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Twells, John, b. 1651 or 2. / [1686] Tentamina elegantiarum bina: or, Two essays of elegancies in order to the bringing of scholars, after they can read and write true grammatical Latin, to a full and clear understanding and writing of terse and polite Latine. Principally intended for accomplishing the more adult youths in the frree-school at Newark upon Trent. By John Twells, school-master. Licensed, March 17. 1685[/]6. Rob. Midgley.
Twells, John, b. 1651 or 2. / [1683] Grammatica reformata, or, A general examination of the art of grammar as it hath been successively delivered by [brace] Franciscus Sanctius in Spain, Gaspar Scioppius in France, Gerardus Joannes Vossius in the Lower Germany, and methodiz'd by the Oxford grammarian in his observations upon Lilie : designed for initiating the lower forms in the free-school at Newark upon Trent / by John Twells ...
Twells, John, b. 1651 or 2. / [1688] Cicero redivivus, or, The art of oratory refin'd being two essays of elegancy : the first, containing plain and easie rules for scholars to make eloquent Latin, the second, usefull directions for young gentlemen and students to adorn their discourse and writings with a refin'd and genteel style / by John Twells, School-Master.
Twiss, Thomas. / [1646] An elegy vpon the unhappy losse of the noble Earle of Essex:
Twisse, Robert, d. 1674. / [1665] England's breath stopp'd being the counter-part of Jvdah's miseries lamented publickly in the New-Church at Westminster on January 30 being the anniversary of the martydom of King Charles the First of blessed memory / by Robert Twisse.
Twisse, William, 1578?-1646. / [1656] The scriptures sufficiency to determine all matters of faith, made good against the Papist: or, That a Christian may be infallibly certain of his faith and religion by the Holy Scriptures.: By that great and famous light of Gods Church, William Twisse D.D. and prolocutor of the late assembly of divines.
Twisse, William, 1578?-1646. / [1652] The doubting conscience resolved. In answer to a (pretended) perplexing question, &c. Wherein is evidently proved, that the holy Scriptures (not the pope) is the foundation whereupon the Church is built. Or, That a Christian may be infallibly certain of his faith and religion by holy Scriptures. By William Tvvisse D.D. Prolocutor of the Assembly of Divines. Written at the desire of Samuel Hartlib, Esquire, for the satisfaction of his friends beyond the seas; and now divulged in print for more publick edification.:
Twisse, William, 1578?-1646. / [1652] The Christian Sabbath defended against a crying evil in these times of the antisabitarians of our age: wherein is shewed that the morality of the fourth Commandement is still in force to bind Christians unto the sanctification of the Sabbath day. Written by that learned assertor of the truth, William Twisse D.D. late prolocutor to the Assembly of Divines.
Twittee, Thomas, b. 1596. / [1643] The art of salvation preached first at Saint Maries in Oxford, and now published by Thomas Tvvittee ...
Twyne, Thomas, 1543-1613. / [1574] The garlande of godly flowers bewtifully adorned as most freshly they flourish in the gardeins of right faithfull Christian writers. Yéeldyng foorth a very comfortable sauour to the afflicted soule, wherby hée is salfly [sic] transported vnto the mercifull throne of the most glorious God. Carefully collected, and diligently digested into ordre, by Tho. Twyne, Gentleman. 1574.
Twysden, John, 1607-1688. / [1685] The use of the general planisphere, called the analemma, in the resolution of some of the chief and most useful problems of astronomy by Dr. John Twysden.
Twysden, John, 1607-1688. / [1666] Medicina veterum vindicata, or, An answer to a book, entitled Medela medicinæ in which the ancient method and rules are defended ... / by John Twysden ...
Twysden, John, 1607-1688. / [1662] A disquisition touching the sibylls and the sibylline writings in which their number, antiquity, and by what spirit they were inspired, are succinctly discussed, the objections made by Opsopæus, Isaac Casaubon, David Blondel, and others, are examined, as also the authority of those writings asserted : which may serve as an appendix to the foregoing learned discourse touching the truth and certainty of Christian religion.