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Lover of the true interest of his country. / [1696] Awake Sampson, the Philistines are upon thee! or, A caution to England to take heed to her locks, least they being cut off by intrigues, she be made to grind at the mill of France ... by a lover of the true interest of his country.
Corbyn, Samuel. / [1672] An awakening call from the eternal God to the unconverted More advice to them that are under convictions; and some scruples of the tempted resolved. By Samuel Corbyn. M.A.
Tomlinson, William. / [1673] An awakening voice to the Papists declaring to them the fallen state of the Pope from Peter's, and of the Church of Rome from what it once was : in love to the souls of those who have any uprightness in their hearts towards the Lord (but through ignorance are held in bondage) that they may be awaked, and see where they lie, and if any shall smother these things, lest they should come to the sight or knowledge of that people, let them take heed, that they bring not upon themselves the guilt of their blood / William Tomlinson.
Serrurier, Petrus. / [1662] An awakening warning to the wofull world by a voyce in three nations uttered in a brief dissertation concerning that fatal and to be admired conjunction of all the planets in one and the same sign, Sagittarius ... to come to pass the 1/11 day of December, anno 1662 : in which it is clearly evinced, as well by S. Scriptures ... that the glorious coming of Jesus Christ is at hand ... / autore Petro Serario.
[1684] An awakening word in season to the grand-jury-men of the nation
[in the year 1664] An Awakening word to the churches, saints, and professors in this slumbring and sleepy day