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Leach, William, 17th cent. / [in the Year 1652] An abatement of most of the motions & orders in chancery and other chargeable courts and of the greatest part of the charges which may be in those hereafter, or motions and orders reduced from twenty to two, and most of those to the tenth part of the charge, as formerly hath been / written by W. Leach, for the same intent, and tendred to the consideration as his former are.
Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. / [1618] Abba father: or, a plaine and short direction concerning priuate prayer. Also, sundry godly admonitions concerning time, and the well vsing of it. By Elnathan Parr, minister of the word.
[1684] Abbreviat of the depositions of the witnesses, adduced by the Earl of Lauderdale against the Earl of Aberdene.
[ca. 1545] The abc with the Pater noster Aue, Credo, and .x. co[m]maundementes in Englysshe newly translated and set forth, at the kyngs most gracyouse commaundement.
Brasbridge, Thomas, fl. 1590. / [1574] Abdias the prophet, interpreted by T.B. fellovv of Magdalene College in Oxforde. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted
[1690] The Abdicated prince, or, The adventures of four years a tragi-comedy, as it was lately acted at the court at Alba Regalis by several persons of great quality.
Norton, John, 1606-1663. / [1658] Abel being dead yet speaketh; or, The life & death of that deservedly famous man of God, Mr John Cotton,: late teacher of the church of Christ, at Boston in New-England. By John Norton, teacher of the same church.
Wing, John, of Flushing, Zealand. / [1621] Abels offering. Or The earely, and most accepted sacrifice of a Christian Shewing how soone every soule is bounde to begin, & betake himself, not only to the true, but also to the timely service of God. A sermon preached at Hamburg in November 1617. and now published at the instant entreaty of a godly Christian. By Iohn Wing (then) pastor to the English church, there.
[1689] The abhorrence, or, Protestant observations in Dublin, upon the principles and practices of the Protestants at London
Harris, Robert, 1581-1658. / [1641] Abners funerall, or, a sermon preached at the funerall of that learned and noble knight, Sir Thomas Lucie. By Robert Harris, B.D. and Pastor of the Church at Hanwell, Oxon.:
La Motte, François de. / [1675] The abominations of the Church of Rome discovered in a recantation-sermon lately preached in the French church of the Savoy : whereunto are added many curious particulars of the practices of the papists beyond the seas / by Franc. de La Motte ... ; English'd.
Le Noble, Eustache, 1643-1711. / [1696] Abra-Mulè, or, A true history of the dethronement of Mahomet IV written in French by M. Le Noble ; made English by J.P.
Nowell, Samuel, 1634-1688. / [1678] Abraham in arms, or, The first religious general with his army engaging in a war for which he had wisely prepared and by which not only an eminent victory was obtained, but a blessing gained also / delivered in an artillery-election-sermon, June 3, 1678, by S. N.
Jacombe, Thomas, 1622-1687. / [1682] Abraham's death, the manner, time, and consequent of it opened and applied in a funeral sermon preached upon the death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Case ... June 14th, 1682 : with a narrative of his life and death / by Thomas Jacomb ...
Duncumb, George, 1661 or 2-1743. / [1697] Abraham's faith stated and applied a sermon preached February 16, 1695/6 / by Geo. Duncumb ...
Whiting, Samuel, 1597-1679. / [1666] Abraham's humble intercession for Sodom, and the Lord's gracious concessions in answer thereunto containing sundry meditations upon Gen. XVIII. from ver. XXIII. to the end of the chapter. Wherein many things are spoken of concerning believers drawing near to God, and the efficacy of their prayers; and how they may be princes and prevailers with God, and with what boldness they may come before him, and what ground they may get of him by their prayers, and what sweet communing they have with him. With sundry other things worthy of our most serious thoughts, helping us to be more spiritual and heavenly, which may prepare us for that everlasting communion and fellowship that we hope to arrive at, and come to in a blessed state of glory by Jesus Christ. By Samuel Whiting, Pastor of the Church of Christ at Lyn in N.E. [Three lines of Scripture texts]
Knapp, William, d. 1688. / [1658] Abraham's image in one of his sonnes: or, The picture of a good old man,: represented in a sermon upon the third of November, anno Dom. 1657. in West-Newton, at the funeral of John Dethick Esquire, father to the late lord mayor that was of London in the year 1655. By William Knapp Master of Arts, of Katherine-Hall in Cambridge, now rector of VVest-Newton in Norfolk.
Nichols, Josias, 1555?-1639. / [1602] Abrahams faith: that is, The olde religion. VVherein is taught, that the religion now publikely taught and defended by order in the Church of England, is the onely true Catholicke, auncient, and vnchangeable faith of Gods elect. And the pretensed religion of the Sea of Rome is a false, bastard, new, vpstart, hereticall and variable superstitious deuise of man. Published by Iosias Nicholls, an humble seruant and minister of the gospell in the Church.
Milles, Robert. / [1612] Abrahams sute for Sodome a sermon preached at Pauls Cr[o]sse the 25 of August, 1611 / by Robert Milles, preacher of Gedny fenne, and Sutton St. Edmonds in Holland Lincolneshire.
England and Wales. / [1541?] The abregement of the statutes of Anno.xxxj. Henrici.viij.
Espagne, Jean d', 1591-1659. / [1648] The abridgement of a sermon preached on the fast-day appointed to be held for the good successe of the treatie that was shortly to ensue between the King and the Parliament, Septemb. 12, 1648 by Mr. Despagne ... ; faithfully translated into English by Umfrevile, Gent.
Turberville, Henry, d. 1678. / [M.DC.XLVIII 1648] An abridgement of Christian doctrine:: with proofs of Scripture for points controverted. : Catechistically explained by way of question and answer.
Galliardi, Achilles, 1537-1607. / [Anno M. DC. XXV. 1625] An abridgement of Christian perfection. Conteining many excellent precepts, & aduertisments, touching the holy, and sacred mysticall diuinity. Written in Italian, by Fa. Achilles Galliardi of the Society of Iesus, &translated into English, A.H. of the same society.
Foxe, John, 1516-1587. / [1589] An abridgement of the booke of acts and monumentes of the Church: written by that Reuerend Father, Maister Iohn Fox: and now abridged by Timothe Bright, Doctour of Phisicke, for such as either through want of leysure, or abilitie haue not the vse of so necessary an history
City of London (England). / [1680] The abridgement of the charter of the city of London being every free-man's privilege / exactly translated from the original record and rendered faithfully into English according to the said record itself from the time of William the Conquerour ... to the time of our now Sovereign Lord King Charles the Second ...
Hieron, Samuel, 1576?-1617. / [Anno 1609] The abridgement of the gospell: or The order and course of mans saluation as it is set foorth by Zacharie the father of Iohn Baptist, Luke 1. 67. &c. and further opened in ten sermons thereupon: by Sam. Hieron.
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564. / [1585. i.e. 1586? Cum priuilegio regali] An abridgement of the Institution of Christian religion written by M. Ihon Caluin. VVherein briefe and sound ansvveres to the obiections of the aduersaries are set dovvne. By VVilliam Lawne minister of the word of God. Faithfullie translated out of Latine into English by Christopher Fetherstone minister of the word of God.
Vignolle, fl. 1637. / [1637] Abridgement of the life of Henry the Great, the fourth of that name: King of France and Navarre. Translated out of French.
W. B. / [1667] An abridgement of the life of S. Francis Xaverius of the Society of Iesus, new apostle of India and Japony together with some few of the innumerable authentical miracles wrought by him of late years / by W.B.
Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. / [1651] An abridgement of the Lord Coke's commentary on Littleton collected by an unknown author; yet by a late edition pretended to be Sir Humphrey Davenport, Kt. And in this second impression purged from very many gross errors committed in the said former edition. With a table of the most remarkable things therein.
[1661] An Abridgement of the statutes made in the thirteenth year of the reign of King Charles the Second alphabetically digested under apt titles and heads for the ready finding out of the matter.
Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. / [1606] An abridgement or suruey of poperie conteining a compendious declaration of the grounds, doctrines, beginnings, proceedings, impieties, falsities, contradictions, absurdities, fooleries, and other manifold abuses of that religion, which the Pope and his complices doe now mainteine, and vvherewith they haue corrupted and deformed the true Christian faith, opposed vnto Matthew Kellisons Suruey of the new religion, as he calleth it, and all his malicious inuectiues and lies, by Matthevv Sutcliffe.
Fulbecke, William, 1560-1603? / [1608] An abridgement, or rather, A bridge of Roman histories to passe the neerest way from Titvs Livivs to Cornelivs Tacitvs. Vnder which (in three bookes) as it were throvgh three arches, for the space of sixe score yeeres, the fame and fortune of the Romans ebbs and flowes.
Camden, William, 1551-1623. / [1626] The abridgment of Camden's Brita[n]nia with the maps of the seuerall shires of England and Wales.
Wolleb, Johannes, 1586-1629. / [1650] The abridgment of Christian divinitie: so exactly and methodically compiled, that it leads us, as it were, by the hand to the reading of the Holy Scriptures. Ordering of common-places. Vnderstanding of controversies. Cleering of some cases of conscience. By John Wollebius. Doctor of Divinity, and ordinary professor in the University of Basil. Now at last faithfully translated into English, and in some obscure places cleared and enlarged, by Alexander Ross. To which is adjoined, after the alphabetical table, the anatomy of the whole body of divinity, delineated in IX. short tables, for the help of weak memories.
[Anno Dom. 1686] An abridgment of military discipline, for the use of His Majesties forces in the kingdom of Scotland. By His Majesties special command.
Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] The abridgment of The history of the reformation of the Church of England. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D.
[1662?] An Abridgment of the late reverend assemblies Shorter Catechism, fitted for the use of the weakest capacities and memories:
Brydall, John, b. 1635? / [1679] An abridgment of the lawes of England, touching treasons, rebellious murthers, conspiracies, burning of houses, poysonings, and other capital offences. WIth such readings thereon as show the several wayes whereby offenders in such cases may become guilty. / by John Bridall, Esq.
Bruno, Vincenzo, S.J. / [Permissu superiorum, 1614] An abridgment of the Meditations of the life, passion, death, & resurrection of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ. Written in Italian by the R Father Vincentius Bruno of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by R.G. of the same Society. VVherento is premised a briefe method for instruction & practice of meditation
[1688] An Abridgment of the prerogatives of St. Ann, mother of the mother of God with the approbation of the doctors at Paris, and thence done into English to accompany The contemplations on the life and glory of Holy Mary, and the defence of the same, with some pieces of a like nature : to which a preface is added concerning the original of the story.
England and Wales. / [1663] An abridgment of the statutes in force and use made in the 16th, 17th, and 18th years of the reign of K. Charles the First, and in the 12th, 13th, and 14th years of the reign of K. Charles II faithfuly extracted out of the said statutes and digested under proper heads, with an alphabetical table.
[1680] Absalom's conspiracy, or, The tragedy of treason
Neville, Robert, 1640 or 1-1694. / [1682] The absolute and peremptory decree of election to eternal glory reprobated in a sermon preached before the university in Great St. Maries Church in Cambridge / by Robert Neville ...
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1699] The absolute necessity of spiritual husbandry in breaking up our fallow ground. Together with a discourse of the terrible coming of Christ, to execute vengeance on all that remain fallow ground, and obey not the gospel. By Samuel Tomlyns, M.A. and minister of the gospel in Marlborough.
Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. / [MDCXCIX 1699] The absolute truth, and utmost certainty of the word of God: and that all things which are contained in the scriptures, yea to every tittle and iota thereof, will be fulfiled : demonstrated in a discourse on Rom IX. 6 / by Richard Stafford ...
P. H. J. / [1696] The absolution of a penitent, according to the directions of the Church of England, with respect to Sir W. Perkins, Sir J. Friend, and Mr. Cranburne, lately executed for High Treason. Against Mr. Collier. In a letter from the country to a friend in London.
Milles, Tho. (Thomas), 1550?-1627? / [1617?] An abstract, almost verbatim (with some necessarie addition,) of The customers apologie, written 18. yeares ago, to shew their distresse in the out-ports, aswell through want of maintenance and meanes to beare out their seruice, as countenance and credit in regard of others
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546. / [1642] An abstract of a commentarie by Dr. Martyn Luther, u[pon] the Galathians. Wherein the difference betweene the law, the gospell, and the strength of faith is declared. Whereunto is added divine and morall Latine sentences, taken out of the fathers, and other authors, which are cited i[n the] margent of the Practise of piety, but not E[ng]lished there; which for their excellency, and benefit of those who understand not Latine, are here translated.:
[1630] An Abstract of a direction, concerning reall contracts
Pennyman, John, 1628-1706. / [printed in the month called July, 1698] An abstract of a large printed paper, from Pensilvania, intituled, A brief admonition to the elders and ministers of the people called Quakers.
[1642?] An Abstract of a letter from a bishop of this land sent to ___ a copie for the rest.
Paterson, William, 1658-1719. / [printed May 15th. 1699] An abstract of a letter from a person of eminency and worth in Caledonia to a friend at Boston in New England.:
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. / [1645] An abstract of a letter from Lieutenant-Generall Crumwell to Sir Thomas Fairfax commander in chiefe of the forces raised for the defence of the kingdome. Dated April 26. 1645. Of a great victory obtained by the said Lieutenant Generall Crumwell against a party of the Earle of Northamptons regiment, the Lord Wilmots regiment, and the Queenes regiment of horse neere Oxford. 200. killed in the fight, and in the chase. 200. prisoners taken. [double brace] 400. horse. The queens own colours. And great store of arms. Also, the taking of Bletchington-house by Lieutenant Generall Crumwell, a garrison of the Kings neere Oxford and kept by Colonell Windebanke, whether the residue of the enemy that escaped the former fight fled. With the coppy of the articles upon the surrender of the said house. 72 horse more taken in this house, 300 muskets, and great store of other armes and ammunition. Published by authority.
Paskell, Thomas. / [1683] An abstract of a letter from Thomas Paskell of Pennsilvania to his friend J.J. of Chippenham
England and Wales. / [MDCXCVII. 1697] An abstract of all such acts of Parliament, now in force, as relate to the admiralty and navy of England
[1675] An abstract of all the statute-laws of this kingdom now in force, made against Jesuits, seminary priests, and popish recusants
[1642] An Abstract of certain depositions, by vertue of His Majesties commission, taken upon oath, concerning the traiterous intention of the rebels in Ireland in rejecting the government of His Majesty, in having a king of their own, and who that king should be with an extract of a letter from Rome, 4 Jan. 1642.
Puttock, Roger. / [1642] An abstract of certain depositions, by vertue of His Majesties commission, taken upon oath,: concerning the traiterous intention of the rebels in Ireland, in rejecting the government of His Majestie, in having a king of their own: and who that king should be. With an extract of a letter from Rome, 4. Jan. 1641. Published by His Majesties command.
Socrates Christianus, d. 1706. / [1700] An abstract of common principles of a just vindication of the rights of the kingdom of God upon earth against the politick machinations of Erastian hereticks out of the Vindication of the deprived bishops, &c. / by a very learned man of the Church of England.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1623] An abstract of His Maiesties letters patents graunted vnto Roger Wood and Thomas Symcocke
England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) / [1628] An abstract of His Maiesties letters patents graunted vnto Thomas Symcocke
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1619] An abstract of His Maiesties letters pattents graunted to George Wood, for the sole printing of lynnen-cloath as followeth
England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) / [1623] An abstract of His Maiesties royall priuiledge, graunted vnder the great seale of England, to George VVither, master of arts, concerning his booke intituled, The hymnes and songs of the church
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1655] An abstract of laws and government wherein as in a mirrour may be seen the wisdome & perfection of the government of Christs kingdome accomodable to any state or form of government in the world that is not antichristian or tyrannicall / collected and digested ... by John Cotton ... ; and now published after his death by William Aspinall.
England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. / [1698] An abstract of proceedings of the House of Commons, in relation to the East-India Company and trade.
Lewis, John, writer on currency. / [1695] An abstract of proposals lately humbly offered to the honourable House of Commons, to prevent the corruption of the coyn.
[1680] An Abstract of several examinations taken upon oath in the counties of Monmouth and Hereford, and delivered in to the Honourable House of Commons reported by Sir John Trevor, chair-man to the committee for drawing reasons to be given to the lords at a conference to prevent the growth and increase of popery ; together with the account given to the House of Commons the 12th of April, 1678, by John Arnold and John Scudamore, Esqs., of the encouragement given to popery in the counties of Monmouth and Hereford.
[1693 or 4] The Abstract of Sir Charles Holt's case
[1662] An Abstract of some few of those barbarous, cruell massacres and murthers of the Protestants and English in some parts of Ireland, committed since the 23 of Octob., 1641 together with the rise of the rebellion : collected out of the examinations taken upon oath by persons of trust, in the beginning of the rebellion : which particulars are singled out of a multitude of others of like nature : with the persons that acted those murthers, and massacres, with time, place, and other circumstances, are contained in the said examinations, yet extant.
[1643] An abstract of some late characters. Or, how the principall means appointed for our reformation is become the maine fuell of our wickednes. Laid downe in sundry characters of L. Bishops. Dumb dogs. Non-residenciaries. Men-pleasers. Unpreaching ministers, that edify to damnation, by their scandalous living. false wresting. mis-applying the Scripture. So turning the truth of God into a lye, that they may discourage the godly; incourage the wicked. In which the blind world may see, to their shame, how Satan guls them with a multitude of misprisions, and false surmises against the godly; that so he may barricado [sic] their hearts against all good. Necessary to be knowne in these times of discovery.
[1679] An Abstract of some letters to an eminent learned person concerning the excellency of the Book of common-prayer, &c.
[1689] An abstract of some of the printed laws of New-England Which are either contrary, or not agreeable to the laws of England, which laws will immediately come in force, in case the bill in Parliament for the restoring the charters of the plantations doth pass, and are not controllable by any authority in England, as they pretend by their charters.
Thorowgood, Edmund. / [1653?] An abstract of St. Pauls late deanry.
[1699] An abstract of such parts of several statutes relating to silks called alamodes and lustrings, as may guide officers, and others, in the execution thereof ; and direct all dealers in such silks, to avoid the penalties therein contained.
England and Wales. / [1696] An abstract of the Act for granting an aid to his Majesty, as well by a land-tax as by several subsidies and other duties payable for one year. An. 8 W. 3:
England and Wales. / [MDCXCVIII. 1698] An abstract of the act for granting to his Majesty the sum of one million four hundred eighty four thousand and fifteen pounds one shilling eleven pence three farthings, for disbanding forces, paying seamen, and other uses therein mentioned. Anno 9 & 10 W. III.
England and Wales. Laws, statutes, etc. / [1698] An abstract of the acts for annuities with some observations thereupon
Backwell, John. / [1698?] An abstract of the agreement made between John Backwell esq; and Richard Backwell gent. and the creditors of Edward Backwell, their father, deceased.
Turner, John, b. 1649 or 50. / [1686] An abstract of the argument in Mr. Turner's papers concerning the marriage of an uncle with the daughter of his half-brother by the father's side
Great Britain. Parliament. / [1695] Abstract of the bill for the encouragement of seamen, to enter voluntarily into his Majesty's service.
[1664?] An abstract of the bill now depending for regulation and better government of the Company of painter-Stainer[s of] London: together with some reasons of the principal branches of it.
[1700?] An abstract of the bloody massacre in Ireland. Acted by the instigation of the Jesuits, priests, and friars, who were chief promoters of those horrible murthers; prodigious cruelties, barbarous villanies, and inhumane practices, executed by the Irish Papists upon the English Protestants, in the year 1641. And intended to have been acted over again, on Sabbath Day, December the 9th 1688. But by the wonderful providence of God was prevented.
Pennyman, John, 1628-1706. / [the 19th day of the month call'd February, 1680/1 i.e. 1681] An abstract of the book entituled The Quakers challenge at two several weapons, to the Baptists, Presbyters, Papists, and other professors the original of which being brought me since my answer to it (which some years I had not seen) I was willing to have this reprinted, partly for the sake of such who have not seen the same, and in abhorrence and detestation of that proud, exalted, antichristian spirit that writ it ... / published on the behalf of Jesus Christ ... J.P.
[1666?] An Abstract of the case of Francis Rockley, Esq. hereunto annexed
Lownes, Lawrence. / [1628?] An abstract of the case of Lawrence Lownes Esquire concerning the mannors of Hutton, Wandisley, and Angram, with advowson of the Church of Hutton, in the county of the city of Yorke, as it resteth upon the proofes.
Williams, Walter. / [1685] The abstract of the case of Richard Reed the younger, esquire, respondent to the appeal of Walter Williams esq; and Elizabeth his wife appealants.
[1699?] An abstract of the case of the city of Londonderry
[1663] The abstract of the claims of all persons claiming as innocents in the city, county of the city, and county of Dublin
[1695] An Abstract of the Commission for Greenwich Hospital for Seamen
[1695] An Abstract of the consultations and debates, between the French king and his council, concerning the new coyn and coynage that is intended to be made in England wherein is contain'd the political designs and great hopes the French king and his council have to ruin the English nation in divesting and draining them of their new coyn as soon as coyn'd / privately sent by a friend of the confederates from the French court, to his brother at Brussels, &c.
Protestant. / [1679?] An abstract of the contents of several letters relating to the management of affairs with Rome by the D. of Y. [i.e.the Duke of York] and others published for satisfaction of the people, with a preface : shewing our present dangers and the authors thereof / by a Protestant.
Burton, William, d. 1616. / [1606] An abstract of the doctrine of the sabbaoth Briefly, yet fully and plainely set forth; together with the vses of the same doctrine; with the vsuall obiections and answers therevnto. All which for the helpe of memorie, are drawne into sundry chapters.
England and Wales. / [1670?] An abstract of the forfeitures and penalties set and imposed on offences done contrary to the act of Parliament, for paving and cleansing the streets.
[1621] An abstract of the grieuances of the maister, vvardens and commonaltie [sic] of the cutlers, paynter-stainers, and book-binders of the Cittie of London: and consequently of all England concerning the pattent or charter of sole making of gold and siluer foliat and the proclamation prohibiting the importation of any into this kingdome, conteyned likewise in briefe in a petition exhibited into the Commons house of Parliament. viz.
[1621] An abstract of the grieuances of the poore clerkes of his Maiesties custome-house London: by reason of letters pattents lately obtained for the erecting of a new office called the office of clerke of the bils in all his Maiesties custome-houses of England, contained likewise in briefe in a petition by them exhibited vnto this honorable assembly: as also relating the grieuances and inconueniences that do arise thereby to many merchants and tradesmen of the Citie of London: as by certificates vnder the hands of neare three hundred of them (annexed to the said petition) may appeare: viz.
England and Wales. / [1698] An abstract of the laws in force against forestallers, regrators, ingrossers, exporters, or transporters of corn commanded to be put in speedy and vigorous execution by the Lords justices late proclamation and their excellencies new order in council requiring all justices of the peace ... to use their utmost care and diligence that the said proclamation be duly observed ...
Whiting, John, 1656-1722. / [1684] An abstract of the lives, precepts, and sayings, of the ancient fathers, which immediately succeeded Christ, and his apostles Faithfully collected, and published; as well for instruction and admonishion to all people: as for the encouragement of all such as suffer for the testimony of truth, and a good conscience. By a fellow sufferer with them, J.W.
Scotland. Court of Session. / [in the year, 1682] An abstract of the most material interlocutors of the Lords of Session, during the dependence before them, of the cause of the two Danish ships, the Palm-tree, and Patience of Sunderburg, adjudged prise by the High-Court of Admiralty, anno 1672. Against Alexander Acheson captain of the frigat ... by which said ships were brought up, and the owners of the said frigat ... . Excerped out of the two decreets of the lords pronounced in favour of the strangers, 25. February 1674. but not extracted till the 30. of July 1680. With the Articles of His Majestie's treaty with the King of Denmark, relating to the case of ships and goods taken at sea in time of war ... and divers other papers, related to in the decreets.
[1698] An abstract of the penal-laws against immorality, and prophaneness commanded to be put in speedy and vigourous execution, by his Majesty's gracious and pious proclamation, pursuant to the humble address of the honourable House of Commons. Published for the ease and direction of all officers, or others, for the better discharge of their duty, by giving information to the magistrates of the breach of the said laws.
[1700] An Abstract of the present state of the mines of Bwlchyr-Eskir-Hyr and of the material proceedings of the committee, appointed for the management thereof, published for the information and satisfaction of the absent-partners, and at their request.
[1684] An Abstract of the procedure of France since the Pyrenaean Treaty under these heads, I. The speech of Monsieur Zerowisky, the Emperour's ambassador to the King of Poland, II. A memorial presented by the said ambassador to the King of Poland, III. A letter from Monsieur Du Vernay to Count Teckely, IV. A letter from Count Teckely to Monsieur Du Vernay, V. A letter from Monsieur Peter Jaigel, Governour of Cassovia, to Monsieur Du Vernay ; to which is added, Mercurius panegyricus.
England and Wales. Parliament. / [1642] An abstract of the proceedings in Parliament in the time of Edward the 3 truly collected out of the Parliament rolles ...
Carter, W. (William) / [1694] An abstract of the proceedings of W. Carter being a plea to some objections urged against him.
[Printed in the Year, 1675] An Abstract of the Scripture-catechism accommodated by the author, to the use of children and ignorant people / newly corrected by the author himself.
Wandesford, Elizabeth. / [1701?] An abstract of the unfortunate and unparallel case of Eliz. Wandesford weddow and relict of Garret Foulkes, Esq; and of her aged mother and children, ...
[1689] An Abstract of the unnatural rebellion and barbarous massacre of the Protestants in the kingdom of Ireland in the year 1641 collected from the most authentick copies.
England and Wales. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary) / [1694] An abstract of Their Majesties commission under the Great Seal, dated the 15th day of June 1694.: For taking subscriptions for the bank, pursuant to the late act of Parliament.
Williams, John, 1582-1650. / [1641] An abstract of those answers which were given in the assembly of the Lords in the high court of Parliament unto the nine reasons, sent up from the Hovse of Commons, against the voting of bishops in Parliament.
Cardrow, James. / [MDCXCI 1691] An abstract of those laws commanded by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, to be put in speedy execution by Her Majesty's most gracious and pious letter (lately sent to the justices of the peace of the County of Middlesex) met at their general quarter-sessions by adjournment, Friday the 10th of July, 1691 published for the ease and direction of the several and respective officers in the performance of their duty / by James Cardrow ...
[1691] An abstract of those laws commanded by the Queen's most excellent Majesty, to be put in speedy execution by her Majesty's most gracious and pious letter (lately sent to the justices of the peace of the county of Middlesex) met at their general quarter-sessions by adjournment, Friday, the 10th of July, 1691. Published for the ease and direction of the several and respective officers in the performance of their duty.
[1705?] An abstract or abridgment, of a decree made, and often confirmed in the High Court of Chancery, concerning the payment of a tyth or 10th. part of lead-oar [sic] in the county of Derby
[1651] An Abstract or brief declaration of the present state of His Majesties revenew with the assignations and defalcations upon the same : all monies brought into His Maiesties coffers from time to time, since his coming to the Crown of England, by what means so ever : the ordinary annuall issues, gifts, rewards, and extraordinary disbursments as they are distinguished in the severall titles hereafter following.
Cotton, John, 1584-1652. / [1641] An abstract or the lawes of New England as they are novv established
Cotton, Robert, Sir, 1571-1631. / [1642] An abstract ovt of the records of the tovver, touching the Kings revenue, and how they have supported themselves by Sir Robert Cotton ...
Stoughton, William, fl. 1584. / [1583] An abstract, of certain acts of parliament: of certaine her Maiesties iniunctions: of certaine canons, constitutions, and synodalles prouinciall: established and in force, for the peaceable gouernment of the Church, within her Maiesties dominions and countries, for the most part heretofore vnknowen and vnpractized
Rich, Robert, d. 1679. / [1680] Abstracts of some letters written by Mr. Robert Rich treating mostly of spiritual matters and here transmitted to posterity and recommended to the sober and serious enquirer for promoting of universal love amongst all sorts of people without respect of persons, parties, or sects : together with a friendly letter of Dr. Jer. Taylor to the said R.R. in answer to one of his / published by J.P.
Moyle, John, d. 1714. / [1686] Abstractum chirurgiae marinae., or, An abstract of sea chirurgery: designed for the use of such chirurgeons who desire to serve at sea, yet are unacquainted with sea practice : in order to their restoring to health of sick or wounded sea-men; but may all fitly serve for most chirurgeons. In three compendious books. The first containeth certain directions necessary to be observed by the sea-chirurgeon in his fitting out. The second teacheth how he should perform his chirurgical duty being at sea, both in an ingagement and at other times. The third instructeth how he must execute the phisical office imposed on him / by John Moyle.
Field, John, 1652-1723. / [1685] The absurdity & falsness of Thomas Trion's doctrine manifested in forbidding to eat flesh, contrary to the command of God, the example of angels, Christ Jesus, and the holy apostles : and proved to be doctrine of devils, by the testimony of Holy Scriptures ...
Whitby, Daniel, 1638-1726. / [1679] The absurdity and idolatry of host-worship proved, by shewing how it answers what is said in scripture and the writtings of the fathers, to shew the folly and idolatry committed in the worship of heathen deities : also a full answer to all those pleas by which papists would wipe off the charge of idolatry, and an appendix against transubstantiation, with some reflexions on a late popish book called The guide in controversies / by Daniel Whitby ...
Clagett, Nicholas, 1610?-1662. / [1659] The abuse of Gods grace: discovered in the kinds, causes, punishments, symptoms, cures, differences, cautions, and other practical improvements thereof. Proposed as a seasonable check to the wanton libertinisme of the present age. By Nicholas Claget, minister of the Gospel at Edmundsbury in Suffolk, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, Oxon.
Catholic Church. / [1623] The abuses of the Romish church anatomised. By a vvelwiller to Sion, and to all them that loue the truth in the truth
Green, William, 17th Cent. / [1676] Abyssus mali, or, The corruption of man's nature briefly handled in some of its principal parts grounded upon Psal. 14: 1, 2, 3 : together with Man's salvation by faith on the Lord Jesus Christ, on Acts 16:31 / by W.G.