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Phelpes, Charles. / [1676] A caveat against drunkenness, especially in evil times being a consideration of Eph. 5. 18. / by C.P.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1672] Needful counsel for lukewarm Christians being a consideration of some part of the message sent to the angel of the church in Laodicea / by Charles Phelpes ...
Phelpes, Charles. / [1669] Light in darkness, or, A consideration of a comfortable and instructive resignation of the Church of God by an eminent and faithful watchman upon his departure : occasioned by the sad loss of ... Thomas Moor, Junior / by C.D.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1670] Happy merchandise or Wisdoms excellency darkly discovered or rather greatly obscured by words without knowledge By Charles Phelps.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1678] A commentary, or, An exposition with notes on the five first chapters of the Revelation of Jesvs Christ by Charles Phelpes.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1682] The gain of Godliness being a consideration of I Tim. 4. 8. / by Charles Phelpes.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1674] Calling and election, or, Many are called, but few are chosen being a consideration of Mat. 22.14 / by Charles Phelpes.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1668] A caveat against covetousness occasioned by some scandalous and pernicious fruit of it, in one amongst us, whose heart went after it / written for admonition to others, by Charles Phelpes.
Phelpes, Charles. / [1680] An antidote against desperation and presumption. or, A consideration of that most solemn oath of the Lord God in Ezek. xxxiii. by Charles Phelpes.
Phelps, Thomas. / [1685] A true account of the captivity of Thomas Phelps at Machaness in Barbary and of his strange escape in company of Edmund Baxter and others, as also of the burning two of the greatest pirat-ships belonging to that kingdom in the River of Mamora upon the thirteenth day of June 1685 / by Thomas Phelps.
Phil-adelpho-Theo-basieus. / [Printed in the yeare 1649] The teares of Sion upon the death of Josiah,: distilled in some country sermon notes on Febr. 4. and 11th, 1649. Being the quinquagesima and sexagesima Sundayes for that yeare.
Phil-Alethio. / [Printed in the year, 1661] A brief resolution of the present case of the subjects of Scotland: in order to Episcopal government, by sacred authority re-established in this kingdome. Or, Episcopus Scoticanus redivivus. For the satisfaction of the people. Authore Phil-Alethio.
Phil. Anglus Trueman. / [1680] The Protestant antidote, or, An answer to a pamphlet, entituled, A seasonable address to the right honorable Lord Mayor, &c. touching the present election of sheriffs : in a friendly epistle to that worshipful author / from his humble servant Phil. Anglus Trueman.
Philadelphian Society (London, England) / [1699] The declaration of the Philadelphian Society of England, Easter-day, 1699. Addressed to the Catholick Church representative and diffusive.
Philadelphus. / [1641 i.e. 1642] An antidote against Romes infection:: received by the reformed churches beyond the seas, approved by them, and commended to the Church of England: consisting of uniformitie and conformitie in church-government, and the necessity of abolishing some ceremonies lately commanded by the episcopall power, which are rather prejudiciall then materiall to Gods true worship. Also a view of the pious and religious care of the citizens of this citie; who have by all means laboured the extirpation of the causes which have so long troubled the church and common-wealth. Brought over by Philadelphus, and delivered by him to Philalethes, in a discourse; and by him published for the publike benefit.
Philadept. / [1698] An essay concerning adepts, or, A resolution of this inquiry how it cometh to pass that adepts, if there are any in the world, are no more beneficial to mankind than they have been known hitherto to be, and whether there could be no way to encourage them to communicate themselves : with some resolutions concerning the principles of the adeptists and a model, practicable, and easy, of living in community : in two parts / by a Philadept ...
Philagathus, Philanthropus. / [1675] An humble remonstrance to the King & Parliament in the behalf of many decayed and decaying citizens and families of London, occasioned solely by the dreadful fire of that city and some concurring calamitous events of providence since. Per Philanthropus Philagathus.
Philalathes. / [1645] The causes and cures of an unwilling warre, or, Justice awakened from gownes to guns historified by Philalathes.
Philalathes, Salem. / [1660] The moderate Independent proposing a word in season to the gathered churches, the Episcopal and Presbyterian parties tending to their humiliation for what is past, to be reconciled to each other for the time to come, and joyntly to acquiesse in the determinations of this present Parliament, as to the government of church & state / by Salem Philalathes ...
Philalethes. / [1680] A short narrative of Mr. Fitz-Gerald who lately was summoned up from Bristol by one of His Majesties messengers, to the honourable Privy Council, for suspicion of high treason : giving a brief account of his carriage there at the board, his innocency, and other particulars relating to the farther discovery of this hellish popish plot.
Philalethes. / [1687] A reply to the two answers of the new test in a letter to an eminent person of quality.
Philalethes. The plain man's essay for England's prosperity more particularly referred and submitted to the consideration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, 1698.
Philalethes. / [1684] The deputies of the Republick of Amsterdam to the States of Holland convicted of high-treason written and proved by the Minister of State, according to a true copy printed at the Hague, 1684.
Philalethes. / [Printed in the year 1649] An answer to Doctor Chamberlaines scandalous and faslse [sic] papers.:
Philalethes, Anonymos. / [1642] A notable touch of the times: or, a true and seasonable discoverie of the grosse abuses thereof, with a serious proposition of a certaine remedy.: Presented to the view of all intelligents. And also sixe propositions made by the Lords and Commons in Parliament, declaring the reasons of the commitment of the Lord Mayor of London to the Tower. Lunæ 11. Iuly 1642. Published by Anonymos Philalethes.
Philalethes, Eirenaeus. / [1677] An exposition upon Sir George Ripley's Epistle to King Edward IV written by Eirenæus Philalethes Anglus, cosmopolita.
Philalethes, Eirenaeus. / [1669] Secrets reveal'd, or, An open entrance to the shut-palace of the King containing the greatest treasure in chymistry never yet so plainly discovered / composed by a most famous English-man, styling himself anonymus or Eyræneus Philaletha cosmopolita ... ; published for the benefit of all Englishmen by W.C., Esq., a true lover of art and nature.
Philalethes, Eirenaeus. / [1694] Three tracts of the great medicine of philosophers for humane and metalline bodies ... all written in Latine by Eirenæus Philalethes ... ; translated into English for the benefit of the studious, by a lover of art and them.
Philalethes, Eirenaeus. / [1678] A breviary of alchemy, or, A commentary upon Sir George Ripley's recapitulation being a paraphrastical epitome of his twelve gates / written by Æyrenæus Philalethes ...
Philalethes, Hieron. / [Printed in the year 1648] Mercurius militans, with his hags haunting cruelty, and his bays crowning clemency: historically suited to our long wished peace / by Hieron Philalethes.
Philaletheseirenes. / [1672] Indulgence not to be refused comprehension humbly desired : the Churche's peace earnestly endeavoured / by Philatheseirenes [sic].
Philanactodemus. / [Printed in the yeare 1647] Quære's, seasonable, to be humbly presented to King Charles, at Holmby, and others, for his Parliament at Westminster:: vvith a few to be taken to heart, by the common people of England, communicated: / by Philanactodemus. Whereunto is added a prologue and an epilogue, for the better illustration of the thing to the different reader.
Philanactos, Demophilus. / [Printed in the yeare 1648] Tvvo epitaphs, occasioned by the death of Sr Charles Lucas, and Sr George Lisle, basely assassinated at Colchester.:
Philanar and Misostratus. / [Printed, Anno exulantis Monarchiæ 8. Anno Domini 1648] Hipp-anthropos: or, an ironicall expostulation with death and fate, for the losse of the late Lord Mayor of London;: who on Friday October 27. 1648. expired together with his office; and both he and his bay-horse di'd o'th' sullens. VVhereunto is annexed an epitaph both on Mayor and horse. Also a dialogicall brief discourse held octob. 29 between Col. Rainsborough and Charon, at their meeting. Composed by Philanar and Misostratus, two London-apprenticces' once in-counter'd last yeer for their loyalty.
Philanax. / [1692] A Pindarique ode by way of panegyrick, upon the glorious conquests of magnanimous K. William in the campagne of 92. Presented to him at his return.
Philanax Anonomous. / [Printed in the year, 1649] Oxonii lachrymæ,: Rachell weeping for her children, or, a patheticall relation of the present grievances of the late famous University of Oxford. Wherein you have her unjust sufferings manifested. The authours of her miseries characterised. And, the ejected loyalists nominated. / Presented in a letter from an Oxford schollar (not yet exil'd) to his friend a gentleman of Grayes-Inne.
Philanax Misopapas. / [1683] Rawleigh redivivus, or, The life & death of the Right Honourable Anthony, late Earl of Shaftsbury humbly dedicated to the protesting lords / by Philanax Misopappas.
Philander Misaurus. / [M DC XC IX. 1699] The honour of the gout: or, A rational discourse, demonstrating that the gout is one of the greatest blessings which can befal mortal man that all gentlemen who are weary of it, are their own enemies; that those pratitioners who offer at the cure, are the vainest and most mischievous cheats in nature. By way of letter to an eminent citizen, wrote in the heat of a violent paroxysm, and now published for the common good. By Philander Misiatus.
Philanthropus. / [1660] A Sober vindication of Lt. Gen. Ludlow and others: in answer to a printed letter sent from Sir Hardress Waller in Ireland, and other non-commissioned officers at Dublin to Lt. General Ludlow at Duncannon, commander in chief of all the Parliament forces in Ireland : wherein you have a faithful but summary history of the affairs in Ireland as they now stand ... / by a faithful friend to the Parliament and Commonwealth.
Philanthropus, Irenaus Philadelphus. / [1660] Eiråenikon, or, A treatise of peace between the two visible divided parties ... by Irenæus Philadelphus Philanthropus ...
Philaquila. / [1672] The history of the golden-eagle being both delightfull and profitable. Written by Philaquila.
Philaretus Anthropopolita. / [1681] Some seasonable remarks upon the deplorable fall of the Emperour Julian with an epistle of his to the citizens of Bostra / now made English ; by Philaretus Anthropopolita.
Phileroy, E. / [1684] A satyrical vision or tragy-comedy as it was lately acted in the city of Bristol, discovered in a dream / by E. Phileroy.
Philgynes. / [MDCC. 1700] The freedom of the fair sex asserted: or, Woman the crown of the creation In a letter to a young lady.
Philibert, de Vienne, 16th cent. / [Anno. 1575] The philosopher of the court, written by Philbert of Vienne in Champaigne, and Englished by George North, gentlema[n].
Philip, II, King of Spain, 1527-1598. / [1554] Een nieuu tiidinghe hoe dat die Prince van Spaegien triumphelick aengecomen is in Enghelandt, mist gaders die bruyloft to Winchestre ghehouden.
Philipot, John, 1589?-1645. / [MDCLIX 1659] Villare cantianum, or, Kent surveyed and illustrated being an exact description of all the parishes, burroughs, villages and other respective mannors included in the county of Kent : and the original and intermedial possessors of them ... / by Thomas Philipott ... : to which is added an historical catalogue of the high-sheriffs of Kent, collected by John Phillipot, Esq., father to the authour.
Philipot, John, 1589?-1645. / [1636] The catalogue of the chancellors of England, the lord keepers of the Great Seale: and the lord treasurers of England. With a collection of divers that have been masters of the Rolles. By I.P. Summerset herald.
Philipot, Thomas, d. 1682. / [1646] Englands sorrow for the losse of their late generall: or an epitaph upon his Excellencie Robert Earle of Essex, &c. Who died September 15. 1646. with a perfect memoriall of the particular services and battels that he himself was engaged in person.
Philipps, Edward, 1630-1696? / [1685] The minority of St. Lewis. With the politick conduct of affairs by his mother Queen Blanch of Spain, during her regency. Being a relation of what happen'd most memorable under his reign during the year, 1226, 1227, 1228, and 1229.
Philipps, Samuel. / [1684] To the learned and worthy artist Mr. Grinsted [sic] Gibbons.
Philips, Edward. / [1607] Certain godly and learned sermons, preached by that worthy seruant of Christ M. Ed. Philips in S. Sauiors in Southwarke: vpon the whole foure first chapters of Matthew, Luc. 11. vers. 24. 25. 26. Rom. 8. the whole, 1. Thess. 5. 19. Tit. 2. 11. 12. Iames 2. from the 20. to the 26. and 1. Ioh. 3. 9. 10. And were taken by the pen of H. Yeluerton of Grayes Inne Gentleman:
Philips, George, 1599?-1696. / [1690] The second apology for the Protestants of Ireland, by the author of the first shewing the necessity of their flight and desertion : and that the present destruction of Ireland hath conduced to the safety and preservation of England : in a letter to Sir. O. S.
Philips, George, 1599?-1696. / [1691] A problem concerning the gout in a letter to Sir John Gordon ... / by G.P., with a reply and censure thereupon.
Philips, George, 1599?-1696. / [1676] The present state of Tangier in a letter to His Grace the lord chancellor of Ireland and one of the lords justices there : to which is added the present state of Algiers.
Philips, George, 1599?-1696. / [1689] The interest of England in the preservation of Ireland humbly presented to the Parliament of England / by G.P., Esq.
Philips, Katherine, 1631-1664. / [1667] Poems by the most deservedly admired Mrs. Katherine Philips, the matchless Orinda ; to which is added Monsieur Corneille's Pompey & Horace, tragedies ; with several other translations out of French.
Philips, Nicholas, b. 1621 or 2 / [1681.] The loyal subjects request for his royal sovereign. In a sermon preached to His Majesty's garrison in the Isles of Silly, [sic] and in several places since November last. / By Nicholas Philips, chaplain to His Majesty's garrison there..
Philips, Robert, d. 1650? / [1641] The coppy of a letter of Father Philips, the Queens confessor, which was thought to be sent into France, to Mr. Mountagues discovered and produced to be read in the House of Commons, by Mr. Pymme the 25 of June, 1641 to this effect : lamentably complaining of the times and present state of things and this was written presently after Piercy and Jermyn fled.
Phillippes, Henry, d. 1677? / [1654] The purchasers pattern In two parts, containing. I. The true value of any purchase of land or houses by lease or otherwise: also, a moderate discourse of usury. With many observations, and tables of intrest and rebatement. II. The true measuring of land, board, timber, and gauging of cask: and discovering the false rules and deceits which are used by many therein. With many other rules and tables of daily use for most men. The second edition corrected and enlarged. By Hen. Philippes.
Phillippes, Henry, d. 1677? / [1652] The geometrical sea-man: or, the art of navigation performed by geometry. Shewing how all the three kinds of sayling, viz. by the plain chart, by Mercators chart, by a great circle. may be easily and exactly performed by a plain ruler and a pair of compasses, without arithmeticall calculation. / By Henry Phillippes.
Phillipps, W. / [1660] The principles of law reduced to practice.: By W. Phillipps.
Phillippson, J. / [1644 i.e. 1645] Mock-majesty: or, the siege of Munster.: Being a true story of those fine things, wherewith King Iohn Becock, at first a botcher of Leiden by profession, and his companions the Anabaptists, pleased themselves after they were become masters of that city. You shall here likewise have the issue of the whole mock-show. Imprimatur, James Cranford.
Phillips, Daniel, d. 1748. / [1700] Proteus redivivus, or, The turner of Turners-Hall truly represented and the abuses and falsehoods of George Keith's fourth narrative, so far as they concern the author, examin'd and detected / by Daniel Phillips.
Phillips, Edward, 1630-1696? / [1699] The beau's academy, or, The modern and genteel way of wooing and complementing after the most courtly manner in which is drawn to the life, the deportment of most accomplished lovers, the mode of their courtly entertainments, the charms of their persuasive language in their addresses or more secret dispatches, to which are added poems, songs, letters of love and others : proverbs, riddles, jests, posies, devices, with variety of pastimes and diversions as cross-purposes, the lovers alphabet &c. also a dictionary for making rhimes, four hundred and fifty delightful questions with their several answers together with a new invented art of logick : so plain and easie that the meanest capacity may in a short time attain to a perfection of arguing and disputing.
Phillips, George, 1593-1644. / [1645] A reply to a confutation of some grounds for infants baptisme:: as also, concerning the form of a church, put forth against mee by one Thomas Lamb. Hereunto is added, a discourse of the verity and validity of infants baptisme, wherein I endeavour to clear it in it self: as also in the ministery administrating it, and the manner of administration, by sprinkling, and not dipping; with sundry other particulars handled herein. / By George Philips of Watertown in New England.
Phillips, George, fl. 1597. / [1600] The life and death of the rich man and Lazarus anothomized by way of meditation. With the rich mans funerall sermon. By George Phillips.
Phillips, George, fl. 1597. / [1597] The embassage of Gods angell. By George Phillips.
Phillips, George, fl. 1597. / [1597] The good sheepheardes dutie by George Phillips.
Phillips, George, fl. 1597. / [1595] Gods generall summons to his last parliament. By George Phillips.
Phillips, Jerome, d. ca. 1648. / [1623] The fisher-man. A sermon preached at a synode held at Southwell in Nottinghamshire. Shewing 1. The necessitie of calling and gifts enabling in a minister. 2. The danger intruders are in. 3. Whose fault it is that such are in the Church. 4. A good life requisite in all that professe Christianitie, but especially in ministers. 5. Wisedome and learning absolutely necessary in preachers. 6. Vnlearned & frothy preaching doth much hurt. 7. Gods worke goeth best forward when his workmen agree well amongst themselues. 8. Contempt of Gods ministers shall not be vnpunished. With other points of moment. By Ierom Phillips Bachelour in Diuinitie.
Phillips, John, 1631-1706. / [printed in the year, 1688] Sam. Ld. Bp. of Oxon, his celebrated Reasons for abrogating the Test, and notions of idolatry answered by Samuel Arch-Deacon of Canterbury.
Phillips, John, 1631-1706. / [1672] Phaenix Britannicus, or, London re-built in a panegyrick poem on that ancient metropolis, now Englands glory, and the vvorlds wonder / by J. Phillips.
Phillips, John, 1631-1706. / [1675] Mercurius verax, or, The prisoners prognostications for the year 1675 wherein are prophesied several truths of very great moment yet to come to pass, which he that contradicts let him have a care he does not find them true by experience / by the author of the first Montelion and Satyr against hypocrites.
Phillips, Nicholas. / [1681] The vvay to heaven most clearly discovered and the manner how to walk in this way exactly described. With a brief vindication of the Church of England against all her enemies. By Nicholas Philips, late chaplain to his Majesty's garrison in the Isles of Silly.
Phillips, Nicholas. / [1679] The holy choice, or, Faith's triumph over all worldly pomp & glory a sermon preached in St. Maries in Scilly, Oct. 14, 1677 / by Nich. Phillips, twice chaplain to His Majesties garrison there ; and tendred at the council-table, Jan. 23, 1679.
Phillips, R. / [1683] The victory of Cupid over the gods and goddesses display'd in several poetical stories / by R. Phillips.
Phillips, R. / [MDCLXXXV 1685] A poem on the coronation of His Most Sacred Majesty, James the Second by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. and of his royal consort, our gracious Queen Mary / (attempted) by R. Phillips.
Phillips, Samuel, 1690-1771. / [Printed in the year 1668] A plain discourse of the mercy of having good parents. With the duties of children that have such parents. Written by M.G.
Phillips, Thomas, Master of Arts. / [1639] The booke of lamentations; or Geennēlogia a treatise of hell: Wherein is shewen, the nature of it; the place where it is, so farre as probably may be conjectured; the severall punishments of the damned therein, and aggravations of the same; the justice of God maintained in sending the wicked thither; with divers other things. As also. The booke of Genesis; or Genealogia. Christ's genealogie. Discussed as 'tis set downe by S. Matthew in the 1. ver. of his Gospel. Being the summe of two sermons, preached in the Cathedral Church of Lincolne. By Thomas Phillips Master of Arts.
Phillips, William. / [1688] A new fairing for the merrily disposed:, or, The comical history of the famous Merry Andrew.: W. Phill---. ; Giving an account of his pleasant humours, various adventures, cheats, frolicks, & cunning designs both in city and country.
Philly, John. / [in the year 1664] The arrainment of Christendom containing a revelation of the rys, growth & fulnes of the great whãor, man of sin or mistery of iniquity, with the comsumtion, ruin & utter destruction of the dragon's, beast's & fals profet's power, with the waters on which the whãor sits, & the sea out of which the beast arãos in Christendom. ... Being the trumpet of the Lord sounded forth which giveth a most sãur & certain sound to Leopold the present Roman Emperor, & to the present Pop of Rãom, ... I John, the servant of the most hy God, ... being a prisoner, (with my companions in travel) at a plãas caled Great Gomara, on a certain ysland in Hungaria, ... The living, eternal, & pur power of God moved in me, & revealed unto me that I should wryt, ...
Philo Pater. / [1684] The observator reproved more especially in relation to the controversie between that eminently pious, charitable, and worthy divine Mr. Smithye, curate of Cripplegate, and himself.
Philo Regis. / [1649. i.e. 1650] The right picture of King Oliure, from top to toe.: That all the world may a false rebell know. Whereunto is added, his genealogy, and the memorialls of all his worthy acts from the beginning of his reigne, to his present routing in Ireland. / By Philo Regis, written in rime doggerill for the benefit of all his subjects at Westminster.
Philo-Anglicus. / [1678] Bread for the poor, or, Observations upon certain proposals lately offered to the Kings Majesty and both Houses of Parliament with some additional considerations tending to inriching of the nation ... : whereby all poor people, women and children from five years old may be comfortably employ'd to get their own livings, beggars and vagrants restrain'd, the parish charges for the poor lightned, and consequently your lands improved, rents raised ... and tradesmen encouraged, and many hundred thousand pounds a year kept at home which now goes out of the kingdom to French and other forraign commodities / by Philo-Anglicus.
Philo-Basileus Philo-Clerus. / [1661] Jura cleri, or, An apology for the rights of the long-despised clergy proving out of antient and modern records that the conferring of revenues, honours, titles, priviledges, and jurisdiction upon ecclesiasticks is consistent with Scripture, agreeable to the purest primitive times, and justified by the vsance and practice of all nations / by Philo-Basileus Philo-Clerus.
Philo-Carolus, Philo-Jesus. / [1672] Lemmata meditationum, or, The contents of a few religious meditations given as directive and incentive to that invaluable duty / by Philo-Jesus Philo-Carolus.
Philo-Dicaios. / [1681] The triumphs of justice over unjust judges exhibiting, I. the names and crimes of four and forty judges hang'd in one year in England, as murderers for their corrupt judgments, II. the case of the Lord Chief Justice Trefilian, hang'd at Tyburn, and all the rest of the judges of England (save one) banisht in K. Rich. the 2ds time, III. the crimes of Empson and Dudley, executed in K. Henry the 8th's days, IV. the proceedings of the ship-money-judges in the reign of K. Charles the first, V. diverse other presidents both antient and modern : to which is added VI. the judges oath, and some observations thereupon, humbly dedicated to the Lord Chief Justice Scroggs.
Philo-kalo-basileos. / [1696] The interest of the English nation under the happy government of King William III once more asserted in answer to the challenge of a Jacobite : wherein is proved that the law which forbids taking up arms against the King upon any pretence whatsoever is consistent with the late revolution / by Philo-kalo-basileos.
Philo-katoptrono-klastes. / [1657] Culmers crown crackt with his own looking-glass, or, The Cocks-combs looking-glasse broken about his ears and a counter-mirror held forth to all good people, for their undeceiving in the pretended sufferings of that pseudo-martyr, and grand imposter of this age, Blew Dick of Thanet : reflecting from certain pertinent observations upon an impertinent, false and frivolous Apology of his ascribed to his more ingenuous son, but scribled by his most ignominious self : wherein especially all the world may see the ugly face of that prodigious monster ...
Philo-patris, Citizen. / [1680] A seasonable address to the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen, and commoners of the city of London, upon their present electing of sherifs [sic] by Philo-Patris, citizen, &c.
Philocrates. / [Printed in the year, 1648] The loyall sacrifice: presented in the lives and deaths of those two eminent-heroick patternes, for valour, discipline, and fidelity; the generally beloved and bemoaned, Sir Charls Lucas, and Sir George Lisle, knights. Being both shot to death at Colchester, five houres after the surrender.
Philoctetes, Eyreneus. / [1694] Philadelphia, or, Brotherly love to the studious in the hermetick art.: Wherein is discovered the principles of hermetick philosophy, with much candor and plainness. / Written by Eyreneus Philoctetes.
Philodemius, Philostratus. / [1653] Seasonable observations on a late book intitvled A system of the law:: as it was contrived and published by the committee appointed for regulation: so far as it relates to the high Court of Chancery, and the fees and proceedings thereof: Wherein several proposals made by the said committee, are held unsafe and inconvenient; some are approved of, and illustrated; and others supplyed wherein the same are conceived defective: With further proposals, for the better regulation of said court, and more speedy and cheap hearing of causes. And an exact table. 1. Containing the fees now paid to the grand officers and patentees. 2. How much will satisfie the true labourers. 3. What wil [sic] be saved thereby to all suiters in the said court. Unto which is likewise annexed, the memorable case put by the late King James, to the then learned judges of the land, touching the power and jurisdiction of the said court, for relieving complainants after judgements given in the Courts of Common-Law; and how far the Statutes of Præmunire do extend to restrain the said court therein: With the reasons and resolutions of the said judges thereupon: Tendered to the consideration of the supreme authority: and published for the general good and information of all practitioners and suiters in the said court. / By Philostratus Philodemius.
Philodikaios, Irenicus. / [1599] A treatise declaring, and confirming against all obiections the just title and right of the moste excellent and worthie prince, Iames the sixt, King of Scotland, to the succession of the croun of England. Whereunto is added a discourse shewing how necessarie it is for the realme of England, that he be in due time acknowledged and admitted to the succession of the kingdome.
Philolaus, fl. 1681. / [1681] A character of popery and arbitrary government with a timely caveat and advice to all the freeholders, citizens and burgesses, how they may prevent the same by choosing good members to serve in this new Parliament.
Philolaus, J. / [1649] A serious aviso to the good people of this nation, concerning that sort of men, called Levellers. / By J. Philolaus.
Philologus. / [1676] A seasonable discourse of the right use and abuse of reason in matters of religion. By Philologus.
Philomath, J. / [1682] A practial grammar, or, The easiest and shortest way to initiate young children in the Latin tongue by the help whereof, a child of seven years old may learn more of the grounds of that language in three months, than is ordinarily learn'd in one year's space by those of greater age, in common grammar schools / Published for the use of such as love not to be tedious. To which are added, tables of Mr. Walker's Particles by the assistance where of young scholars may be better enabled to peruse that excellent and most useful treatise by J. Philomath.
Philomathes. / [1664] A new prognostication for the year of our Lord God, 1664 being bissextile or leap-year : wherein are contained the ... movable feasts, with the change of the moon ... with the description of the weather in every quarter of the moon, and a true description of the eclipses this year : together with dates of husbandry and gardening ... / set forth at Aberdene by Philomathes.
Philomathes. / [for the year 1665] A new prognostication for the year of our Lord God 1665. Being the first after leap-year. Wherein are contained the moveable feasts, with the change of the moon, her full and quarters: with the true disposition of the weather, in every quarter of the moon, and a true description of the eclipses of this year. Together with dates of husbandry and gardening, for every month. Also with some physical observations. With the names and times of all the fairs in Scotland: with an addition of several new fairs, never before printed. Set forth at Aberdene, by Philomathes.
Philomusus, fl. 1639. / [1640] The academy of complements. VVherin ladyes gentlewomen, schollers, and stranges may accomodate their courtly practice with most curious ceremonies, complementall, amorous, high expressions, and formes of speaking, or writing. A worke perused and most exactly perfected and most exactly perfected by the author with additions of witty amorous poems. And a table expounding the hard English words.
Philonomos, Anglicus. / [1688?] A letter to the author of the Vindication of the proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners concerning the legality of that Court by Philonomus Anglicus.
Philonomos, Anglicus. / [1688?] A letter to the author of the Vindication of the proceedings of the ecclesiastical commissioners concerning the legality of that court
Philonomus. / [1694] The young lawyer's recreation being a choice collection of several pleasant cases, passages, and customs in the law for the entertainment as well as profit of the reader.
Philopater, F. P. / [1652] The nurse of pious thoughts wherein is briefly shewed that the use which Roman Catholikes do make of sacred pictures, signes, and images is not idolatry or any other misdemeanour (as some imagine), but the nurse of pious thoughts and healthfull meditations / written by F.P. Philopater.
Philopatris. / [1681] The plot in a dream, or, The discoverer in masquerade in a succinct discourse and narrative of the late and present designs of the papists against the King and government : illustrated with copper plates / by Philopatris.
Philopatris. / [1652] The advocate
Philopatris, fl. 1606. / [1606] An humble petition offered to the right reuerend, honourable, and vvorshipfull estates of this present Parliament assembled ar [sic] Westminster Pallace wherein the wandring ghost of the late pyramis demolished lately in Parâis, discourseth his hard fortunes, trauailes, and strange accidents to the new Brittaine monarchie, to whom he wisheth all peace, wealth, and prosperitie. Written by Philopatris, pittying his downfall, and perswading his new erecting, and building vp againe in Westminster.
Philopolis. / [1682] A new discourse about the fire of London, and the probability of self-murther, in a letter to a friend concerning Sir Edmundbury Godfrey's death
Philopolite. / [1680] The true Englishman, humbly proposing something to rid us of the plot in the state and of contentions in the church wherein is shown how our King may be the happy healer of nations / by a Philopolite ; and published by his neighbour, Philotheus.
Philopolites. / [1689] War and its effects, laid out to the life being a seasonable advice to our Protestant brethren now ready to go against the Irish rebels usurping authority in the kingdom of Ireland / by Philopolites.
Philopolites. / [1683] Themista & Euphorbus: in a familiar dialogue, plainly discovering and passionately bemoaning the exorbitances of the world in the administration of justice : composed at first for a private diversion, and now presented to the worthy maioralty within the famous and antient borrough of Tavistock, Devon, newly incorporated by His Maiesties special favour and with the assistance of the honourable Sr. James Butler, Kt. / by Philopolites.
Philopolites, P., Sir. / [MCDLXXXIX. 1689] The grumbletonian crew reprehended being reflections upon the ungrateful and unmannerly behaviour of that new-upstart sect: occasioned by the scrupling to take the new oath of allegiance. Together with some good advice, to such of them, as are yet capable of it; and not too far advanced towards Bedlam. By Sir P. Philopolites. With allowance.
Philoprotest. / [1693] An excellent new poem upon the happy proceedings of Their Majesties royal army by sea and land with a reflection upon the insulting Jacobites.
Philoroy, Philopater. / [1661] The traitors claim, or, A clear and impartial consideration of the security as to life, claimed by the condemned traitors now prisoners in the Tower of London, who rendred themselves, according to His Majesties proclamation, of the 8th of June 1660, by advice of the Lords and Commons, then assembled in Parliament in a letter written August 20th 1661, to a Honourable member of the House of Commons now sitting in Parliament.
Philotheus. / [1680] A letter to Dr. du Moulin, containing a charitable reproof for his schismatical book entituled, A short and true account of the several advances the Church of England hath made towards Rome, &c. to which are added Some seasonable words to Mr. Richard Baxter.
Philpot, John, 1516-1555. / [1554] The trew report of the dysputacyon had [and] bego[n]ne in the conuocacyo[n] hows at london among the clargye there assembled the xviij. daye of October in the yeare of our lord M.D.LIIII.
Philpot, John, 1516-1555. / [1556?] The examinacion of the constaunt martir of Christ, Ioh[a]n Philpot arch diacon of Winchestre at sondry seasons in the tyme of his sore emprisonment, conuented and banted, as in these particular tragedies folowyng, it maye (not only to the christen instruction, but also to the mery recreacion of the indifferent reader) most manifestly appeare. Reade fyrst and than iudge.
Philpot, John, Master in Arts. / [1646] A prospective-glasse for gamesters: or, A short treatise against gameing:: in which is contained a plaine and perfect manifestation of the inconveniencies, miseries and calamities which the user or practiser of unlawfull games doth bring upon himselfe, not onely in regard of his mortall body, but also upon his eternall soule. Wherein also these six evill consequences of gaming are exactly and pertinently handled, viz. [brace] Drunkennesse. Lying. Swearing. [double brace] Adultery. Poverty. Theevery. [brace] Written at the request of a gamester, upon his detestation of his former idle life and practice in this kind. / By John Philpot Master in Arts. Dedicated to the honest and judicious youngmen and apprentices of the honourable city of London. Published according to order.
Philpot, Thomas, b. 1588? / [1662] The creples complaint, or, A sermon preached Sept. 29, 1661 at Akly, near Buckingham, upon some sad occasion in which among many motives unto loyalty and other religious duties is proved, by lamentable experience, that good things are better known when they are not, than when they are enjoyed / by Thomas Philpot.