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Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [anno Dom. 1660] The uncharitable informer charitably informed, that sycophancy is a sin, pernicious to all, but most of all to himself.: By Faithfull Teate, minister of the Gospel of peace and truth.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1657] Nathanael, or, An Israelite indeed lively portraied, and evidently proved to be an object most worthy both of our admiration and imitation, his priviledges and characters are also layd down : together with a discovery of the sinfulness and miserie of all hypocrites and strangers from the common-wealth of Israel / by Faithfull Teate ...
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1658] Ter tria: or the doctrine of the three sacred persons, father, son & spirit.: Principall graces, faith, hope, & love. Main duties, prayer, hearing, and meditation. Summarily digested for the pleasure and profit of the pious and ingenious reader. / By Faithfull Teate preacher of the Word at Sudbury in Suffolk.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1658] The souldiers commission, charge, & revvard: both of the deceitfull and negligent, and the faithfull & diligent in the Lords work. Opened in a sermon preached in Christ-Church Dublin, May 14. 1642. Before the state and chief of the Army, upon occasion of the interring of Sir Charles Coote knight, and one of the honourable Privy Council in Ireland. By Faithfull Teate D.D. then lecturer there, now preacher of the gospel in East-Greenwich in Kent.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1669] Rihgt [sic] thoughts, the righteous mans evidence a discourse proving our state (God-ward) to be as our thoughts are, directing how to try them and our selves by them, propounding schemes of right thoughts, with motives and rules for keeping thoughts right : in two parts / by Faithful Teat.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1655] A Scripture-map of the wildernesse of sin, and vvay to Canaan. Or The sinners way to the saints rest.: Wherein the close bewildring sleights of sin, wiles of the Devill, and windings of the heart, as also the various bewildrings of lost sinners, yea, even of saints, before, in, and after conversion; the necessity of leaning upon Christ alone for salvation, with directions therein: as also, the evident and eminent danger of false guides, false wayes, false leaning-stocks, are plainly, and practically discovered. Being the summe of LXIV lecture sermons preached at Sudbury in Suffolk, on Cantic. 8.5. / By Faithful Teate, M.A. minister of the Gospel.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1666] A discourse grounded on Prov. 12.5 the thoughts of the righteous are right, proving our state (god-ward) to be as our thoughts are ... with motives and rules for keeping thoughts right : in two parts / by Faithful Teate.
Teate, Faithful, b. 1621. / [1656] The character of cruelty in the workers of iniquity ; and, Cure of contention among the people of God held forth in two sermons preached in the day of publick humiliation upon occasion of the late sad persecution in Piedmont / by Faithful Teate.
Teate, Joseph. / [1670] A sermon preached at the Cathedral Church of St. Canice Kilkenny, Feb. 27. 1669. By Joseph Teate, dean of St. Can. Kilkenny.
Tedder, Richard. / [1637] A sermon preached at Wimondham in Norfolke, at the primary visitation of the Right Honourable and Reverend Father in God, Matthevv, Lord Bishop of Norwich, on the third of Iune, Ann. Dom. 1636. By Richard Tedder.
Tedder, William. / [M.D.LXXXVIII 1588] The recantations as they were seuerallie pronounced by VVylliam Tedder and Anthony Tyrrell (sometime two seminarie priests of the English Colledge in Rome and nowe by the great mercie of almightie God conuerted, vnto the profession of the Gospell of Iesus Christ) at Paules Crosse, the day and yeere as is mentioned in their seuerall tytles of theyr recantations vvith an epistle dedicatorie vnto Her Maiestie and their seuerall præfaces vnto the reader, contayning the causes that mooued them to the same.
Tedder, William. / [anno. Dom. 1588] The recantation made at Paules Crosse, by William Tedder seminarie priest: the first of December, anno. 1588. VVherunto is adioyned: The recantation or abiuration of Anthonie Tyrell, (sometime prieste of the English Colledge in Rome,) pronounced by himselfe at Paules Crosse the next Sunday following, in the same yeere. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.
Tedder, William. / [1588] A coppie of a recantation made at Paules Crosse, by VVilliam Tedder, seminarie priest, the first of December, anno 1588 whereunto is added the recantation or abiuration of Anthonie Tyrell (sometime priest of the Englishe Colledge in Rome) pronounced by himselfe at Paules Crosse the next Sunday following, in the same yeere.
Teissier, Antoine, 1652-1715. / [1690] The history of the negotiation of the ambassadors sent to the Duke of Savoy by the Protestant cantons of Switzerland concerning the Vaudois translated from the original copy printed in Switzerland.
Teixeira, José, 1543-1604. / [1602] The true historie of the late and lamentable aduentures of Don Sebastian king of Portugall after his imprisonment in Naples, vntill this present day, being now in Spaine at Saint Lucar de Barrameda.
Teixeira, José, 1543-1604. / [1603] A continuation of the lamentable and admirable adventures of Dom Sebastian king of Portugale. With a declaration of all his time employed since the battell in Africke against the infidels 1578. vntill this present yeare 1603.
Teixera, José, 1543-1620. / [M. D. XCVIII 1598] Traicte paraenetique c'est à dire exhortatoire auquel se montre par bonne & viues raisons, argumens infallibles, histoires tres-certaines, & remarquables exemples, le droit chemin & vrais moyens de resister à l'effort du Castillan, rompre la trace de ses desseins, abbaiser son orgueil, & ruiner sa puissance : dedié aux roys, princes, potentats & republiques de l'Europe, particulierement au roy tres- chrestien / par vn pelerin Espagnol, battu du temps, & persecuté de la fortune ; traduicte du langue Castillane en langue Françoise, par I.D. Dralymont Seigneur de Yarleme.
Tejeda, Fernando de, fl. 1623. / [1623] Texeda retextus: or The Spanish monke his bill of diuorce against the Church of Rome together with other remarkable occurrances.
Tejeda, Fernando de, fl. 1623. / [M.DC.XXIV. 1624] Scrutamini scripturas the exhortation of a Spanish conuerted monke: collected out of the Spanishe authours themselues, to reade and peruse the holy scriptures; contrary to the prohibition of the Pope and Church of Rome, whose tyranny in this point plainely appeares to euery mans view. With other occurrences of no small importance.
Tejeda, Fernando de, fl. 1623. / [1625] Miracles vnmasked. A treatise prouing that miracles are not infallible signes of the true and orthodoxe faith: that popish miracles are either counterfeit or diuellish. Euidently confirmed by authorities of holy Scripture, of antient doctors, of graue and learned Spanish authors, by weighty reasons, manifest examples, and most true histories which haue happened in Spaine, and appeare in bookes there printed. By Ferdinando Texeda, Batchelar in Diuinity.
Tel-Troth, Tom. / [1647] The true character of an ordinance of Parliament in generall written by Tho. Tel-troth, clerk to the long-abused Commons in England, Scotland and Ireland.
Telesio, Antonio, 1482-1533? / [1587] Cassius of Parma his Orpheus with Nathan Chitræus his commentarie, abridged into short notes: most profitable for the framing of the manners of schollers. Translated and abridged by Roger Rawlyns of Lyncolnes Inne, student in the common lawes.
Telfair, Alexander. / [1696] A new confutation of Sadducism being a true narrative of the wonderful expressions and actions of a spirit which infested the house of Andrew Mackie of Ringcroft in the county of Galloway in Scotland, from February to May 1695 : containing, among other things, predictions as to future times in a letter writ with blood, and dropt by the said spirit / writ by Mr. Alexander Telfair.
Tell Troath, Tom. / [1648] A dialogue between Hampton-Court and the Isle of Wight Vxbridge being moderator : impartially discoursing of the effects and defects of the treaty : and the likelihoods and unlikelihoods we have of the composure of a well grounded and lasting peace : with the preparations and treachery of the army for preventing the same / by Tom Tell Troath, clarke for His Majesty in the treaty.
Tell-Troth, Thomas. / [Printed in the year, 1647] VVorks of darkness brought to light. Or A true representation to the whole kingdome of the dangerous designes driven on by sectaries in the army:: as also laying down the unreasonableness of their demands, which if not granted, they refuse to disband. Together with VII. new queries propounded to the army.
Tell-Troth, Thomas. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] The church-vvardens repentance.: Or, Mr. Connivvools recantation. VVherein is expressed his penitent sorrow, for oppression on the poores box. Likewise, his admonition to all covetous doctors, carelesse curates, charitable church-wardens, hypocriticll over-seers, bribe-taking constables, conniving headboroughs, dissembling sextons, and begger-whipping beadles. / Written by Thomas Tell-troth, by request of the said Mr. Conniwooll, who desires that his friendly admonitions may be accepted, of all those that would be esteemed free from his offences.
Tell-Troth, Thomas. / [1641] A charitable church vvarden.: Or, an hypocrite anatomiz'd. Set forth in a discourse betweene two church-wardens, one of them being an honest man, and that's a wonder. VVherein is discovered the manifold abuses and impious actions of many officers in this city, with the oppression of the poores box, frequently used by many church-wardens, especially by him which is here mentioned. Very pleasant and delectable, and very true i'le assure you, as Master Coniwooll the church-warden can witnesse. / VVritten by Thomas tell-troth, and dedicated to all those that are well-willers to vertue, and despisers of vice.
Tell-Troth, Tim. / [1680] The knavery of astrology discover'd, in oberservations upon every month, ofthe year 1680 together with the nature of the seven planets, etc. / by Tim Tell-Troth ...
Tell-truth. / [1680?] Tell-truth's answer to Tell-troth's letter to the Right Honourable the Earl of Shaftesbury in vindication of His Lordship / by as down-right an English-man as himself, without scandalous reflections.
Tell-Truth, Robert. / [1680?] Advice to the nobility, gentry, & commonalty of this nation in the qualifications and election of their knights and burgesses, their representatives in Parliament humbly offered unto their serious consideration / by Robert Tell-Truth.
Tempest, George. / [1642] The true copie of a letter importing divers passages of high and dangerous consequence. VVritten by one Master Tempest a grand recusant, to his brother master John Tempest, likewise a papist and an officer in the Kings army. Which letter was intercepted at Manchester, and sent to a member of the House of Commons to be made known to the House, and was accordingly read at the Committee for the safety of the Kingdome. With divers remarkable passages from Shrewsbury and Coventry concerning the King, with the proceedings of his army at this present.
Tempest, Richard, Sir, 1619 or 20-1662. / [Printed in the yeare 1649] An entertainment of solitarinesse: or, the melting of the soule, by meditations, and the pouring of it out by prayers. By Sir Richard Tempest, knight and baronet.
Tempest, Richard, Sir, 1619 or 20-1662. / [1660?] A discourse touching choyce of religion. By Sr. Richard Tempest Baronet.
Temple, John, Sir, 1600-1677. / [1646] Ormonds curtain drawn.: In a short discourse concerning Ireland; wherein his treasons, and the corruption of his instruments are laid bare to the stroke of justice.
Temple, John, Sir, 1600-1677. / [1646] The Irish rebellion: or, An history of the beginnings and first progresse of the general rebellion raised within the kingdom of Ireland, upon the three and twentieth day of October, in the year, 1641.: Together vvith the barbarous cruelties and bloody massacres which ensued thereupon. / By Sir Iohn Temple Knight. Master of the Rolles, and one of his Majesties most honourable Privie Councell within the kingdom of Ireland.
Temple, John, Sir, 1600-1677. / [1642] The copie of a letter from Dvblin in Ireland, dated march 29, 1642 by Sir John Temple Knight ..., written to D. Temple, D. of divinity and pastor of battersey, neare London : relating the manner of taking the castle of Carrick-Maine, six miles from Dublin, by Sir Simon Harcourt and some English under his command : together with the manner of his hurt and death withsome other passages.
Temple, Peter, Sir, 1613 or 14-1660. / [1658] Mans master-piece: or, the best improvement of the worst condition.: In the exercise of a christian duty. On six considerable actions. Viz. [brace] 1. The contempt of the world. 2. The judgement of God against the wicked, &c. 3. Meditations on repentance. 4. Meditations on the Holy Supper. 5. Medita. [sic] on afflictions and martyrdom. 6. With a meditation for one that is sick. / By P.T. Kt.
Temple, Robert, Bachelor in Diuinitie. / [1592] A sermon teaching discretion in matters of religion, and touching certayne abuses nowe in the Churche preached at Paules Crosse the 21. of Nouember by Robert Temple Bachelor in Diuinitie sometimes of Magdalene Colledge in Oxforde.
Temple, Thomas, d. 1661. / [1642] Christ's government in and over his people.: Delivered in a sermon before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late publick and solemne fast, Octob. 26. 1642. / By Thomas Temple D.D. and minister of the Church of Battersea in Surrey. Published by order of that House.
Temple, William, Sir, 1628-1699. / [1700] Letters written by Sir W. Temple, Bart., and other ministers of state, both at home and abroad containing an account of the most important transactions that pass'd in Christendom from 1665-1672 : in two volumes / review'd by Sir W. Temple sometime before his death ; and published by Jonathan Swift ...
Templer, John, d. 1693. / [1694] A treatise relating to the worship of God divided into six sections / by John Templer ...
Templer, John, d. 1693. / [1659] The saints duty in contending for the faith delivered to them a sermon preached at Pauls church before the right honourable the Lord major, and aldermen of the city of London, July 17, 1659 / by John Templer ...
Templer, John, d. 1693. / [1676] The reason of episcopall inspection asserted in a sermon at a visitation in Cambridge by John Templer ...
Templo, Jacob Judah Aryeh Leon, 1603-1675. / [1675] A relation of the most memorable thinges in the tabernacle of Moses and the temple of Salomon according to text of scripture / by Jacob Jehudah Leon ...
Tenche, Nathaniel. / [printed anno Domini, MDCXC. 1690] A modest and just apology for; or, defence of the present East-India-Company Against the accusations of their adversaries. Wherein the crimes alledged against them, are fairly examined; the calumny's confuted, and all submitted to the judgment of impartial and unprejudiced persons.
Tende, Gaspard de, 1618-1697. / [1698] An account of Poland containing a geographical description of the country, the manners of the inhabitants, and the wars they have been engag'd in, the constitution of that government, particularly the manner of electing and crowning their king, his power and prerogatives : with a brief history of the Tartars / by Monsieur Hauteville ... ; to which is added, a chronology of the Polish kings, the abdication of King John Casimir, and the rise and progress of Socinianisme ; likewise a relation of the chief passages during the last interregnum ; and the election and coronation of the new King Frederic Augustus ; the whole comprehending whatsoever is curious and worthy of remark in the former and present state of Poland.
Tendring, John. / [1657] A vindication of the orthodoxe Protestant doctrine: against the innovations of Dr. Drayton and Mr. Parker, domestique chaplain to the Right Honourable the E. of Pembroke, in the following positions.
Tenison, Richard, 1640?-1705. / [1679] A sermon preached at the primary visitation of the Most Reverend Father in God Michael Lord Arch-Bishop of Armagh, primate and metropolitan of all Ireland, and lord high chancellor of the same.: Held at Drogheda, August 20. 1679. / by Rich. Tenison ...
Tenison, Richard, 1640?-1705. / [1691] A sermon preach'd to the Protestants of Ireland in the city of London at St. Helens, Octob. 23, 1690 being the day appointed by act of Parliament in Ireland for an anniversary thanksgiving for the deliverence of the Protestants of that kingdom from the bloody massacre begun by the Irish papists on the 23d of October, 1641 / by Richard, Lord Bishop of Killala.
Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. / [1700] His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury's letter to the Reverend Dr. Batteley archdeacon of that diocese, to be communicated to the clergy of his archdeaconry:
Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. / [1695] Oraison funebre de tres haute & tres puissante Princesse Marie, reine d'Angleterre, d'ecosse, de France, & d'Irlande: Prononcée le jour de ses funerailles par Monseigneur l'Archevêque de Canterbury. Traduire en François par L.D.
Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. / [1688] A friendly debate between a Roman Catholick and a Protestant concerning the doctrine of transubstantiation wherein the said doctrine is utterly confuted, and Antichrist is clearly and fully described, and his inevitable destruction predicted : with a challenge to all the Romish doctors that preach and teach the said doctrine, to answer it.
Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. / [1695?] Concerning holy resolution a sermon preach'd before the King at Kensington, Decemb. 30, 1694 / by His Grace Thomas Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Elect.
Teramano, Pietro. / [M. DC. XXXV. 1635] The wondrus flittinge of the kirk of our B. Ledy of Loreto.
Teramano, Pietro. / [M.DC.XXXV. 1635] The miraculous origin and translation of the Church of our B. Lady of Loreto
Teramano, Pietro. / [M. DC.XXXV. 1635] Dechreuad a rhyfedhus esmudiad yr Eglvvys yr Arglvvydhes Fair o Loreto.
Terence. / [1588] Andria the first comoedie of Terence, in English. A furtherance for the attainment vnto the right knowledge, & true proprietie, of the Latin tong. And also a commodious meane of help, to such as haue forgotten Latin, for their speedy recouering of habilitie, to vnderstand, write, and speake the same. Carefully translated out of Latin, by Maurice Kyffin.
Terence. / [1627] The two first comedies of Terence called Andria, and the Eunuch newly Englished by Thomas Newman. Fitted for scholler priuate action in their schooles.
Terence. / [1699] Terence's comedies: made English. With his life; and some remarks at the end. / By several hands.
Teresa, of Avila, Saint, 1515-1582. / [1654] The third part of the soul's delight collected and composed out of the works of the glorious virgin, St. Teresa of Iesus (author of the reformation of the Holy Order of the B.V. Mary of the Mount Carmell,) by the R.F. Paul of St. Vbald, religious of the same order, for the comfort of those that are more spirituall, and haue supernaurall prayer.
Teresa, of Avila, Saint, 1515-1582. / [1654] Iesus Maria Ioseph Teresia. The soul's delight composed by the R. F. Paul of St. Vbald, religious of the Holy Reformed Order, of the most Blessed Virgin. Mary, of the Mount Carmell, for the benefit of all deuout soul's but chiefely, of those that are giuen to mentall prayer, and are desirous of spirituall perfection.
Terne, Christopher, 1620-1673. / [MDCLXX. 1670] Some papers writ in the year 1664. In answer to a letter, concerning the practice of physick in England. By Dr. C. T. Published at the request of a friend and several fellows of the College of Physicians.
Terrae-Filius. / [1648] Articles presented against this Parliament, or, The Parliaments hypocrisie discovered in verse and prose Terræ-Filius, being an ancient lover of his countrey.
Territory and Dominion of New-England. President (1686-1689 : Andros) / [1689] By His Excellency a proclamation. Whereas His Majesty hath been graciously pleased, by his royal letter, bearing date the sixteenth day of October last past, to signifie that he hath received undoubted advice that a great and sudden invasion from Holland, with an armed force of forreigners and strangers, will speedily be made in an hostile manner upon His Majesty's kingdom of England ...
Terry, Edward, 1590-1660. / [1660] A character of His most Sacred Majesty King Charles the IId.: With a short apologie before it, an introduction to it, and a conclusion after it. / Written by a minister of the Word, who hath for a long time desired, and daily prayed for the happy settlement of Church and state within the three nations of England, Scotland and Ireland in truth, & peace, & order.
Terry, John, 1555?-1625. / [Anno Dom. 1625] Theologicall logicke: or the third part of the Tryall of truth wherein is declared the excellency and æquity of the Christian faith, and that it is not withstood and resisted; but assisted and fortified by all the forces of right reason, and by all the aide that artificiall logicke can yeeld. ... By Iohn Terry Minister of the Word of God at Stocton.
Terry, John, 1555?-1625. / [Ann. Dom. 1600] The triall of truth Containing a plaine and short discovery of the chiefest pointes of the doctrine of the great Antichrist, and of his adherentes the false teachers and heretikes of these last times.
Terry, John, 1555?-1625. / [1635] The defence of protestancie proving that the Protestant religion hath the promise of salvation VVith the twelue apostles martyrdome; and the tenn persecutions under the Roman emperours The true scope of this ensuing treatise, is to proue by theologicall logicke both the excellency and equity of the Christian faith, and how to attaine the same. Written by that worthy and famouse minister of the gospell of Iesus Christ I.T. and published for the good of all those which desire to know the true religion.
Terry, John, 1555?-1625. / [1617] The reasonablenesse of wise and holy truth: and the absurditie of foolish and wicked errour.
Tertullian, ca. 160-ca. 230. / [1643] A true Christian svbject vnder an heathen prince, or, Tertvllians plea for allegiance argued in time of the sixth persecution under the emperour Severvs, Ann. DOM. 204 with a briefe application to the citizens of London / written by a member of the House of Commons.
Tesdale, Christopher, b. 1591 or 2. / [1644] Hiervsalem: or A vision of peace. In a sermon preached at Margarets in Westminster, before the honourable House of Commons at their monethly fast, Aug. 28. 1644. By Christopher Tesdale, Pastor at Husborn Tarrant, in the county of Southampton, and a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Teviot, Thomas Livingston, Viscount, 1652?-1711. / [Anno Dom. 1690] A true and real account of the defeat of General Buchan, and Brigadeer Cannon, their High-land army, at the battel of Crombdell; upon the 1st of May; 1690. Conform to a letter, sent by Sir Thomas Livingston collonel to a regiment of dragoons to Major General Mackay, giving a particular account of the said defeat; with a list of the officers taken at the said battel, and at the castle of Lethen-Dee. Licensed May 8th, 1690.