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Rea, John, d. 1681. / [1665] Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or, A complete florilege, furnished with all requisites belonging to a florist by John Rea, Gent.
Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641. / [1652 i.e. 1651] Most excellent and approved medicines & remedies for most diseases and maladies incident to man's body, lately compiled and extracted out of the originals of the most famous and best experienced physicians both in England and other countries, by A. R. Doctor in Physick decesased. And since revised by an able practitioner in the same science, and now published for the universall good and benefi [sic] of this Common-wealth.:
Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641. / [1687] Chirurgorum comes, or, The whole practice of chirurgery begun by the learned Dr. Read ; continued and completed by a Member of the College of physicians in London.
Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641. / [1635] The chirurgicall lectures of tumors and vlcers. Delivered on Tusedayes appointed for these exercises, and keeping of their courts in the Chirurgeans Hall these three yeeres last past, viz. 1632, 1633, and 1634. By Alexander Read Doctor of Physick, and one of the fellowes of the Physitians College of London.
Read, Alexander, Doctor of Divinitie. / [1636] A sermon preached April, 8. 1635. At a visitation at Brentvvood in Essex. By Alexander Read, Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge, now Parson of Fifield in Essex.
Read, Joseph, d. 1713. / [1682] Mr. Read's case published for prevention of scandal to his brethren & people, for encouragement to suffering Protestant dissenters, for a rebuke to their lawless adversaryes : being a leading-case how to deal with such men, and a practical answer to Dr. Stillingfleet, and others, who object against the non-conformists why will you not do what you confess to be lawful : humbly presented to our governours, in hopes of their forbearance towards us, in such things as we account sinful.
Read, Robert, fl. 1653-1656. / [1656] The fiery change: or, Almighty God, his melting and refining of his people,: purging out their drosse and drossy metals, making them like unto himself and to his Son who is the pure Word. Wherein is discovered, by the comparison of metals, how the visible church is corrupted, consisting of men of all degrees and conditions and how God hath begun to refine them: which have past in the world a long time for good metal: but now is discovering by fire. / By Robert Read.
Read, William, Sir, d. 1715 / [between 1694 and 1700?] Post nubila Phoebus. Nihil absque Deo.
Reader. / [1664] The Readers speech of the Middle-Temple, at the entrance into his reading, Febr. 29, 1663/4 upon the statute of Magna Charta, Cap. 29.
Reading, John. / [Printed in the year 1689] Reading fight. To the tune of, Lylliburlero, or, O brother Teague, dost hear the decree?
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [printed in the year 1660] A speech made before the King's most Excellent Majesty Charles the Second, on the shore where he landed at Dover. By Mr. John Reading B.D. who presented his Majesty with a Bible, the gift of the inhabitants there, May 25th. 1660.
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [1626] Moses and Iethro: or the good magistrate containing sundry necessary admonitions to all maiors, gouernours, and freemen of townes corporate, as they were deliuered in a sermon at S. Maries in Douer on the election day. By Io: Reading.
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [1661] Hierosulias mastix, or A scourge of sacriledge: in answer to a pamphleter calling himself Anthony Pearson, concerning The great case of tythes. Wherein many gross fallacies and untruths of the pamphleter are discovered and convinced. / By Joh. Reading, once a student in Magdalen Hall in Oxford.
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1643] A grain of incense: or Supplication for the peace of Jerusalem, the church and state. / By J.R.
Reading, John, 1588-1667. / [Printed in the yeer. 1643] An evening sacrifice,: or prayer for a family; necessary for these calamitous times.
Real member of this most envy'd, as, most admired, because, best reformed Protestant Church of England. / [1680] The counter-plot, or, The close conspiracy of atheism and schism opened and so defeated and the doctrine and duty of evangelical obedience or Christian loyalty thereby asserted / by a real member of this most envy'd as most admired, because, best reformed Protestant Church of England.
Real well-wisher to both societies. / [1671] Medice cvra teipsvm, or, The apothecaries plea in some short and modest animadversions upon a late tract entitled A short view of the frauds and abuses of the apothecaries and the onely remedy by physicans making their own medicines by Christopher Merret, doctor in physick, &c. / from a real well-wisher to both societies.
Record, Robert, 1510?-1558. / [1651] The urinal of physick. By Robert Record Doctor of physick. Whereunto is added an ingenious treatise concerning physicians, apothecaries, and chyrurgians, set forth by a Dr. in Queen Elizabeths dayes. With a translation of Papius Ahalsossa concerning apothecaries confecting their medicines; worthy perusing and following.
Record, Robert, 1510?-1558. / [Anno Domini. M.D.LI. 1551] The pathvvay to knowledg containing the first principles of geometrie, as they may moste aptly be applied vnto practise, bothe for vse of instrumentes geometricall, and astronomicall and also for proiection of plattes in euerye kinde, and therefore much necessary for all sortes of men.
Record, Robert, 1510?-1558. / [1679] The judgment of urines. By Robert Record Doctor of Physick. Whereunto is added an ingenious treatise concerning physicians, apothecaries, and chirurgeons, set forth by an eminent physitian in Queen Elizabeths dayes. With a translation of Papius Ahalsossa concerning apothecaries confecting their medicines; worthy perusing, and imitating.
Record, Robert, 1510?-1558. / [Anno Dom. 1582] The grounde of artes teaching the perfect vvorke and practise of arithmetike, both in whole nu[m]bers and fractions, after a more easie ane exact sort, than hitherto hath bene set forth. Made by M. Robert Recorde, D. in Physick, and afterwards augmented by M. Iohn Dee. And now lately diligently corrected, [and] beautified with some new rules and necessarie additions: and further endowed with a thirde part, of rules of practize, abridged into a briefer methode than hitherto hath bene published: with diverse such necessary rules, as are incident to the trade of merchandize. Whereunto are also added diuers tables [and] instructions ... By Iohn Mellis of Southwark, scholemaster.
Record, Robert, 1510?-1558. / [anno Domini, 1556] The castle of knowledge
Records, Charles. / [1635?] The good-fellowes advice: shewing what favour a man shall have while he hath meanes, but being in want, then all friendship ends. To the tune of, Vpon a summer time.
Redford, Elizabeth. / [1690 or 1728] The widow's mite, humbly offer'd, not impos'd; shewing by Scripture, why the seventh day of the Lord's rest is to be kept in Christ, under the Name Christian and Gospel Dispensation, and that Christ, which is Spirit, was one with the Father in creating ...
Redford, Elizabeth. / [1695 or 1696] A warning from the Lord to the city and nation,: in mercy to the people, to see if they will yet seek him.
Redford, Elizabeth. / [1711?] The love of God is to gather the seasons of the earth and their multitudes into peace in opening the Scriptures and the mysteries of the revalations to them and their multitudes that they may come to live in obedience to the Gospel power ; doing the work of God through the son of Peace, which Son of Peace is Christ the Lord.
Redingstone, John. / [M.DC.XLIX. 1649] Plain English to the Parliament and army, and to the rest of the people.: To convince the obstinate. Undeceive the simple. Vindicate the innocent. Settle the wavering. / By John Redingstone. January 12. 1648. ; Imprimatur Gilbert Mabbot.
Redman, John, 1499-1551. / [1556?] A compendious treatise called the co[m]plaint of grace compiled by the notable clerke mayster Ihon Redman Doctour in diuinitee deceassed, late mayster or president of Trinitie colledge in Cambridge, containyng in it muche godly learning and veritee of matter, greatly profitable and necessary for all men to loke in, nowe newly and first set furth by Thomas Smyth seruaunt to the Quenes most excellent maiestie.
Reed, John, Father. / [1687] Animadversions by way of answer to a sermon preached by Dr. Thomas Kenne, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, in the Cathedral Church of Bath, on Ascension-Day last, being the fifth day of May, 1687
Reeks, Richard. / [MDCXXX. 1630] Faith and good vvorkes vnited in a sermon preached at the Spittle vpon VVednesday in Easter weeke, 1630. By Richard Reeks minister of the word at Little Ilford, in Essex.
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [1648] A vvay unto true Christian unitie the worship of God in spirit and in truth : together vvith many spirituall benefits therein received now in this life and everlastingly ...
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [1620] Twelve rules introducting to the art of Latine Composed by Edmund Riue, teacher of the Hebrew &c. in London.
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [MDCLII 1652] The new Jerusalem the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth described in the booke of the Revelation ; illustrated in sundry points according to the spirituall sense that devout minds may receive increase of light and consolation ; in a sermon composed for the learned Society of Astrologers at their generall meeting, Aug. 14, anno 1651.
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [1635] The communion booke catechisme expounded, according to Gods holy Word, and the established doctrine of the Church. Written for the furtherance of youth and ignorant persons, in the understanding of the grounds and principles of the true Christian religion, set forth by publique authority. Wherein also are explaned sundry of the highest points in divinity, and matter greatly considerable in these present times. In speciall there is demonstrated, that his most excellent Majesties declaration to his subjects, concerning lawfull sports to be used, doth tend unto a very great encrease of true godlinesse thronghout [sic] the whole kingdome.
Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. / [1631] The Christian divinitie, contained in the divine service of the Church of England summarily, and for the most part in order, according as point on point dependeth, composed; and with the holy Scriptures plainly and plentifully confirmed: written for the furtherance of the peoples understanding in the true religion established by publike authoritie, and for the increase of vnitie in that godly truth eternall. By Edmund Reeve Bachelour in Divinitie, and vicar of the parish of Hayes in Middlesex.
Reeve, Gabriel. / [MDCLXX 1670] Directions left by a gentleman to his sonns for the improvement of barren and healthy land in England and Wales.
Reeve, John. / [M. DC. LXXX 1680] Metaschēmatismos, or, A sermon preached Octob. 10 on the sad occasion of the funeral of that faithful reverend and faithful minister of Christ in London, Mr. Thomas Brooks, who departed this life Septemb. 27, 1680 by John Reeve ...
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1652] A transcendent spiritual treatise upon several heavenly doctrines from the Holy Spirit of the man Jesus, the only true God, sent unto all his elect as a token of his eternal love unto them, by the hand of his own prophet, beimg [sic] his last messenger, and witness, and forerunner of the visible appearing of the distinct personal God in power and great glory, in the clouds of Heaven, with his ten thousands of personal saints, to separate between the elect world, and the reprobate world, to all eternity : containing those several heads set down in the next page following / by John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the two last witnesses and true prophets of the man Jesus ...
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1694] Prophetick admonitions to the city of London : of four great calamities like to befall it, viz. 1. Destruction of their houses, fullfilled in 1666. 2. Slaughters of their persons, wives and children. 3. Loss of their goods and estates, and, 4. Violation and slavery of their consciences. And of the only means to prevent 'em. / First preached and afterwards printed, and dedicated to the citizens, by Thomas Reeves, B. in divinity, in the year 1657.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1653] A remonstrance from the eternall God declaring severall spirituall transactions unto the Parliament, and Common-wealth of England, unto His Excellency, the Lord Generall Cromwell, the Councell of State, the Councell of Warre, and to all that love the second appearing of the Lord Jesus, the onely wise God and everlasting Father, blessed for ever / by John Reeve, and Lodowick Muggleton ...
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1658] Joyful news from heaven, or, The last intelligence from our glorified Jesus above the stars wherein is infallibly recorded how the soul dieth in the body : also is discovered I. What is that which sleeps in the dust, II. The nature of its rest, III. The manner of its waking, IV. The mystery of the dispute between Christ and the woman of Samaria, as touching the true point of worship, clearly opened : wherein you have drawn up a divine charge against the teachers of the Baptists, with all other teachers publick and private, for counterfeiting the commission of the man Jesus, being therein convicted of spiritual high treason against Christ the great commissioner of heaven and earth : with a true relation of the kingdom of darkness, prepared for the cursed seed of Cain, world without end / written by John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton ...
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1653] A letter presented unto Alderman Fouke, Lord Mayor of London, from the two witnesses and prisoners of Jesus Christ in Newgate ... Iohn Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the two last spiritual witnesses and true prophets, the only mnisters of the everlasting Gospel ...
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1682] Hymnes and spiritual songs extracted from Scripture on occasion of some useful texts discuss't / composed in private meditation and made use of (once) in publick for the saints comfort ; now published for their sakes that sung them or others that desire them.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1653] A general epistle from the Holy Spirit unto all prophets, ministers, or speakers in the world ... [by] John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton, the two last spiritual witnesses and alone true prophets of the Holy Spirit by commission from the true God... London, 1653 in the second year of our commission by voice from Heaven.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [1670?] An epistle of the prophet Reeve. Written in the year, 1656.
Reeve, John, 1608-1658. / [Printed in the year of Our Lord 1656 and since reviewed by and reprinted for Lodowick Muggleton, one of the said witnesses ...,] A divine looking-glass, or, The third and last testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ whose personal residence is seated on his throne of eternal glory in another world : being the commission of the spirit, agreeing with, and explaining of the two former commissions of the law and Gospel, differing only in point of worship : set forth for the tryal of all sorts of supposed spiritual lights in the world, until the ever-lasting true Jesus, the onely high and mighty God, pesonally appear in the air with his saints and angels / by John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton ...
Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651. / [1624] Mephibosheths hearts-ioy vpon his soueraignes safetie. To be imitated by the subjects of this land vpon the happy returne of our Prince Charles. Deliuered in a sermon in the church of Great Yarmouth in Norfolke, the 19. day of October. 1623. By Tho: Reeue preacher of Gods word there.
Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651. / [1632] The churches hazard deliuered in a sermon in the cathedrall church in Norvvich, vpon the fifth of Nouember. 1629. By Tho. Reeve, Minister of Gods Word at Coleby in Norfolke.
Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651 / [1632] Nabals arraignment: or, a Christmasse chrvle. Delivered in a sermon in the cathedrall church in Norvvich, the 9. of Ianuary, 1630. / By Tho. Reeve ...
Reeve, Tho. (Thomas), 1583 or 4-1651 / [1632] Moses old sqvare for ivdges. Deliuered in a sermon in the Greeneyard in Norvvich, the 17. of Iuly, 1631. / By Tho. Reeve ...
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1678] Mr. Reeves his Alarm to London in a shrill voice to its inhabitants : late preacher at Waltham-Abbey in Hartford-shire.
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1647] Lazarus his rest preached in a sermon at the funerall of Mr. Ephraim Udall, that famous divine in London / by Tho. Reeve ...
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1657] God's plea for Nineveh, or, London's precedent for mercy delivered in certain sermons within the city of London / by Thomas Reeve ...
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1661] England's restitution or The man, the man of men, the states-man.: delivered in several sermons in the parish church of Waltham Abbey in the county of Essex. / By Thomas Reeve D.D. preacher of Gods word there.
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1661] England's beauty in seeing King Charles the Second restored to majesty preached by Tho. Reeve ... in the parish church of Waltham Abbey in the county of Essex.
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1683] A call and patern for true and speedy repentance being an abridgment of those many severe sermons by Thomas Reeve ... intituled God's plea for Nineveh.
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1661] England's backwardnesse or A lingring party in bringing back a lawful King.: Delivered in a sermon at Waltham Abbey Church in the county of Essex, at a solemne fast. / By Thomas Reeve D.D. preacher of Gods word in that parish.
Reeve, Thomas, 1594-1672. / [1661] A cedars sad and solemn fall.: Delivered in a sermon at the parish-church of Waltham Abbey in Essex ... At the funeral of James late Earl of Carlisle. By Thomas Reeve, D.D. preacher of Gods word there.
Refuge, Eustache de, d. 1617. / [1658] The accomplish'd courtier.: Consisting of institutions and examples. By which, courtiers and officers of state may square their transactions prudently and in good order and method. / By H.W. Gent.
Refuge, Monsieur de (Eustache), d. 1617. / [1694] Arcana aulica, or, Walsingham's manual of prudential maxims for the states-man and courtier : to which is added Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on Queen Elizabeth, her times and favorites / by Sir Robert Naunton.
Rege Sincera. / [1667] Observations, both historical and moral, upon the burning of London, September 1666 with an account of the losses, and a most remarkable parallel between London and Mosco, both as to the plague and fire : also an essay touching the easterly-winde : vvritten by way of narrative, for satisfaction of the present and future ages / by Rege Sincera.
Rehakosht, P. / [1692] A plain and just account of a most horrid and dismal plague, begun at Rowel, alias Rothwell, in Northampton-shire which hath infected many places round about, or, A faithful narrative of the execrable and noisom errours and the abominable and damnable heresies vented by Richard Davis, pretended pastour to a people at Rowel, and by his emissaries, the shoomakers, joyners, dyers, taylers, weavers, formers, &c. together with a brief account 1. Of his and his parties practices, 2. Visions and revelations, 3. Great boasts, 4. Admission of members into their society, 5. His peoples self-condemnedness, 6. The number and quality of his hearers admired fits, 7. Some queries to the countrey people as matter for further search, 8. An expostulation and advice to the people of Rowel / by Mr. P. Rehakosht ...
Reid, John, Gardener. / [1683] The Scots gard'ner in two parts, the first of contriving and planting gardens, orchards, avenues, groves, with new and profitable wayes of levelling, and how to measure and divide land : the second of the propagation & improvement of forrest, and fruit-trees, kitchen hearbes, roots and fruits, with some physick hearbs, shrubs and flowers : appendix shewing how to use the fruits of the garden : whereunto is annexed The gard'ners kalendar / published for the climate of Scotland by John Reid ...
Reid, John, Gardener. / [1683] The gard'ners kalendar shewing the most seasonable times for performing his hortulan affairs monthly throughout the year, and a catalogue of such dishes and drinks as a compleat garden can afford in their seasons : published for the climate of Scotland / by John Reid.
Reid, Robert, fl. 1689. / [Printed in the year 1689] The account of the Popes procession at Aberdene the 11th. of January, 1689. which was delivered to the new elected magistrats and council thereof, by the students of Marishal-Colledge. With the students letter to the saids magistrats thereanent.
Reinking, Conradus. / [MDCXCI 1691] Politikos megas the grand politician, or, The secret art of state-policy discovered in evident demonstrations of unparalleled prudence, and confirmed with wonderful and successful adventures, stratagems and exploits of wisdom and subtility, both in peace and war, by the most remarkable witts of former ages : being a treatise both useful and necessary for all nobles, states-men, judges, lawyers, justices of peace, officers of wars, and all such as now are, or may happen to stand at the helm of publick affairs, whether in kingdom or commonwealth / written originally in Latin by Conradus Reinking, Chancellour ot His Electoral Highness the Duke of Brandenburg, and now done into English by a careful hand.
Reinking, William, fl. 1645-1665. / [1665] A Relation of the inhumane and barbarous suffering of the people called Quakers in the city of Bristoll during the mayoralty of John Knight, commonly called Sir John Knight commencing from the 29 of the 7 month 1663 to the 29 day of the same month, 1664 / impartially observed by a private hand, and now communicated for publick information by the said people.
Rejaule, V. / [1618] A true relation of the lamentable accidents caused by the inundation and rising of Ebro, Lobregat, Cinca and Segre riuers of Spaine together with a narration of a fearefull storme, which happened the third of Nouember, in the yeare 1617 in the hauen and port of Barcelona / written originally in Spanish by V. Rejaule the Kings aduocate ; printed by authoritie at Valentia ; and now translated into English.
Relation of the deceased. / [Printed in the year 1698] An elegy on the death of trade: by a relation of the deceased.
Remembrancer. / [Printed in the year, 1648] A key to the cabinet of the Parliament, by their remembrancer.
Remmelin, Johann, 1583-1632. / [MDCLXXV. 1675] A survey of the microcosme. Or the anatomie of the bodies of man and woman: wherein the skin, veins, nerves, muscles, bones, sinews and ligaments thereof are accurately delineated, and so disposed by pasting, as that each part of the said bodies both inward and outward are exactly represented. Useful for all doctors, chyryrgeons, statuaries, painters, &c. By Michael Spaher of Tyrol, and Remilinus. Englished by John Ireton Chyrurgeon.
Remmelin, Johann, 1583-1632. / [MDCLXX 1670] An exact survey of the microcosmus or little world: being an anatomie, of the bodies of man and woman : wherein the skin, veins, nerves, muscles, bones, sinews and ligaments are accurately delineated. And curiously pasted together, so as at first sight you may behold all the outward parts of man and woman. And by turning up the several dissections of the paper take a view of all their inwards. With alphabetical referrences [sic] to every member and part of the body ... Usefull for all doctors, chirurgeons, &c. As also for painters, carvers, and all persons that desire to be acquainted with the parts, and their names, in the bodies of man, or woman / [by Johann Remmelin] ; Set forth by Michael Spaher of Tyrol ; and English'd by John Ireton ; and lastly perused and corrected, by several rare anatomists.
Remnant, Richard. / [1637] A discourse or historie of bees. Shewing their nature and usage, and the great profit of them. VVhereunto is added the causes, and cure of blasted wheat. And some remedies for blasted hops, and rie, and fruit. Together with the causes of smutty wheat: all which are very usefull for this later age. Written by Richard Remnant.
Rémond des Cours, Nicolas, d. 1716. / [1694] The true conduct of persons of quality translated out of French.
Renaudot, Théophraste, 1586-1653. / [1640] A question vvether there bee nothing new : being one of those questions handled in the weekly conferences of Monsieur Renaudots Bureau d'Addresses, at Paris / translated into English, anno 1640.
Rennecher, Hermann. / [1604] The golden chayne of salvation. Written by that reverend and learned man, maister Herman Renecher. And now translated out of Latine into English.
Renney, John. / [ca. 1677] An answer to several letters written by Scotish gentlemen in His Majesties dominions beyond the seas to the master & governors of the Scotish Corporation and Hospital in London, giving a true account of the erection of the said company, and its progress from the year 1664, to 1677, for the satisfaction of such as desire that information.
Renniger, Michael, 1530-1609. / [1587] A treatise conteining two parts. 1 An exhortation to true loue, loyaltie, and fidelitie to her Maiestie. 2 A treatise against treasons, rebellions, and such disloyalties. Written by Michael Renniger.
Renou, Jean de. / [1657] A medicinal dispensatory, containing the whole body of physick discovering the natures, properties, and vertues of vegetables, minerals, & animals, the manner of compounding medicaments, and the way to administer them : methodically digested in five books of philosophical and pharmaceutical institutions, three books of physical materials galenical and chymical : together with a most perfect and absolute pharmacopoea or apothecaries shop : accommodated with three useful tables / composed by the illustrious Renodæus ... ; and now Englished and revised, by Richard Tomlinson of London, apothecary.
Renou, Jean de. / [1657] A medicinal dispensatory, containing the vvhole body of physick discovering the natures, properties, and vertues of vegetables, minerals, & animals: the manner of compounding medicaments, and the way to administer them. Methodically digested in five books of philosophical and pharmaceutical institutions; three books of physical materials galenical and chymical. Together with a most perfect and absolute pharmacopoea or apothecaries shop. Accommodated with three useful tables. Composed by the illustrious Renodæus, chief physician to the monarch of France; and now Englished and revised, by Richard Tomlinson of London, apothecary.
Renoult, Jean Baptiste, b. 1644. / [1698] Dispute entre Mr. Renoult et un missionaire papiste, sur le retranchement de la coupe
Renoult, Jean-Baptiste, b. ca. 1664. / [1700] Le vray, et le faux jubilé, en deux sermons sur ces paroles du XXV du Levitique Vers. XII ; cette année est le jubilé, elle vous sera sainte ; prêchez à Londres dans l'Eglise Angloise & Paroissiale de Sainte Benet-Sinck proche la bourse & dans une annexe de S. Martin in the Fields / par Mr. Renoult.
Renwick, James, 1662-1688. / [1687] Man's greatest concernment movingly press'd his chiefest happiness plainly opened, his many hinderances and intanglements discovered and removed, the indespensible and absolute need he hath of a saviour, and the fulness of Christ considered, the great length a man may come and yet be void of saving grace, together with the clear marks and evidences of a saving interest in Christ, motives pressing to self examination, with many excellent Christian directions / held forth in a letter written by that worthy man of God, that highly honoured witness, minister, and martyr to Jesus Christ, Mr. James Renwick, to two gentlewomen, August 13, 1687.
Renwick, James, 1662-1688. / [1688] Antipas, or, The dying testimony of Mr. James Renwick, Minister of the Gospel who suffered at the grass-market of Edinburgh, Feb. 17, 1688 : his sentence was founded on these following heads : 1. Because he could not own James the VII, to be his lawful soverain, 2. Because he taught the unlawfulness of paying the cess expresly [sic] exacted for supressing of the faithful and free-preaching of the Gospel, 3. Because he taught, that it was the people's duty, to carry arms at the preaching of the Gospel (when it was persecuted) for defending of themselves, and resisting of unjust violence.
Reresby, William, d. 1670. / [1664] A warning-piece to repentance presented in an assize-sermon preached in the cathedral chruch of Lincoln. Aug. 15. 1664. / By William Reresby doctor in divinity.
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1691] A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on Sunday, Aug. 16, 1691 by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1692] A sermon preached before the Queen at White-Hall, August 21, 1692 by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1689] A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen in Guild-hall Chappel, on Sunday the xxi of October, 1688 by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1681] A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Sir Alan Broderick, Kt. who dyed at Wandsworth in the county of Surrey, on Thursday, November 25th, and was interr'd there on Friday, Decemb. 3d., 1680 / by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1681] A sermon preach'd at the anniversay-meeting of the Charter-house scholars at the chappel in the Charter-house, on Monday, December 13th, 1680 / by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1693] Of closet-prayer a sermon preach'd before the Queen at White-Hall, on Sunday, Aug. 27, 1693 / by Nathanael Resbury ...
Resbury, Nathanael, 1643-1711. / [1684] The case of the cross in baptism considered wherein is shewed that there is nothing in it as it is used in the Church of England that can be any just reason of separation from it.
Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674. / [1649] The tabernacle of God with men, or, The visible church reformed a discourse of the matter and discipline of the visible church, tending to reformation / by Richard Resbury ...
Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674. / [1651] Some stop to the gangrene of Arminianism lately promoted by M. John Goodwin in his book entituled, Redemption redeemed, or, The doctrine of election & reprobation : in six sermons, opened and cleared from the old Pelagian and late Arminian errors / by Richard Resburie ...
Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674. / [1654] The saints submission to the will of God. Or, A sermon preached at the funerall of a vertuous young gentleman, Mr. William Elmes the only son and heir of Thomas Elmes, of Warmington in the county of Northampton, Esquire. By Richard Resbury, minister of Oundle.
Resbury, Richard, 1607-1674. / [1655] Pauls soul panting for a better life a sermon preached at Lotherstock in the county of Northampton, Jan. 25, 1654, at the funeral of that faithful servant in Christ, Master John Bellamy ... : with a brief narration of his life and death / by Richard Resbury ...
Ressold, William, b. 1593. / [Anno 1627] Foure sermons viz. I. Sinnes contagion, or the sicknesse of the soule. II. The description of a Christian. III. The blindnesse of a wilfull sinner. IV. A race to heaven. Published by William Ressold, Master of Arts and minister of Gods Word at Debach in Suffolke.
Retz, Jean François Paul de Gondi de, 1613-1679. / [printed in the year, 1659] France no friend to England. Or, The resentments of the French upon the success of the English. As it is expressed in a most humble and important remonstrance to the King of France, upon the surrendring of the maritime ports of Flanders into the hands of the English. Wherein, much of the private transactions between Cardinal Mazarin and the late Protector Oliver, are discovered. Translated out of French.
Reverend and dearly loved sister. / [1688] A sermon preached before the people called Quakers in the park of Southwark on the 27th day of the 9th month, called by some Nov. 1687 : wherein is contained a word concerning the penal laws and tests / by a reverend and dearly beloved sister who came from Scotland to rejoyce with us for our liberty of conscience and leave her testimony at London.
Reverend Bishop of the Church of England. / [1679] The speech of a reverend bishop of the Church of England in defense of themselves and the government against the malicious libels of these times
Reverend divine. / [1691] A practical discourse on the late earthquakes with an historical account of prodigies and their various effects / by a reverend divine.
Reverend divine. / [1647] A new catechisme commanded to be set forth, for the instruction of all those, who still affect a reading ministry, and the Common-prayer; but remaineth opposite to the true Directory of Christ.: Wherein is contained, sixe remarkable branches of the Church of England, viz. the great vow in Baptisme, the Creed, the Lords Prayer, and the Ten Commandements, &c. By a reverend divine.
Reverend divine. / [1693] Account of the late earthquake in Jamaica, June the 7th, 1692 written by a reverend divine there to his friend in London ; with some improvement thereof by another hand.
Reverend minister of the city of London. / [Published in the yeare, 1641] Arguments against bowing at the name of Iesvs proving the unlawfullnesse and injustice of imposing that posture in Gods worship, which is neither injoyned by word of God, nor by the canon of the Church ... / composed abovt five years since by a reverend minister of the city of London.
Reverend, religious, and judicious divine. / [1636] A soveraigne antidote against sabbatarian errours. Or, A decision of the chiefe doubts and difficulties touching the Sabbath Wherein these three questions (beside others coincident) are clearly and succinctly determined, viz. I. Which is the fittest name whereby to call the day of Christian weekly rest, whether Sabbath day, Lords-day, or Sunday? II. What is the meaning of that prayer, appointed to be used by our Church: Lord have mercy upon us, and encline, &c. as it is repeated and applyed to the words of the fourth Commandment. III. Whether it be lawfull to use any bodily recreation on the Lords-day? and if so, what kinde of recreation? By a reverend, religious, and judicious divine.
Revet, Edward, fl. 1671. / [1671] The town-shifts, or, The suburb-justice a comedy, as it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke of York's theatre.
Revett, Eldred. / [1657] Poems by Eldred Revett.
Revit, Henry. / [1699] A line of time revealed. There is a God in Heaven that revealeth secrets, Dan.2.28. and Psal.25.14. By Henry Revit a lover of Sion, living at the Chequer in Bow-Lane with Mr. Barnes.
Rexophilus Londinatus Christianus Protestans. / [1648] The loyall convenanter, or, Peace & truth revived being certaine seasonable considerations presented to the whole kingdome in generall, but more particularly intended for that famous and honourable city of London, and therein in a more peculiar manner all those citizens, as also all other persons wheresoever, who have taken the Solemn league and covenant.
Rexophilus Londinatus, Christianus protestans. / [Printed in the yeere. 1648] Rebellion strip't and whipt,: through all its principles and pretences; from the first to the last. By way of appeale to the consciences of the City of London in particular, and the whole kingdom in generall. In the behalfe of his most sacred Majesty, and the Church now trampled on by traytors.
Reymes, B. / [1647] A narration of severall passages betwixt His Maiesty and Master B. Reymes, at Newmarket, concerning the army.: Communicated to the committee of the militia of London. And to the Right Honourable the House of Peeres, upon Thursday the seventeenth of June. 1647. Die Jovis, 17 Jnnii [sic]. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this narration be forthwith printed and published. Jo. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.
Reynardson, Abraham, Sir, 1590-1661. / [Printed in the yeer, M.DC.XL.IX. 1649] The vindication of Abraham Reinaldson, late Lord Major of the City of London.: With certaine queryes of conscience resolved, concerning his refusing to obey a late order of Parliament, for the proclaiming an unjust act for abolishing the kingly office in England and Ireland. For which supposed contempt, he was unjustly fined 2000l. by the House of Commons, degraded of his Maioralty, and committed prisoner to the Tower of London, Aprill 2. 1648.
Reynell, Carew, 1636-1690. / [1674] The true English interest, or, An account of the chief national improvements in some political observations, demonstrating an infallible advance of this nation to infinite wealth and greatness, trade and populacy, with imployment and preferment for all persons / by Carew Reynel, Esq.
Reynell, Carew, 1636-1690. / [1661] The fortunate change:: being a panegyrick to His Sacred Maiesty, King Charls the second, immediately on his coronation, being the 23. of April 1661. By Carew Reynell, Esq;
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1660] Celestial amities: or, A soul sighing for the love of her saviour.: By Edward Reynell, Esq;
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1660] The benefit of afflictions.: By Edward Reynell Esqu.
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1663] Bracteola Aurea or, filings of gold drawn from the life and death of that lovely child, Mris. Joanna Reynell who died the 26. of January, 1662. Worthy of observation and imitation. By E.R. esquire.
Reynell, Edward, 1612-1663. / [1659] An advice against libertinism: shewing the great danger thereof, and exhorting all to zeal of the truth. Written by Edward Reynell Esq.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1655] The twelve wonders of England,: being a strange and wonderful relation of the death of Mr. Parrey, an inn-keeper, living at the sign of the Bell at Temple-bar; and the manner how twelve serpents vvere voided from him a little before his death on Thursday last, some having heads like toads and horses, and others like neuts and dogs, to the great admiration of all that shall read the ensuing subject. Together vvith a narrative of his life and death, his memento and character to all Christians; and other memorable examples of most strange and wonderful prodigies.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1656] Rules for the government of the tongue:: together, with directions in six particular cases. [brace] 1 Confession of our faults to men. 2 Confession of Christ before men. 3 Reprehension of faults in others. 4 Christian communication. [brace] Vrbanity and eloquence. 5 Consolation of the afflicted. 6 Self-commendation, and a disproof of perfection in this life. Added, as a supplement, to the Rules for governing [brace] 1 the thoughts, 2 the affections, in the Precepts for Christian practice, or, The rule of the new creature, new model'd. / By Edward Reyner, minister of the Gospel in Lincolne.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1663] A treatise of the necessity of humane learning for a Gospel-preacher shewing the use of I. Languages, II. Rhetoric, III. Logic, IV. Natural philosophy, V. Moral philosophy, VI. History, VII. Chronology, VIII. Arithmetic, IX. Geometry, X. Astronomy, XI. Geography, and the benefits of learning in all ages : also this question is determined, whether grace be essential to a minister of the Gospel? / by Edward Reyner ...
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [Printed, anno 1644. i.e. 1645] The rule of the new creature to bee practised every day,: in all the particulars of it which are ten Gal. 6.16.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1645] Precepts for Christian practice;: or The rule of the new creature, containing duties to bee daily observed by every beleever.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1646] Orders from the Lord of Hostes, for regulating the hostes of the Lord.: Set down in a sermon preached at the leaguer before Newark, on Friday the 27th of March, 1646. By order from, and at the desire of the Committee of Lords and Commons, commissioners from the Parliament of England. Upon occasion of a publick fast and solemn humiliation, appointed to be kept that day throughout the English and Scotish armies before Newark, to seek a blessing from heaven upon the proceedings of the said forces in the present siege of that garrison. / By Edward Reyner preacher of the gospel in the city of Lincoln.
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1657] Considerations concerning marriage the honour, duties, benefits, troubles of it whereto are added 1. directions in two particulars, 1. how they that have wives may be as if they had none, 2., how to prepare for parting with a dear yoke-fellow by death, or other-wife : 2. resolution of this case of conscience, whether a man may lawfully marry his wives sister? / by Edward Reyner ...
Reyner, Edward, 1600-1668. / [1669] The being and well-being of a Christian in three treatises ... / by Edward Reyner ; together with an introductory discourse containing mens mistakes about grace, and their chief happiness, and true nature of both, with a character of a gracious person and the great absurdity of those cavils and reproaches he meets with from the world, by the publisher, J. Reyner.
Reyner, Samuel, b. 1622 or 3. / [1680] A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable Denzell Lord Holles ... by Samuel Rayner ...
Reyner, William, d. 1666. / [1644] Babylons ruining-earthquake and the restavration of Zion delivered in a sermon before the honourable House of Commons at Margarets Westminster, at their publique fast, August 28, 1644 / by William Reyner ...
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676. / [Printed in the year of our Lord, 1659] Mary Magdalens love to Christ. Opened in a sermon preached at the funeral of Mistris Elizabeth Thomason. April. 11. 1659. / By Edw. Reynolds D.D.
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676. / [Printed in the year, 1649] The divine penitential meditations and vovves of His late Sacred Majesty in his solitude at Holmby-House,: faithfully turned into verse. By E.R. Gentleman.
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676. / [1657] Deaths advantage;: opened in a sermon preached at Northampton, at the funeral of Peter Whalley Esq; then mayor of the said town. And now upon the earnest desires of his friends published by Edward Reynolds. D.D.
Reynolds, Lancelot. / [1661] A panegyrick on Her Most Excellent Majestie, Katharine, Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, or, Her Highness cordiall welcome into England Her Royal Majesty landed at Portsmouth, on Wednesday night, the 14 this instant May, to the great joy of all those that truly fear God, and honour the King / by Lancelot Reynolds, Gent.
Reynolds, Lancelot. / [1662] Great Britains jubile, or, A rural present to His Royall Majesty, my gracious, renowned and admired soveraign, Charles the IJd of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, &c. in divers panegyricks and poems on several objects, persons, and occasions : relating to his sacred person, and progress / by Lancelot Reynolds, Gent.
Reynolds, Thomas, 1667?-1727. / [1700] A sermon preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the citys of London and Westminster. February, 19. 1699. Published at their request. By Thomas Reynolds.
Reynolds, William, 1625-1698. / [1658] The vanitie of man, in his best estate a sermon preached at St. Maries in Nottingham, March 18. 1657. at the funeral of the honourable Francis Pierepont, Esq; third son to the right honourable Robert late Earl of Kingston. By William Reynolds, M.A. minister of the Gospel at St. Maries in Nottingham.
Reynor, William. / [1650] The declaration and protestation, of the Parliament of Scotland to their declared King:: touching, their late agreement, the setling of the Presbytery government, and the future preservation of that kingdome. With, the resolution of the Emperour of Germany, the Queen of Sweden, and the King of Denmark, concerning the said King. Also, the proceedings of the Scotch ministers, to their respective congregations, concerning their King, and the advance of the English-Army.