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Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1633] The nevv artificial gauging line or rod together with rules concerning the use thereof: invented and written by William Oughtred. who in all due and respective observance præsenteth the same to the Right Honourable LL. Sir Nicolas Rainton Lord Major of London for this præsent yeare, and Ralfe Freeman Alderman Lord Major elect for the yeare now ensuing. and to the Worshipfull George Ethrege the late Master, and Captaine Iohn Miller the præsent Master of the Company of Vinteners. And to the whole body of that right worshipfull societie.
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1634?] To the English gentrie, and all others studious of the mathematicks which shall bee readers hereof. The just apologie of Wil: Oughtred, against the slaunderous insimulations of Richard Delamain, in a pamphlet called Grammelogia, or the mathematicall ring, or mirisica logarithmorum projectio circularis.
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [M DC XXXII 1632] The description and use of the double horizontall dyall
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1652] Dialling performed instrumentally by our hemisphere in plane projected and first fitted by Mr. William Oughtred and laid down according to his method formerly published for this very subject : together with twentie one several diagrams or schemes demonstratively shewing the reason and ground-work of all dialling, as also how to know, distinguish and set down the hour-lines for both faces of all planes at one working / by a practitioner in the same art.
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1633] The circles of proportion and the horizontal instrument. The former shewing the maner how to work proportions both simple and compound: and the ready and easy resolving of quæstions both in arithmetic, geometrie, & astronomie: and is newly increased with an additament for navigation. All which rules may also be wrought with the penne by arithmetic, and the canon of triangles. The later teaching how to work most quæstions, which may be performed by the globe: and to delineat dialls upon any kind of plaine. Invented, and written in latine by W.O. Translated into English, and set out for the public benefit, by William Forster.
Oughtred, William, 1575-1660. / [1633] An addition vnto the vse of the instrument called the circles of proportion, for the working of nauticall questions. Together with certaine necessary considerations and advertisements touching navigation. All which, as also the former rules concerning this instrument are to bee wrought not onely instrumentally, but with the penne, by arithmeticke, and the canon of triangles. Hereunto is also annexed the excellent vse of two rulers for calculation. And is to follow after the 111 page of the first part.
Outreman, Philippe d', 1585-1652. / [Anno 1622] The true Christian catholique or The maner how to liue Christianly. Gathered forth of the holie Scriptures, and ancient fathers, confirmed and explained by sundrie reasons, apte similitudes, and examples. By the Reuerend Father F. Phillip Doultreman, of the Societie of Iesus. And turnd out of Frenche into Englishe by Iohn Heigham.