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Wurstisen, Christian, 1544-1588. / [1596] The elements of arithmeticke most methodically deliuered. Written in Latine by C. Vrstitius professor of the mathematickes in the Vniuersitie of Basill. And translated by Thomas Hood, Doctor in Physicke, and well-willer of them which delight in the mathematicall sciences
Würtz, Felix, 1518-1575? / [1656] An experimental treatise of surgerie in four parts : 1. The first part shewing the dangerous abuses committed among the modern surgeons, 2. Of cures of all sorts of wounds in mans body ..., 3. Of the symptomes of wounds ..., 4. Treating of all kinds of balmes, salves, plaisters, ointments, oyles, bloodstenchers, potions, tents, corrosives, &c. which are used for wounds ... / by that most famous and renowned surgeon, Felix Wurtz, citie surgeon at Basell ... ; exactly perused after the authors own manuscrip, by Rodolph Wurtz, surgeon at Strasburg ; faithfully the second time translated into Neather Dutch, out of the twenty eighth copy printed in the German tongue, and now also Englished and much corrected, by Abraham Lenertzon Fox, surgeon at Zaerdam ; whereunto is added a very necessary and useful piece, by the same author, called the Childrens book, treating of all things which are necessary to be known by all those, to whose trust and overlooking, little children are committed.