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Pradel, Nicolás. / [1648] Ieremiah revived:: though in his prison; or his Lamentations parallel'd.
Praed, John. / [1694] A modest and true account of the proceedings against Mr. Abraham Anselm, late secretary to the late admirals of the Fleet as they happ'ned and were brought on before the Right Honourable Their Majesties Principal Secretary of State, Their Majesties Most Honourable Privy Council, Their Majesties Council at Law, and as they were examined by the Grand Jury for the county of Middle-Sex at the sessions held at Hick's-Hall, September the sixth, 1693 : in a letter to a friend : together with an answer thereunto.
Praed, John. / [1695] An essay on the coin and commerce of the kingdom trade and treasure (which are twins) being the only supporters thereof next to religion and justice.
Praed, John, fl. 1711. / [1693] Varieties of villany as murther, maiming, theft, perjury upon perjury. And many other infamous matters, set forth at large, and published, in the case (with its proofs and evidences) of John Praed, respondent, to the appeal of VVilliam VVarre. VVhich came to a hearing at the bar of the House of Lords, on the 27th of January 1692/3, and went for the respondent nemisie contradicente.
Prance, Miles, fl. 1678-1689. / [MDCLXXIX 1679] A true narrative and discovery of several very remarkable passages relating to the horrid popish plot as they fell within the knowledge of Mr. Miles Prance ...
Prance, Miles, fl. 1678-1689. / [1682] The solemn protestation of Miles Prance in reference to the murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, and as concerning Mr. Roger L'Estrange
Prance, Miles, fl. 1678-1689. / [1680] Mr. Prance's answer to Mrs. Cellier's libel, and divers other false aspersions cast upon him containing likewise a vindication of Sir William Waller from popish scandals, some mistakes in a pamphlet entituled, The narrative of William Boys rectified, and other remarkables : to which is added the Adventure of the bloody bladder : a tragi-comical farce, acted with much applause at Newgate by the said Madam Cellier, on Saturday Sept. 18, instant / faithfully related by an eye-and ear-witness.
Prance, Miles, fl. 1678-1689. / [1681] L'Estrange a papist proved by the depositions upon oath of Miles Prance, Mr. Lawr. Mowbray, Mrs. Jane Curtis, Mr. Richard Fletcher, Mr. Joseph Bennet : taken by the Right Honourable the Earl of Essex, Earl of Clarendon, and Earl of Craven : with several animadversions upon the said depositions, in answer to Mr. L'Estrange's late pamphlets ... / by Miles Prance.
Prance, Miles, fl. 1678-1689. / [1686] An account of the proceeding to sentence against Miles Prance, for wilful perjury: who was sentenced in the Court of King's-Bench, Westminster: upon a conviction, by his own confession, on the 15th. of June, 1686. In wilfully forswearing himself at the tryals of Robert Green, Lawrence Hill, and Henry Berry, &c in relation to the murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey.
Prat, Ellis. / [1684] A short treatise of metal & mineral waters viz. those of the Spaw, Bathe, Epsom, North-hall, Barnet, Tunbridge, and the new-wells at Islington. Wherein is described their bad as well as good qualities, with the danger of peoples too frequent and unadvisedly drinking them. BY E.P. M.D.
Prat, Jos. (Joseph). / [1622.] The order of orthographie: or, Sixty sixe rules shortly directing to the true writing, speaking, and pronouncing the English tongue. Necessary for all sorts, for want wherof strangers blame our English tongue of difficultie: many of our owne nation speake it corruptly, many write it falsely, and many are discouraged from learning to write it; and others that can write are ashamed to write to their best friends..
Pratt, Benjamin, 1676 or 7-1715. / [1695] A persuasive from the creatures to a perfect resignation of the will to God's. By B. Pratt, of Merton Coll. Oxon.
Pratt, Samuel, 1659?-1723. / [MDCC. 1700] Publick-spiritedness recommended. A sermon preach'd before the gentlemen educated in merchant-taylors school, at Bow-Church, December 10. 1700. By Samuel Prat, D.D. chaplain to Her Royal Highness the Princess, and late almoner to His Highness the Duke of Glocester.
Pratt, Samuel, 1659?-1723. / [1698] A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the aldermen and citizens of London at St. Mary le Bow, on Thursday, Sept. 2. 1697 / by Samuel Prat ...
Pratt, Samuel, 1659?-1723. / [1696] The regulating silver coin made practicable and easie to the government and subject humbly submitted to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament / by a lover of his country.
Pratt, Samuel, 1659?-1723. / [1697] Peace and gratitude a sermon preached before the Honourable Society of the Natives of the County of Kent, Novemb. 23, 1697 at St. Mary le Bow, London / by Samuel Prat.
Prattant, Robert, 1654 or 5-1683. / [1682] A sermon preached at Rolesbye in Norfolk, on Wednesday the 12th of January 1680/81, at the funeral of Madam Anna Gleane, the late wife of Thomas Gleane, Esq., the only son of Sir Peter Gleane of Hardwick in Norfolk, Baronet by Robert Prattant ...
Preacher of the Gospel, and now a prisoner. Christ confessed, or, Several important questions and cases about the confession of Christ written by a preacher of the Gospel, and now a prisoner.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. The chaste seraglian, or, Yolanda of Sicily a novel, in two parts / done out of French by T.H. ...
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1685] The true history of Cara Mustapha, late grand vizier being a most faithful account of his first rising, the several degrees of his fortune, his amours in the serraglio, his emplois, the true cause of his undertaking the siege of Vienna, together with the particulars of his death / written originally in French by a person of quality, and now translated in English by Francis Philon.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1685?] The serasquier bassa an historical novel of the times, containing all that pass'd at the siege of Buda / out of French.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1686] The illustrious lovers, or, Princely adventures in the courts of England and France containing sundry transactions relating to love intrigues, noble enterprises, and gallantry : being an historical account of the famous loves of Mary sometimes Queen of France, daughter to Henry the 7th, and Charles Brandon the renown'd Duke of Suffolk : discovering the glory and grandeur of both nations / written original in French, and now done into English.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1682] The princess of Fess, or, The amours of the court of Morocco: a novel : in two parts.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1678] The heroine musqueteer: or, the female warrier: A true history: very delightful, and full of pleasant adventures in the campagnes of 1676, & 1677. Translated out of French.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1678] The English princess, or, The duchess-queen a relation of English and French adventures : a novel : in two parts.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1686] The amours of Count Teckeli and the Lady Aurora Veronica de Serini containing his first inducements to make war with the emperour, and to enter into the Turkish interests against the Christians.
Prempart, Jacques. / [M.DC.XXX. 1630] A historicall relation of the famous siege of the citie called the Busse. Herevnto is added a generall mappe of the whole campe and siege, with particular mappes of all the seuerall approches in euery quarter. Compyled togeather and designed according to the iust measure and rule of geometrie by Iames Prempart, ingener to his Majestie of Sweden.
Presbyter of the Church of England. / [1683] The true Protestant religion set forth by way of dialogue discovering the idolatries and abominations professed and taught in the Church of Rome / by a Presbyter of the Church of England.
Presbyter of the Church of England. / [1683] Truth will out a sermon preached on the 20th of June, 1683, upon the discovery of the new plot / by a presbyter of the Church of England.
Presbyter of the Church of England. / [1690] A sermon preached upon the fast-day, June the 18th, 1690 by a presbyter of the Church of England, that swore in the sincerity of his heart, with a full satisfied conscience, to King William and Queen Mary.
Presbyterian of qualitie. / [Printed in the year, 1648] A letter from a Presbyterian of qualitie, to his friend in the country, concerning an engagement in this new vvarre.:
Prescot, Giles. / [Octob. 29. 1642] A remonstrance or declaration, of the names of the knights and gentlemen that take part with Sir Ralph Hopton, and other delinquents, in Devonshire, and Cornewall with the number of their forces.: Also the names of the knights and gentlemen that stand well affected to the Parliament. The names of those which stand for the King. Sir Charles Wray, Sir Robert Raynton, Mr. Pollard. Mr. Ingleby, Sir Iohn Venner, Mr. Fortescue, Mr Drake, and others, in the north part of the county. Mr. Berry, Mr. Ackland, and others, opposers of these malignants. Sir Iohn Banlet, Mr. Ash, in the East part, opposed by Sir George Chudleigh, Capt. Gifford, and divers other well affected gentlemen, which stand for the King and Parliament.
Preservators of the Said Forest of Dean. / [1650?] Certain reasons (by way of reply to some objections generally urged and in more particular to a paper styled the case of John Gifford gentleman, presented to the members of Parlaiment) why those iron-works in the Forrest of Deane should be in honour and justice of the House speedily demolisht rendered by the preservators of the said Forrest of Deane.
Presse, Symon, b. 1558 or 9. / [1597] A sermon preached at Eggington in the county of Darby concerning the right vse of things indifferent, the 3. day of August, 1596. By Symon Presse minister there.
Pressick, George. / [1660] A breife relation, of some of the most remarkable pasages of the Anabaptists in high and low Germany in the year, 1521. &c.: Gathered out of the writings of Sleyden, Antonius, Servanus, Lambertus, John Gastio, and others who write of their practises. And Bullinger, Luther, Melancthon, Calvin, Vrsinus, and others who write against their heresies. By George Pressick, of Dublin in Ireland.
Pressick, George. / [1660] An answer to Grifith Williams Lord Bishop of Ossorie: his book, intituled, The great antichrist revealed, never yet discovered, and proved to be neither pope, nor Turk, nor any single person, nor any one monarch or tyrant in any polity.
Preston (Lancashire, England). Provincial Assembly. / [1655] An exhortation directed to the elders of the several congregations within this province of Lancaster.: By the Provincial Assembly at Preston, May 1. 1655.
Preston, Henry. / [1673?] Brief directions for true-spelling being an abbreviat of the most usefull rules conducible to the promoting that excellent knowledge of writing true English ... : to which is added copies of letters, bills of parcels, bills of exchange, bills of debt, receipts, with pertinent rules as helps thereunto / all prepared and methodiz'd by Henry Preston.
Preston, John, 1587-1628. / [1633] The lavv out lavved or, The charter of the Gospell shewing the priviledge and prerogative of the saints by vertue of the covenant. Wherein these foure points of doctrine are properly observed, plainely proved, both by Scripture, and reason: and pithily applyed. Viz: doctrine 1 That he that is in the state of grace lyeth in no knowne sinne, no sinne hath dominion over him. 2 That sinne though it doth not raigne in the saints, yet it doth remaine and dwell in them. 3 That the way to overcome sinne, is to get assurance of the love, and grace, and favour of God, whereby it is forgiven them. 4 That whosoever is under the law, sinne hath dominion over him. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Iohn Preston. Doctor in divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, master of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolnes Inne.
Preston, John, 1587-1628. / [1634] The deformed forme of a formall profession. Or, The description of a true and false christian either excusing, or accusing him, for his pious, or pretended conversation. Shewing that there is a powerfull godlynes necessary to salvation, and that many have but the forme, but not the power thereof. In handling whereof these three things are plainely and powerfully explained and applyed. what godlines is. what the power of it. what the reasons why some have but the forme thereof. together with the meanes and marks, both how to attaine, and to try our selves whether we have the power thereof or not. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Iohn Preston. Doctor in divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, master of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolnes Inne.
Preston, Richard Graham, Viscount, 1648-1695. / [1680] Poems upon the death of the most honorable, the Lady Marchioness of Winchester / by R. Graham.
Preston, Richard Graham, Viscount, 1648-1695. / [1670] Angliae speculum morale The moral state of England, with the several aspects it beareth to virtue and vice : with The life of Theodatus, and three novels, viz. The land-mariners, Friendship sublimed, The friendly rivals.
Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. / [1621] Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper. Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere.
Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. / [1622] The godly mans inquisition lately deliuered in two sermons before the right honourable Henry, Lord Montague, late lord high treasurer, priuie counsellor, &c. other gentlemen of worship, at Kimolton on their annuall feast day. By R. Preston, Preacher of Gods word.
Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. / [1621] Duties of communicants, or a treatise, teaching such as purpose to receiue the sacrament of the Lords Supper how they may rightly carrie themselues, before, in, and after the action of receiuing. By R: Preston, preacher of Gods Word at Rushden in Northampton-shire.
Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. / [1621] The doctrine of the sacrament of the Lords Supper handled. And plainely layd open out of the 1. Cor. 11. 23.24. &c. Wherein the nature of this sacrament is faithfully discussed, the matter of it, together with the necessity of often receiuing, truly declared; the words of consecration embowelled, and errours with the cauills of papists soundly confuted. By Richard Preston preacher of Gods word at Rushden in Northamptonshire.
Preston, Thomas, 1537-1598. / [1570?] A lamentable tragedy mixed ful of pleasant mirth, conteyning the life of Cambises king of Percia from the beginning of his kingdome vnto his death, his one good deed of execution, after that many wicked deeds and tirannous murders, committed by and through him, and last of all, his odious death by Gods iustice appointed. Doon in such order as foloweth. By Thomas Preston. The diuision of the partes. ...
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1613] A theologicall disputation concerning the oath of allegiance dedicated to the most holy father Pope Paul the fifth. Wherein all the principall arguments which haue hitherto beene brought by Cardinall Bellarmine, Iacobus Gretzer, Leonard Lessius, Martin Becanus, and diuers others, against the new oath of allegiance, lately established in England by act of Parliament, are sincerely, perspicuously, and exactly examined. By Roger Widdrington, an English Catholike. Translated out of Latin into English by the author himselfe,whereunto hee hath also added an appendix, wherein all the arguments, whach that most learned diuine Franciscus Suarez, hath lately brought for the Popes power to depose princes, and against the aforesaid oath of allegiance, are sincerely rehearsed, and answered.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1619] Roger Widdringtons last reioynder to Mr. Thomas Fitz-Herberts Reply concerning the oath of allegiance, and the Popes power to depose princes: wherein all his arguments, taken from the lawes of God, in the Old and New Testament, of nature, of nations, from the canon and ciuill law, and from the Popes breues, condemning the oath, and the cardinalls decree, forbidding two of Widdringtons bookes are answered : also many replies and instances of Cardinall Bellarmine in his Schulckenius, and of Leonard Lessius in his Singleton are confuted, and diuers cunning shifts of Cardinall Peron are discouered.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1634] A patterne of Christian loyaltie vvhereby any prudent man may clearely perceive, in what manner the new Oath of Allegiance, and every clause thereof, may in a true, and catholike sense, without danger of perjury, be taken by Roman Catholikes. And all the chiefe objections, which are usually made against the said Oath, either in particular, or in generall, may according to the grounds of Catholike religion bee easily answered. Collected out of authours, who have handled the whole matter more largely. By William Hovvard an English Catholike.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [Permissu superiorum. 1614] A copy of the decree wherein two bookes of Roger Widdrington an English Cathotholick [sic] are condemned, and the author commanded to purge himselfe: and a copy of the purgation which the same Roger Widdrington sent to his Holinesse Pope Paul the fift. Translated out of Latine into English by the author, whereunto he hath also adioined an admonition to the reader concerning the Reply of T.F. &c. and the condemnation of Fa: Suarez booke by a decree of the Parliament of Paris.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1616] A cleare, sincere, and modest confutation of the vnsound, fraudulent, and intemperate reply of T.F. who is knowne to be Mr. Thomas Fitzherbert now an English Iesuite. Wherein also are confuted the chiefest obiections which D. Schulckenius, who is commonly said to be Card. Bellarmine, hath made against Widdrintons [sic] Apologie for the right, or soueraigntie of temporall princes. By Roger Widdrington an English Catholike.
Preston, Thomas, 1563-1640. / [1620] An adioynder to the late Catholike new yeares gift, or explication of the oath of allegeance. Wherein certaine principall difficulties, obiected by a very learned Roman-Catholike, against the sayd New-yeares gift, and explication of the oath, are very clearely explained. Published by E.I. the author of the New-yeares gift.
Prevost, Jean, 1585-1631. / [1656] Medicaments for the poor; or, Physick for the common people: Containing, excellent remedies for most common diseases, incident to mans body; made of such things as are common to be had in almost every country in the world: and are made with little art, and smal charge. This book is of admirable use for, 1. Purging medicines, for choller, flegm, melancholly, or watry humors. 2. Vomits. 3. Such things as evacuate by sweat, spittle, the pallate, nostrils, or insensibly. 4. Womens diseases. 5. Worms. 6. The stone. 7. Poysons. 8. The Head over-heat, or over-cooled. 9. The eyes. 10. The Joynts. 11. The nerves. 12. Breathing. 13. The heart. 14. The stomach. 15. The intestines. 16. And for diseases of ill conformation. 17. Or in faulty magnitude. 18. Or in number. 19. Or in scituation, and connexion. 20. Or in dissolved unity. First written in Latin, by that famous and learned doctor, John Prevotius, phylosopher, and publick professor of physick in Padua. Translated into English, and something added, By Nich. Culpeper, student in physick, and astrology.
Préchac, Jean de, 1647?-1720. / [1678] The second part of the heroine musqueteer, or, The female warrier a true history very delightful and full of pleasant adventures in the Campagnes of 1676, & 1677 / Translated out of French.
Priaulx, John, 1614?-1674. / [1662] Confirmation confirmed and recommended from Scripture, antiquity, and reason in a sermon preached in the Cathedrall Church of St. Mary in Sarum, at a solemn confirmation there administered by the Right Reverend Father in God Humphrey, Lord Bishop of Sarum / by John Priaulx ...
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1609] The spring. A sermon preached before the Prince at S. Iames, on Mid-lent Sunday last. By Daniel Price, chapleine in ordinarie to the Prince, and Master of Artes of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1613] Spirituall odours to the memory of Prince Henry in foure of the last sermons preached in St James after his Highnesse death, the last being the sermon before the body, the day before the funerall. By Daniel Price then chaplaine in attendance.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1609] Sauls prohibition staide. Or The apprehension, and examination of Saule. And the inditement of all that persecute Christ, with a reproofe of those that traduce the honourable plantation of Virginia. Preached in a sermon commaunded at Pauls Crosse, vpon Rogation Sunday, being the 28. of May. 1609. By Daniel Price, Chapleine in ordinarie to the Prince, and Master of Artes of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1608] Recusants conversion a sermon preached at St. James, before the Prince on the 25. of Februarie. 1608. By Daniell Price Master of Arts, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1613] Prince Henry his first anniversary. By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity, one of his Highnesse chaplaines.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1614] Prince Henry his second anniversary¨ By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity, of his Highnesse chaplaines.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1613] Lamentations for the death of the late illustrious Prince Henry: and the dissolution of his religious familie. Two sermons: preached in his Highnesse chappell at Saint Iames, on the 10. and 15. day of Nouember, being the first Tuesday and Sunday after his decease. By Daniel Price, chaplaine then in attendance.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1608] Prælium & præmium. The Christians warre and rewarde. A sermon preached before the Kings maiestie at VVhitehall the 3. of May. 1608. By Daniell Price Master of Arts of Exeter Colledge, and chapleyn in ordinarie to the prince.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1617] Maries memoriall. A sermon preached at St. Maries Spittle on Monday in Easter weeke being Aprill 1. 1616. By Daniel Price Doctor of Diuinitie, and chaplaine vnto the Kings maiestie.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1608] The marchant. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse on Sunday the 24. of August, being the day before Bartholomew faire. 1607. By Daniell Price Master of Arts, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1625] A heartie prayer, in a needfull time of trouble. The sermon preached at Theobalds, before his Maiestie, and the lords of the Priuie Councell, an houre before the death of our late soueraigne King Iames. On Sunday, March 27. By D. Price, deane of Hereford, then in attendance, and now chaplaine in ordinarie to his Maiestie.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1610] The defence of truth against a booke falsely called The triumph of truth sent over from Arras A.D. 1609. By Humfrey Leech late minister. Which booke in all particulars is answered, and the adioining motiues of his revolt confuted: by Daniell Price, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford, chaplaine in ordinary to the most high and mighty, the Prince of Wales.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1613] David his oath of allegeance to Ierusalem. The sermon preached on Act Sunday last in the morning, in St. Maries in Oxford. By Daniel Price Doctor in Divinity.
Price, Daniel, 1581-1631. / [1610] The creation of the Prince¨ A sermon preached in the Colledge of VVestminster, on Trinity Sunday, the day before the creation of the most illustrious Prince of Wales. By Daniell Price, chapleine in ordinary, and then in attendance on the Prince.
Price, Elizabeth, 17th cent. / [1696] The true Countess of Banbury's case relating to her marriage rightly stated in a letter to the Lord Banbury.
Price, Evan. / [1667] Eye-salve for England, or, The grand trappan detected in a plain and faithful narrative of the horrid and unheard-of designs of some justices and deputy-lieutenants in Lancashire treacherously to ensnare the lives and estates of many persons of quality in that county, as also, in the counties of York and Chester / by Evan Price ...
Price, Gabriel. / [1616] The laver of the heart; or Bath of sanctification. Preached at Pauls Crosse the first of September last, 1615. By Gabriel Price, minister and preacher of Gods word.
Price, Henry, 1566 or 7-1600. / [1599] The eagles flight or six principall notes, or sure markes for euery true Christian to soare vp to the euerlasting nest of Gods eternall kingdome. As it was deliuered in a most godly and fruitfull sermon at Paules Crosse. By Maister Price of S. Iohns in Oxford.
Price, J., fl. 1656. / [1656] The Anabaptists meribah: or, VVaters of strife. Being a reply to a late insulting pamphlet, written by Thomas Lamb, merchant, intitulled, Truth prevailing against the fiercest opposition; or, An answer to Mr. John Goodwins Water-dipping, no firm footing for church-communion. Wherein the impertinency of M. Lamb's answer, and the validity of M. Goodwin's Water-dipping, &c. are manifested by I. Price a member of the Church of Christ, whereof the said Mr. Goodwin is pastor.
Price, John, 1576-1645. / [M.DC.XL. 1640] Anti-Mortonus or An apology in defence of the Church of Rome. Against the grand imposture of Doctor Thomas Morton, Bishop of Durham. Whereto is added in the chapter XXXIII. An answere to his late sermon printed, and preached before His Maiesty in the cathedrall church of the same citty..
Price, John, 1625?-1691. / [1660] A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at Saint Margarets in Westminster, on Thursday the 10. of May,: being a day of solemn thanksgiving appointed by the Parliament, for the mercies God had bestowed on the nation through the successfull conduct of the Lord Generall Monck. By John Price M.A. Fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge, and chaplain to his Excellency.
Price, John, Citizen of London. / [In the Yeare, 1643] A spirituall snapsacke for the Parliament souldiers.: Containing cordiall encouragements, effectuall perswasions, and hopefull directions, unto the successefull prosecution of this present cause. by J. P.
Price, John, Citizen of London. / [1646] A moderate reply to the citie-remonstrance;: presented to the High Court of Parliament the 26 of May, 1646. Containing severall reasons why many well affected citizens cannot assent thereunto. Published according to order.
Price, John, Citizen of London. / [1648 i.e. 1649] Clerico-classicum, or, The clergi-allarum to a third war.: Being an answer to a pamphlet, intituled, A serious and faithfull representation of the judgements of ministers of the Gospel within the province of London, contained in a letter from them to the Generall and his Councell of Warre. Delivered to his Excellency by some of the subscribers, Jan. 18. 1648. Which may likewise serve for a brief answer to their late vindication, relating to their former actings, touching the capitall punishment of the person of the King. / By John Price, citizen of London.
Price, John, Citizen of London. / [1644] Honey out of the rock, or, Gods method in giving the sweetest comforts in sharpest combates.: Chiefly intended, as spirituall plunder for plundered beleevers.
Price, John, Citizen of London. / [1646] The city-remonstrance remonstrated. Or An answer to Colonell John Bellamy, his Vindication thereof,: in justification of The moderate reply to the city-remonstrance. / By I.P.
Price, John, Sir, 1502?-1573. / [M.D.XLVI. 1546. ] Yny lhyvyr hwnn y traethir. Gwyðor kymraeg. Kalandyr. Ygredo, ney bynkeu yr ffyð gatholig. Y pader, ney weði yr aglwyð. Y deng air deðyf. Saith kinweð yr egglwys. Y kampey arber[--]wy ar Gwyðieu gochbladwy ae keingeu.
Price, John, Welsh clergyman. / [1658] The sun out-shining the moon, or, Righteousness excelling rottennness: in answer to a lying scandalous paper, published by John Moone, entituled, The true light hath made manifest darknesse, &c. : but it is darkness put forth for light, as it will appear by that which followeth / and is published by John Price.
Price, Laurence, fl. 1625-1680? / [1674] Witty William of Wiltshire his birth, life, and education, and strange adventures ... with merry songs and sonnets.
Price, Peter, 1600?-1691. / [1683] The unequal unyoked, and the equal yoked, and light separated from darkness, & darkness and blindness joyn'd together in answer to a paper that would joyn together truth and untruth, the true worship and the false : and here it is discovered, and the author thereof in part rewarded, by joyning him justly to those he unjustly joyned others to / by a lover of justice and equity and hater of the contrary, Peter Price.
Price, Phil., of Chancery-Lane. / [1694?] Gravamina mercatoris, or, The tradesman's complaint of the abuses in the execution of the statutes against bankrupts humbly offered to the consideration of both Houses of Parliament / by Phil Price.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1613] Londons warning by Laodicea's luke-warmnesse. Or A sermon preached at Paules-crosse, the 10. of October, 1613. Being the first Sunday in tearme. By Sampson Price, Mr. of Arts, of Exeter-Colledge; and preacher to the cittie of Oxford.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1624] The two twins of birth and death. A sermon preached in Christs Church in London, the 5. of September. 1624. By Samson Price, Doctor of Diuinitie, one of his Majesties chapleins in ordinarie. Vpon the occasion of the funeralls of Sir William Byrde Knight. Doctor of the Law, deane of the Arches, and iudge of the Prerogatiue Court of the Archbishop of Canterburie.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1614] A heavenly proclamation to fly Romish Babylon. A sermon preached at Oxford in St Maries Nov. 21. 1613. By Sampson Price Master of Arts of Exeter Colledge and preacher to the citty of Oxford.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1616] Ephesus vvarning before her woe. A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse on Passion Sunday, the 17. of March last. By Sampson Price, Bachelour of Diuinity, of Exeter Colledge in Oxford: and lecturer at S. Olaus.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1618] The beauty of holines: or The consecration of a house of prayer, by the example of our Sauiour. A sermon preached in the chappell at the free-schoole in Shrewsbury. the 10. day of September, Anno Dom. 1617. At the consecration of the chappell, by the Right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Couentrey and Lichfield. By Sampson Price, Doctor in Diuinity, and chapleine in ordinary to his Maiesty.
Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. / [1617] The clearing of the saints sight. A sermon preached at Cundouer neere the religious and ancient towne of Shrevvsbury. By Sampson Price Batchelour of Diuinitie of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Price, Samuel, in Christ-Church Hospital. / [1690] The virtues of coffee, chocolette, and thee or tea, experimentally known in this our climate.
Price, William, 1597-1646. / [1642] A sermon preached at St. Maries Spittle, on Wednesday in Easter weeke Aprill 13th, 1642 before the Right Honovrable the Lord Maior, the aldermen and sherifs of this famous city of London / by William Price...
Price, William, d. 1666. / [1638] Ianitor animæ: the soules porter to cast out sinne, and to keepe out sinne. A treatise of the feare of God. Written by William Price, Batchelour of Divinitie, and vicar of Brigstocke in Northamptonshire.
Price, William, d. 1666. / [1646] Mans delinquencie attended by divine justice intermixt with mercy.: Display'd in a sermon to the Right Honourable the House of Lords assembled in Parliament, in the Abby Church at Westminster, Novemb. 25. 1646. being the solemn day of their monethly fast. / By William Price, B.D. Pastor of Waltam-Abby; and one of the Assembly of Divines.
Price, William, d. 1666. / [1660] Gods working and Brittains wonder.: A sermon congratulating the most happy establishment of His sacred Majesty Charls the II. on His throne. Presented to the Kings most Excellent Majtie [sic]. By a person of honor. By Wil. Price B.D. late preacher of Covent-Garden, now to the Reformed English Church in Amsterdam.
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1659] Mr. Rees Prichar[d] gynt ficcar Llan-ddyfri yn Shir Gaer-f[] ddyn, a ofodwyd allan er Daioni'r Cymru. Some part of the works of Mr. Rees Prichar[d] sometimes vicker of Llandyfri in the co[unty] of Carmarthen.
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1659] Rhan o waith Mr. Rees Prichard, Gynt Ficcar LLan-ddyfri yn shir gaer-fyrddyn, a osodwyd allan er Daioni'r Cymru.: Some part of the works of Mr. Rees Prichard, sometimes Vicker of Llandyfri in the County of Carmarthen.
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1672] Gwaith Mr. Rees Prichard gynt ficcer llanddyfri yn shir Gaerfyrddyn: a brintiwyd o'r blaen mewn tri Llyfr, wedi gyffylltu oll a chwbl (er nid yn yr vn drefn a chynt) ynghyd ãa Phedwaredd Ran, y nawr gynta yn brintiedig. ...
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1681] Canwyll y Cymru, sef, gwaith Mr. Rees Prichard, gynt ficcer Llanddyfri, a brintiwydd or blaen yn bedair rhan, wedi ei cyffylltu oll ynghyd yn un llyfr. = The divine poems of Mr. Rees Prichard, sometimes vicar of Landoverey, in Carmarthen Shire. Whereunto is added the strange but true narrative of the chief things, spoken and acted, by an unclean spirit at Mascon. / Translated out of the French into English, by Dr. Peter Du Moulin, upon the desire of the hounourable Robert Boyle Esquire. And now done into Welsh, by S. Hughes of Suranfey.
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1696] Canwyll y Cymru, sef, Gwaith Mr. Rees Prichard ... a brintiwydd or blaen yn bum rhan, wedi ei cyssylltu oll ynghyd yn un llyfr : The divine poems of Mr. Rees Prichard ...
Prichard, Rhys, 1579-1644. / [1672?] [Y drydded rhan o waith. The third part of the works.]
Pricke, Robert, d. ca. 1608. / [1608] A verie godlie and learned sermon treating of mans mortalitie, and of the estate both of his bodie and soule after death. Preached at Denham in Suffolke. At the celebration of the solemne and mournfull funerals of the right orshipfull Sir Edward Lewkenor Knight, and of the vertuous Ladie Susan, his wife, both at once. By M. Robert Pricke their beloued and faithfull minister: now also since that time (to the encrease of our sorow for the losse of so excellent a light) departed this life.
Pricke, Robert, d. ca. 1608. / [1609] The doctrine of superioritie, and of subiection, contained in the fift commandement of the holy law of almightie God. Which is the foundamentall ground, both of all Christian subiection: and also of like Christian gouernment, as well in church, and common-wealth, as in euery schoole and priuate familie. A pretious memorial of the substance of manie godly sermons, preached by the learned and faithfull seruant of God, Ma. Robert Pricke, minister of the vvord, at Denham in Suffolke.
Pricket, M. / [1644] An appeale to the reverend and learned synod of divines:: For resolution of the grand controversie of these times; concerning Kings: 1 Whether their Constitution be divine, or no. 2 Whether by their place they be next under God, and above all others, beside God, or no. 3 Whether their power be resistable, or no. 4 Whether their office be forfeitable, or no. 5 Whether their persons be sacred, and not to be touched, or no. / By M. Pricket. Published by speciall command.
Prideaux, Edmond, Sir, d. 1659. / [1645?] The copy of a letter from Edmund Prideaux, Esq. ... to a member of the committees now residing in York wherein is set down many particulars touching Bridgwater, ... viz. how many considerable persons, knights, collonels, serjeant-majors, and other officers &c. with great store of ammunition were taken there : also 14 articles agreed and concluded upon concerning the rendition of Pontefract Castle for the use of King and Parliament.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1661] A synopsis of councels. By John Prideaux, late Regius Professour of Divinity at Oxford, and Bishop of Worcester.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1656] Syneidēsilogia ̇or, The doctrine of conscience,: framed according to the points of the catechisme, in the Book of Common-Prayer. / By the Right Reverend Father in God, John Prideaux, late Lord Bishop of Worcester, for the private use of his wife.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1659] Sacred eloquence: or, the art of rhetorick, as it is layd down in Scripture.: By the right Reverend Father John Prideaux late Lord Bishop of VVorcester.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1641] Nine sermons heretofore preached upon severall occasions, and printed 1636. and now published. without any alteration 1641. By John Prideaux doctor of divinity regius professor, and rector of Exeter Colledge
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [1655] Euchologia: or, The doctrine of practical praying.: By the Right Reverend Father in God, John Prideaux, late Bishop of Worcester. Being a legacy left to his daughters in private, directing them to such manifold uses of our Common Prayer Book. As may satisfie upon all occasions, without looking after new lights from extemporal flashes.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [ca. 1660 ] Euchologia, neu, Yr athrawiaeth i arferol weddio o waith y gwir anrhyddedus dad Joan Prideawx ... ; Rhodd a adawodd ef ar ei ddyddd diwedd iw ferched yn ddirgel, iw hyfforddi hwy ir cyfriw reidiol arferau, on Llyfr Gweddi gyffredin. : Ac a ddichou roi bodlonrwydd ym mhob achos heb edrych ar ol y goleuadàu newyddion ai parodbryd lewyrchoedd.
Prideaux, John, 1578-1650. / [anno Salutis, 1637] Certaine sermons preached by Iohn Prideaux, rector of Exeter Colledge, his Maiestie's professor in divinity in Oxford, and chaplaine in ordinary
Prideaux, John, 1587-1650. / [1621] Eight sermons, preached by Iohn Prideaux, Doctor of Diuinity, Regius Professor, Vice-Chancellor of the Vniuersity of Oxford, and rector of Exceter Colledge. The severall texts and titles of the sermons, follow in the next leafe
Prideaux, Mathias, 1622-1646? / [M.DC.XLVIII. 1648] An easy and compendious introduction for reading all sorts of histories: contrived, in a more facile way then heretofore hath been published, out of the papers of Mathias Prideaux Mr of Arts and sometime fellow of Exeter Colledge in Oxford.
Prier, Robert. / [1648] A looking-glass for a proud pharisee (very zealous and very ignorant:) as also for a true Christian (very meek and very mercifull:) discovering an effectual way (by the mysterie of God) for the healing of the land, through the uniting al sides to God, and one to another, by Jesus Christ. Humbly presented to the city of London, by Robert Prier, a memeber of it.
Priest, Thomas. / [1681] A copy of verses made and set forth by Thomas Priest Bell-Man to all my worthy master and mistrisses of the vvard of St. Gile's Cripplegate without and within the freedom.
Primatt, Josiah. / [1651] To the honorable the Commissioners for Compounding the humble petition of Josiah Primatt, citizen and leather-seller of London:
Prime, H. / [1645] Compassionate Christ.: A small treatise, setting forth the tendernesse of Christ towards the bruised and broken in spirit. / By H. Prime. Minister of the Gospell.
Prime, H. / [1653] A bundle of myrrhe.: Or Several sweet truths spiritually unfolded under these following heads. 1. Mercy magnified. 2. Practical graces. 3. Christs humiliation. 4. Certainty of salvation. Published by H.P. minister of the Gospel.
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [1583] A fruitefull and briefe discourse in two bookes: the one of nature, the other of grace with conuenient aunswer to the enemies of grace, vpon incident occasions offered by the late Rhemish notes in their new translation of the new Testament, & others. Made by Iohn Prime fellow of New Colledge in Oxford.
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [1585] A sermon briefly comparing the estate of King Salomon and his subiectes togither with the condition of Queene Elizabeth and her people preached in Sainct Maries in Oxford the 17. of Nouember, and now printed with some small alteration, by Iohn Prime, 1585.
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [1582] [A short treatise of the sacraments generally, and in speciall of baptisme, and of the Supper] [written by Iohn Prime ...].
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [1588] The consolations of David, breefly applied to Queene Elizabeth in a sermon preached in Oxford the 17. of Nouember. By Iohn Prime, 1588.
Prime, John, 1550-1596. / [Anno 1587] An exposition, and observations upon Saint Paul to the Galathians togither with incident quæstions debated, and motiues remoued, by Iohn Prime.
Primerose, David. / [1681] Remerciement fait au Roi de la part de l'eglise francoise et de l'eglise flamande de la ville de Londres pour les graces que sa Majesté a accordées aux estrangers protestans qui se retirent dans son Roiaume: prononcé par David Primerose, ministre de l'eglise francoise, le 19 October, 1681 = The thanks given to the King on the behalf of the French and Dutch churches in the city of London for the favours granted by His Majesty to the Protestant strangers retired into his kingdom / spoken the 19th of October, 1681, by David Primerose, minister of the French church in London.
Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659. / [1651] Popular errours.: Or the errours of the people in physick, first written in Latine by the learned physitian James Primrose Doctor in Physick. Divided into foure bookes. viz. 1. The first treating concerning physicians. 2. The second of the errours about some diseases, and the knowledge of them. 3. The third of the errours about the diet; as well of the sound as of the sick. 4. The fourth of the errours of the people about the use of remedies. Profitable and necessary to be read of all. To which is added by the same authour his verdict concerning the antimoniall cuppe. Translated into English by Robert Wittie Doctor in Physick.
Primerose, James, ca. 1598-1659. / [1640] The antimoniall cup twice cast: or a treatise concerning the antimoniall cup, shewing the abuse thereof. First, written in Latine by Iames Primrose Dr. of physicke, in consideration of a small pamphlet set forth by the founder of the cup. Translated into English by Robert Wittie, Master of Arts, Philiatr.
Primi Fassola di San Maiolo, Giovan Battista Feliciano, conte, 1648-1713. / [1679] The campagne of the French King in the year 1677. In which is described exactly the three sieges and taking in of Valenciennes by assault, and of the town and citadel of Cambray, and of St. Omers, with an account of the Battel of Cassel. Licensed Sept. the 6th, 1678. Roger L'Estrange.
Primroes, W. / [1612] A funerall poeme vpon the death of the learned deuine Mr. Hugh Broughton: who deceased in anno 1612. August the 4. Interred the 7.
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [1626] The table of the Lord whereof, 1. The vvhole seruice, is the liuing bread. 2. The guests, any man. 3. The mouth to eate, faith onely. By Gilbert Primerose, Doctour of Divinitie, one of his Maiesties chaplaines in ordinary, and pastour of the French church at London.
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [Anno 1625] The righteous mans euils, and the Lords deliuerances. By Gilbert Primerose, minister of the French Church in London.
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [M.DC.XXIIII. 1624] Panegyrique a tres-grand et tres-puissant prince, Charles Prince de Galles, &c. Par Gilbert Primerose, pasteur de l'Eglise françoise de Londres
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [1617] Iacobs vovv, opposed to the vowes of monkes and friers The first volume in two bookes; of the Holy Scripture, and euangelicall counsels. Written in French by Mr. Gilbert Primerose, minister of the word of God in the Reformed Church of Burdeaux. And translated into English by Iohn Bulteel minister of the gospel of Iesus Christ.
Primrose, Gilbert, ca. 1580-1642. / [1625] The Christian mans teares and Christs comforts. Delivered at a fast the seventh of Octob. An[n]o. 1624. By Gilbert Primerose minister of the French Church of London.
Prince, John, 1643-1723. / [1674] A sermon preached at Exon, in the Cathedral of St. Peter, at the visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God, Anthony, by divine permission, Lord Bishop of Exon by John Prince ...
Prince, Thomas. / [1649] The silken Independents snare broken. By Thomas Prince, close prisoner in the Tower. Turning the mischief intended upon him, in Walwyns Wyles, upon the seven Independent authors thereof, viz. William Kiffin, David Lordell, John Price, Richard Arnald, Edmund Rosier, Henry Foster, Henry Barnet.
Principall Person in Paris. / [Imprinted in the yeare, 1647] A copie of a letter from a principall person in Paris,: in answer to one received from his friend in England, touching the estate of the present affaires: and his opinion.
Pringle, Alexander, of Harwich. / [1657] Mishʻam A stay in trouble or The saints rest in the evil day.: Exactly discovered from their cordial dependance upon God, and comfortable assistance by him. Shortly digested as the saints manual in the worst of times. The first part. / By Alexander Pringle, a worthless servant to Christ in the work of his Gospel.
Printall, Henry. / [1670] A list of the English captives taken by the pyrates of Argier, made publick for the benefit of those that have relations there.
Pritchard, Thomas, d. 1692. / [1693] A sermon preached at the funeral of the Lady Lumley at Great Bardfield in Essex, September 20. 1692. By Thomas Pritchard, M.A. and late rector of West-Tilbury in Essex. Imprimatur. C. Alston. Nov. 16. 1692.
Pritchard, Thomas, d. 1692. / [1693] A sermon preached at the funeral of Mrs Mary Dawes at Great Bardfield in Essex, January 15. 1690. By Thomas Pritchard, M.A. and late rector of West-Tilbury in Essex. Imprimatur. C. Alston. Nov. 16. 1692.
Pritchard, Thomas, fl. 1579. / [1579] The schoole of honest and vertuous lyfe profitable and necessary for all estates and degrees, to be trayned in: but (cheefely) for the pettie schollers, the yonger sorte, of both kindes; bee they men or women. by T.P. Also, a laudable and learned discourse, of the worthynesse of honorable wedlocke, written in the behalfe of all (aswell) maydes as wydowes, (generally) for their singuler instruction, to choose them vertuous and honest husbandes: but (most specialy) sent writte[n] as a iewell vnto a worthy gentlewoman, in the time of her widowhood, to direct & guide her in the new election of her seconde husband. By her approoued freend and kinseman. I.R.
Pritchard, William, Sir, 1632?-1705. / [1682] The humble address of the Lord Mayor, Alderman, and Commons of the city of London in Common Council assembled at a common council held the 13th day of March, 1682, upon a petition presented by the inhabitants in and about Smithfield, taking notice that His Majesty (upon application from the Court of Aldermen in behalf of this city), has been pirased to order a stop to an intended patent for a market near Albermarle House, which (had it been passed) would greatly have reduced to the cities prejudice,... a committee was appointed immediately to withdraw and prepare an address to be presented to His Majesty from that court, who were Sir William Turner, Sir James Edwards, Sir John Moore, Aldermen; Sir Benjamin Newland, Deputy Ayleworth, Deputy Hawes, Deputy Langham, Mr. Charleton, Mr. Vernon, Commoners, with Mr. Cornman Serjeant ... and ordered to be forthwith presented to His Majesty at Newmarket by the same committee who had prepared it, the tenor whereof is as followeth.
Privat person. / [1690?] A scheme for a public academy some reasons for its institution, the common objections answer'd, with the easie method of its support / design'd by a privat person, and humbly submitted to both the Honorable Houses of Parliament ...
Private gentleman. / [1642] A paralell between the late troubles in Scotland and the present troubles in England written by a private gentleman.
Private gentleman. / [Ann. Dom. 1642] A letter sent from a private gentleman to a friend in London, in justification of his owne adhereing to His Majestie in these times of distraction: with arguments induceing him thereunto, both from the law of God and man.
Private hand. / [1695] A poem occasion'd by the death of Her late Majesty of ever happy and sacred memory by a private hand.
Proclus, ca. 410-485. / [1550 Feb. 11] The descripcion of the sphere or the frame of the worlde, right worthy to be red and studyed on, of all noble wyttes, specially of all those that be desyrous to attayne any perfecte knowledge in cosmography, or true descripcion of reagions, townes, or countrees, / set forth by Proclus Diadochus, and Englysshed by wyllyam [sic] Salysbury..
Procopius. / [1682] The debaucht court. Or, The lives of the Emperor Justinian and his Empress Theodora the comedian. Faithfully translated into English.
Procopius. / [1674] The secret history of the court of the emperor Justinian written by Procopius of Cesarea ; faithfully rendred into English.
Procopius. / [1653] The history of the warres of the Emperour Justinian in eight books : of the Persian, II, Vandall, II, Gothicke, IV / written in Greek by Procopivs of Caesarea ; and Englished by Henry Holcroft, Knight.
Procter, Thomas. / [1607] A vvorthy vvorke profitable to this whole kingdome. Concerning the mending of all high-waies, as also for waters and iron workes. By Tho: Procter Esquire.
Procter, Thomas. / [1621] The right of Kings conteyning a defence of their supremacy, over all persons and in all causes, as well ecclesiasticall as civill, within their severall dominions : herewithall is proved by testimony of Holy Scripture, that Christian Kinges are to haue such dignity, and execute such office in the Christian church, as Gods kinges had exercised in the church under the lawe : which part of the mysterie of Gods will, as it hath been wickedly under poperie shut up from men, so it is in our tymes right needfull that the same be opened to all Christian nations.
Procter, William. / [1625] The vvatchman vvarning A sermon preached at Pauls Crosse the 26. of September, 1624. By William Procter, Master of Arts, and minister of Gods Word.
Proctor, John, 1521?-1584. / [An. Domini D.CCCCC.XLIX. i.e. 1549] The fal of the late Arrian.
Proctor, Thomas, fl. 1621. / [1621] Englands pvrginge fire: Conteyninge two petitions, the one to the Kinges most excellent Majesty, the other to the High Courte of Parliament held at this tyme in England. Shewinge in diverse perticulers, how the Church in England might be ordered, yet more conformably to the Will of God reveiled in his worde then at this day it is. Herewithall is declared, the evell and lamentable effects of our vnable and negligent ministers: and the happy fruict of our learned and painefull pastors. A worke most needefull for theise tymes, as servinge to turne away the wrath and iudgements of God from this lande, through the removinge, (accordinge to the advertisements herein given) such disorders and evells, as for which the wrath of God may be, and is, kindled against this Land, and the church therein.
Proffet, Nicolas, d. 1669. / [1645] Englands impenitencie under smiting, causing anger to continue, and the destroying hand of God to be stretched forth still.: Set out in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at a publike fast, Sept. 25. 1644. By Nicolas Proffet, late rector of Peters in Marlebrough, now Minister of Edminton, and one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by Order from that House.
Prophet of Wales. / [1647] Crete vvonders foretold by her crete prophet of Wales,: which shall certainly happen this present year 1647. by strange fires, and crete waters, by spirits and tivills, appearing in many places of tis kingdome, especially in and about te cities of London and Westminster, and the effects that will follow thereupon. Also her kings coming home to her crete counsell.
Protestant. / [Printed in the year, 1675] To en archy: or, An exercitation upon a momentous question in divinity, and case of conscience viz. whether it be lawfull for any person to act contrary to the opinion of his own consicence, formed from arguments that to him appear very probable, though not necessary or demonstrative. Where the opinions of the papists, Vasquez, Sanches, Azonius, &c. are shewed, as also the opinions of some Protestants, viz. Mr. Hooker, Bp Sanderson, Dr. Fulwood, &c. and compared with the opinions of others; the negative part of the question maintained; the unreasonableness of the popish opinions, and some Protestants, for blind obedience, detected; and many other things discoursed. By a Protestant.
Protestant. / [printed in the year 1666 and reprinted with additions, 1673] A summary account of all the statute-laws of this kingdom now in force against Jesuits, seminary priests, and popish recusants drawn up for the benefit of all Protestants / done by a Protestant, to inform such of his fellow-subjects, that are ignorant of these laws, and would be willing to do their duties, where, and when the laws enjoyn them.
Protestant. / [1688] Some necessary disquisitions and close expostulations with the clergy and people of the Church of England, touching their present loyalty written by a Protestant.
Protestant. / [1680] The great idol of the masse overthrown in 24 arguments wherein the doctrine of transubstantiation is fully refuted in a sermon preached upon Luke 22 the latter part of the 19th verse / by a Protestant.
Protestant. / [1679?] An abstract of the contents of several letters relating to the management of affairs with Rome by the D. of Y. [i.e.the Duke of York] and others published for satisfaction of the people, with a preface : shewing our present dangers and the authors thereof / by a Protestant.
Protestant and true English-man. / [1689] The mystery of iniquity working in the dividing of Protestants, in order to the subverting of religion and our laws for almost the space of 30 years last past, plainly laid open with some advices to Protestants of all perswasions in the present juncture of our affairs : to which is added A specimen of a bill for uniting of Protestants / by a Protestant and a true English-man.
Protestant Association (Maryland) / [1689] The declaration of the reasons and motives for the present appearing in arms of Their Majesties Protestant subjects in the province of Maryland. Licens'd, November 28th 1689. J.F.
Protestant Dissenter. / [1700] The Portraiture of Mr. George Keith the Quaker,: in opposition to Mr. George Keith the parson. / Presented to the hearers of his late sermons. ; By a Protestant dissenter.
Protestant dissenter. / [1700?] One wonder more added to the seven wonders of the world verified in the person of Mr. George Keith, once a Presbyterian, afterwards about thirty years a Quaker, then a noun substantive at Turners-Hall, and now an itinerant preacher (upon his good behaviour) in the Church of England, and all without variation (as himself says) in fundamentals / by a Protestant dissenter.
Protestant gentleman in Ireland. / [1639] The answer of a Protestant gentleman in Ireland to a late letter from N. N. upon a late discourse between them concerning the present posture of that countrey, and the part fit for those concerned there, to act in it.
Protestant of the Church of England. / [1680] The way of peace, or, A discourse of the dangerous principles and practices of some pretended Protestants ... being certain brief ... writings of several learned Protestant authors : with divers additions perswasive to peace / by the author, a Protestant of the Church of England.
Protestant Union (1608-1620) / [1610] A publike declaration¨ made by the united Protestant princes electors and other princes, states and lords, of the Holie Empire, thereby shewing for what causes and reasons, they are mooued to ioyne together in a straight vnitie and alliance, to aide and assist the princes electors of BrandenBurgh and the Palsgraue: in the possession of the dukedomes, countryes and dominions of Gulike, Cleaue, and Berge. Translated out of the Duch copie, printed at Amsterdam by Michael Colyn, ann. 1610.
Prouninck, Gerard, d. 1610. / [Anno 1587] A shorte admonition or warning, vpon the detestable treason vvherevvith Sir VVilliam Stanley and Rovvland Yorke haue betraied and deliuered for monie vnto the Spaniards, the towne of Deuenter, and the sconce of Zutphen. Translated into English by C.C.
Provoste, John. / [1698] A sermon on the occasion of the death of the Right Honourable Elizabeth Lady Cutts containing an account of her most pious life and lamented death.
Provoste, John. / [1700] Instructions to a nobleman's daughter concerning religion at first designed for one, now directed to all of that rank, and useful to young persons of quality, and others of that sex : with sacramental and other suitable devotions / by John Provoste.
Prowd, Joseph. / [1642. August. 9] A true and sad relation of divers passages in Somersetshire, between the county and the cavaleers concerning the militia, and the Commission of Array, August 5. 1642.: Wherein some were slaine, others distracted, and the town of Wells taken by the cavaleers, and since besieged by the countrey. With the votes of the Lords and Commons concerning divers delinquents in that action. Iohn Brown Cler. Parliament.
Prowde, Francis, 1653 or 4-1723. / [1694] A sermon preached in the Parish-Church of Bridgewater, July 16, 1693, before the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, at a confirmation by Fran. Prode ...
Prude, John. / [M DC XCVII. 1697] A sermon at the funeral of the learned and ingenious Mrs. Ann Baynard daughter and only child of Dr. Edward Baynard, Fellow of the Colledge of Physicians, London. Together with some remarkable passages in her life. Preached at the parish-church of Barnes in the county of Surry, June the 16th. 1697. By John Prude, A.M. chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, and curate of St. Clements Danes in the county of Middlesex. Published at the desire of her friends.
Prudent le Choyselat, M. / [1577] A discourse of housebandrie, no lesse profitable then delectable declaryng how by the housebandrie, or rather housewiferie of hennes, for fiue hundreth Frankes or Frenche poundes (making in Englishe money lv.¹i. xi.ås. i.d.) once emploied, one maie gaine in the yere, fower thousande and fiue hundreth Frankes (whiche in Englishe money, maketh fiue hundreth pou[n]des) of honest profite: All costes and charges deducted. Written in the Frenche tongue by Maister Prudent Choselat. And lately translated into English by R.E.
Prudent Le Choyselat, M. / [1580] A discourse of housebandrie No lesse profitable then delectable: declaryng how by the housebandrie, or rather housewiferie of Hennes, for fiue hundred frankes or Frenche poundes (makyng Englishe money lv.pi.xi.s̄.i.d.) once emploied, one maie gaine in the yere fower thousande and fiue hundreth frankes (whiche in Englishe money, maketh fiue hundreth poundes) of honest profite: all costes and charges deducted. Written in the Frenche tongue by Maister Prudens Choiselat. And lately translated into Englishe by R.E.
Prudom, Robert. / [1699] Truth unvail'd by scripture-light. In three parts. Written for the sake of those that desire to behold it in its native beauty. To which is added, an appendix, which the author desires to leave as a legacy to his children. By a despised follower of the blessed Jesus, Robert Prudom.
Prudom, Robert. / [1699] The true Christ, and the Quakers Christ compar'd in a letter sent to Mr. Richard Hardcastle. Wherein is a short review of some things asserted by the Quakers in their Norfolk-disputation with the clergy, &c. 1698. By Robert Prudom.
Prujean, Thomas, 1622 or 3-1662. / [1644] Aurorata·: By Thomas Prujean, student of Gonvile and Caius Colledge in Cambridge.
Prussia (Germany) / [1679] Articles published at Berlin: between His Most Christian Majesty, the King of Sweden, and His Electoral Highnesse of Brandenburgh.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed, 1642] A vindication of Psalme 105.15. (touch not mine anoynted, and doe my prophets no harme) from some false glosses lately obtruded on it by Royallists.: Proving that this divine inhibition was given to kings, not subjects; to restraine them from injuring and oppressing Gods servants, and their subjects; who are Gods anoynted, as well as kings: and that it is more unlawfull for kings to plunder and make war upon their subjects, by way of offence, then for subjects to take up armes against kings in such cases by way of defence. With a briefe exhortation to peace and unity.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] VIII queries upon the late declarations of, and letters from, the army:: proposed to all true lovers of their country and Parliaments, and conscientious souldiers in the army.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1659] The true good old cause rightly stated, and the false un-cased.:
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1643] The treachery and disloyalty of papists to their soveraignes, in doctrine and practise.: Together with an exact parallel of the jurisdiction, power, and priviledges claimed and exercised by our popish Parliaments, prelates, Lords and Commons in former times, with those now claimed and practised by the present Parliament, Lords and Commons, which are here manifested to be farre more loyall, dutifull, moderate; more consistent with, lesse invasive on, and destructive to the Kings pretended soveraigne power and prerogative, then those of popish parliaments, and subjects. Wherein likewise the traiterous, antimonarchicall doctrines, practises and attempts of papists upon their soveraignes prerogatives, crownes, persons, with the dangerous consequences, effects, and designes, of their present illegall arming, and accesse to the Kings Army, and person by meanes of evill counsellours, are briefely discovered; ... It is ordered by the Committee for Printing that this treatise be forthwith printed and published, by Michael Sparke, senior. Januar. 13. 1642. John White.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1659] Ten considerable quæries concerning tithes,: the present petitioners and petitions for their total abolition, as antichristian, Jewish, burdensom, oppressive to the godly, consciencious people of the nation; excited, incouraged thereunto by disguised Jesuits, popish priests, friers, and Romish emissaries, to starve, suppress, extirpate our protestant ministers, church, religion; and bring them all to speedy confusion. / By William Prynne Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1659] Theodidactus;, or, The faithful admonisher. Showing the great dishonour to God, and the Protestant religion, by the divisions and the animodities of the ministers of the Church of England, and seasonably exhorting them to unity of spirit in their profession of the gospell of truth. Representing withall at large that the Holy Communion of the Lords Supper belongeth unto all and every visible member of the Church that is capable of selfe-examination, and that Christ himselfe admitted Jvdas though a devill to it / by William Prynne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1646] Suspention suspended. Or, The divines of Syon-Colledge late claim of the power of suspending scandalous persons, from the Lords Supper (without sequestring them from any other publicke ordinance, or the society of Christians) and that by the very will and appointment of Jesus Christ (not by vertue of any ordinance of Parliament) from whom they receive both their office and authority;: briefly examined, discussed, refuted by the Word of God, and arguments deduced from it; and the contrary objections cleerly answered. Wherein, a bare suspention of persons from the Lords Supper onely, without a seclusion of them from other ordinances, is proved to be no censure or discipline appointed by Jesus Christ in his Word: ... That the Lords Supper is frequently, not rarely to be administred as well to unregenerate Christians to convert them, as to regenerate to confirme them: ... / By William Prynne of Lincolnes Inne, Esq.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the yeere 1649. i.e. 1650] Summary reasons against the new oath & Engagement.: And an admonition to all such as have already subscribed it. With a cautionarie exhortation to all honest English spirits, to avoid the danger of perjurie by taking of it.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1661] Some Passages abstracted out of a book, entitled Minors no senators, being a brief discourse, proving infants under one and twenty years of age to be incapable in point of law of being elected or admitted members of the High Court of Parliament; and that election of such members are meer nullities in law. / Written by W. Prynn, Esq.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1659] A short, legal, medicinal, usefull, safe, easie prescription, to recover our kingdom, Church, nation from their present dangerous, distractive, destructive confusion, and worse than Bedlam madnesse;: seriously recommended to all English freemen who desire peace, safety, liberty, settlement. By William Prynne, Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1654] A seasonable, legall, and historicall vindication and chronologicall collection of the good, old, fundamentall, liberties, franchises, rights, laws of all English freemen (their best inheritance, birthright, security, against arbitrary, tyrannicall, and Egyptian burdens) and of their strenuous defence in all former ages; of late years most dangerously undermined, and almost totally subverted, under the specious disguise of their defence and future establishment, upon a sure basis, their pretended, greatest propugners.: Wherein is irrefragably evinced by Parliamentary records, proofs, presidents, that we have such fundamentall liberties, ... that to attempt or effect the subversion of all or any of them, ... is high treason: ... / By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esquire.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed, 1643] A revindication of the anoynting and priviledges of faithfull subjects. Or, A briefe reply to an idle pamphlet, intituled, An answer and confutation of that groundlesse vindication of Psal. 105. 15. (touch not mine anoynted, and do my prophets no harme) from some trayterous exposition of schismaticks:: declaring to the world, that this was spoken principally and peculiarly of kings, and not of inferiour subjects, &c. Wherein the insufficiency and ridiculousnesse this Answerers no-answer, is briefly demonstrated, the Vindication justified, and the text of Rom. 13. cleared from some misconstructions (against subjects taking up meere defensive armes in any cases) which the Answerer (out of Dr. Fernes Resolution of conscience, for want of matter of his own) hath thrust upon it, to delude some scrupulous consciences. With a briefe exhortation to peace, with truth, righteousnesse, and holinesse.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year of our Lord, 1659] The re-publicans and others spurious good old cause, briefly and truly anatomized. To preserve our native country, kingdom, legal government, Church, parliaments, laws, liberties, privileges of Parliament, and Protestant religion from ruine, scandal, and perpetual infamy; to reform, reclaim all Jesuit-ridden seduced republicans, officers, soldiers, sectaries, heretofore, or now engaged in the prosecution of this misintituled good old cause, from any future pursute thereof, and engage them for ever to abominate it, as apparently tending to publike ruin, their own temporal and eternal condemnation, infamy, our religions reproach, in present and succeeding ages. By William Prynne Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1655] The Quakers unmasked, and clearly detected to be but the spawn of Romish frogs, Jesuites, and Franciscan fryers; sent from Rome to seduce the intoxicated giddy-headed English nation.: By an information newly taken upon oath in the city of Bristol, Jan. 22. 1654. and some evident demonstrations. / By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esq;.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed anno Dom. 1649] Prynne the Member reconciled to Prynne the barrester. Or An ansvver to a scandalous pamphlet, intituled, Prynne against Prynne.: Wherein is a cleare demonstration, that William Prynne, utter barrester of Lincolnes Inne, in his soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes, is of the same judgement with, and no wayes contradictory to William Prynne Esquire, a Member of the House of Commons in his memento. Wherein the unlawfullnesse of the proceedings against the King, and altering the present government is manifested out of his former writings and all cavils and calumnies of this scandalous pamphleteer fully answered. / By William Prynne Esquire, barrester at law, and a Member of the House of Commons.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1648] A plea for the Lords: or, A short, yet full and necessary vindication of the judiciary and legislative power of the House of Peeres,: and the hereditary just right of the lords and barons of this realme, to sit, vote and judge in the high Court of Parliament. Against the late seditious anti-Parliamentary printed petitions, libells and pamphlets of Anabaptists, Levellers, agitators, Lilburne, Overton, and their dangerous confederates, who endeavour the utter subversion both of parliaments, King and peers, to set up an arbitrary polarchy and anarchy of their own new-modelling. / By William Prynne Esquire, a well-wisher to both Houses of Parliament, and the republike; now exceedingly shaken and indangered in their very foundations.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [printed for the yeer 1655 i.e. 1654] An old parliamentary prognostication made at Westminster,: for the new-yeer, and young members there assembled in consultation. Fore-shewing the probable finall issue of all their intended new moddles, acts, and ordinances, from four old printed statutes, and abortive nulled Parliaments, not unworthy of their knowledg most serious consideration & saddest meditation; (and the whole three kingdoms too,) in regard of the present face of our publike affairs.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1636?] Newes from Ipswich discovering certaine late detestable practises of some domineering lordly prelates, to undermine the established doctrine and discipline of our Church, extirpate all orthodoxe sincere preachers, and preaching of Gods Word, usher in popery, supestition [sic] and idolatry; with their late-notorious purgations of the new fast-book, contrarie to his Majesties proclamation, and their intolerable affront therein offered to the most illustrious Lady Elizabeth, the Kings only sister, and her children (even whiles they are now loyall entertained at court) in blootting [sic] them out of the collect; and to his Majestie, his queene, and their royall progeny, in blotting them out of the member of Gods elect.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1641] Nevves from Ipswich: discovering certaine late detestable practices of some dominiering lordly prelates, to undermine the established doctrine and discipline of our church, extirpate all oxthodox sincere preachers and preaching of Gods Word, usher in Popery, superstition and idolatry.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1649] Mr. Prynnes letter to the Generall the third of January 1648.: Demanding what kind of prisoner he is? And whose prisoner? with an appearance to his action of false imprisonment, which he resolves to prosecute against those who have imprisoned him, for the publick interst and freedom. of the members and subjects. / William Prynne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1647 i.e. 1648] The Levellers levelled to the very ground.: Wherein this dangerous seditious opinion and design of some of them; that it is necessary, decent, and expedient, now to reduce the House of Peeres, and bring down the Lords into the Commons House, to sit and vote together with them, as one House. And the false absurd, grounds whereon they build this paradox, are briefly examined, refuted, and laid in the dust. / By William Prynne, Esquire.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1658. i.e. 1657] The Lords Supper briefly vindicated;: and clearly demonstrated by Scripture and other authorities, to be a grace-begetting, soul-converting, (as well as confirming) ordinance; against all false, vain, absurd, irreligious cavils, objections, whimsies, delusions of those novellists, who have lately contradicted it, both in press and pulpit : here satisfactorily refuted, retorted, dissipated. / By William Prynne of Swainswick Esquire; a bencher of Lincolns Inne.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1648?] Mr. Prynnes letter to the Borrough of Newport in Cornwall, for which he serves in Parliament
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year 1649] Mr VVilliam Prynn his defence of stage-plays, or A retractation of a former book of his called Histrio-mastix.:
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1644] A moderate apology against a pretended calumny.: In answer to some passages in The preheminence of Parlement. Newly published by James Howell Esquire, one of the clerks of his Majesties most honourable Privy Councell. VVherein a reason is rendered, why The popish royall favourite stiled him, no friend to Parliaments, and a malignant. And the copy of a letter written by George Gage from Rome to King Iames, inserted, to manifest an agency between him and Rome, to procure the Popes dispensation for the Spanish match. / By William Prynne of Lincolnes Inne, Esquire.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1645] The lyar confounded, or A briefe refutation of John Lilburnes miserably-mistated-case, mistaken-law; seditious calumnies, and most malicious lyes against the High Court of Parliament, the Honourable Committee of Examinations, Mr Speaker, with other members of the Commons House; and Mr William Prynne;: wherewith he hath seduced many ignorant overcredulous people. Manifesting the Parliaments extraordinary clemency towards him, their justice in their commitment of, and proceedings against him; for which he so ingratefully and falsely taxeth them, with tyranny and injustice / By William Prynne of Lincolnes Inne, Esquire.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [in the yeare, 1656] A legal resolution of two important quæres of general present concernment.: Clearly demonstrating from our statute, common and canon laws, the bounden duty of ministers, & vicars of parish churches, to administer the sacraments, as well as preach to their parishioners; with the legal remedies to reclaim them from, or punish and remove them for their wilfull obstinacy in denying the sacraments to them. / By William Prynne Esq; a bencher of Lincolns Inne; to whom these quæres were newly propounded by some clients.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year, 1647] IX queries upon the printed charge of the army against the XI. members and the papers thereto annexed:: submitted to the publike consideration of the Parliament, army, and all lovers of justice, truth, parliaments, and their native country.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year. 1647] A full vindication and ansvver of the XI. accused members;: viz. Denzill Holles, Esq; Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir William Lewis, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir William Waller, Sir Iohn Maynard Kts Major Gen. Massey, Iohn Glynne Esq; Recorder of London. Walter Long Esquire Col. Edward Harley, Anthony Nichols Esq to a late printed pamphlet intituled, A particular charge or impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax and the army under his command; against the said members, by his appointment and the Councel of War.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1649] The first part of an historical collection of the ancient Parliaments of England, from the yeer of our Lord 673, till the end of King John's reign, anno 1216.: Wherein is cleerly demonstrated by histories and records beyond contradiction, that the ancient parliaments, and great councels of England, during all this tract of time, and many yeers after, were constituted, and consisted onely of our kings, princes, dukes, earls, nobles, barons, spiritual and temporal lords, and those we now usually stile the House of Peers; and that both the legislative and judicial power of our parliaments resided onliy [sic] in them; without any knights, citizens, burgesses of Parliament, or Commons House, not knowne, nor heard of, till of punier times then these. Published, to inform the ignorance, and check the insolent usurpations of those few commoners, who now call themselves not only the Commons House, but Parliament of England; and (as much as in them lies) have most unjustly excluded both our King and lords from being any Members, or branches of our late, or future Parliaments. / By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esquire.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Anno Dom. 1646] Diotrephes catechised: or Sixteen important questions touching the ecclesiastical iurisdiction and censures (contradistinct to civill) now eagerly pretended to and challenged by a divine right, by some over-rigid Presbyterians, and Independents. Propounded to both these dissenting parties, for the further discovery of truth; the preservation of the civill Christian magistrates interest, and speedier comprimising [sic] of our present unhappie controversies touching church-government. On which many so over-dote, as to place the whole Kingdome of Christ and substance of religion therein: to repute all our former reformation, a meer nothing, the Church of Christ undone, and the exercise of their ministry, not only fruitlesse but unlawfull, so as they cannot with good conscience continue, but threaten to relinquish it, in case they cannot obtaine their demands of such an exorbitant power, by divine justicution, which Christ and his Apostles never claimed, exercised, nor themselves, nor predecessors, ever formerly enjoyed, petitioned for, or pretended to in any age, but this. / Proposed, published by W. Pryn, a well-wisher to verity and unitie.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1649] A declaration and protestation: of the peers, lords, and barons of this realme, against the late treasonable proceedings, and tyrannicall usurpations of some members of the Commons House, who endeavour to subvert the fundamentall laws and regall government of this kingdom, and enslave the people to their boundlesse tyranny instead of freedom. February 8. 1648.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1647] A counterplea to the cowards apologie,: manifesting by an ancient record and law; the unlawfullnesse of passing any vote or iudgement against law, or conscience, for feare of death, danger, or any forfeiture, in any court, counsell or iudicature, especially in the Houses of Parliament.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1649] A brief memento to the present unparliamentary juncto touching their present intentions and proceedings to depose and execute, Charles Stuart, their lawful King / by William Prynne Esquire ...
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the year, 1647] A brief iustification of the XI. accused members,: from a scandalous libel, stiled A particular charge and impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the army under him: newly printed and published to defame them. Wherein the apparent falshood and malice of some of the most materiall charges, is demonstrated to the world, for the present; till the rest be fully cleared in time by themselves, to the eternal infamy of the fals accusers, not any of them as yet daring to own and make good the generall or particular charge, in their own names under their hands, as by law they ought.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1650] A brief apologie for all non-subscribers, and looking-glasse for all apostate perjured prescribers & subscribers of the new engagement,: wherein they may clearly behold their presidents, sin, horrour, punishment.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [In the yeare 1637] A breviate of the prelates intollerable usurpations, both upon the Kings prerogative royall, and the subjects liberties. Published by W. Huntley, Esquier
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [printed in the year of our Lord, 1659] Beheaded Dr. John Hewytts ghost pleading, yea crying for exemplarie justice against the arbitrarie, un-exampled injustice of his late judges and executioners in the new High-Commission, or Court of Justice, sitting in Westminster-Hall.: Conteining his legal plea, demurrer, and exceptions to their illegal jurisdiction, proceedings, and bloody sentence against him; drawn up by counsel, and left behinde him ready ingrossed; the substance whereof he pleaded before them by word of mouth, and would have tendred them in writing in due form of law, had he not discerned their peremptory resolution to reject and over-rule, before they heard them read.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [1648] Articles of impeachment of high-treason,: exhibited by the Commons of England, in a free Parliament, against Lieutenant-General Oliver Crumwel Esquire, Commissary-General Henry Ireton Esquire, Sir Hardresse Waller Knight and colonel, Colonel Pride, Colonel Hewson, Colonel Ewers, Cornet Joyce, Hugh Peters clerk, William Lenthal Esquire, Speaker, Sir Henry Mildmay Knight, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Henry Martin, Cornelius Holland, and Thomas Scot, Esquires, Members of the House of Commons.
Prynne, William, 1600-1669. / [Printed in the yeere 1648] Ardua Regni: or, XII. arduous doubts of great concernment to the Kingdome,: requiring a full and speedy resolution : propounded to M. Speaker, and the House of Commons, touching some of their late proceedings against their own suspended, ejected members, and the impeached Lords.
Pryor, William. / [1665] The poor mans progress and rest, or, the way of God with man passing through the wildernesse to Canaan. In answer to a grand question demanded of the author whilst a prisioner in Jameses. Viz. What the manner of Gods dealing was with him in the severall dispensations that he had gone through; and also the ground of his practise, directed to one of the councel. And now published for the prevention of false suggestions against the said prisioner during his captivity. Wherein is clearly demonstrated, first, the false foundations that many thousands in this generation [ ] upon. Secondly, what the true foundation is with the ill consequences and absurditees of the contrary. Thirdly, the infallability of the this true foundation. Fourthly, the difference between living to Christ and living by him. ... Tenthly, some reasons to induce submission to imposition of hands. All made plain by scripture reason and experience. By William Pryer, a poor despised servant of Jesus, ...
Pryor, William. / [1659] The out-cries of the poor, oppressed, & imprisoned; or A safe way to free the poor of this city and the whole nation of England, from begging and starving.: Presented to the Council of Officers, Nov. 24. by William Pryor, and Thomas Turner. To which is annexed, A plea for the poor and helpless, against the enemies of their peace. By William Pryor.
Pryor, William. / [Printed in the year, 1649] The countrey-mans complaint. Or A true account of the moneys, given, and lent to the Parliament, since the yeer 1640.: By William Pryor of Thurning, in the county of Huntington, his means being but 17 l. 10s. a yeer. Together with his losses, crosses, vexations, and imprisonments, by means of the commitees, justices of the county, Lord Mountague of Boudon, and Parson Wells of Thurning. Who with their murthering practises, have endevored (as much as in them lies) the destruction of the said Pryor. Humbly presented to Parliament for justice; to be relieved from his oppressors.
Prys, Edmund, 1544-1623. / [1648] Llyfr y Psalmau: wedi ev cyfiethu, a'i cyfansoddi ar fefur cerdd, yn gymraeg / drwy waith Edmund Prys Archdiacon Meirionnydd.
Prys, Edmund, 1544-1623. / [1700] Llyfr y Psalmau,: wedi eu cyfieithu, a'u cyfansoddi ar fesur cerdd, yn gymraeg / o waith Edmund Prys, Arch-diacon Meironydd.
Prys, Edmund, 1544-1623. / [1687] Llyfr y Psalmau,: wedi eu cyfieithu, a'u cyfansoddi ar fefur cerdd, yn gymraeg. / Drwy waith Edmund Prys archdiacon Merionydd.
Prys, Edmund, 1544-1623. / [1621.] Llyfr y Psalmau, wedi eu cyfieithu, a'i cyfansoddi ar fesur cerdd, yn gymraeg. / Drwy waith Edmund Prys Archdiacon Meirionnydd,.
Przypkowski, Samuel, 1592-1670. / [1653] The life of that incomparable man, Faustus Socinus Senensis, described by a Polonian knight.: Whereunto is added an excellent discourse, which the same author would have had premised to the works of Socinus; together with a catalogue of those works.
Przypkowski, Samuel, 1592-1670. / [1653] Dissertatio de pace, &c. Or, A discourse touching the peace & concord of the Church.: Wherein is elegantly and acutely argued, that not so much a bad opinion, as a bad life, excludes a Christian out of the kingdom of heaven; and that the things necessary to be known for the attainment of salvation, are very few and easie: and finally, that those, who pass amongst us under the name of hereticks, are notwithstanding to be tolerated.