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Vadianus, Joachim, 1484-1551. / [M.v.C.xxxiiij. sic, i.e. 1534 ye xv. day of Iune] A worke entytled of ye olde god [and] the newe of the olde faythe [and] the newe, of the olde doctryne and ye newe, or orygynall begynnynge of idolatrye. Reade most gentel reader, for many [and] diuers causes this moost goodly boke ...
Valdeâs, Alfonso de, d. 1532. / [en el anäo de salud 1586] Dialogo en que particularmente se tratan las cosas acaecidas en Roma: el anäo de M.D.XXVII. A la gloria de dios y bien vniuersal de la republica Christiana.
Valdés, Alfonso de, d. 1532. / [1590] The sacke of Roome exsequuted by the Emperour Charles armie euen at the natiuitie of this Spanish Kinge Philip. Notablie described in a Spanish dialogue, with all the horrible accidents of this sacke, and abhominable sinnes, superstitions & diseases of that cittie, which prouoked these iust iudgements of God. Translated latelie into the English tounge, neuer fitter to bee read nor deeplier considered, then euen now at this present time.
Valdés, Francisco de, militar. / [1590] The sergeant maior. A dialogue of the office of a sergeant maior. VVritten in Spanishe by the Maister of the Campe Francisco de Valdes. And translated into Englishe, by Iohn Thorius.
Valdés, Juan de, d. 1541. / [1646] Divine considerations treating of those things which are most profitable, most necessary and most perfect in our Christian profession by John Valdesso.
Valentine, Henry, d. 1643. / [1654] Private devotions digested into six letanies; I. Of confession. II. Of deprecation. III. Of supplication. IV. Of Thanksgiving. V. Of intercession. VI. For the sick. VVith directions and prayers for the Lords day. Sacrament. day of Death. Judgment. And two daily prayers, one for the morning, another for the evening.
Valentine, Henry, d. 1643. / [1639] God save the King. A sermon preached in St. Pauls Church the 27th. of March 1639. Being the day of his Maiesties most happy inauguration, and of his northerne expedition. By Henry Valentine, D.D.
Valentine, Henry, d. 1643. / [MDCXXXV. 1635] Foure sea-sermons, preached at the annuall meeting of the Trinitie Companie, in the parish church of Deptford: by Henry Valentine vicar.
Valentine, Thomas, 1585 or 6-1665? / [1643] A sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons; at their late solemne fast, December, 28.: Wherein is described 1. The church her patience: 2. Her hope. In the exercise of both which graces, she is enabled to waite upon God in the way of his judgements: in which divers cases are propounded and resolved. That the soul sick of love, doth with more difficulty endure the absence of Christ, then the present evils of this world. By Thomas Valentine, Rector of Chalfont in Buckinghamshire. Published by order of that House.
Valentine, Thomas, 1585 or 6-1665? / [1647] Tvvo sermons preached:: one before the Right Honorable House of Lords, on their publick fast, May 26. 1647. The other, before the Honorable House of Commons, on their publick fast, in Margarets Church in Westminster, Septemb. 29. 1647. / By Thomas Valentine one of the Assembly of Divines, and minister in Chalfort in the county of Bucks.
Valentine, Thomas, 1585 or 6-1665? / [1647] Christs counsell to poore and naked soules that they might bee well furnished with pure gold, and richly clad with white raiment : delivered in a sermon before the honourable House of Commons at their publique fast, in Margarets church in Westminster, Septemb. 29, 1647 / by Thomas Valentine ...
Valentine, Thomas, 1585 or 6-1665? / [1647] A charge against the Jews, and the Christian world, for not coming to Christ, who would have freely given them eternall life.: Delivered in a sermon, before the Right Honorable the House of Peers, in the Abbey Church at Westminster, on May 26. 1647. being the day of their publick fast. / By Thomas Valentine, one of the Assembly of Divines, and Minister of Chalfont in the County of Bucks.
Valera, Cipriano de, 1532?-1625. / [1600] An ansvvere or admonition to those of the Church of Rome, touching the iubile, proclaimed by the bull, made and set foorth by Pope Clement the eyght, for the yeare of our Lord. 1600. Translated out of French.
Valeriano, Pierio, 1477-1560. / [M.D.XXXIII. 1533] A treatise vvriten by Iohan Valerian a greatte clerke of Italie, which is intitled in latin Pro sacerdotum barbis translated in to Englysshe.
Valerius Maximus. / [1684] Q Valerius Maximus his collections of the memorable acts and sayings of orators, philosophers, statesmen, and other illustrious persons of the ancient Romans, and other foreign nations, upon various subjects together with the life of that famous historian / newly translated into English.
Valerius, Cornelius, 1512-1578. / [1571] The casket of iewels contaynynge a playne description of morall philophie [sic], diligently and after a very easie methode declared by the well learned and famous author Cornelius Valerius: lately turned out of Latin into Englishe, by I.C.
Valkenburgh, Johannes Velmont van. / [1673] The Dutch prophesie, or, The astrological predictions of Johannes Velmont van Valkenburgh of Utrecht surveying the fate of the United Provinces for the ensuing year, 1674.
Van Laitz, W. / [1696] A proposal to ease the subject, and to restore the credit of the nation so that within six months, bank-bills and tallies will be as current as ever they were, and the want of money supplied. Humbly offered to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons, by W.V.
Vanden Bemde, John. / [1692] The case of John Vanden Bemde, Esq., and Sir John Rotheram, Kt.
Vandenberg, Abraham. / [1684] A letter from a gentleman in Germany, touching the discovery of a stange murder committed there, by a person of quality, upon a lustfull fryer: for endeavouring to corrupt his lady. Being a translation.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [Printed in the year 1662] The substance of what Sir Henry Vane intended to have spoken upon the scaffold, on Tower-Hill, at the time of execution, being the 14th of June, 1662 published to prevent false reports.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [1656] The proceeds of the Protector (so called) and his Councill against Sir Henry Vane, Knight.: A late eminent Member of the Councill of State of the Common-wealth of England: as touching his imprisonment in the Isle of Wight. Together with his testimony delivered in writing to the said Protector, by way of a peculiar addresse to himself, and faithfull advice of an old friend and acquaintance. Faithfully transcribed and attested out of the original copy's, and published by a reall well-wisher to Sions prosperity and Englands liberty.
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [1641] Sr. Henry Vane his speech in the House of Commons, at a committee for the bill against episcopall-government, Mr. Hide sitting in the chaire. June 11. 1641.:
Vane, Henry, Sir, 1612?-1662. / [1664] A pilgrimage into the land of promise, by the light of the vision of Jacobs ladder and faith, or, A serious search and prospect into life eternal pointing out the way and discovering the passage out of mans mutable state of life, into a state of immutable righteousness and glory, through the knowledg of Christ in spirit / written in the year 1662 by Henry Vane ...
Vane, Thomas, fl. 1652. / [1652] Wisdome and innocence, or prudence and simplicity: in the examples of the serpent and the dove, propounded to our imitation. By Tho. Vane doctor in divinity and physick.
Vane, Thomas, fl. 1652. / [Anno Dom. 1646] An answer to a libell written by D. Cosens against the great Generall councell of Laterane under Pope Innocent the Third wherein the many and great errors of the said D. Cosens are manifested to the world / by Thomas Vane.
Vane, Thomas, fl. 1652. / [M.DC.XLVIII 1648] A lost sheep returned home, or, The motives of the conversion to the Catholike faith of Thomas Vane ...
Vanel, M. (Claude) / [1695] The royal mistresses of France, or, The secret history of the amours of all the French kings from Pharamond the first monarch, anno 418 to this present time / made English from the French original.
Varet, Alexandre-Louis, 1632-1676. / [1678] The Christian education of children: according to the maxims of the Sacred Scripture, and the instructions of the fathers of the church / written and several times printed in French, and now translated into English.
Varet, Alexandre-Louis, 1632-1676. / [1676] The nunns complaint against the fryers being the charge given into the court of France, by the nunns of St. Katherine near Provins, against the Fathers Cordeliers their confessours / several times printed in French, and now faithfully done into English.
Varillas, Monsieur (Antoine), 1624-1696. / [1686] Anekdota eteroūiaka, or, The secret history of the house of Medicis written originally by that fam'd historian, the Sieur de Varillas ; made English by Ferrand Spence.
Varillas, Monsieur (Antoine), 1624-1696. / [1687] The history of William de Croy, surnamed the Wise, governor to the Emperour Charles V being a pattern for the education of princes : containing the memorable transactions that happened during his administration in most of the courts of Christendom, from the year 1506 to the year 1521 : in six books / written in French by Mr. Varillas ... and now made English.
Varney, John. / [printed in the year 1679] For England's information, reformation, great joy, peace, and consolation; and for her great honour, and exaltation, and for the great shame, contempt and terror of the Turk, the Pope, and the Devil, and all the workers of evil
Vase, Robert. / [1625] Ionah's contestation about his gourd. In a sermon deliuered at Pauls Crosse. Septemb. 19. 1624. By R.V. preacher of Gods Word.
Vasto, Alfonso Avalos, Marqués del, d. 1546. / [1543] A ioyfull new tidynges of the goodly victory that was sent to the emperour, from the noble Capitayne Marcquis Delgasto shewing how and in what maner all the Fre[n]chme[n] that were in Italy with all theyr captaynes be ouercome and destroyed of the valea[n]t Prince of Salerne : yet another new tidinges, shewyng howe that Barbarossa the great Turkes leuetenat and admiral of the see, is gone out of Fraunce wyth a great army, takyng many noble lordes & galleyes, as ye shall heare hereafter.
Vaughan, Charles, gentleman. / [1644] Some of Mr. Phillip Francis misdemeanours, and Sir Alexander Caryes treacheries discovered.: The answer of Charles Vaghan, to the preamble of the answer of Mr. Phillip Francis of Plimouth, to the exceptions to the account of the said Mr. Francis given to the accomptants of the kingdome.
Vaughan, Charles, gentleman. / [1645] February 24. 1644. The most true and unanswerable answer of Charles Vaghan, to the most false and scandalous aspersions of Mr. Philip Francis, set forth in his last answer to my reply to his::
Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. / [1594] Ten introductions how to read, and in reading, how to vnderstand; and in vnderstanding, how to beare in mind all the bookes, chapters, and verses, contained in the holie Bible. With an answer for lawyers. Physitions. Ministers.
Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. / [1617] A plaine and perfect method, for the easie vnderstanding of the whole Bible containing seauen obseruations, dialoguewise, betweene the parishioner, and the pastor.
Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. / [1590] A method, or briefe instruction; verie profitable and speedy, for the reading and vnderstanding of the old and new Testament. The one expounding the other according to the sence and meaning of our our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ.
Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. / [1612] A divine discoverie of death directing all people to a triumphant resurrection, and euer-lasting saluation.
Vaughan, Evan. / [1653] A true breviate of the great oppressions and injuries done to Evan Vaughan post-master of Ireland;: by Edmond Prideaux, Esq; Attorney Generall, and post-master of England, since March, 1648.
Vaughan, George, of Newport, Isle of Wight. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] A true and certaine relation of His Maiesties sad condition in Hurst-Castle, in Hamp-shire.: VVith the manner how hee was taken out of his bed on Saturday night last, to the amazement of the inhabitants there: with the imprisoning of Captaine Cooke, who was appointed Governour by the inhabitants, in stead of Colonell Hammond. Also, the sad condition of the Maior and aldermen of Newport, for their allegiance to His Majesty; this being done without the knowledge of the Parliament, with other remarkable passages.
Vaughan, Hugh, Sir. / [1642] A loving and loyall speech spoken unto the excellency of our noble Prince Charles:: by Sir Hugh Yaughan [sic] the 2. of October at Ragland-Castle in Munmoth-shire in Wales, as his happy accesse and comming thither. Also the manner of his brave entertainment, and a relation of divers rich presents brought unto him by the gentry and communalty of countrey, humbly tending their true service to their prince: with the princes speech, giving them hearty thanks for their kind expressions of their love. Sent from a gentleman of that country, to one M. Francis Meredith, unto M. Henry Roberts, belonging to the Custome-house. London.
Vaughan, Rice. / [1651] A plea for the common-laws of England or an answer to a book entituled, A good work for a good magistrate: or, a short cut to a great quiet. (Published by Mr. Hugh Peters:) So far as concerns his proposals touching the said laws. By R. Vaughan of Grays-Inne.
Vaughan, Rice. / [1672] Practica Walliæ, or, The proceedings in the great sessions of Wales containing the method and practice of an attorney there, from an original to the execution : whereunto is added, the old statute of Wales at large, and an abridgement of all the statutes uniting Wales to England : with tables of the fees, and the matters therein contained / by Rice Vaughan ...
Vaughan, Rice. / [printed, 1653] The manner of the proceedings in the courts of the great sessions in the counties of Mountgomery, Denbigh, and Flint; within North-Wales, as it now is.: Published by R.V.
Vaughan, Rice. / [1653. i.e. 1652] Certain proposals humbly presented to the Parliament, in relation to the common good of the people of this nation. By R.V. Esq;:
Vaughan, Richard. / [1684] The speech of Richard Vaughan, Esq., recorder of Carmarthen, at His Grace the Duke of Beaufort (Lord President of Wales) his entrance into the said town
Vaughan, Thomas, 1622-1666. / [1652] Aula lucis,: or, The house of light : a discourse written in the year 1651. / By S.N. a modern speculator.
Vaughan, Thomas, defendant. 1669?-1696, / [1696] The last dying speech and behaviour of Capt. Thomas Vaughan: who was executed for high-treason, at execution-dock, on Wednesday, Decemb. the 9th. 1696.
Vaughton, John, 1644-1712. / [1676] A vindication of Jesus Christ, the immaculate lamb of God from the foul and blasphemous imputation of one Thomas Powel ... who affirmed, that Jesus Christ was the greatest sinner in the world : with an answer to a paper put forth by him, entituled A word to the wise is enough ... / by John Vaughton ...
Vaughton, John, 1644-1712. / [1676] The Roman Catholick converted, or, A testimony against the imagined purgatory with an exhortation to them of the Church of Rome to break off from their idols and images, and to believe in the light of Christ Jesus, who lighteth every man that cometh into the world / by one, who though formerly of them, is now made able through believing in the light of Christ to give testimony against their purgatory, idols, images, and all their dark inventions, John Vaughton.
Vaughton, John, 1644-1712. / [1676] The devil the greatest sinner in the world, or, A reply to Thomas Powel, who calls himself a minister of the Gospel, yet affirms, Jesus Christ was the greatest sinner in the world by John Vaughton ...
Vaughton, John, 1644-1712. / [1695] An answer to Francis Bugg's presumptuous impeachment,: pretended on behalf of the Commons of England, against the Quakers yearly-meeting.
Vaumorière, M. de (Pierre Ortigue), 1610-1693. / [1691] The art of pleasing in conversation written by the famous Abbott Richlieu ; translated out of French.
Vaumorière, M. de (Pierre Ortigue), 1610-1693. / [1686] Agiatis, Queen of Sparta, or, The civil wars of the Lacedemonians in the reigns of the Kings Agis and Leonidas : in two parts / translated out of the French.
Vauts, Moses à. / [1650] The husband's authority unvail'd;: wherein it is moderately discussed whether it be fit or lawfull for a good man, to beat his bad wife. Some mysteries of iniquity are likewise unmasked, and a little unfolded. A subject, to some, perhaps, as unwelcom as uncoth. / From an inner cloyster of the Temple; by Moses à Vauts a faithfull votary, and free denizen of the Common-wealth of Israel.
Vaux, Anthony. / [1642] Prince Robert his proceedings with His Majesties army in Berkshire being the true copie of a letter sent from a gentleman at Newberie in Berkshire, containing these particulars following: viz. 1 That (by Secretary Nicholas his report) His Majesty intends to march with his army into Sussex, Kent and Essex, or to Salisbury and Southampton in the west parts. 2 That the Parliament hath petitioned His Majesty for a treaty of peace by the Earles of Northumberland and Pembroke, and some Members of the Commons. 3 The number of His Majesties army, and the number of his soldiers billeted in diverse places. 4 The effect of Prince Roberts [sic] warrants for contribution, with the quantity of money which is coyned travelling upon wheels, first invented by Leniell His Majesties engineer.