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Udall, Ephraim, d. 1647. / [1642] Noli me tangere, or, A thing to be thought on.: Scilicet, vox carnis sacræ clamantis ab altare ad aquilam sacrilegam, noli me tangere, ne te perdam.
Udall, Ephraim, d. 1647. / [M.DC.XLII. 1642] The good of peace and ill of vvarre,: set forth in a sermon preached in the cathedrall church of S. Paul, the last day of July, 1642. By Ephraim Vdall, Rector of S. Austins, London.
Udall, O. / [1663] Perez Uzza, Or, A serious letter sent to Master Edm. Calamy, January the 17th, 1663 touching his sermon at Aldermanbvry, December the 28th, intimating his close design, and dangerous insinuation against the publick peace : with some queries he is to answer, for the satisfaction of the world.
Udall, Thomas. / [1606] A briefe vievve of the weake grounds of popery as it was propounded to D. Norrice, priest, by T.V. gent: and returned without answere.
Udall, Thomas. / [109 i.e. 1609.] A briefe replie of Thomas Udall, Gent. to a short memorandum, or shew of answere against his booke intituled: A briefe view of the weake grounds of poperie: by B.C. student in diuinitie.
Udny, Alexander, minister of Hauking in Kent. / [1628] The voyce of the cryer. Containing 1. A denunciation of Gods iudgements. 2. An inuitation to repentance to preuent the same. Deliuered in two sermons by Alexander Vdny B. in Diuinity, and chaplaine to his Maiestie in ordinary, and minister of the Gospell at Hauking in Kent.
Udny, Alexander, minister of Hauking in Kent. / [1625] A golden bell, and a pomgranate. A sermon preached, at the visitation in Canterbury. 7. of Aprill. 1624. By Mr. Alexander Vdny, Bachelor in Diuinitie, chaplaine to his Maiestie in ordinary, and minister of Hauking in Kent.