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Yalden, John. / [1681] Ỳperēphanìaz Myzè̄rhion. Or, Machiavil redivivus Being an exact discovery or narrative of the priciples & politicks of our bejesuited modern phanaticks. By J. Yalden Esq;
Yarb, Samoth, fl. 1641. / [printed. 1641] The anatomy of et cætera. Or the unfolding of that dangerous oath in the close of the sixth canon. As it was contrived by the bishops and some of the clergie, in their late oath ex officio, cunningly obliging the consciences of his Majesties subjects to observe and obey whatsoever errours they would impose. Condemned and dissected in a passionate conference betwixt the two zealous brothers Roger and Ralph, penned at the first injunction of the new canons, and now publisht since their abolishment. / By an Oxfordshire gentleman.
Yarb, Samoth, fl. 1641. / [1641] A new sect of religion descryed, called Adamites deriving their religion from our father Adam : wherein they hold themselves to be blamelesse at the last day, though they sinne never so egregiously, for they challenge salvation as their due from the innocencie of their second Adam : this was first disclosed by a brother of the same sect to the author, who went along with this brother, and saw all these passages following / by Samoth Yarb.
Yarner, Captain. / [1642] Captaine Yarner's relation of the battaile fought at Kilrush upon the 15th day of Aprill by my Lord of Ormond who with 2500 foot and 500 horse overthrew the Lord Mountgarret's army consisting of 8000 foot and 400 horse all well armed and the choyce of eight counties : together with a relation of the proceedings of our army, from the second to the later end of Aprill 1642.
Yarranton, Andrew, 1616-1684. / [1679?] A coffee-house dialogue, or, A discourse between Captain Y--- and a young barrester of the Middle-Temple with some reflections upon the bill against the D. of Y.
Yarranton, Andrew, 1616-1684. / [M DC LXXVII. 1677] England's improvement by sea and land To out-do the Dutch without fighting, to pay debts without moneys, to set at work all the poor of England with the growth of our own lands. To prevent unnecessary suits in law; with the benefit of a voluntary register. Directions where vast quantities of timber are to be had for the building of ships; with the advantage of making the great rivers of England navigable. Rules to prevent fires in London, and other great cities; with directions how the several companies of handicraftsmen in London may always have cheap bread and drink. By Andrew Yarranton, Gent.
Yarranton, Andrew, 1616-1684. / [1681] A full discovery of the first Presbyterian sham-plot, or, A letter from one in London to a person of quality in the country by Andrew Yarranton.
Yarranton, Andrew, 1616-1684. / [1663] The improvement improved by a second edition, or, The great improvement of lands by clover, or, The wonderful advantage by, and right management of clover by Andrew Yarranton ...
Yarrow, Robert. / [1619] Soueraigne comforts for a troubled conscience. Wherein the subtilties of Satan are discouered, his reasons and obiections fully answered. And further, the truth laid open and manifested, to the great consolation and strengthening of such as are distressed and afflicted in minde. Written by the late faithfull seruant of the Lord Mr. Robert Yarrow. And now published for the benefit of such as groning vnder the burthen of an afflicted conscience desire comfort.
Yarwood, John, 17th cent. / [1683] Physick refin'd, or, A little stream of medicinal marrow flowing from the bones of nature wherein several signs, particular rules, and distinct symptoms whereby the most ordinary diseases may be distinctly known, and truly judged, are perspicuously delineated : and the most proper way, safe method, and simpathetical care, whereby nature may be helped, the sick eased, and languishing patients relieved (without the use of poysonous purging potions, and venomous medicaments) is succinctly demonstrated / by John Yarwood.
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1615] Gods arraignement of hypocrites with an inlargement concerning Gods decree in ordering sinne. As likewise a defence of Mr. Calvine against Bellarmine; and of Mr. Perkins against Arminius.
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1622] A modell of divinitie, catechistically composed. Wherein is delivered the matter and method of religion, according to the creed, ten Commandements, Lords Prayer, and the Sacraments. By Iohn Yates, Bachelour in Diuinitie, and minister of Gods word in St Andrewes in Norvvich.
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1631] The saints sufferings, and sinners sorrowes. Or, The evident tokens of the salvation of the one, and the perdition of the other Phil. I.28, 2 Thes. I.6,7
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1621] A short and briefe summe of saving knowledge consisting of the creed, ten Commandements, Lords prayer and the sacraments. And is made profitable introduction to the larger art of divinitie, composed by the methodicall tables of A.R. and published by I.Y.
Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. / [1637] A treatise of the honor of Gods house: or, The true paterne of the Church, shewed in the parts and pietie of it with a discovery of the true cause and cure of our present contentions, and an answer of such objections as may offend the weake.
Yaxlee, Henry. / [1630] Morbus et antidotus = the disease vvith the antidote Or A declaration of Henry Yaxlee of Bouthorpe in the countie of Norfolke Esquire, wherein he sheweth hovv he was a papist, and how by Gods grace he is now lately converted. Published by authoritie.