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Gentleman that loves men more than money. / [1666] Avaritia coram tribunali: or, the miser arraign'd at the bar of scripture and reason for his sinful neglect of charity, in this present lamentable and dreadful visitation of the plague. By a gentleman that loves men more than money.
Averroës, 1126-1198. / [1695] Averroeana being a transcript of several letters from Averroes an Arabian philosopher at Corduba in Spain, to Metrodorus a young Grecian nobleman, student at Athens in the years 1149 and 1150 : also several letters from Pythagoras to the King of India, together with his reception at the Indian court, and an account of his discourse with the King, and his gymnosophists, and his rules and precepts : his account of the power and efficacy of numbers, and magical uses thereof : to which is prefixt, a Latin letter by Monsieur Grinau, one of the Messieurs du Port Royal in France, to the ingenious Monsieur Gramont, merchant at Amsterdam, concerning the subject of these papers, and how they came to his hands : the whole containing matters highly philosophical, physiological, Pythagorical and medicinal, the work having been long conceal'd is now put into English for the benefit of mankind, and the rectification of learned mistakes.
[anno M. D. C. V. 1605] Avght considerations to move al men to inqvire and imbrace, with ane earnest affection, the veritie of faith and religion, which onlie is ane, and which onlie bringeth to saluation, amangs sa monie contrarious sectes, as pretendeth to haue ye same. Cvm privilegio
R. S. / [1675] Avona, or, A transient view of the benefit of making rivers of this kingdom navigable occasioned by observing the scituation of the city of Salisbury upon the Avon, and the consequence of opening that river to that city : communicated by letter to a friend at London / by R.S.
[1660] Avvay vvith't quoth VVashington, or, The phanatick general vindicated over the left shoulder.