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Sá, Pantaleão, d. 1654. / [Printed in the yeare, 1653] A narration of the late accident in the New-Exchange, on the 21. and 22. of November, 1653.: Stylo vet. Written by the most noble and illustrious Lord, Don Pantaleon Sa, brother to his excellency of Portugall, extraordinary legate in England, to his much esteemed nobilitie of England, and to all of the beloved and famous City of London, from Newgates prison.
Sabinus, Angelus, 15th cent. / [MDCLXXXVIII 1688] The three epistles of Aulus Sabinus in answer to as many of Ovid made English by Mr. Salusbury.
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1687] A sermon preached before the King at Chester, on August xxviii, 1687, being the feast of S. Augustin, Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church by ... Lewis Sabran ...
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1687] A sermon preach'd in the chappel of His Excellency the Spanish embassador on the second Sunday of Advent, December 4. 1687. On which was solemniz'd the Feast of St. Francis Xaverius, of the Society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies and Kingdom of Japan. By the R.F. Lewis Sabran of the same Society. Permissu superiorum.
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1687] A reply of Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus to the answer given to his letter written to a peer of the Church of England, by a nameless member of the same
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1688] A letter to Dr. William Needham, in answer to the third letter by him licensed written to Father Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus, wherein the said letter is examined and confuted
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1687] A letter to a peer of the Church of England clearing a point touched in a sermon preached at Chester, before His Most Sacred Majesty, on the 28th of August, in answer to a post-script joyned unto the answer to Nubes testium.
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1688] Dr. Sherlock's preservative considered the first part, and its defence, proved to contain principles which destroy all right use of reason, fathers, councils, undermine divine faith, and abuse moral honesty : in the second part, forty malicious calumnies and forged untruths laid open, besides several fanatical principals which destroy all church discipline, and oppose Christs divine authority : in two letters of Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus.
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1688] The challenge of R.F. Lewis Sabran of the Society of Jesus made out against the historical discourse concerning invocation of saints
Sabran, Lewis, 1652-1732. / [1688] An answer to Dr. Sherlock's Preservative against Popery shewing that Protestancy cannot be defended nor Catholic faith opposed, but by principles which make void all reason, faith, fathers, councils, Scripture, moral honesty.
Sacheverell, George. / [1663] Sir Hudibras to the Vintners: a satyr on their adulterated dear wines.
Sachs, Hans, 1494-1576. A goodly dysputacion betwene a christen shomaker, and a popysshe parson with two other parsones more, done within the famous citie of Norembourgh. Translated out of [the] Germayne tongue into Englysshe. By Anthony Scoloker.
Sad spectator. / [Decemb. 13. 1642] An exact and true relation of that tumultuous behaviour of divers citizens and others at Guild-Hall, December the 12. 1642.: Wherein is related the businesse they pretend, their conference with my lord major and court of common counsell, their cruelty to the souldiers, their breach of peace, and shamefull abuse to the citizens, with other remarkeable things. By a sad spectator.
Saddington, John. / [1673] A prospective-glass for saints and sinners whereby may appear and be seen, 1. The authors life expressed in the first epistle, 2. That there is no true peace of mind in those that account themselves believers so long as they lead a corrupt life, 3. What great enemies the riches of this world, and poverty are to truth, 4. What that truth and true knowledge is, which giveth satisfaction to the mind of man in this life : and several other things necessary to salvation / by John Saddington.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1660] The subjects joy for the Kings restoration, cheerfully made known in a sacred masque gratefully made publique for His Sacred Majesty / by the author of Inqvisitio Anglicana.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1664] Strange news indeed: from Mitcham in Surry. Of the treacherous and barbarous proceedings, of Master Robert Cranmer merchant of London; against Master Anthonie Sadler, vicar of Mitcham. How that well known minister, for prosecuting that enough known merchant, in a suite at civil law; for the vindication of the churches rights: and for presenting him into the ecclesiastical court; for the vindication of the churches discipline: hath been (of late) defamed, imprisoned, and complotted to be ruined, by him and his party. As, is very briefly, but very truly related, in this letter and petition, to the Lord Bishop of Winton.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [MDCLXV. 1665] Schema sacrum: vel, Forma uniformitatis formosissima: Arguments for order: or, Conformity confirm'd. For an uniform resorting, to each ones parochial church; to perform their duty, of an entire service, upon the Lords day.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1660] Mercy in a miracle shewing, the deliverance, and the duty, of the king, and the people: In a sermon preached at Mitcham in Surry, June 28. 1660 in a solemne congratulation for the restoration of his Majesty to his royal throne. By Anthonie Sadler, late chaplain, to the right honourable Leticia, Lady Pagett, Dowager, deceased.
Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. / [1654] Inquisitio Anglicana: or The disguise discovered.: Shevving the proceedings of the commissioners at White hall, for the approbation of ministers, in the examinations of Anthony Sadler Cler: (chaplain to the Right Honourable the Lady Pagett, dowager) vvhose delay, triall, suspence and vvrong, presents it self for remedy, to the Ld Protector, and the High Court of Parliament: and for information to the clergy, and all the people of the nation.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1657] Enchiridion medicum:: an enchiridion of the art of physick. Methodically prescribing remedies in such an order, that it may be accounted to the sick-man a sanctuary, and to the studious a library: containing a salubrious remedy for every malady incident to the body of man. Very necessary to be known and understood of all that desire their own health. / Written in Latine, by our learned country-man John Sadler Dr. in Physick: translated, revised, corrected and augmented by R.T.
Sadler, John, 1615-1674. / [1664] Christ under the law: with the times of the Gospel, and fullness thereof.
Saer, Richard. / [169-?] Proposals for a water-tax,: yearly to be raised to make good the funds; / humbly offered to the honourable House of Commons.
Saffold, Thomas, 1640-1691. / [1674-1691] Read, try, judge, and speak as you find. At the Black Ball and Old Lillys Head, next door to the Feather shops that are within Black-Friers Gate-way, which is over against Ludgate Church, just by Ludgate in London (through God's mercy to do good) still liveth Thomas Saffold, an approved and licensed physician and student in astrology ...
Sagredo, Giovanni, 1616-ca. 1696. / [1685] A relation, or an account of the Imperial Court, by Sacredo, a noble Venetian-Senator. Given in an oration made by him to the Doge (or Duke) of Venice, in the Venetian Senate-House, of what things happened during the last war of the Emperor with the Turks, and during his embassy to the Emperor, at his return out of Germany to Venice. Done into English by T.G. Esq:
Sailor. / [1699] The seaman's opinion of a standing army in England in opposition to a fleet at sea, the best security of this kingdom : in a letter to a merchant / written by a sailor.
Sailor. / [1700] Remarks on the present condition of the navy, and particularly of the victualling, in which the notion of fortifying of garisons is exploded, and 'tis clearly prov'd that the only security of England consists in a good fleet in a letter from a sailor to a member of the House of Commons.
Sainct Sernin, Jonatan de. / [1626] Essais et obseruations sur les essais du Seigneur de Montaigne par le Sieur Jonatan de Sainst [sic] Sernin.
Saint Andre, François de, fl. 1677-1725. / [1689] Chymical disceptations, or, Discourses upon acid and alkali wherein are examined the object of Mr. Boyle against these principles : together with a reply to a letter of Mr. S. Doctor of Physick & fellow of the colleg of *** : wherein many errors are corrected, touching the nature of these two salts / by Fran. Andre, Dr. in Physick ..., faithfully rendered out of French into English by J.W. ; to which is added, by the translator, a discourse of phlebotomy shewing the absolute evils, together with the accidental benefits thereof, in some cases.
Saint Botolph (Aldgate, London, England : Parish) / [1677] The orders of vestry made and agreed unto in the year of our Lord 1677. of the rates payable for burials by the inhabitants in the parish of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, London.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [1532?] A treatise concernynge the diuision betwene the spirytualtie and temporaltie.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [1535?] A treatyse concerni[n]ge the power of the clergye and the lawes of the realme. Cu[m] priuilegio regali.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [In the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC. XXXii. 1532 The fyrst day of the moneth of Iuly] The fyrst dialogue in Englisshe with newe additions.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [Anno. M.D.XXXIIII. Cum privilegio. 1534] The addicions of Salem and Byzance.
Saint German, Christopher, 1460?-1540. / [1535?] An answere to a letter cum priuilegio.
Saint Giles in the Fields Parish Church (London, England) / [1641] The petition and articles exhibited in Parliament against Dr. Fvller, deane of Ely and vicar of S. Giles Cripple-gate with the petition exhibited in Parliament against Timothy Hutton, curate of the said parish by the parishioners of Saint Giles : wherein are discovered many popish innovations and disservice to the church and placing such to officiate who preferre the play-house and the taverne before the performance of their office in the church, as may appeare by the said articles.
Saint Giles in the Fields Parish Church (London, England) / [1641] The petition and articles exhibited in Parliament against Doctor Heywood, late chaplen to the Bishop of Canterburie by the parishioners of S. Giles in the Fields ; with some considerable circumstances, worth observing, in the hearing of the businesse before the grand committee for religion and of his demeanour since.
Saint-Amour, Louis-Gorin de, 1619-1687. / [1664] The journal of Monsr. de Saint Amour doctor of Sorbonne,: containing a full account of all the transactions both in France and at Rome, concerning the five famous propositions controverted between the Jansenists and the Molinists, from the beginning of that affair till the Popes decision. / Faithfully rendred out of French. ; A like display of the Romish state, court, interests, policies, &c. and the mighty influences of the Jesuites in that church, and many other Christian states, being not hitherto extant.
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1696] Réponse au plaidoié de Monsr. Herard, avocat au grand conseil, ou plutost a l'invective, ou libelle, que Monsieur le Duc Mazarin a fair imprimer contre madame la Duchesse son epouse:
Saint-Evremond, 1613-1703. / [1685] Mixt essays upon tragedies, comedies, Italian comedies, English comedies, and opera's written originally in French, by the sieur de Saint Euvremont.
Saint-Jure, Jean-Baptiste, 1588-1657. / [1658. i.e. 1657] The holy life of Monr. De Renty, a late nobleman of France and sometimes councellor to King Lewis the 13th.: Wrintten [sic] in French by John Baptist S. Jure. And faithfully translated into English, by E.S. Gent.
Saint-Leger, Anthony, Sir, d. 1680. / [1648] A prospective glasse for the revolters at sea, and new malignants at land: being a letter sent from Sir Anthony Saintleger, an attendant on the Prince, to a person of quality in Colchester.: Where by may bee clearly discerned how the Prince doth intend to land the sea-men, and ship the land-men that have served the Parliament against the King, and now serve the King against the Parliament.
Saint-Leger, Anthony, Sir, d. 1680. / [1648] Sr. Anthonie, St. Leger, his letter from aboard the Dovvnes, to Mr. Wareham Horsemanden, a Cavilier in Colchester,: intercepted, and brought to the committee of Kent. Setting forth their true intentions towards the Scots, the turne-coate marriners, the Independents and the Roundheads. As also their ill opinions of the Dutch and French, because they answered not their desires in this designe.
Saint-Réal, M. l'abbé de (César Vichard), 1639-1692. / [1675] A conspiracy of the Spaniards against the state of Venice out of French.
Saint-Réal, M. l'abbé de (César Vichard), 1639-1692. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] Cæsarion, or, Historical, political, and moral discourses in four days entertainment between two gentlemen, very pleasant and useful for all orders of men whatsoever / English'd by Jos. Walker.
Saintbarb, Richard. / [1589] [Certaine points of christian religion].
Sainte-Marthe, Scévole de, 1571-1650. / [1662] A genealogical history of the kings of Portugal, and of all those illustrious houses that in masculine line are branched from that royal family containing a discourse of their several lives, marriages, and issues, times of birth, death and places of burial, with their armes and emblazons aaccording to their several alterations, as also their symboles and mottoes : all engraven in copper plates / written in French by Scevole and Lovis de Saincte-Marthe, brethren, and advocates in the Court of Parliament of Paris, unto the year MDCXXIII ; rendered into English, and continued unto this present year, MDCLXII by Francis Sandford ...
Saintliger, W. (William), Sir, d. 1642. / [1642] A true copy of a letter written from Sir W. Saintliger, Lord President of Munster, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland also, the votes of the Parliament, concerning Sir John Hotham.
Saintliger, W., Sir (William), d. 1642. / [1642] True and happy news from Ireland,: being the coppy of a letter vvritten from Sir W. Saintliger lord president of Munster, to the lord lieutenant of Ireland. Relating severall vallorous defeats given to the rebels, wherein many of them were slaine, the rest put to flight and much pillage taken. Read in the honorable House of Commons on Tuseday Aprill 25. 1642. Martis 25. Aprill. 1642. It is this day ordered by the Commons now assembled in Parliament, that this letter bee forthwith published in print. H. Elsinge Cler. parl. Com.
Saintliger, W., Sir (William), d. 1642. / [1643] Joyfull and happy news from Iredand [sic].: Being an exact relation of a great victory obtained against the grand army of the rebels, on Tuesday Feb. 7. 1642. at a towne called by the name of Roscolleth, neere Longford. In which battaile there were slain above 2500. of the rebels, and but 3. of the English, onely many wounded. The names of the English commanders were these: Sir Rich. Greenvill, Cor. Emely. Lieuten. Cor. Sherlock, Lieuten. Cor. Gibs, Ser. Maj. Shirman, Ser. Maj. Ashkey, &c. The names of the Irish commanders. Ser. Maj. Preston, Cor. Fits Gerrat, Cor. More, Cor. Tirrell, Cor. Philip Onelly, and Lord Trimnelstowne. The names of the Irish commanders that were slain in the battail. Coronel Plunket, Captaine Brian, Sir Tho. Nugent, Captain John Nugent, Cap. Adascalle, a Parliament man. Cap. Roger Davies, with eleven colours, and many prisoners.
Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600? / [The yere of our Lord. M.D.L. 1550] A briefe and a playne introduction, teachyng how to pronounce the letters of the British tong, (now co[m]menly called Walsh) wherby an English man shal not only w[ith] ease read the said tong rightly: but markyng ye same wel, it shal be a meane for him with one labour and diligence to attaine to the true and natural pronuncation of other expediente and most excellente langauges Set forth by W. Salesburye.
Salesbury, William, 1520?-1600? / [The yere of our Lord. M.D.L. 1550] The baterie of the Popes Botereulx, commonly called the high altare. Compiled by W.S. in the yere of oure Lorde. 1550.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1681] The true church of Christ: exposed to the view of all sober Christians, from the Word of God, sound reason, and the ancient fathers / by James Salgado, a Spaniard, a converted priest.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1681] Symbiåosis, or, The intimate converse of Pope and Devil attended by a cardinal and buffoon to which is annexed the pourtrait of each, with a brief explication thereof / by James Salgado ...
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1682] The slaughter-house, or, A brief description of the Spanish Inquisition, in a method never before used in which is laid open the tyranny, insolence, perfidiousness, and barbarous cruelty of that tribunal, detected by several examples and observations / gathered together by the pains and study of James Salgado, a converted Spanish priest ...
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1679] The Romish priest turn'd protestant with the reasons of his conversion, wherin the true Church is exposed to the view of Christians and derived out of the Holy Scriptures, sound reason, and the ancient fathers : humbly presented to both houses of Parliament / by James Salago.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1684] The manners and customs of the principal nations of Europe gathered together by the particular observation of James Salgado ... in his travels through those countries ; and translated into English by the authors care, anno 1684.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1683] An impartial and brief description of the plaza, or sumptuous market-place of Madrid, and the bull-baiting there together with the history of the famous and much admired Placidus : as also a large scheme : being the liverly representation of the Order of Ornament of this solemnity / by James Salgado ...
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1680] The fryer, or, An historical treatise wherein the idle lives, vitiousness, malice, folly, and cruelty of the fryers is described : in two parts, tragical and comical : collected out of sundry authors, and several languages, and caused to be translated into English / by James Salgado ...
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [MDCLXXX 1680] A confession of faith in Latine / by James Salgado ...
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1681] A confession of faith of James Salgado, a Spaniard, and sometimes a priest in the Church of Rome dedicated to the University of Oxford : with an account of his life and sufferings by the Romish party, since he forsook the Romish religion.
Salgado, James, fl. 1680. / [1680?] A brief description of the nature of the Basilisk, or Cochatrice
Salisbury (England). City Council. / [1681] An address to His Majesty from the Common Council of the City of New Sarum, April 27, 1681
Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Earl of, 1563-1612. / [1586] The copie of a letter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Leycester, Lieutenant generall of all her Maiesties forces in the vnited Prouinces of the lowe Countreys written before, but deliuered at his returne from thence: vvith a report of certeine petitions and declarations made to the Queenes Maiestie at two seuerall times, from all the lordes and commons lately assembled in Parliament. And her Maiesties answeres thereunto by her selfe deliuered, though not expressed by the reporter with such grace and life, as the same were vttered by her Maiestie.
Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Earl of, 1563-1612. / [1606] An answere to certaine scandalous papers, scattered abroad vnder colour of a Catholicke admonition.
Salisbury, Robert Cecil, Earl of, 1563-1612. / [1681] An answer to certain scandalous papers scattered abroad under colour of a Catholick admonition
Salkeld, John, 1576-1660. / [1617] A treatise of Paradise. And the principall contents thereof especially of the greatnesse, situation, beautie, and other properties of that place: of the trees of life, good and euill; of the serpent, cherubin, fiery sword, mans creation, immortalitie, propagation, stature, age, knowledge, temptation, fall, and exclusion out of Paradise; and consequently of his and our originall sin: with many other difficulties touching these points. Collected out of the holy Scriptures, ancient fathers, and other both ancient and moderne writers.
Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682. / [1676] True Catholic and apostolic faith maintain'd in the Church of England by Andrew Sall ... ; being a reply to several books published under the names of J.E., N.N. and J.S. against his declaration for the Church of England, and against the motives for his separation from the Roman Church, declared in a printed sermon which he preached in Dublin.
Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682. / [1674] A sermon preached at Christ-Church in Dublin before the Lord Lieutenant and Council, the fifth day of July, 1674 by Mr. Andrew Sall ...
Sall, Andrew, 1612-1682. / [1675] Les erreurs de l'Eglise Romaine refutees en un sermon préché le 5 de Juiller, 1674 ... traduit en Francois par un ame de l'autheur par Andre Sall.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1653?] Sundry queries tendred to such as are, or profess themselves to be ministers of Jesus Christ for clearing the doctrine of the fourth commandement. And the Lords sabbath day. To all that are, or profess themselves to be the ministers of Jesus Christ; these ensuiug [sic] quaeries are humbly presented to be considered, for the clearing of the truth in this weighty controvercy, about the sabbath day.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1664] A preservative against atheism and error wherein some fundamental points in religion ... are by way of question and answer handled, and with much brevity and clearness proved ... : to which is added a brief answer to William Russel in a book of his entituled No seventh-day-Sabbath in Christs New Testament / by W. Saller.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1660] Sundry queries formerly tendred to the ministers of London for clearing the doctrine of the Fourth Commandment and the Lord's Sabbath-day but now tendred to the consideration of all men.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [Printed in the year, MDCLXXI. 1671] An examination of a late book published by Doctor Owen, concerning a sacred day of rest Many truths therein as to the morality of a Christian sabbath, assented to. With a brief inquiry into his reasons for the change of it, from the seventh day to the first; by way of denial. As also, the consent of Doctor Heylin, and others, touching the time and manner of that charge. With an inquiry into the nature of his assertions, about the first and second covenant. By William Sellers.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1670?] Christian instruction directing to a more perfect and saving knowledge of God, in the foundation-principles of true religion. By way of question and answer. Meet to be seriously considered by all true Christians, for their help and furtherance in the great concerns of eternal life. By W.S.
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1657] An appeal to the consciences of the chief magistrates of this Commonvvealth, touching the Sabbath-day:: as held forth in a book intituled, Articles of religion approved and passed by both Houses of Parliament, after advice had with the Assembly of Divines, &c. Printed in the year 1648. As also in another book intituled, The grounds and principles of religion, contained in a short catechism, &c. And published by the same order. By William Saller, and John Spittlehouse, in the behalf of themselves and several others, who think themselves obliged to observe the seventh day of the week, for the Lords holy Sabbath ...
Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. / [1671?] An appendix to a late book intituled The unchangeable morality of the seventh-day-Sabbath. Or, A letter written to some friends, for further satisfaction in that point: by William Seller, in the behalf of himself and several other brethren.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1656] The true patriot's speech to the people of Rome from Sallust.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1683] The history of Catiline's conspiracy faithfully related out of the classical authors : with some general observations for assisting the interests of peace and virtue.
Sallust, 86-34 B.C. / [1683] Patriæ parricida, or, The history of the horrid conspiracy of Catiline against the commonwealth of Rome translated out of Salust, by C.C.
Salmon, James, 17th cent. / [1641] Bloudy nevves from Ireland,: or the barbarous crueltie by the papists used in that kingdome. By putting men to the svvord, deflovvring women, and dragging them up and downe the streets, and cruelly murdering them, and thrusting their speeres through their little infants before their eyes, and carrying them up and downe on pike-points, in great reproach, and hanging mens quarters on their gates in the street, at Armagh, Logall, at the Fort of Lease, and divers other places in Ireland. As also, the bloudy acts of Lord Mack-queere their ri[n]g-leader, and cousin to that arch-rebell Mack-queere Generall to Tyron, in the time of Queene Elizabeth of never dying memory. / Related by James Salmon lately come from thence, who hath lived there with his wife and children, these 10 yeeres last past, and now to escape the bloud-thirsty rebels, made an escape away by night, who is here resident in this city, Decemb. the 1. 1641.
Salmon, Joseph. / [1649] A rout, a rout: or some part of the Armies quarters beaten up, by the day of the Lord stealing upon them.: Wherein is briefly discovered the present cloudy and dark appearance of God amongst them. / By Joseph Salmon, a present member of the Army.
Salmon, Joseph. / [1651] Heights in depths and depths in heights: or Truth no less secretly then sweetly sparkling out its glory from under a cloud of obloquie. Wherein is discovered the various motions of an experienced soul, in and through the manifold dispensations of God. And how the author hath been acted in, and redeemed from the unknown paths of darkness; wherein, as in a wilderness, he hath wandered without the clear vision of a Divine Presence. Together with a sincere abdication of certain tenents, either formerly vented by him, or now charged upon him. Per me Jo. Salmon
Salmon, Joseph. / [1647] Anti-christ in man, or, A discovery of the great whore that sits upon many waters wherein is declared what that whore or inward mystery is, together with the destruction thereof, by the powerfull appearing of Christ in us / by Joseph Salmon ...
Salmon, Thomas, 1648-1706. / [1672] An essay to the advancement of musick by casting away the perplexity of different cliffs, and uniting all sorts of musick, lute, viol, violin, organ, harpsechord, voice, &c. in one universal character / by Thomas Salmon ...
Salmon, William. / [Printed in the year. 1674] William Salmon's answer to Jeremiah Ives's request.:
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1698] A rebuke to the authors of a blew-book call'd, The state of physick in London which is indeed the black and blew state of physick, dated from the college, and signed by Th. G. and R.M. / written in behalf of the apothecaries and chirurgians of the city of London by William Salmon ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1673] Polygraphice, or, The arts of drawing, engraving, etching, limning, painting, washing, varnishing, gilding, colouring, dying, beautifying, and perfuming in four books : exemplifyed in the drawing of men, women, landskips, countries and figures of various forms, the way of engraving, etching, and limning, with all their requisites and ornaments, the depicting of the most eminent pieces of antiquities, the paintings of the antients, washing of maps, globes or pictures, the dying of cloth, silk, horns, bones, wood, glass, stones and metals, the varnishing, colouring and gilding thereof according to any purpose or intent, the painting, colouring and beautifying of the face, skin and hair, the whole doctrine of perfumes, never published till now, together with the original, advancement and perfection of the art of painting / by William Salmon ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1681] Iatrica, seu, Praxis medendi, The practice of curing being a medicinal history of above three thousand famous observations in the cure of diseases, performed by the author hereof : together with several of the choicest observations of other famous men ... : wherein for the most part you will find 1. the constitution of the body of the sick, 2. the symptoms predominant, 3. the cause of the disease, what? 4. the exact method which was taken in the cure, 5. an exact account of the medicines exhibited, with the order of their exhibition, various doses and success thereupon ... / perform'd by William Salmon ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1695] The family dictionary, or, Houshold [sic] companion wherein are alphabetically laid down exact rules and choice physical receipts for the preservation of health ... directions for making oils, ointments, salves, ... chymical preparations, physical-wines, ales and other liquors and descriptions of the virtues of herbs, fruits, flowers ... and parts of living creatures used in medicinal potions, ... likewise directions for cookery, ... also the way of making all sorts of perfumes ... together with the art of making all sorts of English wines, ... the mystery of pickling and keeping all sorts of pickles ... : to which is added as an appendix the explanation of physical terms, bills of fare ... : with the art of carving and many other useful matters / by J.H.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1680] Dr. Salmon's pills, spirit, drops, and balsam. Prepared and made at his house at the east-end of Pauls, next door to the Free-school, London. Published by authority.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1690] A discourse against transubstantiation. By William Salmon professor of Physick, living at the Blew-balcony by the Ditch-side near Holbourn-Bridge, London.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1683] Doron medicum, or, A supplement to the new London dispensatory in III books : containing a supplement I. to the materia medica, II. to the internal compound medicaments, III. to the external compound medicaments : compleated with the art of compounding medicines ... / by William Salmon ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1680?] By publick authority. Doctor Salmon's pills, drops & balsam these so famously known throughout all England, fitted for the cure of most diseases in men, women & children.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [1700] A dissertation upon water-baptism Non in verbis Scriptuarum esse evangelum, sed in sensu; non in superficie, sed in medulla; non in sermonum foliis, sed in radice rationis.
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [M.DC.XCVIII 1698] Ars chirurgica a compendium of the theory and practice of chirurgery in seven books ... shewing the names, causes, signs, differences, prognosticks, and various intentions of curing all kinds of chirurgick diseases ... : to which is added Pharmacopoeia chirurgica, or, The medical store, Latin and English ... / by William Salmon ...
Salmon, William, 1644-1713. / [printed in the year, 1674] An apology for the innocency and justice of the Quakers cause. And a short elucidation of their principles. With some reflections upon J. Ives his papers. Written in the behalf of the Christian religion. By William Salmon professor of physick.
Salo, Alessio Segala de. / [M. DC. XXXIX. 1639] An admirable method to loue, serue and honour the B. Virgin Mary. With diuers practicable exercises thereof. Al inriched with choice examples. Written in Italian by the R. F. Alexis de Salo, Capuchin. And Englished by R.F.
Salomeau, Paul. / [1653] The sure foundation: or certain principles of Christian religion by short examples applied to every rule of syntaxis to illustrate the same.: By Paul Salomeau schoolmaster at East-Sheene in the county of Surrey.
Salomon, Dr., of Ruhrmond. / [1543] A wounderfull prophecie or pronosticatio[n] begynnynge from the yere of oure Lorde M.D.XXXI. to the lawde and prayse of the moost victoryous Emperowre Charles the fyfthe of that name borne within the triumpha[n]t towne of Gandt, in the golden yere .M.D. vppo[n] the .xxiiij. daye of February, whiche daye is neyther named nor no[m]bred, because it was in the leapeyere pronostycate by Master Salomon the Jewe, [and] physician greatly soundynge to the honour of God and lawde of the famous towne of Gandt.
Salt, William. / [1663] Some breathings of life, from a naked heart presented in love to the honest, vpright, and single-hearted, that they, with me may wait to feel the imediate drawings, and leadings of the Holy Spirit in all things ... so that they need not any man to teach them, 1 Joh. 2. 27., with an epistle for peace and unity.
Salt, William. / [1660] The light, the way, that children ought to be trained up in, wherein the holy men of God walked
Salter, Christopher. / [1653] Sal Scylla: or, A letter written from Scilly to Mr John Goodwin, minister of the gospel in London.:
Salter, Edwin, fl. 1685. / [1685?] Male spiranti spes: or, Hope and help for the short-breath'd, consumptive, &c. By a precious lung balm, or balsamick syrup for the breast and lungs, and pectoral lozenges for the same, ...
Salter, George. / [1659] An answer to Roger Crabs printed paper to the Quakers, and likewise to his principles and doctrines, whose spirit is tryed and found in the dark which is to be directed again to Roger Crab and his followers, who cryed up his paper, that they may learn wisdom to preserve them in innocency, in the power of God, in which there is no confusion / by George Salter.
Salter, Humphrey. / [1683] The genteel companion being exact directions for the recorder : with a collection of the best and newest tunes and grounds extant / carefully composed and gathered by Humphry Salter.
Salter, James, 1650-1718? / [1692] The triumphs of the holy Jesus, or, A divine poem of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Saviour by J. Salter ...
Salter, James, fl. 1665. / [1665] Caliope's cabinet opened wherein gentlemen may be informed how to adorn themselves for funerals, feastings, and other heroick meetings : also, here they may know their place and worth with all the degrees and distinctions of honour in the realm, shewing how every one ought to take place with the titles due to them, with other things of antiquity very observable / by James Salter.
Salter, Robert, fl. 1626. / [1626] Wonderfull prophecies from the beginning of the monarchy of this land hidden vnder the parables of: Three young noble-men in a fiary fornace. A chast wife, and two old fornicators. The idol Belus and his dragon. Daniel in a den amid lyons. Their agreement with canonical prophecies: also in temperate defence of the apocryphals annexed to the canon of the Scriptures. Together with an essay touching the late prodigious comete; how farre forth the præsages thereof doe accord with such prophecies, as are found to pertaine to these our times. By all which, the discrete and wise in heart may gather touching things to come, what is forewarned vnto men; as for the general and publique, so also for their priuate and particular. By Robert Salter.
Salteren, George. / [1641] A treatise against images and pictures in churches.: And an answer to those who object that the times are changed. Written by George Salteren, Esquire.
Salteren, George. / [1605] Of the antient lavves of great Britaine. George Saltern.
Saltern, Thomas, b. 1579 or 80. / [1625] Dorcas: a true patterne of a goodly life, and good end. With a pithy exhortation to the practice of faith and good works. In a sermon preached at Totnes in Deuon, Ianuary 14 16[...] at the funerall of Mrs. Mary Bab, widow. By Thomas Saltern, sometimes lecturer there; and preacher of the word at Bradford. And now published, at the request of sundry godly persons.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1660] To both the Houses of Parliament, the general, and the officers of the Army Westminster Pallace Yard, the 15th day of the 3d month, 1660.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1662?] To all the Christian congregations of the peculiar people of God now reproached and persecuted by the name, and under the denomination of Quakers that grace, mercy and peace of God the Father, and the power of his his Christ be abundantly multiplyed and encreased among you all.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1658] The line of true judgment: laid to an imperfect piece published by Thomas Collier, which he calls An answer to an epistle written to the churches of the Anabaptists, &c. : A reply herein is published in order to the exaltation of the spiritual man, with his ordinances and administrations, above the man of sin, with the weak and unprofitable ordices [sic] that doth not make the comers thereunto perfect. / By Thomas Salthouse.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1657] The hidden things of Esau brought to light, and reproved in an answer to a book intituled A true relation of a dispute between Francis Fulwood, minister of West Alvington, in the county of Devon, and Thomas Salthouse, as it is said, of the county of Westmerland, before the congregation of them called Quakers, in the house of Henry Pollexpher Esquire, in the said parish of West.: Published in the truth's defence, and sent abroad in the world, to pursue the unknown authors imperfect relation. By a follower of the Lamb in the war against the Beast and false prophet, known to the world by the name of Thomas Salthouse.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1665] A brief discovery of the cause for which this land mourns, and is afflicted with several remedies to be applyed in order to the removal of the present visitation, given forth the 2d of the 6th month called August, 1665, being the last general fast day, appointed to pray for preventing the spreading, and increase of the infection of the plague / by a servant of the Lord, Thomas Salthouse.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1657] An epistle to the churches of the Anabaptists so called.: Written by a member of the church, and sent abroad in pursuance of a printed paper from Tiverton, directed to all the churches of Jesus Christ.
Salthouse, Thomas, 1630-1691. / [1660] A candle lighted at a coal from the altar whereby the King and rulers of this nation with the people of this present age may see the stone on which many have stumbled, and the rock which hath broken to pieces unfaithful men once in authority, who instead of protecting, did persecute the people of God, when they had the high places of the earth in possession, and that these present rulers may take warning betimes, least they stumble at the same rock, and while they have opportunity they may rather become as nursing-fathers to the flock of God within these dominions, by giving due encouragement to tender consciences, and men fearing God as in matters of religion / and this is directed unto you by a subject of the King of Righteousness, Tho. Salthouse.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [1648] VVonderfull predictions declared in a message,: as from the Lord, to his Excellency Sr. Thomas Fairfax and the Councell of his Army. / By John Saltmarsh preacher of the Gospell. His severall speeches, and the manner of his death. December 29. 1647. This narrative concerning Mr. Saltmarsh hath been sent to the Army; and there perused, corrected, and made perfect, to be printed and published for the kindgomes satisfaction. Imprimatur, Gilbert Mabbot.
Saltmarsh, John, d. 1647. / [April, 19. 1646] Perfume against the sulpherous stinke of the snuffe of the light for smoak, called, Novello-mastix.: With a check to Cerberus Diabolus, and a whip for his barking against the Parliament and the armie. And an answer to the Anti-quæries, annexed to the Light against the smoak of the temple. / Written by John Salt-Marsh, minister of God's word.
Saltonstall, Gurdon, 1666-1724. / [1697] A sermon preached before the General Assembly of the colony of Connecticut at Hartford in New England, May 13, 1697 being the day for electing the governour, deputy govenour and assistants, for that colony.
Saltonstall, Wye, fl. 1630-1640. / [1634] Clavis ad portam, or a key fitted to open the gate of tongues. Wherein you may readily finde the Latine and French for any English word necessary for all young schollers.
Salusbury, Thomas, Sir, d. 1643. / [1636] The history of Ioseph a poem. VVritten by Sir Thomas Salusbury, Barronet, late of the Inner Temple.
Salvian, of Marseilles, ca. 400-ca. 480. / [1700] A treatise of God's government and of the justice of his present dispensations in this world by the pious, learned and most eloquent Salvian ... ; translated from the Latin by R.T. ... ; with a preface by the Reverend Mr. Wagstaffe.
Salvin, John, 1621 or 2-1672. / [1642] To the knights, citizens, and burgesses of the Commons House in Parliament now assembled the humble, a, petition of Iohn, b, Salvin in the county of Durham, gent.
Salwey, Arthur, b. 1605 or 6. / [1644] Halting stigmatiz'd in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons on the monethly fast day, Octob. 25. 1643. at Margarets Westminster.: By Arthur Salvvey, pastour of Severne-stoake in the county of Worcester. Published by order of the said House.
Sambach, William. / [1680] England's delight in this Parliament exprest in a reasonable acrostick-petition to the King's Most Excellent Majesty : with reflections upon the happy reign of Queen Elisabeth, that absolute and prime opposer of popery.
Samber, Robert. / [1698] Some reflections on a late book, called The golden age, &c. Directed to the bookseller, in New-Inn, in Witch-street, without Temple-Bar, for R.G. By Eugenius Philalethes Junr.
Samble, Richard, 1644-1680. / [1676] A testimony unto the truth, and a warning unto the world in general, but more particularly to the inhabitants of Enoder parish in Cornwall by ... Richard Samble.
Samble, Richard, 1644-1680. / [1679] A testimony to the plainness & simplicity of the truth as it is in Jesus with something concerning baptism and the Supper of the Lord, with a discovery of the antient foundation of faith and hope ... / written by Richard Samble.
Samble, Richard, 1644-1680. / [1678] Richard Samble's testimony concerning Christopher Bacon, who deceased the 29th day of the 10th month 1678. Written at Falmouth in the county of Cornwall.
Same hand as wrote Vox populi. / [1681] A sober and seasonable commemoration of the thirtieth day of January, 1648 being the day of the martyrdom of King Charles the first, and fit to be considered upon the anniversary fast for the same / by the same hand as wrote Vox populi, or, England's lamentation.
Same hand as wrote Vox populi. / [1681] Commemoration of the thirtieth day of January, 1648 being the day of the martyrdom of King Charles the First, and fit to be considered upon the anniversary fast for the same / by the same hand as wrote Vox populi, or, Englands lamentation.
Same sollictor that drew up the petition for the ladies. / [1693] The petition of the widows in and about London and Westminster for a redress of their grievances / by the same sollicitor that drew up the petition for the ladies.
Samm, John, d. 1664. / [1633] A salutation to the little flock, who do chuse Christ to be their rock
Samm, John, d. 1664. / [1663] A salutation to the little flock, who do chuse [sic] Christ to be their rock lift up your heads in the light of Christ, for the day of your redemption draws near : with a message from the Lord alone, for the healing of the sick and wounded one, and an exhortation unto all to give up unto the death, that they may be crowned with life / by John Samm.
Sammel, L. / [1647] The Kings Maiesties letter intercepted by the commissioners attending his Majesty.: (A copie whereof was sent to the Parliament.) and Mr. Mungo Murrey apprehended, who was appointed by the King to deliver it to Montrel; the French embassador, who is going over to the Queen to France. And a list of the jests of all the severall places where His Majestie hath lain, and is to lie everie day between Newcastle and Holmby House. Also the maner of the Scots marching home into Scotland, with other newes from the court, and Newcastle. Perused, and (being examined) is appointed to be printed and published, according to order of Parliament, Feb. 9. 1646.
Sammes, Aylett, 1636?-1679? / [1677] Proposals concerning the printing of a chronological history of England.
Sampford, H. / [1642] A coppie of a letter, read in the House of Commons:: sent from Master Sampford, high sheriffe of the countie of Somerset, and the committee there, of their weekly proceedings, in searching the recusants houses. Also the number of such ammunition as was taken in their houses, and sent to the castle at Taunton. Ordered to be printed. Hen. Elsyng, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Sampson, Lat. / [Septemb. 14, 1642] A diurnall of true proceedings of our armies at Sherbourne,: since their first coming there, and their happy issues related. Shewing the goodnesse of God in preserving the courage of those that stand for King and Parliament against the cavalliers, and their adherents. Desired by many to be published, being the last true newes. And of the battell there fought.
Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589. / [1578] A warning to take heede of Fovvlers psalter, giuen by Th. Sampson.
Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589. / [in the moneth of Auguste. the yeare of our Lord. 1554] A letter to the trew professors of Christes Gospell, inhabitinge in the parishe off Allhallowis, in Bredstrete in London, made by Thomas Sampson, sometyme their pastore.
Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589. / [Anno 1581] A briefe collection of the church, and of certayne ceremonies thereof gathered by Thomas Sampson.
Sampson, Thomas, poet. / [1613] Fortunes fashion pourtrayed in the troubles of the Ladie Elizabeth Gray, wife to Edward the fourth. Written by Tho. Sampson.
Samson, Thomas. / [1680] A narrative of the late Popish Plot in Ireland, for the subjugating thereof to the French king: together with the proceedings against, and tryal of the Earl of Tyrone, and others who were accused for carrying on the same : containing the several examinations of Hubbart Bourke, Edward Ivie, John Macnemarrah, and Thomas Samson, Gent., upon information taken before the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland ... / by Tho. Samson, Gent., late steward of the Earl of Tyrone.
Samson, Thomas. / [1698] The case of Thomas Samson, Gent. setting forth the horrible persecution and oppression he has undergone, only for appearing in the service of his king and countrey : most humbly dedicated to the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled.
Samson, Thomas, citizen of London. / [1698] The citizens and tradesmens case humbly to be presented to the ensuing parliament, relating to the price of corn, by several citizens and tradesmen of London.
Samwayes, Richard, 1614 or 15-1669. / [1653] England's faithfull reprover and monitour
Samways, Peter, 1615-1693. / [1657] The wise and faithful steward. Or, A narration of the exemplary death of Mr. Beniamin Rhodes steward to the right honourable Thomas Earl of Elgin, &c. Briefly touch'd in a funeral sermon, and since enlarged. Together with some remarkable passages concerning Mrs Anne Rhodes his wife, who dying few houres after him, was buried together in the same grave with him in Malden Church in Bedfordshire, Aug. 4. 1657.
Samways, Peter, 1615-1693. / [1663] The church of Rome not sufficiently defended from her apostacy, heresie, and schisme as appears by an answer to certain quæries, printed in a book entituled Fiat Lux, and sent transcribed (as 'tis suppos'd) from thence by a Romanist to a priest of the Church of England. Whereunto are annexed the Romanist's reply to the Protestant's Answer, and the Protestant's rejoynder to that reply. By P.S. D.D.
Sancroft, William, 1617-1693. / [1660] A sermon preached in S. Peter's Westminster, on the first Sunday in Advent, at the consecration of the Right Reverend Fathers in God, John Lord Bishop of Durham, William Lord Bishop of S. David's, Beniamin L. Bishop of Peterborough, Hugh Lord Bishop of Landaff, Richard Lord Bishop of Carlisle, Brian Lord Bishop of Chester, and John Lord Bishop of Exceter. By W.S. B.D.
Sandbrooke, William, d. 1658. / [1646] The church, the proper subject of the new covenant. Delivered first in three sermons at Rochester: Afterwards contracted into two, and delivered againe at Gravesend. Together with a covenant to walke with God. By Will: Sandbrooke, LL:B:Ox. and Minister of Margarets Rochester.
Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581. / [Anno D. 1567] The rocke of the Churche wherein the primacy of S. Peter and of his successours the Bishops of Rome is proued out of Gods worde. By Nicholas Sander D. of diuinity.
Sander, Nicholas, 1530?-1581. / [An. 1568. Cum priuilegio. Subsig. De La Torre] A briefe treatise of vsurie, made by Nicolas Sander D. of Diuinitie.
Sanders, Edward, 17th cent. / [May 26, 1642] The Kings Maiesties resolvtion concerning York-shire together with many other occurrences concerning His Royall Majestie and the high sheriffe of that countie : likewise fearfull and terrible newes from Yorkshire, Cheshire, and all the northern parts of England, concerning the great disturbances which were occasioned by many that rose up in a warlike manner in Yorkshire, May 19, 1642 : also how they were resisted by the high sheriffe of Yorkshire, having order and common from both Houses of Parliament to supresse all those that shall appeare in a warlike manner in that countie : with an information from York, concerning the Lord Seymer, the Lord Savill, and the Lord Rich, &c. : and their answer to the Parliaments message.
Sanders, George, of Sugh. / [1635?] Save a theefe from the gallowes and hee'l hang thee if he can: or, The mercifull father, and the mercilesse sonne. To the tune of, Fortune my foe.
Sanders, John, of Harburn. / [1655] An iron rod for the naylors and tradesmen neer Brimingham.:
Sanders, John, of Harburn. / [1655] An iron rod put into the Lord Protectors hand, to break all antichristian powers in pieces. Or, A discourse, which tends to a spirituall war with all sects and self-opinions, which are the Churches enemies:: wil bring Englands everlasting happiness, and joyn all other lands into the body of Christs Church, to serve God with with [sic] one consent, Zeph. 3.9. All which was discovered to John Sanders of Harburn, neer Brimingham [sic]: by true apparitions, revelations, and many several visions, as the second book sheweth.
Sanders, Jonathan. / [1681] The sham-indictment quash'd being a true account of what passed at the Old-Baily the 20th of May, 1681, when the minister of Alhallows-Barkin, London, answered to Mr. Whitaker's indictment : together with some just reflections upon a libel called, The birth and burning of St. Michael, &c., lately published / by a lover of the loyal parish of Barkin.
Sanders, Jonathan. / [1681] A new narrative of a fiery apparition seen on several days about Tower-Hill. Or, A just relation of the unjust proceedings of Mr. Sherman, Church-Warden of All-hollows Barkin, London. By Jonathon Sanders, lecturer of the said church.
Sanders, William, fl. 1647. / [Anno 1647] A gallant speech spoken by His Highnesse James Duke of Yorke to Englands renowned generall, His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, at the Kings Majesties royall conrt [sic] at Causam.: Together, with His Excellencies answer to the said speech, concerning the Kings Majesty, and his royall posterity. Also the chiefe heads of the armies new declaration concerning the King, Parliament, and kingdome. With a message from the generall to the citizens of London.
Sanderson, Randall. / [1647] An explication of the following direction for the reading of the Bible over in a yeare with an exhortation to the necessary use and practice thereof.
Sanderson, Robert, 1587-1663. / [1660] Ten lectures on the obligation of humane conscience: Read in the divinity school at Oxford, in the year, 1647. By that most learned and reverend father in God, Doctor Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln. &c. Translated by Robert Codrington, Master of Arts.
Sanderson, Thomas, 1560 or 61-1614. / [An. Dom. 1611] Of romanizing recusants, and dissembling Catholicks. A counter-maund of a counterfeit embassage. Or, An answer to the posthume pamphlet of Ralfe Buckland sometime a popish priest secretly printed and published after his death about a yeere a goe.
Sanderson, Thomas, 1560 or 61-1614. / [1640] A briefe summe of Christian religion collected for a preparation to the Lords Supper / published for the benefit of the simpler sort of people of the parish of Saint Lawrence by Thomas Sanderson Doctor in Divinitie.
Sanderson, William, Sir, 1586?-1676. / [1650 i.e. 1651] Aulicus coquinariæ: or a vindication in ansvver to a pamphlet, entituled The court and character of King James. Pretended to be penned by Sir A.W. and published since his death, 1650.
Sandford, Francis, 1630-1694. / [1670] The order and ceremonies used for, and at the solemn interment of the most high, mighty and most noble Prince George, Duke of Albemarle ... A[nn]o 1670 collected by Francis Sandford ... ; and published by His Ma[jes]ties especiall command.
Sandford, Francis, 1630-1694. / [1677] A genealogical history of the kings of England, and monarchs of Great Britain, &c. from the conquest, anno 1066 to the year, 1677 in seven parts or books, containing a discourse of their several lives, marriages, and issues, times of birth, death, places of burial, and monumental inscriptions : with their effigies, seals, tombs, cenotaphs, devises, arms, quarterings, crests, and supporters : all engraven in copper plates / furnished with several remarques and annotations by Francis Sanford, Esq. ...
Sandilands, Mary. / [in the year 1696] A tender salutation of endeared love to all that sincerely believe in, and unfeignedly love our blessed Lord, and for ever to be admired Saviour and adored advocate, Jesus Christ. With something of Christian advice, and seasonable counsel, for the encouraging of the faithful, to be noble in their confessing to, and owning of their glorious captain; and to contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered to the saints. From one who truly prises it above all visibles here below, in this fading world, to be found at last in the close of all, though but as one of the least of them, who are right dear and precious in the sight of the Lord. Mary Sandilands.
Sandilands, Robert. / [sixth month 1692] An expedient for peace, or some Christian and reasonable proposals, once more renewed and offered again to Friends of Reading conducing to an amicable composure of differences among them: with a healing epistle to them from Friends of Bristol, on both sides, tenderly advising them to meet all together again in their ancient publick meeting house. As also a seasonable expostulation and a persuasive to a reconciliation, with some remarkable testimonies added to promote the same and several objections against it answered, which may tend to a general service.
Sandilands, Robert. / [1683] Righteous judgment placed upon the heads of malicious opposers and persecuting apostates in some brief animadversions upon Francis Buggs book, entitled, De Christiana libertate, in which his great weakness and gross wickedness is detected, his foul defamations and uncivil reflections are reprehended : with a seasonable warning to him and the rest of his abettors in their mischievous work of opposition to and separation from, the Lord and his people / by a lover of peace, Robert Sandilands : together with an Ingredient by another hand.
Sandilands, Robert. / [1696] The Christian testimony of some, called Quakers, at Reading, in Barkshire, to some fundamental truths of the Christian religion Giving an account, first, of twelve weighty queries, proposed to some preachers, and others of the people, called Quakers, at Reading, concerning some essential principles of the Christian faith. Secondly, our plain and positive answer to the said twelve queries, in twelve several positions, according to Scripture. Thirdly, a copy of a paper sent to them.
Sandilands, Robert, of Aberdeen. / [1683] Good counsel with a seasonable warning to all the inhabitants of Wells in Somerset-shire and elsewhere: Read and consider, and the Lord give you an understanding heart.
Sandwich, Edward Montagu, Earl of, 1625-1672. / [1647] A letter from the Right Honourable Ed. Lord Montagu, one of the commissioners attending His Majesty.: With a perfect narration of all the passages betwixt his majesty and those forces that brought him from Holdenby, being resident now at New-market. Both read in the House of Peeres on the tenth of June. 1647. Die Jovis 10 Junii 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this letter, with the narration be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Sandys, Miles, Sir, 1600 or 1601-1636. / [1634] Prudence the first of the foure cardinall virtues. Written by Sr. Miles Sandis, Kt.
Sanford, John, 1564 or 5-1629. / [1604] Gods arrowe of the pestilence. By John Sanford Master of Artes, and chapleine of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.
Sanford, Robert. / [1662] Surinam justice in the case of several persons proscribed by certain usurpers of power in that colony : being a publication of that perfect relation of the beginning, continuance, and end of the late disturbances in the colony of Surinam, set forth under that title, by William Byam Esq. (sometime rightfull) governour of that colony : and the vindication of those gentlemen, sufferers by his injustice, form the calummies wherewith he asperseth them in that relation / couched in the answer thereunto by Robert Sanford ...
Sansom, Oliver, 1636-1710. / [printed in the year 1667] The tree known by its fruits. Or A relation of the sufferings of Oliver Sansom of Boxford, in the county of Barkes, eagerly inflicted upon him through the means of, and by James Anderton priest of Boxford: Whereby it may appear to all people in the parish of Boxford, and elsewhere, where this shall come, who may with moderation peruse it; whether James Anderton do indeed walk in the way of the ministers of Christ, or in the very exact footsteps of the false prophets and deceivers, for hereby is he manifest, if it be lawfull to try him, and judge according to the rule of our saviour Jesus Christ, who hath said unto us, By their fruits ye shall know them, Mat. 7. 15, 16, &c.
Sansom, Oliver, 1636-1710. / [1696] A reviler rebuked, or, Abraham Bonifield's envy, falseness and folly, in his late book, called The cry of the oppressed, etc., laid open in this answer thereunto: Written by Oliver Sansom...
Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667. / [1695] The present state of Persia with a faithful account of the manners, religion and government of that people / by Monsieur Sanson, a missionary from the French King ; adorned with figures ; done into English.
Santorio, Santorio, 1561-1636. / [MDCLXXVI 1676] Medicina statica, or, Rules of health in eight sections of aphorisms / originally written by Sanctorius ... ; English'd by J.D.
Santos, Francisco, d. ca. 1700. / [1671] The Escurial, or, A description of that vvonder of the vvorld for architecture and magnificence of structure built by K. Phillip the IId of Spain and lately consumed by fire written in Spanish by Francisco de los Santos, a frier of the order of S. Hierome ; translated into English by a servant of the Earl of Sandwich in his extraordinary embassie thither.
Santry, James Barry, Baron, 1603-1672. / [1637] The case of tenures upon the commission of defective titles argued by all the iudges of Ireland, with their resolution, and the reasons of their resolution.
Saparton, John. / [1569] Sapartons alarum, to all such as do beare the name of true souldiers, in England, or els wheare.
Saravia, Adrien, 1530-1612. / [1629] Vindiciæ sacræ. A treatise of the honor and maintenance due to ecclesiasticall persons. Done out of the Latin, of that famous diuine of Holland, H. Saravia, sometime prebend of Canterbury.
Saravia, Adrien, 1530-1612. / [1591] D. Sarauia. 1. Of the diuerse degrees of the ministers of the gospell. 2. Of the honor vvhich is due vnto the priestes and prelates of the church. 3. Of sacrilege, and the punishment thereof. The particular contents of the afore saide Treatises to be seene in the next pages.
Sarbiewski, Maciej Kazimierz, 1595-1640. / [1646] The odes of Casimire translated by G.H.
Sardinia (Kingdom). Sovereign (1720-1730 : Victor Amadeus I) / [1692] The Duke of Savoye his declaration or the act of re-establishment, granted to the Vaudois: Done out of French.
Sares, John, d. 1651. / [1652] The speech of Collonel John Sares, delivered at the place of execution on the tenth of this instant month at Chester:: with his protestation, that if he had a head of hair as big as Absolon, and every hair as strong as Sampson, he would spend them all for the good and honour of his king. Likewise, the charge of high treason read against him at the bar, for adhering to Charles the II, and his declaration upon the ladder: together with his tryumphant speech when the rope was put over his neck, saying; what a gallant mourning ribbon is this, which I wear for the true loyalty I bear to my king.
Sares, John, d. 1651. / [1652] The chiefe heads of Mr. John Sares speech: and other passages at the time of his execution at West-Chester; he being the portliest man the three kingdomes afforded, whose coffin was two yards and a halfe in length, yet too short to containe his corps; he suffered the 20th day of October, 1651.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1680] A treatise of matters beneficiary by Fra Paolo Sarpi ... ; newly translated out of Italian according to the best and most perfect copy printed at Mirandola, Anno Dom. 1676, wherein is related with the ground of the history, how the almes of the faithful were distributed in the primitive church, the particulars whereof the table sheweth.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [M.DC.XXVI. 1626] The history of the quarrels of Pope Paul. V. with the state of Venice. In seuen books. Faithfully translated out of the Italian, and compared with the French copie.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1606] A full and satisfactorie ansvver to the late vnaduised bull, thundred by Pope Paul the Fift, against the renowmed state of Venice being modestly entitled by the learned author, Considerations vpon the censure of Pope Paul the Fift, against the common-wealth of Venice: by Father Paul of Venice, a frier of the order of Serui. Translated out of Italian.
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1650] The cruell subtilty of ambtioin [sic] discovered in a discourse concerning the King of Spaines surprizing the Valteline / written in Italian by the author of the Historie of the Counsell of Trent ; translated by the renowned Sir Thomas Roe, Knight ... with his epistle to the House of Commons in Parliament ...
Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623. / [1607] An apology, or, apologiticall answere, made by Father Paule a Venetian, of the order of Serui, vnto the exceptions and obiections of Cardinall Bellarmine, against certaine treatises and resolutions of Iohn Gerson, concerning the force and validitie of excommunication. First published in Italian, and now translated into English. Seene and allowed by publicke authoritie.
Sarson, Laurence, fl. 1643-1645. / [1645] An analysis of the I. Timoth. I. 15.: and an appendix, which may be called Chronologia vapulans. / By Laurence Sarson, Batchelour in Divinity and Fellow of Immanuel Colledge.
Sartwell, G. / [Printed in the yeare 1642] A letter of high consequence,: principally concerning the indamaging of this our kingdome of England, subversion of religion, and many more papisticall divisions compiled, and directed to Colonell Lunsford scattered in the Church of Saint Paul, and since come to publicke view. As also certaine articles whereby the said Lunsford is convinced of high treason, both to the King, state, and House of Parliament.
Sault, Richard, d. 1702. / [1693] The second Spira being an example of an atheist who had apostatized from the Christian religion, and dyed in despair at Westminster, Decemb. 8, 1692 : with an account of his sickness, convictons, discourses with friends and ministers, and of his dreadful expressions and blasphemies when he left the world : as also a letter from an atheist of his acquaintance, with his answer to it / publish'd for an example to others, and recommended to all young persons to settle them in their religion by J.S.
Sault, Richard, d. 1702. / [1691] A new poem on the late illustrious congress at the Hague
Sault, Richard, d. 1702. / [1693] A conference betwixt a modern atheist, and his friend. By the methodizer of the Second spira.
Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683. / [1680] Summus angliæ seneschallus, or, A survey of the Lord High-Steward of England his office, dignity, and jurisdiction, particularly the manner of arraigning a peer indicted of treason, or felony : in a letter to the Lords in the Tower ...
Saunders, Edmund, Sir, d. 1683. / [1685] Observations upon the statute of 22 Car. II. cap. I. entituled, An act to prevent and suppress seditious conventicles by Sir Edmund Saunders, Kt. ...
Saunders, Humphrey. / [1655] An anti-diatribe: or The apologie of some ministers and godly people, asserting the lawfulnesse of their administring the Lords Supper in a select company: proving also the necessity of examination in our congregations, in order to a more holy church-fellowship. Wherein a paper is answered, bearing this title, viz, A diatribe concerning the administration of the Eucharist and examination thereunto precedent. Together, with a vindication of the Lords Supper from its manifest abuse by a general admission; being an answer to Mr. Humphrey. By Humphrey Saunders Minister of Hollesworthy in Devon.
Saunders, Richard, 1613-1675. / [1663] Palmistry, the secrets thereof disclosed, or, A familiar, easy and new method whereby to judge of the most general accidents of mans life from the lines of the hand withal its dimensions and significations as also that most useful piece of astrology (long since promised) concerning elections for every particular occasion, now plainly manifested from rational principles of art, not published till now / by Richard Saunders ...
Saunders, Richard, d. 1692. / [1651] Plenary possession makes a lawfull power: or Subjection to powers that are in being proved to be lawfull and necessary,: in a sermon / preached before the judges in Exeter March 23. 1650. By Richard Saunders, preacher of the Gospel at Kentisbeer in Devon.
Saunders, Richard, d. 1692. / [1652] A balm to heal religions wounds: applied in a serious advice to sober-minded Christians that love the truth, and are well-wishers to reformation : in answer to The pulpit guard routed, lately set forth by one Thomas Collier ... / by Richard Saunders ...
Saunders, Thomas, Colonel. / [1654] To his Highness the Lord Protector, &c. and our general.: The humble petition of several colonels of the army.
Saunders, Tib. / [MDCXCIX. 1699] Fortunatus's looking-glass; or An essay upon lotteries. In a dialogue between Jack and Harry, wherein are discovered the intrigues of lotteries in general, and the great advantage the undertakers reap by them; more particularly the extravagant profit of some of them now on foot: with other remarkable passages in several of their proposals. Colleted, and calculated for the good of the publick.
Saunderson, Thomas. / [1660] A royall loyall poem
Sauter, Daniel. The practise of the banckrupts of these times in whom are considered, 1. Their fraudulent and deceitfull actions. 2. The evills accompanying their courses. 3. Laws and punishments ordain'd to curbe them. 4. The charitable cure of so great an evill. A worke now very necessaary. Written in Latine by Mr Dainel Sauterius, and made to speake English for the generall good of all commerce.
Sauvage, James. / [1547. ] 1547 Set forthe by maister Iames Sauuage, doct. in phisicke and astronomy, and reader in the towne of Hañdwerpe..
Sauvage, John. / [1695] Prometheus Christianus, or, A treatise shewing the folly and vanity of atheism: and containing the solution of the main arguments of the Socinians, the Arrians, the deists, and other unitarians ... : whereunto is annex'd the refutation of some dogmatical points of a modern author relating to the trinity / by John Sauvage ...
Savage, Francis, d. 1638. / [1600] A conference betvvixt a mother a devout recusant, and her sonne a zealous protestant seeking by humble and dutifull satisfaction to winne her vnto the trueth, and publike worship of god established nowe in England. Gathered by him whose hearts desire is, that all may come to the knowledge of God, and be saued.
Savage, J. (John), 1645-1721. / [1683] The sacred rite of confirmation discoursed of in a sermon preach'd at Okeham in the county of Rutland at a confirmation there administred ... on May 17, 1683 / by John Savage ...
Savage, J. (John), 1645-1721. / [MDCLXXXIII 1683] Rome's conviction, or, A vindication of the original institution of Christianity in opposition to the many usurpations of the Church of Rome, and their frequent violation of divine right : cleerly evinced by arguments drawn from their own principles, and undeniable matter of fact / by John Savage ...
Savage, J. (John), 1645-1721. / [169-] An antidote against poyson, or, An answer to the Brief notes upon the creed of St. Athanasius, by an anonimous author by J. Savage ...
Savage, Thomas, 1640-1705. / [1691] An account of the late action of the New-Englanders under the command of Sir William Phips against the French at Canada sent in a letter from Major Thomas Savage of Boston in New-England (who was present at the action) to his brother Mr. Perez Savage in London : together with the articles of war composed and agreed upon for that purpose.
Savery, Thomas, 1650?-1715 / [1698] Navigation improv'd: or, The art of rowing ships of all rates, in calms, with a more easy, swift, and steady motion, than oars can. Also, a description of the engine that performs it; and the author's answer to all Mr. Dummer's objections that have been made against it ... By Tho. Savery, gent.
Savile, John, poet. / [1603] King Iames his entertainment at Theobalds vvith his welcome to London, together with a salutatorie poeme. By Iohn Sauile.
Savile, Thomas, fl. 1595-1613. / [1606] The raising of them that are fallen A discourse very profitable and beneficial to all faithfull Christians dialoguewise, betwixt a knight and a gentleman· Set foorth for the benefit and good of all such people as are afflicted eyther in minde or conscience. Written by Thomas Sauile Gent? [sic]
Savile, Thomas, fl. 1595-1613. / [1611] Adams garden. A meditation of thankfulnesse and praises vnto the Lord, for the returne and restore of Adam and his posteritie: planted as flowers in a garden, and published by a gentle-man, long exercised, and happilie trained in the schoole of Gods afflictions.
Saviolo, Vincentio. / [1595] Vincentio Sauiolo his practise. In two bookes. The first intreating of the vse of the rapier and dagger. The second, of honor and honorable quarrels.
Saviolo, Vincentio. / [1595] Vincentio Sauiolo his practise. In two bookes. The first intreating of the vse of the rapier and dagger. The second, of honor and honorable quarrels. Both interlaced with sundrie pleasant discourses, not vnfit for all gentlemen and captaines that professe armes.
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1651] The verity of Christian faith written by Hierome Savanorola [sic] of Ferrara.
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1578] A pithie exposition vpon the. 51. Psalme intituled, Miserere mei deus, &c. Also a godly meditation, vpon the. 31. Psalme, intituled, In te Domine speraui. Written by Hierome of Ferrarie; and now newly augmented and amended, by Abraham Fleming.
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1555?] An other meditatio[n] of the same Hieronimus Sauanorola vpon the lxxx Psalme of Dauid
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1635?] A goodly exposition vpon the xxx. psalme In te domine speraui
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1651] The felicity of a Christian life by Hierome Savonarola.
Savonarola, Girolamo, 1452-1498. / [1534] An exposition after the maner of a co[n]templacyon vpon ye .li. psalme, called Miserere mei Deus.
Savoy (Duchy). Sovereign (1675-1730 : Victor Amadeus II) / [1694] His Royal Highness the Duke of Savoy's proclamation on behalf of the Vaudois:
Savoy Hospital (London, England) / [ca. 1510] Julius E[pisco]pus seruus seruo[rum] dei ...
Sawbridge, Thomas, Vicar of Harstone. / [1689] A sermon preached at the assizes in St. Maries Church in request of George Ashby Esq., High-Sheriff of the said county by Thomas Sawbridge, Vicar of Harstone, July the 25th, 1689.
Sawle, William, b. 1654 or 5. / [1691] An impartial relation of all the transactions between the army of the confederates and that of the French king in their last summers campaign in Flanders, with a more particular respect to the battle of Fleury the character of the generals and the reasons of that most unhappy miscarriage : with a list of the great officers slain : also observations on the grand consultations at the Hague ... : to which are added brief instructions and encouragement to those English gentlemen that are going over to serve in the approaching campaign : also a short description of the Spanish Netherlands / by W. Sawle ...
Sawyer, Thomas, b. 1655 or 6. / [1691] Antigamus or A satyr against marriage:
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1641] Two speeches of the Right Honourable William, Lord Viscount Say and Seale, Mr. of his Majesties Court of Wards and Liveries, and one of his Majesties most honourable Privy Councell, spoken in Parliament.: The first upon the bill against bishops. The other a declaration of himselfe touching the liturgie.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1641] Tvvo speeches in Parliament of the right honourable William, Lord Vicount Say and Seale: Mr. of his Majesties Court of Wards and Liveries, and one of his Majesties most honourable Privie Councell, the first upon the bill against bishops power in civill affaires and courts of judicature. The other a declaration of himself touching the liturgie, and separation.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1642] A speech of the right honorable the Lord Vicount Say and Seale, one of his Maiesties Privie Councell.: Spoken in Parliament the 25th. day of February Anno Dom. 1642. Concerning the Bishop of Canterburies petition, delivered to the High Court of Parliament, February the 22. 1642. Avouched by Richard Browne, Clericus.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1641] A speech in Parliament of Right Honorable William, Lord Vicount Say and Seale mr. of His Majesties Court of Wards and Liveries, and one of His Majesties most Honourable Privie Councell : upon the hill against bishops power in civill affaires and courts of indicature.
Saye and Sele, William Fiennes, Viscount, 1582-1662. / [1659] Folly and madnesse made manifest, or, Some things written to shew how contrary to the word of God and practise of the saints in the Old and New Testament the doctrines and practises of the Quakers ... are a rayling and reviling answer made thereunto, full of falsehood and vaine shifts and devices to maintaine their errors : this discovered and made manifest.
Sayer, Joseph, 1630 or 31-1693. / [1673] A sermon preached at Reading, Feb. 25, 1672, at the assizes there holden for the county of Berks, before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Turner, Knight ... and Sir Edward Thurland, Knight ... by Joseph Sayer ...
Saywell, Samuel, 1651 or 2-1709. / [1696] Concio ad clerum a sermon preach'd to the clergy at the arch-deacon's visitation, held at Huntington, May 19, 1696 ... : to which is added a preface to the clergy / by Sam. Satwell ...
Saywell, William, 1643-1701. / [1681] A serious inquiry into the means of an happy union, or, What reformation is necessary to prevent popery and to avert God's judgments from the nation written upon the occasion of the fast, and humbly offered to the consideration of the Parliament by William Saywell.
Saywell, William, 1643-1701. / [1692] The necessity of adhering to the Church of England as by law established, or, The duty of a good Christian, and particularly parents and masters of families under the present toleration by William Saywell ...
Saywell, William, 1643-1701. / [MDCLXXXII. 1682] Evangelical and Catholick unity, maintained in the Church of England: or an apology for her government, liturgy, subscriptions, &c.: With answers to the objections of Mr. B. Dr. O. and others, against conformity. Also a vindication of the Lord Bishop of Ely, shewing his way of true and Christian concord. And a post-script in answer to Mr. B's late objections against my self, concerning general councils, &c. By William Saywell, D.D. and master of Jesus Colledge in Cambridge.