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Cit. / [1698] Æsop at Epsom, or, A few select fables in verse by a cit.
No person of quality. / [1698] Æsop at Tunbridge. Or, A few select fables in verse. By No person of quality:
[1673] Æsop improved, or, Above three hundred and fifty fables, mostly Æsop's with their morals paraphrased in English verse : amounting to about one hundred and fifty more than do appear to have been so rendered by any other hand.
[1698] Æsop in select fables ... with A dialogue between Bow-steeple dragon and the Exchange grashoper.
[1697] Æsop naturaliz'd and expos'd to the publick view in his own shape and dress by way of essay on a hundred fables.
[1666] Æsop's fables with his life in English, French & Latin / the English by Tho. Philipott Esq. ; the French and Latin by Rob. Codrington M.A. ; illustrated with one hundred and twelve sculptures by Francis Barlow.
[1675. ] Æsopicks: or, A second collection of fables, paraphras'd in verse, adorn'd with sculpture, and illustrated with annotations. / By John Ogilby, esq; his Majesty's cosmographer, geographick printer, and master of revels in the kingdom of Ireland.