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Pocklington, John. / [1636] Sunday no Sabbath. A sermon preached before the Lord Bishop of Lincolne, at his Lordships visitation at Ampthill in the county of Bedford, Aug. 17. 1635. By John Pocklington Doctor of Divinitie, late fellow and president both of Pembroke Hall and Sidney Colledge in Cambridge, and chaplaine to the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Lincolne.
Pocock, Richard. / [1675?] An answer to the Satyr against mankind
Pococke, Edward, 1604-1691. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] A commentary on the prophecy of Hosea by Edward Pococke.
Poet, fl. 1697. / [printed in the year, 1697] The justice of peace: or a vindication of peace from several late pamphlets, written by Mr. Congreve, Dennis, &c. In doggrel verse. Written at the request of a young lady, and dedicated to her. By a poet.
Pointel, Daniel, d. 1674. / [1657] Moses and Aaron, or, The ministers right and the magistrates duty vindicated from the exceptions made against both by Richard Kingsnoth, in a late book of his entitled, The true tything of the Gospel-ministers / by Daniel Pointel ...
Pointis, Jean-Bernard-Louis Desjean, baron de, 1645-1707. / [1698] An account of the taking of Carthagena by the French in the year 1697 containing all the particulars of that expedition, from their first setting out to their return into Brest / by Monsieur de Pointis, commander in chief ; illustrated with a large copper plate describing the situation of Carthagena and parts adjacent.
Pointz, John. / [July 9. 1642] A true relation of the taking of Roger Manwering Bishop of St. Davids coming from Ireland in a disguis'd habit, in the ship call'd the Eagle, the 28. of June, 1642.: By Captaine John Pointz. Also the relation of the sudden rising of the Lord Strange in Lankashire, and of his intention of the taking of the magazine of Larpoole. Likewise concerning the Lord Digbies coming over in the ship call'd the Providence, his being chased at sea by our ships. And how Sir Edward Stradling, and Colonell Ashburnham were with a French-man of war taken coming from Holland in a pinnace, going for Yorke. Unto which is annexed a conspiracie against Sir Henry Tichbourn Governour of Droghedagh, by Captain Garner; and how Tradagh had like to have been betrayed by the rebels. Also an order against proclaiming any proclamation, order, or declaration, contrary to any order or ordinance of both Pouses [sic] of Parliament. Hen. Elsing. Cler. Parl. D.
Poiret, Pierre, 1646-1719. / [in the year, M. DC. XCV. 1695] The true principles of the Christian education of children briefly and plainly declared and recommended to parents and all others concerned in the institution of youth. Very profitable for all sorts of persons, as containing the great and fundamental truths and duties of the Christian religion. / Translated from the second edition of the original French.
Poisson, Raymond, 1633-1690. / [1685] The gallant ladies, or, The mutual confidence. The second part a novel / translated out of the French.
Poisson, Raymond, 1633-1690. / [1685] The gallant ladies, or, The mutual confidence. The first part a novel / translated out of the French.
Poisson, Raymond, d. 1690. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] The galants, or, The reciprocal confidents a novel / translated out of the French by a person of quality.
Poland. / [1635] The forme of the agreement made at Strumsdorff. Of the truce for twenty six yeares to come, concluded betwixt the high and mighty prince, the Kings Majesty of Poland, great Duke of Lettow, &c. as also of the kingdome of Poland, and great dukedome of Lettow; on tbe [sic] one party. And the high and mighty princesse, the Queenes Maiestie, and kingdome of Sweden; on the other partie. Comprised in twenty foure articles.
Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610. / [1595] The substance of Christian religion soundly set forth in two bookes, by definitions and partitions, framed according to the rules of a naturall method, by Amandus Polanus professor of diuinitie. The first booke concerneth faith. The second concerneth good workes. The principall pointes whereof are contained in a short table hereunto annexed. Translated out of Latin into English by E.W.
Polanus von Polansdorf, Amandus, 1561-1610. / [1599] A treatise of Amandus Polanus, concerning Gods eternall predestination. Wherein both this excellent doctrine is briefly and syncerely deliuered, and many hard places of Scripture are opened and maintained against the corrupt expositions of Bellarmine and other adversaries.
Polden, Morgan. / [1644] To the right honourable the Lords assembled in Parliament. The humble petition of Captaine Morgan Polden, Esquire.
Pole, Reginald, 1500-1558. / [Anno. 1569] A treatie of iustification. Founde emong the writinges of Cardinal Pole of blessed memorie, remaining in the custodie of M. Henrie Pyning, chamberlaine and general receiuer to the said cardinal, late deceased in Louaine. Item, certaine translations touching the said matter of iustification, the titles whereof, see in the page folowing
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1678] Speculum theologiæ in Christo, or, A view of some divine truths which are either practically exemplified in Jesus Christ, set forth in the Gospel, or may be reasonably deduced from thence / by Edward Polhill ..., Esq.
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1682] The Samaritan shewing that many and unnecessary impositions are not the oyl that must heal the church together with the way or means to do it / by a country gentleman who goes to common-prayer and not to meetings.
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1675] Precious faith considered in its nature, working, and growth by Edward Polhill ...
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1694] A discourse of schism by that learned gentleman Edward Polhill, Esq. ...
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1680] Christus in corde, or, The mystical union between Christ and believers considered in its resemblances, bonds, seals, priviledges and marks by Edward Polhil ..., Esq.
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1682] Armatura Dei, or, A preparation for suffering in an evil day shewing how Christians are to bear sufferings, and what graces are requisite thereunto : suited for all good Christians in this present time / by Edward Polhil ..., Esq.
Polhill, Edward, 1622-1694? / [1675] An answer to the discourse of Mr. William Sherlock, touching the knowledge of Christ, and our union and communion with him by Edward Polhill ..., Esquire.
Pollard, Hugh, Sir, 1610-1666. / [Oct. 28. 1642] To the right honourable the House of Commons.: The humble petition of Sir Hugh Pollard which was lately taken prisoner in Somersetshire, and brought up to London, and committed to the counter for levying warre against the Parliament. Also the Parliaments profession to receive His Majesty with honoua [sic] and give him true obedience Also, His Majesties answer to the ,Parliaments [sic] last petition. With a true relation of the Earle of Worcesters raising of more forces in Wales, and that his sonne the Lord Herbert is made Generall of South Wales.
Pollard, Leonard, d. 1556. / [Anno. M.D.LVI. 1556] Fyve homiles of late, made by a ryght good and vertuous clerke, called master Leonarde Pollarde, prebendary of the Cathedrall Churche of Woster, directed and dedicated to the ryght reuerende Father in God Rychard by the permissyon of God bysshoppe of Woster his specyall good Lorde. Vewed, examined, and alowed by the right reuerende Father in God Edmonde byshop of London, within whose diocese they are imprinted. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.
Pollard, Thomas. / [M DC XC VIII. 1698] A sermon preached before the religious societies in St. Michael's Church Dublin.: September the 25th. 1698. / by Thomas Pollard ...
Pollard, Thomas, fl. 1655. / [1655] The holy scripture clearing it self of scandals: or, An answer to a book written by Richard Farnworth, who is commonly called a Quaker, bearing this title, Truth cleared of scandals.: In this answer, you have the substance of a dispute at Harliston in Staffordshire, between Richard Faruworth [sic] and the author, in the yeer 1654. Written by Tho. Pollard, a member of the Church of Christ, gathered in, and about, Leichfield. Whereunto is added, Certain considerations and queries concerning those people called the Quakers; with desire of an answer. As also, a postscript, manifesting their folly in pretending a necessity of using the terms thee and thou to a single person. / By Henry Haggar, a servant of Jesus Christ, and of the congregation of his saints.
Pollexfen, Henry, Sir, 1632?-1691. / [1691?] A copy of the late Lord Chief Justice Pollexfen's opinion, which he gave Mr. Richard Murray, in the year 1686 when he opposed the reading of the Scotch decree in the Court of Chancery in Ireland as being no evidence to be admitted.
Pollexfen, Henry, Sir, 1632?-1691. / [1696] The argument of a learned counsel, upon an action of the case brought by the East-India-Company, against Mr. Thomas Sands, an interloper
Pollexfen, John, b. ca. 1638. / [1697] England and East-India inconsistent in their manufactures being an answer to a treatise intituled, An essay on the East-India trade by the author of, The essay of wayes and means.
Pollexfen, John, b. ca. 1638. / [1700] Of trade 1. In general. 2. In particular. 3. Domestick. 4. Foreign. 5. The East-India. 6. The African. 7. The Turky. 8. The Spanish. 9. The Hamburgh. 10. The Portugal. 11. The Italian. 12. The Dutch. 13. The Russia. 14. The Greenland. 15. The Swedeland. 16. The Denmark. 17. The Irish. 18. The Scotland. 19. The plantation. 20. The French, &c. Also, of coyn. Bullion. Of improving our woollen manufacture. To prevent exporting wooll. Of ways and means to increase our riches, &c. By J.P. esq; to which is annex'd, the argument of the late Lord Chief Justice Pollexphen, upon an action of the case, brought by the East-India Company against Mr. Sands an interloper.
Pollexfen, John, b. ca. 1638. / [1697] Discourse of trade, coyn, and paper credit, and of ways and means to gain, and retain riches to which is added the argument of a learned counsel upon an action of a case brought by the East-India-Company against Mr. Sands the interloper.
Poloeconomicus. / [1657] A true copie of a letter sent from a friend in Paris, to his friend in London, with one inclosed, casually found neer the Louvre in Paris.:
Polsted, Ezekiel. / [1697] Kalōz telōnēsantai or, The excise-man Shewing the excellency of his profession, how and in what it precedes all others; the felicity he enjoys, the pleasures as well as qualifications that inevitably attend him, notwithstanding the opprobrious calunmies of the most inveterate detractor. Discovering his knowledge in the arts, men and laws in an essay. By Ezekiel Polsted, A.B.
Polter, Richard. / [1644] The path-way to perfect sayling shewing briefly the six principall points or grounds of navigation / written by Richard Polter ; whereunto is added A navticall discovrse ... first penned by John Basset ; and now put forth to publike view with some addition by Henry Bond.
Polwheile, Theophilus, d. 1689. / [1667] Of quencing [sic] the spirit the evill of it, in respect both of its causes and effects / discovered by Theophilus Polwheile.
Polwheile, Theophilus, d. 1689. / [1674] Of ejaculatory prayer the necessity there is of it, the advantages there are for it, and the advantages there are by it : demonstrated with several directions for the practice of it / by Theophilus Polwheile ...
Polwheile, Theophilus, d. 1689. / [1658] Authentēs. Or A treatise of self-deniall.: Wherein the necessity and excellency of it is demonstrated; with several directions for the practice of it. / By Theophilus Polwheile, M.A. sometimes of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, now teacher of the Church at Teverton in Devon.
Polybius. / [1568] The hystories of the most famous and worthy cronographer Polybius discoursing of the warres betwixt the Romanes [and] Carthaginenses, a riche and goodly worke, conteining holsome counsels [and] wonderfull deuises against the incombrances of fickle fortune. Englished by C.W. Wherevnto is annexed an abstract, compendiously coarcted out of the life & worthy acts, perpetuate by our puissaunt prince king Henry the fift.
Polybius. / [1698] The history of Polybius, the Megalopolitan containing a general account of the transactions of the world, and principally of the Roman people, during the first and second Punick wars : translated by Sir H.S. : to which is added, A character of Polybius and his writings by Mr. Dryden : the first volume.
Pomarius, Petrus. / [1609] Enchiridion medicum containing an epitome of the whole course of physicke: with the examination of a chirurgion, by way of dialogue betweene the doctor and the students. With a treatise contaning a definition of all those difenses that do chiefly affect the body of a man, and an antidotary of many excelllent and approued remedies for all diseases. Published for the benefit of young students in physicke, chirurgian, and apothecaries.
Pomfret, Samuel, d. 1722. / [MDCXCVIII. 1698] A sermon preach'd to young people January the first, 1697. And now publish'd at their request. By Samuel Pomfret.
Pomfret, Samuel, d. 1722. / [1693] A directory for youth Through all the difficulties attending that state of life. Or a discouse of youthful lusts. In which the nature and dinds of them are described, and remedies against them laid down. First preached to young people, and now published at their request. By Samuel Pomfret, minister of the gospel.
Pomfret, Thomas, d. 1705. / [1682] Subjection for conscience-sake asserted in a sermon preached at the assizes held at Ant-hill in Bedfordshire, March the 11th, 1682 ... by Tho. Pomfret ...
Pomfret, Thomas, d. 1705. / [1683] Passive obedience, stated and asserted. In a sermon preached at Ampthill in Bedfordshire, upon Sunday, Septemb. 9. 1683. being the day of thanksgiving for the discovering and defeating the late treasonable conspiracy against His Sacred Majesities person and government. By Tho. Pomfret, A.M. rector of Ampthill, and chaplain to the Right Honourable Robert []ar, of Atlesbury.
Pomfret, Thomas, d. 1705. / [1685] The life of the right honourable and religious Lady Christian[a], late Countess Dowager of Devonshire
Pontaymeri, Alexandre de. / [1595] A state discourse vpon the late hurt of the French king. Faithfully translated out of French, by E.A.
Ponteus, John. / [1676] The true every man & woman their own doctor: or, a salve for every sore: Being a book full of rare receipts for the most dangerous distempers incident to the bodies of men, women and children; and is very fit to be in all families against any time of sickness, gathered out of the library of that famous traveller Dr. Ponteus and now publish'd for the good and benefit of the kingdom; and being nothing but what is experienced by many thousands of people in city and country, doing good to many. Don't read only but practice also, then speak as you find; and give God the praise in all things. With six most excellent receipts for all sorts of cattle whatsoever. Licensed according to order.
Ponteus, John. / [1656] To all the noble and warlick nations of Great Brittain.
Ponteus, John. / [1662] The queens cabinet newly opened and the art of physick discovered; wherein you shall finde diverse rare receipts; both of physick and of chyrurgery: very profitable for all sorts of men, women, and children. Together with severall medicines, for to prevent, and for to cure the most pestilent diseases that raineth in any cattel, and that with small cost and charge. By Mr. John Ponteus.
Pontier, Gédéon, d. 1709. / [1684] A new survey of the present state of Europe containing remarks upon several soveraign and republican states : with memoires historical, chronological, topographical, hydrographical, political, &c / by Gidion Pontier, &c. ; done into English by J.B. Doctor of Physick.
Pontier, Gédéon, d. 1709. / [1689] A modern view of such parts of Europe that hath lately been and still are the places of great transactions, viz. Italy with all its principalities. France with all its provinces and bishopricks. Germany with the Dukedome of Lorrain, and all the electorates, and lordshops of the empire. Spain, with all its dominions, &c. Wherein is shewed the present state of all those countries, with curious remarks of antiquity interwoven.
Poole, Elizabeth. / [Printed in the year, 1648 i.e. 1649] A vision: wherein is manifested the disease and cure of the kingdome. Being the summe of what was delivered to the Generall Councel of the Army, Decemb. 29.1648.: Together with a true copie of what was delivered in writing (the fifth of this present January) to the said Generall Conncel [sic], of divine pleasure concerning the King in reference to his being brought to triall, what they are therein to do, and what not, both concerning his office and person. / By E. Pool herein a servant to the most high God.
Poole, Elizabeth. / [Printed in the year, 1649] An alarum of vvar given to the army: and to their high court of justice (so called) revealed by the will of God in a vision to E. Poole, (sometime a messenger of the Lord to the Generall Councel, concerning the cure of the land and the manner thereof) foretelling the judgements of God ready to fall upon them for disobeying the word of the Lord in taking away the life of the king : also a letter to the congregation, in fellowship with Mr. Kissin, in vindication of E.P. ...
Poole, John, b. 1610. / [1650] Country astrology in three books.: Being the many years astrological experiments and painful collections of John Pool of the county of Glocester, student in astrology and physick. A work very useful for all such as are lovers of astrology, and do delight in the serious study of calculating nativities.
Poole, Josua, fl. 1632-1646. / [1663] Practical rhetorick. Or, Certain little sentences varied according to the rules prescribed by Erasmus, in his most excellent book De copia verborum & rerum. Wherein children may be exercised, when they first begin to translate Latin, with many advantages, as will appear by the ensuing epistle. Framed first for the use of a private school, kept in the house of Mr. Francis Atkinson: and now commended to the use of all schools. By Joshua Pool, Mr. of Arts.
Poole, Josua, fl. 1632-1646. / [1657] The English Parnassus, or, A helpe to English poesie containing a collection of all rhyming monosyllables, the choicest epithets, and phrases : with some general forms upon all occasions, subjects, and theams, alphabeticaly digested : together with a short institution to English poesie, by way of a preface / by Joshua Poole.
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [1698] A reverse to Mr. Oliver's sermon of spiritual worship a sermon on the same subject preached before the Lord Mayor, at St. Paul's Church, August 26th. 1660 / by Matthew Poole now reprinted and may serve as an answer to the aforesaid sermon.
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [Anno Dom. 1679] Mr. Matthew Pool, author of that elaborate work, Sinopsis criticorum. His late sayings a little before his death, concerning the most material pointes of the Popish party; charged against the Protestants, vvherein the desperate tenets of Popish Jesuitical principles are detected and sollidly censured. For the settlement of all real professors, and practical opposers of those demnable delusions, in few words to the vvise. He dyed the 12th. of this instant stilo novo, at Amstersdam.
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [1659] A letter from a London minister to the Lord Fleetwood
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [1667] A just vindication of Mr. Poole's design for printing of his Synopsis of critical and other commentators; against the pretences of Mr. Cornelius Bee, book-seller
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [1654] Blasphåemoktonia: = The blasphemer slaine with the sword of the spirit: or a plea for the god head of the Holy Ghost. Wherein the deity of the spirit of God is proved in the demonstration of the spirit, and vindicated from the cavils of John Bidle. The second edition with many additions. By Matthew Pool, Master of Arts of Emmannel-Colledge in Cambridge; and pastor of the church of God at Michaels Quern in London.
Poole, Matthew, 1624-1679. / [1653] Blasphēmoktonia:: The blasphemer slaine with the sword of the spirit: or, A plea for the god-head of the Holy Ghost. Wherein the deity of the spirit of God is proved in the demonstration of the spirit, and vindicated from the cavils of John Bidle. / By an admirer and worshipper of the Trinity in unity.
Poole, William, farrier. / [1650] The countrey farrier teaching divers and sundry approved medicines, to cure all sorts of cattell: as horse, kine, sheepe, hogs, and dogs. With directions how to find, or know, what the disease or infirmity is. Contrived into a little volume, for avoiding the charge of high-priz'd bookes. Very usefull and necessary for all country-farmers, housholders, and generally, for all sorts of people.
Pooley, W. (William) / [1683] Part of the sufferings of Leicestershire & North-Hamptonshire by informers and priests also, God's mercies testified unto, and mans cruelty bore witness against : being a faithful demonstration given forth in the dread of the Lord, against the cruelty of persecution, as it hath of late been manifested, and notoriously acted by the priest and people of the town of Farthingstone in the county of North-Hampton to shame of their professed religion and to the injury of those who truly fear God and worship him : which may be as a prospect unto them, whereby they may behold themselves and consider the evil of their ways and be warned to timely repentence in this their day ... / W. Pooley.
Pooly, Christopher, 1575 or 6-1653. / [1652] The vindication of Christ and his ordinances: from the corrupt and false glosses made thereon by the subtil and deceivers of these times. By Christopher Pooly, minister of the word at great Missingham, in Norfolk.
Poor Clares. / [1665] The first Rule of the glorious virgin S. Clare:
Poor Robin. / [1671] Poor Robin's prophecy, for the year 1701 Found several years after his death, hid under an old close-stool-pan. And now publish'd by his executors, to make some people merry, and the rest mad. Containing, comical predictions for every month in the year, carefully calculated, to make both sexes shake their sides till they break their twatling-strings.
Poor Robin. / [1672] Poor Robins collection of antient prophecyes. Being twelve in number, some whereof were delivered long since by our famous English prophet Ambrosius Merlin and found in old manuscripts, now printed for the readers satisfaction, others were found ingraven on a marble stone, in the year 1520. being ingraved in Latine characters, some whereof were Englished by Mr. William Lilly with alowance.
Poor Robin. / [1683] Poor Robin, 1683 a prognostication for the year of our Lord God 1683 : containing the vulgar notes for this present years times when to marry a good wife if you can light of her, a description of the three eclipses of this year, two of the moon, and one of the sun, when they happen, and what it signified by them, a more accurate account of the four quarters of the year, than hath hitherto been given, a very useful scheme ...
Poor worm. / [printed in the year 1666] A trumpet blown in Sion, sounding an alarm in Gods holy mountain: or, A voice lifted up as a trumpet crying aloud, and not sparing, to shew the Lords people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins. By a poor worm, that through the Lords great grace, hath found great blessings among the Presbyterian ministry, and by conversing with some of the Lords upright ones of the Presbyterian way; and also choice blessings among the ministry of the Independant and Baptized congregations, and some of the faithful with them.
Poor-Robin. / [Printed in the year, 1679] [News] from Epsom: or, The revengful lady shewing how a young lady there was beguil'd by a London-gallant; who when he had done, boasted of the conquest, for which unworthy fact, she wittily reveng'd her self of the tell-tale; and made a capon of a Cockney. A novell. Written (tho' I say it) according to the exactest rules of fancy and judgement: in the imitation of Monsieur Scarron. By Poor-Robin, kt. Vindeita.
Poore Pratte. / [Anno. M.D.Liii. the firste of August 1553] The copie of a pistel or letter sent to Gilbard Potter in the tyme when he was in prison for speakinge on our most true quenes part the Lady Mary before he had his eares cut of. The. xiii of Julye.
Pope, Dr. (Walter), d. 1714. / [1691] The wish corrected and augmented with a second part, licensed December 11th 1691.
Pope, James, fl. 1675. / [1646] The unveiling of Antichrist. Or, Antichrist stript naked out of all his Scripture-attyre, by which he hath deceived the Christian world;: so that we may the more cleerly see the very bottome-root, from whence he sprang, and the very basis and foundation upon which he hath erected, and set up his kingdome. / By James Pope.
Pope, James, fl. 1675. / [1675] The kingdom of heaven explain'd, and the way to glory manifested by Christ Jesus, the Lord and King of that kingdom held forth in a parable in Mat. 22 from verse 1 to ver. 13 : with some brief meditations upon the said parable / by James Pope.
Pope, Walter, d. 1714. / [1697] The wish written by Dr. Pope ...
Pope, Walter, d. 1714. / [between 1682-1700?] The old man's wish: this old man he doth wish for wealth in vain, but he doth not the treasure gain; for if with wishes he the same could have, he would not mind nor think upon the grave. To a pleasant new play-house tune.
Pope, Walter, d. 1714. / [1675] Reflections upon the Catholick ballad.
Pope, Walter, d. 1714. / [1660-1675] The musical shepeherdess, or, Dorinda's lamentation for the loss of Amintas Amintas all Arcadia's glory was, a youth so sweet that all he did surpass. But times all mowing sith this flower did cut, fate to his days hath the last period put : for musick and for singing, who but he, was fit to help the Gods with harmony? His fair Dorinda, seeing he was gone, and she poor mournful damsel left alone, invokes the nymphs to sing his praise, whilst she a garland weaves, then ends her days, resolving not to stay behind her love, she being deny'd him here, mounts above. To a pleasant new tune, called Amintas farewel, or, Digby's farewel.
Pope, Walter, d. 1714. / [M DC XCIII. 1693] Doctor Popes wish: The only correct and finish'd copy: never before printed.
Popham, Edward, gentleman. / [1619] A looking-glasse for the soule, and a definition thereof. Written by Edward Popham Gentleman.
Popham, John, Sir, 1531?-1607. / [1656] Reports and cases collected by the learned, Sir John Popham, knight ... ; written with his own hand in French, and now faithfully translated into English ; to which are added some remarkable cases reported by other learned pens since his death ; with an alphabeticall table, wherein may be found the principall matters contained in this booke.
Popple, William, d. 1708. / [1688] A letter to Mr Penn with his answer.
Pora, Charles. / [Permissu superiorum. 1678] A sovereign balson to cure the languishing diseases of this corrupt age. By C. Pora a well-wisher to all persons.
Pordage, John, 1607-1681. / [1655] Innocencie appearing, through the dark mists of pretended guilt.: Or, A full and true narration of the unjust and illegal proceedings of the commissioners of Berks, (for ejecting scandalous and insufficient ministers) against John Pordage of Bradfield in the same county. In which he is justly vindicated from the unjust and horrid aspersions of blasphemy, divelism or necromancie, scandal in his life, and all things else falsly objected against him by his enemies. Published for the clearing of truth, and the detecting of malice and subtilty, and for the prevention of all mispprehensions that may be caused by any scandalous pamphlets, and false relations of the proceedings in his case. As likewise for the information of all sober-minded Christians touching his judgement in many things of high concernment, and particularly concerning chastity, virginity, apparitions of spirits, visions, communion with the holy angels, the invisible worlds, magistracy, &c. / Written by the said John Pordage.
Porder, Richard, d. 1547. / [1570] A sermon of gods fearefull threatnings for idolatrye mixing of religion, retayning of idolatrous remnaunts, and other wickednesse: with a treatise against usurie. Preached in Paules Churche the. xv. daye of Maye. 1570. being Monday in whitson weeke. Written and dedicated to the magistrates and all the citizens of London: with a brief table to finde out the principall matters contayned therin: by Richarde Porder. Seene and allowed according to the queenes iniunctions.
Port, Robert, b. 1617 or 18. / [1655] Spiritual flovvers for saints and sinners.: Gathered out of the garden of the sacred scriptures, and writings of men famous in their generations. / By Robert Port minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Porter, Edmund, 1595-1670. / [1657] Trin-unus-deus, or, The trinity and unity of God ... by Edm. Porter ...
Porter, Edmund, 1595-1670. / [1655] Theos anthrōpophoros. Or, God incarnate.: Shewing, that Jesus Christ is the onely, and the most high God· In four books. Wherein also are contained a few animadversions upon a late namelesse and blasphemous commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrewes, published under the capital letters, G.M. anno Dom. 1647. In these four books the great mystery of man's redemption and salvation, and the wayes and means thereof used by God are evidently held out to the capacity of humane reason, even ordinary understandings. The sin against the Holy Ghost is plainly described; with the cases and reasons of the unpardonablenesse, or pardonablenesse thereof. Anabaptisme, is by Scripture, and the judgment of the fathers shewed to be an heinous sin, and exceedingly injurious to the Passion, and blood of Christ. / By Edm. Porter, B.D. sometimes fellow of St. John's Colledge in Cambridge, and prebend of Norwich.
Porter, Edmund, 1595-1670. / [1658] Sabbatum. The mystery of the Sabbath discovered. Wherein the doctrine of the Sabbath according to the Scriptures, and the primitive church, is declared. The Sabbath moral, and ceremonial are described, and differenced. What the rest of God signified, and wherein it consisted. The fourth commandment expounded. What part of the fourth commandment is moral, and what therein is ceremonial. Something (occasionally) concerning the Christian Sunday. By Edm. Porter, B.D. sometime fellow of St John's Colledge in Cambridge, and Prebend of Norwich.
Porter, Edmund, 1595-1670. / [1680] Christophagia, The mystery of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ and the modus or manner thereof discovered / by Edm. Porter ...
Porter, Jerome, d. 1632. / [M.DC.XXXII. 1632] The flowers of the liues of the most renowned saincts of the three kingdoms England Scotland, and Ireland written and collected out of the best authours and manuscripts of our nation, and distributed according to their feasts in the calendar. By the R. Father, Hierome Porter priest and monke of the holy order of Sainct Benedict, of the congregation of England. The first tome.
Porter, Robert, 17th cent. / [April 12. 1642. i.e. 1643] A true relation of Prince Ruperts barbarous cruelty against the towne of Brumingham [sic],: to which place on Monday Apr. 3. 1643. he marcht with 2000 horse and foot, 4 drakes, and 2 sakers; where after two houres fight (being twice beaten off by the townsmen in all but 140 musqueteers) he entered, put divers to the sword, and burnt about 80 houses to ashes, suffering no man to carry away his goods, or quench the fire, and making no difference between friend or foe; yet by Gods providence the greatest losse fell on the malignants of the town. And of the cavaliers were slaine divers chiefe commanders, and men of great quality, amongst whom was the Earle of Denbigh, the Lord Iohn Stewart: and as themselves report the Lord Digby.
Porter, Robert, d. 1690. / [MDCXCI 1691] The life of Mr. John Hieron with the characters and memorials of ten other worthy ministers of Jesus Christ / written by Mr. Robert Porter ...
Porter, Thomas, d. 1667. / [1656] A true and faithfull narrative (for substance) of a publique dispute between Mr. Tho. Porter, & Mr. Hen. Haggar; concerning infant-Baptism. In the parish church of Ellesmer in the county of Salop, on the 30 of April, 1656. / By one who was present at, and a diligent observer of, the debate.
Porter, Thomas, d. 1667. / [1651] Spiritual salt: or, A sermon on Matth. 5.13. Ye are the salt of the earth-: preached in Whitchurch at an ordination of five ministers, Febr.20.1649. By Tho. Porter, M.A. minister of the Gospel there.
Porter, Thomas, d. 1667. / [1651] A serious exercitation upon, or an impassionate vindication of 1 John 5.20.: This is the true God--in reference to a printed conference between Mr. Samuel Eaton, and Mr. John Knowles for the beating out of the truth concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ. / By Thomas Porter M.A. Minister of the Gospel at Whitchurch. Decemb. 26. 1650. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy.
Porter, Thomas, fl. 1654-1668. / [1655] A new booke of mapps being a ready guide or direction for any stranger, or other, who is to travel in any part of the Comon-wealth [sic] of England, Scotland, & Ireland. By which he may know his way in any part thereof, though he knew it not before. Wherein are, I. Alphabeticall tables, shewing the longitude and latitude of all the towns named in the said maps; with easie and ready directions how to find any of them, though you know not in what parts they lie. II. Tables of the high-wayes in England, Wales, and Ireland, alphabetically methodized, which hath made them very plaine. III. Tables as easie as an almanack, which may supply the use thereof for 100 yeares, that is to say, from anno 1600- to 1700. And other usefull tables. By Thomas Porter. This book being necessary for all men, it is therefore made portable for every mans pocket. Licensed, and entred according to the late Act for printing.
Porter, Thomas, fl. 1654-1668. / [1659] A compendious view, or Cosmographical, and geographical description of the whole world.: With more plain general rules, touching the use of the globe, then bave been yet published. Wherein is shewed the situation of the several countries, and islands: their particular governments, manners, commodities, and religions. Also a chronology of the most eminent persons, and things that have been since the creation, to this present: wherein you have a brief of the gospel, or a plain, and easie table, directing readily where to find the several things, that were taught, spoke, done and suffered, by Jesus Christ, throughout the said gospel. The which is not onely pleasant, and delightful; but very useful, and profitable; for all. But cheifly for those who want, either time, to read, or money to buy, many books. / By Tho. Porter.
Porterfield, James. / [1694] A choice jewel for children, or, A firm and easie foundation laid for reading of the sacred scriptures;: with the shorter catechism (appointed by the General Assembly) in syllables, whereby such may attain to true spelling, and the ready reading of the catechism, and scripture, or any Latine or English book, comprehended in few lessons, never extant before. / by James Porterfield ...
Porterfield, Patrick. / [1695] To his Grace, his Majesties high commissioner, and Honourable Estates of Parliament, The petition of Patrick Porterfield of Comistoun, and other heritors near adjecent to the town of Edinburgh.
Portington, Henry. / [printed, 1665] A vindication of Henry Portington Esquire, being unjustly committed to Newgate, upon the information of a mad man.
Portman, Richard. / [1645] The sovles life exercising it selfe in the sweet fields of divine meditations and prayers. Collected for the comfort of all those who willingly adventure their lives for the defence of the Gospel, in these blood-thirsty times of war.
Poseley, M. / [1683] A letter from Tangier to a friend in London describing the causes, manner and time of the demolishing of Tangier, November the fifth, in the year 1683.
Posselius, Johannes, 1565-1623. / [1623] Dialogues containing all the most vsefull vvords of the Latine tongue. And a Latine oration concerning the way of learning, and teaching the Latine and Greeke tongues. Written by Iohn Posselius. And word for word for the most part construed out of Latine into English.
Post to the Muses. / [1650] Somnium Cantabrigiense, or A poem vpon the death of the late King brought to London,: by a post to the muses.
Postlethwaite, Walter, d. 1671. / [1655] A voice from heaven: or, A testimony against the remainders of Antichrist yet in England:: and in particular, the court of tryers for approbation of ministers. / Born by Gualter Postlethwait, pastor to a Church of Christ in Lewes in Sussex.
Potenger, John, 1647-1733. / [MDCXCI 1691] A pastoral reflection on death a poem.
Potter, Barnaby, 1577-1642. / [1613] The baronets buriall, or A funerall sermon preached at the solemnitie of that honourable baronet Sr Edvvard Seymours buriall. By Barnaby Potter Bachelor in Divinitie, fellow of Queenes College in Oxford, and preacher to the towne of Tottnes in Devon.
Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646. / [1633] Want of charitie iustly charged, on all such Romanists, as dare (without truth or modesty) affirme, that Protestancie destroyeth salvation in answer to a late popish pamphlet intituled Charity mistaken &c. / by Christopher Potter ...
Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646. / [1629] A sermon preached at the consecration of the right Reverend Father in God Barnaby Potter DD. and L. Bishop of Carlisle, at Ely house in Holbourne March 15. 1628. By Christopher Potter D.D. provost of Queenes Colledge in Oxford. Hereunto is added an advertisement touching the history of the quarrels of Pope Paul 5 with the Venetians; penned in Italian by F. Paul, and done into English by the former author.
Potter, Francis, 1594-1678. / [1642] An interpretation of the number 666 wherein, not onely the manner, how this number ought to be interpreted, is clearely proved and demonstrated : but it is also shewed [that] this number is an exquisite and perfect character, truly, exactly, and essentially describing that state of government to [which] all other notes of Antichrist doe agree : with all knowne objections solidly and fully answered [that] can be materially made against it / by Francis Potter ...
Potter, James, fl. 1686. / [1659] A relation of the commitment and long unjust imprisonment, of James Potter, in the common jayle at Winchester, with the imprisoning of his sister Ann Potter for tythe, by Edward Bintal priest of Baghurst, and the taking away of her brother Richard Potters goods for the same tythe, for which he imprisoned her. Also the imprisoning of Elizabeth Streeter, with two of her husbands servants, occasioned by Iohn Corbet priest of Bramshot. With a few words to all, especially the inhabitants of Baghurst and Bramshot, to turn from those covetous hirelings which have long deceived the [sic], & return unto the Lord, and hearken to, obey and follow the light of Christ: given to lead them out of the waies of darkness, sin and unrighteousness, that redemption and restoration to life, they may come to know and witness. / James Potter.
Potter, William. / [1650] The trades-man's jevvel: or a safe, easie, speedy and effectual means, for the incredible advancement of trade, and multiplication of riches;: shewing how men of indifferent estates, may abundantly increase both their own and other mens trading and riches, without parting with money, or any stock out of their own hands: by making their bills to become current instead of money, and frequently to revolve through their hands, with as much in money as the sums therein mentioned do amount unto.
Potter, William. / [1655] A small table to find the day of the month for ever. Which may be graven upon a piece of coine, the case of a watch, a tobaccho-box, or any such like. Very usefull for men of all sorts and qualities, to carry about them. Invented, and at first intended onely for private use, by W. Potter.
Potter, William. / [1650] The key of wealth: or, A new vvay, for improving of trade : lawfull, easie, safe and effectuall : shewing how a few tradesmen agreeing together, may both double their stocks, and the increase thereof, without 1. Paying any interest. 2. Great difficulty or hazard. 3. Advance of money. 4. Staying for materialls. 5. Prejudice to any trade, or person. 6. Incurring any other inconvenience. In such sort, as both they and all others (though never so poore) who are in a way of trading, may 1. multiply their returnes. 2. Deale onely for ready pay. 3. Much under-sell others. 4. Put the whole nation upon this practice. 5. Gain notwithstanding more then ordinary. 6. Desist when they please without damage. And so, as the same shall tend much to 1. Enrich the people of this land. 2. Disperse the money hoarded up. ... 23. Incorporate the whole strength of England. 24. Take away advantages of opposition. All which in this treatise in conceived by judicious men to be fully proved, doubts resolved, and objections either answered or prevented.
Potter, William. / [1651] Humble proposalls to the honorable the Councell for Trade and all merchants and others who desire to improve their estates, shevving what particulars if enacted by Parliament would (as with due submission is conceived) conduce to advance trade, imploy the poore, diminish interest, improve publique revenues; and prevent the cruelty of creditors, and the injustice of debtors. Tending (likewise) speedily to promote the enterprise discovered in a late treatise, entituled, The key of wealth, and in an abstract thereof, called, The trades-man's jewel.
Pounset, John. / [1647] Certaine scruples from the army:: presented in a dialogue betweene a minister of the new moulded Presbytery, and a souldier of his Excellencies (formerly new-moulded, but now despised) army. Being the substance of severall discourses, of the souldiers with the ministers in divers parts of the kingdom. Wherein the doubtfulnesse of the ministers new old, or old new calling, is manifested, their compelling principle detected: the practise of souldiers, and others, exercising themselves in the Scriptures, for their mutuall edifying, justifyed. / By one of the kingdomes servants, in the army.
Povey, Charles, 1652?-1743. / [1699] Proposals for raising a thousand pounds
Povey, Charles, 1652?-1743. / [1700] A discovery of indirect practices in the coal-trade, or A detection of the pernicious maxims and unfair dealings of a certain combination of men, who affirm, it is a cheat to be just, and just to cheat. To which are added some proposals for the improvement of trade and navigation in general, and of the colliery-trade to New Castle in particular. By Charles Povey.
Povey, Josia. / [in the year 1698] A sermon preached in the Colledge Church of St. Katharin's,: Februaey [sic] the 13th 1698. / By Josia Povey, Brother and Minister there.
Povey, Thomas, fl. 1633-1685. / [Printed Anno Domini, 1642. i.e. 1643] The moderator expecting sudden peace, or certaine ruine.: Directed by reason, arising out of the consideration of what hath already happened, our present condition, and the most likely consequents of these.
Povey, Thomas, fl. 1633-1685. / [1643?] The pious life and death of Mr. Josiah Shute, who left us on the 22. day of June, 1643
Powel, Daniel. / [1616] The loue of VVales to their soueraigne prince expressed in a true relation of the solemnity held at Ludlow in the countie of Salop, vpon the fourth of Nouember last past. Anno Domini. 1616. Being the day of the creation of the high and mighty Charles, Prince of Wales, and Earle of Chester, in his Maiesties palace of White-Hall.
Powel, Edward, fl. 1661. / [1662] The danger of the errors of the rulers a sermon preached upon the tenth day of March 1661 at the Assizes for Staffordshire held at Wolver-Hampton / by Edward Powel.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [An. Do. 1602] Theologicall and scholasticall positions concerning vsurie. Set forth by definitions; framed according to the rules of a naturall method.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1600] The resolued Christian, exhorting to resolution. Written, to recall the worldling, to comfort the faint-harted, to strengthen the faithfull, and to perswade all men, so to runne, that they may obtaine. By Gabriel Powel.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1605] A refutation of an epistle apologeticall written by a puritan-papist to perswade the permission of the promiscuous vse and profession of all sects and heresies wherein the vnlawfulnesse and danger of such wicked licence is fully declared by auctoritie of Scriptures, canons, councels, fathers, lawes of Christian emperours, and iudgement of reason. Together with the punishment of heretiques and idolaters.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1607] The mysterie of redemption. Or The particular manner how man is redeemed from sinne, iustified before God, and made partaker of euerlasting life. Describing the nature, causes, parts, properties and effects of iustification. With divers sweet and comfortable prayers interposed betweene euerie chapter.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1607] De adiaphoris Theological and scholastical positions, concerning the nature and vse of things indifferent. Where also is methodically and briefely handled, of ciuill and ecclesiasticall magistrates, of humane lawes, of Christian libertie, of scandall, and of the worship of God. A vowed worke, destinated (by the grace of God) to appease the dissentions of the Church of England. Written in Latine by M. Gabriel Powel, and translated into English by T.I.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1604] A consideration of the papists reasons of state and religion, for toleration of poperie in England intimated in their supplication vnto the Kings Maiestie, [and] the states of the present Parliament.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1606] A consideration of the depriued and silenced ministers arguments, for their restitution to the vse and libertie of their ministerie exhibited in their late supplication, vnto the honorable states assembled in this present Parliament. By Gabriel Powel.
Powel, Gabriel, 1576-1611. / [1603.] The Catholikes supplication vnto the Kings Maiestie, for toleration of Catholike religion in England: with short notes or animaduersions in the margine. : Whereunto is annexed parallel-wise, a supplicatorie counterpoyse of the Protestants, vnto the same most excellent Maiestie. : Together with the reasons of both sides, for and against toleration of diuers religions..
Powell, Charles, 1644 or 5-1685 or 6. / [1683] The religious rebel a sermon preach'd at South-Marston near Hyworth in Wiltshire, on the ninth of September, being the day of publick thanksgiving for the deliverance of His Majesty's sacred person, his royal brother, and the government from the late hellish fanatick conspiracy / by Charles Powell.
Powell, Christopher, of Gray's Inn. / [1583] A table of all the principall matters and wordes conteined in the booke Of the office of iustices of peace compiled by Master Lambard digested and contriued vnder apt titles, obseruing the alphabeticall order / deuised by Christopher Powell of Graies Inne, gent.
Powell, Colonel. / [Printed Anno Dom: 1648] Colonell Powell and Col. Poyers letter to His Highnesse the Prince of VVales,: vvith their declaration, for restoring His Maiesty, the Protestant religion, the lawes of the land, and the liberty of the subject. To which is added an exhortation to the people of England and the Citty of London. / By a welwisher of His Maiesty, the kingdomes peace, and the peoples freedome.
Powell, John. / [1642] Good newes from Munster being an exact and true relation of certain passages of intelligence from the province of Munster in Ireland : as of taking of Ballincolly castle near Cork ... / faithfully collected (from the mouth of a gentlman [sic] of good rank and credit, Peter Courtup ...) by John Powell.
Powell, Joseph, d. 1698. / [1695] The death of good Josiah lamented a sermon occasioned by the death of our late most gracious soveraign Queen Mary, of ever blessed memory, preach'd at Balsham in Cambridgshire, March 3, 1695 / Joseph Powell ...
Powell, Joseph, d. 1698. / [1692] A sermon at the funeral of the reverend Mr. Thomas Grey, late Vicar of Dedham in Essex preach'd in the parish-church of Dedham, Febr. the 2d. 1691/2, with a short account of his life / by Joseph Powell ...
Powell, Nathaniel, Sir, d. 1675. / [1663] The animadverter animadverted: or, Brief observations on animadversions. Published by Thomas Harlackenden, Esquire. Intitluled, Animadversions on several material passages in a book written by Sir Nathanael Povvel, Baronet. By the same authour.
Powell, Robert, fl. 1636-1652. / [1641] A treatise of the antiquity, authority, vses and jurisdiction of the ancient Courts of Leet, or view of franck-pledge and of subordination of government derived from the institution of Moses, the first legislator and the first imitation of him in this island of Great Britaine, by King Alfred and continued ever since : together with additions and alterations of the moderne lawes and statutes inquirable at those courts, untill this present yeare, 1641 : with a large explication of the old oath of allegeance annexed.
Powell, Robert, fl. 1636-1652. / [1636] Depopulation arraigned, convicted and condemned, by the lawes of God and man a treatise necessary in these times; by R.P. of Wells, one of the Societie of New Inne.
Powell, Thomas. / [1676] Mr. Powels answer to a late fictitious pamphlet put forth by two leading Quakers, viz. John Vaughton and John Feild in which their account of a discourse between them and him is here rectified : every thing that is material in their said book answered and several notorious lies therein detected to the just shame of the publishers : also good counsel in the conclusion of the whole to such that are the principal leaders of the Quakers ... with an epistolary discourse touching the imputation of sin to Christ ...
Powell, Thomas, 1572?-1635? / [1598.] Loues leprosie. The preface to the title ...
Powell, Thomas, 1572?-1635? / [1635 i.e. 1636] The art of thriving. Or, The plaine path-way to preferment. Together with The mysterie and misery of lending and borrowing. As also a table of the expence of time and money. Published for the common good of all sorts, &c.
Powell, Thomas, 1608-1660. / [Printed in the Year 1674] A sermon preached upon Psalm 22, the former part of the first verse: wherein is shewed, how, when and wherefore God doth desert his children, unto which is also annexed, certaine symptomes of a deserted condition, with directions unto those who have lost God's favour, how to get it : and directions likewise unto those who have gotten God's favour, how to keep it / by T.P.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1661] Tsofer bepaòh, or, The bird in the cage, chirping four distinct notes to his consorts abroad I. of consideration, counsel and consolation, II. some experiences and observations gathered in affliction ..., III. the lamentations of Jeremiah ..., IV. a true Christians spiritual pilgrimage setting forth his afflicted and consolatory state in another metre : and as a preface hereto, an epistle to the Welsh churches, and a brief narrative of the former propagation and late restriction of the Gospel ... in Wales ... / by Vava. Powell.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1653] Spirituall experiences, of sundry beleevers Held forth by them at severall solemne meetings, and conferences to that end. With the recommendation of the sound, spiritual, and savoury worth of them, to the sober and spirituall reader, by Vavasor Powel, minister of the gospel.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1651] Saving faith set forth in three dialogues: or Conferences: 1 2 3 between Christ and a publican. Pharisee. Doubting beleever. Whereunto is added tvvo sermons one of them preached before the Parliament the other before the Lord Mayor of the City of London. By Vavasor Powell, minister of the Gospell.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1649] God the father glorified:: and the worke of mens redemption, and salvation finished by Iesus Christ on earth. Opened in a sermon before the Right Honorable the Lord Major, and the Right Worshipful the sheriffes, aldermen, and recorder, of the Citie of London, the second day of the tenth moneth (called December) 1649. / By Vavasor Powell, a willing (though weake) labourer in Christs Vine-yard in Wales.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1677] Divine love: or The willingness of Jesus Christ to save sinners discovered in three divine dialogues, between 1. Christ and a publican. 2. Christ and a Pharisee. 3. Christ and a doubting Christian. With several other brief tracts. By V.P.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1661] Common-prayer-book no divine service, or, XXVIII reasons against forming and imposing any humane liturgies or Common-prayer-books, and the main objections to the contrary, answered also, the English Common-prayer-book anatomized, likewise twelve arguments against diocesan and lord-bishops, with the main objections answered, and the great disparity between them, and Timothy and Titus, shewed / by Vavasor Powell.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [MDCLI. 1651] Christ exalted above all creatures by God his Father: or A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England. (At their solemne fast, observed the last day of the last month called February 1649.) By Vavasor Povvell.
Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. / [1650] Christ and Moses excellency, or, Sion and Sinai's glory.: Being a triplex treatise, distinguishing and explaining the two covenants or the gospel and law: and directing to the right understanding applying, and finding of the informing and assuring promises, that belong to both Covenants. / By Vavasor Povvell, preacher of the Gospel in Wales.
Powell, Walter, b. 1590 or 91. / [1645] A summons for svvearers, and a law for the lips in reproving them: wherein the chiefe disswasives from swearing are proposed, the sleight objections for swearing answered, the strange judgments upon swearers, forswearers, cursers, that take Gods name in vain, related. Which may be a terror to the wicked for swearing, and a preservative for the godly from swearing. With sundry arguments to prove the verity of the Scriptures, and excellencie of the decalogue, against all prophane and atheisticall deniers thereof. By Walter Powell, preacher at Standish, neer Glocester.
Powell, Walter, b. 1590 or 91. / [1648] Nevves for nevvters: or, The check cause cure of halting. With 31 doores of hope for the good successe of the publick cause of the kingdome. / Delivered in a sermon, November 27. 1644: in the Colledge of Glocester, before that valiant and vigilant governour Colonell Massy, being the day of publick humiliation. By Walter Powell, M.A. vicar of Standish. See the contents after the epistle.
Powell, Walter, b. 1590 or 91. / [1655] Long lasting newes: or Newes for newters Or, The check cause cure of halting. With 31 doores of hope for the good successe of the then publick cause of the nation. Delivered in a sermon, November 27. 1644 in the Colledge of Glocester, before that valiant and vigilant governour Colonell Massy, being the day of publick humiliation. By Walter Powell, M.A. vicar of Standish.
Powell, William. / [1656] William Powell alias Hinson Esq; plaintiffe; the Warden and Fellows of All-soules Colledge in Oxford defendants. In the Chancellors Court of the University of Oxford in a pretended cause of dammage.
Powle, Henry, 1630-1692. / [1689] The speech of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esq., speaker of the House of Commons, on Wednesday, the first of May, 1689 at the passing of two bills, entituled, I. An act for raising money by a poll, and otherwise, towards the reducing of Ireland. II. An act for preventing doubts and questions concerning the collecting the publick revenue.
Powle, Henry, 1630-1692. / [MDCLXXXIX. 1689] The speech of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esq; Speaker of the House of Commons: on Munday the sixteenth of December, 1689. At the passing of four bills, entituled, I. An act for a grant to Their Majesties of an aid of two shillings in the pound for one year. II. An act for declaring the rights of the subject, and settling the succession of the crown. III. An act for naturalizing William Watts, an infant. IV. An act for declaring and enacting John Rogerson to be a natural born subject of this realm.
Powle, Henry, 1630-1692. / [1688] The speech of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esq., speaker of the House of Commons upon passing the bill, intitled, An act for the granting a present aid to Their Majesties, on Thursday, the 21th day of March 1688.
Powle, Henry, 1630-1692. / [1689] The speech of the Right Honourable Henry Powle, Esq., speaker of the House of Commons delivered to the King and Queen's Majesties, at the banqueting-house in White-Hall, Friday, April 12, 1689, with His Majesty's answer thereto.
Poyer, John, d. 1649. / [1649] Poyer's vindication, in answer to a lying pamphlet,: intituled A short comment upon the grounds and reasons of Poyer's taking up arms in the second differences, which are monstrous false lies: scattred abroad to uphold the broken reputation of a poor solicitor, for those cowardly turncoat cavaliers in the county of Pembroke, who (for reducing of them unto the Parliament) useth all means to have mine and my fellow-prisoners bloud; which they (and their cavaliering army) durst not attempt when they were in arms against the Parliament. / Published for satisfaction of all those that desire the truth herein: By Col. John Poyer, now a prisoner at Whitehall.
Poyer, John, d. 1649. / [Aprill 26. 1649] The declaration and speech of Colonell John Poyer immediatly before his execution in Covent-Garden neer Westminster,: on Wednesday, being the 25. of this instant April, 1649. With the manner of his deportment, and his proposals to the people of England. Whereunto is annexed, a representation from the kingdom of Scotland, discovering three great designes against the Parliament of England.
Poyer, John, d. 1649. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] The declaration of Col. Poyer, and Col. Povvel, and the officers and soldiers under their command, which they desired to be published to the whole kingdome.: Wherein they declare their intentions for restoring His Majesty to his just prerogative, and the lawes to their due course, for the maintenance of the Protestant religion, and the liberty of the subject : which was the ground of their first taking up armes, and for which they are resolved to live and die. April 10. 1648.
Poyer, John, d. 1649. / [1648] The declaration and resolution of Col. Iohn Poyer,: governour of Pembroke Castle, concerning the Kings Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament; and his propositions to the western party, touching his present proceedings. Together with a full and perfect relation of the last great fight, betwixt the forces of the said Col Poyer, and Col. Fleming. With the manner thereof, and the taking of Tinby Castle by a party of Maj. Gen. Laughorns men.
Poyntz, John, b. 1606. / [1683] The present prospect of the famous and fertile island of Tobago with a description of the situation, growth, fertility and manufacture of the said island, to which is added proposals for the encouragement of all those that are minded to settle there / by Captain John Poyntz.
Poyntz, John, b. 1606. / [1683] Proposals to all such people as are minded to transport or concern themselves in the island of Tobago which lieth about forth leagues south from Barbadoes.
Poyntz, Robert, Sir, 1589?-1665. / [1661] A vindication of monarchy and the government long established in the Church and Kingdome of England against the pernicious assertions and tumultuous practices of the innovators during the last Parliament in the reign of Charles the I / written by Sir Robert Poyntz, Knight of the Bath.
Poyntz, Sydenham. / [February 3. 1645. i.e. 1646] The vindication of Colonel General Poyntz,: against the false and malicious slanders secretly cast forth against him; as in a letter to a friend of his, and a servant to the state doth appear.
Poyntz, Sydenham. / [November 25. 1645] Major Gen: Poyntz's letter to the Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons: or, A true relation of the storming and taking of all the works and stables of Belvoyr-Castle.: Together with a letter from Adjutant Gen: Sandys, concerning the same fight, wherein the enemy had no quarter granted them. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that these letters be forthwith printed and published. H: Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Poyntz, Sydenham. / [Sept. 30. 1645] A letter from Colonell Generall Poynts, to the Honourable William Lenthall Speaker of the House of Commons:: concerning Sir Tho. Glenham, Colonell Gerard, [brace] and [brace] Sir Marmaduke Langdale, in the last fight neere Chester. With a perfect narration of Colonell Parsons of the said proceedings: and the number of horse and men taken in the pursuit, and which way His Majesty is fled. Die Lune, 29 Septemb. 1645. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament that Col. Gen. Poynts his letter, with Colonell Parsons relation be forthwith printed and published. J. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.