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Zeale, John. / [1683] A narrative of the phanatical plot, setting forth the treasonable and wicked designs which they have been carrying on against the King & government, ever since the last Westminster Parliament with an account of the treacherous contrivances against several worthy persons, and the measures which they used to take off the Kings evidence by subornation : to which is added a relation of the evil practices of John Rowse (who was lately executed at Tyburn), William Lewis (who stands convicted), and others / by John Zeale, Gent.
Zealous affected subject. / [1588] An oration militarie to all naturall Englishmen, whether Protestants, or otherwise in religion affected, to moue resolution in these dangerous times vvherein is expressed the delight of libertie, and the tyrannie of the enemie : with a praier both pithie and necessarie / written by a zealous affected subiect.
Zelotes. / [169-?] A new revolution, or The High-flyer turned Whig, in a letter from a parishoner to his church-man.
Zepper, Wilhelm, 1550-1607. / [1599] The art or skil, well and fruitfullie to heare the holy sermons of the church written first in Latin, by a godly minister named Gulielmus Zepperus ; and now truly translated into English by T.W. ...