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Rycaut, Paul, Sir, 1628-1700. / [MDCC. 1700] The history of the Turks Beginning with the year 1679. Being a full relation of the last troubles in Hungary, with the sieges of Vienna, and Buda, and all the several battles both by sea and land, between the Christians, and the Turks, until the end of the year 1698, and 1699. In which the peace between the Turks, and the confederate Christian princes and states, was happily concluded at Carlowitz in Hungary, by the mediation of His Majesty of Great Britain, and the States General of the United Provinces. With the effigies of the emperors and others of note, engraven at large upon copper, which completes the sixth and last edition of the Turks. In two vol. in folio. By Sir Paul Rycaut, kt. eighteen years consul at Smyrna, now his Majesty's resident at Hamburg, and fellow of the Royal Society.
Rycaut, Paul, Sir, 1628-1700. / [1697] A memorial given in to the Senate of the city of Hamburgh: in French faithfully translated into English.
Rycaut, Paul, Sir, 1628-1700. / [MDCLXXXVII. 1687] The history of the Turkish Empire, from the year 1623, to the year 1677 Containing the reigns of the three last emperors, viz. Sultan Morat, or Amurat IV. Sultan Ibrahim, and Sultan Mahomet IV, his son, the thirteenth emperor, now reigning. By Sir Paul Rycaut, late consul of Smyrna.
Ryck, de, Mr. / [1690] Mr. de Ryck's large collection of original, royal, Italian, ancient and modern pictures, by the greatest masters viz. Raphael de Urbin. Julio Romano. John Baptisto Bertano. Van Dyck. Breughel. Rubens. Tysens's, &c. As also several of the best masters, now living in London, and of his own originals. Also, a large collection of the best Italian and French prints and drawings, with several original heads of Raphael D'Urbin, &c. And a considerable parcel of books, with curious cuts, in several languages. Also, several figures in brass, stone and plaister, &c. Will be sold by auction at the east-end of Exeter-Change, in the Strand, being that next the may-pole, on Monday, the 30th of this instant June, at four of the clock in the afternoon, and continue the same hour every day till all are sold.
Ryck, de, Mr. / [1690] Mr. de Ryck's famous collection of paintings, by the best masters. Viz. Raphael de Urbin. Rubens. De Voss. Antoni Moro, &c. With several of his own originals. Will be sold by auction, on Tuesday, the 9th of this instant December, at the east-end of Exeter-Exchange, above stairs: the sale beginning at four of the clock in the afternoon. The conditions as usual, the paintings to be fetch'd away within three days after the sale, the buyer paying porterage.
Ryck, de, Mr. / [1690] A catalogue of several pictures, by the best masters. Being an addition to Mr. de Ryck's large collection of royal, Italian, ancient and modern pictures, &c. Which will be sold by auction on Friday, the 11th of July, 1690. at three of the clock in the afternoon, at the east end of Exeter-Change, being that next the may-poll, in the Strand.
Ryder, Hugh. / [1685] New practical observations in surgery containing divers remarkable cases and cures. By Hugh Ryder surgeon in ordinary to His Majesty.
Ryley, William. / [1648] It is humbly desired by William Ryley clerk of the records in the tower, that you will be pleased to asist him in his petition
Rymer, Thomas, 1641-1713. / [1688] An epistle to Mr. Dryden.
Ryther, John, 1634?-1681. / [1699] A sermon preach'd to the Society for Reformation of Manners in Nottingham, February 16, 1698/9. Publish'd at their request. By John Ryther, minsiter of the gospel.
Ryther, John, 1634?-1681. / [1672] A plat for mariners, or, The seaman's preacher delivered in several sermons upon Jonah's voyage by John Ryther ...
Ryther, John, 1634?-1681. / [1673] The morning seeker, shewing the benefit of being good betimes with directions to make sure work about early religion, laid open in several sermons / by John Ryther.
Ryther, John, 1634?-1681. / [1677] A looking-glass for the wise and foolish, the godly & ungodly. Wherein they may see, how much it concerns them to be wise unto salvation, before it be too late. By John Ryther, minister of the gospel in Wapping, near London.
Ryther, John, 1634?-1681. / [1680] The hue and cry of conscience after secure sinners; or The alarm of conscience in order to the discovery of hidden guilt by John Ryther minister of the gospel.
Ryves, Bruno, 1596-1677. / [1652] Two sermons preached by Brune Ryves.
Ryves, Bruno, 1596-1677. / [1656] A sermon preached at Lincolns-Inne, July 15th. 1655 At the funerall of Ferdinando Leigh Esq; son to the Right Honourable the Lord Leigh, of Stoneleigh. And a member of that honourable society. By Brune Ryves, D.D. and D. of C. preacher to that honourable society.
Ryves, Bruno, 1596-1677. / [1647] Micro-chronicon, or, A briefe chronology of the time and place of the battels, sieges, conflicts, and other most remarkable passages which have happened betwixt His Majestie and the Parliament from the beginning of these unhappy dissentions to the 25th of March 1647 : together with a catalogue of the Lords, Knights, commanders, and persons of quality slain on either side therein.
Ryves, Thomas, Sir, 1583?-1652. / [An. Dom. M.DC.XX. 1620] The poore vicars plea. Declaring, that a competencie of meanes is due to them out of the tithes of their seuerall parishes, notwithstanding the impropriations. Written by Thomas Ryves Dr. of the Ciuile Lawes.
Ryves, William, Major. / [Aprill the first 1646] Newes from Dennington Castle or a true copy of Major William Rives his letter, in vindication of himselfe and others.: Wherein is related the condition of the leaguer before it, and the manner of the late sallie from the castle, with what losse was on both sides. Licensed and printed according to order.