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Owen, David, d. 1623. / [1643] Puritano-Iesuitismus,: the Puritan turn'd Jesuite; or rather, out-vying him in those diabolicall and dangerous positions, of the deposition of kings; from the yeare 1536. untill this present time; extracted out of the most ancient and authentick authours. By that reverend divine, Doctour Ovven, Batchelour of Divinity. Shewing their concord in the matter, their discord in the manner of their sedition.
Owen, David, d. 1623. / [1642] A persvvassion to loyalty, or, The subject's dutie vvherein is proved that resisting or deposing of kings (under what spccious [sic] pretences soever couched) is utterly unlawfull / collected by D.O.
Owen, David, d. 1623. / [1610] Herod and Pilate reconciled: or The concord of papist and puritan (against Scripture, fathers, councels, and other orthodoxall writers) for the coercion, deposition, and killing of kings. Discouered by David Owen Batchelour of Diuinitie, and chaplaine to the right Honourable Lord Vicount Hadington
Owen, David, d. 1623. / [1642] Anti-Paræus, or, A treatise in the defence of the royall right of kings against Paræus and the rest of the anti-monarchians, whether Presbyterians or Jesuits. Wherein is maintained the unlawfulnesse of opposing and taking up arms against the Prince, either by any private subject, inferiour magistrate, the states of the Kingdom, or the Pope of Rome. Confirm'd from the dictate of nature, the law of nations, the civill and canon law, the sacred scriptures, ancient fathers, and Protestant divines. Delivered formerly in a determination in the divinity schooles in Cambridge, April the 9th. 1619. And afterwards enlarged for the presse by learned Dr. Owen. Now translated and published to confirme men in their loyalty to their king, by R.M. Master in Arts.
Owen, E., gent. / [1699] To the Honourable the House of Commons, by E. Owen, P. Soone, and G. Kellett, Gent. Proposals, humbly offered, for raising one million two hundred thousand pounds in six months: and also three hundred and fifty thousand pounds per ann. Two hundred and fifty thousand pounds per ann. whereof, to be applied as thought convenient, by passing an act for the rebuilding of all houses consumed by fire, being [for] the publick good, present supply of the government, and ad[vant]age of every contributor.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1697] Tutamen evangelicum, or, A defence of Scripture-ordination, against the exceptions of T.G. in a book intituled, Tentamen novum proving, that ordination by presbyters is valid, Timothy and Titus were no diocesan rulers, the presbyters of Ephesus were the apostles successors in the government of that church, and not Timothy, the first epistle to Timothy was written before the meeting at Miletus, the ancient Waldenses had no diocesan bishops, &c. / by the author of the Plea for Scripture-ordination.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1696] Salvation improved: in a sermon upon the 16th of April, 1696. : Being the day of solemn thanksgiving for the preservation of His Majesty's sacred person, from barbarous assassination; and of this kingdom, from French invasion. / Preached at Oswestry, by J.O. minister of the Gospel.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1697] Remarks on a sermon, about corrupting the word of God preach'd by Tho. Gipps Rector of Bury, on a publick occasion, July 11, 1696, wherein the dissenters are fully vindicated against his vnjust accusations / by J.O., Minister of the Gospel at Oswestry.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1699] A further vindication of the dissenters from the Rector of Bury's unjust accusations wherein his charge of their being corupters of the word of God is demonstrated to be false and malicious ... / by James Owen.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1700] Church-pageantry display'd, or, Organ-worship, arraign'd and condemn'd as inconsistent with the revelation and worship of the Gospel, the sentiments of the ancient fathers, the Church of England, and several eminent divines, both Protestants and Papists. By Eugenius Junior - in answer to a letter about organs.
Owen, James, 1654-1706. / [1699] An answer to the rector of Bury's letter to his friend wherein is shewed that has effectually, tho' unwllingly acquitted the dissenters from his malicious charge of their being corrupters of the Word of God, that his attempts against the titles of the Psalms and Hebrew Bibles are feeble and inconsistent / by James Owen.
Owen, Jane, of God-stow. / [Printed M.DC.XXXIIII. 1634] Antidote against purgatory. Or discourse, wherein is shewed that good-workes, and almes-deeds, performed in the name of Christ, are a chiefe meanes for the preuenting, or migatating the torments of purgatory. Written by that vertuous, and rightworthy gentle-woman (the honour of her sexe for learning in England) Ms. Iane Owen, late of God-stow, in Oxfordshire, deceased, and now published after her death.
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1655] Vindiciæ evangelicæ or The mystery of the Gospell vindicated, and Socinianisme examined, in the consideration, and confutation of a catechisme, called A Scripture catechisme, written by J. Biddle M.A. and the catechisme of Valentinus Smalcius, commonly called the Racovian catechisme. With the vindication of the testimonies of Scripture, concerning the deity and satisfaction of Jesus Christ, from the perverse expositions, and interpretations of them, by Hugo Grotius in his Annotations on the Bible. Also an appendix, in vindication of some things formerly written about the death of Christ, & the fruits thereof, from the animadversions of Mr R.B. / By John Owen D.D. a servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospell.
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1659] Unto the questions sent me last night, I pray accept of the ensuing answer, under the title of two questions concerning the power of the supream magistrate about religion, and the worship of God with one about tythes, proposed and resolved.
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1678] Synesis pneumatikē, or, The causes waies & means of understanding the mind of God as revealed in his word, with assurance therein and a declaration of the perspicuity of the scriptures, with the external means of the interpretation of them / by John Owen ...
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1648] Salus electorum, sanguis Jesu, or, The death of death in the death of Christ a treatise of the redemption and reconciliation that is in the blood of Christ with the merit thereof, and the satisfaction wrought thereby : wherin the proper end of the death of Christ is asserted ... and the whole controversie about universall redemption fully discussed in foure parts, whereof the I. Declareth the eternall counsell, and distinct actuall concurrence of father, sonne, and holy spirit ... 2. Removeth false and supposed ends of the death of Christ ... rightly stating the controversie, 3. Containeth arguments against universall redemption from the word, with an affection of the satisfaction and merit of Christ, 4. Answereth all considerable objections as yet brought to light ... / by John Owen ...
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1676] The nature of apostasie from the profession of the Gospel, and the punishment of apostates declared, in an exposition of Heb. 6, 4, 5, 6, : with an enquiry into the causes and reasons of the decay of the power of religion in the world ... also, of the proneness of churches and persons of all sorts unto apostasie, with remedies, and means of prevention / by John Owen.
Owen, John, 1616-1683. / [1679] Christologia, or, A declaration of the glorious mystery of the person of Christ, God and man with the infinite wisdom, love and power of God in the contrivance and constitution thereof : as also of the grounds and reasons of his incarnation, the nature of his ministry in Heaven, the present state of the church above thereon, and the use of his person in religion : with an account and vindication of the honour, worship, faith, love and obedience due unto him, in and from the church / by John Owen.
Owen, Jonathan. / [1700] A funeral sermon. Opening the nature and grounds of assurance, occasioned by the death of Mr. Philip King, Minister. Who departed this life, November, 8th. 1699. By Jonathan Owen.
Owen, Jonathan. / [1694] Englands warning by late frowning providences, especially the immediate hand of God upon the straits-fleet improved in a sermon preacht April 1st, 1694 ... : from Ezekiel V, viii ... / by Jonathan Owen ...
Owen, Lewis, 1572-1633. / [1628] The vnmasking of all popish monks, friers, and Iesuits. Or, A treatise of their genealogie, beginnings, proceedings, and present state. Together with some briefe obseruations of their treasons, murders, fornications, impostures, blasphemies, and sundry other abominable impieties. Written as a caueat or forewarning for Great Britaine to take heed in time of these romish locusts. By Lewis Owen.
Owen, Thankfull, 1620-1681. / [1679] A true and lively representation of popery shewing that popery is only new-modell'd paganism, and perfectly destructive of the great ends and purposes of God in the Gospel.
Owen, Thomas, 1557-1618. / [Anno M.DC.XI. 1611] The copie of a letter sent from Paris to the reverend fathers of the Society of Iesus, who liue in England. Containing an answere to the calumniations of the Anti-Coton against the same Society in generall, and Fa. Coton in particular.
Owen, Vin. / [1685] A plain sermon preached to a country congregation in the beginning of the late rebellion in the west published for the instruction of country people in their duty to the King, and the refutation of some slanderous reports raised upon the preacher / by Vin. Owen.
Owsolde, Walter. / [1605] The varietie of memorable and worthy matters. By Walter Owsolde.
Owtram, William, 1626-1679. / [1682] Twenty sermons preached upon several occasions by William Owtram ...
Owtram, William, 1626-1679. / [1680] Sermons upon faith and providence, and other subjects by the late Reverend William Outram ...