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Voile, William. / [1668] A glasse and salve for professors held to them.: By William Voile minister of the Gospel.
Vokins, Joan, d. 1690. / [Printed in the year MDCLXXXVII. 1687] A tender invitation: unto all those that want peace with God, by reason of the burden of sin that keeps them from acceptance with the Lord Jesus, and from an assurance of salvation, though it be very desirable to them.
Vokins, Joan, d. 1690. / [1691] God's mighty power magnified as manifested and revealed in his faithful handmaid Joan Vokins, who departed this life the 22d of the 5th month, 1690, having finished her course, and kept the faith : also some account of her exercises, works of faith, labour of love, and great travels in the work of the ministry, for the good of souls.
Vokins, Joan, d. 1690. / [1671] A loving advertisement unto all those who joyn together to persecute the innocent.:
Volontaire. / [1670] A journal of the expedition of Monsieur de La Fueillade for the relief of Candy written in French (by way of letter) by a gentleman who was a voluntiere in that service, and faithfully Englished.
Votier, J. (James), b. 1622. / [1658] Vox Dei & hominis.: God's call from heaven ecchoed [sic] by mans answer from earth. Or a survey of effectual calling. In the [brace] explication of its nature. Distribution of it into its parts. Illustration of it by its properties. Confirmation of it by reasons. Application of it by uses. Being the substance of several sermons delivered to the people of Heveningham, in Suffolk. / By J. Votier, minister of the gospel.
Vowell, Peter, d. 1654. / [Printed in the yeer MDCLIV. 1654] The last speech of M. Peter Vowell,: which he intended to have delivered (had he been permitted) upon the tenth of July, 1654. Being the day of his suffering death, in the place where Charing Cross once stood. Written by himself a little before his suffering. Published for general satisfaction.