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Pacifick Christian. / [1690] A letter to a gentleman touching the treatise entituled, Two hundred queries concerning the doctrine of the revolution of humane souls and its conformity to the truths of Christianity / by a pacifick Christian, a member of the Catholick Church, tho not of the Roman synagogue falsely so called.
Pack, Captain. / [1652] Another bloudy fight at sea between the English and the Dutch;: and the manner how the Lord Admiral Vantrump with threescore men of war, engaged Sir Geo: Ayscue and the Parliaments fleet upon the Downs, on Saturday last. With the particulars thereof, disputed with great gallantry on both sides; the playing of granadoes; the blowing up of the decks; the number of ships sunk, fir'd, and taken; the tacking about of the Parl. navy, to the protection of Dover Castle; and Vantrump still riding upon the downs. Also, the desperate resolution of his navy; and declaration concerning the cutting down of the banks, dams, and sea-walls, and drowning of the countrey: together with the concluding of a peace between the K. of France, and the K. of Spain, by the K. of Scots; and the setting up of the royal standard.
Pack, Samuel. / [1671] A spiritual looking-glass wherein is briefly discoursed the excellency and the necessity of saving faith and likewise how it may be known whether we have this faith or no : being the substance of two sermons / preached in London July the 23, 1671 by Sam. Pack.
Pack, Samuel. / [MDCXCI 1691] The mystery of the Gospel unvail'd wherein is plainly shewed and proved, that the man Christ Jesus has honoured all the perfections of God more than Adam and all his posterity could have done, had they continuted in their primitive state of innocency / first preached, and now published by Samuel Pack.
Pack, Samuel. / [1673] Helps to the assurance of God's love whereby a true believer may with the help of Gods good spirit know that he had a being in the love of God before he had a being in the world : to which is added a spiritual touch-stone for the tryal of the sincerity of our love to God / by Samuel Pack.
Pack, Samuel. / [1691] An exposition upon the first chapter of the Song of Songs handled by way of question and answer for the information of the weakest understanding / by Samuel Pack.
Packe, Christopher, fl. 1670-1711. / [1693] Mineralogia, or, An account of the preparation, manifold vertues and uses of a mineral salt, both in physick and chyrurgery which is so safe, pleasant and effectual in its operation, that it may be taken by those of all ages and constitutions with great benefit ... to which is added a short discourse of the nature and uses of the sulphurs of minerals and metals ... / by Chr. Packe ...
Packer, Thomas, fl. 1628-1637. / [1638] The sinners sanctuary. By Thomas Packer, his Majesties servant.
Padley, Benjamin, 1658 or 9-1687. / [1691] Some fruits of a tender branch, sprung from the living vine being a collection of several sound and godly letters, written by that faithful servant of God, Benjamin Padley. With diverse living testimonies to that innocent life, in which he walked, and continued to the end of his day.
Paeschen, Jan van. / [1604 or 1605] The spiritual pilgrimage of Hierusalem, contayninge three hundred sixtie fiue dayes iorney wherin the deuoute person may meditate on sondrie pointes of his redemption. With particular declaration of diuers Saints bodies and holy places which are to be seene in the said-voyage: As also sundrie deuout praiers and meditations verie healpful to the pilgrimes: With licence.
Page, John, LL.D. / [1658. i.e. 1657] Jus fratrum,: The law of brethren. Touching the power of parents, to dispose of their estates to their children, or to others. The prerogative of the eldest, and the rights and priviledges of the younger brothers. Shewing the variety of customes in several counties, and the preservation of families, collected out of the common, cannon, civil, and statute laws of England. / By John Page, late Master in Chancery, and Dr. of the Civil Law.
Paget, John, d. 1640. / [MDCXXXIX. 1639] Meditations of death wherein a Christian is taught how to remember and prepare for his latter end: by the late able & faithfull minister of the Gospel, Iohn Paget.
Paget, John, d. 1640. / [1641] A defence of church-government, exercised in presbyteriall, classicall, & synodall assemblies; according to the practise of the reformed churches:: touching I. The power of a particular eldership, against those that plead for a meere popular government, specially Mr Ainsvvorth in his Animadversion to Mr Clyft. &c. II. The authority of classes and synods, against the patrons of independencie: answering in this poynt Mr Davenport his Apologeticall reply, &c. and Mr Canne his Churches plea, &c, sent forth first by W. Best, and afterwards for this part of it, under the title of Syons prerogative royall. By Iohn Paget, late able and faithfull pastour of the Reformed English Church in Amsterdam. Hereunto is prefixed an advertisement to the Parliament, wherein are inserted some animadversions on the Cheshire Remonstrance against Presbytery: by T.P.
Paget, John, d. 1640. / [Anno M.DC.XVIII. 1618] An arrovv against the separation of the Brownists. Also an admonition touching Talmudique & rabbinical allegations. By Iohn Paget.
Paget, John, d. 1640. / [Anno M D C xxxv 1635] An answer to the unjust complaints of William Best and of such other as have subscribed thereunto. Also an answer to Mr. Iohn Davenport, touching his report of some passages, his allegations of scripture against the baptising of some kind of infants, his protestation about the publishing of his writings. By Iohn Paget.
Paget, Simon, 1665 or 6-1716? / [1698] A sermon preached at St. Mary's Truro, on the second of December, 1697, being the day appointed for a public Thanksgiving for peace by Sim. Paget ...
Paget, Thomas, d. 1660. / [1643] A demonstration of family-duties: or Certaine propositions and reasons of them taken [ou]t of the holy Scriptures, tending to shew the necessity, nature, and manner of performance of such religious duties, as Christian families ought to spare some time unto from common affaires every day. By T.P.
Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. / [c. 1605] The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.
Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. / [An. 1586] A godly sermon preached at Detford in Kent, on Monday the ix. of Iune, in Anno. 1572.
Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. / [1583] A godlie and fruitefull sermon, made vpon the 20. & 21. verses of the 14. chapter of the booke of Genesis wherein there is taught, what prouision ought to be made for the mynister. Very necessary to be learned of all Christians. By Eusebius Paget.
Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647. / [1635] Christianographie, or The description of the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the vvorld not subiect to the Pope. VVith their vnitie, and hovv they agree with us in the principall points of difference betweene us and the Church of Rome.
Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647. / [1646] A brief collection out of Master Pagitts book called Heresiography or, A discription of the hereticks and sectaries of these latter times
Pain, John, shoemaker. / [1655] A discovery of the priests, that say they are sent off by the Lord, but upon trial are found out of the commands of Christ, the prophets, and Apostles, and to be those that are not sent of the Lord, but to be such that the sent ones of the Lord did cry wo against,: and to be such that are false apostles, deceitful, wicked, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ: and no marvail, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light; therefore it is no great thing, if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, ... With a few words to such professors and prophane, that together joyn to persecute the righteous: and to the ranters that do commit all manner of sins with greediness. Darkness denied by the children of Light, and the babe of Christ growing up to a perfect man. / Written from one who is known to the world by the name of John Pain, who accounts it great riches to suffer reproaches, and afflictions with the people of the Lord, who scornfully by the world are called Quakers, ... Written from Starford in Hartford-shire the 7. day of the 4. month. 1655.
Pain, Philip, d. 1668? / [1668] Daily meditations, or, Quotidian preparations for and considerations of death and eternity begun July 19, 1666 / by Philip Pain.
Pain, Philip, d. 1668? / [1682] [Daily meditations]:
Paine, George, Captaine. / [17 Novemb. 1643] A true relation of all the skirmishes between our forces and the Cavaliers at Owlny.: Sent in a letter from Captaine George Paine, (one of the Captaines of the Red Regiment) who was an eye-witnesse of every severall conflict, to a deare friend of his in London. Wherein each particular is exactly set downe, for the satisfaction of such as are desirous to know the truth; and to stop the mouth of blasphemous malignants. This is licenced and entred into the Hall Booke according to order.
Paine, John, fl. 1654. / [1654] Truth will never shame its master. Dedicated by John Paine, a vvelwisher to peace and truth.:
Painter, William, 1540?-1594. / [1580] A moorning diti vpon the deceas of the most nobl prins Henry Earl of Arvndel ...
Palafox y Mendoza, Juan de, 1600-1659. / [1693] The spiritual year, or, Devout contemplations digested into distinct arguments for every month in the year and for every week in that month.
Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589? / [The .vii. daye of Maye, in the yeare of our Lorde a thousande .v. hundred and syxtye 1560] A myrrour or cleare glasse for all estates, to looke in, conteining briefly in it the true knovvledge and loue of god, and the charitie of a faithfull christian tovvardes his neyghbour.
Palfreyman, Thomas, d. 1589? / [Anno 1572] [Divine meditations.].
Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580. / [1668] The first book of architecture, by Andrea Palladio. Translated out of Italian: with an appendix touching doors and windows, by Dr Le Muet architect to the French King: translated out of French by G.R. Also rules and demonstrations, with several designs for the framing of any manner of roofs either above pitch or under pitch, whether square or bevel, never published before. With designes of floors of variety of small pieces of wood, lately made in the pallace of the Queen Mother, at Sommerset-House; a curiosity never practiced in England before.
Palladius, Peder, 1503-1560. / [1598] An introduction into the bookes of the prophets and apostles. Written by Peter Palladius, Doctor of Diuinity and Byshop of Rochil. Faithfully translated out of Latin into English. By Edw. Vaughan.
Pallavicino, Ferrante, 1615-1644. / [1683] The whore's rhetorick calculated to the meridian of London, and conformed to the rules of art : in two dialogues.
Pallavicino, Sforza, 1607-1667. / [1678] The new politick lights of modern Romes church-government: or The new Gospel according to Cardinal Palavicini revealed by him in his history of the Council of Trent. Englished out of French.
Palluau, Philippe de Clérembault, comte de, 1606-1665. / [1672] Conversations written in French by Monsieur Clerombault ; and put into English by a person of honour.
Palluau, Philippe de Clérembault, comte de, 1606-1665. / [1677] Conversations of the Mareschal of Clerambault and the Chevalier de Meré a treatise of great esteem amongst the principal wits of France / english'd by A. Lovell ...
Palmer, Anthony, 1618?-1679. / [MDCLIII. 1653] The tempestuous soul calmed by Jesus Christ;: being an extract of several sermons, / preached by Anthony Palmer, pastor of the church at Bourton on the Water in Gloucester-shire.
Palmer, Anthony, 1618?-1679. / [1654] A scripture-rale to the Lords Table; or, Observations upon M. Humphreys his treatise, intituled, An humble vindication of free admission to the Lords Supper.: Tending to discover the loose and prophane principles therein suggested. Published for the undeceiving the weak, and removing offences occasioned by it in the practice of reformation. Being the result of the discourses of some preachers in the county of Gloucester near Stow on the Wold, at their weekly meetings. / Digested by Anthony Palmer pastor of the Church of Christ at Bourton on the Water.
Palmer, Anthony, 1618?-1679. / [1650] The saints posture in dark times: shewing what peaceable spirits they should have under dark and unexpected dispensations : set in a sermon preached in the cathedrall in Gloucester, on the 17th of March, 1649, being the the Lords day, and the time of the publick assize / by A. Palmer, M.A.
Palmer, Anthony, 1618?-1679. / [1658] The Gospel nevv-creature;: wherein the work of the spirit is opened, in awakening the soul; to the getting pardon of sin, and an interest in Jesus Christ; without which, it is undone to all eternity. Discovering the false refuges, and vain hopes for heaven, of ignorant and formal professors in this nation, tending to rouze them out of their carnal security, before it be too late. Whereunto is added, (by way of comfort, to all dejected soules) the tempestuous soul calmed by Jesus Christ. / By A. Palmer, preacher of the Gospel at Bourton on the Water in Gloucester-shire.
Palmer, Charles, 1663?-1734. / [1693] The danger of a total and wilful neglect equal to the danger of an unworthy receiving of the Lords Supper by C.P. ...
Palmer, Edward, 1646 or 7-1670. / [1667] An elegy on the death of Mr. James Bristow, late fellow of All-souls
Palmer, Elias. / [1693] Mathematical divinity, or A plain demonstration from the Holy Scriptures, that the times of this world were fore appointed by the Covenant made with Abraham: and determined to be according to the measure of the age and fulness of Christ. Kept secret since the world began, but is now made plain upon XII. tables, in a solar calendar, as familiar to the understanding as any common almanack. With full proof that this is the last generation, which shall not pass away 'till all things be fulfilled, and the gates of righteousness be opened. Being the result of many years study. / By Elias Palmer.
Palmer, George, b. 1596 or 7. / [1649] A justification of the pious and solemn league and covenant made and entered into, by the representative bodies of the three kingdoms. Against malignant extremes, of many cavilling contendings of hereticks, carnal libertines, and of ridged, uncharitable, and ignorant separatists / by George Palmer, a striver for true faith and peace, between exorbitant extremes.
Palmer, Herbert, 1601-1647. / [1643] The upright Protestant,: as he was reformed from the superstitious errours of popery in the happy reignes of Edward the 6th. Qu. Elizabeth, and K. Iames of blessed memory. And for whom this (thrice happy) Parliament will live and die.
Palmer, Herbert, 1601-1647. / [1644] The soule of fasting:: or Affections requisite in a day of solemne fasting and humiliation. According to the pattern, Neh. 9.5. &c. By H.P. Imprimatur. Charles Herle.
Palmer, Herbert, 1601-1647. / [1645] A full ansvver to a printed paper, entituled, Foure serious questions concerning excommunication, and suspension from the sacrament, &c.: Wherein the severall arguments and texts of scripture produced, are particularly and distinctly discussed: and the debarring of ignorant and scandalous persons from the sacrament vindicated.
Palmer, Herbert, 1601-1647. / [1646] The duty & honour of church-restorers:: set forth in a sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons, Septemb. 30. 1646. Being the day of the monethly solemne fast, at Margarets Westminster. / By Herbert Palmer, B.D. minister of Gods Word at Ashwell in Hertfordshire, and a member of the Assembly of Divines.
Palmer, John, 1612-1679. / [1685] The planetary instrument. Or The description and use of the theories of the planets drawn in true proportion, either in one, or two plates, of eight inches diameter; by Walter Hayes, at the Cross-Daggers in Moor-Fields. Being excellent schemes ot help the conceptions of young astronomers; and ready instruments for finding the distances, longitudes, latitudes, aspects, directions, stations, and retrogradations of the planets; either mechanically, or arithmetically; with ease and speed. By Mr. John Palmer, rector of Ecton, and arch-deacon of Northampton.
Palmer, John, 1612-1679. / [1658] The catholique planisphaer which Mr. Blagrave calleth the mathematical jewel briefly and plainly discribed in five books : the first shewing the making of the instrument, the rest shewing the manifold vse of it, 1. for representing several projections of the sphere, 2. for resolving all problemes of the sphere, astronomical, astrological, and geographical, 4. for making all sorts of dials both without doors and within upon any walls, cielings, or floores, be they never so irregular, where-so-ever the direct or reflected beams of the sun may come : all which are to be done by this instrument with wonderous ease and delight : a treatise very usefull for marriners and for all ingenious men who love the arts mathematical / by John Palmer ... ; hereunto is added a brief description of the cros-staf and a catalogue of eclipses observed by the same I.P.
Palmer, John, 1650-1700? / [1690] An impartial account of the state of New England, or, The late government there, vindicated in answer to the Declaration which the faction set forth when they overturned that government : with a relation of the horrible usage they treated the governour with , and his Council, and all that had His Majesty's commission : in a letter to the clergy there / by John Palmer.
Palmer, Laurence. / [1644] Saint Pauls politiques, or, A sermon against neutrality preached at Margarets Westminster on the Lords-Day Decemb. 13, 1644, divers of the Honourable House of Commons being present / by Lawrence Palmer ...
Palmer, Samuel, d. 1724. / [1680] Popery and hypocrisy detected and opened from the Holy Scriptures as it respects magistrates, ministers, and people. In a sermon upon the occasion of a general fast, kept Decemb. 22. 1680. By the author of the Plotters doom, a true son of the Church of England.
Palmer, Samuel, d. 1724. / [1680] The plotters doom wherein the wicked plots, plotters, and their confederates are detected and sentenced by the Holy Scriptures : in a late sermon upon the hellish plots which have been discovered in these nations, and may be an answer to Mr. H's late sermon upon Curse ye Meroz / by a sincere Protestant and true son of the church.
Pamphlin, Charles, d. 1678. / [1678] The speech of Charles Pamphlin at his execution in Covent-Garden on Wednesday the 22th of May, 1678, for murdering Lieutenant Dalison taken from his own mouth, by two persons that all the while stood in the cart by him.
Panke, John. / [1608] The fal of Babel. By the confusion of tongues directly proving against the Papists of this, and former ages; that a view of their writings, and bookes being taken; cannot be discerned by any man living, what they would say, or how be vnderstoode, in the question of the sacrifice of the masse, the reall presence or transubstantiation, but in explaning their mindes they fall vpon such termes, as the Protestants vse and allow. Further in the question of the Popes supremacy is shevved, how they abuse an authority of the auncient father St. Cyprian, a canon of the I Niceene counsell, and the ecclesiastical historie of Socrates, and Sozomen. And lastly is set downe a briefe of the sucession of Popes in the sea of Rome for these 1600 yeeres togither; ... By Iohn Panke.
Panke, John. / [1612] Eclogarius, or briefe summe of the truth of that title of Supreame Governour given to his Maiestie in causes spirituall, and ecclesiasticall, from the Kings of Israel, in the old Testament; the Christian emperours in the Primitive Church; confirmed by 40. epistles of Leo the Bishop of Rome, vnto the Emperours, Theodosius, Martianus, and Leo. Not published before. By Iohn Panke.
Panke, John. / [1618] Collectanea. Out of St. Gregory the Great, and St. Bernard the devout, against the Papists who adhere to the doctrine of the present Church of Rome, in the most fundamentall points betweene them and vs.
Panke, William. / [1591] A most breefe, easie and plaine receite for faire writing. Wherin the author being well acquainted with the causes, which in these daies hinders it, hath for the good of his cuntrie, so distinguished and broken euery perticular letter for the true making thereof, and so perfectly and plainely shewed the ready way of true ioyning the same. Both for the roman and secretary handes, as any one of ordinarye yeres and capacity, not hindring any other busines, may at his idle times by his own priuate practise, in short time attaine to write, to serue very good vses either in office or otherwise.
Panter, Patrick, ca. 1470-1519. / [1650] De non temerandis ecclesiis. Whereof, the name and sacrednesse of churches: (against those, who in contempt call them steeple-houses) proposed, by way of conference. / By P. Panter, Doctor in Divinitie.
Panton, Edward. / [1676] A publick and pious design for the preserving the generous youth, and consequently the nation from rvine.
Panton, Edward. / [1680] News from hell, or, A speech of a ghost of one of the old kings of Ormus who being damn'd for his luxury was for his punishment sent to earth to ruin his own family and disturb the state being a mirror for monarchs, miters, and magistrates to direct their steps into the ways of peace and truth / by E.P., philopatris.
Pantophilus. / [1681] The plain truth, or, A lenitive for the clergy by one Pantophilus.
Paoli, Gio Antonio de. / [1636] The lives of all the Roman emperors being exactly collected, from Iulius Cæsar, unto the now reigning Ferdinand the second. With their births, governments, remarkable actions, & deaths.
Papillon, David, 1581-1655? / [1651] The vanity of the lives and passions of men.: Written by D. Papillon, Gent.
Papillon, David, 1581-1655? / [1645] A practicall abstract of the arts of fortification and assailing containing foure different methods of fortifications with approved rules, to be set out in the feild [sic] all manner of superficies, intrenchments, and approaches by the demy circle, or with lines and stakes / written for the benefit of such as delight in the practice of these noble arts by David Papillon ...
Papillon, Thomas, 1623-1702. / [1696] A treatise concerning the East India trade being a most profitable trade to the kingdom, and best secured and improved by a company and a joint-stock / wrote at the instance of Thomas Papillon, Esq. and in his house, and printed in the year 1680 ; and now reprinted for the better satisfaction of himself and others.
Papillon, Thomas, 1623-1702. / [1677] The East-India-trade a most profitable trade to the kingdom and best secured and improved in a company and a joint-stock / represented in a letter written upon the occasion to two letters lately published insinuating the contrary.
Papin, Denis, 1647-1714. / [1681] A new digester or engine for softning bones containing the description of its make and use in these particulars : viz. cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, making of drinks, chymistry, and dying : with an account of the price a good big engine will cost, and of the profit it will afford / by Denys Papin ...
Paracelsus, 1493-1541. / [1656. i.e. 1655] Paracelsvs Of the supreme mysteries of nature.: Of [brace] the spirits of the planets. Occult philosophy. The magical, sympathetical, and antipathetical cure of wounds and diseases. The mysteries of the twelve signs of the zodiack. / Englished by R. Turner, philomathēs.
Paracelsus, 1493-1541. / [1657] Paracelsvs of the [brace] chymical transmutation, genealogy and generation [brace] of metals & minerals.: Also, of the urim and thummim of the Jews. With an appendix, of the vertues and use of an excellent water made by Dr. Trigge. The second part of the mumial treatise. Whereunto is added, philosophical and chymical experiments of that famous philosopher Raymvnd Lvlly; containing, the right and due composition of both elixirs. The admirable and perfect way of making the great stone of the philosophers, as it was truely taught in Paris, and sometimes practised in England, by the said Raymund Lully, in the time of King Edw. 3. / Translated into English by R. Turner philomathēs.
Paracelsus, 1493-1541. / [1656] Paracelsus his Dispensatory and chirurgery.: The dispensatory contains the choisest of his physical remedies. And all that can be desired of his chirurgery, you have in the treatises of wounds, ulcers, and aposthumes. / Faithfully Englished, by W.D.
Paracelsus, 1493-1541. / [1653] Medicina diastatica, or, Sympatheticall mumie containing many mysterious and hidden secrets in philosophy and physick, by the [brace] construction, extraction, transplantation and application [brace] of microcosmical & spiritual mumie : teaching the magneticall cure of diseases at distance, &c. / abstracted from the works of Dr. Theophr. Paracelsus by the labour and industry of Andrea Tentzelius ... ; translated out of the Latine by Ferdinando Parkhurst ...
Paracelsus, 1493-1541. / [Anno, Dominj. 1590] An excellent treatise teaching howe to cure the French-pockes with all other diseases arising and growing thereof, and in a manner all other sicknesses. Dravvne out of the bookes of that learned doctor and prince of phisitians, Theophrastus Paracelsus. Compiled by the learned Phillippus Hermanus, phisition and chirurgion. And now put into English by Iohn Hester in the spagiricall arte, practitioner.
Paradin, Claude, 16th cent. / [M. D. LIII 1553] A true and lyuely historyke purtreatures of the vvoll Bible
Paradin, Claude, 16th century. / [1591] The heroicall deuises of M. Claudius Paradin Canon of Beauieu. Whereunto are added the Lord Gabriel Symeons and others. Translated out of Latin into English by P.S.
Paradise, John. / [1661] Hadadrimmon, sive, Threnodia anglicana ob regicidium a sermon on Davids humiliation for cutting off the royal robe, and detestation of cutting off the royal head of the Lords anointed : preached Jan. 30, 1660, being a solemn fast for the horrid murther of King Charles I of glorious memory, at Westbury, in the county of Wilts. / by John Paradise ...
Paravicino, Pietro. / [1660] The true idioma of the Italian tongue wherein is contained many choice sentences and dialogues in Italian and English : also delightful dialects and apophthegms taken out of a famous author : and other necessary things mentioned in the table ... / published by P.P., an Italian, and teacher of the Italian tongue ...
Paravicino, Pietro. / [1666] A short Italian dictionary, expounded into English in the which is contained all the words that are used in the Italian tongue ending in the vowel (e) ...
Pardoe, William, d. 1692. / [1688] Antient Christianity revived being a description of the doctrine, discipline, and practice of the little city of Bethania : collected out of her great charter, the Holy Scriptures, and confirmed by the same for the satisfaction and benefit of the house of the poor / by one of her inhabitants who desireth to worship God after the way which some men call heresie.
Paré, Ambroise, 1510?-1590. / [1665] The workes of that famous chirurgion Ambrose Parey translated out of Latin and compared with the French. by Tho: Johnson. Whereunto are added three tractates our of Adrianus Spigelius of the veines, arteries, & nerves, with large figures. Also a table of the bookes and chapters.
Pareus, David, 1548-1622. / [1644] A commentary upon the divine Revelation of the apostle and evangelist, Iohn by David Pareus ... ; and specially some things upon the 20th chapter are observed by the same authour against the Millenaries ; translated out of the Latine into English, by Elias Arnold.
Pargiter, Thomas, 1642 or 3-1705. / [1682] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor and court of aldermen at Guild-Hall-Chappel, July the 23th, 1682 by Thomas Pargiter ...
Parham, Richard. / [1653] The case considered & resolved: whether Mr. Brooks his pills to purge malignants were prescribed from ignorance, malice, or both, or, (Mr Tho. Brooks his inside turn'd outward). Wherein all godly, humble, and ingenious Christians, whether in a congregational way or other, are concerned, to inquire into the truth ... presented in generall to the inhabitants of Margarets New Fish-street, but more particularly for the consideration of himself, and those of his congregation ... also friendly advice to an unfriendly neighbour, desiring him for the time to come to abstain from reviling such persons as he never spake word to, nor they to him. / By Richard Parham, a parishoner of the said parish.
Parinchef, John. / [1572] An extracte of examples, apothegmes, and histories collected out of Lycosthenes, Brusonius and others ; translated into Englishe, and reduced into an alphabeticall order of common places, by A.P.
Parinter, Mark. / [1642] Nevves from Avernus.: Being certaine propositions and promises made by Don Belzebub (alias Pluto) emperor of Gebynon, king of Sheol, Tophet and Avernus, prince of Phlegiton, Styx, and Acheron, duke of Aetna, Stumbille, and Mongebelle, &c. To his sable courtiers, inviting (and exciting them) by ample rewards to the propagation (and increase of his diabolicall empire. Taken notice of by Mark Parinter.
Park, Henry, d. 1704. / [1695] Lachryme sacerdotis a pindarick poem occasion'd by the death of that Most Excellent Princess, our late gracious sovereign lady, Mary the Second of glorious memory / by Henry Park ...
Park, Robert, d. 1689? / [1698?] To the right reverend, the ministers of the Kirk of Scotland, of the Presbyterian perswasion the following defence, of the rights and liberties of the church ... / by Robert Park.
Park, Robert, d. 1689? / [1689] The rights and liberties of the church asserted and vindicated, against the pretended right and usurpation of patronage.
Park, William, of Edinburgh. / [printed in the year, 1665] A tractat of the universal panacæa of soul and body. Published by William Parke, hermetick philof. and physitian.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1679] A warning to London in particular wherein the wickedness thereof is reproved, and the people put in mind of some of the sore distresses and great calamities, that God already hath brought upon that formerly florishing and happy city : also the future distress and calamities hinted at, which God will bring upon the inhabitants thereof, that come not in their day to cease to do evil, and by timely repentance, turn to the Lord, while He calls, and His Spirit yet strives with them.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1679] A warning to England with a hand of true pity and compassion still held forth in the love God, to call you all to repentance, that have not repented of your wickedness, and horrible provoking sins, wherewith you have provoked the Lord, and kindled his wrath more and more against you : wherein is shewed the great danger that you are in who hate the light of Christ Jesus, and put his day afar off from you : as also, something is signified of the great woes and heavy judgments, that have been , and shortly will come upon the people of this nation, that do not repent, and turn to the Lord while they have time, and some objections briefly answered, to satisfie the true seeker after the way of God.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1666] To the flock of God every where gathered out of the worlds wayes, worships, and false separations, into the way of truth, worship of the spirit, and its pure guidance, where true satisfaction and peace is witnessed, that you all may keep there for there is your rest for ever, and your safety in time of your trouble; that none may gad or go astray out of the way of truth for the love of any thing: for such shall meet with tribulation, anguish and wrath from the Lord God Almighty.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1690] The hour of God's judgments come and coming upon the wicked world shewing how iniquity will prove the ruin of all people, who do not repent and turn to God, whilst yet they have time : with an exhortation in the love of God to people of all nations, to cease to do evil, and to forsake those provoking sins, that hath kindled the wrath of God, that the judgments now threatning many nations may be turned away.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1678] A general epistle to friends who are convinced of God's eternal truth, and have received the testimony of it that all may be kept faithful in their testimony to the truth, life and power of God, which is unchangeable, and be preserved unto God by his power (out of and over) all that which is changeable, and such a [sic] as are subject to change their wayes / by James Parke.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1682] A general epistle to friends every where. Written in obedience to the requirings of the spirit of life from God.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1687] A general epistle to friends everywhere who have received, believe and know the truth of God as it is in Jesus.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1676] A general epistle to all the called and chosen of God with all such as make a profession of the blessed truth as it is in Jesus every where : wherein is comfort to the feeble-minded, suport to the weak, and reproof to the unruly and disorderly walkers : with several who[l]som exhortations and admonitions, according to the conditions, states & growths of such as profess the truth of God, for the rooting out of that which is bad, and the stirring up of the pure mind in all, that God may be glorified over all / written in the movings of the spirit of life and love from God in me, who am resolved by the power of his might, with you that abide faithful, to follow the Lord fully, James Parke.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1691] A general epistle to all Friends everywhere, scattered up and down in the world that they all may faithfully keep and walk in the truth of God, as they have received it, thereby to eschew evil and do good in their day and generations / written by a servant of God ... James Park.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [printed in the year, 1684] False fictions and romances rebuked in answer to pretended matter charged against the Quaker, in a book, intituled, The progress of sin, &c. written by B. K. His lies and slanders therein returned back upon him, and the speakers of yea and nay in truth vindicated. By James Park.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1692] A call in the universal spirit of Christ Jesus to all the wicked and impenitent sinners in the world, but more especially to the inhabitants of England, with the city of London, that they all may repent and turn to God, with all their hearts, before his wrath be more kindled, and his future judgements more appear to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their manifold horrible sins and transgressions : this came upon me to write, at the apprehension I had of that sudden fear which many people were surprised with, at the late earthquake, of what would befall them / [by] J.P.
Parke, James, 1636-1696. / [1667] Another trumpet sounded in the ears of the inhabitants of England, rulers, priests and people that they might be awakened and raised out of the grave of sin and trespasses ... / written in tender love to you all by James Parke ...
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1658] A tryall of a Christian shewing that it is not the outward name of Christian that differs from a heathen, but the inward life and nature ... / by Alexander Parker.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1665] To the mayor and aldermen,: with all others in authority, both in the civil and millitary affaires in and about the city of London, together with all other sorts of people of what condition soever, high and low, rich and poor, professors and prophane, who reside in and about the said city; : listen and give good eare to what is here declared unto you by a servant of the Lord.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1657] A testimony of the Light within.: A glorious truth, which all the holy men of God did bear testimony unto, and from which they spoke forth the Sciptures, and the end of all preachings and writings was to bring to Light within, to worship God in spirit and truth, and to Christ within, the hope of glory. The truth cleared from scandals, and some of the errors and false doctrines of two Cornish teachers laid open and testified against. With a description of the true ministers of Christ, and of the free ministery both under the law and Gospell administration; ... Also a testimony of the dawning of the glorious day of the Lord, ... Here is likewise, in short, declared the differences between the old Covenant, ... & the new covenant, ... Given forth from Christ the light within in love to the souls of all people, ... that they may have union with me in my fathers love ... whose name according to the flesh is Alexander Parker. Written chiefly to the inhabitants of the town and parish of Austell, in the county, of Cornwall, but may serve for any others who are in the same nature and condition with them.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1657?] To all ye who be called Baptists who call yourselves saints and church-members
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1659] A testimony of truth given forth by a servant of the Lord, on the behalf of the despised servants, and professors of truth, who are made partakers of the heavenly power, which shakes the earth, and makes the inhabitants of the land to tremble, who are by the scorners of this generation called Quakers against the many lyes and slanders which the devil is the chief author of, arising forth of the bottomlesse pit, and vented forth by one James Livesey a professed minister of Christ in the county of Chester, but by his fruits is plainly manifested a minister of sin, and so of his Father who begat him, and sent him forth to oppose the living truth of God : but his folly is here manifested and declared to open view, that the simple and honest hearted may turn from him and all such deceitful workers, and may learn of Christ the light of the world, that their souls may live.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1658] A testimony of the appearance of God in the spirit of power and the true light, making manifest the deceipts of the Serpent with some reasons why Margaret Hambleton doth deny the Presbyterians of Scotland, they being found in the steps of the false prophets.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1656] A testimony of God, and his way, and worship against all the false wayes and worships of the vvorld.: Also an answer to some of the false doctrines held forth, by a professed minister, in VVales; shewing the unsoundness of his former actions, and is found to be one, in the nature of the vvorld; which sometime he hath spoken against. With an answer to some queries; propounded by one, who is called an Anabaptist. / Given forth for no other end, but in love to the truth, as it is in Iesus: by Alex: Parker.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1656] A call out of Egypt,: (where death and darkness is) into the glorious light and liberty of the sons of God, (where life and peace is.) The Lord fulfilling his promises declared by his holy prophets and Apostles, in these later dayes.
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1660] An epistle to Friends
Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. / [1657] A discovery of Satan's wiles and his subtile devices in transforming himselfe into the likeness of truth ... also some of the false marks of the false prophets are discovered and the cause of the innocent pleaded against the lyes and slanders lately printed ... / by A. Parker.
Parker, Gustavus. / [1699] An account of a portable barometer, with reasons and rules for the use of it how to weigh the air, measure its height, and foretell all the alteration of weather, the constitution of the atmosphere, and how the effluvia keep off the airs gravitation : with a new account and experiments, how rain, snow, winds, frost, thunder, lightning, hurricans and tornados are produced, and an inquiry, whether the planetary beams or influence can cause an alteration of weather, to be foretold by them : with a sensible demonstration of their influences and the insufficiency of all hygroscopes, thermometers, and other inventions, to discover the alterations of weather by : and lastly, rules and experiments for the certain knowledge of all the alterations of weather, both in quantity and quality / by Gust. Parker, Med.
Parker, Henry, 1604-1652. / [1647] Severall poysonous and sedicious papers of Mr. David Jenkins ansvvered.: By H.P. barrester of Lincolnes Inne.
Parker, Henry, 1604-1652. / [1643] A political catechism, or, Certain questions concerning the government of this land,: answered in His Majesties own words, taken out of his answer to the 19 propositions, Pag. 17, 18, 19, 20. of the first edition; with some brief observations thereupon. Published for the more compleat setling of consciences, particularly of those that have made the late protestation, to maintain the power and priviledges of Parliament, when they shall herein see the Kings own interpretation what that power and priviledges are. It is this twentieth day of May, Anno Dom. 1643. ordered by the Committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this book entituled, A Political catechism, be printed. John White.
Parker, Henry, 1604-1652. / [1648] Memoriall.: That in regard Mr. John Abbot register of the Prerogative Office had deserted his trust, and left Londou [sic], ...
Parker, Henry, 1604-1652. / [1646] The Irish massacre; or A true narrative of the unparallel'd cruelties exercised in Ireland upon the Brittish Protestants, &c.:
Parker, John. / [M. DC. LXIII 1663] A true copy of two speeches spoken by two orphans, educated in Christ-Hospital, on the 13th day of August, 1663: being a day set apart to commemorate God's mercies bestowed on their fellow-brethren, who were formerly educated and brought up in the said hospital.
Parker, John, 1534-1592. / [1592] A true patterne of pietie meete for all Christian householders to looke vpon, for the better education of their families, in the feare and seruice of almightie God. Collected out of the fountaine of holy scriptures, for the especiall vse of the faithfull in the congregation of Malpasse in Cheshire. By Iohn Parker.
Parker, John, 1564-1614. / [1650] The mystery of the vialls opened:: being a short exposition upon the pouring out of the four last vialls, mentioned in the 16 chapter of the Revelation: wherein divers things relating to times present, past, and to come, are discovered: as the ruine of Antichrist, and the severall degrees thereunto; and the shadowing out these times wherein we live, are generally surveyed.
Parker, John, Baron of the Court of Exchequer. / [1650] The government of the people of England precedent and present the same.:
Parker, John, d. 1681. / [1661] A sermon preached at Christ-Church, Dublin, before both Houses of Parliament, May the 29th, 1661 being the anniversary of His Majesty King Charles the Second, his most memorable and happy restauration / by the Right Reverend Father in God, John Lord Bishop of Elphin.
Parker, John, Gentleman. / [1642] A letter sent from one Mr. Parker a gentleman, dwelling at upper Wallop in Hampshire, to his friend a gentleman in London, wherein is related some remarkable passages there, as of a battell fought betweene the inhabitauts [sic] of the county, and of the cavaliers, about the settle ment of the militia, and commission of array. August 14. Also a speech as it was delivered word for word by the major of Southhamton to the high sheriffe and gentlemen of the said county concerning the militia; declaring his resolution, and his encouragement to the inhabitants to stand for the defence of true religion, the Kings prerogative, and priviledges of Parliament. Also a relation of a robbery committed by the cavalieres, and how they robbed two gentlemen of good quality within three miles of VVinchester, and tooke from them about fourescore pounds in gold and tenne pounds in silver, and how at last they were taken at a place cald Runsey, and sent to Winchester Iayle where they lye in expectation of the rigor of the law for their notorious robbery. Together with a letter to Mr. Speaker, from the county of Essex concerning the militia. Ordered that this be forthwith printed and published. Hen. Elsing Cler. Par. De. Com.
Parker, Martin, d. 1656? / [1686] A true tale of Robin Hood, or, A brief touch of the life and death of that renowned outlaw, Robert, Earl of Huntington, vulgarly called Robin Hood who lived and dyed in A.D. 1198, being the 9th year of the reign of King Richard the First, commonly called Richard Coeur de Lyon / carefully collected out of the truest writers of our English chronicles and published for the satisfaction of those who desire truth from falsehood by Martin Parker.
Parker, Martin, fl. 1674. / [1660] The most admirable historie of that most renowned Christian worthy Arthvr, King of the Britaines
Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575. / [1662] An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony godly and agreeably to lawes:
Parker, Matthew, 1504-1575. / [ca. 1630] An admonition to all such as shall intend hereafter to enter the state of matrimony godlily and aggreeably to lawes. ... Set forth by the most reuerend father in God, Mathew Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of England, and Metropolitane.
Parker, Robert, 1564-1614. / [Anno Domini, 1607] A scholasticall discourse against symbolizing with Antichrist in ceremonies: especially in the signe of the crosse.
Parker, Samuel, 1640-1688. / [MDCLXXXII 1683] An account of the government of the Christian church for the first six hundred years by Samuel Parker.
Parker, Thomas, 1595-1677. / [1644] The true copy of a letter: written by Mr. Thomas Parker, a learned and godly minister, in New-England, unto a member of the assembly of divines now at Westminster.: Declaring his judgement touching the government practised in the churches of New-England. Imprimatur. Ja. Cranford.
Parker, Thomas, 1595-1677. / [1646] The visions and prophecies of Daniel expounded:: wherein the mistakes of former interpreters are modestly discovered, and the true meaning of the text made plain by the words and circumstances of it. The same also illustrated by clear instances taken out of histories, which relate the events of time, mystically foretold by the holy prophet. Amongst other things of note, touching the two witnesses, the New Jerusalem, the thousand yeers, &c. Here is propounded a new way for the finding out of the determinate time signified by Daniel in his seventy weeks: when it did begin, and when we are to expect the end thereof. Very considerable, in respect of the great stirs and tumults of this present age wherein we live. / By Thomas Parker of Newbery in Berkshire, and now pastor to the church at Newbery in New-England.
Parker, Thomas, 1595-1677. / [1650. i.e. 1649] The copy of a letter written by Mr. Thomas Parker, pastor of the church of Newbury in New-England, to his sister, Mrs Elizabeth Avery,: sometimes of Newbury in the county of Berks, touching sundry opinions by her professed and maintained. Novemb. 22. 1649. imprimatur John Downame.
Parker, Thomas, Minister of Wake-Field. / [1656] A farewel sermon preached in VVake-Field, January 1, 1655: By Thomas Parker, Master of Arts, late minister of that church.
Parker, Timothy. / [1676] A sermon preached before the Lord Bishop of Chichester at Lewes at his first visitation there / by Timothy Parker ...
Parker, William, fl. 1651-1658. / [M. DC. LVIII. 1658] A revindication set forth by William Parker, in the behalfe of Dr. Drayton deceased, and himself of the possibility of a total mortification of sin in this life: and, of the saints perfect obedience to the law of God: to be the orthodox Protestant doctrine, and no innovations (as they are falsly charged to be) of Dr. Drayton and W. Parker; in an illogicall vindication, wherein the necessity of sins remaining in the best saints as long as they live, and the impossibility of perfect obedience to the law of God, is ignorantly and perversly avouched to to [sic] be the orthodox Protestant doctrine; by one who subscribeth his name John Tendring. ...
Parker, William, fl. 1651-1658. / [Printed in the yeer. 1651] The late Assembly of Divines Confession of faith examined.: As it was presented by them unto the Parliament. Wherein many of their excesses and defects, of their confusions and disorders, of their errors and contradictions are presented, both to themselves and others.
Parker, William, fl. 1651-1658. / [1668] Infant-baptisme justified by a nevv discovery and also, several scripture allegories adjusted upon the like account. By William Parker clerk, incumbent of Wrotham in Kent.
Parkhurst, Nathaniel, 1643-1707. / [1692] The redeemer's friend, or, A sermon on John II, part of the 11th verse ... preached at the funeral of ... Mr. Samuel Fairclough, who departed this life, December 31, 1691 by Nath. Parkhurst ...
Parkhurst, Nathaniel, 1643-1707. / [1684] The faithful and diligent Christian described and exemplified, or, A sermon (with some additions) preached at the funeral of the Lady Elizabeth Brooke, the relict of Sir Robert Brooke, Kt. ... who departed this life July 22, and was interred in the parish-church of Yoxford, July 26, 1683, and in the 82d year of her age to which is annexed ... an account of the life and death of that eminent lady : with an appendix containing some observations, experiences, and rules for practice, found written with Her Ladiship's own hand / by Nath. Parkhurst ...
Parkinson, James, 1653-1722. / [1690] The fire's continued at Oxford, or, The decree of the convocation for burning the Naked gospel, considered in a letter to a person of honour
Parkinson, James, 1653-1722. / [1691] An examination of Dr. Sherlock's book entituled, The case of the allegiance due to sovereign powers, stated and resolved, &c. by James Parkinson ...
Parkinson, James, 1653-1722. / [1689] An account of Mr. Parkinson's expulsion from the University of Oxford in the late times in vindication of him from the false aspersions cast on him in a late pamphlet entituled, The history of passive obedience.
Parkinson, John, 1567-1650. / [1629] Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris. or A garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed vp with a kitchen garden of all manner of herbes, rootes, & fruites, for meate or sause vsed with vs, and an orchard of all sorte of fruitbearing trees and shrubbes fit for our land together with the right orderinge planting & preseruing of them and their vses & vertues collected by Iohn Parkinson apothecary of London 1629.
Parks, William, curat of chelaston. / [1639] The rose, and lily. Delivered at the lecture, in Ashby de-la-zouch in the county of Leicester. By William Parks, Master of Arts, and curat of Chelaston in the county of Derby.
Parks, William, curat of Chelaston. / [1640] The rose, and lily: Delivered at the lecture, in Ashby de-la-zouch in the county of Leicester. By William Parks, Master of Arts, and curat of Chelaston in the county of Derby.
Parkyns, William, Sir, 1649?-1696. / [1696] The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Sir William Parkins Knt. for the most horrid and barbarous conspiracy to assassinate His Most Sacred Majesty King William, and for raising of forces in order to a rebellion, and encouraging a French invasion into this kingdom: who was found guilty of high-treason, March 24 1695/6 at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily: together with a true copy of the papers delivered by Sir William Parkins, and Sir John Friend to he sheriffs of London and Middlesex, at the time of their execution.
Parmenius, Stephanus, d. 1583. / [An. 1582] De navigatione illustris et magnanimi equitis aurati Humfredi Gilberti, ad ducendam in novum orbem coloniam susceptâ, carmen epibatikos Stephani Parmenii Budeii
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1655] The watcher: or, The stone cut out of the mountains without hands, striking at the feet of the image,: whose head is gold, and brest of silver, and thighs of brass, and legs of iron, and feet part iron and part clay, Dan. 2. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35. Or, A discovery of the ground and end of all forms, professions, sects and opinions, and also how they now are made as friends, and joyn hand in hand against the substance, the life and power of God, which is now made manifest in his sons and daughters (according to his promise) as hath been plainly manifest in several meetings betwixt the people called Quakers, and the people called Baptists, which is here describ'd. And also a description of the true Church, ... / VVritten by a friend to all tender hearted ones, who hunger and thirst after God, who are hoping and seeking in forms for life, to the directing of their mindes, where and how to finde the true light which leads into the true life and power of Godliness, the end of all forms, where I rest with all who in spirit read me, who am known to them who are without, by the name, Iames Parnell.
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1660] A warning for all people
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1655] The trumpet of the Lord blowne. Or, a blast against pride and oppression, and the defiled liberty, which stands in the flesh.: By a servant and messenger of the Lord, who is called into the work of the Lord, and to blow his trumpet in England; so that all may be forwarned in this day of the Lords calm, and be left without excuse, and in the day of his righteous judgments be found just and true; in love to all imprisoned souls. / By a lover of all souls, who is called, James Parnel.
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1655] Goliahs head cut off with his own sword;: in a combat betwixt little David, the young stripling, who stands in the power and strength of his God, and great Goliah the proud boaster, who stands in his own strength, glorifying in the arm of flesh, and contemning and despising little David, because of his youth. In a reply to a book, set forth by an un-named author, under pretence of an answer to thirty six queries, propounded by James Parnell, whom he in scorn calls, the young Quaker. And also an answer to severall counter-queries, propounded by the same unnamed authour, whom I understand to be one Thomas Draton, a teacher of the world, at Abbey Rippon, in Huntingtonshire, ... and also he that takes his part, who writes himself W.P. who knowes not the power of God, and therefore glories in the length of time, and the multitude of years. ... / Given forth from the spirit of the Lord in the behalf of Israel against the armies of the aliens, who muster up themselves against the Lord, and his authority: by a friend to the common-wealth of Israel, who is known to the world, by the name James Parnel. Who is a sufferer in outward bonds, for the testimony of the everlasting truth, in Colchester Castle. 1655.
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1655] The fruits of a fast, appointed by the churches gathered against Christ and his kingdom, who go about to mock God with their outside-worship, and appointed fasts, and dayes of voluntary humiliation. Or, A declaration of the persecution of a messenger of the Lord, by a people who go under the name of Independants, in Essex,: who have set themselves in the enmity of their spirits to oppose the truth of God, calling it a lye, and persecuting his messengers as deceivers, and wanderers, wherein their persecuting spirits is made manifest, and them to be in Cains generation, and stranges to the spirit of Christ, which vener persecuted, and so are noen of his, Rom.8:9. And also, of the unjust dealing of Judge Hills, ... And also, severall queries, that was sent ot the priests and magistrates, shich may be serviceable for them, or any other to answer, whom they do concern. / By ... James Parnell.
Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. / [1655] Christ exalted into His throne and the Scripture owned in its place.
Parochial minister. / [1674] Catholicon, the expediency of an explicit stipulation betwixt the parochial ministers and their congregations, or, An essay to prove that the intervention of solemn mutual promises betwixt the parochial ministers and their people (faithfully to discharge their relative duties to one another) would be useful and expedient for these ends to promote in clergy-men regularity of life, and diligence in their ministerial function, to increase in the lay parishioners, Christian knowledge, sincere godliness, with a free and friendly conversation, to give a stop to separation, and reduct dissenters to the communion of the church without using secular compulsion, to secure the peace of the nation, to inlarge trade, and make provision for the poor, and that all may be effected without the least innovation, or alteration of the present legal establishment of the Church of England humbly tendred to the consideration of all English Protestants / by a parochial minister.
Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. / [1622] A plaine exposition vpon the whole thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth chapters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romanes Wherein the text is diligently and methodically resolued, the sense giuen, and many doctrines thence gathered, are by liuely vses applied for the benefit of Gods children. Performed with much varietie, and conuenient breuitie, by Elnathan Parr Bachelor in Diuinity, and preacher of Gods word. To which is prefixed an alphabeticall table, containing the chiefe points and doctrines handled in the booke.
Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. / [1618] A plaine exposition vpon the whole 8. 9. 10. 11. chapters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans. Wherein the text is diligently and methodically resolued, the sence giuen: and many doctrines thence gathered, are by liuely vses applyed, for the benefit of Gods children performed with much variety, and conuenient breuitie: being the substance of neere foure yeeres weekedayes sermons.: By Elnathan Parr, Bachelor in Diuinity, and preacher of Gods Word.
Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. / [1614] The grounds of diuinitie plainely discouering the mysteries of Christian religion, propounded familiarly in diuers questions and answeres: substantially proued by scriptures; expounded faithfully, according to the writings of the best diuines, and euidently applyed by profitable vses, for the helpe and benefite of the vnlearned which desire knowledge. To the which is prefixed a very profitable treatise, containing an exhortation to the study of the word, with singular directions for the hearing and reading of the same. By Elnathan Parr minister of the word, at Palgraue in Suffolke.
Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. / [1618] Abba father: or, a plaine and short direction concerning priuate prayer. Also, sundry godly admonitions concerning time, and the well vsing of it. By Elnathan Parr, minister of the word.
Parr, Richard, 1591 or 2-1644. / [An. Dom. 1628] The end of the perfect man. A sermon preached at the buriall of the right Honourable Sir Robert Spencer Knight Baron Spencer of Wormeleighton, Novemb. 6. 1627. in Braynton Church in Northamptonshire, by Richard Parre Bachelour in Divinity, and late fellow of Brasen-nose Colledge in Oxford, now rector of Ladbrook in Warwickshire.
Parr, Richard, 1617-1691. / [1663] The sinners remembrancer, or, A serious warning to the wicked, to prevent his destruction, and hasten his reformation by Rich. Parr ...
Parr, Richard, 1617-1691. / [M. D. C. LXX. II. 1672] A sermon preached at the funeral of that faithful servant of Christ, Robert Breton, D.D. Pastor of Deptford in the county of Kent, Febr. 20. 1671/2. By Richard Parr, D.D. of Camerwel in the county of Surrey.
Parr, Richard, 1617-1691. / [1658] The judges charge;: delivered in a sermon before M. Justice Hale, and M. Sergeant Crook, judges of assize, at St. Mary-Overies in Southwark, Martii 22. 1658. As also setting forth, the necessity of magistracy, for the weal of a people. With a serious item and admonition to all unruly spirits, that despite dominion, and resist the ordinance of God. By Rich. Parr, M.A. sometimes Fellow of Exeter-Colledge in Oxford, now pastor of Camerwel in the county of Surry.
Parr, Richard, 1617-1691. / [1661] Christs gracious intentions of peace and mercy towards sinners, freely tendred together with the necessity of observing the season, and accepting the offer of peace and reconciliation while it may be attained : evidenced in a sermon at St. Pauls, London, Martii 3, 1661 : from Luke 19 verse 41,42 / by Rich. Parr ...
Parr, Richard, 1617-1691. / [1660] Christian reformation:: being an earnest perswasion to the speedy practise of it. Proposed to all, but especially designed for the serious consideration of my dear kindred and country-men of the county of Cork in Ireland, and the people of Reigat and Camerwell in the county of Surry. / By Richard Parr A.M. pastor of Camerwell in Surry.
Parr, Susanna. / [in the year, 1659] Susanna's apologie against the elders. Or A vindication of Susanna Parr;: one of those two women lately excommunicated by Mr Lewis Stycley, and his church in Exeter. / Composed and published by her selfe, for the clearing of her own innocency, and the satisfaction of all others, who desire to know the true reason of their so rigorous proceedings against her.
Parrot, Henry. / [1615] The mastiue, or Young-whelpe of the olde-dogge. Epigrams and satyrs.
Parry, Benjamin, 1634-1678. / [1673] More than conquerour a sermon preach't on the martyrdom of King Charles the I, Jan, 30, at Christ-church, Dublin : before his Excellency Arthur Earl of Essex, lord lieutenant general and general governour of the Kingdom of Ireland / by B.P.
Parry, Benjamin, 1634-1678. / [1659] Chymia cœlestis.: Drops from heaven; or, Pious meditations and prayers on several places of Scripture. / By Ben. Parry, Gent.
Parry, Edward, d. 1650. / [anno recreationis M.DC.LX 1660] David restored. Or An antidote against the prosperity of the vvicked and the afflictions of the iust, shewing the different ends of both.: In a most seasonable discourse upon the seventy third Psalme, / by the right Reverend father in God Edward Parry late L. Bishop of Killaloe. Opus posthumum.
Parry, James, of Poston. / [1661] Two horrid murthers; one, committed upon the person of Henry the Fourth of France. The other upon his son in law, Charles the First of England. Of the various and lasting tortures endured by the murtherers of the one, (extracted out of Mr. Howell his history of Lewis the 13th) and of the early short punishments undergone by the murtherers of the other. Though for the atrocity of the fact, they were not inferior to the first, but considering all circumstances, and complication of treasons went beyond him / by James Parry of Poston, Esquire.
Parry, John, d. 1677. / [1670] Nehemiah, or, The excellent governour being a discourse delivered at the cathedrall of the Holy Trinity, Dublin, Aug. 1669, before the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ossory ... / by J.P. ...
Parry, William, fl. 1601. / [1601] A new and large discourse of the trauels of sir Anthony Sherley Knight, by sea, and ouer land, to the Persian Empire Wherein are related many straunge and wonderfull accidents: and also, the description and conditions of those countries and people he passed by: with his returne into Christendome. Written by William Parry gentleman, who accompanied Sir Anthony in his trauells.
Parsley, Henry. / [1692] A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Tho. Whitchurch October the 15th. 1691. at Chalfont St. Peter's. By Henry Parsley, A.M. rector of Hodgerley, in the county of Bucks.
Parsons, Andrew, 1615 or 16-1684. / [1677] Seasonable counsel to an afflicted people in a letter to the distressed inhabitants of Wem in the county of Salop, after the dreadful fire, which consumed that market-town, March 3. 1676/7. Written by Andrew Parsons, M.A. and sometime minister there.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1635] A Romane centurion becomming a good souldier of Iesus Christ: In foure sermons, preached in the cathedrall church, and in Saint Thomas Church at Sarum. By Bartholomevv Parsons, B.D. and rector of Ludgershall, in the county of Wiltes.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1616] The magistrates charter examined, or his duty and dignity opened: In a sermon preached at an assises, held at Sarum in the county of Wiltes, on the ninth day of March, last past, 1614. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelour in Diuinity, and vicar of Collingborne Kingstone in the diocesse of Sarum.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1637] Honos & onus levitarum. Or, tithes vindicated to the presbyters of the gospel in a sermon preached at an archidiaconall visitation at Marleborough, in the diocese of Sarum, on the 10. of October. 1636. By B.P.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1637] The historie of tithes, or, Tithes vindicated to the presbyters of the Gospel begunne in a visitation sermon, whereunto are added the substance of divers other sermons and treatises, being thought fit by good authority to be published, and is necesary both for clergy and laity : in the which is expressed the true use of the Sabbath without controversie / by B.P.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1618] The first fruites of the Gentiles. In three sermons preached in the cathedrall church at Sarum. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelor in Divinitie, and vicar of Collingborne-Kingstone, in the county of Wiltes.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1631] Dorcas: or, A perfect patterne of a true disciple. A sermon preached by Bartholomew Parsons B. of Divinity and rector of Ludgershall in the country of Wilts.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [Ann.D. 1633] Boaz and Ruth blessed: or A sacred contract honoured with a solemne benediction. By Bartholomew Parsons B. of Divinity and rector of Ludgershall in the county of Wiltes.
Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. / [1616] The barren trees doome a sermon preached at Newbery on the fifth day of August. Beeing the day of his Maiesties most happy deliuerance from the bloudy conspiracie of the Earle of Gowry and his brother Alexander. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelour in Diuinitie, and vicar of Collingborne Kingstone in the countie of Wiltes.
Parsons, H. / [1672?] The history of the five wise philosophers: or, The wonderful relation of the life of Jehosaphat son of Avenario King of Berma in India. To which is added, meditations on the seven stations of life, with the three great stepts [sic] to eternal salvation: as faith; to be our guide: hope, to be or comfort; and, charity to hide a multitude of faults. Also, instructions for children to be obedient to their parents. A treatise both pleasant, profitable, and pious, by H.P. Gent.
Parsons, John, Esquire. / [1682] A choice catalogue of the library of John Parsons, Esquire, late of the Middle-Temple, barrister:: Consisting chiefly of law & history, ancient and modern. : Which will be exposed to sale by way of auction on Thursday the 30th day of this instant November, 1682. at the Auction-House, over against the Black Swan in Ave-Mary-Lane near Ludgate. / By Edward Millington, bookseller.
Parsons, John, Sir, 1656?-1704. / [1685] A Pindarique on the death of our late sovereign Charles II. of blessed memory by Sir John Parsons, Bart.
Parsons, Ralph, 17th cent. / [1642] Two famous battels fought in Ireland:: Wherin the Protestants under the command of the Earle of Ormond, Sr. Charles Coote, and Sr. Simon Harcourt, slew great numbers of the rebels, routing them from one town to another, and took divers prisoners to their great joy and comfort. Faithfully related in a letter, sent from Mr. Ralph Parsons in Dublin, to Sr. William Brewerton, a worthy member of the House of Commons. Received by the last post, February 23. 1641. Whereunto is added, The brave adventures and victorious exploits of Captain Thomas Steutevile, neere unto the town of Drogheda in Ireland.
Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610. / [1601] A briefe apologie, or defence of the Catholike ecclesiastical hierarchie, & subordination in England erected these later yeares by our holy father Pope Clement the eyght; and impugned by certayne libels printed & published of late both in Latyn & English; by some vnquiet persons vnder the name of priests of the seminaries. VVritten and set forth for the true information and stay of all good Catholikes, by priests vnited in due subordination to the Right Reuerend Archpriest, and other their superiors.
Parsons, Robert-c1546-1610. / [Anno. M.D.XCII. 1592] A relation of the King of Spaines receiving in Valliodolid, and in the Inglish College of the same towne, in August last part of this yere. 1592. VVryten by an Inglish priest of the same college, to a gentleman and his vvyf in Flaunders, latelie fled out of Ingland, for profession of the Catholique religion
Parsons, William, Sir, 1570?-1650. / [1642] A letter written from Sir VVilliam Parsons, one of the lord justices of Ireland, to Sir Robert Pye, a worthy knight of the honourable House of Commons:: published by his consent and other members of the said Commons House. This letter was received by Sir Robert Pye, the 9. of April.
Partington, Thomas. / [1641] VVorse and worse nevves from Ireland: being the coppy of a letter read in the House of Parliament, the 14. of this instant moneth of December, 1641. Wherein is contained such unheard-of cruelties, committed by the papists against the Protestants, not sparing age nor sex, that it would make a Christians heart to bleede.
Partridge, Dorothy. / [1694] The woman's almanack, for the year 1694: calculated for the meridian of city and country. Containing many choice, useful, pleasant, and most necessary, observations, adapted to the capacity of the female sex, and not to be found in other almanacks: as, the good house-wife's calendar. A table of expences. The critical days of the year. ... By Dorothy Partridge, midwife, student in astrology.
Partridge, James. / [1628] Ayme for Finsburie archers. Or An alphabeticall table of the names of euery marke within the same fields with their true distances according to the dimensuration of the line. Newly gathered, and amended by Iames Partridge.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1679] Vox lunaris being a philosophical & astrological discourse of two moons which were seen at London and the parts adjacent, June the eleventh 1679. a little before midnight. And what may in a course of nature be expected from this phasma in Europe. With some particular remarques upon the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, and of the eclipses in Gemini, &c. for 120 years last past. By John Partridge student in Physick and Astrology.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [printed with allowance, Octob. 5, 1671] To all persons of quality, ladies, gentlemen, tradesmen, and all others to whom these epistolary lines may come, I.P. wisheth all health and happiness, length of days, with increase of riches.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [168-] A short answer to a malicious pamphlet called, A reply written by John Gadbury, the King of England's juggler, and astrologer in ordinary to the Pope, to help on the work.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1691] Prophesies, predictions and astrological prognostications relating to sundry affairs in empires, kingdoms, and states, as they are in probability likely to fall out, and come to pass in the revolution of the great and remarkable year 1691, according to the observations of the learned : promising more particularly glory and success in England, Scotland and Ireland, with a discouragement loss and defeat to our enemies and the French nation, and other remarkable passages / J.P.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [Re-printed in the year, 1692] Partridges observations for the year 1692. Or, An account of divers remarkable things which shall happen in most parts of Europe each month, but particularly in France and Flanders, &c. To which is added John Gadbury's verses about the Prince of Wales, in his Almanack 1689, travesty'd.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1693] Nebulo Anglicanus, or, The first part of the black life of John Gadbury it is the same John Gadbury that was in the Popish Plot to murther Charles II in the year 1678 : it is the same John Gadbury that was accused of being in another plot, to dethrone and destroy King William, in the year 1690 : it is the same John Gadbury that at this time is so strait-lac'd in conscience that he cannot take the oaths to their majesties : together with an answer to a late pamphlet of his / by J. Partridge.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1690] Mr. Patric-h's [sic] prophecy, or, A prognostication of the year 1690 wherein the most considerable mutations and events like to befall the kingdoms of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, and of the states of the Netherlands, &c. are foreshewed. Also an account of the proceedings of all the twelve months; and of the happy affairs of the King of Great Britain and the states of Holland, and the great damages likely to befall France and Ireland / by J.P. prefessor [sic] of astrology.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [printed in the year, 1685] Mr. Partrige's [sic] Prophesie Wherein are foretold the most considerable events and mutations in Great-Britain, France, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Spain, Flanders, Italy, and the Turkish Empire, &c. According to the opinion of the best astrologers.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1690] Mr. Partridhe's [sic] famous prophesies and predictions together with the observations of sundry other great and learned astrologers, touching the wonderful things that are expected to happen in the year, 1690. in great Britain, France, and Ireland, and other kingdoms, states, and countries in matters of peace, negotiation, war, casualties, contingencies, and other transactions more particularly the happiness promised this nation, and the danger that threatens the French King, and his dominions; also the popish army in Ireland: also the union of Protestants, reciting likewise a strange & wonderful vision on the subject of these affairs lately happening, foretelling the quieting Scotland, reducing Ireland, and the conquest of France, and by what means it was proposed to be confirmed as a truth, and what has since come to pass in order thereunto: the happy reign of our glorious monarch, and his triumph over his enemies. Licensed according to order.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [Anno 1684] Mr. John Petrige's [sic], new prophesie of this present year 1684. Wherein are foretold themost considerable events and mutations in Great-Britain, France, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Italy, &c. According to the opinion of the best astrologers.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1688] Mene tekel being an astrological judgment on the great and wonderful year 1688. Deduced from the true and genuine principles of that art: shewing the approaching catastrophe of popery in England, &c.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [MDCLXXXIX 1689] Mene mene, tekel upharsin.: The second part of Mene tekel, treating of the year MDCLXXXIX. : And modestly shewing what may probably be conjectured to succeed in the affairs of Europe in general, and of England, Holland, Scotland, and France in particular; with something also about the affairs of Ireland, and the French King's forces there. : To which is added a treasonable paper dispersed among the papists, by J. Gadbury, with some reflections thereon, and also on his almanack for 1689. / By John Partridge.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1697] Flagitiosus Mercurius flagellatus, or, The whipper whipp'd being an answer to a scurrilous invective written by George Parker in his Almanack for MDCXCVII : in such language and base expressions that none but a bended mechanick would be seen to own, and this without any provocation given by me.
Partridge, John, 1644-1715. / [1689] Annus mirabilis, or, Strange and wonderful predictions and observations gathered out of Mr. J. Partridges Almanack 1688 with some remarks also out of his Almanack 1687 ...
Partridge, N. / [1670] Blood for blood, or, Justice executed for innocent blood-shed being a true narrative of that late horrid murder committed by Mary Cook upon her own and only beloved child, with several remarkable passages preceding the fact, as also what was most worthy observation during her imprisonment, and at her execution / faithfully communicated for publique satisfaction by N. Partridge and J. Sharp ; with a sermon on the same occasion ; with other spectaters and visiters whilst in prison and at her execution.
Partridge, Seth, 1603-1686. / [1661] The description and use of an instrument called the dovble scale of proportion by which instrument, all questions in arithmetick, geometry, trigonometry, astronomy, geography, navigation, fortification, gunnery, gaging vessels, dialling may be most accurately and speedily performed without the assistance of either pen or compasses / by Seth Partridge.
Partridge, W. (William), b. 1662 or 3. / [1695] A consolatory poem address'd to His Most Sacred Majesty by W. Partridge ...
Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662. / [1657] Les provinciales: or, The mysterie of Jesuitisme, discover'd in certain letters,: written upon occasion of the present differences at Sorbonne, between the Jansenists and the Molinists, from January 1656. to March 1657. S.N. Displaying the corrupt maximes and politicks of that society. Faithfully rendred into English.
Pasiphilus, Philalethes. / [Printed in the Year, 1692] Confidence corrected, error detected, and truth defended; or Some farther reflections upon the two Athenian Mercuries lately publish'd about infant-baptism.: By Philalethes Pasiphilus.
Paske, Thomas, / [printed, September 9. 1642] The copy of a letter sent to an honourable lord, by Doctor Paske, subdeane of Canterbury.:
Paskell, Thomas. / [1683] An abstract of a letter from Thomas Paskell of Pennsilvania to his friend J.J. of Chippenham
Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615. / [1594] The Jesuite displayed. Containing the original and proceedings of the Iesuites, togither [sic] with the fruites of their doctrine. Openly discoursed in an oration against them made in the Parliament house of Paris, / by one Maister Pasquier in that action aduocate for the Vniuersitie there, against the Iesuites plaintifes in that court. ; Faithfully translated out of French, by E[dward]. A[ggas].
Pasquier, Etienne, 1529-1615. / [anno Domini. 1602] The Iesuites catechisme. Or Examination of their doctrine. Published in French this present yeere 1602. and nowe translated into English. VVith a table at the end, of all the maine poynts that are disputed and handled therein.
Pasquino. / [1690] La bibliothèque d'Oxfort sixième dialogue entre Pasquin & Marforio sur les affaires du tems.
Passe, Crispijn van de, d. 1670. / [1615] A garden of flovvers vvherein very liuely is contained a true and perfect discription of al the flovvers contained in these foure followinge bookes. As also the perfect true manner of colouringe the same vvith theire naturall coloures ... All vvhich to the great charges, and almost incredible laboure and paine, the diligent authore by foure yeares experience, hath very laboriously compiled, and most excellently performed, both in theire perfect lineaments in representing them in theire coper plates: as also after a most exquisite manner and methode in teachinge the practisioner te [sic] painte them even to the liffe. Faithfully and truely translated out of the Netherlandish originall into English for the comon benifite of those that vnderstand no other languages, and also for the benifite of others nevvly printed both in the Latine and French tongues all at the charges of the author.
Passenger, Thomas. / [1668] The sinners arraignment; or, The life, death and judgment of stubborn and incorrigible sinners. Wherein first is plainly set forth and described the certainty of their death: as also many pithy arguments to perswade men to prepare for it, lest they fall unawares into the great condemnation. Together with a pithy discourse of the last and great judgment, with a discovery of the judge, the judged, and the manner of the pronouncing sentence, the confusion of sinners before the judgement seat, being full of terrour and amazement; as also followed on with many directions to sinners. which, if followed, they may escape the sentence of, Go ye cursed, &c. With some consolations for saints, who have overcome the second death, and may appear with boldnesse at the great day and receive their sentence of, Come ye blessed, &c. By T.P.
Paston, James, d. 1722? / [1673] The magistrates authority asserted, in a sermon, preached at the cathedral in Norwich by James Paston ...
Paston, James, d. 1722? / [1688] A discourse of penal laws in matter of religion endeavouring to prove that there is no necessity of inflicting or continuing them : first delivered in a sermon ... occasioned by His Majesties late gracious declaration for liberty of conscience, and now humbly offer'd to the consideration of the publick / by James Paston ...
Paterson, F. William. / [Anno M.DC.XX. 1620] The Protestants theologie containing the true solutions, and groundes of religion, this daye mainteyned, and intreated, betwixt the Protestants, and Catholicks. Writen, by the R. F. F. VVilliame Patersoune religious priest, Conuentuall of Antwerpe, preacher of Gods word, and Vicar generall of the holy order of S. Augustin, through the kingdome of Scotland. The 1. Part.
Paterson, James, mathematician, fl. 1685. / [1685] A geographical description of Scotland. With the faires largely insert; as also, an exact table of tides, and a table of the latitude and longitude of the most remarkable places in Scotland; with other useful notes, fit for every man to know either on sea or land. Exactly calculated and formed, for the use of all travellers, mariners, and others, who have any affairs, or merchandizing in this kingdom of Scotland. / By James Paterson, mathematician.
Paterson, James, mathematician, fl. 1685-1692. / [1683] Edinburgh's true almanack, or A new prognostication for the year of our Lord, 1683
Paterson, James, mathematician, fl. 1685-1692. / [for the year, 1690. ] Edinburgh's true almanack, or A new prognostication for the year of our Lord, 1690. Being the second year after bissextile or leap-year, and from the creation of the world, 5639. Exactly calculated according to art, for the meridian of the most famous city of Edinburgh, whose latitude is 55 d. 54 m.¹/₂. and longitude is 11 d. 37 m. from Pico Taniriff, according to the newest tables. / By James Paterson mathematician.
Paterson, John, 1604?-1679. / [1661] Tandem bona causa triumphet, or, Scotlands late misery bewailed, and the honour and loyalty of this ancient kingdom, asserted in a sermon preached before His Majesties High Commissioner, and the Honourable Parliament of the kingdom of Scotland, at Edinburgh the 17 day of February, 1661 / by Mr. John Paterson, Minister of the Gospel at Aberdene.
Paterson, John, 1604?-1679. / [1660] Post nubila Phoebus, or, A sermon of thanksgiving for the safe and happy returne of our gracious soveraign ... preached in the city of Aberden at the desire of the lord provest, bailies and councell thereof, upon the XIX [19] day of Iune / by Iohn Patersone ...
Paterson, Ninian, d. 1688. / [in the year, Anno MDC. LXXXIII. 1683] A poem on the test dedicated to His Royal Highnes the Duke of Albanie.
Paterson, Ninian, d. 1688. / [1687] Moristonus martyr to the glorious memory of the much renowned gentleman, Andrew Ker of Moristoun, who was slain at Buda, July 19. 1686. A funeral elegie. / By Ninian Paterson.
Paterson, William, 1658-1719. / [1695] Proposals made by William Paterson of London, Esq. on behalf of himself and others, for consolidating the perpetual fund of interest payable to the orphans and other creditors of the city of London, by virtue of the act of Parliament entituled An act for relief of the orphans and other creditors of the city of London, and for improving the same so consolidated above the interest payable by the said act.
Paterson, William, 1658-1719. / [printed May 15th. 1699] An abstract of a letter from a person of eminency and worth in Caledonia to a friend at Boston in New England.:
Patient, Thomas, d. 1666. / [1654] The doctrine of baptism and the disinction of the covenants, or, A plain treatise wherein the four essentials of baptism .... are diligently handled as also the business of the two covenants, wherein is proved that the covenant of life is not made to the seed of believers as coming out of their loins, and therefore that the baptism of infants is drawn from thence by a false consequence / by Thomas Patient.
Patin, Charles, 1633-1693. / [1696] Travels thro' Germany, Bohemia, Swisserland, Holland, and other parts of Europe describing the most considerable citys and the palaces of princes : together with historical relations and critical observations upon ancient medals and inscriptions / by Charles Patin ; made English and illustrated with copper cuts and a map.
Patrick, John, 1632-1695. / [1688] The Virgin Mary misrepresented by the Roman Church in the traditions of that church, concerning her life and glory, and in the devotions paid to her, as the mother of God ...
Patrick, John, 1632-1695. / [1674] Reflexions upon the devotions of the Roman church with the prayers, hymns & lessons themselves, taken out of their authentic books, in three parts : this first part, containing their devotions to saints and angels, also two digressions concerning the reliques and miracles in Mr. Cressy's late church-history.
Patrick, John, 1632-1695. / [1694] The Psalms of David in meter fitted to the tunes used in parish-churches / by John Patrick ...
Patrick, John, 1632-1695. / [1688] A full view of the doctrines and practices of the ancient church relating to the Eucharist wholly different from those of the present Roman Church, and inconsistent with the belief of transubstantiation : being a sufficient confutation of Consensus veterum, Nubes testium, and other late collections of the fathers, pretending the contrary.
Patrick, John, 1632-1695. / [1679] A century of select psalms, and portions of the psalms of David especially those of praise / turned into meter, and fitted to the usual tunes in parish churches, for the use of the Charter-House, London, by John Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1698] The work of the ministry represented to the clergy of the Diocese of Ely / by Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXXVIII. 1688] The Virgin Mary misrepresented by the Roman Church in the traditions of that church, concerning her life and glory; and in the devotions paid to her, as the mother of God. Both shewed out of the offices of that church, the lessons on her festivals, and from their allowed authors. Part I. Wherein two of her feasts, her conception and nativity, are considered.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1689] Two sermons : one against murmuring, the other against censuring preached at St. Paul's Covent-Garden / by S. Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [M DC LXXXV. 1685] A treatise of the nesssity and frequency of receiving the Holy Communion. With a resolution of doubts about it. In three discourses begun upon Whit-Sunday in the cathedral church of Peterburgh. To press the observation of the fourth Rubrick after the communion office. By Symon Patrick, D.D. Dean of Peterburgh, and one of Hi [sic] Majesties Chaplains in Ordinary.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1686] A treatise of repentance and of fasting especially of the Lent-fast : in III parts.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1687] A sermon preached upon St. Peter's day printed at the desire of some that heard it, with some enlargements / by a divine of the Church of England.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1686] A sermon preached on Saint Mark's Day MDCLXXXVI in the parish church of St. Paul's Covent Garden by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1689] A sermon preached in the chappel of St. James's before His Highness the Prince of Orange, the 20th of January, 1688 by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1680] A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and the aldermen of the City of London at Guild-Hall Chappel, Octob. 31, 1680 being the XXI Sunday after Trinity / by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1692] A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, April VIII, MDCXCII being the fast-day appointed by Her Majesty, to implore God's blessing on Their Majesties persons, and the prosperity of their arms both at land and sea / by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1696] A sermon preached before the Lords spiritual and temporal, in the Abby-church at Westminster, on the 5th of November, 1696 being the anniversary thanksgiving, for the happy deliverance from the gunpowder treason : and also, for the happy arrival of His Present Majesty on this day, for the deliverance of our church and nation / by ... Symon Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1691] A sermon preached before the Lords spiritual & temporal, in the Abby-Church at Westminster, on the 26th of Novemb. 1691 being the Thanksgiving-day for the preservation of Their Majesties, the success of their forces in the reducing of Ireland, and for the King's safe return / by ... Symon Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1678] A sermon preached before the king, on the second Sunday in Advent, Decemb. viii, 1678 by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1676] A sermon preached before the King, on St. Stephen's-day by Sy. Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1690] A sermon preached before the King and Queen at White-Hall, April XVI, 1690 being the fast-day / by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Chichester.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1670] A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Thomas Grigg, B.D. and rector of St. Andrew-Undershaft, Septemb. 4, 1670 by Symon Patrick.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1678] A sermon preached at St. Pavl Covent-Garden, on the late day of fasting & prayer, Novemb. 13 by Simon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [M DC LXXXIX 1689] A sermon preached at St. Paul's Covent-garden on the first Sunday in Lent being the second part of the sermon preached before the Prince of Orange / by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1689] A sermon preached at St. Paul's Covent Garden on the day of thanksgiving Jan. XXXI, 1668 for the great deliverance of this kingdom by the means of His Highness the Prince of Orange from popery and arbitrary power / by Simon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1696] A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at St. Bridget's Church, on Easter-Monday, 1696 by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1689] A sermon preach'd before the Queen at Whitehall, March 1, 1688/9 by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1683] The proverbs of Solomon paraphrased with the arguments of each chapter, which supply the place of a commentary / by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1685] Search the Scriptures a treatise shewing that all Christians ought to read the Holy Books : with directions to them therein : in three parts.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXXVII 1687] A private prayer to be used in difficult times
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1687] The pillar and ground of truth a treatise shewing that the Roman Chvrch falsly claims to be that church, and the pillar of that truth, mentioned by S. Paul in his First epistle to Timothy, Chap. III. vers. 15, which is explained in three parts.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1700] A paraphrase upon the books of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon with arguments to each chapter and annotations thereupon / by Symon Patrick.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1667] Mensa mystica; or A discourse concerning the sacrament of the Lords Supper. In which the ends of its institution are so manifested; our addresses to it so directed; our behaviour there, and afterward, so composed, that we may not lose the benefits which are to be received by it. By Simon Patrick, D.D. minsiter of Gods Word at Batersea in Surrey.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] The parable of the pilgrim written to a friend by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCXCII 1692] A letter of the Bishop of Ely to his clergy
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1690] A letter of the Bishop of Chichester to his clergy
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1660] Jewish hypocrisie, a caveat to the present generation.: Wherein is shewn both the false and the true way to a nations or persons compleat happiness, from the sickness and recovery of the Jewish state. Unto which is added a discourse upon Micah 6.8. belonging to the same matter. / By Symon Patrick B.D. minister of the word of God at Batersea in Surrey.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXVII 1677] Jesus and the resurrection justified by witnesses in heaven and in earth in two parts : the first shewing that Jesus is the Son of God, the second that in him we have eternall life / by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1657] The hypocritical nation described in a sermon preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, upon a day of publick fasting : with an epistle prefixed by Mr. Samuel Jacombe.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1660. i.e. 1659] The hearts ease, or A remedy against all troubles.: To which is added a consolatory discourse against the loss of our friends and those that are dear unto us. / By Symon Patrick B.D. minister of Gods word at Batersea in Surrey.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1670] A further continuation and defence, or, A third part of the friendly debate by the same author.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1678] The glorious Epiphany, with the devout Christians love to it by Symon Patrick, ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXXVIII 1688] A full view of the doctrines and practices of the ancient church relating to the Eucharist wholly different from those of the present Roman Church, and inconsistent with the belief of transubstatiation : being a sufficient confutation of Consensus veterum, Nubes testium, and other late collections of the fathers, pretending the contrary.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1668?] A friendly debate betwixt two neighbours, the one a conformist, the other a non-conformist about several weighty matters / published for the benefit of this city, by a lover of it, and of pure religion.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1676] Falsehood unmaskt in answer to a book called Truth unveil'd, which vainly pretends to justify the charge of Mr. Standish against some persons in the Church of England / by a dutiful son of that church.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1660] The epitome of man's duty being a discourse upon Mic. 6.8, where hypocritical people are briefly directed how to please God.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1682] Egwyddor i rai jevcaingc i'w cymmbwyfo i dderbyn y Cymmun Sanctaidd yn fuddiol / gwaith y parchedig a'r dwyfol athro Simon Patrick ... ; a gyfieithwyd o'r Saesonaeg gan Edward Llwyd ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1659] Divine arithmetick, or, The right art of numbring our dayes being a sermon preached June 17, 1659, at the funerals of Mr. Samuel Jacomb, B.D., minister of the Gospel at S. Mary Woolnoth in Lumbardstreet, London, and lately fellow of Queens Colledge in Cambridge / by Simon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1683] A discourse of profiting by sermons and of going to hear where men think they can profit most
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1693] A discourse concerning prayer especially of frequenting the dayly publick prayers. In two parts. / By Symon Patrick, D.D. now Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1673] The devout Christian instructed how to pray and give thanks to God, or, A book of devotions for families and for particular persons in most of the concerns of humane life / by the author of the Christian sacrifice.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1683] A discourse about tradition shewing what is meant by it, and what tradition is to be received, and what tradition is to be rejected.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1669] A continuation of the Friendly debate by the same author.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] A consolatory discourse perswading to a chearfull trust in God in these times of trouble and danger. By Symon Patrick rector of St. Paul Covent Garden.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1671] A consolatory discourse to prevent immoderate grief for the death of our friends.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1698] A commentary upon the third book of Moses, called Leviticus by ... Symon Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1697] A commentary upon the second book of Moses, called Exodus by the Right Reverend Father in God, Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1699] A commentary upon the fourth Book of Moses, called Numbers by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1695] A commentary upon the first book of Moses, called Genesis by the Right Reverend Father in God, Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1700] A commentary upon the Fifth book of Moses, called Deuteronomy by ... Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1681] Christs counsel to his church in two sermons preached at the two last fasts : one April xi. MDCLXXX, the other December xxi. MDCLXXX / by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1671] The Christian sacrifice a treatise shewing the necessity, end, and manner of receiving the Holy Commvnion : together with suitable prayers and meditations for every month in the year, and the principal festivals in memory of our Blessed Saviour : in four parts.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] A brief exposition of the Ten Commandments and the Lords Prayer. By Symon Patrick rector of St. Paul Covent Garden.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1668] A brief exposition of the Ten Commandments and the Lords Prayer by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1665] A brief exhortation to those who are shut up from our society and deprived at present of publique instruction. Which may be useful to others also who have any feeling of Gods judgments. By Symon Patrick rector of St. Paul Covent Garden.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1662] A brief account of the new sect of latitude-men together with some reflections upon the nevv philosophy / by S.P. of Cambridge, in answer to a letter from his friend at Oxford.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1680] The Book of Psalms paraphras'd. The second volume with arguments to each Psalm / by Symon Patrick.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXIX 1679] The book of Job paraphras'd by Symon Patrick ...
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1680] A book for beginners, or, A help to young communicants that they may be fitted for the Holy communion, and receive it with profit. By S. Patrick, D.P.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1659] Aqua genitalis: a discourse concerning baptism. First delivered in a sermon at Alhallows Lumbardstreet, Octob. 4. 1658. and now a little inlarged. Into which is since inserted, a brief discourse to perswade to a confirmation of the baptismal-vovv. / By Symon Patrick, B.D. minister of the Gospel at Battersea.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1692] The Bishop of Ely's letter to his clergy:
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1670] An appendix to the third part of The friendly debate being a letter of the conformist to the non-conformist : together with a postscript / by the same author.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1692] An answer to a book, spread abroad by the Romish priests, intituled, The touchstone of the reformed Gospel wherein the true doctrine of the Church of England, and many texts of the Holy Scripture are faithfully explained / by the Right Reverend Father in God, Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [MDCLXXVIII 1678] Angliæ speculum a glass that flatters not : presented to a country congregation at the late solemn fast, April 24, 1678, in a parallel between the kingdom of Israel and England, wherein the whole nation is desired to behold and consider our sin and our danger / by a dutiful son of this church.
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1673] Advice to a friend
Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. / [1686] Ad testimonium a sermon on the King's day, February the 6th, 1685/6 at St Katharine Coleman's, London / by S.P.
Patten, William, fl. 1548-1580. / [ca. 1585] A letter: whearin, part of the entertainment vntoo the Queenz Maiesty, at Killingwoorth Castl, in Warwick Sheér, in this soomerz progress 1575. iz signified: from a freend officer attendant in the coourt, vnto his freénd a citizen, and merchaunt of London.
Pattenson, Matthew. / [M. DC. XXIII. VVith licence. 1623] The image of bothe churches. Hierusalem and Babel vnitie and confusion. Obedienc [sic] and sedition. By, P. D. M.
Paul, Thomas, 17th cent. / [1673] [Some seri]ous reflections on that part of [Mr]. Bunion's [Con]fession of faith: [t]ouching [church] communion with [unbapti]zed persons: [a]s also ... [a]rguments against the ..., and seven queries ... [t]o the author. ... [serva]nt of Christ & the Church
Paule, George, Sir, 1563?-1637. / [1699] The life of John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the times of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I written by Sir George Paule ; to which is added a treatise intituled, Conspiracy for pretended reformation, written in the year 1591, by Richard Cosin ...
Pawson, John, 1619 or 20-1654? / [1652] A brief vindication of free grace ... relating to several positions asserted by M. John Goodwin in his late book entituled, Redemption redeem'd, and in his former treatise of justification : delivered in a sermon before the Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London, at Pauls, May 30, 1652 / by John Pawson ...
Paybody, Thomas, b. 1597 or 8. / [1629] A iust apologie for the gesture of kneeling in the act of receiving the Lords Supper. Against the manifold exceptions of all opposers in the Churches of England, and Scotland. Wherein this controversie is handled, fully. Soundly. Plainly. Methodically. By T.P.
Paye, Edw. (Edward) / [printed in the year, 1692] Railings and slanders detected: or The folly and heresies of the Quakers further exposed. Being an answer to an invective libel written by G. Whitehead, impertinently called, Antichrist in flesh unmasked, &c. which some of the Quakers call an answer to a book truly stiled Antichrist in Spirit unmasked: or, Quakerism a great delusion. In this brief discourse you have the slanderous out-cries of G. Whitehead, against Edward Paye, Henry Loader, and William Alcot, examined, detected, and confuted.
Paye, Edw. (Edward) / [printed in the year, 1692] Antichrist in spirit unmasked: or, Quakerism a great delusion. Being an answer to a pamphlet lately published and dispersed in and about Deptford in Kent, intituled The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers. Which they say is asserted against the unjust charge of their being no Christians, upon several questions relating to those matters wherein their Christian belief is questioned. By which pamphlet they would perswade the world that the Quakers are Christians. In which answer you have their deceit detected, their pretended faith examined and proved a counterfeit / by Edw. Paye ...
Payne, George, colonel. / [1645. i.e. 1646] A letter from Colonell Pane Governour of Abbington, to Major Generall Browne:: concerning the gaining of Abbington by the enemy, and its recovery by our forces. Withall the severall passages in the taking and retaking of the same. With an other letter from an officer of the said gerrison [sic] to a worthy friend. Commanded to be forthwith printed and published.
Payne, George, colonel. / [6. Aprill. 1646] A late victory obtayned by the Parliaments forces neere Farrington, Aprill the third 1646.: Where were taken above three hundred horse, and almost as many prisoners, the major and most of the officers of Sir William Comptons regiment, with good store of armes &c. Certified in a letter to Major-Generall Browne and read in the Honourable House of Commons. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this be forthwith printed and published. H. Elsynge; Cler. Parl. Dom. Com.
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1698] Unto His Grace, Earl of Marchmont, lord high commissioner of Scotland and the right honourable Estates of Parliament: the petition of Henry Payne, humbly sheweth, that where your petitioner a stranger, being apprehended eight years ago and upwards ...
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1693] To His Grace William, Duke of Hamilton Their Majesties High Commissioner and the Honourable Estates of Parliament, humblt sheweth the answers for Hendry Navilpayne,: to the inditement raised at the instance of Their Majesties advocate, before the high court of Parliament.
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1675] The siege of Constantinople a tragedy acted at the Duke's Theatre.
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1673] The fatal jealousie a tragedy acted at the Duke's Theatre.
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1673] The morning ramble, or, The town-humours a comedy acted at the Duke's Theatre.
Payne, Henry Neville, fl. 1672-1710. / [1687] An answer to a scandalous pamphlet entituled, A letter to a dissenter concerning His Majesties late declaration of indulgence, &c.
Payne, John, fl. 1597. / [M.D.XCVII 1597] Royall exchange to suche worshipfull citezins, marchants, gentlemen and other occupiers of the contrey as resorte therevnto. Try to retaine, or send back agayne. The contents ys after the preface. Sene and allowed here.
Payne, Nicholas. / [Sept. 2. 1642] A true relation of a brave exploit performed by Captain Richard Dawks, in taking of the Castle of Dover for the King and Parliament,: and the safety of the whole kingdom, the quiet of the town of Dover, and all those parts of the country thereabouts, on the 21 of August, 1642. Which was never conquered or taken before, but by that worthy gent', Captain Rich: Dawks aforementioned. And set forth by Nicholas Payne, an inhabitant of Dover, for satisfaction of the whole kingdom: and by the consent of both the honourable Houses of Parliament: they have sent thither to be lieutenant of that castle, the noble and worthy knight, Sir Edward Boyse, one of the members of the House of Commons.
Payne, Robert, fl. 1589. / [1589] A briefe description of Ireland: made in this yeare, 1589. by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners for whome he is vndertaker there. Truely published verbatim, according to his letters, by Nich. Gorsan one of the sayd partners, for that he would his countreymen should be partakers of the many good notes therein contayned
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1683] The unlawfulness of stretching forth the hand to resist or murder princes with the principal cases about resistance, considered, in two sermons : the first preacht upon the last thirtieth of January, the other, upon the day of thanksgiving, for the deliverance of the King and kingdom from the late treasonable conspiracy / by William Payne ...
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [MDCLXXXVIII. 1688] The three grand corruptions of the Eucharist in the Church of Rome. Viz. the adoration of the Host, communion in one kind, sacrifice of the Mass. In three discourses.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1695] A sermon upon the death of the Queen, preached in the parish-church of St. Mary White-Chappel by William Payne ...
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1695] A sermon upon the death of the queen, preached in the parish-church of St. Mary White-Chappel by William Payne ...
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1693] A practical discourse of repentance rectifying the mistakes about it, especially such as lead either to despair or presumption ... and demonstrating the invalidity of a death-bed repentance / by William Payne ...
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1697] The mystery of the Christian faith and of the Blessed Trinity vindicated and the divinity of Christ proved in three sermons preach'd at Westminster-Abbey upon Trinity-Sunday, June the 7th, and September 21, 1696 / by the late Reverend William Payne ... ; in the press before his death, and by himself ordered to be published.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1696] A letter from Dr. P. to the Bishop of R--- in vindication of his sermon on Trinity Sunday.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1682] Learning and knowledge recommended to the scholars of Brentwood School in Essex in a sermon preached at their first feast, June 29, 1682 / by William Payne ...
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1698] Discourses upon several practical subjects by the late Reverend William Payne ... ; with a preface giving some account of his life, writings, and death.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1688] A discourse of the sacrifice of the Mass
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1687] A discourse of the communion in one kind in answer to a treatise of the Bishop of Meaux's, of Communion under both species, lately translated into English.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1685] A discourse concerning the adoration of the host, as it is taught and practiced in the Church of Rome wherein an answer is given to T.G. on that subject, and to Monsieur Boileau's late book De adoratione eucharistiæ, Paris 1685.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1690] An answer to Vox cleri, &c. examining the reasons against making any alterations and abatements, in order to a comprehension and shewing the expediency thereof.
Payne, William, 1650-1696. / [1690] An answer to a printed letter to Dr. W.P. concerning non-resistance and other reasons for not taking the Oathes with some queries to the non-swearers in a postscript.
Payne, William, fl. 1700. / [1700?] Any gentlemen or others, may be furuished [sic] with all sorts of cloaths made after the best manner yet notwithstanding the goodness of the work, the prices will be less than has been yet proposed, therefore if any one have occasion let them come to me, and make choise [sic] of a pattern, and I doubt not but to please the most nicest fancy: ...
Paynell, Thomas. / [1550] The piththy [sic] and moost notable sayinges of al scripture, gathered by Thomas Paynell: after the manner of common places, very necessary for al those that delite in the consolacions of the scriptures.
Paynter, Henry, b. 1582 or 3. / [1632] Saint Pauls rule for religious performances A sermon preached May 15. Anno Domini 1631. By Henry Paynter B.D. Preacher of Gods Word in the city of Exeter.