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Erbery, William, 1604-1654. / [1653] The babe of glory,: breaking forth in the broken flesh of the saints breathing out the life of God (hid in their flesh) now to be revealed and raised, Isa. 40. 5, 6. By William Erbery.
Brayne, John. / [MDCXLIX 1649] Babels fall, in the foolish virgins sleep. Among which Presbytery lyeth, with predictions of the great disputed to be at the raising of the true ministry. / Written by a witnesse of the truth, John Brayne.
Du Bartas, Guillaume de Salluste, seigneur, 1544-1590. / [1595] Babilon, a part of the Seconde vveeke of Guillaume de Saluste seigneur du Bartas, with the commentarie, and marginall notes of S.G.S. Englished by William L'Isle.
Story, John, d. 1681. / [1660] Babilons defence broken down and one of Antichrists warriours defeated in an answer to a scandalous pamphlet intituled, The Quaker-Jesuit, or, Popery in Quakerisme : put forth by one William Brownsword ... in which the doctrines of the Quakers ... are more truly stated than he hath stated them ... with a few queries to him concerning those doctrines and practices in which he hath compared us with the papists / by John Stoery.
T. L., fl. 1595. / [1597] Babylon is fallen.
[1651] Babylon is fallen, or, A Prophesie that had lain hid above two thousand years foreshewing the rising, continuance, and fall of the empire and supremacie of Rome, with all matters of moment that were to come to passe during the reigne of the emperours and popes ...
Strong, Leonard, Agent for the people of Providence in Maryland. / [1655] Babylon's fall in Maryland, a fair warning to Lord Baltamore, or, A relation of an assault made by divers papists, and popish officers of the Lord Baltamore's, against the Protestants in Maryland to whom God gave a great victory against a greater force of souldiers and armed men, who came to destroy them / published by Leonard Strong, agent for the people of Providence in Maryland.
Wilkinson, Henry, 1610-1675. / [1643] Babylons ruine, Jerusalems rising set forth in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons on the 25 Octob. being the day appointed for the monthly fast, solemnly to be observed / by Henry Wilkinson ...
Reyner, William, d. 1666. / [1644] Babylons ruining-earthquake and the restavration of Zion delivered in a sermon before the honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, at their publique fast, August 28, 1644 / by William Reyner ...
C. D. (Charles Darby), d. 1709. / [1698] Bacchanalia, or, A description of a drunken club a poem.
Radcliffe, Alexander, fl. 1669-1696. / [1680?] Bacchinalia coelestia: a poem, in praise of punch: compos'd by the gods and goddesses in Cabal.
[1696] The Bachelor's directory being a treatise of the excellence of marriage, of its necessity, and the means to live happy in it : together with an apology for the women against the calumnies of the men.
[1648] A back-blow to Major Huntington,: for his treacherous accusation of Lieutenant Generall Cromwell, and Commissary Gen. Ireton. Published for generall satisfaction of all, who have unadvisedly received the malicious accusation against those active gentlemen.
Hendricks, Pieter. / [Printed in the year 1665] The backslider bewailed, the careless warned: and the faithful encouraged.: With true desires, and living breathings for the preservation of the whole Israel of God. / Written by P. Hendrick... ; translated into English by W.C.
Hopton, Arthur, 1587 or 8-1614. / [1610] Baculum geodæticum, sive viaticum, or, The geodeticall staffe containing eight bookes, the contents whereof followe after the epistles / newly deuised, practised, and published by Arthur Hopton ...
[Printed in the year. MDCXLVIII. 1648] Bad English, yet not Scotch. Mercurius moderatus: or Certain moderate animadversions touchin [sic] a printed paper intytled, An answer to the chief passages in the Scots declaration For prevention and avoydance ofe a new quarre, and sanguinarie combustion. Moderata durant, dissipa gentes quæ bella volunt.
Overton, Richard, fl. 1646. / [1649] The baiting of the great bull of Bashan: unfolded and presented to the affecters and approvers of the petition of the 11 September 1648. : Especially, to the citizens of London usually meeting at the Whale-bone in Lothbury behind the Royal Exchange, commonly (though unjustly) styled Levellers / by Richard Overton close-prisoner in the Tower of London.
[1699] The Baiting of the tyger, or, A True relation of a bloody rencounter that lately happen'd between a foreign cat and four great English dogs at the Cockpit Royal near St. James Park, in the presence of several dukes, lords, knights, ladies, squires and cits together with a particular relation how the first dog was slain and the rest dangerously wounded : set forth in a piece of doggrel for the benefit and satisfaction of the publick.
[1662] The baker and brewers warning-piece. Or, excellent orders to be observed, by such as shall be appointed to serve the markets with corn, meal, and other grain, for relief of the poor people The officers appointed to be present in the market, to see poor citizens, tradesmen, and others, releived upon reasonable prices: the admirable edict made against ingrossers; and a most Christian order touching bakers and brewers, for the performing of their due weight and measure; with penalties to be inflicted npon [sic] unlawful exactions. As also, a rule and precept for the ministers and magistrates, to be observed in their several parishes, concerning taverns, inns, and ale-houses.
Cawton, Thomas, 1637-1677. / [1670] Balaam's wish: a sermon Wherein the vanity of desires without endeavours, in order to the obtaining the death of the upright, and their last end, is opened and applyed. First occasionally preached, and now at the request of some published. By an unworthy messenger of Christ.
Chamberlain, Robert, b. 1607. / [1661] Balaams asse cudgeld: or The cry of town and countrey against scandalous and seditious scriblers.
[Printed in the yeare 1649] Balaams asse, or The city-fast for cursing the King: and blessing Oliver. VVith the peoples speech to their independent drivers. And the asses sacrifice, or good speed to Oliver.
Rose, William, fl. 1647-1648. / [1647] Balaams better wish delivered in a sermon / by William Rose.
Horn, John, 1614-1676. / [printed in the year 1667] Balaams wish; or, The reward of righteousness in, and after death Considered and explicated by occasion of the late decease of Mrs. Barbara Whitefoot, late of Hapton in the county of Norfolk; who deceased April 9. and was interred April 11. 1667. By John Horne, preacher of the Gospel in former times in the parish of Lin-Allhallows, in the same county.
Ball, William. / [Printed in the yeare, 1652] Ball his vindication against Bullock;: shewing, a former narrative subscribed William Ball, to be true: and a late printed paper subscribed Edward Bullock, to be notoriously false and scandalous. / Humbly presented to the Parliament of England by VVilliam Ball, Esq.
[1580?] [A ballad describing natural portents]
Elderton, William, d. 1592? / [1570] A ballad intituled, A newe well a daye/ as playne maister papist, as Donstable waye. Well a daye well a daye, well a daye woe is mee Syr Thomas Plomtrie is hanged on a tree.
Elderton, William, d. 1592? / [1570] A ballad intituled, Prepare ye to the plowe, to the tune, of Pepper is blacke. The Queene holdes the plow, to continew good seede. Trustie subiectes be readie to helpe if she neede.
James V, King of Scotland, 1512-1542. / [1660] A ballad of a countrey vvedding,: by King James the Fifth of Scotland.
[1624?] A ballad of Anne Askew, intituled: I am a woman poore and blind.
Gayton, Edmund, 1608-1666. / [1662] A ballad on the gyants in the physick garden in Oxford, who have been breeding feet as long as garagantua was teeth. To the tune of, The counter scuffle
[1688?] The Ballance adjvsted, or, The interest of church and state weighed and considered upon this revolution
[Printed in the yeare of reformation, M.D.C.XLVI. 1646, i.e. 1647] The ballance put into the hand of every rationall English-man, to poize the state of this kingdome; supposed to bee deformed in the yeare 1639. Cryed up to be reformed in the yeare 1646. The change of an age.
Walley, Thomas, 1616-1678. / [1670] Balm in Gilead to heal Sions wounds: or, A treatise wherein there is a clear discovery of the most prevailing sicknesses of New-England, both in the civill and ecclesiasticall state; as also sutable remedies for the cure of them: collected out of that spirituall directory, The word of God. / Delivered in a sermon preached before the Generall Court of the colony of New-Plimouth on the first day of June 1669. being the day of election there. By Thomas Walley ...
Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. / [168-?] A balm presented to these nations, England, Scotland, and Ireland: to cure the wounds of the bleeding Protestants, and open the eyes of the deluded papists, that are ignorant of the truth ... or, A seasonable antidote against the errors of popery and pernitious [sic] doctrines of the Church of Rome ... By T.O. ...
Saunders, Richard, d. 1692. / [1652] A balm to heal religions wounds: applied in a serious advice to sober-minded Christians that love the truth, and are well-wishers to reformation : in answer to The pulpit guard routed, lately set forth by one Thomas Collier ... / by Richard Saunders ...
Roborough, Henry, d. 1649? / [1626] Balme from Gilead, to cure all diseases, especially the plague Foure and twentie sermons on 2 Chron. 7. 13,14. And two sermons of thankesgiuing for Gods deliuerance of London from the plague. Preached anno 1625. in the church of St. Leonard Eastcheape, by H.R. Master of Arts, minister of Gods word.
Tuckney, Anthony, 1599-1670. / [1643] The balme of Gilead, for the wounds of England:: applyed in a sermon preached at Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commmons, at the late solemne fast, August 30. 1643. / By Anthony Tuckney, B.D. sometimes Fellow of Eman. Colledge in Cambridge, and now pastor at Boston in the county of Lincoln. Published by order of that House.
Rous, Francis, 1579-1659. / [1648] The balme of love: to heale divisions, and the wounds made by them, and to make the body of Christ whole and entire for its owne beauty, strength, and safety. Partly presented in a former discourse, when it might have prevented, and now after many evills for want of prevention re-enforced in a second. / By F. Rous, a member of the House of Commons.
Balzac, Jean-Louis Guez, seigneur de, 1597-1654. / [1658] Balzac's remaines, or, His last letters· Written to severall grand and eminent persons in France. Whereunto are annexed the familiar letters of Monsieur de Balzac to his friend Monsieur Chapelain. Never before in English.
[1690] The Banish'd duke, or, The tragedy of Infortunatus acted at the Theatre Royal.
[1683] Bank-credit, or, The usefulness & security of the bank of credit examined in a dialogue between a country gentleman and a London merchant.
[1696] A bank dialogue between Dr. H.C. and a country gentleman
[1695] A Bank dialogue, or, Doctor Chamberlen's land-bank explained,: by way of question and answer.
P. H. / [1697] The Bank of England, and their present method of paying, defended from the aspersions cast on them in a late book entituled, A review of the vniversal remedy for all diseases incident to coin with application to our present circumstances, in a letter to Mr. Locke.
Rigge, Ambrose, 1635?-1705. / [1657] The banner of Gods love, and ensign of righteousness spread over his people in these later dayes.: Wherein the true light shineth, and the mysterie that hath been hid from ages and generations, is revealed to the saints, which is, Christ in us the hope of glory, as our forefathers witnessed, read Col. I. 26, 27, 28, 29. Also, a testimony against them who formerly hath tasted of the good word of God, and of the power of the world to come, who hath cast the law of God behind their backs, and hath trodden under foot the blood of the covenant. ... most especially, those that are called Anabaptists and Independents. Also, a few words in warning to the priests, professors, and people of the town and county of Southhampton. With a few quæries to the rulers and magistrates of England, to try their fruits whether they be according to the Christian magistrates recorded in the Scripture of truth, ... . Set forth most especially for the sake of the honest-hearted, who are not wholly given up to believe lyes, that they may come to know the way of life and peace. Written by me who are called Ambrose Rigge.
Rayment, John. / [1650] The banner of injustice and endlesse oppression displayed to the worlds view, or, The case of John Rayment, citizen and baker of London, stated who for these fifteen years hath been causlesly, maliciously, and wickedly sued in the law and most unjustly persecuted and imprisoned in the Fleet by the wicked prosecution of one John Johns ... / published by Iohn Rayment.
[1656] The Banner of truth displayed: or, A testimony for Christ, and against Anti-Christ. Being the substance of severall consultations, holden and kept by a certain number of Christians, who are waiting for the visible appearance of Christ's kingdome, in and over the world; and residing in and about the City of London.
[1657] The Banners of grace and love displayed in the farther conversion of the Indians in New-England held forth in sundry letters from divers ministers to the corporation established by Parliament, for promoting the Gospel amongst the heathen in New-England : and farther attested by Edm. Callamy, Simon Ashe, VVill Spurstow, Lazarus Seaman, George Griffith, [brace] [brace] Phil Nye, VVilliam Bridge, Henry VVhitfield, Joseph Carryll, Ralph Venning.
Tillam, Thomas. / [1654] Banners of love displaied over the Church of Christ, walking in the order of the Gospel at Hexham: by the out-stretched arm of the King of Saints, against the jesuitical design lately attempted by the false Iew. Or, An answer to a narrative stuff'd with untruths, by four Newcastle gentlemen.:
[1630] A banquet of ieasts. Or Change of cheare Being a collection of moderne jests. Witty ieeres. Pleasant taunts. Merry tales.
[1688-1692] The banquet of musick, or, A collection of the newest and best songs sung at court, and at publick theatres with a thorow-bass for the theorbo-lute, bass-viol, harpsichord, or organ / composed by several of the best masters ; the words by the ingenius wits of this age.
[1566] [The banquett of dainties: for all suche gestes that love moderatt dyate.]
Keach, Elias. / [1696] A banquetting-house full of spiritual delights: or, Hymns and spiritual songs on several occasions. Century. I. By Elias Keach, minister of the Gospel.
Wall, Thomas. / [MDCXCI. 1691] Baptism anatomized being propounded in five queries, viz. I. What water-baptism is? II. What is the end for which it was instituted? III. What giveth right to it? IV. Who are the true administrators of it? V. Whether it be lawful for a man to baptize himself? Wherein the right that the infants of believers have to water-baptism is vindicated: the duty of believing parents in that matter, asserted: and that by the contrary tenet and practise, they ought themselves to be excluded from the Lords-Supper, is plainly and fully proved. And wherein also is proved, that the covenant which God made with Abraham, Gen. 17. and with Israel Exod. ch. 19. and Deut. 29. are the Covenant of Grace in Christ, and not part of the covenant of works made with Adam before his fall. By Thomas Wall.
[1672] Of baptism and the Lord's Supper two short discourses, opening the nature, design, and ends of those two great gospel ordinances, and teaching the holy use and improvement of them.
Norcott, John, d. 1676. / [1694] Baptism discovered plainly & faithfully according to the word of God. Wherein is set forth the glorious pattern of our blessed saviour Jesus Christ, the pattern of all believers in his subjection to baptism. Together, with the example of thousands who were baptized after they believed. By John Norcott, late servant of Jesus Christ, and of his church. The third edition, corrected by Will. Kiffin, and Rich. Claridge. With an appendix by another hand.
Ford, Simon, 1619?-1699. / [1692] Baptism for the dead a sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen of the city of London, on June the 5th, 1692 / by Simon Ford ...
[1674] Baptism, infant-baptism, and Quakerism briefly, but impartially considered, in a letter to a friend with a short disswasive from the impiety, atheism, and popery of our age, in another letter : with an appendix.
Kaye, William. / [1653] Baptism without bason. Or, Plain Scripture-proof against infant-baptism,: I. By way of answer to Mr. Baxter's arguments, and to the exercitations of Mr. Sidenham, teacher to a church a[t] Newcastle, concerning infants baptism: for which that their pretended consequences are from concessions not to be granted, and from Scriptures as mistaken, and absolutely wrested, is clearly discovered. With II. Several questions and answers, positively holding out the minde of Christ in baptizing of believers onely; and that the magistrates may be induced more and more to encourage the preaching thereof in publike. III. A declaration written to the election of grace, who for want of information are of contrary judgment. Written by William Kaye, minister of the Gospel at Stokesley.
Evance, Daniel. / [1655] A baptismal catechisme shewing unto what persons, whether of riper years or as yet infants, the sacrament of baptisme ought to be administred according to the Scripture by that Reverend Minister Mr. Daniel Evance ...
Burges, Cornelius, 1589?-1665. / [Ann. Dom. 1629] Baptismall regeneration of elect infants professed by the Church of England, according to the Scriptures, the primitiue Church, the present reformed churches, and many particular divines apart. By Cor: Burges ...
Lawson, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1677/8] Baptismalogia, or, A treatise concerning baptisms whereto is added a discourse concerning the supper, bread and vvine, called also, communion / by Thomas Lawson.
Walker, William, 1623-1684. / [1678] Baptismåon didachåe, the doctrine of baptisms, or, A discourse of dipping and sprinkling wherein is shewed the lawfulness of other ways of baptization, besides that of a total immersion, and objections against it answered / by William Walker ...
Lawrence, Henry, 1600-1664. / [Printed in the yeare 1646] Of baptisme.: The heads and order of such things as are especially insisted on, you will find in the table of chapters.
J. E. / [1648] Baptismes in their verity: or, The baptisme of John, and the baptisme of Christ what they are in truth, as they are described in the scriptures of truth. And of what necessitie they are unto salvation. In a plain and brief manner herein declared. By one of the most unworthy servants of Christ, J.E.
Gosnold, John, 1625?-1678. / [1657] Baptismōn didachēs Of the doctrine of baptisms ..., or, A discourse of the baptism of water and of the spirit / by John Gosnold ...
Morford, Thomas, d. 1693. / [1660] The Baptist and Independent Churches (so called) set on fire by a bright shining light revealed from heaven their pastors and teachers scorching in the flame of it, gnashing and blaspheming God in his temple ... / by ... Thomas Morford.
Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. / [1675] The Baptists answer to Mr. Obed. Wills, his appeal against Mr. H. Danvers
Warmstry, Thomas, 1610-1665. / [1658] The baptized Turk, or, A narrative of the happy conversion of Signior Rigep Dandulo, the onely son of a silk merchant in the Isle of Tzio, from the delusions of that great impostor Mahomet, unto the Christian religion and of his admission unto baptism by Mr. Gunning at Excester-house Chappel the 8th of Novemb., 1657 / drawn up by Tho. Warmstry.
Timson, John. / [1654] The bar to free admission to the Lords Supper removed, or, A vindication of Mr. Humfreys free admission to the sacrament of the Lords Supper wherein the most materiall exceptions and objections of Doctor Drake against it in his book called A bar to free admission &c. are taken off and answered : whereunto is annexed an expostulatory speech unto them of the Congregationall way : and also an examination of the book called A Scripture rail to the communion table, by some ministers in Glocester-shire / by John Timson.
R. D. (Roger Drake), 1608-1669. / [1656] The bar, against free admission to the Lords Supper, fixed. Or, An answer to Mr. Humphrey his Rejoynder, or, reply.: By Roger Drake minister of Peters Cheap, London.
[1690] Barbarous and bloody news from the parish of St. Giles's being a true account of two horrid murders, committed on the bodies of a widow gentlewoman and her neice on Saturday the 13th instant ...
[1642] A Barbarous and inhumane speech spoken by the Lord Wentworth, sonne to the late Earle of Straford: vvherein he incourageth his souldiers to plunder townes, and ravish virgins, with many more inhumane outrages. Also a protestation made by the said Lord Wentworth. Wherein he sollemnely protesteth to revenge his fathers death on all the Kingdome. Likewise a true relation of a cruell combate that happened betweene the said Lord Wentworths regiment, and the regiment under the command of Prince Robert. Where they slew above 800. of their owne men, in striving who should plunder the towne of Cieitur on thursday December 21.
Rudyard, Thomas, d. 1692. / [Printed in the year 1674] The Barbican-cheat detected, or, Injustice arraigned being a brief and sober disquisition of the procedure of the Anabaptists late-erectecd judicature in Barbican, London, the 28th of the moneth called August, 1674 : with some observations upon their pretended account thereof, in their pamphlet term'd, The Quakers appeal answered / by Thomas Rudyard.
Jesserson, Susanna. / [1675] A bargain for bachelors, or, The best wife in the world for a penny fairly offered to young-men for directing their choice, and to maids for their imitation / by Mrs. Susanna Jesserson.
[1692] The bargain which the Duke of Luxembourg general of the troops of France, made with the devil, to win batles [sic]; and to be loved of the Kings of France, and of all the lords and ladies of that court; with the tricks and cheats of the devil. Containing twenty four articles. In a letter from Paris to one at London, June 10: 1692. Translated out of French.
W. N., Gent. / [1607] Barley-breake, or, A vvarning for vvantons. Written by W.N. Gent.
Oldenbarnevelt, Johan van, 1547-1619. / [1618] Barneuels apology: or Holland mysterie¨ With marginall castigations.
[16. April 1646] Barnstable agreed to be surrendred to Sr. Thomas Fairfax: vvith all the ordnance, armes, and ammunition, and upon what tearmes: vvith a copy of seven articles (of the chiefe of those) for surrendring of Exeter; and the manner of the armyes march towards Oxford. These being true copies of letters examined, and printed according to order of Parliament.
[1700] Baron and feme a treatise of the common law concerning husbands and wives.
[printed in the year, 1659] Baron Tomlin's learned speech to the sheriffs of London and Middlesex, vvhen they came to be sworn at the Exchequer.:
Potter, Barnaby, 1577-1642. / [1613] The baronets buriall, or A funerall sermon preached at the solemnitie of that honourable baronet Sr Edvvard Seymours buriall. By Barnaby Potter Bachelor in Divinitie, fellow of Queenes College in Oxford, and preacher to the towne of Tottnes in Devon.
Hondius, Hendrik, b. 1573. / [anno 1637] Baronnie van Breda
Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. / [1623] The barren tree a sermon preached at Pauls crosse October 26. 1623 / by Tho. Adams.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1616] The barren trees doome a sermon preached at Newbery on the fifth day of August. Beeing the day of his Maiesties most happy deliuerance from the bloudy conspiracie of the Earle of Gowry and his brother Alexander. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelour in Diuinitie, and vicar of Collingborne Kingstone in the countie of Wiltes.
Cooke, Edward, fl. 1626-1631. / [1631] Bartas Iunior: or, The worlds epitome; man Set forth in his 1. generation, 2. degeneration, 3. regeneration.
[Printed in the yeer, 1649] A Bartholmevv Fairing, new, new, new: sent from the raised siege before Dublin, as a preparatory present to the great thanksgiving-day. To be communicated onely to Independents.
Stockwood, John, d. 1610. / [1589] A Bartholmew fairing for parentes to bestow vpon their sonnes and daughters, and for one friend to giue vnto another: shevving that children are not to marie, without the consent of their parentes, in whose povver and choise it lieth to prouide wiues and husbandes for their sonnes and daughters. Wherin is sufficiently prooued, what in this point is the office of the fathers and in like maner declared the part and duty of all obedient children. By Iohn Stockvvood, minister and preacher of Tunbridge.
[1641] Bartholomevv faire or Variety of fancies, vvhere you may find a faire of vvares, and all to please your mind. With the severall enormityes and misdemeanours, which are there seene and acted.
Bartlett, C. / [1660?] Bartlett, at the Golden Ball, by the tavern in Prescot-street in Goodmans-fields, London. His inventions of steel trusses and instruments, medicines and methods to cure ruptures, faults of the testicles, and falling out of the fundament or womb, and make the weak strong and the crooked strait. ...
Wilkinson, Robert, Dr. in Divinity. / [1617] Barvvick bridge: or England and Scotland coupled In a sermon tending to peace and vnitie. Preached before the King at Saint Andrewes in Scotland. Anno Domini. 1617. Iulij 13. By Robert Wilkinson Dr. in Diuinitie, and chaplaine to his Maiestie.
Basilius Valentinus. / [1678] Basil Valentine his Triumphant chariot of antimony with annotations of Theodore Kirkringius, M.D. : with the true book of the learned Synesius, a Greek abbot, taken out of the Emperour's library, concerning the philosopher's stone.
Bentall, Edward. / [1660] Basileus basileon, or, The regality of Jesus Christ, King of Zion opened, vindicated, advanced in a sermon preached at St. Maries, Oxon, Jun. 26, 1659.
Howe, Obadiah, 1615. Basilidi dåoron. or, The royal present as it was delivered in a sermon, in the parish-church of Boston, Octob. 9, 1663, at the arch-diaconal visitation of the reverend and right worshipfull Raphael Throckmorton, D.D. and arch-deacon of Lincoln / by Obadiah Howe ...
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [M.D.C.III. 1603] Basilikon dōron. Or His Majesties instructions to his dearest sonne, Henry the prince
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [1604.. ] [Basilikon dōron]: neu, Athrawiaeth i fawredh yw anwylaf fab Henri'r tywyfog. Basilikon doron: or, His maiesties instructions to his deerest sonne, Henrie the prince: / Wedi i gyfiaethu i'r gwir Frit tannaiah aeg trwy dhyfalrwydh a thrafael M. Robert Holland, gwenidog eglwys Lhan Dhyfrwr. ; Ac achau mawrhydi'r brenhin a hanesferr yr amferoedh berthyna dwy i'rheini gwedyi i cafclu, i crynhoy au gofod ar lawr mewn trefn gan M. Siers Owen Harri gwenidog yr eglwys wen Yngihemmeis..
Basilius Valentinus. / [1658] Basilius Valentinus, monk, of the Order of St. Bennet: his last will and testament Which being alone, he hid under a table of marble, behinde the high-altar of the Cathedral Church, in the Imperial City of Erford: leaving it there to be found by him, whom Gods providence should make worthy of it. Wherein, he sufficiently, declares the wayes he wrought to obtain the philosophers stone: which he taught unto his fellow collegians, so that they all attained the said philosophers stone, whereby not onely the leprous bodies of the impure, and inferior metals are reduced unto the pure and perfect body of gold and silver, but also all manner of diseases whatsoever are cured in the bodies of unhealthfull men, and kept thereby in perfect health unto the prolonging of their lives. A work long expected.
[1560] Bassus certaine notes set forth in foure and three parts to be song at the morning communion, and euening praier very necessarie for the Church of Christe to be frequented and vsed: & vnto them added diuers godly praiers & Psalmes in the the like forme to the honor & praise of God.
Manuche, Cosmo, fl. 1650-1652. / [1652] The bastard, a tragedy
[1675] The Batchellors answer to the maids complaint, or, The Young men's vindication cleering themselves from those unjust aspersions, and setting forth the subtle tricks and vices of the female party : with the terms they resolve to stand upon if ever they marry.
[1677] The Batchellors banquet, or, A banquet for batchellors wherein is prepared sundry dainty dishes to furnish their tables curiously drest and seriously served in : [p]leasantly discoursing the variable humours of women, their quickness of wits and unsearchable deceits.
[1694] The batchelor's directory being a treatise of the excellence of marriage, of its necessity, and the means to live happy in it : together with an apology for the women against the calumnies of the men.
[1675?] The batchelor's triumph: or, The single-man's happiness. A hen-peck'd husband's like a slave, who wears his masters fetters, whom each whisper scares; his thoughts are all to please his wife, not knows he other hell, then what her frowns disclose: what mad-men then will be such fools, when they without controul, may love and freedom sway. To the tune of, For what is man, &c. With allowance.
L. P. (Laurence Price), fl. 1625-1680? / [1636] The batchelors feast, or, The difference betwixt, a single life and a double: being the batchelors pleasure, and the married mans trouble, to a pleasant new tune called, With a hie dildo, dill.
[ca. 1701?] Bateman's tragedy; or, the perjur'd bride justly rewarded Being the history of the unfortunate love of German's wife and young Bateman.
Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600? / [The yere of our Lord. M.D.L. 1550] The baterie of the Popes Botereulx, commonly called the high altare. Compiled by W.S. in the yere of oure Lorde. 1550.
Pierce, Robert, 1622-1710. / [1697] Bath memoirs: or, observations in three and forty years practice, at the Bath what cures have been there wrought, (both by bathing and drinking these waters by God's blessing, on the directions of Robert Peirce, Dr. in physick, and Fellow of the College of Physicians in London, a constant inhabitant in Bath, from the year 1653. to this present year 1697.
Jones, John, physician. / [13. Maij. 1572] The bathes of Bathes ayde: wonderfull and most excellent, agaynst very many sicknesses, approued by authoritie, confirmed by reason, and dayly tryed by experience: vvith the antiquitie, commoditie, propertie, knovvledge, vse, aphorismes, diet, medicine, and other thinges therto be considered and obserued. / Compendiously compiled by Iohn Iones phisition. Anno salutis. 1572. At Asple Hall besydes Nottingham.
[1614] Bathshebaes instructions to her sonne Lemuel containing a fruitfull and plaine exposition of the last chapter of the Prouerbs. Describing the duties of a great-man, and the vertures of a gracious woman. Penned by a godly and learned man, now with God. Perused, and published for the use of Gods church, by Iohn Dod, and William Hinde.
[1634] Batrachomyomachia: or: The wonderfull and bloudy battell betweene frogs and mice: The occasion of their falling out: their preparation, munition, and resolution for the warres: the severall combats of every person of worth, with many other memorable accidents. Interlaced with divers pithy and morall sentences, no lesse pleasant to be read, then profitable to be observed. Paraphrastically done into English heroycall verse, by William Fowldes, late one of the cursitors of his Majesties high Court of Chancery.
Speed, John, 1628-1711. / [1694] Batt upon Batt a poem upon the parts, patience, and pains of Barth. Kempster, clerk, poet, cutler, of Holy-Rood-parish in Southampton / by a person of quality ; to which is annexed The vision, wherein is described Batt's person and ingenuity, with an account of the ancient and present state and glory of Southampton by the same author.
Speed, John, 1628-1711. / [1690] Batt upon Batt. A poem upon the parts, patience, and pains, of Barth. Kempster, clerk, poet, cutler, of Holy-Rood-Parish in Southampton. By a person of quality. To which is annexed the vision, wherein is described Batt's person and ingenuity; with an account of the antient and present state and glory of Southampton. By the same author. Dedicated to the gentry of Hampshire, for their diversion: but more especially to the inhabitants of Southampton.
[Printed 1647] A battaile fought betvveen a Presbyterian cock of the right breed, and a craven of the Independent breed. With the cravens desire, that the quarrell may be ended, either upon Tower-Hill, or at the narrow place turning up to Padington. Also the sad complaint the craven made to some of his friends at his death, that he could not be buryed, and intomb'd as Presbytery John was, he therefore only desires one of the beadles of Bride-Well to be his excequetor. With the Presbyterian cocks epistle to the heads-man.
[1600] The battaile fovght betvveene Count Maurice of Nassaw, and Albertus arch-duke of Austria, nere Newport in Flaunders, the xxij. of Iune 1600 with the names of such men of accompt as haue beene either slaine, hurt, or taken prisoners by either part. Written by a gentleman imploied in the said seruice.
[M.DC XLIII. 1643] The battaile on Hopton-Heath in Staffordshire,: betweene His Majesties forces under the Right Honourable the Earle of Northampton, and those of the rebels, March 19. Together with a letter from the Lord Compton now Earle of Northampton.
[1694] The battel at sea
[1621] A battell of birds most strangly fought in Ireland, vpon the eight day of September last, 1621. where neere vnto the citty of Corke, ...
Lightfoot, Peter, 17th cent. / [Printed in the Yeare, 1649] A battell with a vvaspes nest, or, A reply to an angry and railing pamphlet, written by Master Joseph Heming, called Judas excommunicated, or A vindication of the communion of saints &c.: wherein his arguments are answered, his abuses whipt and stript, the question whether Judas received the sacrament debated, and the affirmative proved ...
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1695] Batteries upon the kingdom of the devil seasonable discourses upon some common, but woful, instances, wherein men gratifie the grand enemy of their salvation / by Mr. Cotton Mather ...
Bugg, Francis, 1640-1724? / [Jan. 12, 1690/1] Battering rams against New Rome containing a farther discovery of the grand hypocrisie of the leaders and teachers of the people called Quakers : together with a publick challenge to meet G. Fox, G. Whitehead, W. Penn, and S. Cater to prove matters of fact : to which are added some queries propounded to their Protestant hearers who are not of G.F.'s party / by Francis Bugg.
[1680?] Battering rams against Rome's gates, made to be the remark of her character, whom her children and once subjects now begin to hate.
J. P. ((John Perrot)), d. 1671? / [1661] Battering rams against Rome; or, The battel of John the follower of the lamb, fought with the pope and his priests, whilst he was a prisoner in the inquisition-prison of Rome. Also, a certain remonstrance of righteous reason, written in Rome-prison of mad-men, unto all Rome's rulers. Together with a post-script, to all tender-hearted Roman Catholicks.
Lockyer, Nicholas, 1611-1685. / [1643] Baulme for bleeding England and Ireland, or, Seasonable instructions for persecuted Christians delivered in severall sermons / by Nicholas Lockyer.
Misomastropus. / [MDCLXXIX 1679] The bawds tryal and execution also, a short account of her whole life & travels / written by Misomastropus.
Baynes Roger, 1546-1623. / [M. DC.XVII. 1617] The baynes of Aquisgrane, the I. part & I. volume, intituled Variety Contayning three bookes, in the forme of dialogues, vnder the titles following, viz. Profit, pleasure, honour. Furnished with diuers things, no lesse delightfull, then beneficiall to be knowne, and obserued. Roger Baynes gent. a long exile out of England, not for any temporall respect.
Croll, Oswald, ca. 1560-1609. / [1670] Bazilica chymica, & Praxis chymiatricæ, or, Royal and practical chymistry in three treatises : wherein all those excellent medicines and chymical preparations are fully discovered, from whence all our modern chymists have drawn their choicest remedies : being a translation of Oswald Crollius, his Royal chymistry, augmented and inlarged by John Hartman : to which is added his Treatise of signatures of internal things, or, A true and lively anatomy of the greater and lesser world : as also, The practice of chymistry of John Hartman, M.D., augmented and inlarged by his son / all faithfully Englished by a lover of chymistry.
[1618] Baziliōlogia a booke of kings beeing the true and liuely effigies of all our English kings from the Conquest vntill this present: with their seuerall coats of: armes, impreses and devises: and a briefe chronologie of their liues and deaths. Elegantly grauen in copper.
Bartlet, William, 1609 or 10-1682. / [1649] [Baʻal-samz] or, Soveraigne balsome,: gently applied in a few weighty considerations (by way of quærie) for healing the distempers of such professors of religion as Satan hath wounded and drawn aside (under the notion of living in God) to the utter renouncing and casting off the use of divine ordinances, and Gospel-institutions of worship. With an apendix by way of postscript to such professors, wherein the most principall grounds upon which they build their practise, are fully answered and removed. And a catalogue of the errors that many of them hold since they left the ordinances, discovered. As also a true relation of Gods extraordinary working upon one of this way very lately in Plimouth, to the sight of his error, for the good of others published. / By Will. Bartlet, an unworthy minister of the Gospel, and lecturer at Bytheford in Devonshire.