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Sybthorpe, Robert, d. 1662. / [1618] A counter-plea to an apostataes [sic] pardon. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse vpon Shroue-Sunday, February 15. 1617. By Robert Sibthorpe, preacher of the Word of God at Waterstratforde in Buckingamshire.
Sybthorpe, Robert, d. 1662. / [1627.] Apostolike obedience. Shewing the duty of subiects to pay tribute and taxes to their princes, according to the word of God, in the law and the Gospell, and the rules of religion, and cases of conscience; determined by the ancient fathers, and the best moderne divines; yea even by those neoterickes who in some other things, put too strict limits to regalitie. A sermon preached at Northampton, at the assises, for the countie, Feb. 22. 1626. / By Robert Sybthorpe Doctor in Divinity, vicar of Brackley..
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1654] The greatnes of the mystery of godlines;: opened in severall sermons by Cuthbert Sydenham teacher to a Church of Christ at Newcastle upon Tine.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1654] Hypocrisie discovered in its nature and workings.: Delivered in several sermons, by that faithfull minister of the Gospell, Mr Cuthbert Sidenham, late teacher to a Church of Christ in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1651] The false brother, or, A new map of Scotland, drawn by an English pencil;: being a short history of the political and civil transactions between these two nations since their first friendship: wherein the many secret designs, and dangerous aspects and influences of that nation on England are discovered; with the juglings of their commissioners with the late King, Parliament, and city. The grounds of the entrance of our army into Scotland cleared, from their own principles and actings; their main pleas impleaded, and answered. Humbly presented to the Councel of State.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1650] An English translation of the Scottish Declaration against James Graham alias Marquess of Montrosse.: Wherein many things are set right between the kingdom of Scotland and Commonwealth of England. With many observable passages, concerning the transactions with the late king, and their now declared king.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1653] A Christian, sober & plain exercitation on the two grand practicall controversies of these times; infant baptism and singing of psalms: Wherein all the scriptures on both sides are recited, opened and argued, with brevity and tenderness: and whatever hath been largely discussed by others, briefly contracted in a special method for the edification of the saints. By Cuthbert Sidenham, teacher to a church of Christ in Newcastle upon Tine.
Sydenham, Cuthbert, 1622-1654. / [1649] An anatomy of Lievt. Col. John Lilburn's spirit and pamphlets. Or, A vindication of these two honorable patriots Oliver Cromwel, Ld Governor of Ireland, and Sir Arthur Haslerig, Knight baronet, from the unworthy and false aspersions by him cast on them in two libels;: the one intituled, An impeachment of high treason against Oliver Cromwel, &c. The other, A preparative to a hue and cry against Sir Arthur Haslerig: wherein the said Lilburn is demonstratively proved to be a common lyar, and unworthy of civil converse.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [an. Dom. 1630] VVaters of Marah, and Meribah: or, the source of bitternes, and strife, sweetned and allayed: by way of aduice, refutation, censure, against the pseudo-zelots of our age: by Humphrey Sydenham, master of arts, late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1630] Sermons by Humph. Sydenham late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [M.DC.XXXVII. 1637] Sermons vpon solemne occasions preached in severall auditories. By Humphrey Sydenham, rector of Pokington in Somerset.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1630] The rich mans vvarning-peece. A sermon, vpon occasion, formerly preached, and now published, by the author, Humfrey Sydenham, late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [An. Dom. 1630] The royall passing-bell: or, Dauids summons to the graue A sermon preached (lately) in the parish-church of Orchard-Portman in Sommerset. At the funerall of the most hopefull, and truely-noble, Sr. Hugh Portman, baronet; the great losse and sorrow both of his name and countrie. By Humphrey Sydenham, Master of Arts, late fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1626] Moses and Aaron or the affinitie of ciuill and ecclesiasticke power. A sermon intended for the Parliament held at Oxon, August 7. 1625. But by reason of the sudden and vnhappy dissolution, then, not preach't, but since vpon occasion, was; at St. Maries in Oxford, the 26. of February. 1625. [sic] By Humphry Sydenham Mr. of Arts, and fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1626] Iacob and Esau. Election. Reprobation. Opened and discussed by way of sermon at Pauls Crosse, March 4. 1622. By Humphry Sydenham Mr. of Arts, and fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1626 i.e. 1627] Five sermons upon severall occasions preach'd at Pauls Crosse, and at Saint Maries, in Oxford. By Humphry Sydenham, Mr. of Arts, and fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1627] The Athenian babler a sermon preached at St. Maries in Oxforde, the 9. of Iuly, 1626, being Act-Sunday / by Humphry Sydenham ...
Sydenham, Humphrey, 1591-1650? / [1626] The arraignment of the Arrian. His beginning. height. fall. In a sermon preached at Pauls Crosse, Iune 4. 1624. Being the first Sunday in Trinitie terme. By Humphry Sydenham Mr. of Arts, and fellow of Wadham Colledge in Oxford.
Sydenham, Thomas, 1624-1689. / [1694] The compleat method of curing almost all diseases to which is added an exact description of their several symptoms / written in Latin by Dr. Thomas Sydenham ; and now faithfully Englished.
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1616 or 1617] Tobacco battered; & the pipes shattered (about their eares that idlely idolize so base & barbarous a weed; or at least-wise ouer-loue so loathsome vanitie:) by a volley of holy shot thundered from Mount Helicon..
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1614] The parliament of vertues royal (summoned in France; but assembled in England) for nomination, creation, and confirmation of the most excellent prince Panaretus a præsage of Pr. Dolphin: a pourtrait of Pr. - Henry: a promise of Pr. Charles. Translated & dedicated to His Highnes, by Iosuah Syluester.
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1630] Panthea: or, Diuine vvishes and meditations: vvritten by Io. Siluester: reuised by I.M. Master of Arts. Whereunto is added an appendix, containing an excellent elegy, written by the L. Viscount St. Albans, late Lord High Chancelour of England. &c.
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1594] Monodia.
Sylvester, Josuah, 1563-1618. / [1612] Lachrimæ lachrimarum. or The distillation of teares shede for the vntymely death of the incomparable prince Panaretus. by Iosuah Syluester.
Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. / [1683] Submission to the will of God in times of affliction asserted, in a sermon from I Sam. 3. 18 / by a Reverend Divine.
Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. / [MDCXC. 1690] Primitive baptism, and therein infants and parents rights
Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. / [1697] Holy confidence well improved, by Nehemiah and the Jews whose faith and spirit were considered and applied to the societies for reformation of manners : in a sermon at Salters-hall in London, on Monday August 16, 1697, and now at their request made publick / by Matthew Sylvester.
Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. / [MDCLXXXVIII 1688] Being for ever with the Lord, the great hope, end and comfort of believers what it is, and how to be obtained and forethought of / preached by Matthew Sylvester ; and published at the publick request of Mr. Ri. Baxter, at the hearing of it.
Sylvius, François de le Boë, 1614-1672. / [1675] A new idea of the practice of physic written by that famous Franciscus De Le Boe ... the first book, of the diseases either constituting, producing, or following the natural functions of man not in health : wherein is containd ... a vindication of the spleen and mother from fits attributed to them : as also a new discovery of intermitting fevers, the yellow jaundice, and other diseases never before discovered, all cleard by anatomical experiments, and chymical demonstrations, as also by their cures : whereto is prefixed a preface written by Dr. Mar. Nedham / translated faithfully by Richard Gower ...
Sym, John. / [1637] Lifes preservative against self-killing. Or, An useful treatise concerning life and self-murder shewing the kindes, and meanes of them both: the excellency and preservation of the former: the evill, and prevention of the latter. Containing the resolution of manifold cases, and questions concerning that subject; with plentifull variety of necessary and usefull observations, and practicall directions, needfull for all Christians. By John Sym minister of Leigh in Essex.
Sym, John. / [1617] The sweet milke of Christian doctrine in a plaine and naturall method, by question and answere, for their better vnderstanding, for whom it is chiefly written.
Symmer, Archibald. / [1629] A spirituall posie for Zion. Or Two decades of observations, theologicall and philosophicall. By Archibald Symmer, preacher of Gods word at Great-Oakley in Northhampton-shire.
Symmer, Archibald. / [1630] Rest for the vveary, or A briefe treatise tending to the comfort of a poore soule trulie humbled for sin. By Archibald Symmer, Aberdonen, minister of the Gospell.
Symmer, Archibald. / [1637] Anapausis. Rest for the restlesse soule. By Archibald Symmer, minister of the gospell.
Symmons, Edward. / [M.DC.XLIII. 1643] A loyall subjects beliefe,: expressed in a letter to Master Stephen Marshall, Minister of Finchingfield in Essex, from Edward Symmons a neighbour minister, occasioned by a conference betwixt them. With the answer to his objections for resisting the Kings personall will by force of armes. And, the allegation of some reasons why the authors conscience cannot concurre in this way of resistance with some of his brethren.
Symonds, Joseph. / [M.DC.LIII. 1653] Three treatises, being the substance of sundry discourses:: viz. I. The fixed eye, or the mindful heart, on Psal. 25.15. II. The principal interest, or the propriety of the saints in God, on Micah 7.7. III. Gods interest in man natural and acquired, on Psal. 119.4. By that judicious and pious preacher of the gospel, Mr Joseph Symonds, M.A. late vice-provost of Eaton Colledg.
Symonds, Joseph. / [1641] A sermon lately preached at Westminster, before sundry of the honourable House of Commons.: By Joseph Symonds sometimes minster in Ironmonger-lane, London, now pastor of a church in Roterdam.
Symonds, Joseph. / [1639] The case and cure of a deserted soule, or, A treatise concerning the nature, kindes, degrees, symptomes, causes, cure of, and mistakes about spirituall desertions by Jos. Symonds ...
Symonds, Joseph. / [M. D C. L. 1650] Saints like Christ: or, somewhat of truth delivered to the congregation at headly in Hampshire. By Jo. Symmonds, M.A.
Symonds, William, 1556-1616? / [1609] Virginia. A sermon preached at VVhite-Chappel, in the presence of many, honourable and worshipfull, the aduenturers and planters for Virginia. 25. April. 1609. Published for the benefit and vse of the colony, planted, and to bee planted there, and for the aduancement of their Christian purpose. By William Symonds, preahcer at Saint Sauiors in Southwarke.
Symonds, William, 1556-1616? / [1605] Pisgah euangelica. By the method of the Reuelation, presenting to publike view those Cananites ouer whom our Lord Iesus Christ and his holie Church shall triumph after seuerall battailes. That which is past is shewed in a briefe ecclesiasticall historie, containing most of the mutations which haue befallen the Church, from the yeere of our Lord 97, vnto the yeere 1603. as they haue been shewed vnto S. Iohn in Patmos, and recorded by such historiographers as are of least suspected faith. Gathered by William Symonds, sometimes fellow of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Symonds, William, 1556-1616? / [1606] A heauenly voyce. A sermon tending to call the people of God from among the Romish Babylonians: preached at Paules Crosse the 12 of Ianuarie. 1606. By William Symonds.
Symons, Henry, fl. 1657-1658. / [1657] The Lord Jesus his commission (under the broad seal of His Highnes the Royal & Real Lord Protector of heaven and earth) as man, to be the alone judge of life and death in the great and general assize of the world proved and improved before the reverend judges at the assize holden at Maidstone, March 17, 1655 for the county of Kent / by Henry Symons.
Symons, Henry, M.A. / [1658] Timåe kai timåoria, A beautifull swan with two black feet, or, Magistrates deity attended with mortality & misery affirmed & confirmed before the learned and religious Judge Hales, at the assize holden at Maidstone, July 7, 1657, for the county of Kent / by Henry Symons ...
Sympson, Thomas, supposed author. / [Printed in the Year M. DC.LXVI 1666] England's palladion, or, Britain's naval-glory expressed in a panegyrick, beginning with a loyal salutation of the Royal Navie : with three additional poems I. A congratulation on the late victory, &c. II. The burning island, &c. III. A præmonition to the states of Holland / by T.S. ...
Syms, Christofer. / [Printed in Anno 1633] An apology for Christopher Syms gent. and his way and method of teaching the effect thereof, and his end therein, against many foule and false aspersions. VVherein and whereby is averred and maintained that all persons, who can see, heare and speake, may bee easily taught to read. And that all children, which can read may be easily taught to understand the Latine speech.
Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. / [1697] A peaceable and friendly address to the non-conformists: written upon their desiring an act of toleration without the sacramental test.
Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. / [1698] A gentleman's religion in three parts : the 1st contains the principles of natural religion, the 2d. and 3d. the doctrins of Christianity both as to faith and practice : with an appendix wherein it is proved that nothing contrary to our reason can possibly be the object of our belief, but that it is no just exception against some of the doctrins of Christianity that they are above our reason.
Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. / [1698] A defence of the peaceable and friendly address to the non-conformists against the ansvver lately given to it. In which the obligation to conform to the constitutions of the established church is maintained and vindicated. The answerers objections solv'd; and his calumnies refuted.
Synge, Edward, 1659-1741. / [1697] An answer to all the excuses and pretences which men ordinarily make for their not coming to the Holy Communion ... by a divine of the Church of England.
Synge, Francis. / [1661] A panegyrick on the most auspicious and long-wish'd-for return of the great example of the greatest virtue, the faithful Achates of our royal Charles, the tutelar angel (as we justly hope) of our church and state, the most illustrious James: Duke, Marquess, and Earl of Ormond, &c. Lord Lieutenant and General Governour of His Majesties Kingdom of Ireland, His Grace. / By F.S.
Synge, George, 1594-1653. / [1632] A rejoynder to the reply published by the Iesuites vnder the name of William Malone. The first part. Wherein the generall answer to the challenge is cleared from all the Iesuites cavills.