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Urban VIII, Pope, 1568-1644. / [1641. i.e. 1642] The copie of a letter sent from Pope Urban the 8. unto the King of France, Jan. 28. 1641.: Brought unto the said king, by the Bishop of Salerno the Popes nuntio. Wherein he informes the king, that he understands by his nuntio lately returned out of England. What and how great persecutions and pressures the catholiques suffer, since the sitting of the Parliament there. Whence he taketh occasion to exhort and incite the king to the same measure towards his Hugonets in France. Also strongly perswading him to an inclination unto peace with the crowne of Spaine. And for the assisting of the Catholiques in Ireland. Translated out of the Latine copie by J.S.
Urban, VIII, Pope, 1568-1644. / [1631] The suppressing of the assembly of the pretended shee-Iesuites. By the edict of our most holy father and lord, Vrbanus, Dei gratia. The eight (of that name) now Pope of Rome. Translated out of the Low-dutch coppie, printed at Bruxells.
Urbigerus, Baro. / [1690] Aphorismi Urbigerani, or, Certain rules, clearly demonstrating the three infallible ways of preparing the grand elixir, or circulatum majus of the philosophers discovering the secret of secrets, and detecting the errors of vulgar chymists in their operations : contain'd in one hundred and one aphorisms, to which are added The three ways of preparing the vegetable elixir, or, Circulatum minus / all deduc'd from never-erring experience by Baro Urbigerus ...
Urfé, Honoré, d', 1567-1625. / [1620] The history of Astrea the first part. In twelue bookes: newly translated out of French.
Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583. / [1587] The summe of Christian religion: deliuered by Zacharias Vrsinus in his lectures vpon the Catechism autorised by the noble Prince Frederick, throughout his dominions: wherein are debated and resolued the questions of whatsoeuer points of moment, which haue beene or are controuersed in diuinitie. Translated into English by Henrie Parrie, out of the last & best Latin editions, together with some supplie of wa[n]ts out of his discourses of diuinitie, and with correction of sundrie faults & imperfections, which ar [sic] as yet remaining in the best corrected Latine.
Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583. / [1584] A verie profitable and necessarie discourse concerning the obseruation and keeping of the Sabboth day seruing as well to confute the superstition of the Iewes, which obstinately vrge the strict keeping of the seuenth day, as also to ouerthrowe the vaine and godlesse reasons of others, that stiffely at this day maintaine, that Christians ought to keepe no set or appoynted time to worship and serue the Lord in, in his church and faithfull congregation. Written in Latine by Zacharias Vrsinus, sometimes reader of the diuinitie lecture in the Vniuersitie of Heidelberg in Germanie, and very nevvly turned into English, by Iohn Stockvvood schoolemaster of Tunbridge.
Ursinus, Zacharias, 1534-1583. / [1645] The summe of Christian religion, delivered by Zacharias Ursinus first, by way of catechism, and then afterwards more enlarged by a sound and judicious exposition, and application of the same : wherein also are debated and resolved the questions of whatsoever points of moment have been, or are controversed in divinitie / first Englished by D. Henry Parry, and now again conferred with the best and last Latine edition of D. David Pareus, sometimes Professour of Divinity in Heidelberge ; whereunto is added a large and full alphabeticall table of such matters as are therein contained ; together with all the Scriptures that are occasionally handled, by way either of controversie, exposition, or reconciliation, neither of which was done before, but now is performed for the readers delight and benefit ; to this work of Ursinus are now at last annexed the Theologicall miscellanies of D. David Pareus in which the orthodoxall tenets are briefly and solidly confirmed, and the contrary errours of the Papists, Ubiquitaries, Antitrinitaries, Eutychians, Socinians, and Arminians fully refuted ; and now translated into English out of the originall Latine copie by A.R.