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Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [MDCLIX 1659] The XXXVI questions propounded for resolution of unlearned Protestants in matter of religion to the doctors of the prelaticall pretended reformed-Church of England, retorted for resolution on unlearned papists in matter of religion, to V.H. and V.N. doctors of the pretended Catholick Church of Rome / by T. Svvadlin ...
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1653] Tvvo letters:: the one to subtile papist: the other to a zealous Presbyterian. In both which the authour conceives he hath said enough to keepe any man from the Roman Church, in the generall of religion, and from the Presbyterian congregation in the particular of the eucharist, or the Lords Supper: because St Paul saies, 1 Cor. 11. 16. Wee know no such custome, neither the Church of God. By T. Swadling, D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed in the year 1658] To the nobility and gentry lawyers and physicians, sea-men & trades-men, magistrates subordinate and supreme, &c. By Tho. Swadlin D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1658] To all, paupertatis ergò nè peream famè to some. gratitudinis ergò ne peream infamiâ whether it be better to turn Presbyterian, Romane, or, to continue what I am, catholique in matter of religion?: By Thomas Swadlin, D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed 1643] The soveraignes desire peace: the subjectes dutie obedience.: By Thomas Swadlin.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1645] The soldiers catechisme, composed for the King's Armie;: wherein his 1 cause is justified, and his enemies condemned. 2 Soldier is instructed, and the rebell reclaimed. Written for the incouragement and direction of all that have taken up armes in this cause of God, his Church, and his annointed; especially the common soldiers. By T.S.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1637] Sermons, meditations, and prayers, upon the plague. 1636. By T.S.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1648] Mercurius academicus communicating the intelligence and affairs of Oxford to the rest of the passive party throwout the Kingdom : From Munday in Easter-week to Saturday the 15 of April, anno 1648.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed in the yeare, 1647] Loyall subjects, or The blessed mans encouragement vpon the Kings retyrement from Hampton Court, November.11. Delivered in a sermon, November the 14th. 1647. By T.S. D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed, 1645. i.e. 1646] A letter of an Independent to his honoured friend Mr Glyn, Recorder of London:
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1661] King Charles his funeral who was beheaded by base and barbarous hands January 30, 1648, and interred at Windsor, February 9, 1648 with his anniversaries continued untill 1659 / by Thomas Swadlin ...
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed in the yeere, 1647 i.e. 1646] The Jesuite the chiefe, if not the onely state-heretique in the world. Or, The Venetian quarrell.: Digested into a dialogue. / By Tho: Swadlin, D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [Printed in the yeere 1647] The hands of God: or King Davids choice,: vvherein are proved: 1. That the least of evills is to be chosen. 2. That war is the worst of evills. 3. That the relation betwixt the king and subject, is the nearest of all relations. 4. That rebells are the worst of men. / As is was delivered in a sermon, By T.S. D.D.
Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. / [1653] Divinity no enemy to astrology:: intended to have been delivered in a sermon to the students in that art, but prevented by the sickness of the author T.S. D.D.
Swaffield, Joseph, ca. 1625-1681. / [1661] Såoä ma thanatou, the body of death: or, a discourse concerning the saints failings & infirmities. Wherein this position, viz. that absolute freedome from sinne is not attainable in this life, is both proved and improved, in three sermons preached in St Edmunds church in the city of New-Sarum; the first upon Wednesday Novemb 24. 1658. being the weekly lecture day; the two last upon August 14, 1659. being the Lords day. By Joseph Swaffeild minister of the gospel at Odstocke in the county of Wilts.
Swaine, Richard. / [1615] A table concerning Christ our aduocate and whether remission of sinnes once obtained, can againe be made frustrate, comprised in foure propositions, and fourteene conclusions / by Richard Swaine.
Swale, Christopher, d. 1645. / [1621] Iacobs vovv. A sermon preached before his Maiestie, and the Prince his Highnesse, at Hampton Court, September. 23. 1621. By Christopher Swale, Doctor of Diuinitie, and one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinarie.
Swall, Abel. / [1693?] Proposals for printing by subscription, Cambden's Britannia, English. Newly translated with large additions.
Swallow, John. / [1697] Swallow a new almanack for the year of our Lord God 1697 : being the first after bissextile, or leap-year ... calculated properly for ... Cambridge ...
Swan, John, d. 1671. / [1652] Signa coeli: the signs of heaven, or, A sermon on a text in the tenth chapter of the prophecy of the prophet Jeremiah, at the second verse preached on ... the nine and twentieth day of March ... 1652 ... by John Swan ...
Swan, John, d. 1671. / [1639] A sermon, pointing out the chiefe causes, and cures, of such unruly stirres, as are not seldome found in the church of God: Preached at Sawston in the countie of Cambridge, at the arch deacon of Elie his visitation held there, upon the nineteenth day of September, 1638. By Iohn Swan.
Swan, John, d. 1671. / [1640] Redde debitum. Or, A discourse in defence of three chiefe fatherhoods grounded upon a text dilated to the latitude of the fift Commandement; and is therfore grounded thereupon, because 'twas first intended for the pulpit, and should have beene concluded in one or two sermons, but is extended since to a larger tract; and written chiefely in confutation of all disobedient and factious kinde of people, who are enemies both to the Church and state. By John Svvan.
Swan, John, d. 1671. / [1639] Profano-mastix. Or, a briefe and necessarie direction concerning the respects which wee owe to God, and his house: even in outward worship, and reverent using of holy places. Shewing chiefly when, and how, wee ought to enter; how to behave our selves being entred, how to depart; as also, how to esteeme of Gods house at every other time. Written out of a true and sincere intent to reduce the disordered and factious, to a better order then either their neglect, stubbornnesse, or scrupulositie can purchase for them. / By Iohn Swan curate of Duxford S. Peters.
Swan, John, d. 1671. / [1653] Calamus mensurans: the measuring reed. Or, The standard of time. Containing an exact computation of the yeares of the world, from the creation thereof, to the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. Stating also, and clearing the hid mysteries of Daniels 70. weekes, and other prophecies, the time of Herods reigne; the birth, baptisme and Passion of our Saviour, with other passages never yet extant in our English tongue. In two parts. / By John Swan.
Swanley, Richard, d. 1650. / [1645] A letter from Captaine Richard Svvanley, to the Right Honourable, the Earl of Warwick.: Being a full relation of the taking of the towne and castle of Cardigan in Wales, by Major Generall Laugharne, with above an hundred commanders and common souldiers, and all the arms and ammunition therein. Also the taking of the Irish commissioners at sea (that were going from the King in to Ireland) by Capt. Coachman, who are to be sent up to the Parliament; a list of whose names are here inserted. Published by Authority.
Sweden. Sovereign (1632-1654 : Kristina) / [1653] A declaration of her sacred Majestie of Sweden, concerning the setling of convoys about Gothemburg. Given at Stockholm the 16th of August, 1653.
Sweden. Sovereign (1660-1697 : Charles XI) / [Printed anno Domini 1675] His Majesty the King of Sweden's letter to the States Generall of the United Provinces
Sweeper, Walter. / [1622] Israels redemption by Christ Wherein is confuted the Arminian vniuersall redemption.
Sweeper, Walter. / [1622] A briefe treatise declaring the true noble-man, and the base vvorldling. By Walter Sweeper minister of Strowd.
Sweet, John, 1570-1632. / [Permissu superiorum, M. DC. XVII. 1617] Monsig[neu]r fate voi. Or A discovery of the Dalmatian apostata M. Antonius de Dominis, and his bookes. By C.A. to his friend P.R. student of the lawes in the Middle Temple.
Sweet, Thomas. / [1647] Dear friends: it is now about sixe yeares since I was most unfortunately taken by a Turkes man of warre, on the coasts of Barbary captive into Argiere; since which time I have written oft to London to Master Southwood of the upperground, to Richard Barnard of Dukes place, Richard Coole of the Bank-side, to Master Linger an haberdasher in crooked Lane, ...:
Sweetnam, John, 1581-1622. / [Permissu Superiorum, M.DC.XVII. 1617] S. Mary Magdalens pilgrimage to paradise. Wherein are liuely imprinted the foote-steps of her excellent vertues, for sinners to follow, who desire to accompany her thither. / By I.S. of Society of Iesvs.
Sweetnam, John, 1581-1622. / [M.DC.XX 1620] The paradise of delights. Or The B. Virgins garden of Loreto. With briefe discourses vpon her diuine letanies, by way of meditation. For the comfort of all such, as be deuout vnto her; and desyre her holy patronage & protection. By I.S. of the Society of Iesus.
Swetnam, Joseph, fl. 1617. / [1617] The schoole of the noble and worthy science of defence. Being the first of any English-mans inuention, which professed the sayd science; so plainly described, that any man may quickly come to the true knowledge of their weapons, with small paines and little practise. Then reade it aduisedly, and vse the benefit thereof when occasion shal serue, so shalt thou be a good common-wealth man, liue happy to thy selfe, and comfortable to thy friend. Also many other good and profitable precepts and counsels for the managing of quarrels, and ordering thy selfe in many other matters. Written by Ioseph Svvetnam.
Swetnam, Joseph, fl. 1617. / [1660] Davids devotions upon his deliverances:: set forth in a sermon at All-Saints in Derby, June 28, 1660. Being the day of publique thanksgiving for his Majesties happy restauration, by Joseph Swetnam preacher there.
Swift, Daniel. / [1643] A pious president to both kingdomes for a sacred covenant.: Being an abstractive exposition by way of paraphrase upon the tenth chapter of Nehemiah, the 28, and 29 verses / by Daniell Svvift, Minister of the gospell of Iesus Christ.
Swift, John, fl. 1612. / [1612] The diuine eccho, or resounding voice from heauen moralized betwixt a Christian and his soule, with short and effectuall directions how to liue and die well. Whereby the effects of vertue and the defects of vice, mercy with miserie, heauenly felicitie with worldly vanity, the ioyes of heauen with the torments of hell, are familiarly expressed. Diuided into prayers and meditations for the ease and benefit of euerie Christian. The first part by Iohn Swift.
Swift, William. / [1622] A sermon preached at the funerall of that painfull and faithfull seruant of Iesus Christ, Mr Thomas Wilson in his owne church at St Georges, in Canterbury the 25. day of Ianuary. In the yeare of our Lord God 1621. By William Svvift, preacher of Gods Word, at St Andrevves, within the citie of Canterbury.
Swinburne, Henry, 1560?-1623. / [1686] A treatise of spousals, or matrimonial contracts wherein all the questions relating to that subject are ingeniously debated and resolved / by the late famous and learned Mr. Henry Swinburne, author of the Treatise of wills and testaments.
Swinburne, Henry, 1560?-1623. / [1590 i.e. 1591] A briefe treatise of testaments and last willes very profitable to be vnderstoode of all the subiects of this realme of England, (desirous to know, whether, whereof, and how, they may make their testaments: and by what meanes the same may be effected or hindered,) and no lesse delightfull, aswell for the rarenes of the worke, as for the easines of the stile, and method: compiled of such lawes ecclesiasticall and ciuill, as be not repugnant to the lawes, customes, or statutes of this realme, nor derogatorie to the prerogatiue royall. In which treatise also are inserted diuers statutes of this land, together with mention of sundrie customes, aswell general as particular, not impertinent thereunto: besides diuers marginall notes, and quotations not to be neglected, especially of Iustinianists, or young students of the ciuil law: vvith two tables, the one analyticall ... the other alphabeticall ... By the industrie of Henrie Swinburn, Bachelar of the Ciuill Lawe.
Swinnerton, Thomas, d. 1554. / [1534] A mustre of scismatyke bysshopes of Rome otherwyse naming them selues popes, moche necessarye to be redde of al the kynges true subiectes. Cum priuilegio.
Swinnerton, Thomas, d. 1554. / [An. M.D.XXXIIII. 1534] A litel treatise ageynste the mutterynge of some papistis in corners
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1672] A treatise of the incomparableness of God in his being, attributes, works and word opened and applyed / by Geo. Swinnocke ...
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1675] The sinners last sentence to eternal punishment, for sins of omission wherein is discovered, the nature, causes, and cure of those sins / by Geo. Swinnock.
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1659] Ouranos kai tartaros= heaven and hell epitomized. The true Christian characterized. As also an exhortation with motives, means and directions to be speedy and serious about the work of conversion. By George Swinnocke M.A. sometime fellow of Baliol Colledge in Oxford, and now preacher of the Gospel at Rickmersworth in Hertfordshire.
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1662] The fading of the flesh and flourishing of faith, or, One cast for eternity with the only way to throw it vvell : as also the gracious persons incomparable portion / by George Swinnock ...
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1662] The pastors farevvell, and vvish of vvelfare to his people, or, A valedictory sermon by George Swinnock ...
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1657] The gods are men: or The mortality of persons in places of magistracy.: As it was explained and applied in a sermon preached at the assize holden at Hertford for that county on March 15. 1656/7. By George Swinnocke M.A. last Fellow of Bailiol Colledge in Oxford, and now preacher of the gospel at Rickmersworth in Hertfordshire.
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1660 i.e. 1661] The door of salvation opened by the key of regeneration: or A treatise containing the nature, necessity, marks and means of regeneration;: as also the duty of the regenerate. / By George Swinnocke, M.A. and pastor of Rickmersworth in Hertfordshire.
Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. / [1662] The Christian-man's calling: or, A treatise of making religion ones business.: Wherein the nature and necessity of it is discovered. : As also the Christian directed how he may perform it in [brace] religious duties, natural actions, his particular vocation, his family directions, and his own recreations. / By George Swinnock ...
Swinton, John, 1621?-1679. / [Printed in the year 1665] To the inhabitants of the whole earth, I thus write in the name, and power, and dread of the Lord God.
Swinton, John, 1621?-1679. / [1663] Words in season:
Swinton, John, 1621?-1679. / [1663?] A testimony for the Lord by John Swinton.
Swinton, John, 1621?-1679. / [1663] Some late epistles to the body writ from time to time, as the Spirit gave utterance; now published in the same. With a lamentation in the life, over all who have shrunk, or may shrink in this day and hour of great tryal and tribulation, inward and outward, that is, and is to be.
Swinton, John, Sir. / [Printed in the year, 1690] The case of John Swinton, in relation to his father's pretended forfeiture upon pretext whereof, the estate of Swinton hath been unjustly possess'd by the late Duke, and this Earl of Lawderdale [sic], ever since the year 1660. With the reasons of reduction of the said forfeiture, now depending against the said Earl, at the instance of the said John Swinton, before the Parliament.
Swynfen, John, 1662-1728. / [1695] A sermon preached at St. Paul's Covent-Garden upon Sunday the second of December, 1694. Being the day appointed by Their Majesties for a publick thanksgiving for the preservation of His Majesty from the dangers to which his royal person was exposed during his late expedition; and for his safe return to his people, and for the success of his forces by sea and land. Publish'd at the request of the parishioners. By John Swynfen, chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Bradford, and lecturer at St. Magnus Church at the Bridge Foot. Imprimatur. Decemb. 14. 1694. C. Alston.
Swynnerton, John. / [1606] A Christian loue-letter sent particularly to K.T. a gentlewoman mis-styled a Catholicke, but generallie intended to all of the Romish religion, to labour their conuersion to the true faith of Christ Iesus. By Iohn Swynnerton, Gent.