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Snagg, Robert. / [1654] The antiquity & original of the Court of Chancery and authority of the lord chancellor of England being a branch of Serjeant Snagg's reading, upon the 28 chapter of Magna Charta, at the Middle Temple, in Lent, 13 Eliz. : with his congratulatory epistle, (by way of preface) to the Lord Chancellor Hatton, in 29 Eliz.
Snape, Andrew, b. 1644. / [1683] The anatomy of an horse containing an exact and full description of the frame, situation and connexion of all his parts, (with their actions and uses) exprest in forty-nine copper-plates) : to which is added an appendix, containing two discourses, the one, of the generation of animals, and the other, of the motion of the chyle, and the circulation of the bloud / by Andrew Snape ...
Snawsel, Robert. / [1610] A looking glasse for maried folkes Wherein they may plainly see their deformities; and also how to behaue themselues one to another, and both of them towards God. Set forth dialogue-wise for the more tastable and plainnesse sake. By R. S.
Snell, Charles, 1667-1733. / [MDCXCVII. 1697] The tradesman's directory; or, a short and easy method of keeping his books of accompts so as readily to know at any time the state of his affairs, upon any particular accompt, whether of men, money, or goods. Also how to bring his books to a ballance, and to know his profits or losses in the whole course of his trade. By Charles Snell, master of the free-writing-school, in Foster-Lane, near Cheap-side, London.
Snell, George, d. 1656. / [April 3. 1646] A looking-glasse for England;: wherein is expressed, severall passages, and remarkable observations, concerning the uniting of the Kings most excellent Majesty, and his great councell, the High Court of Parliament. Together, vvith divers heads or motives, / drawn up by Dr. George Snell, Dr. of Divinity; who being a delinquent (formerly) hath now taken the nationall covenant, and set forth these reasons for his submitting to the King and Parliament. Very usefull in these times, and necessary for all sorts of people to peruse. Published by speciall authority.