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Tye, William. / [1608] A matter of moment: or, A case of waight. As great as euer was any, to be pleaded and examined in the hall of the heart and conscience of euery Christian at all times, before the receiuing of the Lords Supper. Touching that waightie charge of the Apostle Paul, in the I. Cor. II.28. Let euery man examine himselfe, and so let him eate of this bread and drinke of this cup. Set forth dialogue wise.
Tyler, Alexander. / [1685] Signal dangers and deliverances both by land and sea comprehending a short account of the siege of Vienna, one of the most memorable in this last age; together with a description of a violent tempest on the Forth / in two small poems by the same hand.
Tyler, John, d. 1724. / [1694] A sermon preach'd before the Queen, at White-Hall March xxiii, 1693/4 / by John Tyler ...
Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. / [1605] A silver watch-bell. The sound wherof is able (by the grace of God) to win the most profane worldling, and carelesse liuer, if there be but the least sparke of grace remaining in him, to become a true Christian indeed, that in the end he may obtaine euerlasting saluation. Wherunto is annexed a treatise of the holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper.
Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. / [1598] The poore mans Pater noster with a preparatiue to praier: wherto are annexed diuers godly psalmes and meditations: collected out of the sacred scriptures, by Thomas Timme minister.
Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. / [1592] A plaine discouerie of ten English lepers, verie noisome and hurtfull to the Church and common wealth setting before our eies the iniquitie of these latter dayes, and inducing vs to a due consideration of our selues. Published by Thomas Timme minister.
Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. / [1586] The figure of Antichrist with the tokens of the end of the world, most plainly disciphered by a Catholike and diuine exposition of the seconde epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, collected out of the best and most approued diuines, both olde and new, very profitable for all men in this age to reade: published by Thomas Tymme, minister.
Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. / [1612.] A dialogue philosophicall. Wherein natures secret closet is opened, and the cause of all motion in nature shewed ovt of matter and forme, tending to mount mans minde from nature to supernaturall and celestial promotion: and how all things exist in the number of three. : Together with the wittie inuention of an artificiall perpetuall motion, presented to the kings most excellent maiestie. / All which are discoursed betweene two speakers, Philadelph, and Theophrast, brought together by Thomas Tymme, professour of diuinitie..
Tyndale, William, d. 1536. / [1531] An answere vnto Sir Thomas Mores dialoge made by Vvillyam Tindale. First he declareth what the church is, and geveth a reason of certayne wordes which Master More rebuketh in the tra[n]slacion of the newe Testament. After that he answereth particularlye vnto everye chaptre which semeth to haue anye apperaunce of truth thorow all his .iiij. bokes
Tynley, Robert, 1561 or 2-1616. / [1609] Tvvo learned sermons. The one, of the mischieuous subtiltie, and barbarous crueltie, the other of the false doctrines, and refined hæresis of the romish synagogue. Preached, the one at Paules Crosse the 5. of Nouember, 1608. The other at the Spittle the 17. of Aprill. 1609. In the first, are examined diuers passages of that lewde English libell, written by a prophane fugitiue, against the Apologie for the Oath of Allegeance. In the seconde, are answered many of the arguments published by Rob. Chambers priest, concerning popish miracles; and dedicated (forsooth) to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. By Robert Tynley, Doctor of Diuinitie, and Archdeacon of Ely.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1689] Tyrconnel's speech to his Privy Council made upon the (expected) landing of the late King James in Ireland : with remarks upon it.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1691] The Duke of Tyrconnel's speech to the garrison and magistrates of the city of Lymerick,: upon their late debates, for the surrender of the said place.
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1690] Tyrconnel's letter to the French King from Ireland
Tyrconnel, Richard Talbot, Earl of, 1630-1691. / [1690] A letter from Monsieur Tyrconnel from Limerick in Ireland to the late Queen at St. Germans in France
Tyrer, Ralph, d. 1627. / [1602.] Five godlie sermons, preached by R.T. Bachiler of diuinitie. 1. The charge of the cleargie. 2. The crowne of Christians. 3. The annointment of Christ, or Christian ointment. 4. A festiuall sermon vpon the Natiuitie of Christ. 5. The fruits of hypocrisie..
Tyrrell, Anthony, 1552-1610? / [1589] A fruitfull sermon preached in Christs-Church the 13. of Iulie. Anno 1589. By Anthony Tyrell sometime a seminarie priest. But by the great mercie of God made a true professor of the Gospel, and preacher of his holy word: conteining an admonition vnto vertue, and a dehortation from vice. Taken by characterye.
Tyrrell, James, 1642-1718. / [1681] Patriarcha non monarcha The patriarch unmonarch'd : being observations on a late treatise and divers other miscellanies, published under the name of Sir Robert Filmer, Baronet : in which the falseness of those opinions that would make monarchy Jure divino are laid open, and the true principles of government and property (especially in our kingdom) asserted / by a lover of truth and of his country.
Tyso, John, d. 1700. / [in the year, 1662] A warning to all people, nations, kindreds, tongues and languages, to repent and turn to the Lord God, before the day of their visitation past over, and no place of repentence be found for them.
Tyso, John, d. 1700. / [1680] Truth vindicated from the scandalous aspersions of Hippolito de Luisanzy priest of Harwich against the peole called Quakers;: in reporting he heard a Jesuit preach amongst them: with an answer of reproof to that and other lies and forgeries. : Also several certificates from the town of Harwich, to clear the truth and undeceive the people who have thereby been abused.
Tyso, John, d. 1700. / [1663] Something written to the magistrates of London and Middlesex who sit on the seat of justice, who are examples to the rest of the nation, or to whomsoever this may come, that they may see the fruits of their doings, and repent thereof : with a sound of God's judgements against Babylon and her merchants : also a manifestation of God's love to his people, and an invitation to all people to turn unto the Lord who waits to be gracious, yea, whose loving kindness is strecht out to the ends of the earth / by ... John Tyso.
Tyso, John, d. 1700. / [1683] An ansvver to a dark confused paper: entituled Several things given forth by John Aynsloe. Wherein his confusion and dark spirit is manifest and reproved.
Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708. / [1680] Phocæna, or The anatomy of a porpess dissected at Gresham Colledge: with a præliminary discourse concerning anatomy, and a natural history of animals.
Tyson, Edward, 1650-1708. / [1698] Carigueya, seu marsupiale Americanum, or, The anatomy of an opossum dissected at Gresham College by Edward Tyson ...