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Yeamans, Isabel. / [1679] An invitation of love, to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness, to come and take of the water of life freely without money and without price with a word of advice to such as are asking the way to Sion (and are weeping) with their faces thither-ward : together with a faithful warning to the inhabitants of Babylon, to come out of her, lest (partaking of her sins) ye also come to partake of her plagues / by Isabel Yeamans.
Yeamans, Isabel. / [1652] The year of wonders: or, the glorious rising of the fifth monarch:: shewing the greatness of the that free-born prince, who shall reign and govern; and what shall happen upon his coronation deduced from the eclipse of the sun, March 29. 1652. Together with the effects thereof; and a prophecie touching the change of this present government, in 1653; the manner thereof, the great wars that shall ensue, the time prefixed for their continuance, and afterwards an everlasting peace to be established; also, a description of the strange sights that will be seen in the air on Munday next; (at which time there will be a great darkness for the space of 3 hours) predicting, a woful calamity for London; and many prove headless for their rebelion: the murthering of the K. of France; and the great things that will befal the K. of Scots: the hanging of the great Turk in a Bow-string; and the stabbing of the Pope of Rome by an English-man. With many other remarkable predictions (never before published) touching the running of the streets with bloud, and burning whole cities, towns, and villages.
Yearly Meeting of Women Friends / [1696] York, the 24th. and 25th. of the 4th. month, 1696
Yearwood, Randolph, d. 1689. / [1657] The penitent murderer. Being an exact narrative of the life and death of Nathaniel Butler; who (through grace) became a convert, after he had most cruelly murdered John Knight. With the several conferences held with the said Butler in Newgate, by the Right Honorable the Lord Maior, and several eminent ministers, and others. As also his confession, speech, prayer, and the sermon preached after his execution; with several useful admonitions, and excellent discourses. / Collected by Randolph Yearwood, chaplain to the Right Honorable, the Lord Major of the city of London.
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. / [1679] The rights of the people of England, concerning impositions stated in a learned argument, by Sir Henry Yelverton ... ; with a remonstrance presented to the Kings most excellent Majesty, by the honorable House of Commons, in the Parliament, An. Dom. 1610 ...
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. / [1662] A short discourse of the truth and reasonableness of the religion delivered by Jesus Christ wherein the several arguments for Christianity are briefly handled ... : unto which is added A disquisition touching the Sibylls and Sibylline writings wherein the objections made by Opsopæus, Isaac Casaubon, David Blondel, and others are examined ... / by another hand.
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. A treatise conteining divers benefits and priuiledges, and the power and authoritie granted to the patentee, who hath his Maiesties licence or grant of charter warren vnder the great seale of England. Collected out of diuers of the lawes and statutes of this kingdome, and viewed and allowed by Sir Henry Yelverton knight, his Maiesties Atturney Generall, for all those who take the graunt. To be deliuered to them at the office thereof, kept at the house of Sir Henry Breton knight, one of the commisioners for making of the said graunts, in Drury Lane.
Yelverton, Henry, Sir, 1566-1629. / [1662] A vindication of my Lord Bishop of Worcester's letter touching Mr. Baxter from the animadversions of D. E.
Yemans, Anne. / [1648] Crooked pathes made straight: or, The wayes of God made knowne to lost sinners, or bewildered saints Wherein is represented the severall conditions of a Christian in the spirit, as hee growes up out of weaknesse into strength, through death into life eternall. By Anne Yemans.