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Puccini, Vincenzio. / [Anno M.DC.XIX. 1619] The life of the holy and venerable mother Suor Maria Maddalena De Patsi a Florentine lady, & religious of the Order of the Carmelites. Written in Italian by the Reuerend Priest Sigr. Vincentio Puccini, who was sometymes her ghostly father. And now translated into English.
Puckell, Steven. / [Imprinted, anno M. DC. XXXI. 1631] A true table of all such fees as are due to the Bishop of London and all his depending officers, as commissaryes, registers, proctors, and apparitors, as hath been given in to his Majestyes commissioners in Starchamber under their own hands in the month of November M. DC. XXX. Whereto is added a true discovery of such fees ordinarily exacted by them upon his Majestyes good subjects contrary to this their own table and the statute laws of the land. Published by Steven Puckell and sent as a love token for his countryes good.
Puckle, James, 1667?-1724. / [1699] England's way wealth and honour in a dialogue between and English-man and a Dutch-man.
Puckle, James, 1667?-1724. / [1696] England's interest, or, A brief discourse of the royal fishery in a letter to a friend.
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1684] The speech of Sr. George Pudsey Kt. at the time of his being sworn Recorder of the city of Oxford in the Council-chamber of the same city, on Tuesday the eighth day of January 1683/4 where they agreed to the sealing the instrument sent by His Majesty
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1684] Teh [!] speech of Sr. George Pudsey Kt. at the time of his being sworn recorder of the city of Oxford in the Council-chamber of the same city, on Tuesday the eighth day of January 1683/4 where they agreed to the sealing the instrument sent by His Majesty. / Order'd by act of Council, that Sir George Pudsey Knight, be desired to print his speech. Baker.
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1684] The speech of Sr. George Pudsey Kt. at the time of his being sworn. Recorder of the city of Oxford: in the Council-chamber of the same city, on Tuesday the eighth day of January 1683[/]4. where they agreed to the sealing the instrument sent by His Majesty. Order'd by act of Council, that Sir George Pudsey Knt. be desir'd, to print his speech. Baker.
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1687] The speech of Sir George Pudsey Kt. (Serjeant at Law, and Recorder of Oxon) to the King, upon His Majesty's coming to Oxford, Sept. 3, 1687
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1684] The speech of Sir George Pudsey Knight. at the time of his being sworn recorder of the city of Oxford, in the Council-chamber of the same city, on Tuesday the eight [sic] day of January 1683/4 where they agreed to the sealing the instrument sent by His Majesty. / Order'd by act of Council, that Sir George Pudsey Knight, be desired to print his speech. Baker.
Pudsey, George, Sir, b. 1664? / [1687] Sir George Pudsey's speech to the King:
Pudsey, William. / [1698] A political essay, or, Summary review of the kings and government of England since the Norman Conquest by W. P---y, Esq.
Puente, Luis de la, 1554-1624. / [M. DC. X. 1610] Meditations vppon the mysteries of our holy faith with the practise of mental praier touching the same composed in Spanish by the R.F. Luys de la Puente ... ; and translated into English by F. Rich. Gibbons ...
Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632-1694. / [1691] The whole duty of man according to the law of nature by that famous civilian Samuel Puffendorf ... ; now made english.
Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632-1694. / [1690] The present state of Germany, or, An account of the extent, rise, form, wealth, strength, weaknesses and interests of that empire the prerogatives of the emperor, and the priviledges of the cleaors, princes, and free cities, adapted to the present circumstances of that nation / by a person of quality.
Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632-1694. / [1698] Of the nature and qualification of religion in reference to civil society written by Samuel Puffendorff ... ; which may serve as an appendix to the author's Duty of men ; translated from the original.
Pufendorf, Samuel, Freiherr von, 1632-1694. / [1691] The history of popedom, containing the rise, progress, and decay thereof, &c. written in High Dutch by Samuel Puffendorff ; translated into English by J.C.
Pugh, Hugh. / [printed in the year 1690] An instance of the repentance of a late passive-obedience-parson, who was lately a justice of peace in the county of Hereford.
Pugh, Robert, 1609-1679. / [1680] Blacklo's Cabal discovered in severall of their letters clearly expressing designs inhumane against regulars, vniust against the laity, scismatical aganist [sic] the Pope, cruel against Orthodox clergy men and ovvning the nullity of the chapter, their opposition of Episcopall authority / published by R. Pugh ...
Pugh, Thomas. / [printed in the year 1692] A most wonderful prophesie, taken out of Pugh's collection of prophesies on Great-Britain: and mentioned in Heraclitus Ridens, Numb. 27. With allowance.
Pugh, Thomas. / [1658] Brittish and out-landish prophesies most of above a 1000 years antiquity, the rest very antient; fore-telling the several revolutions which hath and shall befall the scepter of England; the coming in of the Normans, continuance and extirpation; the late warrs; the late Kings death; his Highness's conquest and arrival to the scepter, sovereigntie and government of Great Brittain; the fall of the Turk, Pope, Emperour of Germany, and most of the great princes of the world by their particular names; and that his Highness that now is shall conquer most of them: also, his Highness's lineal descent from the antient princes of Brittain, clearly manifesting that hee is the conquerour they so long prophesied of. Also, a short account of the late kings original; published in Welsh and English for the satisfaction of the intelligent in either tongue. By Thomas Pugh, Gentleman.
Puleston, Hamlet, 1632-1662. / [1661] Monarchiæ Britannicæ singularis protectio, or, A brief historicall essay tending to prove God's especial providence over the Brittish monarchy by Hamlett Puleston ...
Puleston, Hamlet, 1632-1662. / [1664] Historical essaies & observations, proving Gods especial providence over the English monarchy and more particularly over that family which enjoys the same / by H. Puleston ...
Puleston, Hamlet, 1632-1662. / [1663] Epitome monarchiæ Britanicæ, or, A brief cronology of the Brittish kings from the first original of monarchial government, to the happy restauration of King Charles the Second : wherein many remarkable observations on the civil warrs of England and General Monks politique transactions in reducing this nation to a firm union for the resettlement of His Majesty, are clearly discovered / by Hamlet Puleston ...
Pullein, Thomas. / [1608] Ieremiahs teares, or A sermon preached in York-minster vpon Trinity Sunday, in the yeare of our Lord, 1604. when the sicknes was begunne in the cittie. By Thomas Pullein vicar of Pontefract, sometime chaplaine of New Colledge in Oxford.
Pullen, Tobias, 1648-1713. / [1699] A vindication of Sr. Robert King's designs and actions in relation to the late and present Lord Kingston being an answer to a scandalous libel, lately sent abroad under the title of Materials for a bill of discovery against Sir Robert King, Bar., Anthony Raymond, Charles Gosling, [and others].
Pullen, Tobias, 1648-1713. / [1695] A sermon preached in Christ-Church before His Excellency the Lord Deputy and the Parliament, on the fifth day of November, 1695 being the anniversary thanksgiving for the happy deliverance of K. James Ist, and the three estates of the realm of England from the most trayterous intended massacre by gun-powder : and also for the happy arrival of His present Majesty K. William on that day, for the deliverance of our church and nation / by Tobias, Lord Bishop of Dromore.
Pullen, Tobias, 1648-1713. / [1695?] A defence of the Ansvver to a paper intituled The case of the dissenting Protestants of Ireland in reference to a bill of indulgence, from the exceptions lately made against it.
Puller, Timothy, 1638?-1693. / [1679] The moderation of the Church of England considered as useful for allaying the present distempers which the indisposition of the time hath contracted by Timothy Puller ...
Pulleyn, John. / [1699] A sermon preach'd at the anniversary meeting of the gentlemen educated at St. Paul's School, at St. Paul's Church, January 25, 1698/9 by John Pulleyn ...
Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. / [1687] A true and full account of a conference held about religion, between Dr. Tenison and A. Pulton, one of the masters in the Savoy
Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. / [1687] A true and full account of a conference held about religion, between Dr. Tenison and A. Pulton one of the masters in the Savoy Published by authority.
Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. / [1687] Remarks of A. Pulton, master in the Savoy, upon Dr Tho. Tenison's late narrative with a confutation of the doctors rule of faith, and a reply to A. Chresners pretended Vindication.
Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. / [1688] Some reflections upon the author and licenser of a scandalous pamphlet called The missioners arts discover'd with the reply of A. Pullton to a challenge made him in a letter, prefix'd to the said pamphlet.
Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. / [1688?] A full and clear exposition of the Protestant rule of faith with an excellent dialogue laying forth the large extent of true Protestant charity against the uncharitable papists.
Pulton, Ferdinando, 1536-1618. / [An. Dom. 1609] De pace Regis et regni viz. A treatise declaring vvhich be the great and generall offences of the realme, and the chiefe impediments of the peace of the King and kingdome, as menaces, assaults, batteries, treasons, homicides, and felonies ... and by whome, and what meanes the sayd offences, and the offendors therein are to bee restrained, repressed, or punished. ... Collected out of the reports of the common lawes of this realme, and of the statutes in force, and out of the painfull workes of the reuerend iudges Sir Anthonie Fitzharbert, Sir Robert Brooke, Sir William Stanford, Sir Iames Dyer, Sir Edward Coke, Knights, and other learned writers of our lawes, by Ferdinando Pulton of Lincolnes Inne, Esquier.
Punch, Edward. / [1654. i.e. 1653] A cryer in the vvildernesse of England,: declaring the baptisme of the eternall spirit, to be the onely baptisme in Christs kingdome published in Gospel-light, according to the word written in the Scriptures, and the eternall word written in the hidden man of the heart, for satisfaction of those, who are satisfied with truth alone. By Edward Punch of Carisbrook in the Isle of Wight, who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God to salvation.
Punt, William. / [Anno. .M.D.XLVIII. the .xvii. day of decembre. 1548] A new dialoge called the endightment agaynste mother Messe.
Purcas, William. / [1624?] The vvofull lamentation of William Purcas, vvho for murtherin [sic] his mother at Thaxted in Essex was executed at Chelmsford. To the tune of, The rich merchant.
Purcell, Daniel, 1660?-1717. / [1697] Songs in the new opera, call'd the World in the moon.
Purcell, Daniel, 1660?-1717. / [1697] The single songs in the new opera call'd The world in the moon sett by Mr. Daniel Purcell and Mr. Clark.
Purcell, Daniel, 1660?-1717. / [1697] The single songs in the new opera, call'd The world in the moon. Sett by Mr. Daniel Purcell, and Mr. Clark.
Purcell, Daniel, 1660?-1717. / [1696] A dialogue suppos'd to be between a eunuch boy, and a virgin. Sung by Bowen and Mrs. Cross in a new play call'd Ibrahim. Sett to musick by Mr. Daniel Purcell.
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695. / [1692] Some songs as they are sung in The fairy queen set to music by Mr. Henry Purcell.
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695. / [1692?] The dialogue in the last opera, call'd The fairy queen
Purcell, Henry, 1659-1695. / [169-] The catch club, or, Merry companions being a choice collection of the most diverting catches for three and four voices / compos'd by the late Mr. Henry Purcell, Dr. Blow, &c.
Purchas, Ambrose. / [1635] Purchas, his paradise. A sermon preached at Lismore in Ireland, upon Sunday the 18. of December, 1634. Preached, and now presented as [sic] the Lord Dungarvans welcome into Ireland. By Ambrose Purchas priest.
Purchas, Samuel, 1577?-1626. / [1626] Purchas his pilgrimage. Or Relations of the vvorld and the religions obserued in all ages and places discouered, from the Creation vnto this present Contayning a theologicall and geographicall historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the ancient religions before the Floud ... The fourth edition, much enlarged with additions, and illustrated with mappes through the whole worke; and three whole treatises annexed, one of Russia and other northeasterne regions by Sr. Ierome Horsey; the second of the Gulfe of Bengala by Master William Methold; the third of the Saracenicall empire, translated out of Arabike by T. Erpenius. By Samuel Purchas, parson of St. Martins by Ludgate, London.
Purchas, Thomas. / [1639] The communicants duty set forth in eight sermons / preached at Kings-Lynne in Norfolke by Thomas Purchas ...
Purefoy, George, Major. / [Febr. 7. 1644. i.e. 1645] A letter from Serjeant Major Purefoy governour of Compton-House in VVarwickshire, to his colonell Colonell Purefoy a member of the Honourable House of Commons.: VVherein is related the good successe it pleased God to give unto that garrison against the enemy, that came with a great strength to have surprized it. With a list of the persons slaine and taken, and the number of armes there taken.
Purefoy, William, 1580?-1659. / [1649] Prynn against Prinn. Or, the answer of William Prynne, utter Barrester of Lincolnes Inne:: to a pamphlet lately published by William Prynne Esquire, a member of the House of Commons. Intituled A Briefe Memento to the present un-parliamentary Juncto, touching their present intentions and proceedings to depose and execute Charles Steuart, their lawfull King. January 25. 1648. Imprimatur Theodore Jennings.
Puritanomastix, Antibrownistus. / [1642] Three speeches, being such speeches as the like were never spoken in the city.: The first by Master Warden to the fellowes of his company, touching the affaires of the kingdome. The second by Mistris Warden, being her observations on her husbands reverent speech, to certain gentlewomen of Ratliffe and Wapping. The third by Mistris Wardens chamber-maid as she was dressing her mistris, the wifedome and learning whereof will amaze your judgements. / Published by Antibrownistus Puritanomastix.
Puritanomastix, Antibrownistus. / [1642] The speech of a warden to the fellowes of his company: touching the great affaires of the kingdome.: Wherein your judgement will stand amazed to decide whether his wisdome or learning did exceed. And doubtlesse is such a speech as was never spoken by any warden since the Citie was made a corporation. / Published by Antibrownistus Puritanomastix.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1651] No power but of God, and yet a power in every creature, or, A word in season, to all men not void of grace, or deprived of reason wherein is held forth that the Almighty God is not wanting to us in impowering of us, but we are wanting to him, in not improving our talent for him ... / by Robert Purnel.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1663] A serious exhortation to an holy life, or conversation. With a clear discovery of the nature of it, what it is. The means of attaining it. The trials of it, how it may be known. The motives, or inducements to it. Or, a profitable companion for conversion. Confirmation. Illumination. Consolation. By Robert Purnell.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1653] The vvay to heaven discovered: and, the stumbling-blocks (cast therein by the world, flesh, and devill) removed. Or, The ready way to true happines:: leading to the gate of full assurance. With a word of reproof to the scattered, discontented Members of the late Parliament. And a word of advise to the present supreme authority of England. / By Robert Purnell.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1659] The way step by step to sound and saving conversion,: with a clear discovery of the two states, viz: nature, & grace: and how to know in which state one is, and the way to come out of the one into the other. Or, The ready and right path-way for the first Adams posterity to get out of their fallen estate accompanied with sin and misery, into the relation and family of the last Adam, which estate is attended with grace and glory, &c. With many weighty questions answered, and cases of conscience resolved, for the clearing and confirming the truths asserted. / By Robert Purnell.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1652] The weavers shuttle displayed and the swiftness thereof unfolded, or, The words of a dying man to a dying people, in the midst of a dying nation wherein is held forth I. That the time is short, the way is narrow, the prize is great, the runners are many, the obtainers few, II. That repentance and turning to God is not in one call or command, wherefore wait upon the means appointed by God to work it, and that diligently and constantly this work deferred will be still greater, the time to do it wil[l] be shorter, the strength to do it by wil[l] be less, III. If we endeavour to the uttermost to improve the present opportunity and ability that the Almighty gives us, we shall, for ought I know, live with more comfort here and die in full assurance hereafter, for the greatest evil threatned or feared, may through wisdom be timely prevented / by Robert Purnel.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1657] A little cabinet richly stored with all sorts of heavenly varieties, and soul-reviving influences.: Wherein there is a remedy for every malady, viz. milk for babes, and meat for strong men, and the ready way for both to obtain and retain assurance of salvation: being an abridgement of the sum and substance of the true Christian religion; wherein the cause of our salvation, the way, the guide, the rule, the evidence, the seals, &c. and the connection of these points together, and dependancy of them one upon another: this I have endeavoured to do orderly, exactly, methodically, with much plainness and clearness. / By Robert Purnell.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [1649] Good tydings for sinners, great ioy for saints; or, A word to the world, and two to those that are chosen out of the world.: Wherein is held forth, first, the sweet tenders of grace from the father through the son to all dejected sinners; he invites them, he woes them, he intreats them, nay, he beseecheth them to accept of mercy. In the second part of this book, called, Two words to those chosen out of the world, is spoken to the saints under their severall forms, taking notice first of the things commendable in them: and in the second place reproving them for things amisse among them. With a short prophesie of the downfall of presbyterie, independencie, anabaptismie, vaine notions, free-will. With a brief description of a true church-state, against which the gates of Hell shall not prevaile; it being founded upon a rock, it will stand against all waves and storms, that either men or devils can raise against it. I will give you all one heart, and one way. Then the Lord shall be one, and his name one. / Robert Purnell.
Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. / [2653. i.e. 1653] Englands remonstrance. Or, a word in the ear to the scattered, discontented members of the late Parliament.: Shewing, that self-seekers are self-losers; and that no member ought to feather his own nest, but freely permit every bird to enjoy his own feathers, and every honest man to sit under his own vine, and enjoy the fruits thereof. Likewise, a word to the present assembly at Westminster, and the councel of state at White Hall, in order to their present power, rule, government; and the peoples rights, liberties, and priviledges. By Robert Purnel.
Pursell, Francis. / [Printed Anno Dom. 1642] A great defeat given to the rebells in Ireland, by Master George Courtney, governor of the Castle of Limbrick:: wherein Colonell Geraldine, one of the chief rebels, with diuers captains and other officers and above 130 common souldiers were slaine. Whereunto is added, the relation of the taking of the city of Corke by the rebells. All this being credibly related in a letter sent from Master Francis Pursell, to his kinsman G. Buck, Esq;
Pury, Thomas, ca. 1590-1666. / [1641] A reply made by Mr. Thomas Pury, alderman of Glovcester, unto two gentlemen of the long robe and two knights of the Hovse of Commons touching episcopacy and deãnes [sic] and chapters : at a committee of the whole Hovse.
Pury, Thomas, ca. 1590-1666. / [Printed in the yeare 1641] Mr. Thomas Pury alderman of Glocester his speech, upon that clause of the bill against episcopacy, the which concernes deanes, and deanes and chapters, at a committee of the whole House.:
Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. / [Printed in the year 1675] A serious & seasonable warning unto all people: occasioned by two most dangerous epistles to a late book of John Falldoe's, subscribed by Richard Baxter [and 24 others] brethren all ---- in iniquity ... whose slanders and lyes against the holy people called Quakers are hereby reproved / by C.P.
Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. / [1700] Satan's harbinger encountered, his false news of a trumpet detected, his crooked ways in the wildrnesse [sic] laid open to the view of the impartial and iudicious being something by way of an answer to Daniel Leeds his book entituled News of a trumpet sounding in the wildernesse &c. ... / by C.P.
Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. / [1696] A modest account from Pensylvania of the principal differences in point of doctrine, between George Keith, and those of the people called Quakers, from whom he separated : shewing his great declension, and inconsistency with himself therein : recommended to the serious consideration of those who are turned aside, aud [sic] joyned in his schism.
Puttenham, George, d. 1590. / [1589] The arte of English poesie Contriued into three bookes: the first of poets and poesie, the second of proportion, the third of ornament.
Puttock, Roger. / [1642] Good and true newes from Ireland: being the copy of a letter sent from Mr. Rodger Buttock [sic], one of the chief ministers in the city of Dublin, to a brother of his a merchant, living in Alderman-Berrie in London. : Shewing in a true and reall relation, how 400. foot, and 100 horse sent from Dublin, under the command of Sir Charles Coot marched towards Ardes 8: miles from thence, and beat them out of their quarters, defeating the whole army. : Also, how they slew 1100 men at Dundalk, 15, officers, took 4 pieces of ordinance, and great store of good pillage, with the losse of 20. men. / Dated from Dublin the 4 of Aprill, and received here the 12. 1642.
Puttock, Roger. / [anno Domini 1632] A rejoynder unto William Malone's reply to the first article. Wherein the founders of unwritten traditions are confounded, out of the sure foundation of Scripture, and the true tradition of the Church. By Roger Puttocke, minister of Gods word at Novan.
Puttock, Roger. / [1642] An abstract of certain depositions, by vertue of His Majesties commission, taken upon oath,: concerning the traiterous intention of the rebels in Ireland, in rejecting the government of His Majestie, in having a king of their own: and who that king should be. With an extract of a letter from Rome, 4. Jan. 1641. Published by His Majesties command.