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Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] Eight occasionall speeches, made in the house of Commons this Parliament, 1641.: 1 Concerning religion. 2 Vpon the same subject. 3 Vpon dismounting of the cannons. 4 Vpon the Scotch treaty. 5 Vpon the impeachment of the Lord Strafford, and Canterbury, &c. 6 Vpon the Straffordian knot. 7 Vpon the same subject. 8 A seasonable motion for a loyall covenant. / By Sir Iohn Wray knight and baronet.
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] An occasionall speech made to the House of Commons this Parliament, 1641. against Bishops. By Sir John Wray, knight and baronet. Being none of the 8 speeches before published.
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] A speech delivered in Parliament, Novemb. 13, 1641 by Sir John Wray, a worthy member of that honorable assemblie, concerning the unlawfulnesse of bishops and episcopall authorities.
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [1641] Three speeches, made by Sir Iohn VVray to the House of Commons, assembled in Parliament : 1 against Thomas Earle of Strafford, and the Bishop of Canterbury : 2 being a motion for the taking of an oath to maintaine the religion and vowes established : 3 against the oath and Commons made by the Assembly at the last Convocation.
Wray, John, Sir, 1586-1655. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] A worthy speech spoken by Sir Iohn VVray in Parliament. November the thirteenth, concerning episcopall authority and lordly primacy of the bishops in these our times. 1641.
Wray, William, 1650?-1692. / [1683] Loyalty protesting against popery, and phanaticism popishly affected being a sermon preached on the fifth of November, 1682 at St. Olave's Hartstreet, London / by William Wray ...
Wray, William, 1650?-1692. / [1682] The rebellious city destroyed being an anniversary sermon in memory of the dreadful fire of London, on the second day of September, 1666, preached at St. Olave's Hart-Street, London, September the second, 1682 / by William Wray ...
Wrednot, William. / [1604] Palladis palatium vvisedoms pallace. Or The fourth part of Wits commonwealth.
Wren, M. (Matthew), 1629-1672. / [1657] Considerations on Mr. Harrington's Common-wealth of Oceana: restrained to the first part of the preliminaries.
Wren, M. (Matthew), 1629-1672. / [1659] Monarchy asserted, or, The state of monarchicall & popular government in vindication of the consideration upon Mr. Harrington's Oceana / by M. Wren.
Wrench, Jonathan, 1667?-1741. / [1700] A short view of the principal duties of the Christian religion with plain arguments to perswade to the sincere and speedy practice of them : to which is added, a prayer suited to the whole, to be used morning and evening / by a divine of the Church of England for the use of his parishioners.
Wright, Henry, fl. 1616. / [1616] The first part of the disquisition of truth, concerning political affaires Handled in two seuerall sections. The first whereof (by way of certaine questions probleme-wise propounded and answered) consisteth of foureteene chapters. Written by Henry Wright.
Wright, J., fl. 1681. / [1681] A declaration of some certain members of the layity
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1687] Additions to the history and antiquities of Rutlandshire
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1685] A compendious view of the late tumults & troubles in this kingdom by way of annals for seven years viz, from the beginning of the 30th to the end of the 36th year of the reign of His Late Majesty King Charles II of blessed memory / by J.W. Esq.
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1694] Country conversations being an account of some discourses that happen'd in a visit to the country last summer, on divers subjects : chiefly of the modern comedies, of drinking, of translated verse, of painting and painters, of poets and poetry.
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1699] Historia histrionica an historical account of the English stage, shewing the ancient use, improvement and perfection of dramatick representations in this nation in a dialogue of plays and players.
Wright, James, 1643-1713. / [1697] Three poems of St. Paul's Cathedral viz. The ruins. The rebuilding. The choire.
Wright, Joseph, 1623-1703. / [1661] Testimony for the son of man and against the son of perdition wherein is set forth the faith and obedience of Gods elect, testified by the mouth of the Lord, angels & men. With a true discovery of a bundle of equivocations, confusions, and hyprocisies, in those who call themselves preachers of, and to the light within all men; who yet are so far in darkness themselves, that they acknowledge not the scriptures and ordinances of Jesus Christ, so as to be directed by the one, to the obedience of the other. By Joseph Wright, a servant of Jesus Christ.
Wright, Mr., junior. / [1691] At the Two White Posts, against the statue, at Charing-Cross, on Thursday the 18th. instant at three in the afternoon, will be exposed to sale, a curious collection of original paintings, and other excellent copies, of the best masters; some fit for closets, chimneys, stair-cases, &c. Continuing daily, till all be sold. By Mr. Wright junior. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Nott's in the Pall-Mall, at Mr. Playford's near the Temple-Church, and at the place of sale, gratis.
Wright, Robert, 1560-1643. / [1641. i.e. 1642] A speech spoken in the House of Commons, by the Reverend Father in God, Robert, L. Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. Being brought to the barre to answer for himselfe.
Wright, Robert, d. 1626. / [1630] A receyt to stay the plague. Deliuered in a sermon by R.W. minister of Gods Word.
Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. / [1596] The disposition or garnishmente of the soule to receiue worthily the blessed Sacrament deuyded into three discourses, 1 Preparation. 2 Presentation before Christ. 3 Enterteinment.
Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. / [Anno. 1604] The passions of the minde in generall. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented. By Thomas Wright. With a treatise thereto adioyning of the clymatericall yeare, occasioned by the death of Queene Elizabeth
Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. / [1604] A succinct philosophicall declaration of the nature of clymactericall yeeres, occasioned by the death of Queene Elizabeth. VVritten by T:VV
Wright, Thomas, d. 1624. / [1596] A treatise, shewing the possibilitie, and conueniencie of the reall presence of our Sauiour in the blessed Sacrament the former is declared by similitudes and examples: the latter by the causes of the same.
Wright, Thomas, fl. 1693. / [1693] The female vertuoso's a comedy : as it is acted at the Queen's Theatre, by Their Majesties servants / written by Mr. Thomas Wright.
Wright, Thomas, gunner. / [1652] A perfect narrative of the particular service performed by Thomas Wright firemaster with a morter-peice [sic] of fifteen inches and a half diameter, against the Castle of Elizabeth in the Isle of Jersey, being commanded thither by order of the Councell of State, under the command of Coll: James Haine, humbly represented to the honorable Councell of State.
Wright, Timothy. / [1692] The mourners memorial in two sermons on the death of the truly pious Mris. Susanna Soame, late wife of Bartholomew Soame of Thurlow, Esq., who deceased Febru. 14, 1691/2 : with some account of her death / by Timothy Wright, Robert Fleming.
Wright, William, 1563-1639. / [Permissu superiorum. M.DC.XXIII. 1623] A briefe treatise in which, is made playne, that Catholikes liuing and dying in their profession, may be saued, by the iudgement of the most famous and learned Protestants that euer were. Agaynst a minister [N.E.] who in his epistle exhorteth an honourable person, to forsake her ancient Catholike Roman Religion, & to become one of his new-found-out Protestant congregation.
Wright, William, 1563-1639. / [Imprinted, M. DC. XXII 1622] An epistle dedicated to an honourable person in the which are discouered a dozen bad spirits, who from the beginning haue much haunted & grieuously tormented the Protestant congregation, so that euery one may perceaue, if he be not tooto [sic] partiall, and ouermuch carryed away with affection, that such an assembly cannot be the true Church of God.
Wright, William, 18th cent. / [1700] A chronological account of the age of the world at the birth of every one of the Ancient Fathers, from Adam to the Flood of Noah, the kings of Judah, the captivity of Babilon, and the end thereof, till the death of the Messiah to which are added several remarks concerning the end of the first six thousand years of this world's-age, and what may be expected for a thousand years thence next following, and some thoughts concerning the end of the world. As also a brief exposition of the thirteenth of the Revelations: much differing from all that ever was before it. Wherein is sett forth; first, who the two beasts therein mentioned are. Secondly, when they began. Thirdly, how long they are to continue. Fourthly, when their end shall be. Wherein that [my]stical number of 666, is fully explained. By William Wright of Colledge-Green, Dublin.
Writer, Clement, fl. 1627-1658. / [1658] An apologetical narration, or, A just and necessary vindication of Clement Writer against a four-fold charge laid on him by Richard Baxter, and published by him in print.
Writer, Clement, fl. 1627-1658. / [Printed, in the year, 1646] The jus divinum of presbyterie. Or, A treatise evidently proving by Scripture; all true ministers or embassadours of the Gospell to be rightly called divines or, Jure divino.
Writer, Clement, fl. 1627-1658. / [1653] The sad case of Clement VVriter, who hath waited for reliefe therein since the fourth of Decemb. 1640.
Wroe, Richard, 1641-1717. / [MDCLXXXII 1682] The beauty of unity in a sermon preached at Preston in Lancashire at the opening of the Guide-merchant held there, September 4, 1682 / by Richard Wroe ...
Wroe, Richard, 1641-1717. / [1684] Righteousness encouraged and rewarded with an everlasting remembrance in a sermon at the funeral of the right worshipful Sir Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh, Knight and Baronet, who died at Chester on Monday, March 31, and was buried at Wigan, Friday, Apr. 4, 1684 / by Richard Wroe ...
Wroe, Richard, 1641-1717. / [1694] A sermon at the funeral of the right honourable Henry, Earl of Warrington, Baron Delamer of Dunham-Massy, Lord Lieutenant of the County-Palatine of Chester, and one of the Lords of their Majesties most honourable Privy Council preached at Bowden in Cheshire / by Richard Wroe ...
Wroe, Richard, 1641-1717. / [1691] A sermon preached at Bowden in Cheshire, April 6th, 1691 at the funeral of the right honourable Mary, Countess of Warrington by Richard Wroe.