Esquire, an utter barrester of Lincolns-Inne, in the court of Star-chamber, the 17th day of November, in the second yeer of the raign of our soveraign Lord King Charls, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c. With exceptions taken to the said sentence, to unfold the iniquity thereof. With a short narrative of divers other passages and oppressions, wherewith he hath been also grieved in other times of his life, both before and since. Printed for the satisfaction of his friends, against those many calumnies and aspertions raised thereupon to blemish him in their opinion, and in the opinion of all others with whom he hath to do.
[1655?] A breviate of the cause depending, and proofes made before the committee of the late Parliament for the Fens by the inhabitants between Borne and Kime Eae, in the county of Lincolne, being lords, owners and commoners of, and in the several Fens, where in Sir William Killigrew, &c. pretends a title as sharers with the late Earle of Lindsey.
[1687] A breviate of the distressed suffering case of William Goodridge, mentioned in his appeal now depending before the House of Lords
[1667?] Breviate of the lamentable case of the late Sir William Dick in Scotland his estate, and of his sole son, executor and general successor, with their numerous dispersed desolate families, for the commonwealth.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [In the yeare 1637] A breviate of the prelates intollerable usurpations, both upon the Kings prerogative royall, and the subjects liberties. Published by W. Huntley, Esquier
[1684] A breviate of the proceedings of France, from the Pyrenaean Treaty to this time as also I. The speech of Monsieur Zierowsky, the Emperor's Embassador to the King of Poland, II. A memorial presented by the said Embassador to the King of Poland, III. A letter from Monsieur Du Vernay to Count Tekeley, IV. A letter from Count Tekeley to Monsieur Du Vernay, V. A letter from Monsieur Peter Jaigel, Governour of Cassovia, to Monsieur De Vernay.
[1689] A breviate of the state of Scotland in its government, Supream Courts, officers of state, inferiour officers, offices, and Inferiour Courts, districts, jurisdictions, burroughs royal, and free corporations
[1648] A breviate of the weavers business before the Honourable Committee of the House of Commons in the Star-Chamber.
[M.DC.LXV. 1665] Brevis demonstratio. The truth and excellency of Christian religion demonstrated against Jews, Mahometans, and heathens Publish'd at the desire of some learned men, and for the satisfaction of all rational persons in England.
Magni, Valeriano, 1587-1661. / [MDCL. 1650 i.e. 1651] Brevis disquisitio an & quomodo vulgo dicti evangelici pontifictios, ac nominatim Val. Magnide acatholicorum credendi regula judicium solidè atque evidenter refutare queant
[1647] The brevvers plea. Or, A vindication of strong-beere and ale.: Wherein is declared, the wonderfull bounty and patience of God. The wicked and monstruous unthankfulnesse of man. The unregarded injuries done to those creatures, groaning, as it were, to be delivered from the abuses proceeding, from disdainfull aspertions of ignorant from the intemperance of sinfull [brace] man.
Leach, William. / [in the year 1652] The bribe-takers of jury-men partiall, dishonest, and ignorant discovered and abolished; and, honest, judicious, able, and impartiall restored;: and their equall election to try causes, and find inquests. / Written, proposed, and tendred to the same intent and purpose as all the former proposalls, to and for the saving to the honest people of this nation the thirty hundred thousand pounds yearly are. By William Leach of the Middle-Temple.
Whately, William, 1583-1639. / [1617] A bride-bush, or A vvedding sermon compendiously describing the duties of married persons: by performing whereof, marriage shall be to them a great helpe, which now finde it a little hell.
Webbe, George, 1581-1642. / [1613] The bride royall, or The spirituall marriage betweene Christ and his Church. Deliuered by way of congratulation vpon the happy and hopefull marriage betweene the two incomparable princes, the Palsegraue, and the Ladie Elizabeth. In a sermon preached vpon the 14. day of Februarie last past, the day of that royall marriage triumphant solemnization. At Steeple Ashton in Wiltshire by G.W. Master of Arts, and pastor there.
Sprint, John. / [1699?] The bride-womans counseller being a sermon preach'd at a wedding, May the 11th, 1699, at Sherbourn, in Dorsetshire / by John Sprint.
Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617. / [1613] The bridegroome by Samuel Hieron.
[1595] The brideling, sadling and ryding, of a rich churle in Hampshire, by the subtill practise of one Iudeth Philips, a professed cunning woman, or fortune teller. VVith a true discourse of her vnwomanly vsing of a trype wife, a widow, lately dwelling on the back side of S. Nicholas shambles in London, whom she with her conferates, likewise cosoned: for which fact, shee was at the Sessions house without New-gate arraigned, where she confessed the same, and had iudgement for her offence, to be whipped through the citie, the 14. of February, 1594.
Eleanor, Lady, d. 1652. / [printed in the year March 1644. i.e. 1645] The brides preparation. By the Lady Eleanor:.
Bridge, William, 1600?-1670. / [1673] Bridge's remains, being VIII sermons ... by that learned and judicious divine, Mr. William Bridge ...
Gearing, William. / [1663] A bridle for the tongue, or, A treatise of ten sins of the tongue ... shewing the nature of these sins ... with the causes and aggravations of them, and remedyes against them : together with many considerations, rules, and helps for the right ordering of the tongue ... / by William Gearing ...
E. P. / [1700] A Bridle for the tongue: or, The trial and condemnation of Whispering-Backbiter. Being a profitable and pleasant discourse, designed as an essay to detect the sin of detraction, an evil too common in this age.
Thacher, Thomas, 1620-1678. / [1677] A brief rule to guide the common-people of New-England how to order themselves and theirs in the small pocks, or measels.
[1698] A brief (yet full) account of the doctrine of vulgar and decimal fractions, with a specimen on their demonstrations by William Alingham, teacher of the mathematicks.
[1680?] A Brief abstract and narrative of the several spoils, depredations, losses and damages, suffered by Sir William Courten, Sir Paul Pyndar, and William Courten Esq.; deceased,: annexed to a petition of the proprietors and creditors, depending in Parliament.
[1698?] A Brief abstract of the great oppresions and injuries which the late managers of the East-India-Company have acted on the lives, liberties and estates of their fellow-subjects with a short account of their unjust dealings with the natives in sundry parts of India, which has so much expos'd the honour and interest of the nation, and hazarded the loss of that advantageous trade, humbly presented to the consideration of the honourable, the knights, citizens and burgesses, in Parliament assembled.
[1663] A Brief accompt of the Turks late expedition against the kingdome of Hungary, Transylvania, and the hereditary countries of the emperour together with an exact narrative of the remarquable occurences at the siege of Newhausel / translated out of the Dutch.
[MDCLXIII. 1663] A brief accompt of the Turks late expedition, against the kingdome of Hungary, Transylvania, and the hereditary countries of the Emperour together with an exact narrative of the remarquable occurrences at the siege of Nevvhausel. Translated out of the Dutch. Printed with privilege.
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [1691] A brief account concerning several of the agents of New-England, their negotiation at the Court of England with some remarks on the new charter granted to the colony of Massachusets shewing that all things duely considered, greater priviledges than what are therein contained, could not at this time rationally be expected by the people there.
[1665?] A Brief account of Captain William Govan, his last speech and prayers, with a miraculous instance after his death, concerning the bleeding of his hedd
[1693] A Brief account of Charleroy besieged by the French army under the command of the Duke of Luxemburgh.
[Anno Dom. M. DC. LXXXI 1681] A Brief account of His Sacred Majesties descent in a true line male from King Ethodius the First who began to reign Anno Christi, 162 / written in a letter to a friend, anno 1681.
B. R. / [1676] [A Brief account of some choice & famous medicines]
Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. / [1660?] A brief account of some reasons (amongst many that might be given) why those people called Quakers cannot do some things ...
Bromfield, M. / [1680?] A brief account of some wonderful cures, lately performed by that well known and most highly approved medicine, called pilulæ in omnes morbos, or pills against all diseases. Together with a most useful discovery of the chief signs of the scurvey.
[1681] A brief account of the commitment of the Earl of Sh. and the crimes laid to his charge
[1681] A Brief account of the designs which the papists have had against the Earl of Shaftsbury, occasioned by his commitment, July 2, 1681
[1667] A Brief account of the grammar-lecture, in Kings-Head Court near the Theater Royal, Drury-Lane; where children are with great ease and speed perfectly taught the Latine tongue, without being slavishly put to needless torture, or endless trouble; and nothing is demanded for their teaching, or for books, till the business is performed.
[1695?] A brief account of the great oppressions and injuries which the managers of the East-India Company have acted on the lives, liberties, and estates of their fellow-subjects as also of their unjust dealings ... whereby they have exposed the honor and interest of the nation, and hazarded the intire loss of that advantageous trade : humbly offer'd as reasons for establishing a new joint-stock.
Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. / [1660] A brief account of the illegal proceedings and sinful doctrines of James Bedford priest of Blunsome and Earith in Huntington shire, who by many hath been esteemed eminent, and above all the priests in the Isle of Ely for his opposing the people called Quakers. This is to discover his fruits and doctrines both to rulers, priests and people ... so mark the following account, which is as it was certified from the hands of some of the sufferers hereafter mentioned, who are known to be credible and honest men.
[1659 i.e. 1660] A brief account of the meeting, proceedings, and exit of the Committee of Safety. Taken in short-hand, by a clerk to the said committee.
W. L. / [1696] A brief account of the most remarkable prodigies which happened at the birth, in the life, and the death of our blessed savior Jesus Christ. To which is added a lively description of the person of Christ. Also, something concerning Agbarus, prince of the Edesseans; with his epistle to Christ; and Christ's letter in answer thereto collected out of the best historians, both divine and heathen / and illustrated with observations, both in verse and prose by W. L.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1662] A brief account of the new sect of latitude-men together with some reflections upon the nevv philosophy / by S.P. of Cambridge, in answer to a letter from his friend at Oxford.
[1689] A Brief account of the nullity of King James's title and of the obligation of the present oaths of allegiance
West-India merchant. / [1695] A brief account of the present declining state of the West-Indies in reference to its trade, and in particular, that of the Barbadoes : as also somewhat offered for its relief / by a West-India merchant.
[1682] A Brief account of the proceedings of the French clergy, in taking away the Pope's usurp'd supremacy, shewing by what steps or degrees the same was effected by way of introduction to the Pope's letter, written to the clergy of France, 11th of Apr. 1682, and their protestarion [i.e. protestation] thereupon, 6th of May following, the letter condemning, and the protestation justifying and ratifying the said proceedings : both which are here published in Latine ... and in English ...
[1683] A Brief account of the province of East-New-Jarsey in America published by the Scots proprietors having interest there, for the information of such as may have a desire to transport themselves or their families thither ; wherein the nature and advantage of, and interest in a forraign plantation to the country is demonstrated.
Penn, William, 1644-1718. / [1681] A brief account of the province of Pennsilvania in America lately granted under the great seal of England to William Penn, &c.
Penn, William, 1644-1718. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] A brief account of the province of Pennsilvania lately granted by the King, under the great seal of England, to William Penn, and his heirs and assigns.
Jewel, Edward. / [1690?] A brief account of the qualifications, vertues, and use of that incomparable extractum humorale, called also Panareton, from that universal operation it hath upon all humoral diseases, that is, proceeding from evil or corrupt humours. / Prepared by Edward [J]ewel Dr. of Physick, and known by the name of his pills.
[1695] A Brief account of the reasons for which the three estates of Scotland forfaulted the Late King James and setled K. William and Q. Mary upon the throne, anno 1689 and some of the reasons induced them to abolish episcopacy there.
Wansleben, Johann Michael, 1635-1679. / [1679] A brief account of the rebellions and bloudshed occasioned by the anti-Christian practices of the Jesuits and other popish emissaries in the empire of Ethiopia collected out of a manuscript history written in Latin by Jo. Michael Wansleben, a learned papist.
[1679] A Brief account of the several plots, conspiracies, and hellish attempts of the bloody-minded papists against the princes and kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland from the Reformation to this present year, 1678 as also their cruel practices in France against the Protestants in the massacre of Paris, &c., with a more particular account of their plots in relation to the late Civil War and their contrivances of the death of King Charles the First, of blessed memory.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722. / [1695] A brief account of the Socinian Trinity in a letter to a friend, June 1694.
[MDCXCII 1692] A Brief account of the state of the differences now depending and agitated about justification, and some other points of religion declaring plainly wherein both sides agree and wherein they differ.
[1696] A brief account of the tryal of Peter Cooke, esq; who was tryed before the Lord Chief Justice Treby, &c. At the Sessions-House in the Old Baily, on Wednesday, May 13. 1696. for high treason.
Lower, Richard, 1631-1691. / [printed in the year MDCLXVIII. 1668] A brief account of the virtues of the famous well of Astrop, not far from Oxford, of late so much frequented by the nobility and gentry. By a learned physician.
City of London (England). Court of Common Council. / [1681] A brief account of what pass'd at the Common Council held in London on Fryday the 13th day of May, 1681
N. N. / [1675/6] A brief account, and seasonable improvement of the late earthquake in Northampton-shire, Jan. 4, 1675/6 in a letter to a friend in London.
[1679] A brief account, of the nature, vertues, use, and excellency of Indian cattee.
Howell, James, 1594?-1666. / [1659] A brief admonition of some of the inconveniences of all the three most famous governments known to the world: with their comparisons together.
Scot, George, d. 1685. / [1685] A brief advertisement concerning East-New-Jersey, in America.:
Carter, W. (William) / [1672] A brief advertisement to the merchant and clothier about the present state of the woollen manufactures of this nation by William Carter.
[1653] A Brief anatomie of women: being an invective against, and apologie for the bad and good of that sexe.
Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. / [1550] A brief and compendiouse table, in a maner of a concordaunce openyng the waye to the principall histories of the whole Bible, and the moste co[m]mon articles grounded and comprehended in the newe Testament and olde, in maner as amply as doeth the great concordau[n]ce of the Bible. Gathered and set furth by Henry Bollynger, Leo Iude, Conrade Pellicane, and by the other ministers of the church of Tygurie. And nowe first imprinted in Englyshe. D.M.L. [sic] The third boke of the Machabees a booke of the Bible also prynted vnto this boke which was neuer before translated or prynted in any Englyshe Bible. The contents of this booke are conteyned in the next leafe.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1468 i.e. 1648] A brief and excellent treatise containing the doctrine of godliness, or living unto God.: Wherein the body of divinity is substantially proposed, and methodically digested, by way of question and answer. And, wherein sundry difficult points, much controverted in these times, are briefly and solidly determined, by that reverend and learned divine, Mr. John Norton, teacher of the church of God at Ipswich in New-England. Feb. 4. 1647. Imprimatur Joseph Caryl.
Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. / [1699] A brief and modest reply to Mr. Penn's tedious, scurrilous and unchristian defence against the Bishop of Cork
[1688] A Brief and modest representation of the present state & condition of Ireland
I. S. / [Printed 1655] A brief and perfect journal of the late preceedings and successe of the English army in the West-Indies, continued until June the 24th 1655.: Together with some quæres inserted and answered. Published for satisfaction of all such who desire truly to be informed in these particulars. / By I.S. an eye-witnesse.
B. C. / [1670] A brief and perspicuous manuduction to practical divinity, by way of question and answer wherein the chief principles of religion are so explained as to infer a good life from them.
Clark, John, 1630-1669. / [1670] A brief and pithy treatise about comfort which Gods children have, or at least earnestly desire, and long after whilst they are in this world : together with the observations of comfort and the removal of them / by John Clark ...
Sclater, William, 1609-1661. / [1650] A brief and plain commentary with notes, not more useful than seasonable, upon the whole prophecie of Malachy delivered, sermon-wise, divers years since at Pitmister in Summerset / by William Sclater ... ; now published by his son William Sclater ...
[1692] A Brief and plain discourse upon the decrees of God wherein Mr. Grantham's query is considered and answered with some short reflections upon a few expressions in his book &c.
Barry, James, fl. 1650-1702. / [1699] A brief and plain discovery of the falseness and unscripturalness of anabaptism as the same is now practised by those of that perswasion, w[here]in are plainly proved from God's word the five particulars here handled, that God's covenant with Abraham, Gen. 17.7. is the Covenant of grace whereby all God's elect are saved ... / by Ja. Barry, an unworthy minister of the Gospel.
[1652] A brief and plain discussion of that question which of late hath troubled many tender consciences;: namely, whether it be lawfull to receive the sacrament of the Lords Supper in those congregations where there is a mixture of some ignorant or prophane persons.
Jekyll, Thomas, 1646-1698. / [1690] A brief and plain exposition of the church-catechism composed for the use of a private school errected and maintained at the cost and charges of several charitable persons belonging to the New Church in Westminster. By Thomas Jekyll, M.A. Preacher at the said New Church in Westminster.
Cartwright, Christopher, 1602-1658. / [1649] A brief and plain exposition of the creed, commonly called the Apostles Creed. By Christopher Cartwright minister in York.
Manby, Peter, d. 1697. / [M.DC.LXXXII 1682] A brief and practical discourse of abstinence in time of Lent wherein is shewed the popular mistake and abuse of the word superstition / preached at the Cathedral of St. Patrick Dublin, on Ashwednesday March 1, 1681/2, by Peter Manby, Dean of Derry.
Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705. / [1678] A brief and serious warning to such as are concerned in commerce and trading who go under the profession of truth, to keep within the bounds thereof, in righteousness, justice ad honesty towards all men.
[1676?] A Brief and true account of the notorious principles and wicked practices of that grand impostor, Lodowick Muggleton who has the impudence to stile himself one of the two last commissionated witnesses and prophets of the Most High God Jesus Christ : collected out of his own writings, and made publick to undeceive those many poor souls who are drawn aside by his damnable heresie : and is to take his tryal at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayly.
[1690] A Brief and true account of the sufferings of the Church of Scotland occasioned by the Episcopalians since the year 1660 being a vindication of Their Majesties government in that kingdom, relating to the proceedings against the bishops and clergy there : with some animadversions upon a libel intituled, The present state and condition of the clergy and Church of Scotland.
[1675] A Brief and true narration of the late wars risen in New-England occasioned by the quarrelsom disposition and persidious carriage of the barbarous, savage and heathenish natives there.
Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. / [Anno Dom. 1650] A brief ansvver to obiections of all sorts, against Presbyterian chvrches and their government.
Grascome, Samuel, 1641-1708? / [1691] A brief answer to a late discourse concerning the unreasonableness of a new separation
Wall, Thomas. / [1682] A brief answer to an indictment presented by the jury upon oath at Surry-sessions held for that county at Croydon, against several of the inhabitants in Southwark. Together with a copy of the indictment. By Thomas Wall.
[1660] A brief answer to six syllogistical arguments brought by Mr. Clark, minister of Bennet-Finck, London: against astrologers, and astrologie.
Lawrence, Thomas, 1645?-1714. / [1673?] A brief answer to three books, one by John Faldo, called an Independent, and two by Thomas Hicks a Baptist, put forth against the people called Quakers wherein the Presbyters, (Inde)pendents, and Baptists, though they differ among themselves, yet like Herod, Pontius Pilate, Judas, and the Jews are all joyn'd against the truth : but that which is not of God, shall not stand.
[1662?] A brief answer to three very great and concerning questions.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1650] A brief apologie for all non-subscribers, and looking-glasse for all apostate perjured prescribers & subscribers of the new engagement,: wherein they may clearly behold their presidents, sin, horrour, punishment.
Cartwright, Thomas, 1535-1603. / [1596] A brief apologie of Thomas Cartwright against all such slaunderous accusations as it pleaseth Mr Sutcliffe in seuerall pamphlettes most iniuriously to loade him with.
Chandler, William. / [1694] A brief apology in behalf of the people in derision call'd Quakers written for the information of our sober and well-inclined neighbors in and about the town of Warminster in the county of Wilts. by Wil. Chandler, Alex. Pyott, Jo. Hodges, and some others.
Chandler, William. / [1693] A brief apology in behalf of the people in derision call'd Quakers.: Written for the information of our sober and well-inclined neighbors in and about the town of Warminster in the county of Wilts. by Will. Chandler, Alex. Pyott, Jo. Hodges, and some others.
[1692] A Brief character of Ireland with some observations of the customs &c. of the meaner sort of the natural inhabitants of that kingdom.
Mather, W. (William), fl. 1695. / [1695] A brief charactor of the antient Christian Quakers Written by W.M. A witness for the truth, as it was in the begining.
[1664] A Brief chronicle of the Turkish War, from July to January, 1664 turned out of high-Dutch ; together with his Imperial Majesties reasons for the undertaking of the war, and a map for the better understanding of the story.
Holgate, William, fl. 1683-1686. / [1686] A brief collection of certain instances of Holy Scripture, and ancient laws of England concurring against persecution, oppression and injustice, recomended to the serious consideration of all sincere friends to the King and kingdom / by William Holgate.
[Printed in the Year 1689] A brief collection of some memorandums: or, Things humbly offered to the consideration of the members of the great convention and of the succeeding Parliament.:
Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647. / [1646] A brief collection out of Master Pagitts book called Heresiography or, A discription of the hereticks and sectaries of these latter times
City of London (England). Court of Aldermen. / [1682] A brief collection out of the records of the City, touching elections of the sheriffs of London and the county of Middlesex. By order of the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen.
Marbury, Edward, 1581-ca. 1655. / [1649. i.e. 1650] A brief commentarie or exposition upon the prophecy of Obadiah,: together with usefull notes / delivered in sundry sermons preacht in the church of St. James Garlick-Hith London. By Edward Marbury, the then pastor of the said church.
Trapp, John, 1601-1669. / [1646] A brief commentary or exposition vpon the Gospel according to St John:: wherein the text is explained, divers doubts are resolved, and many other profitable things hinted, that had been by former interpreters pretermitted. / By John Trappe, M. A. pastour of Weston upon Avon in Glocester-shire.
Sterne, Richard, 1596?-1683. / [1649] A brief commentary upon the CIII Psalme with the severall axiomes or doctrines therein conteined [sic], and uses thereupon inferred.
[1680] A brief compendium of the birth, education, heroick exploits and victories of the truly valorous and renowned gentleman, Thomas Earl of Ossory, eldest son to His Grace the Duke of Ormond who died in the preparation of his voiag [sic] to the relief of Tangiers, on the 30th of July 1680, so much to be lamented by all, for his great worth and loyalty to his prince and country, with several other observations.
Eliazar Bar-Isajah. / [Printed in the year 1652] A brief compendium of the vain hopes of the Jews messias. The ignorant fables of their Rabbies, and the confuting of the Jewish religion, Written by Eleazar Bargishai a born Jew, for the upholding of Christianity.
Lowin, John, 1576-1659. / [1609] Brief conclusions of dancers and dancing. Condemning the prophane vse thereof; and commending the excellencie of such persons which haue from age to age, in all solemne feasts, and victorious triumphs, vsed that (no lesse) honourable, commendable and laudable recreation: as also true physicall obseruations for the preseruation of the body in health, by the vse of the same exercise. Written by I.L. Roscio.
[1660] A brief confession or declaration of faith set forth by many of us, who are (falsely) called Ana-baptists,: to inform all men (in these dayes of scandal and reproach) of our innocent belief and practise; for which we are not only resolved to suffer persecution, to the loss of our goods, but also life it self, rather than to decline the same. Subscribed by certain elders, deacons, and brethren, met at London, in the first month (called March, 1660.) in the behalf of themselves, and many others unto whom they belong, in London, and in several counties of this nation, who are of the same faith with us.
[MDCLX. 1660] A brief confession or declaration of faith. (Lately presented to King Charles the Second): set forth by many of us, who are (falsely) called Ana-baptists, to inform all men (in these days of scandal and reproach) of our innocent beleef and practise; for which wee are not only resolved to suffer persecution, to the losse of our goods, but also life it self, rather than to decline the same. Subscribed by certain elders, deacons, and brethren, met at London, in the behalf of themselves, and many others unto whom they belong; in London, and in several counties of this nation, who are of the same faith with us.
Moore, Thomas, Senior. / [1647] A brief declaration of Jesus Christ, His peculiar love to beleevers, and how they may abide in it in a meditation on Ioh. 15. 1 to 10 / by Tho. Moore.
Ridley, Nicholas, 1500?-1555. / [MDCLXXXVII i.e. 1688] A brief declaration of the Lords Supper with some other determinations and disputations concerning the same argument by the same author / written by Dr. Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London during his imprisonment ; to which is annexed an extract of several passages to the same purpose out of a book intituled Diallacticon, written by Dr. John Poynet.
Bushell, Thomas, 1594-1674. / [Printed in the yeer, 1647 i.e. 1648] A brief declaration of the severall passages in the treaty concerning the surrender of the garrison of Lundy, formerly commanded by Tho. Bushell Esq; Governour thereof for His Maiestie. Die Sabbathi 10. Julii 1647. Ordered by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, that upon the delivery up of the Isle of Lundy to the Lord Vicount Say and Seal, or his assignes, by Mr. Tho. Bushell, the delinquencie of the said Tho. Bushell be taken off, and all sequestration in respect thereof be discharged, and he and his assignes restored to all such rites as he or they had or ought to have in the mines in Devonshire, Wales, and Cornewall, and to all his other estates and rights whatsoever, and that the men that were with him in the island, being not souldiers of estate and fortune, be pardoned and freed from delinquencie. H. Elsing. Cler. Par. Dom. Com.
[1685] A brief declaration of the state of the accompt of all monies received and paid, as well for and towards the reparation of the cathedral church of St. Paul, London: before the great and dreadful fire, as for and towards the rebuilding thereof, with other necessary works and expenses done and disbursed in order to the beginning of the said work of rebuilding. Printed and published for information of all such as desire to be satisfied in the proceedings therein, and have, or shall hereafter contribute towards so pious and honourable a work.
[1647] A brief declaration of those that have accepted the trust of receiving and distributing such sums of money as wel-affected persons shall subscribe towards the maintenance of hopeful students at both the universities, for the speedy supply of the Church of God in England with godly and able ministers.: Together with rules which they among themselves have agreed to observe therein; and some motives to incite well-affected persons to be assistant thereunto.
Ollyffe, John, 1647-1717. / [MDCXCIV 1694] A brief defence of infant-baptism with an appendix, wherein is shewed that it is not necessary that baptism should be administred by dipping / by John Ollyffe ...
[1652] A brief description of an edition of the Bible,: in the original Hebr. Samar. and Greek, with the most ancient translations of the Jewish and Christian churches, viz. the Sept. Greek, Chaldee, Syriack, Æthiopick, Arabick, Persian, &c. and the Latine versions of them all, a new apparatus, &c.
Aspinwall, William, fl. 1648-1662. / [1653] A brief description of the fifth monarchy, or kingdome, that shortly is to come into the world.: The monarch, subjects, officers and lawes thereof, and the surpassing glory, amplitude, unity, and peace of that kingdome. When the kingdome and dominion, and the greatnesse of the kingdome under the whole heaven shall be given to the people, the saints of the most high, whose kingdome is an everlasting kingdome, and all soveraignes shall serve and obey him. And in the conclusion there is added a prognostick of the time when the fifth kingdome shall begin. by William Aspinwall, N.E.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1680?] A brief description of the nature of the Basilisk, or Cochatrice
[1666] A brief description of the province of Carolina on the coasts of Floreda, and more perticularly of a new-plantation begun by the English at Cape-Feare, on that river now by them called Charles-River, the 29th of May, 1664 wherein is set forth the healthfulness of the air, the fertility of the Earth and waters, and the great pleasure and profit will accrue to those that shall go thither to enjoy the same : also, directions and advice to such as shall go thither whether on their own accompts, or to serve under another, together with a most accurate map of the whole province.
[Anno Dom. 1653,] A Brief dialogue between creditor & prisoner; clearly setting forth how both of them have been shamefully abused for many years: with a short and easie way to free all prisoners for debt, with a just care of all creditors; and fully satisfactory to all such who have any religion or morall honesty.
H. C. (Henry Cornwallis), 1654?-1710. / [1693] Brief directions for our more devout behavior in time of divine service with a short rationale on the Common-prayer / by H.C.
Preston, Henry. / [1673?] Brief directions for true-spelling being an abbreviat of the most usefull rules conducible to the promoting that excellent knowledge of writing true English ... : to which is added copies of letters, bills of parcels, bills of exchange, bills of debt, receipts, with pertinent rules as helps thereunto / all prepared and methodiz'd by Henry Preston.
[M.D.LXXIX. 1579] Brief discours de l'entreprise faicte sur Irlande par aucuns rebelles de la couronne d'Angleterre; lesquels ont esté desfaicts au mois de Iuillet en l'an M.D.LXXIX.
Moore, Thomas, Senior. / [1649] A brief discourse about baptisme.: By Thomas Moore, for his friends.
[1690?] A Brief discourse betwen a sober Tory and a moderate Whigg
[1663] A Brief discourse concerning printing and printers
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [in the year 1689] A brief discourse concerning the unlawfulness of the common-prayer-worship and of laying the hand on and kissing the booke in swearing / by a reverend and learned divine.
[1654] A Brief discourse of changing ministers tithes into stipends, or into another thing ...
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1654] A brief discourse of mans estate in the first and second Adam. Shewing these six points, I Man had a glorious beginning. II Man is much varied from himself. III Mans sin was caused by himself. IV Mans misery followes his non-dependence on God. V Man once off from God, and left to himself wanders irrecoverably. VI Saints by Christ, are in a very happy state. By Robert Harris once of Hanwell, now President of Trinity College in Oxon, and Doctor of Divinity.
Warner, James. / [1684] A brief discourse of right worship against idolatry and will-worship.
[1687] A brief discourse of the most assured ways and means to ruine and pull down the vast monarchy of the Ottoman princes Written by a judicious gentleman, who for above twenty years resided at the Turkish Port, being there employ'd by a great prince, as his ambassador. Also an historical and political discourse of the war in Hungary. Together with the battels of Kermain and Saint Gottard between the Turks and the Christians who there defeated them. With the articles of the last peace, between Leopold the most august emperour of the Romans, and Mahomet the present sultan of the Turks. anno 1664.
Lover of his country. / [Printed in the yeare, 1648] A brief discourse of the present miseries of the kingdome:: declaring by what practises the people of England have been deluded, and seduced into slavery, and how they have been continued therein, and by what meanes they may shake off that bondage, they are now enthraled under. / Written by a lover of his country, for the good of all such who are not contented to be slaves, but desire to live free-men.
[1649] A brief discourse of the present power of magistracy and justice occasioned upon the tryall of Lieutenant Collonel John Lilburn. Together with severall perticulers concerning his charge and out of the speeches of the Judge. Also some arguments and conclusions drawn up out of Lieutenant Collonel John Lilburns, pleadings and defence, made to his charge on Thursday the 25 of Octob. 1649. Collected at the request of some friends for generall satisfaction.
Jewel, Edward. / [printed in the year 1678] A brief discourse of the stomach and parts subservient unto it of the generating of blood and humors, their degenerating into diseases, how and by what means they are wrought up in the body. Set forth in a dialogue between a physician and a countrey-man his patie made so plain and easie, that any one may know so much of his own strength and constitution, as to judge of his state of health, and tendency to sickness, and be able to help himself therein, in order to which, is subjoyned an account of that incompatable extractum pareton, or, extract of universal vertue and sufficiency, in the cure of most, but especially chronical diseases, incident to men and women. Prepared by the art and industry of Edward Jewel.
Derham, Robert. / [1646] A brief discourse proving independency, in church-government, destructive to the positive lawes of this kingdome, and inconsistent therewith.: By Robert Derham, of Grayes Inne, Barrister. Published according to order.
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1652] A brief discourse: made by Capt. Robert Norwood on Wednesday last, the 28 of January, 1651. in the Upper-Bench-Court at Westminster: with some arguments by him then given, in defence of himself, and prosecution of his writ of errour by him brought upon an indictment found and adjudged against him upon the act against blasphemy, at the sessions in the Old-Bayly, London, in August last. Some small addition, by way of illustration, is made, to what was then delivered; but nothing as to the substance of the matter. He is to appear again in the same court on Wednesday next in the morning, being the 3 of February; where also one M. Tany, who was joyned in the same indictment and judgement, having not yet made his defence, is to appear, and make his defence also. The arguments may deserve some consideration: the strength and weight of them I submit to the judgement of all, and the whole matter to the inspection of the sage and judicious.
Willard, Samuel, 1640-1707. / [in the year 1689] A brief discour[se] concerning the ceremon[y] of laying the hand on the Bible in swearing. By Samuel Willard, teacher of a church at Boston in New-England.
Beckham, Edward, 1637 or 8-1714. / [1699] A brief discovery of some of the blasphemous and seditious principles and practices of the people called Quakers taken out of their most noted and approved authors, humbly offered to the consideration of the King and both houses of Parliament / by Edward Beckham ... Hen. Meriton ... Lancaster Topcliffe ..., Norfolk.
Gargill, Anne. / [1656] A brief discovery of that which is called the popish religion with a word to the Inquisition discovering their seat of injustice and cruelty, and also a word to them who are in bondage under this deceit that upholdeth the Beasts worship. And a word to the Pope who calls himself a bishop and is not, his throne of deceit is discovered, by the Spirit of the eternall God. / Given forth by me who am called of the world. A. Gargill.
Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645. / [1645] A brief discovery of the blasphemous doctrine of familisme,: first conceived and brought forth into the world by one Henry Nicolas of the Low Countries of Germany about an hundred years agoe; and now very boldly taught by one Mr. Randall, and sundry others in and about the citie of London. Whom multitudes of people follow, and which doctrine many embrace. The summe or briefe whereof is on the other side of the leafe set downe.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1665] A brief discovery of the cause for which this land mourns, and is afflicted with several remedies to be applyed in order to the removal of the present visitation, given forth the 2d of the 6th month called August, 1665, being the last general fast day, appointed to pray for preventing the spreading, and increase of the infection of the plague / by a servant of the Lord, Thomas Salthouse.
R. F. (RIchard Farnworth), d. 1666. / [1653] A brief discovery of the kingdome of Antichrist and the downfall of it hasteth greatly. With a difference betwixt the ordinances of Christ and of Antichrist. This was written by One the world calleth a Quaker, in March 1653.
Foxon, William. / [1649] A brief discovery of the particular making out the infinite reigning and being of God in mankind. Together with a particular description of Hell, and the torments there ensuing and accompanying. And withall, the arival of the Creature in the day of Gods judgement; together with the day of his appearing, from those words in the 97. Psalm, 1, and 2. verses. / By William Foxon.
Quintyne, Michael. / [1642] A brief discovery of the three natures viz., humane, divine, devilish, the rootes or originals of the politike states of Caesar, Christ, Antichrist in relation to a former treatise discovering the said three states, and withall farther clearing the usefulnesse thereof : whereby also is laid open to humane reason the impossibility of compulsive ecclesiasticall government to be of divine institution, and that liberty of conscience is to be allowed by all unto all, holding the bounds of civility, fully confirmed by principles in nature and Holy Scripture : humbly presented to the serious consideration of the High Court of Parliament / by Michael Quintine.
Bromfield, M. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1675] A brief discovery of the true causes, symptoms and effects, of that most reigning disease, the scurvy.: Together with the causes, symptoms, and effects of several other dangerous diseases. : Whereunto is added, a short account of those incomparable and most highly approved pills, called pilulae in omnes morbos: or, pills against all diseases ... / Prepared and set forth for the publick benefit, by M. Bromfield, approved physician ...
[1694] A Brief display of the French counsels representing the wiles and artifices of France, in order to ruine the confederates, and the most probable ways to prevent them.
P. M., Sr. / [1682] A brief enquiry into leagues and confederacies made betwixt princes & nations, with the nature of their obligation composed in the year 1673, when England and France were confederates in a common war against Holland, and England made a separate peace with Holland, leaving France engaged in the war / by Sr. P.M.
Bagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671. / [1662] A brief enquiry into the grounds and reasons, whereupon the infallibility of the Pope and the Church of Rome is said to be founded by Edward Bagshawe ...
Taylor, Joseph, 17th/18th cent. / [printed in the year, 1698] A brief enquiry whether they who assert, and they who deny, the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, may have communion together at the Lords table. By Joseph Taylor.
Starkey, George, 1627-1665. / [1664] A brief examination and censure of several medicines of late years extol'd for universal remedies, and arcana's of the highest preparation ... namely, Lockyers pill, Hughes pouder, Constantines spirit of salt, with several other of that kind, by which the art of pyrotechny is in danger of being brought into reproach and contempt ... / by George Starkey ...
Gardiner, Samuel, 1619 or 20-1686. / [1689] A brief examination of the present Roman Catholick faith contained in Pope Pius his new creed, by the Scriptures, antient fathers and their own modern writers, in answer to a letter desiring satisfaction concerning the visibility of the protestant church and religion in all ages, especially before Luther's time.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] A brief exhortation to those who are shut up from our society and deprived at present of publique instruction. Which may be useful to others also who have any feeling of Gods judgments. By Symon Patrick rector of St. Paul Covent Garden.
Gawen, Thomas, ca. 1610-1684. / [1686] A brief explanation of several mysteries of the Holy Mass, and of the actions of the priest celebrating Very necessary for all Roman Catholics for the better understanding thereof. Together with certain reflections upon the Apostles Creed, touching the blessed Sacrament. And also, divers meditations and prayers both before, and after communion. By T. G. heretofore fellow of New-Colledge in Oxon, deceas'd.
Byfleet, John Edward, b. 1607. / [1652] A brief explication of the Office of The Blessed Virgin Marie Mother Of God together with a small treatise concerning the institution thereof &c. / composed by the R.F.E.VV. Priest and Monke of the Order of S. Benedict.
[ca. 1680] A brief exposition of our Lords Prayer shewing that through ignorance and the wickedness of their own hearts, those that use it most, doth abuse and prophane it most, and pray against themselves that instead of a blessing, they draw down a curse upon themselves.
Church of England. / [MDCLXXXIX. 1689] A brief exposition of the church-catechism, with proofs from Scripture
Nisbet, Alexander, 1623-1669. / [1658] A brief exposition of the First and Second Epistles general of Peter by Alexander Nisbet ...
Hutcheson, George, 1615-1674. / [1654] A brief exposition of the prophecies of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. By George Hutcheson minister at Edenburgh. April the 29th. Imprimatur, Edmund Calamy.:
Hutcheson, George, 1615-1674. / [1654] A brief exposition of the prophecies of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah. By George Hutcheson minister at Edenburgh. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy:
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1668] A brief exposition of the Ten Commandments and the Lords Prayer by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] A brief exposition of the Ten Commandments and the Lords Prayer. By Symon Patrick rector of St. Paul Covent Garden.
Hutcheson, George, 1615-1674. / [1655 i.e. 1654] A brief exposition on the XII. smal prophets: the first volume containing an exposition on the prophecies of Hosea, Joel, & Amos. By George Hutcheson, minister at Edenburgh.
Llanvædonon, William, of P.H.C. / [1655] A brief exposition upon the second Psalme.: Wherein wee have that time modestly pointed at, (by the favourable direction of that significant then in the 5th v.) in which the father will in wrath to the (professing, refined) rulers of the world set his Sonne on Sion. And a description of the work the Son then performeth, both by his spirit, and his mysticall body. With usefull observations thereupon. Tending to clear up the scope of the whole Psalme. With application to our times. / By William Llanvædonon of P.H.C.
[1669] [A brief e]xhort[ation], with the means to [promote] pie[ty] especially directed to th[e] [...] of London. / By a lover thereof, a[nd] of all sincere Christians.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1619] [Brief for one-year collections to repair the church in Clare, Suffolk]
Gent. / [1699] A Brief historical account of several of the most remarkable years of war, drought, famine, and pestilence in England, and the time when they happened together with an additional discourse of God's judgments, and the procuring cause of them : as also of the prediction of the late excellent mathematician and modest astrologer Mr. Vincent Wing, as to the present year 1699 / by a gent.
J. F. / [1654] A brief historical relation of the empire of Russia,: and of its original growth out of 24 great dukedomes, into one entire empire, since the yeer 1514. Humbly presented to the view and serious perusal of all true-hearted English-men, that love and honour the peace and happiness of this their native country. / By J.F.
[1691] A Brief history of Presbytery and Independency from their first original to this time shewing I. wherein and the reasons why they separate from the Church of England, II. wherein they differ from each other : with some remarks on the late heads of agreement assented to by the united ministers of both perswasions ...
[Anno Dom, 1694] A brief history of the memorable passages and transactions, that have attended the life, and untimely death, of the unfortunate Sir John Johnstoun, who was executed at Tyburn, on the 23d. of December 1690 for stealing Mistress Mary Wharton. Together with his behaviour in prison, and what he wrote there, touching the matter for which he dyed: with his pious exhortations, and dying expressions, &c. With a short elogie, / written by an impartial hand, upon this melancholly occasion.
[1690] A brief history of the memorable passages and transactions, that have attended the life, and untimely death, of the unfortunate Sr. John Johnston who was executed at Tyburn on the 23th [sic] of December, 1690. for stealing Mrs. Mary Wharton. Together with his behaviour in prison, and what he wrote there touching the matter for which he dyed: with his pious exhortations, and dying expressions, &c. With a short elegy, written by an impartial hand, upon this melancholy occasion. Licensed according to order.
J. S. / [1695] A brief history of the pious and glorious life and actions of the most illustrious princess, Mary Queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c.: Containing the most memorable things, and matters, relating to her royal self, &c. from her birth till the most deplorable time of her ever to be lamented death, on the 28th. of December, 1694. Faithfully done by J.S.
[1690] A brief history of the rise, growth, reign, supports, and sodain fatal foyl of popery, during the three years and an half of James the Second, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland Together with a description of the six popish pillars, the Anabaptists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Independents, Roman-Catholicks, & popish church-men. The perpetual addressers of the King.
Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716. / [1681?] A brief history of the succession collected out of the records, and the most authentick historians, written for the satisfaction of the Earl of H.
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [1676] A brief history of the war with the Indians in New-England, from June 24, 1675 (when the first Englishman was murdered by the Indians) to August 12, 1676, when Philip, alias Metacomet, the principal author and beginner of the war, was slain wherein the grounds, beginning, and progress of the war is summarily expressed : together with a serious-exhortation to the inhabitants of that land / by Increase Mather.
R. A. (Richard Allen) / [1674] A brief history of transubstantiation shewing the time when, and the occasion how it first begun, the growth, encrease, and present state of it, the grounds and reasons, absurdities and follies of it : written for satisfaction of those that are, and shall be called to subscribe the declaration in the late act against popish recusants, for quieting the minds of His Majesties good subjects / by R.A., Pastor of the church at Henfield in Sussex.
[1695] A Brief instruction in the principles of Christian religion agreeable to the confession of faith, put forth by the elders and brethren of many congregations of Christians, (baptized upon profession of their faith) in London and the country, owning the doctrine of personal election, and final perseverance.
Horn, John. / [1656] Brief instructions for children: wherein, the chief grounds of the Christian religion are plainly, though briefly, laid down, as may best sute the capacity of children: though not unusefull for the view and consideration of those that are grown men. The great mysteries of redemption, faith, works, law, gospel; yea and of predestination, election, reprobation, being opened herein, agreeably to scripture, and as most conduces to the promoting of Godlinesse. The second edition, somewhat abreviated, though in some few places altred and augmented, by John Horn, a servant of God in the gospel of his son, at Lin, All-hallows:
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year, 1647] A brief iustification of the XI. accused members,: from a scandalous libel, stiled A particular charge and impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the army under him: newly printed and published to defame them. Wherein the apparent falshood and malice of some of the most materiall charges, is demonstrated to the world, for the present; till the rest be fully cleared in time by themselves, to the eternal infamy of the fals accusers, not any of them as yet daring to own and make good the generall or particular charge, in their own names under their hands, as by law they ought.
T. D. (Thomas Davenport) / [1664] A brief manifestation, or, The state and case of the Quakers presented to all people, but especially to merchants, owners (and masters) of ships, and mariners : also to all planters or occupiers of lands in the English and forreign plantations : shewing the (causless) cause of their present and cruel sufferings ... hereby warning them all not to joyn hands against the innocent nor willingly suffer their ships ... to transport (nor to buy) any of them for slaves ... / written on behalf of the suffering people of God (called Quakers), ... the first day of the eighth month, 1664 [by] T.D.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1649] A brief memento to the present unparliamentary juncto touching their present intentions and proceedings to depose and execute, Charles Stuart, their lawful King / by William Prynne Esquire ...
Chorley, Josiah, d. 1719? / [1688] A brief memorial of the Bible: or, A summary of the chief matters contained in every chapter of the Old and New Testament. Done into metre for the help of memory, / by J.C. M.A.
Rich, Jeremiah, fl. 1664. / [1664] Brief memorial of the losse of the late incomparable and excellent Andrew Lord Rutherford Earle of Teveot, &c. Killed by an ambuscadoe of Moores, May the 3d. 1664.
[Printed Anno Dom. 1674] A brief memorial: wherein the present case of the antient leasees, the inward pawn sub-tenants, and the outward pawn present tenants, of the Royal exchange [is] ... stated. : As also some animadversions ... relating to the ... revenue of the said place ... / By an unfeigned welwisher to the flourishing estate of the city of London ...
[1686] A Brief method of hearing Mass with profitable advantage to such as shall make constant use and practice of it : to which is added prayers for the king, &c. in English and Latin.
[1680] A Brief method of the law being an exact alphabetical disposition of all the heads necessary for a perfect common-place : useful to all students and professors of the law : much wanted and earnestly desired : printed in this volume for the conveniency of binding with common-place books.
Baiteman, George. / [Printed, Anno Dom. 1654] A brief narration of the examination of Geo. Bateman, vpon five articles in a charge laid against him by Henry Eddan and others. With the sentence of the bench in ordering him to be committed to the jayl the last general sessions of peace, holden in the city of Durham, the 5th of April, 1654. Divers honest people being present, who can witness with the truth of what is here declared. The which sentence let the world judge, whether just or unjust.
[1662] A Brief narration of the imprisonment of Mr. Francis Bampfield ... with Mr. Phillips (his assistant) being now both turn'd out for their non-conformity : as also the imprisoning of several of the inhabitants who came to hear him exercise at his own house, September the 19, 1662 ...
Waring, Thomas, 17th cent. / [MDCL. 1650] A brief narration of the plotting, beginning & carrying on of that execrable rebellion and butcherie in Ireland.: With the unheard of devilish-cruelties and massacres by the Irish-rebels, exercised upon the Protestants and English there. Faithfully collected out of depositions, taken by commissioners under the Great Seal of Ireland. Hereunto are added observations, discovering the actions of the late King; and manifesting the concernment of the Protestant-army now imployed in Ireland. Published by special authority.
Weld, Thomas, 1590?-1662. / [1645] A brief narration of the practices of the churches in New-England.: Written in private to one that desired information therein; by an inhabitant there, a friend to truth and peace. Published according to order.
Russell, John, d. 1680. / [in the year 1680] A brief narrative of some considerable passages concerning the first gathering and further progress of a church of Christ in Gospel-order, in Boston, in New-England, commonly (though falsly) called by the name of Anabaptists for clearing their innocency from the scandalous things laid to their charge / set forth by John Russel, an officer of the said church, with consent of the whole. Dated in Boston, 20th, 3d month, 1680.
[1682 ] A brief narrative of the case between His Royal Highness James duke of York, lord of the mannor of Richmond aliàs West-sheen, in the county of Surry; George Carew esq; one of the customary tenants of the said manor, and Sir James Butler, mortgagee upon a conditional surrender, and others concerned in the said case.
[Anno Dom. 1650] A brief narrative of the great victorie, which it hath pleased God to give to the Armie of this Common-wealth against the Scots Armie, near Dunbar, in Scotland, on Tuesdaie morning, the third of this instant September, related to the Council of State by an express messenger of the Lord General, sent from the Armie; which messenger was present at the action.
[1677] A brief narrative of the harbor, of the ancient town of Rye in the county of Sussex, with the present state thereof, and reasons for preservation of the same.
Rawbone, Joseph. / [1677] A brief narrative of the proceedings of Doctor Parr, and some of the parishioners of Mary Magda'en [sic] - Bermonsey in the county of Surrey against certain people called Quakers, inhabitants of the said parish, for not paying and complying with an illegal tax, laid under pretence of repairing their church ...
Mead, William, 1628-1713. / [1674] A brief narrative of the second meeting between the people called Quakers and Baptists at the Meeting-place, near Wheeler-street, London, the 16th of the 8th moneth, 167[4] / published for information by W.M. ... [et al.]
[1678] A brief narrative of the several popish treasons and cruelties against the Protestants in England, France, and Ireland giving a full account of the Popish Plot, and a full discovery of the manner of the murther of Sir Edmund-bury Godfrey.
Mayhew, Matthew, 1648-1710. / [1694] A brief narrative of the success which the Gospel hath had, among the Indians, of Martha's-Vineyard (and the places adjacent) in New-England. With some remarkable curiosities, concerning the numbers, the customes, and the present circumstances of the Indians on that island. Further explaining and confirming the account given of those matters, by Mr. Cotton Mather in the life of the renowned Mr. John Eliot. By Matthew Mayhew. Whereto is added, An account concerning the present state of Christianity among the Indians, in other parts of New-England: expressed in the letters of several worthy persons, best acquainted therewithall.
[Printed in the Year 1677] A brief narrative, or, The remonstrance of John Kersey, sometimes chief clerk of the Trinity-House of Deptford-Strond in the county of Kent: with his just right to the said office truly represented ; also, the cause of his dismission in the year 1648, by the usurped power then governing ; with his several addresses to the corporation, since His Majesties happy restauration, but no re-admission.
H. R. / [1668] The brief observations of J.C. concerning trade and interest of money, briefly examined by H.R.
Crosfeild, Robert. / [1696] Brief observations upon the present distresses of the publick: with some account of the causes thereof, viz. the corruptions in the government. Humbly presented to the consideration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. By Robert Crosfeild.
[1690] Brief observations upon the vindication of the trinity and incarnation, by the learned Dr. W. Sherlock:
England and Wales. / [1642] A brief of an act of Parliament humbly desired for the relief of the distressed Protestants of Ireland who have lost their estates by the present rebellion there, and to enlarge and explain these former acts already passed, for the more speedy and effectual reducing of the rebells of Ireland, to their due obedience to His Majestie and the crown of England.
[1654] A brief of the papers touching a market petitioned for to be held in Clements Inne Fields, as it stood before the Parliament in the yeare 1652. and of what hath since been offered therein, and done by his Highnesse and the council.:
Ley, William, b. 1620 or 21. / [1648] A brief plat-form of that government which is called Presbyterial.: By William Ley minister of the Word at Charlwood in Surrey.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1658] A Brief receipt moral & Christian,: against the passion of the heart, or sore of the mind, incident to most, and very grievous to many, in the trouble of enemies. / Being one single sermon by I. H. Minister of Froome. Published at this rate by itself, that any who need it, and have it. For the ease and benefit especially of the more tender, weak and melancholy; who feel these arrows stick in their spirits, but know not the way of plucking them out, or aswaging the pain of them.
[1685] Brief reflections upon the inconveniencies attending wilful and malitious forgery and perjury with some reasons why such crimes ought to be made felony / by a truly loyal subject, and a sincere lover of his King, country, and the laws of this realm.
[the 27. of August M.CCCCC.LXV. 1565] A brief rehersal & discription, of the coronatio[n] of the hye and myghti Prince Maximilian Kyng of Romans, Boheme Hungeri &c. Don at the famus citie of Francford yn the year of owr lord 1562. the month of Nouember, wyth the co[m]myng yn of the great Turcks embassater, of the presents by hym gyven, & other thyngs worthy to be known.
Custis, Edmond. / [1673] A brief relation and exact map of the harbour of New-Castle near Tinmouth-Barre, since December 1672 when eight ships wee overwhelmed by the freshes, of which six were (as not lying difficult) removed and cleared the first month, the other two being great and deep laden, sunk in the best of the harbour, were blown up with gun-powder a few months after, with some particulars of what change happened that harbour thereupon to this present August following.
[Printed, January, 1658 i.e. 1659] A brief relation containing an abreviation of the arguments urged by the late Protector against the government of this nation by a King or a single person. To convince men of the danger and inconveniency thereof. Urged by him to many of the Army, at St. Albans, Windsore, at White-hall (a little before the King was beheaded) and at several other places. Published for the good and information of Parliament, Army, and people.
Doyley, Edward. / [Anno Dom. 1659] A brief relation of a victory, obtained by the forces under the command of Gen. Edward Doyley, commander in chief of his Highnesse's forces in the island of Jamaica. Against the forces of the king of Spain, commanded by Don Christopher Arnaldo Sasi, commander in chief of the Spanish forces there.
[1679] A brief relation of a vvonderful accident a dissolution of the earth, in the forest of Charnwood, about two miles from Loughborough in Leicestershire ; lately done, and discovered, and resorted to by many people, both old, and young / published by two lovers of art, I.C. and I.W.
Rupert, Prince, Count Palatine, 1619-1682. / [1673] A brief relation of His Majesties, and the French Kings forces under my command, with the Dutch the 11th of August, 1673, near the Texel.
[1664] A Brief relation of several passages of the life and death of William Barton of Shrewsbury, in October, 1661 wherein may be seen much wickedness against great workings of God in him, as also God's most just anger, and wondrous mercy (as is hoped) towards him / published by a relation of his, and intended chiefly for the good of such as knew him in Shrewsbury, many of whom can testify the truth of these things.
Simpson, Richard. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A brief relation of some of the unjust sufferings of Richard Simpson, by a false brother and his accomplices.: Whose letter or libel let the reader observe as followeth. / Printed for the pure innocent truths sake ... : Given forth by one who is a daily mourner in Sion ... And he which hath received this, his name is written with R.S.
A. B. / [1653] A brief relation of the beginning and ending of the troubles of the Barbados,: with the true causes thereof. / Set forth by A.B. a diligent observor of the times.
Whitfeld, Raphe. / [1661] A brief relation of the just and undeniable title of Alphonso the Sixth, King of Portugal, now reigning, 1661. Warranted by the fundamental laws of that nation. / by Raph Whitfeld, Gent.
[1685] A Brief relation of the march of the Imperial Army under the command of Count Lesly, the taking of the town of Esseck, and setting fire to the bridge, and the consternation of the infidels upon that action
[1652] A brief relation of the order and institute, of the English religious women at Liege
[1668] A Brief relation of the persecution and sufferings of the reformed churches of France translated out of French, and published for more general information.
[1665] A Brief relation of the plague at Naples, in the year M.DC.LVI. Where died 10, some days 15, and one day 20000 at least, (some say 25000) and the next day but 500. : With observations, preservatives, and cures. / Translated out of Italian into English.
[1664] A brief relation of the present state of Tangier and of the advantages which his Excellence the Earle of Tiveot has obteyned against Gayland. Published with privilege.
[1654] A Brief relation of the proceedings before his Highness Councel concerning the petitioners of the Isle of Ely, against George Glapthorne Esquire; to take away the false report that is made touching the same, and that the truth may plainly appear.
[1648] A brief relation of the proceedings in the Kingdom of Scotland, as it is certified by letters from persons of quallity residing in Edinburgh. Dated June the 20. 1648.
[1658] A Brief relation of the proceedings of the High Court of Justice against Sir Henry Slingsby and Doctor John Hewet,: who for treason against His Highness the Lord Protector, and the Commonwealth, in plotting and contriving a new and bloody war, by bringing in Charles Stuart into this nation, were both beheaded on Tower-Hill, on Tuesday the 8th of this instant June. : Also their last speech and confession at the said place of execution.
[1683] A brief relation of the siege of Vienna, and the victory of the Christians against the Turks at Barkan
Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. / [1689] A brief relation of the state of New England from the beginning of that plantation to this present year, 1689 in a letter to a person of quality.
Ince, Peter, b. 1614 or 1615. / [1644. i.e. 1645] A brief relation of the surprise of the forts of Weymouth, the siege of Melcombe,: the recovery of the forts, and raising of the siege. / By P.J. minister to the garrison.
Bedford, Samuel. / [Iuly 25. 1645] A brief relation of the taking of Bridgewater by the Parliaments forces under the command of Sir Tho: Fairfax;: and therein, all the Lord Gorings train, 36. pieces of ordnance, 2000. prisoners, 800. horse, with great store of oxen. Sent in a letter to the Committee of both Kingdoms. Together with a letter concerning the delivering up of Pontefract Castle by treaty to the use of the Parliament, with all things therein. Also, hopes of reducing Scarbrough by treaty. Sent to the Honorable, William Lenthall Esq; Speaker to the House of Commons. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that these letters be forthwith printed and published: H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
[1657] A brief relation or remonstrance of the injurious proceedings and inhumane cruelties of the Turks, perpetrated on the commander and company of the ship Lewis of London; with the resolved captivity of their ship, goods and person, by the men of war of Tripoli and Tunis; with their happy escape from them.
[1653] A brief remembrance when the report concerning the pretended ryot in the isle of Axholm shall be read. Humbly tendered to every individual member of Parliament, by the free-holders and commoners within the mannor of Epworth in the said isle, in number neer 1200. besides new-erected cottages. Against certain undertakers, who call themselves participants in the drayning of the level of Hatfield chase; concerning 7400 acres of commonable lands (being no part of the said chase, but lying within the mannor of Epworth) taken from the free-holders by the said undertakers about twenty yeers since, under colour of the late Kings patent contrary to law. And because the report doth not at all set forth the proceedings that have been at law, therefore the free-holders humbly inform, as followeth: viz.
[1654] A Brief remonstrance touching the pre-emption of tyn, and the coynages thereof.
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [1700] A brief reply to George Whitehead's book stiled, A rambling pilgrim in answer to a book intituled The pilgrim's progress from Quakerism to Christianity : shewing the danger of the Quakers government within the government and opposite to it ... contrary to the laws of the land and particularly to the Act of Toleration / by Francis Bugg.
[1658] A Brief representation of the Protestant cause in Germany in what case it hath been, since the Peace of Munster, and how it now stands.
Eccleston, Theodor, 1651-1726. / [1694] A brief representation of the Quakers case of not-swearing and why they might have been, and yet may be, relieved therein by Parliament.
Phil-Alethio. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A brief resolution of the present case of the subjects of Scotland: in order to Episcopal government, by sacred authority re-established in this kingdome. Or, Episcopus Scoticanus redivivus. For the satisfaction of the people. Authore Phil-Alethio.
Shewen, William, 1631?-1695. / [1675] A brief return to a scandalous paper (said to be) published by Jeremy Ives: by a lover of the true Christians, in scorn called Quakers, W.S.
Morton, John, fl. 1672. / [1662] A brief rule of life directing how to manage it according to the principles both of piety & prudence : to which is added, a form of prayer for a family, both for morning and evening : which may likewise be used in the closet by those that want such helps.
[16--?] A brief seasonable warning with some tymous remedies to ptevent [sic] the putrefing maladies of pur [sic] oresent [sic] distemper amongst all ranks of professors in Scotland.
Bridgeman, William, Esq. / [1694] A brief state of the case and tryal had in the Kings Bench, in the assize brought for the Office of Chief Clerk for inrolling of pleas in the said court; between William Bridgeman, Esq; plantiff; and Rowland Holt, Esq; and Edward Coleman, Gent. defendants:
M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? / [1682] A brief sum of certain worm-wood lectures Translated out of all languages into Billings-Gate dialogue. By Martin Parker.
[1695?] A brief survey of our losses by the exportation of wool
[1671] A Brief survey of the growth of usury in England with the mischiefs attending it.
[1672] A Brief survey of the old religion which may serve as a guide to all passengers, yet members of the militant church desirous to know & keep, among divers wayes, the old-good-way to Heaven ...
P. B. / [1653] A brief survey, or, inquiry made into some particular proceedings of the Congregational churches 1. Concerning their sending forth of persons to preach unto the world, with some queries touching the warrantableness thereof. 2. Concerning such as refuse or neglect to compleat their churches with elders, according to Christs institution, but goe on in feeding and governing of them in common, a way of their own. 3. Concerning the inconsistency of their principles with their practice, that account the people of this nation to be the world, idolaters and antichristians, and yet heed them in their worshipping of God.
Shewen, William, 1631?-1695. / [Printed in the Year, 1686] A brief testimony against tale-bearers, whisperers, and back- biters: shewing that where they are given ear unto amongst friends, neighbors, and relations, or in any Christian society, such can never live in peace, concord and unity / by William Shewen.
Shewen, William, 1631?-1695. / [1688] A brief testimony for religion shewing that all penal laws, force, and violence against any matters of meer religion and conscience are inconsistant with the doctrines and precepts of Jesus Christ : presented to the consideration of all, but more especially those that may be chosen members of Parliament, that they may see cause to concur with the Kings gracious declaration for liberty of conscience / by a lover of the King and his country, and hater of no man because of his opinion, William Shewen.
Tomkins, John, ca. 1663-1706. / [1695] A brief testimony to the great duty of prayer shewing the nature and benefit thereof. To which is added, above one hundred eminent and select instances that God did answer prayer. Collected out of the record of Holy Scriptures. By J.T. one of the people call'd Quakers. With a postscript by J.F.
Chafie, Thomas. / [1692] A brief tract on the fourth commandment wherein is discover'd the cause of all our controversies about the Sabbath-day, and the means of reconciling them ...Recommended by the Reverend Dr. Bates, and Mr. John How.
Bagshaw, Edward, 1629-1671. / [1662] A brief treatise about the spiritual nature of God and of His worship by Edw. Bagshaw ...
Quintyne, Michael. / [printed. 1641] A brief treatise containing a full discovery: 1. Of Cæsars politique state, or civill government, 2. Of the divine politique state, or kingdome of Christ Jesus, given him of his father. 3. Of the devilish politique state or kingdome of Antichrist. Laid open in the essentiall and main circumstantiall parts of each body or state by substantiall and fundamentall reasons and principles of policy both divine and humane, and confirmed by holy Scripture. Whereby the great and intolerable grievances of Christ Jesus and his subjects are made knowne: also how honourable magistracy and civill government is, and how farre it extends, without intrenching upon the prerogative of Christ, doth evidently appear in this treatise. Humbley presented to the serious consideration of the Kings most excellent Majesty, and the high court of Parliament now assembled. By Michael Quintine.
Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618. / [Printed in the yeare of our Lord, 1609] A brief treatise conteyning some grounds and reasons, against two errours of the Anabaptists 1. The one, concerning baptisme of infants. 2. The other, concerning anabaptisme of elder people. By Francis Iohnson, pastor of the exiled English Church at Amsterdam.
Betham, John, d. 1709. / [1693] A brief treatise of education, with a particular respect to the children of great personages. : For the use of His Royal Highness, the Prince. / By John Bettam, D.F.S. and tutor to His Highness.
Wood, Hugh, 17th cent. / [1684] A brief treatise of religious womens meetings services & testimonies. According to the scriptures of truth. [A]lso, something concerning womens prophecying and teaching, &c. [W]ith some other things, (distinguishing the holy from the unholy) in the scriptures cited ... / [Wr]itten for the satisfaction of all that desire to be informed, by one, who by the free grace of God is become a searcher of the scriptures, and a lover of truth in the inward parts ...
R. T. Robert Tanner. / [1616] A brief treatise of the vse of the globe celestiall and terrestriall wherein is set downe the principles of the mathematicks, fit for all trauellers, nauigators, and all others that doe loue the knowledge of the same art. By R. T.
Fenner, Dudley, 1558?-1587. / [1588?] A brief treatise vpon the first table of the lavve, orderly disposing the principles of religion, whereby we may examine ourselues. / Written by Maister Dudley Fenner, minister of the Gospel.
Smith, Richard, 1500-1561. / [M.D.XL vii 1547] A brief treatyse settynge forth diuers truthes necessary both to be beleued of Chrysten people, & kepte also, whiche are not expressed in the Scripture but left to ye church by the apostles traditio[n] / made by Rychard Smyth ...
Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660. / [1645] A brief view of Mr. Coleman his new-modell of church government, delivered by him in a late sermon, upon Job 11.20.
Younger, William, 1605-1662. / [1660] A brief view of the late troubles and confusions in England, begun and occasioned by a prevailing faction in the Long Parliament: deduced to the auspicious [sic] coming in of General Monck, and the most glorious and happy restitution of King Charles the Second. / By William Younger.
Beverley, Thomas. / [1690] A brief view of the state of mankind in the first Adam and the second Adam being the sum of many larger discourses upon that great context of the redemption and mediation of Jesus Christ / by T. Beverley.
Pawson, John, 1619 or 20-1654? / [1652] A brief vindication of free grace ... relating to several positions asserted by M. John Goodwin in his late book entituled, Redemption redeem'd, and in his former treatise of justification : delivered in a sermon before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London, at Pauls, May 30, 1652 / by John Pawson ...
Brunskell, Percivall, 17th cent. / [1695] A brief vindication of Mr. Percivall Brunskell's case with an account of twenty one years most remarkable passages.
[ca. 1649-1650] A brief vindication of the religion and governmet [sic] of New England against the presbyterie of Scotland together with some materiall observations worthy of consideration / by Lievtenant John Jubbes.
[1670] A brief vindication of the Royal Society: from the late invectives and misrepresentations of Mr. Henry Stubbe: / By a well-wisher to that noble foundation.
Jervis, William, Gent. / [1653] A brief vindication of VVilliam Jervis, gent.: Against the scandalous aspersions of John Hodder, gent. By way of a narrative.
[Anno 1649] A brief warning concerning the just judgement of God: and his eternall justice, against the unjust and wicked designe of the souldiers of England, who have deprived of life, and murthered their king.
Wheelwright, John, 1594-1679. / [1658] A brief, and plain apology written by John Wheelwright: wherein he doth vindicate himself, from al [sic] those errors, heresies, and flagitious crimes, layed to his charge by Mr. Thomas Weld, in his short story, and further fastened upon him, by Mr. Samuel Rutherford in his survey of antinomianisme. Wherein free grace is maintained in three propositions, and four thesis [sic] ...
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1693] A brief, but most true relation of the late barbarous and bloody plot of the negro's [sic] in the island of Barbado's [sic] on Friday the 21. of October, 1692. To kill the governour and all the planters, and to destroy the government there established, and to set up a new governour and government of their own. In a letter to a friend
[1648] A briefe abstract of the Kings letters to the Queene.: VVith some observations thereupon. VVherein His Majesties actions are deciphered. / By a person of qualitie.
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [Novemb. 24. 1642] A briefe abstract of the question of precedency, betweene England and Spain Occasioned by Sir Henry Nevil Knight, the Queen of Englands embassadour, and the embassadour of Spain at Callys, before commissioners appointed by the French King: who had moved a treaty of peace in the two and fortieth yeare of the reigne of the same Queen, by Robert Cotton Esquire, at the commandement of the Queens Majesty.
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [1663] A briefe account of some expressions in Saint Athanasius his Creed for the satisfaction of those who think themselves thereby oblig'd to believe all things therein contain'd to be absolutely necessary to Salvation.
Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600? / [The yere of our Lord. M.D.L. 1550] A briefe and a playne introduction, teachyng how to pronounce the letters of the British tong, (now co[m]menly called Walsh) wherby an English man shal not only w[ith] ease read the said tong rightly: but markyng ye same wel, it shal be a meane for him with one labour and diligence to attaine to the true and natural pronuncation of other expediente and most excellente langauges Set forth by W. Salesburye.
Garnier, Jean, d. 1574. / [1579] A briefe and cleare confession of the Christian fayth Containing an hundreth articles, after the order of the creede of the Apostles. Made and declared by Iohn Gardiner. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Brooke of Asshe, next Sandwitch. An. 1577.
Richardson, Robert, minister in London. / [1570] A briefe and compendious exposition vpon the Psalme called Deprofundis which haue bene. And presentelye is horrible and detestable. Abused in the churche of God. And now translated to the trew sens: to Gods glorie &to the edification and confort of his church. By M. Roberte Richardson batchelere of diuinetie and minister in Londen.
[1646] A briefe and compendious narrative of the renowned Robert, Earle of Essex,: his pedegree, and his valiant acts, performed when he was generall of the Parliaments army. With a summary chronicle of his life: and in what manner his buriall is appointed to be solemnized. Published according to order.
[1642] A briefe and exact treatise declaring how the sheriffs, and all other the great officers of this kingdome have been anciently elected and chosen. Also how farr the Kings prerogative, and the priviledges of Parliament, did extend in their election. With some other matters of great consequence, touching the fundamentall lawes of this land, most necessary for these times. Collected and proved out of divers statues and records, now in force
Strafford, Thomas Wentworth, Earl of, 1593-1641. / [Printed, 1647] A briefe and perfect relation,: of the answeres and replies of Thomas Earle of Strafford; to the articles exhibited against him, by the House of Commons on the thirteenth of Aprill, An. Dom. 1641..
[Anno 1610] A briefe and plaine narration of proceedings at an assemsemblie [sic] in Glasco, 8. Iun. 1610. anent the innovation of the Kirk-governement With a narration of some straunge episcopall accidents lately happened in Scotland, worthie co[n]sideration: which the wise of heart will vnderstand.
Jackson, Timothy, d. 1636. / [1621] A briefe and plaine, yet orthodoxall and methodicall exposition vpon S. Pauls second epistle written to the Thessalonians. By Timothie Iackson Master of Arts, of Christs Colledge in Cambridge, now preacher of Gods word at Wragbie in Yorke-shire
[1586.] A Briefe and pleasaunt treatise, intituled: Naturall and artificiall conclusions: written firste by sundry schollers of the Vniuersitie of Padua in Italie, at the instant request of one Bartholmew a Tuscane: and now Englished by Thomas Hyll Londoner, as well for the commoditye of sundrye artificers, as for the matters of plesure, to recreat witts at vacant times..
[1599] A briefe and true declaration of the sicknesse, last wordes, and death of the King of Spaine Philip the second of that name who died in his Abbey of S. Laurence at Escuriall seuen miles from Madrill the 13. of September 1598. Written from Madrill in a Spanish letter, and translated into English according to the true copie.
[1647] A briefe and true relation of the great disorders and riot attempted and committed upon the house of Thomas Hubbert Esquire, (one of His Maiesties justices of the peace for the county of Middlesex) in Moore-fields on the 21. day of March last, (being the Lords day.) And of the chiefe passages and occurrences concerning the same, set forth and published by the said justice, for the better satisfying of misinformed people. And vindicating the city apprentices from the scandalous aspersion cast upon them, of being either the first promoters of it, or chiefe actors in it.
[1628] A briefe and true relation of the murther of Mr. Thomas Scott preacher of Gods word and Batchelor of Diuinitie. Committed by Iohn Lambert souldier of the garrison of Vtricke, the 18. of Iune. 1626. With his examination, confession, and execution.
[1643] A briefe and true relation of the seige [sic] and surrendering of Kings Lyn to the Earle of Manchester.
[1650] A briefe and witty discourse or dialogue, between a York-shire man, and a Scottish-man; concerning the forces landed in Scotland, and the English-Army. Also, some dispute touching the treaty at Breda, and Generall Lesley's marching with an army. With certain observations what is like to be the issue and event thereof.
[Febr. 15. Anno Dom. 1643] A briefe ansvver to a scandalous pamphlet, entituled A speech made at a common hall by Alderman Garroway. With some few observations upon other pamphlets of the like nature, especially that called A letter sent into Milk-street.
R. B., Well-wisher to the truth. / [1646] A briefe ansvver to R.H. his booke, entitled, The true guide, &c.: Wherein are occasionally declared and proved by Scripture these particular things following: [brace] first, that the baptisme of water is a distinct baptisme from the baptisme of the spirit. ... Sixthly, in what sense some things related in Scripture are not Scripture, with divers other particulars occasionally spoken of. / By R.B. a well-wisher to the truth, and R.H.
Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. / [1626] A briefe ansvvere to certaine obiections against the treatise of faith, made by Ez. Culvervvell Clearing him form the errors of Arminius, vniustly layd to his charge.
[Printed in the yeer, 1642 i.e. 1643] A briefe answer to a book intituled, His Majesties letter and declaration to the sheriffes and city of London.·
Member of the House of Commons. / [An. Dom. 1644] A briefe answer to a booke called The declaration of the kingdomes of England and Scotland.: Sent in a letter from a Member of the House of Commons.
Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610. / [1601] A briefe apologie, or defence of the Catholike ecclesiastical hierarchie, & subordination in England erected these later yeares by our holy father Pope Clement the eyght; and impugned by certayne libels printed & published of late both in Latyn & English; by some vnquiet persons vnder the name of priests of the seminaries. VVritten and set forth for the true information and stay of all good Catholikes, by priests vnited in due subordination to the Right Reuerend Archpriest, and other their superiors.
Littleton, Edmund. / [1616] A briefe catechisme containing the summe of the Gospell of Iesus Christ, and his life, declared more at large by the foure euangelists, Mathew, Marke, Luke, and Iohn / written by Edmund Littleton, of Sittingborne in Kent, preacher.
[Printed M. DI. III. sic 1603] A briefe censure vpon the Puritane pamphlet entituled, (humble motyves, for association to maintayne religion established.) Reprooving of it so many vntruthes, as there be leaues in the same.
Sleidanus, Johannes, 1506-1556. / [1563] A briefe chronicle of the foure principall empyres To witte, of Babilon, Persia, Grecia, and Rome. Wherein, very compendiously, the whole course of histories are conteined. Made by the famous and godly learned man Iohn Sleidan, and englished by Stephan Wythers.
[1625] A briefe chronicle, of all the kinges of Scotland declaring in what yeare of the worlde, and of Christ, they began to reigne, how long they reigned, of what qualities they were, and how they died.
Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589. / [Anno 1581] A briefe collection of the church, and of certayne ceremonies thereof gathered by Thomas Sampson.
Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540. / [1591] [A briefe collection or epitomie of all the notable and material things contained in the hystorie of Guicchiardine being verie necessarie for Parliament, councell, treatises, and negotiations.]
[1643] Briefe collections out of Magna Charta: or, the knowne good old lawes of England·: Which sheweth; that the law is the highest inheritance the King hath; and that if his charter, grant, or pattent, be repugnant to the said lawes, and statutes, cannot be good, as is instanced in the charter of Bridewell, London, and others. By which it appeares; that the King by his charter may not alter the nature of the law, the forme of a court; nor inheritance lineally to descend; nor that any subject be protected from arrests, suites, &c.
Higgons, Theophilus, 1578?-1659. / [1608] A briefe consideration of mans iniquitie, and Gods iustice wherein the distinction of 1. sinnes into veniall, mortall, 2. sinnes and punishments into æquall, vnæquall is scholastically examined.
[1598] [A briefe cronicle and perfect rehearsall of all the memorable actions hapned not onelie in the Low Countries, but also in Germanie, Italy, Fraunce, Spaine, England, Turkie, and other countries since the yeare of our Lord 1500 to this present yeare 1598.]
[1636] A briefe declaration for vvhat manner of speciall nusance concerning private dwelling houses, a man may have his remedy by assise, or other action as the case requires: Vnfolded in the arguments, and opinions of foure famous sages of the common law; together with the power, and extent of customes in cities, townes, and corporations, concerning the same: together with the determination of the law, concerning the commodity, and use of houses, and their appurtenances. Whereunto is added, the iustices of assise their opinion, concerning statute law for parishes, and the power of iustices of peace, church wardens, and constables; and to know what they are to doe concerning bastards borne in their parishes, reliefe of the poore, and providing for poore children, what remedy for the same.
[Printed in the yeer 1643] A briefe declaration of all the civill vvarres that have happened in England;: first, in the raigne of King John. Secondly, in the Barrons Warrs. Thirdly, in Yorke and Lancaster Warrs. Fourthly, in the raigne of Henry the eight. Fiftly, in the raigne of King Edward the sixth. Sixthly, in the raigne of Queene Mary. Seventhly, in the raigne of Queene Elizabeth. Eightly, in the raigne of King James. Ninthly, in the raigne of King Charles. Also declaring the civill warre that happened in other nations.
United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal. / [1608] A briefe declaration of the proceedings of the peace that is now intreating of betweene the King of Spaine, the Archduke, and the Generall States of the Vnited Prouinces together with an abstract of diuers weightie reasons and arguments alleged by the Netherlanders, to proue that the Generall States ought not by any meanes to grant vnto the discontinuance of their trade and trafficke into the East-Indies / translated out of Dutch into English.
[1645. i.e. 1646] A briefe declaration of the reasons that moved King James of blessed memory, and the state, to erect a colledge of divines, and other learned men at Chelsey. Together with a copy of His Majesties letters in favouring the same. And an addition of some motives forcible to excite good Christians zeale to a voluntary and liberall contribution.
Bayly, William, d. 1675. / [1662] A briefe declaration to all the vvorld from the innocent people of God called Quakers of our principle and beleif [sic] concerning plottings and fightings with carnal weapons against any people, men or nations upon the earth ... and to answer that common objection whether we would not fight if the Spirit moved us.
Sha., J., 17th cent. / [1650?] Briefe demonstrations of certaine, plaine and easie wayes, and meanes for the improving of any manner of barren-land: although not worth xij.d. the acre, and shewing how to make the same become worth xx.s. xxx.s. or xl.s. the acre yearely. Published for the benefit of the nation, and for the increasing of the wealth and prosperity of all nations, that shall in time practice the same. By J. S. One that is desirous of the publicke good.
Cotton, Priscilla, Mrs. / [1659] A briefe description by way of supposition holding forth to the Parliament and such as have but common reason, wherein a true Common-Wealth consisteth as also the grand enemies of this Common-Wealth plainly discovered.
Payne, Robert, fl. 1589. / [1589] A briefe description of Ireland: made in this yeare, 1589. by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners for whome he is vndertaker there. Truely published verbatim, according to his letters, by Nich. Gorsan one of the sayd partners, for that he would his countreymen should be partakers of the many good notes therein contayned
[1621] A briefe description of the reasons that make the declaration of the ban made against the King of Bohemia, as being Elector Palatine, dated the 22. of Ianuarie last past, of no value nor worth, and therefore not to be respected.
[in the ninth yeare of tyrannie. i.e. 1650] A briefe description of the two revolted nations Holland and England. Against their true and lawfull Kings, lawes, and statutes, to the dishonour of God, and the losse of their owne soules for ever. Who are now in open rebellion, oppressing their fellow-subiects by excises, taxes, assessements, and extortion; exceeding all Turks, Jews, heathens, infidells, pagons, traytors, and rebells. Read and jugde [sic]:
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1636] A briefe description of the whole world. Wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires and kingdomes of the same, with their academies. As also their severall titles and situations thereunto adioyning. Written by the most Reverend Father in God, George, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury.
Abbot, George, 1562-1633. / [1599] A briefe description of the whole worlde wherein are particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdomes of the same, with their seuerall titles and situations thereunto adioyning.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1614] A briefe dialogue, concerning preparation for the worthy receiuing of the Lords Supper. Taken, for the most part, out of the ten sermons of Mr I. Dod, and Mr. R. Cleaver, touching that subiect
Baynes, Paul, d. 1617. / [1637] Briefe directions unto a godly life wherein every Christian is furnished with most necessary helps for the furthering of him in a godly course here upon earth, that so he may attaine eternall happinesse in heaven. Written by Mr. Paul Bayne, minister of Gods Word, to Mr. Nicholas Iordane his brother.
Doughty, Thomas, fl. 1618-1638. / [M. DC. XXI. 1621] A briefe discouerie of the crafte & pollicie which Protestant ministers vse in seducing theire followers by preaching and publishing theire owne words for the word of God. Written by Iohn Hunt a Romaine Catholique, in defence of the true Gospell or Word of God. Printed with permission of superiours
Penry, John, 1559-1593. / [1590] A briefe discouery of the vntruthes and slanders (against the true gouernement of the Church of Christ) contained in a sermon, preached the 8. [sic] of Februarie 1588. by D. Bancroft and since that time, set forth in print, with additions by the said authour. This short ansvver may serue for the clearing of the truth, vntill a larger confutation of the sermon be published.
Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588. / [1566] A briefe discourse against the outwarde apparell and ministring garmentes of the popishe church
[1652] A Briefe discourse declaring and approving the necessary and inviolable maintenance of the laudable customes of London namely, of that one, whereby a reasonable partition of the goods of husbands among their wives and children is provided : with an answer to such objections and pretenced reasons, as are by persons unadvised or evill perswaded, used against the same.
[1648] A briefe discourse examining from the authority of Scriptures, and reason, the nature, rice [sic] and end of civill government, or of the exercise of supream power in humane societies: together with the discovery of the true cause of evill administration of government, and the remedie thereof. Propounded to the consideration of wise conscientious and peacable minded men. And intended as a testimony to Jesus Christ, who having all power in heaven and in earth, placed in his hands whilest he is putting down all principalities and powers as they are enemies to him that hath such a kingdome to set up, as of the increase of his government, and of peace there shall be no end.
Jorden, Edward, 1569-1632. / [1603] A briefe discourse of a disease called the suffocation of the mother. Written vppon occasion which hath beene of late taken thereby, to suspect possesion of an euill spirit, or some such like supernaturall power. Wherin is declared that diuers strange actions and passions of the body of man, which in the common opinion, are imputed to the diuell, haue their true naturall causes, and do accompanie this disease. By Edvvard Iorden Doctor in Physicke.
Clement, Francis. / [MDXCIII 1593] A briefe discourse of mans transgression [an]d of his rede[mption by Christ, with a particular surueigh of the Romish religion]
Merbury, Charles. / [1581] A briefe discourse of royall monarchie, as of the best common weale: vvherin the subiect may beholde the sacred maiestie of the princes most royall estate. VVritten by Charles Merbury Gentleman in duetifull reuerence of her Maiesties most princely Highnesse. Whereunto is added by the same gen. a collection of Italian prouerbes, in benefite of such as are studious of that language.
[Anno Domini 1579] A briefe discourse of the most haynous and traytorlike fact of Thomas Appeltree for which hee shoulde haue suffred death on Tuisday the one and twentith of Iulie last: wherin is set downe his confession. Whereunto is annexed, the report of the message sent to the place of execution from hir most excellent Maiestie, by the right honourable Sir Christopher Hatton Knight, vizchaberlain to hir highnesse.
[1599] A briefe discourse of the voyage and entrance of the Queene of Spaine into Italy: with the triumphes and pomps shewed aswell [sic] in the cittyes of Ostia, Ferrara, Mantua, Cremona, Milane, as in other boroughes and townes of Italy. Also the report of the voyage of the Archduke Albert into Almaigne. / Translated aswell [sic] out of French as Dutch, by H. W..
[1583] A briefe discourse of two most cruell and bloudie murthers, committed bothe in Worcestershire, and bothe happening vnhappily in the yeare 1583 The first declaring, how one unnaturally murdered his neighbour, and afterward buried him in his seller. The other sheweth, how a woman unlawfully following the deuillish lusts of the flesh with her seruant, caused him very cruelly to kill her owne husband.
Carwardine, Daniel, b. 1600 or 1601. / [1652] A briefe discourse touching a broken heart: In which the nature, causes, and signes of it are solidly treated of; as also, its acceptablenesse to God; together with many other motives pressing us to labour after the procurement of it, and the means leading thereunto: Being the summe and substance of certain sermons preached by Mr. Daniel Carwardine, late minister of Eling in the county of Middlesex. And since his death put forth by S.R. a friend of his. Whereunto is annexed, a confession of faith by Mr. Samuel Rowles, late fellow of Trinity-Colledge in Cambridge. And now minister of Thistleworth in the county of Middlesex.
[Anno Dom. 1643] A briefe discourse, declaring the impiety and unlawfulnesse of the new Covenant with the Scots. Together with the Covenant it selfe.
[1587] A briefe discouse of the merueylous victorie gotten by the king of Nauarre, against those of the holy League, on the twentieth of October 1587. Both in English, and in French as it was printed in Fraunce. Whereunto is added as soone as it came to my hand since the first impression, the true copie of a letter sent by the king of Nauarre to his secretary at Rochil, aswel in confirmation of the victorie against the Duke Ioyeuse, as also the ouerthrow that the Switzers gaue to the Duke of Guise.
[1642] A Briefe discovrse vpon tyrants and tyranny
M. P. (Martin Parker), d. 1656? / [1638] A briefe dissection of Germaines affliction with warre, pestilence, and famine; and other deducable miseries, lachrimable to speak of; more lamentable to partake of. Sent as a (friendly) monitor to England, warning her to beware of, (generally) ingratitude, and security; as also (particularly) other greevous sinnes, the weight whereof Germany hath a long time felt, and at this present doth (and England may feare to) feele. Written from approv'd intelligence, by M. Parker.
Spencer, Edward, Sir, 1595-1656. / [1650] A briefe epistle to the learned Manasseh Ben Israel. In answer to his, dedicated to the Parliament. September. 6. Imprimatur John Downame:
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1606] A briefe examination, of a certaine peremptorie menacing and disleal petition presented, as is pretended, to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, by certaine laye papistes, calling themselues, the lay Catholikes of England, and now lately printed, and diuulged by a busie compagnion, called Iohn Lecey.
[1644] A briefe examination; of a certaine pamphlet lately printed in Scotland, and intituled: Ladensium autocatacrisis, &c.
Cleaver, Robert, 1561 or 2-ca. 1625. / [1615] A briefe explanation of the whole booke of the Prouerbs of Salomon by Robert Cleaver.
Tomkys, John. / [1585] A briefe exposition of the Lordes Prayer contained in questions and answeres: collected for the instruction of the vnlearned, by Iohn Tomkys preacher of Gods word in the towne of Shrewsburie. 1585. Seene and allowed according to her Maiesties iniunctions.
Hooker, Thomas, 1586-1647. / [1645] A briefe exposition of the Lords Prayer:: wherein the meaning of the word is laid open to the understanding of weake Christians, and what the carriage of their hearts ought to be in preferring each petition. / By Mr. Tho. Hooker preacher of Gods word.
Sclater, William, 1575-1626. / [1627] A briefe exposition vvith notes, vpon the second epistle to the Thessalonians. By VVilliam Sclater Doctor of Diuinitie, and minister of Pitmister in Summerset.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1654] A briefe exposition with practicall observations upon the whole book of Ecclesiastes by that late pious and worthy divine, Mr. John Cotton ... ; published by Anthony Tuckney ...
Starbuck, William. / [1645] A briefe exposition, paraphrase, or interpretation, upon the Lord of Canterburies sermon or speech, upon the last pulpit that ever he preached, which was the scaffold on Tower-hill.: Also, upon the prayer which he used at the same time and place before his execution. Written by William Starbucke Gentleman, to give the people a glimmering of the Bishops hypocrisie.
Allen, William, 1532-1594. / [1582] A briefe historie of the glorious martyrdom of XII. reuerend priests, executed vvithin these tvveluemonethes for confession and defence of the Catholike faith But vnder the false pretence of treason. Vvith a note of sundrie things that befel them in their life and imprisonment: and a preface declaring their innocencie. Set furth by such as were much conuersant vvith them in their life, and present at their arraignement and death. Occidistis, sed non possedistis. that is you haue slaine them, but you haue not gotten possession.
Trelcatius, Lucas. / [1610] A briefe institution of the common places of sacred divinitie. Wherein, the truth of every place is proved, and the sophismes of Bellarmine are reprooved. Written in Latine, by Lucas Trelcatius, and Englished by Iohn Gawen, minister of Gods word.
S. S., fl. 1583. / [1583] A briefe instruction for all families to be brought vp in the knowledge of their duetie to God, and one to another: and to be taught in the hope of saluation in Christe Jesus.
Cobhead, Thomas. / [1579] A briefe instruction, collected for the exercise of youth, and simple sort of people. / By Thomas Cobhead preacher..
Warford, William, 1560-1608. / [Anno 1604] A briefe instruction. By way of dialogue, concerninge the principall poyntes of Christian religio[n], gathered out of the holy scriptures, lathers, and councels. By the Reuere[n]de M. George Doulye priest.
Indagine, Joannes ab, d. 1537. / [1558] Briefe introductions, both naturall, pleasaunte, and also delectable vnto the art of chiromancy, or manuel diuination, and physiognomy with circumstances vpon the faces of the signes. Also certain canons or rules vpon diseases and sickenesse. Whereunto is also annexed aswel the artificiall, as naturall astrologye, with the nature of the planets. Written in the Latin tonge, by Ihon Indagine prieste. And now latelye translated into Englishe, by Fabian Withers.
Egerton, Stephen, 1555?-1621? / [1610] A briefe methode of catechizing Wherein are handled these foure points. 1 How miserable all men are by nature. 2 What remedie God hath appointed for their deliuerance. 3 How they must liue that are deliuered. 4 What helps they must vse to that end. The same points are also contracted, and a forme of examining communicants added.
[Printed in the yeare, 1648] A briefe narration of some arbitrary proceedings of the committee chosen for the county of Kent. (But acting against it.) VVith the unanimous resolution of all true hearted Kentish-men in a just detestation. of the same
Rathband, William, d. 1695. / [1644] A briefe narration of some church courses held in opinion and practise in the churches lately erected in New England.: Collected out of sundry of their own printed papers and manuscripts with other good intelligences. Together with some short hints (given by the way) of their correspondence with the like tenents and practises of the separatists churches. And some short animadversions upon some principall passages for the benefit of the vulgar reader. Presented to publike view for the good of the church of God by W. R.
[1643] A briefe narration of the carriage and successe of the English affaires, in the hands of the commissioners for Scotland
[1627?] A briefe note of the benefits that grow to this realme, by the obseruation of fish-daies with a reason and cause wherefore the law in that behalfe made, is ordained. Very necessarie to be placed in the houses of all men, especially common victualers.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1619] A briefe of some of the principall points of the Kings MAiesties late charter to the Company of Gold-beaters of London prohibiting the importation of gold and silver foliat, and tynne and copper foile into any of His Maiesties dominions after the first day of Nouember next, vpon paine of forfeiture thereof, &c.
[1624?] A briefe of the Act for the reliefe of the marchants of the estaple.
[1624?] A Briefe of the bill exhibited against bankrupts
[1621] The briefe of the ministers bill for London tithe
Mabbatt, John. / [Printed in the yeere. 1645] A briefe or generall reply, unto Mr. Knuttons answers unto the VII. questions, about the controversie betwen the Church of England, and the separatist and anabaptist briefly discussed. By John Mabbatt.
Watson, Christopher, d. 1581. / [1581] Briefe principles of religion, for the exercise of youth: done by Christopher Watson.
Zwingli, Ulrich, 1484-1531. / [1561?] A briefe rehersal of the death resurrectio[n], [and] ascension of Christ gathered together oute of ye foure euangelistes and actes of the apostles by the most godly and great learned man Huldriche Zuinglius, written first in Latin, and now tra[n]slated into Englishe, that such as vnderstande not the Latin tongue should not wante the vse of so worthy and profitable a treatise. Perused and allowed according to the order appointed in the Quenes maiesties iniunctions.
[Printed in the Yeere 1637.] A Briefe relation of certain speciall and most materiall passages, and speeches in the Starre-Chamber, occasioned and delivered Iune the 14th. 1637. at the censure of those three worthy gentlemen, Dr. Bastwicke, Mr. Burton and Mr. Prynne, as it hath beene truely and faithfully gathered from their owne mouthes by one present at the sayd censure..
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1646] A briefe relation of the idiotismes and absurdities of Miles Corbet, Esquire, councellor at law, reorder [sic] and burgesse for Great Yarmouth by Antho. Roily ...
Foster, Nicholas. / [MDCL. 1650] A briefe relation of the late horrid rebellion acted in the island Barbadas, in the West-Indies wherein is contained, their inhumane acts and actions, in fining and banishing the well-affected to the Parliament of England (both men and women) without the least cause given them so to doe: dispossessing all such as any way opposed these their mischievous actions. Acted by the Waldronds and their abettors, anno 1650. Written at sea by Nicholas Foster.
[1644] A Briefe relation of the most remarkeable feats and passages of what His Most Gracious Majesties commanders hath done in England against the rebells and of his severall glorious victories over them sithence [sic] Ianuary 1641. till December 1643. and from the first of May 1644. till the fifth of this present Iuly / collected out of severall papers printed at Oxford, 1644. and divers letters printed from His Majesties campe to Chester, Bristoll, &c.
Morejon, Pedro, 1562-1634? / [M. DC. XIX. 1619] A briefe relation of the persecution lately made against the Catholike Christians, in the kingdome of Iaponia diuided into two bookes. Taken out of the annuall letters of the fathers of the Society of Iesus, and other authenticall informations. Written in Spanish, and printed first at Mexico in the West Indies, the yeare of Christ M.DC.XVI. and newly translated into English by W.W. gent. The first part.
[1645] A briefe relation of the present troubles in England:: vvritten from London the 22. of Ianuary 1644. to a minister of one of the reformed churches in France. VVherein, is clearely set downe who are the authours of them, and whereto the innovations both in church and state there doe tend. Faithfully translated out of the French.
[1642] A Briefe relation of the proceedings of our army in Ireland, since the tenth of June to this present Iuly 1642 together with the petition of the Parliament there assembled, to the lords, iustices, and counsell.
[March 26. 1644] A briefe relation of the siege at Newark,: as it was delivered to the councel of state at Derby-house, by Lieutenant Col. Bury, whom the Earl of Manchester sent to report. Together with articles of agreement betwixt Prince Rupert and Sir Iohn Meldrum; wherein the perfidious dealings of the enemy is made manifest; who, contrary to the articles, took away their colours, swords and pikes, and plundred the officers.
[1642 i.e. 1643] A briefe relation, abstracted out of severall letters, of a most hellish, cruell, and bloudy plot against the city of Bristoll,: hatched and contrived by the malignants of the said city, Prince Rupert, George Lord Digby, and their fellow cavalliers, to have massacred, murdered, plundered, and destroyed, not only the well affected in the said city, but all others, that had not the mark of the beast upon them; happily discovered and prevented by the goodnesse and mercy of God, upon Tuesday the 7th this instant March, a few houres before it should have been put in execution. March 13. 1642. Ordered by the House of Commons, that this relation be forthwith printed. H. Elsynge Cler. Parl. D. Com.
[1599] A briefe relation, of what is hapned since the last of August 1598. by comming of the Spanish campe into the dukedom of Cleue: and the bordering free countries, which with most odious and barbarous crueltie they take as enemies, for the seruice of God, and the King of Spaine (as they say). Heerunto is adioyned a translation out of Latin, of a letter of the Emperours embassadour, to the admirant of Arragon, the generall of the said army: with his answere. Together with a description of the vvhale of Berckhey, or the great fish which stranded or came on shoare at Berckhey in Holland, the third of February 1598. ... Also a letter of the Emperour of Germany, to the admirant of Arragon ... With the admirants answere. ... Faithfully translated out of the Dutch coppy printed at Roterdam.
Kiffin, William, 1616-1701. / [Printed and published for publike information in the yeere 1645] A briefe remonstrance of the reasons and grounds of those people commonly called Anabaptists, for their seperation, &c. Or certaine queries concerning their faith and practice, propounded by Mr. Robert Poole; answered and resolved by William Kiffin.
Udall, Thomas. / [109 i.e. 1609.] A briefe replie of Thomas Udall, Gent. to a short memorandum, or shew of answere against his booke intituled: A briefe view of the weake grounds of poperie: by B.C. student in diuinitie.
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1600] A briefe replie to a certaine odious and slanderous libel, lately published by a seditious Iesuite, calling himselfe N.D. in defence both of publike enemies, and disloyall subiects, and entitled A temperate wardword, to Sir Francis Hastings turbulent Watchword wherein not only the honest, and religious intention, and zeale of that good knight is defended, but also the cause of true catholike religion, and the iustice of her Maiesties proceedings against popish malcontents and traitors, from diuers malitious imputations and slanders cleered, and our aduersaries glorious declamation answered, and refuted by O.E. defendant in the challenge, and encounters of N.D. Hereunto is also added a certaine new challenge made to N.D. in fiue encounters, concerning the fundamentall pointes of his former whole discourse: together with a briefe refutation of a certaine caluminous relation of the conference of Monsieur Plessis and Monsieur d'Eureux before the French king ...
Clarke, Frances. / [1653] A briefe reply to the narration of Don Pantaleon Sa: By one of the sisters of the gentleman murthered on the New-Exchange, the 22. of November, 1653. Stilo Vet.
Digges, Thomas, d. 1595. / [1587] A briefe report of the militarie seruices done in the Low Countries, by the Erle of Leicester: written by one that serued in good place there in a letter to a friend of his
[1566] A Briefe request or declaracion presented vnto madame the Duchesse of Parme &c. regente of the Lowe Countrie of Flaunders, by the lordes and nobilitie of the same countrie with the answere and replie, and other writynges / Englished by W.F.
C. S., fl. 1590. / [1590] A briefe resolution of a right religion. Touching the controuersies, that are nowe in England. Written by C.S.
[1650] A briefe resolution, of that grand case of conscience (necessary for these times) concerning the allegiance due to a prince ejected by force out of his kingdome, and how farre the subjects may comply with a present vsurped power
Sanderson, Thomas, 1560 or 61-1614. / [1640] A briefe summe of Christian religion collected for a preparation to the Lords Supper / published for the benefit of the simpler sort of people of the parish of Saint Lawrence by Thomas Sanderson Doctor in Divinitie.
Rugbie, Ralph. / [1622] A briefe treatise against detractors of dignities. Published by Ra: Rugbie Esquire. Allowed by authoritie.
G. G. / [1584] A briefe treatise against the priesthood & sacrifice of the Church of Rome wherein the simple may perceiue their intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which euer appertaine to Christ onely / by G.G.
Gifford, George, d. 1620. / [1635] A briefe treatise against the priesthood and sacrifice of the Church of Rome vvherein the simple may perceiue thir intollerable impietie, usurping that office and action, which ever appertaine to Christ only, by G.G.
Scott, Gregory, 1532 or 3-1576. / [1574] A briefe treatise agaynst certayne errors of the Romish Church. Very plainly, notably, and pleasantly confuting the same by Scriptures and auncient writers. Compiled by Gregory Scot. 1570 Perused & licenced according to the Quenes Maiesties iniunction. 1574.
Turmiger, Bevill. / [1653] A briefe treatise concerning the chiefe dispute of this time about tithes.: Wherein is shewne, 1. That the tenth or tithes are the clergies right, by the lawes of God, of nature, and of this nation. 2. That no person ought to pay above the tenth part of any rate or charge, imposed upon the whole parish, for his parsonage, tithe and gleabe also. By Bevill Turmiger, Gent.
Sweeper, Walter. / [1622] A briefe treatise declaring the true noble-man, and the base vvorldling. By Walter Sweeper minister of Strowd.
Speidell, John, fl. 1600-1634. / [1640?] A briefe treatise for the measuring of glasse, board, timber, or stone, square or round being performed only by simple addition and substraction, and that in whole numbers, with[o]ut any multiplication, or division at all / by John Speidell ...
Wright, William, 1563-1639. / [Permissu superiorum. M.DC.XXIII. 1623] A briefe treatise in which, is made playne, that Catholikes liuing and dying in their profession, may be saued, by the iudgement of the most famous and learned Protestants that euer were. Agaynst a minister [N.E.] who in his epistle exhorteth an honourable person, to forsake her ancient Catholike Roman Religion, & to become one of his new-found-out Protestant congregation.
Bristow, Richard, 1538-1581. / [1599] A briefe treatise of diuers plaine and sure waies to finde out the truth in this doubtfull and dangerous time of heresie Conteyning sundrie worthy motiues vnto the Catholike faith, or considerations to moue a man to beleeue the Catholikes, and not the heretikes. Set out by Richard Bristow priest, licentiat in diuinitie.
Morice, James. / [1590?] A briefe treatise of oathes exacted by ordinaries and ecclesiasticall iudges, to answere generallie to all such articles or interrogatories, as pleaseth them to propound. And of their forced and constrained oathes ex officio, wherein is proued that the same are vnlawfull.
Swinburne, Henry, 1560?-1623. / [1590 i.e. 1591] A briefe treatise of testaments and last willes very profitable to be vnderstoode of all the subiects of this realme of England, (desirous to know, whether, whereof, and how, they may make their testaments: and by what meanes the same may be effected or hindered,) and no lesse delightfull, aswell for the rarenes of the worke, as for the easines of the stile, and method: compiled of such lawes ecclesiasticall and ciuill, as be not repugnant to the lawes, customes, or statutes of this realme, nor derogatorie to the prerogatiue royall. In which treatise also are inserted diuers statutes of this land, together with mention of sundrie customes, aswell general as particular, not impertinent thereunto: besides diuers marginall notes, and quotations not to be neglected, especially of Iustinianists, or young students of the ciuil law: vvith two tables, the one analyticall ... the other alphabeticall ... By the industrie of Henrie Swinburn, Bachelar of the Ciuill Lawe.
Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581. / [An. 1568. Cum priuilegio. Subsig. De La Torre] A briefe treatise of vsurie, made by Nicolas Sander D. of Diuinitie.
Vermigli, Pietro Martire, 1499-1562. / [1580?] A briefe treatise, concerning the vse and abuse of dauncing. Collected oute of the learned workes of the most excellent deaine doctour, Peter Martyr, by paister Rob Massonius: and translated into English by I.K.
R. S., fl. 1596. / [1596] A briefe treatise, to prooue the necessitie and excellence of the vse of archerie. Abstracted out of ancient and moderne writers. By R:S. Perused, and allowed by aucthoritie.
Udall, Thomas. / [1606] A briefe vievve of the weake grounds of popery as it was propounded to D. Norrice, priest, by T.V. gent: and returned without answere.
Jones, John, fl. 1562-1579. / [8 May 1574] A briefe, excellent, and profitable discourse, of the naturall beginning of all growing and liuing things, heate, generation, effects of the spirits, gouernment, vse and abuse of phisicke, preseruation, &c. no lesse pleasant and acceptable to the students of philosophie and phisicke, then beneficiall and necessarie for all others, desirous either of knowledge, health, youth, and long life : collected and tradused as wel forth of the best olde wryters, as out of the new, and most approued in our daies : in the ende wherof is shewed, the order and composition of a most heauenly water, for the preseruation of mans lyfe / by Iohn Iones phisicion.
[Printed 1649] A briefe-answere, to the late-resolves of the Commons assembled in Parliament,: concerning ministers, their preaching and praying.
[Printed in the yeare, 1647] A briefe: cleere, and methodicall view of the severall particulars contained in the late instructions which passed both Houses, the 28th day of May, 1647. for determining the accompts of the souldiery. Wherein every person that claimes arreares, is directed what course to take, to make good the same, according to the said instructions. Ordered to be printed and published. Will: Freman, Will: Potter.
[1689] [A Brief] vindication of the Parliamentary proceedings against the late King James II proving that the right of succession to government (by nearness of blood) is not by the law of God or nature, but by politick institution : with several instances of deposing evil princes, shewing, that no prince hath any title originally but by the consent of the people.
Smyth, John, d. 1612. / [1603] The bright morning starre: or, The resolution and exposition of the 22. Psalme preached publikely in foure sermons at Lincolne. By John Smith preacher of the citie.
Pennyman, John, 1628-1706. / [1680] A bright shining light discovering the pretenders to it : recommended to the people called Quakers / published for throwing down at idols, and all idolatrous worship, in and amongst that people, or in any other whatsoever, by Phil. Ang.
Dod, John, 1549?-1645. / [1603] The bright star which leadeth wise men to our Lord Jesus Christ, or, A familiar and learned exposition on the ten commandements gathered from the mouth of a faithfull pastor by a gracious young man, sometime scholler in Cambridge.
Benoît, de Canfield, 1562-1610. / [1646] A bright starre, leading to, & centering in, Christ our perfection. Or a manuell, entituled by the authour thereof, the third part of the Rule of perfection Wherein such profound mysteries are revealed, such mysterious imperfections discovered, with their perfect cures prescribed, as have not been by any before published in the English tongue: faithfully translated for the common good.
Brightman, Thomas, 1562-1607. / [1647] Brightman redivivus: or The post-humian of-spring of Mr. Thomas Brightman, in IIII. sermons. Viz. [brace] 1. Of the two covenants. 2. The danger of scandals. 3. Gods commission to Christ to preach the Gospell. 4. The saints securitie.
[1635] Bristolls military garden A sermon preached unto the worthy company of practisers in the military garden of the well governed citie of Bristoll. By Thomas Palmer, master of arts, and vicar of St. Thomas, and St. Mary Redcliffe in the same citie.
[1689] Britain reviv'd in a panegyrick to Their Most August Majesties, William and Mary : a pindarick poem.
Smithurst, Benjamine. / [1689] Britain's glory, and England's bravery wherein is shewed the degrees of honour from the prince to the peasant, with the honour of the nobles, and previleges of the commons, the proper places and precedency of all persons from the throne to the bondman, more particularly in coronations, processions, feasts, funerals and other great assembly : as also honour of arms, power of heralds, signification of charges in coat-armour, with an armorial dictionary, explaining the terms of heraldry, and an account of all the orders of knighthood in Christendom, and of the weights and measures of England : to which is added a continuation of The historians guide, from November, 1687, where the third and last impression ends, to June, 1687 / being the collections and observations of Benjamine Smithurst.
Carliell, Robert, d. 1622? / [1618] Britaines glorie, or An allegoricall dreame: with the exposition thereof. Containing [brace]the heathens infidelitie, the Turkes blasphemie, the popes hypocrisie, Amsterdams varietie, the Church of Englands veritie [brace] in religion. And in our Church of England, [brace] the kings excellency. His issues integritie. The nobles and gentries constancie. The councels and iudges fidelitie. The preachers puritie. The bishops sinceritie. / Conceiued and written by Robert Carlyle gent. for the loue and honour of his king and country.
[1660] Britains glory: being a relation of the solemnity wherewith the English nation residing in Livorne, entertained the joyful tidings of His Sacred Majesties happy return to his royal throne. July 13. Stilo novo.
Scotlands true friend. / [printed in the year 1660] Britains king revived: or, a seasonable warning to the kingdom of Scotland: assembled in Parliament, upon the first of January, 1660. By Scotlands true friend.
[1695] Britains sorrowful lamentation, for the loss of their gracious Queen Mary who departed this life, the 28th. of December, 1694. To the tune of, The bleeding heart.
[1660] Britains triumph, for her imparallel'd deliverance, and her joyfull celebrating the proclamation of her most gracious, incomparable King Charles the Second, &c. defender of the faith. Being a happy fore-runner of the day of his nativity, and as is hoped of his coronation.
[1656] Britains triumphs, or, A brief history of the warres and other state-affairs of Great Britain from the death of the king, to the third year of the government of the Lord Protector.
[Printed 1699] Britania expirans or, A brief memorial of commerce humbly offer'd to the Parliament,
[1698] Britania nova illustrata being a modest and reasonable defence of a late book entituled Britania nova, or, A seasonable discourse, demonstrating how we may serve our King and country by discouraging prophaness and immorality &c. ...
[1654] Britania triumphalis; a brief history of the vvarres and other state-affairs of Great Britain. From the death of the late King, to the dissolution of the last Parliament.
[1646] Britanicus his blessing.
W. W. / [anno 1662] Britannia iterum beata: or, A poem-narrative of Her gracious Majesties departure from Lisbone with her thrice-welcome arrival at Portsmouth. By W. W.
[1644] Britannia, passionately and historically, remembring her misery and happinesse in former ages, and declaring her calamities, and expectations now.
[M. DC. LX. 1660] Britannia rediviva.
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684. / [Ann. 1660] Britannia rediviva, or, a gratulatory sermon for his Majesties safe arrivall and happy restitution to the exercise of his royall government. Preached, at the desire of the magistrats and councell of Aberdene, on the XIX of June, which they had designed to be a day of solemne rejoycing within the city, for the mercy above mentioned, by John Menzeis, professor of divinity: and preacher of the gospell in Aberdene:
Shawe, John, 1608-1672. / [1649] Britannia rediviva: or the proper and soveraign remedy for the healing and recovering of these three distracted nations;: as it was prescribed in a sermon preached in the minster at York, at the Assizes there held on Thursday morning, August 9. 1649. Before the Right Honorable Judges, the Right Worshipful the High Sheriff, the justices of peace, gentry, and others of the county of York. / By John Shaw, master of arts, sometimes of Christs Colledg in Cambridg, and now preacher of Gods Word at Kingston upon Hull.
[1697] Britannia's triumph, humbly address'd to His Most Sacred Majesty, William III upon the consummation of a general peace.
St. Lo, George, d. 1718. / [1694] Britannia triumphans; or An effectual method wholly to destroy the power of France by encouraging navigation in all its branches. Whereby their Majesties fleet may be sufficiently mann'd in a months time, on any occasion, without impressing; and by making a competent provision for such as shall be wounded in the service of Their Majesties, against the common enemy, in whatsoever stations they are placed. All which may be effected without any very considerable charge to the kingdom. Together with a brief enumeration of the several advantages to be made by erecting a publick fishery, by which a constant nursery of able seamen, and a security and enlargement of our trade abroad will be surely advanced. To which are subjoined, some proposals for the support and maintenance of the children of sll such as fall in the said service; and the certain and best expedient of encreasing the numbers of our privateers. Humbly represented to Their Majesties, and Members of Parliament. By Capt. St. Loe, one of the commissioners of the prize office.
[1692] Britannia victrix, or, The Triumphs of the Royal Navy in the late victorious ingagement with the French fleet May, 1692 a pindarick poem.
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. / [1675] Britannia, volume the first, or, An illustration of the Kingdom of England and dominion of Wales by a geographical and historical description of the principal roads thereof, actually admeasured and delineated in a century of whole-sheet copper-sculps : accomodated with the ichnography of the several cities and capital towns, and compleated by an accurate account of the more remarkable passages of antiquity : together with a novel discourse of the present state / by John Ogilby ...
Y-Worth, W. (William) / [1694] The Britannian magazine: or, A new art of making above twenty sorts of English wines viz, of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, sloes, damasins, quinces, figgs, goosberries, mulberries, currens, blackberries, elderberries, roses, carnations, cowslips, scurvy-grass, mint, and balm, &c. More pleasant and agreeable to the English constitution than those of France. With the way of making brandy and other spirits: as likewise how to make artificial clarets, rhenish, &c. The second edition. To which is added, the foundation of the art of distillation: or the true and genuine way of making malt into low-wines, proof-spirits, and brandy-wines, compliant to the late act of Parliament concerning distillation. By W.Y. M.D.
Walsingham, Edward, d. 1663. / [in the Yeare 1644] Britannicæ virtutis imago. Or, The effigies of true fortitude,: expressed to the life, in the famous actions of that incomparable knight, Major Generall Smith, who is here represented, June, 1644.
[1683] Britanniæ speculum, or, A short view of the ancient and modern state of Great Britain, and the adjacent isles, and of all other the dominions and territories, now in the actual possession of His present Sacred Majesty King Charles II the first part, treating of Britain in general.
[Printed in the year of the saints fear. Anno Domini, 1648] The British bell-man
Harris, Malachi, 1606 or 7-1684. / [Anno M. DC. XXXIX. 1639] Brittaines hallelujah or A sermon of thanksgiving for the happy pacification in Brittaine preached in the English church at Hamburch before his excellency the right honorable Sir Thomas Rovve Lord Ambassador Extraordinary for his Mayesty of Greate Brittaine in Germany, &c. And to the vvorshipfull & famous Society of Merchant Adventurers & some cavelliers of Scotland By Ma. Harris Batchelour in Divinity, fellovv of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge & chaplaine to his excellency.
Pugh, Thomas. / [1658] Brittish and out-landish prophesies most of above a 1000 years antiquity, the rest very antient; fore-telling the several revolutions which hath and shall befall the scepter of England; the coming in of the Normans, continuance and extirpation; the late warrs; the late Kings death; his Highness's conquest and arrival to the scepter, sovereigntie and government of Great Brittain; the fall of the Turk, Pope, Emperour of Germany, and most of the great princes of the world by their particular names; and that his Highness that now is shall conquer most of them: also, his Highness's lineal descent from the antient princes of Brittain, clearly manifesting that hee is the conquerour they so long prophesied of. Also, a short account of the late kings original; published in Welsh and English for the satisfaction of the intelligent in either tongue. By Thomas Pugh, Gentleman.
G. L. V. / [Printed in the yeare 1643] Brittish lightning or suddaine tumults, in England, Scotland and Ireland; to warne the united Provinces to understand the dangers, and the causes thereof: to defend those amongest us, from being partakers of their plagues. Cujus aures clausæ sunt veritati, ut ab amico verum audire nequeat, hujus salus desperanda est. The safety of that man, is hopelesse, we, may feare, that stopps his eares against his friend, and will the truth not heare. Mors est servitute potior. Grim-death's fierce pangs, are rather to be sought; than that we should to Babels-yoke, be brought. VVritten first in lowe-dutch by G. L. V. and translated for the benefit of Brittaine.
[1672] A broad-side for the Dutch, with a bounce, a bounce, bounce. to the tune of O hone, O hone: or, the great boobie.
Shawe, John, 1608-1672. / [in the yeare 1643] A broken heart, or The grand sacrifice.: As it was laid out in a sermon preached at St. Maries in Beverley, in the East-riding of the county of Yorke, upon the monthly fast-day in Christmas-weeke, being Decemb. 28. 1642. By John Shawe, pastor of the church at Rotherham in the same county.
[1683] The Broken merchants complaint, represented in a dialogue between a scrivener and a banker on the Royal-Exchange of London
S. I., fl. 1595. / [1595] Bromelion. A discourse of the most substantial points of diuinitie, handled by diuers common places: vvith great studie, sinceritie, and perspicuitie. Whose titles you haue in the next page following.
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1695] Brontologia sacra: The voice of the glorious God in the thunder: explained and applyed in a sermon uttered by a minister of the Gospel in a lecture unto an assembly of Christians abroad, at the very same time when the thunder was by the permission and providence of God falling upon his own house at home. : Whereunto are added some reflections formed on the Lords-Day following by the voices of thunders, upon the great things which the great God is now doing in the world. : A discourse useful for all men at all times, but especially intended for an entertainment in the hours of thunder.
Church of Scotland. General Assembly. / [1649] A brotherly exhortation from the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, to their brethren in England:
[1680] A brotherly meeting of the masters and workmen-printers: begun the fifth of November, 1621. And continued by these stewards whose names follow in this catalogue.
Sparke, Thomas, 1548-1616. / [1607] A brotherly persvvasion to vnitie, and vniformitie in iudgement, and practise touching the receiued, and present ecclesiasticall gouernment, and the authorised rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. VVritten by Thomas Sparke Doctor in Diuinitie. And seene, allowed, and commended by publike authoritie to be printed
Askew, Egeon, b. 1576. / [1605] Brotherly reconcilement preached in Oxford for the vnion of some, and now published with larger meditations for the vnitie of all in this Church and common-wealth: with an apologie of the vse of fathers, and secular learning in sermons. By Egeon Askevv of Queens Colledge.
Everinden, Humphrey. / [1623] A brothers gift containing an hundred precepts, instructing all sorts of people to a godly, honest, and morall life.
[1641] The Brothers of the blade: answerable to the sisters of the scaberd. Or, A dialogue betweene two hot-spurres of the times, Serjeant Slice-man, alias Smell-smock of Coney-court in Chick-lane, and Corporall Dam-mee of Bell-alley neere Pick-hatch. At their first meeting in the walkes in Moorefields, upon the returne of the one from the leaguer in the Low-Countries, and the late comming to London of the other from the campe in the North, at the disbanding of the army.
[1641] The brothers of the separation. Or a true relation of a company of Brownists which kept their conventicle at one Mr. Porters in Goat Alley in Whitecrosse-street, where they were apprehended on Sunday, Aug. 14. 1641. As also, a sermon preached afterwards in the same house by Iohn Rogers a glover, wherein is shewed their wicked rancorous minds at full. This was justified by above twenty men of good life and conversation.
Shirley, James, 1596-1666. / [1652] The brothers, a comedie, as it was acted at the private house in Black Fryers: Written by James Shirley. Never printed before.
Lawne, Christopher. / [1613] Brovvnisme turned the in-side out-ward Being a paralell betweene the profession and practise of the Brownists religion. By Christopher Lavvne, lately returned from that wicked separation.
Taylor, John, 1580-1653. / [1648] A brown dozen of drunkards: (ali-ass drink-hards) whipt, and shipt to the Isle of Gulls: for their abusing of Mr. Malt the bearded son, and Barley-broth the brainlesse daughter of Sir John Barley-corne.: All joco-seriously descanted to our wine-drunk, wrath-drunk, zeale-drunk, staggering times. By one that hath drunk at S. Patricks well.
[Printed in the yeare, 1641] The Brownist haerisies confuted, their knavery anatomized, and their fleshly spirits painted in full, in a true history of one Mistris Sarah Miller of Banbury in Oxfordshire wherein is contained the preaching of a barber, his zeale towards this new sister, how the spirit of the flesh moved him, how shee granted, how she fell mad, and how by the mercy of God, she was released of all.
Maurice, David. / [1700] The bruised reed, or, A sermon preach'd at the cathedral church of St. Asaph, for the support of weak Christians by D. Maurice, D.D., sometime chaplain in New Colledge, Oxon.
Ley, Roger, b. 1593 or 4. / [1622] The bruising of the serpents head. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse September 9. 1621. By Roger Ley Maister of Arts, and minister of Gods word in Shoreditch.
Moscheni, Carlo. / [1695] Brutes turn'd criticks, or, Mankind moraliz'd by beasts in sixty satyrical letters upon the vices and follies of our age / written in Italian by Signiore Moscheni ; and now done into English with some improvements.
Hotman, François, 1524-1590. / [1586] The brutish thunderbolt: or rather feeble fier-flash of Pope Sixtus the fift, against Henrie the most excellent King of Nauarre, and the most noble Henrie Borbon, Prince of Condie Togither with a declaration of the manifold insufficiencie of the same. Translated out of Latin into English by Christopher Fetherstone minister of Gods word.
Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. / [Anno. 1548. the. 10. of Nouembre] A bryef [and] short declaracyon made, wherbye euerye chrysten man maye knowe, what is a sacrament. Of what partes a sacramente consysteth and is made, for what intent sacramentes were instituted, and what is the pryncypall effect of sacramentes, [and] finally of the abuse of the sacrament of chrystes body and bloud.
Heyden, Cornelius van der. / [1550?] A bryefe summe of the whole Byble. A Chrystian instruction for al parsons yonge and olde, to the whiche is annexed the ordenarye for all degrees. / Translated out of Doutche into Inglysh by Antony Scoloker.
[1575] A [Br]ief rehersall of [the] beleef of the goodwilling [in E]nglande/ which are named, the [Fame]lie of Love/ with the confessi[on] of their vpright christen religion against/ the false accusation of their gaine-speakers / [Set]-forth Anno. 1575.