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Todd, Christopher, fl. 1695. / [1695] The case of the Christopher Todd, and several others, relating to the great hardships and abuses they have receiv'd from Charles Eaton, Captain Lieutenant to the Right Honourable the Earl of Oxford: and several misdemeanors committed by the said Captain, to the great prejudice of his Majesty's service, humbly offered to the consideration of the knights, cittisens, and burgesses in Parliament assembled.
Toldervy, John. / [1656] The naked truth laid open, against vvhat is amiss: or, may be mis-interpreted,: in those two bookes: the one, entituled, The foot out of the snare; and the other, The snare broken. Together with a word of invitation to all who are estranged to the true faith, that they would hear and receive the word of truth, which makes free the Israel of God. / Set forth by me John Toldervy.
Toldervy, John. / [1656] The snare broken: or light discovering darknesse.: Being an answer to a book intituled, Foot yet in the snare; published by James Naylor. Wherein his treachery and back-sliding from the true faith is brought to light, and his untrodden paths discovered. With some of his divided language and deceitful lyes in short laid open, and his spirit proved to be the same which appeared in all the false prophets, who say the Lord saith, when he spake not unto them; plainly to be seen by the impartial eye, in all those whose eyes are in their head, least the wolfe should devoure the lamb, under a shadow of love to the truth. / By a lover of truth and peace, called, John Toldervy.
Toldervy, John. / [1656. i.e. 1655] The foot out of the snare. Or, A restoration of the inhabitants of Zion into their place,: after their bewildered and lost estate by the operation of a violent power, and authority, wrought in the author by the Prince of Darkness, under an appearance of the brightest light. Being a brief declaration of his entrance into that sect, called (by the name of) Quakers. With a short discourse relating what judgment he was learned in, by the ministry of those people. Together with the revelation of a spirit in himself. Also, what desperate delusions he was led into by yielding a subjection to the teachings of a seducing spirit in him under a shadow of the true light; and how this body of deceipt came to be destroyed. With the manner of his separation from them. / By me John Toldervy, then servant to Col. Webb.
Tolet, François, 1647-1724. / [1683] A treatise of lithotomy, or, Of the extraction of the stone out of the bladder written in French by Mr. Tolet ... ; translated into English by A. Lovell.
Toll, Thomas. / [1661] The female duel, or The ladies looking glass.: Representing a Scripture combate about business of religion, fairly carried on, between a Roman Catholick lady, and the wife of a dignified person in the Church of England. Together with their joynt answer to an Anabaptists paper sent in defiance of them both: entitled the Dipper drowned. / Now published by Tho. Toll Gent.
Tolson, John, 1575 or 6-1644. / [1643] Mr. Vice-Chancellors speech to His Maiestie, at Christ-Church in Oxford, on New Yeares Day: when in the name of the whole vniversitie, he presented His Majestie with a faire guilt cup, and two hundred pounds of gold in it.
Tom, of Bedlam. / [1674] News from Bedlam, or, Tom of Bedlams obervations, upon every month and feastival time in this present year, 1674. VVith his general judgment of the state thereof, and what is like to happen in several parts of the vvorld, with the grand causes thereof. Calculated chiefly for the meridian of Great Bedlam, and the cross walks in Moor-fields, where the pole is elivated many miles above sense or apprehension. By Tom of Bedlam, Knight of the Frantic Horn, and student in mathematical gimcracks, whimsies, anticks, and others rare chymera's. With allowance.
Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. / [1652] Antipædobaptism, or no plain nor obscure scripture-proof of infants baptism, or church-membership, being the first part of the full review of the dispute about infant-baptism: containing an ample disquisition of the ingrassing, Rom. II. 17. the promise, Acts 2. 39. the holinesse of children, I Cor. 7.14. Whereby the expositions of those texts, and arguings thence for infant-baptism by Mr. Stephen Marshall, Mr. John Geere, Mr. Richard Baxter, Mr. Thomas Cobbet, Mr. Thomas Blake, Mr. Josiah Church; and the arguments of Mr. Nathaniel Stephens for the convertiblity of a word of promise and command, are fully refuted. By John Tombes, B.D.
Tomkins, John, ca. 1663-1706. / [1695] A brief testimony to the great duty of prayer shewing the nature and benefit thereof. To which is added, above one hundred eminent and select instances that God did answer prayer. Collected out of the record of Holy Scriptures. By J.T. one of the people call'd Quakers. With a postscript by J.F.
Tomkinson, Thomas, 1631-1710? / [1695] The Muggletonians principles prevailing being an answer in full to a scandalous and malicious pamphlet, intituled A true representation of the absurd and mischevious principles of the sect called Muggletonians : herein the aforesaid principles are vindicated, and proved to be infallibly true : and the author of that libel, his scandalous title and subject proved as false to truth, as light is to darkness, and that he knows no more what the true God is, nor what the right devil is, nor any true principle or foundation of faith, for all his great learning he so much bosts of, then those Jews that put the Lord of life to death, for learned and taught reason is but natural, and so falls short of the glory of God, as will appear in the following discourse / by T.T.
Tomkys, John. / [Anno. 1586] A sermon preached the 26. day of May. 1584. in S. Maries Church in Shrewesbury before the right honorable the Earle of Leicester, accompanied with the Earle of Essex, the Lorde North, diuers knightes, gentle-men of worshypfull callyng, the worshipfull bayliues, aldermen and burgesses of the towne of Salop. By Iohn Tomkys publick preacher of Gods word there: now first published by the authour. Seen, perused, and allowed accordyng to her Maiesties iniunctions.
Tomkys, John. / [1585] A briefe exposition of the Lordes Prayer contained in questions and answeres: collected for the instruction of the vnlearned, by Iohn Tomkys preacher of Gods word in the towne of Shrewsburie. 1585. Seene and allowed according to her Maiesties iniunctions.
Tomlinson, Francis. / [1612] The holy salutation of the blessed Apostle Saint Jude to the saints and seruants of God. Preached at Pauls Crosse the seuenteenth of Nouember. Anno. Dom. 1611. By Francis Tomlinson, preacher of the Word, and chaplaine to the right honourable, the Lord Ellesmere, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Chancellor of Oxford.
Tomlinson, William. / [1660] A word of information to them that need it briefly opening some most weighty passages of God dispensations among the sons of men, from the beginning, and insisting a little upon the state and condition of the nations, wherein they now stand, and particularly of England : for this end, that men may remember themselves, and turn unto the Lord, and seek to be delivered from the mysteries of iniquity, to walk with God in fellowship and communion : to which (as pertinent hereunto) is annexed, An addition concerning Lord-Bishops, and Common-prayer-book : with a tender admonition to those called priests, or ministers : and also, a loving exhortation to those that have separated from their superstitions / by W.T.
Tomlinson, William. / [1696] A short work, but of greatest concern.: By William Tomlinson.
Tomlinson, William. / [1653] A vvord of reproof to the priests or ministers, who boast of their ministery and ordinances, and yet live in pride, disdain, persecution, &c.: Shevving what such are; and how little cause they have to exclaim against those who separate from them. As also a word to the papists discovering their foundation to be carnal and sandie. In a letter sent to some supposed priests or Jesuites in the north, by William Tomlinson.
Tomlinson, William. / [1684] A synopsis, or, Short view of essential Christianity: in part, in which the first fruits unto God, (or saints) in the Apostles dayes lived. : According to the doctrine of Christ ... : With some explications or enlargements thereupon. : Tending to the edification, comfort, and refreshing of all sorts of people ... / By William Tomlinson ...
Tomlinson, William. / [1679] The principles of the Papists by which their leaders put them upon bloody and treacherous practices, plainly demonstrated by the Scriptures to be most erroneous and wicked. And a few better principles briefly laid down, for them (or others) to meditate on, tending to a peaceable life among men, &c. And also a few quæries left them last of all, to satisfie their consciences in. Partly for the sakes of those among them whose consciences have some tenderness in them, and are not quite feared: partly also for those who through ignorance are too much inclining to them. Also there may be some service of these things to others. By a lover of truth, mercifulness, plain-heartedness, humility and fidelity, W. T.
Tomlinson, William. / [1657] Seven particulars,: containing as followeth, I. Against oppressors. II. Magistrates vvork and honor. III. A meditation for magistrates upon Dan. 12.4. IV. Of hanging for theft, filling the land with blood. V. To the high & lofty in the earth, who exalt themselves by discent or blood. VI. Of ministers maintenance, two extreams. VII. Of persecuting for speaking in the synagogues (by many called churches.) Given forth for publique service by W.T.
Tomlinson, William. / [1689] Innovations of popery in the Church of Rome,: calling for repentance and reformation; being as a wall of separation between Christians and Christians. : Wherein is shewed, that the mystery of iniquity, Sodom and Egypt spiritual ... are all founded in innovations. : Given forth partly to stir up our thankfulness to God for his former mercies to this nation ... / By one that loves all that fear the Lord ... W.T.
Tomlinson, William. / [1660?] A position concerning persecution. That religion that persecutes a righteous people for their conscience towards God, is not worthy to be joyned to, but to be had in abomination by all sober people, as a religion abhorred of God, and of all that truly know him. This is manifest by that which follows.
Tomlinson, William. / [1674] An epistle to the flock professing the true light which lighteth every one that cometh into the world : wherein the opposers and villifiers of the true light are (by the way) expostulated with, and they that own it are exhorted to answer the light in the consciences of others by an unblamable light, and to grow up therein, both in general and in their particular relations : given forth chiefly for the service of some in the flock and may be serviceable also to others / from W.T.
Tomlinson, William. / [1673] An awakening voice to the Papists declaring to them the fallen state of the Pope from Peter's, and of the Church of Rome from what it once was : in love to the souls of those who have any uprightness in their hearts towards the Lord (but through ignorance are held in bondage) that they may be awaked, and see where they lie, and if any shall smother these things, lest they should come to the sight or knowledge of that people, let them take heed, that they bring not upon themselves the guilt of their blood / William Tomlinson.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1694] The preaching of Christ and the prison of God, as the certain portion of them that reject Christ's word opened in several sermons on 1 Peter III. 19 / by Samuel Tomlyns ...
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1696?] Jehovah our righteousness, or, The justification of believers by the righteousness of Christ only asserted and applyed in several sermons / by Samuel Tomlyns.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1682] The great duty of Christians to go forth without the camp to Jesus set forth in several sermons on Heb. XIII. 13 / by S.T.M. ...
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1699] The absolute necessity of spiritual husbandry in breaking up our fallow ground. Together with a discourse of the terrible coming of Christ, to execute vengeance on all that remain fallow ground, and obey not the gospel. By Samuel Tomlyns, M.A. and minister of the gospel in Marlborough.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1680] The faith of the saints as to a future house and happiness in the other world by S. Tomlyns.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1699] A discourse on 2 Cor. III. 6 ... by Samuel Tomlyns ...
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1695] A discourse of Christ's Second Coming and purging of his kingdom in two sermons on Matth. XIII, 41 / by Samuel Tomlyns.
Tomlyns, Samuel, 1632 or 3-1700. / [1694] Christ's ministers must shortly put off their tabernacles set forth in a funeral sermon preach'd at Hungerford at the interring of Mr. Ric. Moor, late minister of the Gospel there / by Samuel Tomlyns ...
Tompkins, Anthony, d. 1699. / [1668] A faithful vvarning to all backsliders, who hold the truth in vnrighteousness, for to return to the Lord and cleave to the light which leadeth out of darkness
Tompkins, Anthony, d. 1699. / [1687] A few words of counsel and advice to all the sons and daughters of men, more especially to the children of believers from the motion of Gods spirit upon my heart, in the love of God that they may come to lead the course of their lives in this world, so as to lay down their heads in peace with the Lord, when time in this world shall be no more.
Tompkins, Anthony, d. 1699. / [1671] An alarum to the parish, called, Olives Southwark for to awaken them out of the state of carnal security: and that they hearken to God's witness, which alwayes calls to that which is good, and doth, and ever will, stand a witness against that which is evil.
Tompkins, Nathaniel, d. 1643. / [1643] The vvhole confession and speech of Mr. Nathaniel Tompkins,: made upon the ladder at the time of his execution, on Wednesday the fifth of July; 1643. Together with the manner of his coming to execution. July 5. 1643. It is this day ordered by the committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that the confession of Nathaniel Tompkins be printed by Peter Cole. Iohn White.
Tompson, Benjamin, 1642-1714. / [anno Dom. 1676] Sad and deplorable nevves from Nevv England. Poetically related by an inhabitant there, and newly sent over to a merchant in London, being a true narrative of New-Englands lamentable estate at present, occasioned by many un-heard of cruelties, practised upon the persons and estates of its united colonies, without respect of sex, age or quality of persons by the barbarous heathen thereof. With allowance.
Tompson, Benjamin, 1642-1714. / [1676] New-England's tears for her present miseries, or, A late and true relation of the calamities of New-England since April last past with an account of the battel between the English and the Indians upon Seaconk plain, and of the Indians burning and destroying of Marlbury, Rehoboth, Chelmsford, Sudbury, and Providence : with the death of Antononies the grand Indian Sachem, and a relation of a fortification begun by women upon Boston Neck : together with an elegy on the death of John Winthrop Esq., late Governour of Connecticott, and fellow of the Royal Society / written by an inhabitant of Boston in New England to his friend in London.
Tompson, Benjamin, 1642-1714. / [1676] New Englands crisis, or, A brief narrative of New-Englands lamentable estate at present, compar'd with the former (but few) years of prosperity occasioned by many unheard of cruelties practised upon the persons and estates of its united colonyes ... : poetically described / by a well wisher to his countrey.
Tompson, Benjamin, 1642-1714. / [1676] A funeral tribute to the honourable dust of that most charitable Christian, unbiassed politician, and unimitable pyrotechnist John Winthrope Esq: A member of the Royal Society, & governour of Conecticut colony in New-England. Who expired in his countreys service, April. 6th. 1676.
Tompson, Edward, 1665-1705. / [1686] An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New-England: who was discharged from his work and office, to be admitted into heaven, April 20th, 1886.
Tong, William, 1662-1727. / [1691] A vindication of Mr. H's Brief enquiry into the true nature of schism from the exceptions of T.W. the citizen of Chester, and sincere lover of truth.
Tong, William, 1662-1727. / [1693] A defence of Mr. M. H's brief enquiry into the nature of schism and the vindication of it with reflections upon a pamphlet called The review, &c. : and a brief historical account of nonconformity from the Reformation to this present time.
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1679] Popish mercy and justice being an account, not of those (more than an hundred thousand) massacred in France by the papists, formerly, but of some later persecutions of the French Protestants : set forth in their petition to the French king / translated for the information of English Protestants, by Ezreel Tonge ...
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1679] The new design of the papists detected, or, An answer to the last speches [sic] of the five Jesuites lately executed viz. Tho. White alias Whitebread, William Harcourt alias Harrison, John Gaven alias Gawen, Anthony Turner and John Fenwick / by Ezrael Tongue.
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1680] The Northern star, The British monarchy, or, The northern the fourth universal monarchy Charles II, and his successors, the founders of the northern, last, fourth and most happy monarchy : being a collection of many choice ancient and modern prophecies ; wherein also the fates of the Roman, French, and Spanish monarchies are occasionally set out.
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1680] Jesuits assassins, or, The Popish plot further declared and demonstrated in their murderous practices & principles the first part ... / all extracted out of Dr. Tong's papers, written at his first discovery of this plot to his Majesty, and since in part augmented for publick satisfaction.
Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. / [1679] 1. Dr. Tonges relation of the general massacre intended and plotted by the Papists: 2. Brought into Parliament by his direction and assistance: 3. Near the time of their prorogation, about the 22th. of June, 1678. by Richard Greene of Dilwin, in the county of Hereford, who first informed the doctor it.
Tonge, John, 17th cent. / [1680] God's revenge against murther demonstrated in the apprehension, prosecution & execution of Henry Symbal and William Jones, for the inhumane murther of Richard Sandford Baronet, murthered by them the 8th of Septemb., 1675.
Tonge, Simson, b. 1656 or 7. / [1681] The narrative and case of Simson Tonge, Gent. being a true account delivered upon oath before Mr. Justice Bridgeman, in the presence of Dr. Titus Oates, relating to Capt. Sam. Ely, Monsieur Choqueux, &c. and my self, who would have induced me to swear that my father and Dr. Oates, were the contrivers of the horrid Popish Plot, with other material passages omitted in the affidavit, together with some short reflections upon Mr. Le'estranges [sic] dialogue between Zekiel and Ephraim : humbly tendered to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons.
Tonge, Simson, b. 1656 or 7. / [1682] Mr. Tonges vindication in answer to the malicious and lying aspersions thrown upon him by Thomson and the observator : veritas non quarit angulos.
Tonstall, George, b. 1616 or 17. / [1670] Scarbrough spaw spagyrically anatomized by Geo. Tonstall ...
Tonstall, George, b. 1616 or 17. / [ca. 1654] The poore mans reliefe.
Tonstall, George, b. 1616 or 17. / [1672] A new-years-gift for Doctor Witty, or, The dissector anatomized which is a reply to the discourse intituled, An answer to all that Doctor Tonstall has writ, or shall hereafter write, against Scarbrough spaw.
Tooker, Arthur. / [ca. 1670] A catalogue of plates,: the prints whereof are useful for gentlemen, artists, and gentlewomen, and school-mistresses works, sold by Arthur Tooker, stationer at the Globe over against Salisbury House in the Strand, where you may have choice of maps, and also Italian, German, and the Low Countrey prints, Indian ink, abortive skins, all sorts of paintings, and all stationary wares.
Tooker, William, 1558?-1621. / [1604] Of the fabrique of the Church and church-mens liuings. By William Tooker Doctor in Diuinitie, his Maiesties chaplaine in ordinarie.
Tookey, Thomas, d. 1656. / [1646] An inspective for spirituall ingrossures;: being presented to a Presbyterian pluralist, and formalist. / By Thomas Tookey M.A. substituted pastor at Thornhaw in Northamptonshire.
Tootell, Christopher, ca. 1660-1727. / [1698] The layman's ritual containing practical methods of Christian duties both religious and moral drawn out of H. Scripture, the Roman ritual, the catechism ad parchos &c. / by C.T.
Topham, George, d. 1694. / [1679] Innocency no shield against envy. A sermon preached on Friday, April 11. being the fast-day appointed by the Kings proclamation to seek reconciliation with God, &c. By George Topham, rector of Boston in Lincolnshire. Perused and approved of by the right Reverend father in God, Thomas, Lord Bishop of Lincoln.
Topham, George, d. 1694. / [1690] Pharisaism display'd, or Hypocrisie detected. In a sermon preached in St. Mary's Church in Stamford, August the 21st, 1690. Being the triennial visitation of the right Reverend father in God, Thomas Lord Bishop of Lincoln. By George Topham, prebendary of Lincoln.
Torbuck, John, d. 1707. / [1671] Emerai par emeras, Extraordinary dayes, or, Sermons on the most solemn Feasts and fasts throughout the year viz. Christmas-day, Ash-Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter-day, Ascention-day, Whit-Sunday : whereunto are added two other sermons / by John Torbuck ...
Tord, I. / [1697] A full and true relation of the most terrible and dreadful tempest of thunder & lightening, hail and rai[n] that ever yet was seen or heard in England. Giving a faithful account of the vast losses, damages, and calamities sustaine[d] thereby in the towns of Hitchin, Offly, Eccleford, ... with several other villag[es] and market-towns in the counties of Harford, Bedfor[d,] Huntington, &c ... To which is added, particular account of the sad and dismal disasters that happen'd at Potton in Bedfordshire, ... As also a particular relation of the great damages sustained by Sq; Harvey and others, in their houses, corn, cattle &c. The whole communicated in a letter out of Hartfordshire, from Mr. I. Tord, to his son-in-law Mr Burchfield near the Blew-Coat at Bishopsgate Barrs. Note, the truth of this relation will be confirm'd by Mr. Nicholas Beaumont, at the sign of the Hand in Hand-Alle[y] ...
Torrey, Samuel, 1632-1707. / [1674] An exhortation unto reformation amplified, by a discourse concerning the parts and progress of that work, according to the word of God, delivered in a sermon preached in the audience of the General Assembly of the Massachusets colony, at Boston in New-England, May 27, 1674, being the day of election there / by Samvel Torrey ...
Torrey, Samuel, 1632-1707. / [1683] A plea for the life of dying religion from the word of the Lord in a sermon preached to the General Assembly of the colony of the Massachusets at Boston in New-England, May 16, 1683, being the day of the election there : by Mr. Samuel Torrey ...
Torrey, Samuel, 1632-1707. / [1695] Mans extremity, Gods opportunity, or, A display of Gods sovereign grace in saving a people whose recovery as to men and means is next to desperate as it was delivered in a sermon preached before the Honourable Lieutenant governour ... of the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England on May 29, 1695 which was the day for election of counsellors for that province / by the reverend Mr. Samuel Torrey.
Torriano, Giovanni. / [1662] The second alphabet consisting of proverbial phrases interpreted and illustrated where most necessary : with pleasant and usefull annotations, Italian and English / by Gio. Torriano.
Torrington, Arthur Herbert, Earl of, 1647-1716. / [1688] Admiral Herbert's letter to all commanders of ships and sea-men in His Majesties Fleet
Torsellino, Orazio, 1545-1599. / [1608] The history of our B. Lady of Loreto. Tra[n]slated out of Latyn, into English.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1645] The womans glorie a treatise, asserting the due honour of that sexe, and directing wherein that honour consists : dedicated to the young princesse, Elizabeth her highnesse / by Samuel Torshel.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1632] The three questions of free iustification. Christian liberty. The use of the Law. Explicated in a briefe comment on St. Paul to the Galatians, from the 16. ver. of the second chapter, to the 26. of the third. By Sam. Torshell pastor of Bunbury in Cheshire.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1633] The saints humiliation Being the substance of nine profitable sermons upon severall texts. viz: 1 The nature of a fast; on Iudges 20.26. 2 The Christians watchfulnesse; on Mark. 13.37. 3 Gods controversie for sinne; on Hosea 4.12. 4 The remedy for distresse; on Gen. 32.9.11. 5 The use of the covenant & promises; on Gen. 32.10. 6 The broken sacrifice; on Psalme 51.17. 7 Good wishes for Sion; on Psalme 51.17. 8 Motives to repentance; 9 An exhortation to repentance; on Math. 3.7.8. First preached and applied by Samuel Torshel, minister of Gods Word at Bunbury, and now published for the common good.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [M.DC.XLIV. 1644] The hypocrite discovered and cured.: The definition the kindes the subject the symptoms of hypocrisie. The prognosticks the causes the cure of hypocrisie. A discourse furnished vvith much variety of experimentall and historicall observations, and most seasonable for these times of happy designe for reformation. In two bookes. / By Samuell Torshell. With an epistle to the Assembly of Divines, about the discerning of spirits. Ordered, Novemb. 24, 1643. that this booke be printed, for Iohn Bellamie. Iohn White. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamie.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1646] The palace of justice: opened and set to veiw [sic], in a sermon at Margarets Westminster before the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, upon the 12th of May, 1646. Being the day of their solemn thanksgiving, for regaining and taking in the several garisons, of the city of Exeter. Barnstable. Michaels Mount in Cornwall Ruthen Castle. Ilford-Combe. Aberystwyth in Wales. [double brace] Dunster Castle. Titbury Castle. Woodstock Mannor. Castle of Bridgnorth. Banbury Castle. Newarke. / By Sam. Torshel.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [M.DC.XLVII. 1647] A designe about disposing the Bible into an harmony. Or, An essay, concerning the transposing the order of books and chapters of the holy Scriptures for the reducing of all into a continued history.: The [brace] benefits. Difficultie. Helpes. / By Samuel Torshel.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1644] A helpe to Christian fellowship: or, A discourse tending to the advancement and spirituall improvement of holy societie.: Wherein the practise of it is commended, 1. In the communicating or imparting of their gifts and graces. 2. In their walking together in the ordinances of Christ. 3. In a mutuall serviceablenesse to one another. The particular graces necessary to the qualifying of Christians for it, are propounded. And an invitation unto it is urged by some motives from the benefit and pleasantnesse thereof. Applied to these times for the strengthening of mens hands in the happy work of reformation. By Samuel Torshell. Imprimatur, Charles Herle.
Torshell, Samuel, 1604-1650. / [1643] A case of conscience, concerning flying in times of trouble.: Resolved according to the Scriptures, and the examples of holy men. Applyed to the present times and occasions. Imprimatur. Edm. Calamy.
Tortello, Arcangelo. / [1680] The Pope's cabinet unlocked, or, A catalogue of all the popes indulgences belonging to the order of S. Mary together with a list of all the indulgences daily, yearly, and for ever, to be had at Rome, S. James of Galatia in Compostella, Jerusalem and all places in the Holy Land / written in Italian by Fr. Ancangelo Tortello of the said order of S. Mary : and now translated into English by John Sidway late seminary priest, but now of the reformed religion and vicar of selling in Kent and one of the discoverers of the horrid popish plot, with the cause of his conversion : whereunto is added an appendix by the translator in which the grounds and foundation of the said indulgences being themselves apparently proved to be meer cheats : and also shewing that the Church of Rome doth lay the chief basis of their religion on indulgences : dedicated to the right honourable the Earl of Shaftsbury.
Tory, Stephen. / [1680] Mixt marriages vindicated: or A discourse of mixt marriages by way of dialogue between A. and B. Who are of the same profession in matters of religion: but of different apprehensions in the point of marriage. First, shewing, that for persons to be joyned together in marriage, who differ about institutions in matters of religion, is contrary to no law; and therefore lawful. Secondly, that in case such marriages were the breach of a law, yet there is no rule left for the church to excommunicate persons for so marrying. By Stephen Tory.
Tory, Timothy. / [1681] Sejanus, or, The popular favourite, now in his solitude, and sufferings written for the consolation of E.S. the famous Bromigen Protestant, in bonds, and imprisonment, for the good old cause, and the truths sake / by Timothy Tory.
Tosier, John. / [1679] A letter from Captain John Tosier, commander of His Majesties ship the Hunter at Jamaica with a narrative of his embassy and command in that frigat to the captain general and governour of Havannah, to demand His Majesty of Great Brittains subjects kept prisoners there ... : as also, the miraculous preservation of fifteen English His Majesties subjects, cast away and remaining eighteen days in a long boat at sea in a sad condition, taken up by the said Captain John Tosier.
Tossanus, Daniel, 1541-1602. / [1587?] The lamentations and holy mourninges of the prophet Ieremiah with a lamentable paraphrase and exhortation, meete euery way to be applyed vnto these our dayes: for the comforting of all the true faithfull children of God that are vnder the crosse and feele their miseries: and for the awaking of all those that haue no feeling of their miseries: not-with-standing the great calamities which haue fallen and still are like to fall vpon these our dayes. Published by Daniel Toussaine, and translated out of French into English, by Tho. Sto. gent.
Tossanus, Daniel, 1541-1602. / [1583] The exercise of the faithfull soule that is to say, prayers and meditations for one to comfort himselfe in all maner of afflictions, and specially to strengthen himselfe in faith: set in order according to the articles of our faith, by Daniell Toussain, minister of the worde of God: with a comfortable preface of the author, vnto the poore remnant of the Church of Orlians; containing a short recitall of extreme and great afflictions which the said church hath suffered. Englished out of French, almost word for word, by Ferdenando Filding.
Tothill, William, 17th cent. / [1649] The transactions of the High Court of Chancery, both by practice and president,: with the fees thereunto belonging, and all speciall orders in extraordinary cases, which are to be found in the registers office as they are quoated by tearmes yeares & bookes. Collected by that famous lawyer William Tothill Esq; late one of the 6 clearks. And since reveiwed [sic] by Sir Ro: Holborne, bencher of Lincolns-Inne.
Touchstone, Timothy. / [1679] Timothy Touchstone's reply to Sir Anonymus, at Mr. Christian's lodgings, at the sign of the naked devil, between Hamden and Danby-Houses
Touchstone, Timothy. / [1679] Timothy Touchstone his reply to Mr. Christian's letter written in vindication of the great worth and innocence of the Earl of Danby.
Tourneur, Cyril, 1575?-1626. / [1613] A griefe on the death of Prince Henrie: Expressed in a broken elegie, according to the nature of such a sorrow. By Cyril Tourneur.
Tourville, Anne-Hilarion de Cotentin, comte de, 1642-1701. / [1692] Declaration of the Comte de Tourville Commandant His Most Christian M[ajes]ties fleet.: Translated from the French original.
Tovey, W. / [1682] A letter to Mr. Mead, in answer to several unscriptural, and unsound sayings of his in a sermon against the seventh-day-sabbath, preached at his place of meeting, the twenty third of the second month. 1682. Wrote the same day the sermon was preached, refuting his arguments, and turning them back, making their unskilfulness and weakness manifest; and clearly evidencing, that the seventh-day is the sabbath day; by clear scripture-testimony, and sound arguments grounded thereon. Published for his hearers, because he would neither hear an objection in publick, nor admit of a conference in private.
Tower of London. / [169-?] A list of His Majesty's regalia, besides plate and other rich things, at the Jewel-House in the Tower of London:
Towers, John, d. 1649. / [1660] Four sermons, preach'd by the right reverend father in God, John Towers, D.D. L. Bishop of Peterburgh.: 1. At the funerall of the right honorable, William Earl of Northampton. 2. At the baptism of the right honorable, James Earl of Northampton. 3. Before K. Charles at White-Hall in time of Lent.
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1663] A sermon preached at the visitation of the right worshipfull Dr. Luddington, the reverend arch-deacon of Stowe, in the Church of S. Paul in Lincoln upon the 28 of April, 1663. / By Willian Towers ...
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1660] A thanksgiving sermon. For the blessed restauration of his sacred Majesty Charles the II.: Preach'd at Upton before Sir Richard Samwel, knight, May 29. 1660. By William Towers Batchelor in Divinity; eighteen years titular prebendary of Peterburgh; sixteen, titular parson of Barnake. Now (by the friendly favor of Mr. Reynolds) continued curate at Upton in the diocess of Peterburgh. With a short apostrophe to the King.
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1660] Obedience perpetually due to kings,: because the kingly power is inseparable from the one kings person. Delivered in a sermon to Mr. Peter Gunning's congregation in Exeter Chappel, near the Savoy, on the appointed Thanksgiving-day, June 28. 1660. By William Towers, Batchelor in Divinity, and curate at Upton near Northampton.
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1655] A sermon against murder:: by occasion of the Romanists putting the Protestants to death in the dukedome of Savoy. / By William Towers, B.D.
Towers, William, 1617?-1666. / [1654] Atheismus vapulans, or, A treatise against atheism, rationally confuting the atheists of these times by Will. Towers ... Polytheismus vapulans, or, There is but one God.
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [1686] Of the sacraments in general, in pursuance of an explication of the catechism of the Church of England by Gabriel Towerson ...
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [1696] A sermon concerning vocal and instrumental musick in the church as it was delivered in the parish church of St. Andrew Undershaft, upon the 31th of May, 1696, being Whit-Sunday, and the day wherein the organ there erected was first made use of / by Gabriel Towerson.
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [M DCLXXXVII. 1687] Of the sacrament of baptism, in pursuance of an explication of the catechism of the Church of England. By Gabriel Towerson, D.D. and rector of Welwynne in Hartfordshire.
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [1676] An explication of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, with reference to the catechism of the Church of England to which are premised by way of introduction several general discourses concerning God's both natural and positive laws / by Gabriel Towerson ...
Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. / [1663] A briefe account of some expressions in Saint Athanasius his Creed for the satisfaction of those who think themselves thereby oblig'd to believe all things therein contain'd to be absolutely necessary to Salvation.
Towgood, Richard, 1595?-1683. / [1643] Disloyalty of language questioned and censured, or, A sermon preached aginst the licencious loosenesse of seditious tongues by Rich. Towgood ... ; with a brief corollarie now added, questioning and censuring rebellious actions.
Towgood, Richard, 1595?-1683. / [1676] The Almighty his gracious token of love to his friend Abraham, or, A sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Bristol, January 3, 1674 by Rich. Towgood ...
Towne, Robert, 1592 or 3-1663. / [1654] The re-assertion of grace, or, Vindiciæ evangelii a vindication of the Gospell-truths, from the unjust censure and undue aspersions of Antinomians : in a modest reply to Mr. Anth. Burgesses Vindiciæ legis, Mr. Rutherfords Triall and tryumph of faith, from which also Mr. Geerie and M. Bedford may receive a satisfactory answer / by Robert Towne.
Townesend, George. / [1675] A preparative to pleading being a work intended for the instruction and help of young clerks of the court of common pleas / by George Townesend ...
Townsend, Sampson. / [1654] The Scriptures proved to be the word of God, and the only foundation of faith, and rule for our obedience. Or, A clear conviction of the errours of those that are called Quakers.: Who blasphemously affirm that the Scriptures are not the word of God, nor the foundation of faith, nor the only rule for our obedience ... / By Sampson Tounesend, minister of the Gospel, and pastor of S. Austins, and Saviours parish in Norwich.
Townsend, Sampson. / [1646] Truth vindicated from the unjust accusations of the Independent Society, in the city of Norvvich.: Wherein is proved, 1. That the Church of England is a true church of Christ. 2. That it is a sin to seperate from the true church. 3. That the Independent Society in the city of Norwich is no true church of Christ. 4. Divers reasons and arguments used to perswade men not to seperate from the Church of England and joyne to their Society, shewing the sinfulnesse of so doing. / By S.T. Imprimatur, Ia. Cranford. Aug. 10. 1646.
Townsend, Sampson. / [1659] The Christians dayly practice; or, A practical discourse of prayer.: By Sampson Tounesend, minister of Gods word at Hackford in Whitwell in Norffolke. Imprimatur Edm. Calamy.
Townsend, Theophila. / [1687] A word of counsel, in the love of God, to the persecuting magistrates and clergy, for them to read and consider. But chiefly to those of the city and county of Gloucester ...
Townsend, Theophila. / [1676] A testimony concerning the life and death of Jane Whitehead that faithful servant and hand-maid of the Lord, who was a mother in Israel, and her memorial is blessed of the Lord for ever : concerning her sufferings, and her faithfulness in her testimony in sufferings : with an exhortation to turn to the true light, in a few words to all backsliders from the truth / by a lover of truth and righteousness, who hath a testimony against oppression, cruelty, and persecution, wheresoever I see it appear against the innocent, T.T.
Townsend, Theophila. / [1690] An Epistle of tender love to all friends that are tender hearted,: who are tender of the honour of God, and seek the glory of his worthy name, and the prosperity of his precious truth, and the peace and unity of the church of Christ in this his blessed day.
Townsend, Theophila. / [1680] An epistle of love to Friends in the womens meetings in London, &c. to be read among them in the fear of God.
Townshend, Hayward, b. 1577. / [1680] Historical collections, or, An exact account of the proceedings of the four last parliaments of Q. Elizabeth of famous memory wherein is contained the compleat journals both of Lords & Commons, taken from the original records of their houses : as also the more particular behaviours of the worthy members during all the last notable sessions, comprehending the motions, speeches, and arguments of the renowned and learned secretary Cecill, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Walter Rawleigh, Sir Edw. Hobby, and divers other eminent gentlemen : together with the most considerable passages of the history of those times / faithfully and laboriously collected, by Heywood Townshend ...
Toxander, Theophilus Philalethes. / [1646] Vox cœli to England, or Englands fore-warning from heaven.: Being a relation of true, strange, and wonderfull visions, and propheticall revelations, concerning these tragicall, sinfull times; and with what care and diligence reconciliation ought to be laboured for, between the King and Parliament, having never been heretofore published. Now thought fit to be published to all that love Christ, and his kingdom in sincerity. / By Theophilus Philalethes Toxander. Published according to order.
Toy, John, 1611-1663. / [Printed in the yeere 1642] A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of Worcester the second of Febr. last being Candlemas day, at the funerall of Mris Alice Tomkins wife unto Mr Thomas Tomkins one of the gentlemen of His Majesties chappell royall.: By John Toy, Master of arts and one of the petty canons of the said cathedrall church.
Tozer, Henry, 1602-1650. / [1628] Directions for a godly life especially for communicating at the Lord's table. Intended first for private vse; now publish'd for the good of those who desire the safty [sic] of their owne soules, and shall bee pleased to make vse thereof. By H. Tozer Mr of Arts, and fellow of Exceter Colledge in Oxford.
Tozer, Henry, 1602-1650. / [An. Dom. 1639] Christian wisdome, or The excellency fame and right meanes of true wisdome. As it was briefly delivered in a sermon in St Maries Church in Oxford. Novemb: 11. 1638. By H. Tozer B. D. Fellow of Exeter Colledge.
Tozer, Henry, 1602-1650. / [1633] A Christian amendment delivered in a sermon on New-yeares day 1631. in St Martines Church in Oxford, and now published: by H. Tozer Mr of Arts and Fellow of Exceter Colledge in Oxford.