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Office of Publick Advice (London, England) / [1657] The Office of Publick Advice, newly set up in several places in and about London and Westminster, by authority.: Because the life of all intercourse is quickness of return, and the same can hardly be had, except the things, about which the said intercourse is practised, ...
Officer in Ireland. / [1689] An Account of a fight between the French and Irish for refusing to admit the French to be governors of Cork and Waterford in Ireland in a letter from an officer in Ireland to his friend in London.
Officer in the camp before Limerick. / [1690] A true account of the advances of His Majesty's Royal Army towards the taking of Limerick together with His Majesty's most gracious proclamation : in a letter from an officer in the camp before Limerick, dated August 19th, 1690.
Officer in the Royal Army. / [1691] The history of the wars in Ireland, betwixt Their Majesties army and the forces of the late King James. Giving an impartial relation of all the battles, sieges, rencounters, skirmishes and other material passages, revolutions and accidents that has happened in that kingdom since the year 1688. The second edition, corrected. To which is added, the siege of Lymerick, to the raising thereof; with the siege and surrender of Bandon, Cork, the Old and New Fort, and town of Kin-sale; with other material occurrences. By an officer in the Royal Army. Illustrated with the lively effigies of His Sacred Majesty, and the great commanders in the Army.
Officer in the town. / [1689] A journal of the siege of London-derry in a letter from an officer in the town, dated May 18, 1689.
Officer of the Parliaments army. / [1647] A perfect narrative of the battell of Knocknones,: within the county of Cork and province of Munster, on Saturday, the thirteenth of November, betwixt the Parliaments forces under the command of the Lord Inchiquin, Lord President of Munster; and the forces of the Irish rebells under the Lord Taaff, / set downe by an officer of the Parliaments army, present and acting at the fight. Directed to an honorable Member of the House of Commons.
Officer out of Scotland. / [1659] Timely advice from the major part of the old souldiers in the army, to all the rest of our fellow souldiers wherein is held forth the politically intended destruction of the whole souldiery by our new masters / from an officer out of Scotland.
Offley, William, 1659 or 60-1724. / [1697] A sermon preach't at a publick ordination in a country congregation, on Acts XIII. 2, 3.: Together with an exhortation to the minister and people, / by another brother.
Offley, William, 1659 or 60-1724. / [M DC XCIV. 1694] Reflections to a late book, entituled, The genuine remains of Dr. Tho. Barlow late Bishop of Lincoln. Falsly pretended to be published from His Lordship's original papers. With a catalogue of Socinian writers.
Ofwod, Stephen. / [Printed, anno 1624] A relation of sundry particular wicked plots and cruel, inhumaine, perfidious; yea, vnnaturall practises of the Spaniards. Chiefly against the seuenteen prouinces of the Netherlands: yea, before they tooke vp armes. Gathered and translated out of seuerall Dutch writers, as that reuerend diuine Gulielmus Baudaitius, in his Morghen Wecker, and Emanuel de Miter, by S.O. a louer of truth and equity, and an vnfeigned hater of oppression and tyrannie, the bane of common-wealths.