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James, John, b. 1649. / [1678] Ad clerum a visitation sermon preached at Beckonsfield in the county of Bucks, April the 9th, 1678 / by John James ...
[1645] Ad deliberationem gaolæ Domini Regis de Newgate tentam pro civitate London, apud Iustice-Hall in le Old Baily, in parochia Sancti Sepulchuri in warda de Faringdon extra London, die Mercurii, scilicet decimo sexto de Aprilis, anno Regni Domini nostri Caroli, ... or, the better ordering, establishment and service of the watches, to be from henceforth duely observed and kept within the city of London and Liberties thereof, ...
Davenant, John, ca. 1572-1641. / [M D XL. 1640] Ad fraternam communionem inter evangelicas ecclesias restaurandam adhortatio in eo fundata, quáod non dissentiant in ullo fundamentali catholicæ fidei articulo. Per Reverendum in Christo patrem, Johann. Davenantium Episcopum Sarisburiensem.
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Middlesex) / [1692] Ad general' quarterial' session' pacis dom' regis & dom' reginæ, tent' pro com.' Midd.' apud Hicks's-Hall in St. John's-Street, in Com.' præd' die Lunæ scilicet vicessimo septimo die Junii, Anno Regni Dom' & Dom' nostr' Gulielmi & Mariæ, Dei gratia, Ang. Scot. Fran. & Hib. Regis et Reginæ ...
England and Wales. Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace (Middlesex) / [1691/2 i.e. 1692] Ad general' quarterial' session' pacis dom' regis & reginæ, tent' pro com.' Midd. apud Hicks-Hall in St. John's-Street, in Com. præd' die Mercurii scilicet decimo tertio die Januarii Anno Regni Dom' Gulielmi & Dom' Mariæ nunc Regis et Reginæ Angliæ &c. ...
City of London (England). / [1700] Ad general' quarterial' session' pacis domini regis tent' pro civitat' London' apud Guihald' ejusdem civitatis, ac infra eand' civitat' die Veneris scilicet decimo die Januarii anno regni domini nostri Willielmi tertii ... whereas many murders, manslaughters and other great disorders are frequently committed and done in divers taverns and other publick houses within this city and the liberties thereof by disorderly persons resorting thereto ...
West Riding of Yorkshire (England). Grand Jury. / [1683] Ad general. session. pacis Dom. Regis tent. apud Doncaster, per adjourn. in & per le West Rid. Com. præd. decimo sexto die Januarii, Anno Regni Dom. nostri Caroli secundi nunc Regis Angl. &c. tricesimo quarto: the humble presentment of the Grand Jury at the said sessions, as followeth.
Essex (England) / [1630] Ad generalem sessionem pacis pro comitatu prædicto tent. apud Chelmisford in dicto comitatu die Martis quinto die Octobris anno regni Domini nostri Caroli ... whereas the Lords of His Majesties most honourable Privie Councell by His Highnesse expresse direction have by their severall letters commended unto us severall instructions ...
Turner, William, d. 1568. / [1641] Ad nobilem Britannium, or, An abstract for Englands royall peeres by W. Turner.
Hausted, Peter, d. 1645. / [in the yeare 1644] Ad populum: or, A lecture to the people.:
[1653] Ad populum: or, A low-country lecture to the people of England, after a Thanksgiving dinner, Aug. 25. 1653. Whereunto is annexed an epitaph vpn M. H: Vanthromp, made by his owne secretary, and faithfully translated into English, word for word. With, another more sober epitaph by a concealed author.
City of London (England). / [1682] Ad session' Oyer' & terminer' & general' quarterial' session' pacis domini regis tent' pro civitat' London per adjournament' apud Justice-Hall in le Old-Baily London, die Veneris scil' tertio decimo die Octobris anno regni regis Caroli Secundi, hunc Angl' &c. tricesimo quarto for preventing inconveniences that may happen by persons keeping ale-houses and victualing-houses, who dissent from the Church of England ...
Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. / [M D C XXIIII 1624] Ad Seuerinum Binnium Louaniensem theologum epistola commonitoria super conciliorum generalium editione ab ipso nuper adornata. Per quendam theolgiæ canditatum ex Magna Britannia. Si amicus Bellarminus; amicus Binnius, magis amica veritas.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1686] Ad testimonium a sermon on the King's day, February the 6th, 1685/6 at St Katharine Coleman's, London / by S.P.
R. B. / [1668] Adagia Scotica, or, A collection of Scotch proverbs and proverbial phrases collected by R.B. ...
Shaw, Samuel, 1635-1696. / [1692] Adam Abel, or, Vain man a discourse fitted for funeral occasions, but serviceable to men in all ages and conditions of life to make them humble and heavenly-minded / by Samuel Shaw ...
Worshipful Company of Gardeners (London, England) / [1700?] Adam armed: or, An essay;: endeavouring to prove the advantages and improvements the kingdom may receive, and the inconveniencies and impediments it may avoid and remedy, by the means of a well-ordered and duly ratified charter for incorporating and regulating the professors of the art of gardening, humbly offered and presented by the master and company of the same.
Coles, William, 1626-1662. / [1657] Adam in Eden, or, Natures paradise the history of plants, fruits, herbs and flowers with their several names ... the places where they grow, their descriptions and kinds, their times of flourishing and decreasing as also their several signatures, anatomical appropriations and particular physical vertues together with necessary observations on the seasons of planting and gathering of our English simples with directions how to preserve them in their compositions or otherwise : ... there is annexed a Latin and English table of the several names of simples, with another more particular table of the diseases and their cures ... / by William Coles ...
Bloys, William, 17th cent. / [1638] Adam in his innocencie. By William Bloys, esquire
Speed, Adolphus, fl. 1652-1659. / [1659 i.e. 1658] Adam out of Eden: or, an abstract of divers excellent experiments touching the advancement of husbandry. Shewing, among very many other things, an aprovement of ground by rabbiss [sic],from 200 l. annual rent, to 2000 l. yearly profit, all charges deducted. / By Ad. Speed. Gent.
Holland, Hezekiah, fl. 1638-1661. / [1656] Adam's condition in paradise discovered wherein is proved that Adam had right to eternall life, in innocency, and forfeited it, for him and his : also, a treatise of the lawful ministry, and the manner of Sion's redemption opened, in answer to a book of George Hammond ... / by Hezekiah Holland ...
Rabisha, William. / [1649] Adam unvailed, and seen with open face: or, Israel's right way from Egypt to Canaan, lately discovered. Wherein his estate is laid down, opened and compared with ours, under severall dispensations; in opposition to what ever hath been formerly declared by most men: in which many excellent truths appear, to the great comfort and consolation of all those that are made capable of it. By William Rabisha.
[ca. 1505] [Adambel Clym of the cloughe, and Wyllyam of Cloudesle]
Couchman, Obadiah. / [1641] The Adamites sermon containing their manner of preaching, expounding, and prophesying, as it was delivered in Marie-bone Park / by Obadiah Couchman, a grave weaver, dwelling in Southwark, who with his companie were taken and discovered by the constable and other officers of that place, by the meanes of a womans husband who dogged them hither, and some part likewise by meanes of a gentlewoman, a widow who is a ministers daughter in the citie of London, who was almost perswaded to become one of their societie, if her father had not disswaded her from it ; also a dialogue between an Adamite and a Brownist, concerning their religion, &c.
Savile, Thomas, fl. 1595-1613. / [1611] Adams garden. A meditation of thankfulnesse and praises vnto the Lord, for the returne and restore of Adam and his posteritie: planted as flowers in a garden, and published by a gentle-man, long exercised, and happilie trained in the schoole of Gods afflictions.
Mabb, John. / [1608] Adams tragedie declaring Satans malice and subtiltie, mans weaknesse and miserie, and his deliuerance from eternall captiuitie.
Turner, John, b. 1649 or 50. / [1686] Addenda & mvtanda, in the late defence of the marriage of an uncle with his niece being the daughter of the half-brother by the father's side / by the author of that defence.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [Anno. M.D.XXXIIII. Cum privilegio. 1534] The addicions of Salem and Byzance.
Hudson, Samuel, 17th cent. / [1658] An addition or postscript to The vindication of the essence and unity of the Church-Catholick visible,: and the priority thereof in regard of particular churches. In answer to the objections made against it, both by Mr. Stone, and some others. / By Samuel Hudson ...
[1690?] An addition to Swinton's case, in relation to his father's pretended forfeiture, upon occasion of the answer to it published by the Earl of Lauderdale.
Moor, Thomas, fl. 1695-1697. / [printed in the year, 1696] An addition to the Clavis aurea with an enquiry upon what terms the salvation of man doth depend; whether entirely on faith or entirely on works, or whether entirely on grace or free-gift. By Thomas Moor, author of the Clavis aurea, living in St. Thomas's in Southwark.
P. J. / [1643. i.e. 1644] An addition to the relation of some passages about the English-Irish army, before they came to the siege at Namptwich.: Wherein are set downe the occurrences at Hawarden Castle. Done for the satisfaction of some gentlemen, and upon their request. Published by authority.
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1633] An addition vnto the vse of the instrument called the circles of proportion, for the working of nauticall questions. Together with certaine necessary considerations and advertisements touching navigation. All which, as also the former rules concerning this instrument are to bee wrought not onely instrumentally, but with the penne, by arithmeticke, and the canon of triangles. Hereunto is also annexed the excellent vse of two rulers for calculation. And is to follow after the 111 page of the first part.
England and Wales. / [1659] An additional Act for bringing in all arrear, and also the growing dutie of excise, new impost, customes, subsidies and prize-goods, until the first day of October 1659.:
England and Wales. / [1685] An additional Act for burying in woollen:
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1652] An additional act for sale of the fee-farm rents·: Thursday the third of June, 1652. Ordered by the Parliament, that this Act be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.
England and Wales. / [1659] An additional Act for setling the militia of the City of Westminster, and the liberties thereof, and places adjacent: Thursday, July 14. 1659. Ordered by the Parliament, that this Act be forthwith printed and published. Thomas St. Nicholas Clerk of the Parliament.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1653] An additional act for stating and determining the accompts of the officers and soldiers of the army in Ireland:
England and Wales. / [1650] An additional act for the better observation of the Lords-Day, days of thanksgiving and humiliation. Die Veneris, decimo nono Aprilis, 1650. Ordered by the Parliament, that this act be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.
England and Wales. / [1649] An additional Act of commissioners for the assessment of the ninety thousand pounds per mensem.:
Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. / [1660] An additional appendix to the book entituled Rusticus ad academicos, or, The country correcting the clergy ... by S. Fisher.
Altham, Michael, 1633-1705. / [1688] The additional articles in Pope Pius's creed, no articles of the Christian faith being an answer to a late pamphlet intituled, Pope Pius his profession of faith vindicated from novelty in additional articles, and the prospect of popery, taken from that authentick record, with short notes thereupon, defended.
Scotland. Parliament. / [1696] Additional articles of regulation concerning the session with His Majesties approbation
Heaman, Roger. / [1655] An additional brief narrative of a late bloody design against the Protestants in Ann Arundel county, and Severn, in Maryland in the country of Virginia.: As also of the extraordinary deliverance of those poor oppressed people. / Set forth by Roger Heaman commander of the Ship Golden Lyon, an eye witness there.
Cromarty, George Mackenzie, Earl of, 1630-1714. / [anno Dom: 1695] Additional considerations to these contained in the letter against raising the value of money
Norwood, Robert, Captain. / [1653] An additional discourse relating unto a treatise lately published by Capt. Robert Norwood, intituled. A pathway unto Englands perfect settlement.: Many things therein are more fully opened, several doubts and objections answered; a brief account given of the ancient laws, customs, and constitutions of this nation, before and since the conquest, so called. With something concerning the Jewish civil constitutions. With a brief answer to Mr. John Spittlehouse, in his book bearing the title, the first addresses to his Excellencie, &c.
[1694] Additional heads proposed by the master-shipwrights of England, in order to amend two ancient charters, dated anno 1605. and anno 1612. who, the better to accommodate navigation, and for the safety of shipping in general, were incorporated one entire company, with power to practice their art and mastery in all rivers, ports, harbours, and roads of England and Wales.
[1695] Additional information for John Abernethy of Mayen, against John Gordon of Rothemay.
Gray, Patrick, Baron, fl. 1695. / [1695?] Additional information for my Lord Gray. Against the Laird of Pourie.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [Feb. 21, 1644] An additional ordinanace of the Lords and Commons in Parliament:: to enable Sir Thomas Middleton knight, serjeant major generall for the sixe counties of North-Wales, to take subscriptions for the raising of forces, for reducing of the said counties to their due obedience, and prevention of the accesse of Irish forces into those parts. And further to enable the said Sir Thomas to put in execution all former ordinances made this present Parliament. Ordered by the Commons in Parliament, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Hen. Elsynge Cler. Parl, Dom. Com.
England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell) / [1654] An additional ordinance for the excise.:
[1689] Additional prayers to be used together with those appointed in the service for the fifth of November
England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II) / [1675/6] An additional proclamation concerning coffee-houses
Playford, John, 1623-1686? / [1673?] An additional sheet to the book entituled, The musical companion
Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? / [1674] An additional supplement to the Eirenikon, or, Peaceable considerations of Christs peaceful kingdome to come upon the earth in the thousand years Rev. 20, lately published, 1665.
Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. / [1674] An additional word to The body of divinity, or Confession of faith; being the substance of Christianity. Added on special occasion, tending further to confirm some truths therein. With a further discourse about the doctrine of election, universal, and special grace, &c. All which were touched in the said Confession of faith, but in this more plainy and fully (though briefly) discoursed and designed for the good of all. Whereunto is annexed a seasonable word of advice, being an essay for peace and union among all the sons and daughters of peace. / Written by Thomas Collier.
England and Wales. / [1659. i.e. 1660] An additionall act for sequestrations.: Tuesday, February 7. 1659. Ordered by the Parliament, that this act be forthwith printed and published. Thomas St. Nicholas, Clerk of the Parliament.
[1649?] An Additionall answer to a pamphlet called A remonstrance, written by Mr. George Lilburne, or to so much of it as concernes Thomas Saunders, Esquire
England and Wales. Commissioners of Excise. / [1654] Additionall orders and rules agreed and resolved by the Commissioners of Excise, to be observed by all sub-commissioners and their deputies in the severall port towns, throughout England and Wales, for the due managing of the said ports in relation to goods imported or exported.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1647] An additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: concerning dayes of recreation, allowed unto schollers, apprentices and other servants. Die Lunæ 28 Junii. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
England and Wales. / [1647] An additionall ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament:: concerning dayes of recreation, allowed unto schollers, apprentices and other servants. Die Lunæ 28 Junii. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1647] An additionall ordinance of the Lords and commons assembled in the Parliament of England, for the more full indempnity of the officers and souldiers who have acted by authority, and for the service of the Parliament: Together with severall votes of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, concerning the same. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this ordinance and votes be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. / [1647] The additionall plea of Lievt. Col. John Lilburne, prerogative prisoner in the Tower of London, the 28. of October, 1647.: Which he sent unto the committee of the House of Commons, where Mr. Iohn Maynard the lawyer hath the chaire, with a letter, which letter thus followeth.
Chidley, Samuel. / [1653] An additionall remonstrance to the valiant and wel-deserving souldier, and the rest of the creditors of the common-wealth: concerning the publick faith; souldiers arrears; and other publick debts, and grievances of the nation. With a little friendly touch to L:Coll: Iohn Lilburne. Written by Samuel Chidley of London Gent.
Fitzgerald, R. (Robert) / [1684] Additions au traité de l'eau de mer douce faisant voir les avantages qui en reviennent tant sur mer que sur terre : avec la lettre de Mr. Boyle & le sentiment du college des medecins de Londres sur la qualité de cette eau : outre les nouvelles experiences du Sieur Nehemie Crew, membre de ce college & de la societé royale / le tout traduit de l'Anglois par le sieur Guy Miege.
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1687] Additions to the history and antiquities of Rutlandshire
Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. / [1651] Additions to the saints everlasting rest, to be put before the second part
University of St. Andrews. / [1689] The addres [sic] of the University of St. Andrews to the King by the rector, vice-chancellor, heads of the colledges, deans of faculties and the rest of the masters and professors of the University of St. Andrews, whose names are insert at the end of their address; also a letter from the arch-bishops and bishops to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty.
[1694] An address against the city bakers.
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee for the French War. / [Re-printed in the year, 1689] An address agreed upon at the committee for the French War, and read in the House of Commons April the 19th, 1689.
[1695] The address and petition of Mr. George Seton the delegate of the jurant Episcopal clergy in the north: with some reflection on the same, by a person qualified according to law, and sincerely weell [sic] affected to this church. Unto His Grace John Earl of Tullibardine, His Majesties High Commissioner.
Moore, Thomas, Senior. / [1656] An address for submissive, peaceable, and loving living together under the present government to the people of the commonwealth of England, however by some called royalists, Presbyterians, independents, or fifth-monarchy-men / by Tho. Moore, senior.
[1682] An Address from Salamanca to her (unknown) off-spring Dr. T.O., concerning the present state of affairs in England
[1681] An address from the justices of the peace of the county of Middlesex: as it was ordered by the court at Hicks's Hall, and humbly presented to His Majesty by the body of the said justices, on Monday, the eighteenth of April, 1681. With His Majesties gracious answer.
[1690] An address given in to the late King James, by the titular Archbishop of Dublin from the General meeting of the Romish bishops and clergy of Ireland, held in May last, by that Kings order : wherein several things relating to the popish designs upon these three kingdoms are discovered : the original whereof was found in the late King James closet, in the Castle of Dublin, at his leaving that city, and the copy whereof was found in the titular Archbishop's lodgings : now published with reflections on each paragraph.
[1681] The Address of above twenty thousand of the loyal Protestant apprentices of London humbly presented to the right honourable the Lord Mayor, Septemb. 2, 1681 ...
Shadwell, Thomas, 1642?-1692. / [1689] The address of John Dryden, laureat to His Highness, the Prince of Orange:
[1688] Address of thanks to Father Peters and the Lord Chancellor from the Protestant religion and English liberties
[1687] An Address of thanks, on behalf of the Church of England, to Mris. James, for her worthy vindication of that church
[1689] An Address of the dissenting ministers (in and about the city of London) to the King and Queen, upon their accession to the crown with Their Majesties answer to it.
[1680] The Address of the freeholders of the county of Middlesex made and delivered in writing the third day of this instant March, 1680, at Hamstead-Heath unto Sir William Roberts Knight and Baronet, and William Ranton Esq., after they were declared to be elected knights ...
England. Parliament. House of Commons. / [Re-printed in the year, 1689] The address of the honourable the House of Commons presented to his Majesty on Thursday the 25 day of April, 1689. With his Majesty's answer thereunto.
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [1689] The address of the honourable the House of Commons presented to His Majesty on Thursday the 25th day of April, 1689 with His Majesty's answer thereunto.
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [1695] The address of the House of Commons to the King
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [Anno Dom. 1692] The address of the House of Commons to the King
Corporation of London. Court of Common Council. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] The address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the city of London, to the honourable, the House of Commons, the 13th day of March, 1688 together with the answer of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esquire, speaker to the House of Commons, thereunto.
City of London (England). Court of Common Council. / [1688/9 i.e. 1689] The address of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the city of London, to the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament with the answer thereunto, delivered by the Lord Marquis of Halifax, Lord Privy-Seal, and Speaker of the House of Lords.
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. / [M. DC. XCIII 1693] The address of the Lords Spiritual & Temporal, In Parliament Assembled: presented to His Majesty the 23d of this instant February 1692. With his Majesties Answer.
England. Parliament. House of Lords. / [Anno Dom. 1692] The address of the Lords spiritual and temporal to the King & Queen. Die veneris 18. Novembris 1692.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1688/9. i.e. 1689] The address of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons assembled in Parliament, to the King's most excellent Majesty. Presented by the right honourable the Lord Marquess of Hallifax, Lord Privy Seal, and Speaker to the House of Lords. In the banqueting-house at White-hall, the eighth of March, 168 [sic] with His Majesty's most gratious answer thereunto.
[1689] The address of the nonconformist ministers (in and about the city of London) to His Highness the Prince of Orange
One sincerely desirous of finding out the truth. / [1688] An address presented to the reverend and learned ministers of the Church of England by one sincerely desirous of finding out the truth in behalf of himself and others equally concern'd, as well for their own as the general satisfaction.
[1688] An address presented to the reverend and learned ministers of the Church of England by one sincerely desirous of finding out the truth in behalf of himself and others equally concern'd, as well for their own as the general satisfaction.
True member of the Church of England. / [1688] An address to His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Right Reverend the Bishops, upon account of their late petition by a true member of the Church of England.
Salisbury (England). City Council. / [1681] An address to His Majesty from the Common Council of the City of New Sarum, April 27, 1681
Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699. / [1682] An address to the free-men and free-holders of the nation.
C. B. / [1681] An address to the honourable city of London, and all other cities, shires and corporations, concerning their choice of a new Parliament together with a true character of popery and arbitrary government / humbly presented by C. B.
Perfect honourer of their worth. / [1669] An address to the hopeful young gentry of England in some strictures on the most dangerous vices incident to their age and quality / by a perfect honourer of their worth.
Scotland. Lords and commissioners of shires and boroughs. / [1689?] The address to the King. The humble representation of the Lords and Commissioners of shires and burroughs of the kingdom of Scotland: undersubscribers, and members of this current parliament now adjourned till the eighth of October next.
Aickin, Joseph. / [1698] An address to the magistrates, clergy, and learned gentlemen of the city of Dublin Or, A rational and expeditious method of teaching the English, Latin and Greek tongues, discovered.
[1688?] An address to the nobility, clergy and gentlemen of Scotland.
Willis, Richard, 1664-1734. / [1700] An address to those of the Roman communion in England occasioned by the late act of Parliament, for the further preventing the growth of popery.
[1693] An Address, to the Right Hononourable [sic] Sir John Fleet, Knt., lord mayor of the city of London
Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. / [1688] Addresse charitable: aux Francois refugiez, appellez protestants. En quelle pattie du monde qu'ils soient eparts dans ce temps de tribulation et persecution quils souffrent de la part de ceux qui s'appellent Catholiques Romains.
Cardenas, Alonso de. / [1650] The addresse of Don Alfonso de Cardenas Lord Ambassadour for the King of Spain, to the Parliament of the Common-wealth of England, as also a true accompt of the totall overthrow of Prince Ruperts fleet by General Blake at Carthagena in the Medeterranian Sea.
Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659. / [Anno Dom. 1659] An addresse to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of the honourable city of London, and in particular the representatives thereof in the Parliament now assembled. / By Sir Francis Nethersole of Nethersole, in the county of Kent, knight.
[1682] The addresses importing an abhorrence of an association, pretended to have been seized in the E. of Shaftsbury's closet, laid open and detected, in a letter to a friend
Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. / [1690] Addresses to old men, and young men, and little children. In three discourses. I. The old mans honour; or, The hoary head found in the way of righteousness. A discourse recommending unto old men, a saving acquaintance with the Lord Jesus Christ. II. The young man's glory, or, A wreath of graces for the head of youth. A discourse recommending unto young men, a blessed victory over the Devil. III. The little childs lesson, or, A child wise unto salvation. A discourse instructing and advising little children to the exercises of early piety. To which may be added, A short Scriptural catechism, accommodated unto their capacities / by Cotton Mather.
Perrault, François, 1577-1657.  / [yn y flwyddyn. 1681. ] Addrodiad cywir, o'r pethau pennaf, ar a wnaeth, ac a ddwedodd yspryd aflan, ym Mascon yn Burgundy; yn nh'y un Mr. Francis Pereaud, ... ; a offodwyd allan yn Frangaeg gantho ef ei hun ; a chwedi hynny yn Saesoneg, gan un ac oedd a gwybodaeth neilltuol yng-hylch y Stori hon: ; ac yn awr wedi ei gyfieithu yn Gymraeg, gan S.H. o Abertawe.
B. C. / [M. DC. XXXVII 1637] Adelphomachia, or, The warrs of Protestancy being a treatise, wherein are layd open the wonderfull, and almost incredible dissentions of the Protestants among themselues, in most (if not all) articles of Protesta[n]cy, and this proued from their owne wordes & writinges / vvritten by a Cath. priest ; whereunto is adioyned a briefe appendix, in which is proued, first, that the ancient fathers, by the acknowledgments of the learned Protestants, taught our Cath. and Roman fayth, secondly, that the said fathers haue diuers aduantages about the Protestant writers, for finding out the true sense of the Scripture.
[1700] The adepts case, briefly shewing: I. What adepts are, and what they are said to perform. II. What reason there is, to think that there are adepts. III. What would invite them to appear, and be beneficial in a nation. IV. What arguments there are, for and against the taking of such measures.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1607] De adiaphoris Theological and scholastical positions, concerning the nature and vse of things indifferent. Where also is methodically and briefely handled, of ciuill and ecclesiasticall magistrates, of humane lawes, of Christian libertie, of scandall, and of the worship of God. A vowed worke, destinated (by the grace of God) to appease the dissentions of the Church of England. Written in Latine by M. Gabriel Powel, and translated into English by T.I.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1620] An adioynder to the late Catholike new yeares gift, or explication of the oath of allegeance. Wherein certaine principall difficulties, obiected by a very learned Roman-Catholike, against the sayd New-yeares gift, and explication of the oath, are very clearely explained. Published by E.I. the author of the New-yeares gift.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1645] An aditionall ordinance of the Lords & Commons assembled in Parliament,: for the better taking and expediting the accompts of the whole kingdome. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament that this ordinance be forthwith printed and published. Hen. Elsynge. Cler. Parl. Dom. Com.
Smith, Samuel, 1588-1665. / [1632] The admirable convert: or the miraculous conuersion of the thiefe on the crosse. With the finall impenitency of the other. By Samuel Smith, minister of the word of God.
R. B., 1632?-1725? / [1682] Admirable curiosities, rarities, & wonders in England, Scotland, and Ireland, or, An account of many remarkable persons and places ... and other considerable occurrences and accidents for several hundred years past together with the natural and artificial rarities in every county ... as they are recorded by the most authentick and credible historians of former and latter ages : adorned with ... several memorable things therein contained, ingraven on copper plates / by R.B., author of the History of the wars of England, &c., and Remarks of London, &c.
Montmartin, Esaèie du Mats de. / [1624] An admirable discouery of an horrible attempt; slaunderously fathered vpon those of Rochell. Liuely described in a letter, sent by the Seignior of Montmartin; one of the Generall Deputies of the Reformed Churches of France, vnto a friend of his. M.DC.XXIIII.
Camus, Jean-Pierre, 1584-1652. / [1639] Admirable events: selected out of foure bookes, vvritten in French by the Right Reverend, Iohn Peter Camus, Bishop of Belley. Together with morall Relations, written by the same author. And translated into English by S. Du Verger.
Lucas, Thomas, Sir, d. 1649. / [1641. i.e. 1642] Admirable good newes againe from Ireland. Or, the copie of a letter written from Sir Thomas Lucas, one of the commanders of our army in Ireland, to a worthy member of the House of Parliament here in England, bearing date, Fbruary [sic], 24. 1641.: Wherein is a relation of two great overthrowes which was given to the rebels by the English and Scottish forces: the one before Tredarth within the province of Munster, February 23. 1641. The other gtreat [sic] victorie was obtained by the English and Scots under the command of the Earle of Dungarvin and Generall Lesley, and others, in the province of Corke, where 5000 rebels were slaine, 100 taken prisoners and executed. With the estate of Ireland at this present. Published by authority.
Salo, Alessio Segala de. / [M. DC. XXXIX. 1639] An admirable method to loue, serue and honour the B. Virgin Mary. With diuers practicable exercises thereof. Al inriched with choice examples. Written in Italian by the R. F. Alexis de Salo, Capuchin. And Englished by R.F.
Langham, William. / [1675?] Admirable snuff, of great use in most distempers of the head; and cure for the French disease, or any of its various symptoms, as running of the reins, or matter issuing from the privy parts, heat or scalding of urine, pricking pains in making water, &c. which if neglected, ...
Frewen, Henry. / [1654] An admirable speech made by the Maior of Reading, upon the occasion of the late choice of a burgess for that town, June 28. 1654. With a true and impartial narrative of the whole proceedings thereupon. Wherein is discovered the designe of the said Maior, with the aldermen and priests of the said town, to deprive the inhabitants of their vote of chusing. Published by a well-wisher to the present government in the making good of former ingagements to defend the free born people of England in their laws and liberties.
[1615?] The admirable vertue, property and operation of the quintessence of rosemary flowers and the meanes to vse it for the sickesses and diseases herein mentioned.
Torrington, Arthur Herbert, Earl of, 1647-1716. / [1688] Admiral Herbert's letter to all commanders of ships and sea-men in His Majesties Fleet
Orford, Edward Russell, Earl of, 1653-1727. / [1692] Admiral Russel's letter to the Earl of Nottingham containing an exact and particular relation of the late happy victory and success against the French fleet.
Orford, Edward Russell, Earl of, 1653-1727. / [MDCXCII. 1692] Admiral Russel's letter to the Earl of Nottingham: containing an exact & particular relation of the late happy victory and success against the French fleet. Published by authority.
[1695] Admiral Russel's scowering the French fleet: or, The battle at sea.
[1642] An admiration by way of answer to the petition of the rebells in Ireland. To all true hearted Protestants, why the rebells in Ireland should petition to his Majesty to transport themselves into England to ayd and assist him, and by strength to carry on his designes untill they arrive at a prosperous end, and that they joyning with the papists here in England, which are a great and considerable number, doe not doubt but to curbe the insolencies of the Protestants. Whereunto is adjoyned the exact coppy of the petition to the Kings Majesty by the rebells in Ireland, subscribed by 11. lords, and others of quality; examined by the originall by a person of honour there, being intercepted, was sen [sic] over to two Members of the House of Commons Dated the 17. of August, 1642.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1561] An admonicion against astrology iudiciall and other curiosities, that raigne novv in the vvorld: written in the french tonge by Ihon Caluine and translated into English, by G.G.
[1683] The admonisher admonished in, a modest and impartial narrative of the proceedings of the ecclesiastical court, against James Jones citizen of London, of the parish of St. Bartholomew Exchange. Being a true account of matter of fact, from his citation to Doctors Commons, to their taking out the writ of excommunicato capiendo against him. And also an account of the several ways made use of for the taking off the said writ. With useful observations upon several particular passages and statutes. Dedicated to the worshipful Doctor Pinfold.
[1655] Admonition a tous les grands de la terre, aussy bien qu'au peuple par tout le monde; que leur sang soit sur leurs propres testes, s'ilz ne hastent point a se repentir.
Grascome, Samuel, 1641-1708? / [1690?] An admonition for the fifth of November
W., M. / [MDCXLVI. 1646] An admonition given unto Mr. Saltmarsh:: wherein his great sinne in writing those pamphlets intituled, A new quære, Smoak in the temple, Groanes for liberty, &c. is plainly laid open before him, and charged upon his conscience. Where also among other things spoken of, the calling of the ministers in the reformed churches, is proved to bee according to the Word of God. Imprimatur, Ja: Cranford.
Gaule, John, 1604?-1687. / [1660] An admonition moving to moderation, holding forth certain brief heads of wholesom advice to the late, and yet immoderate party. / By John Gaule, minister of Great Staughton, in the county of Huntington.
United Provinces of the Netherlands. Staten Generaal. / [1602] An admonition published by the Generall States of the Netherlandish Vnited Prouinces, vnto the states, and citties their aduersaries touching his now intended proceedings, against the Spaniards and their adherents : whereunto is annexed a caueat, or proclamation, to the Vnited Netherlandish Prouinces / translated out of the Dutch printed coppy.
Church of England. Province of Canterbury. / [c. 1600] An admonition to all such as shall intend heereafter [sic] to enter the state of matrimonie godly, and agreeably to lawes. First, that they contract not with such persons as be hereafter expressed ...:
Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575. / [ca. 1630] An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony godlily and aggreeably to lawes. ... Set forth by the most reuerend father in God, Mathew Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England, and Metropolitane.
Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575. / [1662] An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony godly and agreeably to lawes:
Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Archbishop (1559-1575 : Parker) / [1639] An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony, godlily and agreeably to lawes set forth by the most reverend father in God, Matthew Arch-bishop of Canterbury ...
Cornet, John. / [1571] An admonition to Doctor Story beeing condemned of high treason sent to him before his death, but because it came to late to his hands: it is now put in print th[at it ma]y be a warning to all other papists where by they may repent and c[...]r mercy, cleue to his holy woord and liue ac[cording ...] doctrine of the same.
Burne, Nicol. / [1581] Ane admonition to the antichristian ministers in the deformit Kirk of Scotland:
[1691] An admonition to the English concerning their near approaching danger, and the means to escape it.: By A gentleman of quality of Languedoc. ; To which is added, Archbishop Usher's prophecy concerning the same matter attested by the Lord Chief Justice Hale, and another person of honour, with some observations concerning it.
Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. / [1689] An admonition to the magistrates of England upon our new settlement
Mainwaring, Thomas, Sir, 1623-1689. / [Printed in the year 1676] An admonition to the reader of Sir Peter Leicester's books. Written by Sir T. M.
R. P., fl. 1557. / [1557] An admonition to the towne of Callays.
Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council. / [26 Ian. 1643] Admonitions by the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireand [sic] to all His Majesties faithfull loyall subjects of the three Kingdomes of England, Ireland, and Scotland against a Solemn League and Covenant framed by the malignant partie in the Parliament of England : as also against a declaration of the English Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament.
[1658] An admonitory letter vvritten by an old minister of the new combinational church, and sent to divers ejected minsters of those parts in which he lives.: In which is not boldly and barely affirmed, but also offered fairly to be confirmed by unanswerable arguments. I. The right constitution of a combinational church. II. The corruptions that crept in upon it from the parochial, cathedral, provincial, national, and oecumenical Roman church. III. Who were the heads of these several churches, and what were the qualities of them. Published I. For to inform the ignorant. II. For to reduce the errant.
Richardson, Richard, 1623?-1689. / [1680] Of adoration in general and in particular of hat-honour, their rise.
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, 1595-1658. / [Printed anno M. DC. LXXIII. 1673] Of adoration in spirit and truth written in IV. bookes by Iohn Eusebius Nieremberg native of Madrid. S.I. And translated into English by R. S S.I. In which is disclosed the pith & marrow of a spiritual life, of Christs imitation & mystical theology; extracted out of the HH. FF. & greatest masters of spirit Diadochus, Dorotheus, Clymachus, Rusbrochius Suso, Thaulerus, a Kempis, Gerson: & not a little both pious & effectual is superadded.
Duncon, Eleazar, 1597 or 8-1660. / [1661] De adoratione Dei versus altare: or That pious and devout ceremony of bowing towards the atlar [sic] vindicated as lawfull, pious and laudable. Being the substance of a divinity lecture made some years since at Cambridge in Latin. By Eleazar Duncon D.D. and chaplain to his late most excellent Majesty. Dedicated to the Right Reverend Father in God John Lord Bishop of Exeter.
Jones, John, fl. 1635. / [1635] Adrasta: or, The vvomans spleene, and loves conquest. A tragi-comedie. Never acted.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1631] [Adtimchiol an chreidimh comhaghalluidhedar an maighiser, agas an foghluinte:] [aghon, minisder an tsoisgeil, agas an leanamh].
Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623. / [Anno 1585. Iune] An aduertisement from a French gentleman, touching the intention and meaning which those of the house of Guise haue in their late leuying of forces and armes in the realme of France written as an answere to a certaine declaration published in the name of the Cardinal of Burbon.
Maillard, André, fl. 1585. / [1585] An aduertisement to the King of Nauarre, to vnite him selfe with the King and the Catholique faithe. Beeing in trueth a very slaunderous, false, and seditious libell, against the said King of Nauarre, and other Christian princes ... Truely translated according to the copy printed in French.
Church of England. / [1565?] Aduertisments partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and vsinge the holy Sacramentes, and partly for the apparrell of all persons ecclesiasticall: by vertue of the Queenes maiesties letters commaunding the same, the xxv. day of Ianuary, in the seuenth yeare of the reigne of oure soueraigne lady Elyzabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande Queene, defender of the faith, [et]c.
[1577] The Aduise and answer of my lord ye Prince of Orenge, cou[n]tie Nassau &c. and of ye states of Holland and Zeland, made by the Estates Generall on thisside [sic], vpon the articles conceiued and and [sic] after concluded and accorded in fourm of a pertuall [sic] edict between Lord Don Iohn Duke of Austrich, knight of the Order of the Golde[n] Fleece of the part and in the name of the Catholick king of Spaine of the one partie, and the said Generall Estates of the other. Translated out of Dutch into English.
[1659] The advance of Sir Arthur Hasilrigg, from the garrison of Portsmouth, toward the city of London: and his letter to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and Commoun Council. Also, the number both of horse and foot; the names of the regiments revolted from the Army; together with the Isle of Wight and most of the castles thereabouts. Likewise, the answer agreed upon by the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and Common Council at Guild-Hall yesterday, and the names of the commissioners, sent to Sir Arthur Hasilrigg, and Vice-Admiral Lawson, to communicate the sense of the city.
Violet, Thomas, fl. 1634-1662. / [anno Dom. 1651] The advancement of merchandize: or, Certain propositions for the improvment of the trade of this Common-wealth, humbly presented to the right honoroble the Council of State. And also, against the transporting of gold and silver. / By Tho. Violet of London goldsmith.
Nicholls, William, 1664-1712. / [1697/8] The advantage of a learned education being a sermon preached at the cathedral Church of St. Paul on St. Paul's day 1697/8, before the gentlemen educated at that school, upon the reviving their antient anniversary meeting / by W. Nicholls, D.D.
Hickes, Gaspar, 1605-1677. / [1645 i.e. 1646] The advantage of afflictions: a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Peers, Ianuary 28. 1645. being the day of publike humiliation, in the Abbey Church, Westminster. / By Gaspar Hicks, a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Whately, Thomas. / [169⁵/₆] An advantageous method of extricating the nation out of its difficulties. Humbly proposed by Thomas Whately.
[1662?] The advantages of the kingdome of England, both abroad and at home, by manageing and issuing the drapery, and woollen manufactures of this kingdom, under the ancient government of the fellowship of Merchant's-Adventurers of England
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. / [1689] The advantages of the present settlement, and the great danger of a relapse
[1685?] The advantages of the tobacco trade.
[1700] An adventure for a parcel of plate, rings, and watches, valued to the sum of two hundred pound starling [sic], put out by.
T. S. / [1670] The adventures of (Mr. T.S.) an English merchant taken prisoner by the Turks of Argiers, and carried into the inland countries of Africa : with a description of the kingdom of Argiers ... / written first by the author, and fitted for the public view by A. Roberts ; whereunto is annex'd an observation of the tide, and how to turn a ship out of the straights mouth, the wind being westerly, by Richard Norris.
Scotland. Privy Council. / [1676] Advertisement anent stollen goods in the Hie-lands. Edinburgh the 1. day of March, 1676.
Scotland. Privy Council. / [1673] Advertisement, anent stollen goods in the Hie-lands. Edinburgh the 13. day of February, 1673.
Scotland. Privy Council. / [1672] Advertisement, anent stollen goods in the shires under-written. Edinburgh, the twenty sixth day of February, 1672.
[1695] Advertisement. Annals, being a large and learned history of church and state affairs in English manuscript, relating especially to England for 800 years ending 1626 ... compiled by Thomas Harding, B.D. late of the University of Oxford. ... If any person be willing to purchase this history, they may see it at the dwelling house of Euclid Speidel in Angel Alley near White-Chappel Church, London, any afternoon, at three of the clock ...
Bromfield, M. / [1680] Advertisement. As there is hardly any thing of this world more deservingly welcome to mankinde, than health and long life ...
[1675?] An advertisement at the blew ball in Great Knight-Rider-Street, by Doctors Commons Back-gate liveth a physician which hath a pill far beyond any medicament yet ever known, or at least published; which cureth those diseases so many pretend to, and so few do understand, called, the French Pox and gonorrhea ...
Maris, Peter. / [1700?] Advertisement. At the Crown and Golden-Ball, next door to Old King Charles's-Head, between great and little turn-stile, in High-Holbourn, liveth Doctor Peter Maris, an experienced and able physitian.
[1675?] Advertisement. At the Golden Head in King's-gate-street, near Red-Lyon-Square in Holborn, is to be had extraordinary remedies for the following distempers, at reasonable rates, viz.
Inglish, Isabella. / [1690] Advertisement. At the Hand and Pen near the King's Bagnio in Long-Acre, liveth Mrs. Isabella Inglish, who alone is authorised by their Majesties to make and publish Dr. Anderson's Grana Angelica, or the famous true Scots Pills ...
[1670?] Advertisement. At the sign of the Garden of Eden in the Old-Baily, next Ludgate-Hill, liveth a gentle-woman, who (after twenty years experience) cures all sorts of scal'd heads and leprosies, without the least pain; and hath performed great cures in old and young; ...
Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618. / [Printed in the yeare of our Lord, 1612] An advertisement concerning a book lately published by Christopher Lawne and others, against the English exiled Church at Amsterdam. By Richard Clyfton teacher of the same church.
Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. / [1672] An advertisement concerning the English atlas, with the proposals. February 10. 1671/2
University of Oxford. / [1680] An advertisement, concerning the printing and publishing of ancient and other usefull books.
[1685] An Advertisement concerning the province of East New-Jersey in America published for the information of such as are desirous to be concerned therein, or, to transport themselves thereto.
Lockyer, Lionel, 1600?-1672. / [1676] An advertisement concerning those most excellent pills, called pilulae radiis solis extractae: being an universal medicin, especially in all chronical and difficult distempers as by the ensuing discourse will most clearly appear. / Truly and only prepared by me Lionel Lockyer ...
Sermon, William, 1629?-1679. / [1671] An advertisement concerning those most famous cathartique and diuretique pills. Being an incomparable medicine in all chronical and dangerous diseases; wherewith was cured the late Lord General Monck of the dropsie: : some hundreds before, and many since, having received absolute cure thereby ... / Prepared only by William Sermon ...
[1686] Advertisement For as much as by His Majesty's gracious care, his immediate government is now settled, and such regulations like to be speedily made in the Narraganset Countrey or Kings-Province ... and the proprietors being desireous speedily to encourage the regular settlement of a town ... / Richard Wharton, Elisha Hutchinson, John Saffin, at Boston. Dated in Boston, June 9th. 1686.
[1700?] Advertisement, for the disposal of fine lace, and flat point. To the value of 900l. Consisting of all breadths whatsoever.
Murray, Robert, 1635-1725? / [1681?] Advertisement for the more easie and speedy collecting of debts
Great Britain. Post Office. / [1660?] An advertisement from Henry Byshop Esquire, his Majesties Post-master General.
Company of Tin Plate Workers (London, England) / [1690] An advertisement from the Company of Tinn-plate-workers of London; concerning the erecting of lamp lights.
[1679] [A]n advertisement from the Garbling office of the city of London. To all merchants and others whom it may concern, 1679
[1670?] Advertisement. I am sensible this publick way of practise has been brought into disesteem with some men, through the ignorance of several who have us'd it ...
Briscoe, John. / [1695] Advertisement. I have been desired by some gentlemen, who are well-wishers to the intended Land-Bank to publish my answer to the following queries, propounded by several who have read my proposals.
Maris, Peter. / [1700?] Advertisement. It is well known that in this kingdom is living an experienc'd and able physitian Dr. Peter Maris, who by the blessing of God has in his travels through five kingdoms done severall miraculous cures here in London since his coming over when left by others; He removes or prevents all diseases and distempers incident to the bodies of mankind.
Pechey, John, 1655-1716. / [1685?] Advertisement. J. Pechey physician that lodg'd at the angel and crown in King-street near Cheapside, is removed to the angel and crown in Basinglane, being the next turning beyond Watling-street in Bowlane from Cheapside, on the right hand, and the second turning in Bread-street from Chapside ...
[1700?] Advertisement of a powder which is a most safe and speedy help for the stone and gravel, and those miseries which attend them, as pain in the back, stoppage of urine, cholick, &c. of which, in short, take this impartial account.
Piercy, John, fl. 1665. / [1665?] An advertisement of concern to the city and nati[on]. These are to signifie, that the famous and most approved lozenges, made by John Piercy, Gent. whose ability and skill is so well known, for these 27. years and upwards ...
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. / [1688] An advertisement of Mr. Boyle, about the loss of many of his writings address'd to Mr. J.W. to be communicated to those friends of his, that are virtuosi, which may serve as a kind of preface to most of his mutilated and unfinish'd writings.
[1685?] An Advertisement of several Bibles and Common-Prayer Books lately printed at the Theatre in Oxford a specimen of the letter on which every book is printed followeth underneath.
Hammond, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1685] An advertisement of the virtues and use of sundry select and experimented medicines such whose beneficence is well known to the most eminent physitians / faithfully prepared and sold by Tho. Hammond ...
Dockwra, William, d. 1716. / [1689] An advertisement on the behalf of William Dockwra, merch. Concerning the penny-post.
Helwys, Thomas, 1550?-1616? / [Printed 1611] An advertisement or admonition, unto the congregations, vvhich men call the new fryelers in the lowe Countries, wrirten [sic] in Dutche. And publiched in Englis. VVherein is handled 4. principall pointes of religion. 1. That Christ tooke his flesh of Marie, haveing a true earthly, naturall bodie, 2. That a Sabbath or day of rest, is to be kept holy everie first day of the weeke. 3. That ther is no succession, nor privilege to persons in the holie thinges. 4. That magistracie, being an holy ordinance of God, debarreth not anie from being of the Church of Christ. After these followes certen demandes concerning Gods decree of salvation and condemnation.
Corporation of London (England) / [1682] Advertisement. Proposalls made and approved by the City of London, for a yearly increase of wealth, by subscriptions, to advance money at interest for lives, of whatsoever age or sex under ten several ranks or classses, which subscriptions will produce great advantage to the survivours, as is particularly instanced in the schemes and paragraphs following, (Viz.)
Tilly, William, ca. 1641-1717. / [1697] Advertisement. Ran away the 13th of this instant June, from his master, William Tilly of Boston, rope maker, a Carolina Indian man-servant ...
[1695] Advertisement. The history of the bucaniers of America; or, A true account of the most remarkable assaults committed ... upon the coasts of the West-Indies ... Written by John Esquemeling, and Basil RIngrose ... in this second edition is added the dangerous voyages and bold attempts of Capt. Cook and Cap. Sharp in the South-Sea ... with the effigies of the bucaniers, curiously done in nineteen copper plates. In four parts compleat..
Pechey, John, 1655-1716. / [1695?] Advertisement. The physitians of the colledge, that us'd to consult twice a week, for the benefit of the sick, at the Consultation-house, at the carv'd Angel and Crown in King-street, near Guild-Hall, meet now four times a week; ...
[ca. 1695] [Advertisement] The pleasures of matrimony; intermix'd with variety of merry and delightful stories ... price 1 s. sold by H. Rhodes, at the Star the corner of Bride-lane in Fleetstreet ...
[1675?] Advertisement. There is lately found out at Norwood in the Parish of Croydod, in the country of Surry, at Biggen Farm, at Richard Jacksons, an excellent purging water, ...
[1683] Advertisement These are to give notice to all persons where these papers shall come; that a servant man belonging to Hannah Bosworth of Hull; whose name is Matthew Jones: he is a taylor by trade ... ran away from his mistress the 22d. of February 1682.
[1683] Advertisement this is to give notice, that the Lord Bishop of London and other charitable persons, having raised a stock to set the poor French Protestants at work on a linnen manufacture at Ipswich : there is made by them such cloth both ordinary and extraordinary fine proper for sheeting, shifts, half-shirts, bands, handkercheifs [sic] and other uses ... to be seen and sold at the house of Thomas Papillon Esq. in Fanchurchstreet near Billiter-lane in London ...
L'Écluse, Jean de. / [Imprinted in the year 1612] An advertisement to everie Godly reader of Mr. Thomas Brightman his book. namely [sic], A revelation of the apocalyps. In which advertisement is shewed how corruptly he teacheth, that notwithstanding all the sinns & abhominations that are in the Church of England, and by him shewed, yet that it is blasphemous to separate from it:
Pechey, John, 1655-1716. / [1695] Advertisement. Whereas formerly the sick could have advice (at the Angel and Crown in King. Street near Cheapside) in the afternoons only. Now for the greater ease and benefit of patients, there will be constant attendance there every day from nine in the morning 'till twelve, and from two in the afternoon 'till six. ...
Hewetson, Edward. / [1700?] Advertisement. You may have good drugget and sagathie suits, made well and fashionable, for the first size men, at 3 guineas a suit, & the larger size at 3 pound ten and good cloath suits for 4 pound, and 4 pound ten, by Edward Hewetson, ...
[1699] An advertisement, relating to lead-sheathing in general, and particularly that upon the Worcester bound for Guinea, a ship newly sheathed, and now lying in Mr. Newman's dock in Lymehouse Hole, but goes out in two or three days time, 20 of November. 1699.
[1680] An advertisement. These are to give notice to all noblemen, gentlemen, citizens and others, that we, the students in the Royal Colledge of Edinburgh, (to shew our detestation and abhorrence of the Romish religion; and our zeal and fervency for the Protestant) ...
Brown, Robert, fl. 1680. / [1680] An advertisement. These are to give notice to all noblemen, gentlemen, citizens, and others, that we, the students in the Royal Colledge of Edinburgh ...
Seller, John, fl. 1658-1698. / [1678] An advertisement. These following atlas's and treatises, with the maps, charts and sculptures therein contained; with any sort of mathematical-books and instruments, are made and sold by John Seller, [hydrographer to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty at his shop at the Hermitage-Stairs in Wapping, and in Exchange-Alley near the Royal Exchange in London.
University of Oxford. / [1663] Advertisements from the delegates of convocation for his Majesties reception, for the heads of houses to deliver with great charge unto their companies..
Fletcher, Richard. / [1680] Advertisements to avoid being deceived.
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1659] An advice against libertinism: shewing the great danger thereof, and exhorting all to zeal of the truth. Written by Edward Reynell Esq.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [August 19, 1642] The advice and direction of both Hovses of Parliament to Sir William Brereton and to the rest of the deputy lieutenants for the county of Chester with orders of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the regulating of those souldiers that are gon or shall goe under the command of His Excellency Robert Earle of Essex, Lord generall for this expedition.
Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. / [1688] Advice before it be too late: or, A breviate for the convention humbly presented to the Lords and Commons of England.
Marius, John. / [1651] Advice concerning bills of exchange. By John Marius, publick notary.
Smythies, William, d. 1715. / [1687] Advice for the prevention of theft: being a short account of the confession and discovery which was made by a condemned prisoner, who was executed the 25th of May, 1687, to William Smythies, curate of St. Giles Cripplegate.
[1687] Advice from a Catholick to his Protestant friend, touching the doctrine of purgatory ...
[1632] Advice given unto the states of of [sic] the Lovv-Countries obedient & faithfull to his Maiesty of Spaine, upon occasion of the letters written by Count Henry Vanden Bergh the 18. day of Iune 1632. to her Highnesse the Archdutchesse, and the estates in those dominions. As also unto the declaration made by him concerning his discontent received, being all fully answered and found to be unjust and unreasonable. If the reader please to compare them together, you shall find Henry of the Bergh his letters and declaration, printed in our aviso of Iune, the 30. Numb. 31. and Iuly 6. Numb. 32. Translated out of the French coppy.
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, 1500-1558. / [1670] The advice of Charles the Fifth, Emperor of Germany, and King of Spain, to his son Philip the Second upon his resignation of the crown of Spain to his said son.
Burt, Nathaniel, fl. 1644-1655. / [1655] Advice, sent in a letter from an elder brother, to a younger. Which he missed of by being abscent, since occasionally printed, it relating to remedying and reforming severall abuses in the Common Wealth, by severall practisers pretending equitie and conscience in the High Court of Chancery, and that unsetled, irregular unlimmited Court of Probates, who also act against the law of God, and the law of England, as in the reading thereof may be observed and bewayled, and it is hoped, may be of publick concernment, and profit; wherefore the author hath been at this charge of printing it.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1673] Advice to a friend
J. P. / [1688] Advice to a painter long since proposed for the conclusion of this year 1688 / by J.P.
[1679?] Advice to a painter, &c.
Person of honour. / [1691] Advice to a parson, or, The true art of preaching, in opposition to modern practice written by a person of honour to Dr. S---, his late chaplin ...
Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [1658] Advice to a son. The second part. By Francis Osborn.
[1691] Advice to a young lord written by his father ...
Heywood, Oliver, 1629-1702. / [1693] Advice to an only child, or, Excellent council to all young persons containing, the summ and substance of experimental and practical divinity / written by an eminent and judicious divine, for the private use of an only child, now made publick for the benefit of all.
Smythies, William, d. 1715. / [1687] Advice to apprentices, and other young persons, to beware of evil company and evil courses and particularly of theft. By William Smythies curate of St. Giles Cripplegate. Licensed and entred according to order.
Kirkwood, James, 1650?-1708. / [1693] Advice to children by James Kirkwood ...
Craghead, Robert. / [1695] Advice to communicants for necessary preparation and profitable improvement of the great and comfortable ordinance of the Lords Supper that therein true spiritual communion with Christ may be obtained, and the eternal enjoyment of God sealed / by Robert Craghead ...
One who is a lover of Christianity. / [1687] Advice to creditors, or, A safe and secure way to secure bad debts such debts as the debtors are poor and are not able to pay them ... / by one who is a lover of Christianity.
Well-wisher to Parliaments. / [1695.] Advice to electors by a well-wisher to Parliaments, and one who will live and dye a friend to his country.
[1698?] Advice to freeholders, and others, concerning the choice of members to serve in Parliament and the qualifications that render a gentleman worthy or underserving so great a trust: with a list of non-associators.
W. R. / [1680] Advice to lovers: or, Certain rules of behaviour shewing them how to demean themselves, so as not to miscarry in the grand affair of love. Wherein also the pretty tricks, odd humours, and fantastick carriage of some paramours, together with several pleasant passages relating to amours, and courtship, are observ'd and describ'd. By W. R. Gent.
Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. / [1690] Advice to parents and children the sum of a few sermons contracted and published at the request of many pious hearers / by Daniel Burgess ...
[1688] Advice to Protestant dissenters shewing 'tis their interest to repeal the Test, upon the offer the King makes by a firm settlement of liberty.
[1687] Advice to Protestants
T. S. (Thomas Seymour) / [1691] Advice to readers of the common prayer, and the people attending the same. With a preface concerning divine worship. Humbly offered to consideration, for promoting the greater decency and solemnity in performing the offices of God's publick worship, administered according to the order established by law amongst us / by a well-meaning (though unlearned) layick of the Church of England. T.S.
Corbyn, Samuel. / [1669] Advice to sinners under convictions, to prevent their miscarrying in conversion.: By Samuel Corbyn ...
Gardiner, James, 1637-1705. / [1697] Advice to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln by ... James Lord Bishop of that diocese, in order to his primary visitation.
Bury, Jacob. / [1685] Advice to the Commons within all His Majesties realms and dominions written by Jacob Bury, Esq. ... ; containing the perfect harmony, consent and agreement between divinity and law, in defence of the government established by law in church and state, and that kingly government is by divine right.
[1681] Advice to the men of Shaftesbury, or, A letter to a friend concerning the horrid Popish-Plot
Tell-Truth, Robert. / [1680?] Advice to the nobility, gentry, & commonalty of this nation in the qualifications and election of their knights and burgesses, their representatives in Parliament humbly offered unto their serious consideration / by Robert Tell-Truth.
[1682?] Advice to the patrons of the test
One of that sex. / [1678] Advice to the women and maidens of London shewing, that instead of their usual pastime, and education in needlework ... it were far more necessary and profitable to apply themselves to the right understanding and practice of the method of keeping books of account : with some essays, or rudiments for young beginners, in twelve articles / by one of that sex.
[1697] Advice to those who never received the sacrament, or, The true penitent instructed before, at, and after the receiving the Lord's Supper with meditations suited to the several parts of that solemn ordinance, particularly with respect to Easter, Whitsuntide and Christmas, the whole written in a different method from any thing published on this subject / By a person of honour.
Shaw, Samuel, 1635-1696. / [1698] Advice to young persons, relating both to faith & practice: contain'd in some plain directions how to demean themselves : together with some few motives to the observation of what is here recommended.
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, 1564-1627. / [1616] The advise of a sonne, novv professing the religion established in the present Church of England, to his deare mother, yet a Roman Catholike.
[1660] Advise to a friend discontented at some proceedings in His Majesties royall court. By F.G.
Philopatris. / [1652] The advocate
Worsley, Benjamin. / [1651] The advocate
Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688. / [1673] The advocate of conscience liberty, or, An apology for toleration rightly stated shewing the obligatory injunctions and precepts for Christian peace and charity.