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Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. / [1660?] Against Babylon and her merchants in England ... written by one that travels in spirit for Sions deliverance, John Anderdon.
Holyday, Barten, 1593-1661. / [1661] Against disloyalty fower sermons preach'd in the times of the late troubles / by Barten Holyday., D.D., Arch=deacon of Oxford, and chaplain to His late Majesty, Charles the First, of blessed memory.
Lightbody, George. / [1638] Against the apple of the left eye of antichrist, or the masse book of lurking darknesse making way for the apple of the right eye of antichrist, the compleat masse book of palpable darknesse : this apple of the left eye, commonly called, the liturgie, or service book, is in great use both among the halting papists, and compleat papists, and the things written heere are also against the compleat masse book.
[1566] Against the detestable masse, and more then abhominable popishe heresie Translated out of French into Englishe. Articles moste certain and true. 1566. Perused and allowed, accordyng vnto the Quenes Maieiesties [sic] iniunccions.
[1660] Against the observation of a day in memory of Christs birth written in 1659. and now tendred to the consideration of all sober and serious persons, this present Decemb. 1660. by a reverend divine.
Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. / [Printed in the yeare when the astrologers and mountebanks lost their judgments, 29 March, 1652] Against VVilliam Li-Lie (alias) Lillie: that most audacious atheisticall rayling Rabsheca, that impious witch or wizzard, and most abhominable sorcerer, or star-gazer of London, and all his odious almanacks, and others. / Written by John Viccars schoolemaster of Christ Hospitall, few dayes before his death, which he had prepared for the Black Munday, turned white since his dissolution.
Smythies, William, d. 1715. / [1671] Agapai aspilai The Norfolk feast : a sermon preached at St. Dunstans in the East, upon the 18th of July, 1671, being the day of the anniversary feast for that county, for some years omitted, but now intended to be continued / by a minister of that county.
Clarke, William, d. 1679. / [1656] Agapai aspiloi, or The innocent love-feast. Being a sermon preached at S. Lawrence Jury in London, the sixth day of September, Anno Domini 1655. On the publick festival of the county of Hertford; and published this present May 1656. / By William Clarke.
Hoy, Thomas, 1659-1718? / [1683] Agathocles the Sicilian usurper¨ A poem¨.
[1660] The age of vvonders, or Miracles are not ceased. Being a true but strange relation of a child born at Burslem in Stafford-shire, who, before it was three quarters old, spake and prophesied strange and wonderful things touching the king ... affirmed in a letter by Mr. Colclough, Justice of the Peace, to Colonel Pury; and attended upon oath by Elizabeth Locket and her husband, the childs nurse.
[ca. 1655] The Ages of sin, or, Sinnes birth & groweth with the stepps and degrees of sin, from thought to finall impenitencie.
Vaumorière, M. de (Pierre Ortigue), 1610-1693. / [1686] Agiatis, Queen of Sparta, or, The civil wars of the Lacedemonians in the reigns of the Kings Agis and Leonidas : in two parts / translated out of the French.
Hurst, Henry, 1629-1690. / [1659] Agnoia tou psychikou anthråopou, or, The inability of the highest improved naturall man to attaine a sufficient and right knowledge of indwelling sinne discovered in three sermons, preached at St. Marie's in Oxford / by Henry Hurst ...
[1657] The agreement and resolution of severall associated ministers in the County of Corke for the ordaining of ministers
[1659] The Agreement and resolution of the ministers of Christ associated within the city of Dublin and province of Leinster for furthering of a real and thorough reformation according to the written word of God
[1647] The agreement between the commissioners of Parliament, and his excellencie Sr. Thomas Fairfax, and his chief officers, for disbanding all the supernumerarie forces of this kingdom, for taking off of free-quarter, and for drawing all the Army into the severall garrisons of his kingdome. Reported by the said commissioners to the House of Commons, on friday the 17. of Decemb. instant. And printed for the generall satisfaction of the Kingdom. Also a petition from the farmers of the county of Surrey : and his Excellencies answer thereunto, concerning the Landlords bearing equall burthen with the tennant in free-quarter. Imprimatur Gilb: Mabbot.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) / [1642] An agreement betwixt His Majesty and the inhabitants of the county of Oxford. For provisions for His Majestie's horses billited in this county.
[1693] The Agreement in doctrine among the dissenting ministers in London, subscribed Decemb. 16. 1692
[1656] The Agreement of divers ministers of Christ in the county of Worcester, and some adjacent parts, for catechizing or personal instructing all in their parishes, that will consent thereunto. Containing I. The articles of our agreement. II. An exhortation to the people to submit to this necessary work. III. The profession of faith, and catechism, which we desire them first to learn.
[1659] The Agreement of the associated ministers in the county of Norfolk and city and county of Norwich concerning publick catechizing, and their resolutions to revive it in their severall congregations together with some explanatory discourses annexed, declaring the particular grounds, moving to the agreement expressed in the severall articles : to which is also subjoyned, an exhortation to the members of their respective congregations, exciting them to a submission and mutuall assistance of their ministers in this method of instruction.
[1658] The agreement of the associated ministers of the county of Essex: proposed to their particular congregations, and to all such of the county that love the churches peace; with a word of exhortation to brotherly union.
[1649] An agreement of the free people of England. Tendered as a peace-offering to this distressed nation. By Lieutenant Colonel Iohn Lilburne, Master William Walwyn, Master Thomas Prince, and Master Richard Overton, prisoners in the Tower of London, May the 1. 1649
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. / [1689] The agreement of the House of Lords, during this session, with the concurrence of the House of Commons, to this present eleventh. of February, in the great affair of these nations
[Printed anno Dom. 1647] An agreement of the people for a firme and present peace, upon grounds of common-right and freedome;: as it was proposed by the agents of the five regiments of horse; and since by the generall approbation of the Army, offered to the joynt concurrence of all the free commons of England. The names of the regiments which have already appeared for the case, of The case of the Army truly stated, and for this present agreement, viz. 1. Gen. Regiment. 2. Life-Guard. 3. Lieut. Gen. Regiment. 4. Com. Gen. Regiment. 5. Col. Whaleyes Reg. 6. Col. Riches Reg. 7. Col. Fleetwoods Reg. 8. Col. Harisons Reg. 9. Col. Twisldens Reg. of Horse 1. Gen. Regiment. 2. Col. Sir Hardresse Wallers Reg. 3. Col. Lamberts Reg. 4. Col. Rainsboroughs Regiment. 5. Col. Overtons Reg. 6. Col. Lilburns Reg. 7. Col. Backsters Reg. Of foot.
[1649] An agreement of the people of England and the places therewith incorporated for a secure and present peace, upon grounds of common right, freedom and safety.
Nye, Stephen, 1648?-1719. / [MDCXCVII 1697] The agreement of the Unitarians with the Catholick Church being also a full answer to the infamations of Mr. Edwards and the needless exceptions of my Lords the Bishops of Chichester, Worcester and Sarum, and of Monsieur De Luzancy.
[1649] An Agreement prepared for the people of England and the places therewith incorporated, for a secure and present peace, upon grounds of common right, freedom and safety also, a declaration of the General Councel of Officers, concerning the same : with a petition of His Excellency and the said General Councel, presented therewith, Saturday, January 20,
Angel, John, fl. 1555. / [1555?] The agrement of the holye fathers, and doctors of the churche, vpon the cheifest articles of Christian religion as appeareth on the nexte syde folowinge, very necessary for all curates. Gathered together by Iohn Aungell preist, one of the Quenes maiesties chapleyns.
Streater, Aaron, b. 1609 or 10. / [Printed 1641] An ague, vvhich hitherto amongst all sorts hath beene accounted the physitians shame both for definition and cure, (thus farre hath ignorance prevailed) but that the contrary is manifest, appeareth sufficiently by this following definition: and shall be cured whether tertian, quartern, or quotidian, by me Aaron Streater, physitian of arts in Oxford approved by authority: the Kings Majesties servant in ordinary, and dwelling against the Temple, three houses up in Chancerie-Lane, next house to the golden Anchor.