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Zacharie de Lisieux, père, O.F.M. cap., 1582-1661. / [1668] A relation of the country of Jansenia wherein is treated of the singularities founded therein, the customes, manners, and religion of it's inhabitants : with a map of the countrey / composed in French by Lewis Fountaine, Esq ; and newly translated into English by P.B.
Zachary, Thomas, d. 1686. / [1657] A word to the officers of the army. Unto you who at first were raised up by a mighty spirit, to go forth with the sword in your hands, to recover some long lost liberties of the good people of England, from under the tyranical powers of Kings and Bishops; unto whom was truly given the title of the Lords Host, because you went forth in his name, and for his people, and therefore were crowned with wonderful successes, and victories, over your enemies, unto a perfect conquest, even unto you is this word of truth.
Zanchi, Giralamo, 1516-1590. / [1659] The whole body of Christian religion, by Hieron. Zanchius. Translated out of Latine by D. Ralph Winterton.
Zanchi, Girolamo, 1516-1590. / [1599] H. Zanchius his confession of Christian religion Which novve at length being 70. yeares of age, he caused to bee published in the name of himselfe & his family. Englished in sense agreeable, and in words as answerable to his ovvne latine copie, as in so graue a mans worke is requisite: for the profite of all the vnlearneder sort, of English christians, that desire to know his iudgement in matters of faith.
Zanchi, Girolamo, 1516-1590. / [1614] Speculum Christianum or, A Christian suruey for the conscience. Containing, three tractates of that eminent, graue, and learned diuine, maister Hierome Zanchius. 1. Of the end of the world. 2. Of the perseuerance of the saints. 3. A summarie abridgement of his protections. Englished for the good of Gods church, and for a warning to wicked and impenitent men. By H.N.
Zarain, Aga. / [1639] A relation of the late seidge and taking of the city of Babylon by the Turke. As it was written from thence by Zarain Aga, one of his captaines, to Caymaran (his brother) vice-roy in Constantinople. Setting forth all the principall passages of this siedge; with one unparreled [sic], cruell, furious and bloody assault, made by the Turks, wherein were slaine in 12 houres. 130000 of them, and above 20000 Persians. Translated out of the Turkish, into the Italian language by the drugerman to the state of Ragouza. And Englished by W.H.