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Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [in the yeare. 1652] A persvvasive to a mutuall compliance under the present government.: Together with a plea for a free state compared with monarchy.
Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [1682] Twenty precepts, or, rules of advice to a son by a late eminent lawyer.
Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [1656] The Private Christians non vltra, or, A plea for the lay-man's interpreting the scriptures written by Philolaoclerus.
Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [1656] Politicall reflections upon the government of the Turks·: Nicolas Machiavel. The King of Sweden's descent into Germany. The conspiracy of Piso and Vindex against Nero. The greatness and corruption of the court of Rome. The election of Pope Leo the XI. The defection from the Church of Rome. Martin Luther vindicated. / By the author of the late Advice to a son.
Osborne, Francis, 1593-1659. / [1658] Advice to a son. The second part. By Francis Osborn.
Osborne, Henry. / [Anno Dom. 1654] A more exact way to delineate the plot of any spacious parcel of land as baronies, parishes, and town-lands, as also of rivers, harbours and loughs, &c. than is as yet in practice : also a method or form of keeping the field-book, and how to cast up the superficial content of a plot most exactly.
Osborne, John, lover of the truth as it is in Jesus. / [1651] The world to come, or The mysterie of the resurrection opened:: in a discourse at Burford in the county of Oxon, upon Acts 24.15. / By John Osborn, minister of the Gospel at Bampton in the bush. As also, in a conference between him and Richard Coppin of Westwell.
Osborne, John, lover of the truth as it is in Jesus. / [1659] An indictment against tythes: or, Tythes no wages for Gospel-ministers:: wherein is declared, I. The time when tythes were first given in England. II. By whom, and by whose authority and power tythes were first by a law established in England. III. To whom, and to what end and purpose tythes were first given, and after continued in England. IV. Ministers pretending a threefold right to tythes, 1. By donation. 2. By the laws of the nation. And 3. By the Law of God; examined and confuted ... To which are added, certain reasons taken out of Doctor Burgess his Case, concerning the buying of bishops lands, which are as full and directly against tythes, as to what he applied them. Likewise a query to William Prynne. By John Canne. By John Osborne, a lover of the truth as it is in Jesus.
Osborne, Peter, 1521-1592. / [1658] The practice of the Exchequer court, with its severall offices and officers: being a short narration of the power and duty of each single person in his severall place. Written at the request of the Lord Buckhurst, sometime Lord Treasurer of England. By Sr. T.F. Whereunto are added the rules and orders of proceedings by English bill.
Osborne, Richard, fl. 1648. / [1648] Tvvo letters sent by Mr. Richard Osburn (late attendant on his Majesty in Carisbrook Castle),: touching a design to poyson or make away his Majesty. Which letter were read in the House of Peers and communicated to the House of Commons, June 20. 1648. With an answer to the said letters, and a narrative of the whole designe.
Osborne, Richard, fl. 1648. / [Printed 21. June 1648] A true coppy of two severall letters sent by Mr. Richard Osborne (late attendant on his Majesty in Carisbrooke Castle,) touching a designe to poyson his Majesty:: which letters were read in the House of Peeres June 19. 1648.
Osiander, Lucas, 1571-1638. / [1606] A manuell or briefe volume of controuersies of religion betweene the Protestants and the Papists wherein the arguments of both sides are briefely set downe, and the aduersaries sophismes are plainely refuted. Written in Latine in a briefe and perspicuous method by Lucas Osiander, and now Englished with some additions and corrections.
Osland, Henry. / [1663] The living, dead pastor yet speaking in two sermons, preached on Bartholomews Day, Aug. 24, 1662, in Bewdly Chappel / by Henry Osland then minister there, and now published by some friends of truth.
Osório, Jerónimo, 1506-1580. / [Anno 1576] The fiue bookes of the famous, learned, and eloquent man, Hieronimus Osorius, contayninge a discourse of ciuill, and Christian nobilitie A worke no lesse pleasaunt then profitable for all, but especiallye the noble gentlemen of England, to vievv their liues, their estates, and conditions in. Translated out of Latine into Englishe by VVilliam Blandie late of the Vniuersitie of Oxeford, and novv fellovv of the middle Temple in London.
Ossoliński, Jerzy, 1595-1650. / [1621] A true copy of the Latine oration of the excellent Lord George Ossolinski, Count Palatine of Tenizyn, and Sendomyria, Chamberlain to the Kings Maiestie of Poland, and Suethland, and embassadour to the Kings most excellent Maiesty. As it was pronounced to his Maiestie at White-Hall by the said embassadour, on Sunday the 11. of March. 1620. With the translation of the same into English. Commanded by his Maiestie to be published in print.
Ostervald, Jean Frédéric, 1663-1747. / [1700] A treatise concerning the causes of the present corruption of Christians and the remedies thereof