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Pibrac, Guy du Faur, seigneur de, 1529-1584. / [1697] Les quatrains du seigneur de Pybrac, conseiller du Roy en son conseil privé: Contenant preceptes & enseignemens, utiles & profitables pour tous Chrêtiens. Avec les Quatrains du President le Faure. Ensemble les Quatrains de la vanité du monde. Le tout revû, corrigé & augmenté des tablettes ou Quatrains de la vie & de la mort, par Pierre Matthieu, conseiller du Roy. Divisé en deux parties.
Pichard, Thomas. / [1667] Christos dikaiosynåe, or, Jesus Christ given of God the Father for our justification explained, confirmed, and applyed (very briefly) in one sermon to the satisfaction of some judicious hearers, for whose sake chiefly and at whose earnest request, it is made publick.
Pichard, Thomas. / [1667] Christos angasmos, or, Christ our sanctification faithfully explained, fully confirmed, and practically applied ... being the substance of several lectures or meditations / by Tho. Pichard ...
Pickering, Benjamin. / [1645ie 1644] A firebrand pluckt out of the burning.: A sermon preached at Margarets Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemn fast, Novemb. 27. 1644. By Benjamin Pickering, Minister of Gods Word at Buckstead in Sussex: and a member of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the said house.
Pickering, Robert, 17th cent. / [1641. i.e. 1642] VVarranted tydings from Jreland.: Written by Master Robert Pickering, secretary unto the Right Worshipfull, Sir Simon Harcourt, Sergeant-Major of all the horse troops there arrived. From Corke, January 16, 1461 [sic].
Pickering, Robert, 17th cent. / [1641 i.e. 1642] Gods providence to the distressed Protestants in Ireland, or, The last proceedings in the province of Mvnster attested by two letters sent from Robert Pickering, clerke, unto Sir Symon Harcourt ... the one dated at Tologh, Ian. 20, the other at Youghall, Ian. 23, 1641 ; wherein is truly related in what manner Youghall was taken by the rebels ...
Pickford, John, 1588-1664? / [anno 1618] The safegarde from ship-wracke, or Heauens hauen compiled by I.P. priest.
Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni, 1463-1494. / [1589] Tvvelve rules, and vveapons concerning the spirituall battel. Together with a briefe exposition vpon the sixteene Psalme: with two most worthie epistles, written in Latin by that most worthy and noble gentleman Iohn Picus Earle of Mirandula. And translated into English for the benefite of all good Christian souldiers in the spirituall battaile.
Pictet, Benedict, 1655-1724. / [1694. ] An antidote against a careless indifferency in matters of religion. Being a treatise in opposition to those that believe, that all religions are indifferent, and that it imports not what men profess. / Done out of French. With an introduction by Anthony Horneck, D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to their Majesties.
Picton, James. / [printed in the year, 1663] A just plea against swearing, and against the national worship of England briefly demonstrating the grounds and reasons why we choose rather to suffer, then to bow to either of them. By a sufferer for his testimony against them, known by the name of Ja. Picton.
Pie, Thomas, 1560-1610. / [1604] Usuries spright coniured: or A scholasticall determination of vsury by T.P. Doct. of Divinity, being moderator at the disputing thereof by certeine Bachelers of Divinitie and other learned preachers: with his answere to a treatise, written in defence of vsurie.
Pie, Thomas, 1560-1610. / [1597] An houreglasse contayning I a computation from the beginning of time to Christ by X. articles. II A confirmation of the same for the times controuersed before Christ: as also that there wanteth a yeare after Christ, in the vsuall computation. With other matters, offered to the iudgement of the learned, and vse of the studious in chronologie and historie. By Thomas Pie Doctor of Diuinitie.
Pierce, Edward, d. 1694. / [1691] Christ alone our life. The great case of every man's life and death determin'd by the sentence of God, in 1 John 5.12. Opened and applied in a sermon preach'd in the Sessions-House at Northampton, Sept. 9th. 1690. to some prisoners the day before their execution: and now published with enlargements, for the further benefit and service of souls. With a narrative of the behaviour of the prisoners. By Edward Pierce, M.A. rector of Cottesbrook in Northampton-shire.
Pierce, Robert, 1622-1710. / [1697] Bath memoirs: or, observations in three and forty years practice, at the Bath what cures have been there wrought, (both by bathing and drinking these waters by God's blessing, on the directions of Robert Peirce, Dr. in physick, and Fellow of the College of Physicians in London, a constant inhabitant in Bath, from the year 1653. to this present year 1697.
Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [1682] Two letters containing a further justification of the Church of England against the dissenters the first by one of the reverend commissioners for the review of the liturgy, at the Savoy, 1661 ; the second by Dr. Laurence Womock, Archdeacon of Suffolk, author of the Verdict upon melius inquirendum.
Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [1656] The sinner impleaded in his own court. Wherein are represented the great discouragements from sinning, which the sinner receiveth from sin it selfe. / By Tho: Pierce rector of Brington in Northamptonshire.
Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [1690?] Death considr'd as a door to a life of glory penn'd for the comfort of serious mourners, and occasion'd by the funerals of several friends, particularly one who dy'd at Easter, and of the author's own funeral in atecessum.
Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [M.DC.XL.IX. 1649] Caroli tou makaritou palingenesia.:
Pierce, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [1658] Autokatakrisis, or, Self-condemnation,: exemplified in Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Barlee, and Mr. Hickman. With occasional reflexions on Mr Calvin, Mr Beza, Mr Zuinglius, Mr Piscator, Mr Rivet, and Mr Rollock: but more especially on Doctor Twisse, and Master Hobbs; against whom, God's purity and his præscience ... with the sincere intention and the general extent of the death of Christ, are finally cleared and made good; and the adversaries absurdities ... are proved against them undeniably, out of their own hand-writings. With an additional advertisement of Mr Baxter's late book entituled The Groatian religion discovered, &c. By Thomas Pierce rector of Brington in Northampon-shire.
Piercy, John, fl. 1665. / [1665?] An advertisement of concern to the city and nati[on]. These are to signifie, that the famous and most approved lozenges, made by John Piercy, Gent. whose ability and skill is so well known, for these 27. years and upwards ...
Pierrepont, William, 1607?-1678. / [1641] The true copie of a speech delivered by the Honorable VVilliam Perpoynt, second son to the right Honorable the Earle of Kingstone, against Sr. Robert Berkley, Knight, one of the justices of the Kings Bench, in maintenance of their accusation of high treason, and other great misdemeanors, at a conference of both Houses in the Painted Chamber, July 6, 1641.
Pierreville, Gideon. / [1683] The religious cavalier.: Done out of French. By Gideon Pierreville, Gent.
Pierreville, Gideon. / [1683] The present state of Denmark and reflections upon the ancient state thereof. Together with a particular account of the birth, education, martial atchievements and brave performances of His Royal Highness Prince George, only brother of His present Majesty of Denmark. / By G. Pierreville Gent. Secretary to the King's Minister at the Court of Denmark.
Piers, William, 1580-1670. / [1641 i.e. 1642] A sermon preached at the Tovver, February 20. 1641.: Being upon the Sabboth [sic] day. By the Bishop of Bath and VVells.
Piers, William, 1580-1670. / [M DC XLII. 1642] Two sermons preached in the Tovver.: The former, on Sunday the 30. day of Ianuary. 1641. The later, on Sunday the 24. day of April. 1642. By the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
Pierse, Charles. / [1618] Vertues anatomie. Or A compendious description of that late right honorable, memorable, and renowned Bedfordshire lady, the Lady Cheany, of Tuddington. By Charles Pierse.
Pierson, Abraham, 1608-1678. / [1658] Some helps for the Indians shewing them how to improve their natural reason, to know the true God, and the Christian religion 1. by leading them to see the divine authority of the Scriptures, 2. by the Scriptures, the divine truths necessary to eternal salvation / by Abraham Peirson ; examined and approved by that experienced gentleman (in the Indian language) John Scot.
Pierson, T. / [1690] An account of K. Williams royal heading of the men of Inniskillin and of his victorious march from Dublin to Athlone, with the late K. James's taking, &c.
Pierson, Thomas, 1622-1691. / [MDCXLVII 1647] Excellent encouragements against afflictions, or, Expositions of four select Psalmes the XXVII, LXXXIV, LXXXV, and LXXXVII, containing [brace] 1. David's triumph over distresse, 2. Davids hearts desire, 3. The churches exercise under affliction, 4. The great charter of the church / by the learned and laborious, faithfull and prudent minister of God's word, Mr. Thomas Pierson ...
Pierson, Thomas, ca. 1570-1633. / [1636] The cure of hurtfull cares and fears. By master Thomas Pierson late rector of Brompton-Brian, in the county of Hereford.
Pigg, Oliver, b. ca. 1551. / [1591] Sermons, vpon the 101. Psalme conteyning profitable instruction for all, especially for such as haue any gouernement ouer others. By O.P.
Pigg, Oliver, b. ca. 1551. / [1589.] Meditations concerning praiers to almighty God, for the safety of England, when the Spaniards were come into the narrow seas, August 1588. As also other meditations concerning thanksgiuing, for deliuering Englande from the cruelty of the Spaniards, and for their meruailous confusion and ouerthrow. / By O.Pygge. ; With a spirituall song of praises by P. Turner Doctor of Physicke..
Pight, Richard. / [1660?] To the Right Honourable, the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. The humble petition of Richard Pight, Clerk of the Irons in the Mint, in the Tower of London
Pigot, Alexander. / [1647] A full relation of the taking of Roche Castle together with St. Patricks Cathedral, a place of great strength, wherein were put to the sword seven hundred rebels and many priests and friers : as also the taking in of many other places, all which was performed by the army under the command of the Lord Inchiquin, Lord President of the province of Munster in Ireland / sent in a letter from Colonel Alexander Pigot to a commander of note in this city.
Pigot, John. / [1643] The sharpnesse of the svvord: or, Abners plea for accommodation.: A sermon lately preached by John Pigot, curate of St Sepulchres, London.
Pigot, John. / [1642] Hierusalem bedewed with teares.: A sermon preached at St. Mary Woolnoth London, upon the fast-day, Martii, 30. 1642. By John Pigott Curate of S. Sepulchers.
Pigott, H. / [1676] A sermon preached at the assizes at Lancaster, on Sunday, March 19, 1675/6 by H. Pigott.
Pike, John. / [1685] A loyal subject's loveing advice, or, The only way to happiness heare and heareafter, is to fear God and honour the King, which is to be obtained by earnest prayer
Pike, Richard, fl. 1625. / [1626] Three to one being, an English-Spanish combat, performed by a westerne gentleman, of Tauystoke in Deuon shire with an English quarter-staffe, against three Spanish rapiers and poniards, at Sherries in Spaine, the fifteene day of Nouember, 1625. In the presence of dukes, condes, marquesses, and other great dons of Spaine, being the counsell of warre. The author of this booke, and actor in this encounter, Richard Peeeke [sic].
Pike, Roger, 17th cent. / [1642] A true relation of the proceedings of the Scots and English forces in the north of Ireland:: sent in a letter to Mr. Tobias Siedgwicke, living in London; relating these particulars: viz. 1. Their meeting at Drumboe in the county of Antrem. 2. The manner of their march towards the Nury, with the taking of a fort neere Kilwarlin Woods. 3. The taking of the towne and castle of the Nury, and the releasing of divers prisoners of note. 4. The great spoile they tooke in those parts, with great terrour to the rebels, and their flight from those parts. 5. Divers skirmishes with the rebels in Mr. Cartons woods. 6. The desires of the earle of Antrem to be received into the English Army. VVith divers other things worthy your observation.
Pike, William, b. 1617 or 18. / [1680] Durus sermo, or Ænigma moriendi the mystery of dying daily: in a sermon preached in Plimouth, at the funeral of Mistress Joan Warren. By William Pyke, M.A. and rector of the parish of Stokeclimsland in the county of Cornwal.
Pikering, John, fl. 1567. / [Anno. 1567] A newe enterlude of vice conteyninge, the historye of Horestes with the cruell reuengment of his fathers death, vpon his one naturill mother. By John Pikeryng. ...
Pilkington, James, 1520-1576. / [1585] Two godlie and fruitful treatises of the foule and grosse sinne of oppression. The one taken out of the exposition vppon the fift chapter of Nehemiah, written by that worthy bishop and faithfull pastor of the church of Durham, Master Iames Pilkinton. The other published of late by Robert Some Doctor of Diuinitie.
Pinck, Robert, 1573-1647. / [1642] A letter sent from the Provost Vice-Chancellour of Oxford, to the Right Honourable the Earle of Pembrooke Lord Chancellour of Oxford.: Together with His Lordships ansvver to the said letter. Ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, that this letter and answer be forthwith printed and published: H. Elsynge, Cler. Parl. D. Com.
Pindar, William, 1644 or 5-1678. / [1677] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and aldermen of London, at Guild-Hall Chappel by William Pindar ...
Pinder, Richard, d. 1695. Bowells of compassion towards the fettered seed. Or a visitation to all, who hath been seeking the resting place, but hath not found it the cause why shewed, and the way to it manifested, wherein is something shewed also, of the emptinesse, and unsoundnesse of all profession, without the light of Christ, to be the guide. Also an information to all the honest-hearted who desires to know the truth in the simplicity of it concerning us, the people of the most high who is by the world called Quakers: ... Written in love to the scattered people in America: and is to be sent to all the islands belonging to it, that all may be warned, and left without excuse. By one who am a witnesse what the Lord hath done for his people, and hath obteined with him among the rest of the faithfull, whom he hath gathered into his fold of rest; where they are throughly satisfied; and lies down in peace and rest. Richard Pinder.
Pinder, Richard, d. 1695. / [1660] The captive (that hath long been in captivity) visited with the day-spring from on high. Or the prisoner (that hath fitten in the prison-house of woful darkness) freed into the everlasting light and covenant of God, in which perfect peace and satisfaction is. Written by way of conference, and sent out into the world for the sake of those who have long groped upon the tops of the dark mountains, where the barrennesse and emptinesse is, without the knowledge of the true light to be their guide, that they (as in a glass) may see themselves, and read what hath been the cause why they have so long sought, and not found that they have sought for. Given forth especially for the sake of the scattered people in America, by one who labors for and waits to see the elect gathered from the four quarters of the earth, known by the name of Richard Pinder.
Pinder, Richard, d. 1695. / [1660] The spirit of error, found and discovered, in the accounted pastors and teachers of the island Bermuda, in the VVest-Indies their principles and practice also tryed by the true spirit, and found to be contrary to the Scriptures of truth, and disproved by them, though pleaded for by the strongest arguments, the said teachers could bring forth : in an answer to some queries that were sent unto them, by us called Quakers : which answer was subscribed with all their names hereafter mentioned : their deceit unfolded for the peoples sake of the island / by ... Richard Pinder.
Pinder, Richard, d. 1695. / [1660] A loving invitation (to repentance, and amendment of life) unto all the inhabitants of the island Barbados: Before the Lords sore judgements come upon them, which is seen to be nigh, and which they cannot escape, except fruits meet for repentance, and amendment of life be brought forth. With somthing more particularly to the heads, and owners, of the several plantations. By a friend to the whole creation, called Richard Pinder.
Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607. / [M.D.C.IIII. 1604] The Virgin Maries life. Faithfully gathered out of auncient and holie fathers. Togeather with meditations and documents vpon the same. Writen first in Italien by the reuerend father Lucas Pinelli, of the Societie of Iesus. And now translated in to English by R.G.
Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607. / [Permissu superiorum M. DC. XVIII i.e. 1618] The mirrour of religious perfection deuided into foure bookes. Written in Italian by the R. F. Lucas Pinelli, of the Society of Iesus. And translated into English by a Father of the same Society.
Pinelli, Luca, 1542-1607. / [ca. 1600] Breife meditations of the Most Holy Sacrament and of preparation, for receuing the same. And of some other thinges apertaining to the greatnes and deuotion of so worthy a misterie. Composed in Italian by the rev. father Luca Pinelli of the Societie of Iesus.
Pinkethman, William, d. 1725. / [1699] Love without interest, or, The man too hard for the master a comedy : as it was acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants.
Pinnell, Henry. / [1648] A word of prophesy, concerning the Parliament, generall, and the army.: With A little of the first Adam. Wherein are divers objections answered, concerning that position of God, being the author of sinne. / By Henry Pinnell.
Pinnell, Henry. / [1654] Nil novi. This years fruit, from the last years root. The souldiers posture, to the right, to the left, faces about, as yee were. The royall maxime, no bishop, no king. The first-fruits of new prelats, amounting to as much as the tythes of old bishops. All summed up in an impartial relation of the partial proceedings, and uprighteous rumors raised against Henry Pinnel, concerning his endeavouring to get a parsonage. Occasioning a sudden glance upon the true resurrection, present perfection, and perfect obedience. Written in a letter to a friend.
Pinner, Charles. / [1597] Two sermons on these wordes of Peter the apostle, honour all men, loue brotherly felowship ... preached at Marlebrough the seuenth of Nouember, and fifth of Ianuarie 1595 / by Charles Pynner, minister of the Church of Wotton-Basset in Northwiltshire.
Pinner, Charles. / [1597] A sermon, vpon the wordes of Paul the Apostle vnto Timothie, Epist. 1. Chap. 4. vers. 8. Preached at Litlecot, in the Chappel of the right honourable, Sir John Pompham, knight, lord chiefe justice, of England, before his honourable Lordeshippe, and to the assemblie there, the 17. of Iulie, 1597. By Charles Pinner, minister of the Church of Wotton Basset, in North-Wiltshire.
Pinner, Charles. / [1596?] [A sermon at Marlborough on 1. Tim.iv.16.].
Pisani, Fabricio. / [printed in the year, 1660] A late letter from the citty of Florence,: vvrittem by Signor Fabricio Pisani a counsellor of the Rota, touching these present distempers of England, vvherein hee, with some of the prime statesmen in Florence give their judgments which way the said distempers may be totally compos'd. VVith som signal remarks upon the nativity of Charls the second, &c.
Piscator, Johannes, 1546-1625. / [1599] A learned and profitable treatise of mans iustification. Two bookes. Opposed to the sophismes of Robert Bellarmine, Iesuite. By Iohn Piscator, professor of diuinitie in the famous schools of Nassouia Sigena.
Pitcairn, Archibald, 1652-1713. / [1695] Apollo staticus. Or, The art of curing fevers by the staticks: invented by Dr. Pitcairn, and publish'd by him in Latine: now made English by a well-wisher to the mathematicks.
Pitcarne, Alexander, 1622?-1695. / [1664] The spiritual sacrifice, or, A treatise wherein several weighty questions and cases concerning the saints communion with God in prayer are propounded and practically improved by Mr. Alexander Pitcarne.
Pitman, Henry. / [1689] A relation of the great sufferings and strange adventures of Henry Pitman, chyrurgion to the late Duke of Monmouth, containing an account ...
Pitman, John, d. 1658? / [1658] Truth vindicated and the lyars refuge swept away being an answer to a book set forth by Thomas Collier called A looking-glasse for Quakers, and also to some particulars in a book of his called A dialogue &c. : wherein the truth is cleared from those slanders ... : also an answer to his queries in the end of the book ... : together with an epistle to the people called Baptists ... / published by ... John Pitman, Jasper Batt.
Pitt, Francis, 1578 or 9-1644. / [Octob. 14, 1644] The confession of Thomas Pjts:: vvho was executed in Smithfield, on Saterday last, being the 12. of October; for endeavoring to betray Rvssell-Hall to the enemy. VVhich confession he desired to be written from his own mouth, at the place of execution: that it might be a warning to prevent others for offending in the like manner. Published according to order.
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1645-1696. / [1682] A catalogue of books printed at the Theater in Oxford, since the first printing there, which was in the year 1672, to 1682 (with several others): and sold in London, by Moses Pitt at the Angel against the Great North-door of St. Pauls-Church 1682. Those with an asterisc are printed at the Theater.
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1682] Proposals for printing a third edition of a book intituled Ludovici Le Blanc Theses theologicae with considerable additions
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1679?] The proposals for printing the English atlas
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1695] A letter from Moses Pitt, to the authour of a book, intituled, some discourses upon Dr. Burnet, now Ld. Bp. of Salisbury and Dr. Tillotson, late Ld. A.B. of Canterbury occasioned by the late funeral sermon of the former upon the latter.
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1678] Proposals for printing a new atlas. Moses pitt of London, bookseller, being encouraged by His Most Sacred Majesty, His Royal Highness the Duke of York, his Highness Prince Rupert, both the universities, the Royal Society, and divers others, the nobility, gentry, and learned men of this nation, to undertake the printing of an accurate description of the world; and resolving to proceed with all convenient diligence, for the more effectual carrying on thereof, maketh these following offers.
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1685] A catalogue of several sorts of Bibles, Testaments, Common Prayers, singing Psalms, Book of Homilies &c. (all printed at the Theatre in Oxford) that are to be exposed to sale (by way of auction or who bids most) in smaller or greater numbers, and at such moderate rates as will be manifestly beneficial to the respective buyers : at the auction-house in Ave- Mary-Lane over against the Black Swan near Ludgate-street on Wednesday the 10th of December, 1685.
Pitt, Moses, fl. 1654-1696. / [1691] The cry of the oppressed being a true and tragical account of the unparallel'd sufferings of multitudes of poor imprisoned debtors in most of the gaols in England ... together with the case of the publisher.
Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. / [Anno Dom. 1652] A short brotherly examination of a sermon. At first preached by Mr Salomon Saffery, and after published in print; intituled, Part of a discourse, tending only to invite those that believe in Christ, to be conformable to him by baptisme. But intending to disswade from infant-baptisme. / By Robert Pittillok, a Scottish man.
Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. / [1689] Oppression under the colour of law, or, My Lord Hercarse, his new new praticks as a way for peaceable subjects to be ware of pleying [sic] with a hot spirited Lord of the Session so far as is possible when arbitrarie government is in the dominion / published by Mr. Robert Pittilloh.
Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. / [printed in the year 1659] Scotland mourning: or, A short discovery of the sad consequences which accompanies the delay of the setling judicatories in that nation. By Robert Pittilloh advocate.
Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. / [1659] The hammer of persecvtion: or, The mystery of iniquity, in the persecution of many good people in Scotland, under the government of Oliver late Lord Protector, and continued by others of the same spirit; disclosed, with the remedies thereof. By Rob. Pittilloh, advocate.
Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. / [1684] A spittle sermon preach'd in St. Brides Parish-Church, on Wednesday in Easterweek, being the second day of April, 1684 before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the sheriffs of the now Protestant, and loyal city of London / by Thomas Pittis ...
Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. / [1677] A sermon preach'd to the Artillery Company, at St. Mary le Bow, Septemb. 11, 1677, and at their earnest desire published by Thomas Pittis ...
Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. / [1670] A private conference between a rich alderman and a poor country vicar made publick wherein is discoursed the obligation of oaths which have been imposed on the subjects of England : with other matters relating to the present state of affairs.
Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. / [1682] An old way of ending new controversies in a sermon preached to the comptroller, and the rest of the gentlemen of the honourable society of the Inner-Temple, on Sunday the 8th of January 1681/2, and at their special desire printed / by Thomas Pittis ...
Pittis, Thomas, 1636-1687. / [1683] A discourse of prayer wherein this great duty is stated, so as to oppose some principles and practices of Papists and fanaticks; as they are contrary to the publick forms of the Church of England, established by her ecclesiastical canons, and confirmed by acts of Parliament. By Thomas Pittis, D.D. one of His Majesties chaplains in ordinary. Wherefore, that way and profession in religion, which gives the best directions for it, (viz. prayer) with the most effectual motives to it, and most aboundeth in its observance, hath therein the advantage of all others. Dr. Owen in his preface to his late discourse of the work of the Holy SPirit in prayer, &c.
Pius V, Pope, 1504-1572. / [1570] A message, termed marke the truth of the worde of God, in these. xiii. bloes, at the Popes Bull: And the same to be doone to the Popes Champian, that set vp his Bull, on the gate of the bishop of London. 1570.
Pius, II, Pope, 1404-1464. / [1553?] The goodli history of the moste noble and beautyfull Ladye Lucres of Scene in Tuskane, and of her louer Eurialus verye pleasaunt and delectablevnto ye reder.
Pix, Mary, 1666-1720. / [1705?] To the Right Honourable the Earl of Kent, lord chamberlain of Her Majesties houshold, &c.: This poem is humbly address'd, by your lordship's most obedient and most humble servant. Mary Pix.
Pix, Mary, 1666-1720. / [MDCXCVIII 1698] Queen Catharine, or, The ruines of love a tragedy, as it is acted at the New Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Field by His Majesty's servants / written by Mrs. Pix.
Pix, Mary, 1666-1720. / [1696] The inhumane cardinal, or, Innocence betray'd: a novel. / Written by a gentlewoman, for the entertainment of the sex.